The Victory of Satan by the Death of Sun Myung Moon, an End of the Unification Church: Lucifer’s Best Friend: Forever? | ” Measure 144″ Missive 58

“…For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout…….” I Thessalonians 4:16


In the tragic circumstances that now face the remnants of the Unification Church we must look at the reason that Rev. Moon first left and then lost his position in 1960 when he married, and claimed he was the Lamb of God.

His death years later was due to this very mistake, among others….

 The manifold problems and burdens he placed on the issue of continuing indemnity to be paid by everyone for his fall placed the Providence of Salvation in dangerous waters;  for having proved faithless after deciding to marry without the permission of my Father Jesus he then went even further: he decided to have Korea replace America as the nation called by God as the new or Third Israel, after the Second Israel of Islam fell.
Rev. Moon knew Christianity would now replace Islam, and to replace Islam became necessary after they left their position as a Loyal Cain, (since Ishmael was the first-born, the Cain position): by slaughtering the one million Christian Armenians in sight of Mount Ararat in Turkey; where the remains of the Ark of Noah rest.
The Angel of the Apocalypse
 This means Moon decided that Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement were to be discredited as the Black Christian Race here in the West that was represented by the Black Manchild of Zion, persecuted for their Race here in the West; as the Jews were in that position as Slaves in Egypt under the Egyptians.
Rev. Moon ignored his own understanding of time-indemnity, as the Black Christian Race as the Manchild of Revelation was an obstacle to calling Korea the Third Israel. He had already ignored Islam as the true Second Israel, with the Desert Tribes and Mecca as the New Jerusalem; but after the 400-430 or so years from 1492-1500 with Columbus’s two voyages; or even from 1517, as Sun Myung Moon placed the date for the 430 years of time – indemnity before the arrival of the Messiah in his book “Divine Principle”, we then had the emergence of the Black Christian Race as the Third Israel; when the White Youth of My Generation bonded with them and the Cause of Justice and Equality.
Thus it was as if when those in Egypt decided to leave with those Hebrews when leaving Egypt for the Promised Land; but in the Providence of Restoration it was America that represented the Internal Restoration, as had happened in the Roman Empire in 430 AD.
The Bus of Rosa Paks; the Growth Stage from Harriet Tubman at the Formation Stage of the Restoration of Ephraim; Sheba as the queen of the South at the Perfection Stage; embodied in Michelle Obama; our first black christian First Lady in the White House

The Bus of Rosa Paks; the Growth Stage from Harriet Tubman at the Formation Stage of the Restoration of Ephraim; Sheba as the queen of the South at the Perfection Stage; embodied in Michelle Obama; our first black christian First Lady in the White House

The Roman Empire in 430 AD with Augustine is when Christianity became the National Religion by “taking Egypt from within”, thus we began this internal restoration as the Act of Insurrection at “Woodstock” when we “left” the old America in the Internal Exodus…and went to the Garden: it was then My Generation that succeeded by bonding with, and also loving, our multi-racial and poly-cultural friends as brothers and sisters; seen especially with Sly and the Family Stone at Beth-El; interracially formed as one of the most famous of all bands.
Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Thus after Woodstock at Beth-El ( “The House of David “as God” ), in August 1969, in the 3 Day Seperation from Satan at the Global Level for My Generation ( we had had the 3 days seperation at the National Level at the Monterey Pop Festival which was an International event and thus laid the foundation for us, after Martin Luther King advanced the providence internally from National to the Global Level, when he won the Nobel Peace prize in 1964  ).
 Thus we had the start in that 3 Days with the Torrential Rain at Woodstock as our Nation’s Baptism in “Water” ( Love as the Baptism of “Fire” happened in the New Mecca in San Francisco; thus it is said “For God is Love”, and also: “…For our God is a Consuming Fire…” ); as we then begun the Internal Exodus; from the Foundation of Faith laid by the condition of indemnity paid in the Civil War, when the North as Ephraim restored in the Formation Stage proved to be
Thus it was with Abraham Lincoln and John Brown in the positions of Moses and Aaron; and US Grant who was the Captain and then General and then President in the position of Joshua; who also ended up ruling Israel in place of Moses; just as US Grant did as President in place of Lincoln.
 And then we went to the Foundation of Substance with the Civil Rights Movement; the conditions of Indemnity being the violence suffered in the protests and marches, with beatings and murders of Medgar Evers and others, and then the murder of Dr. King himself; and then the Foundation to receive the Messiah at the Civil Victory; the conditions of indemnity being that of a black man going against a white man and war hero John McCain: as Cain.
Thus with Barack as Abel he gained the Prize; when after a perfect 21 month course of campaigning Barack Hussein Obama became our President.
 Rev. Moon came to the US in 1965, with the goal of hoping to steal the Blessing of God  from the Black Christian Race here in the West, by mixing the soil of Korea with all 50 States.
Rosa Parks, born on the very day Harriet Tubman died

Rosa Parks, born on the very day Harriet Tubman died

The Manchild of the Black Race who bonded with the White Youth of My Generation were meant to become the Third Israel for our Generation’s Overcoming, in the Ascension of the Children of the Resurrection on the Path of the Just, which now shows we now have to restore what was lost: but this requires us to reveal the exact circumstances surrounding the failure of John the Baptist and then of his new body as Sun Myung Moon: who stood in this position as the Global Messenger of the Cosmic Christ.
The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the

The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third Israel as My Generation of the white youth and the Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the “Internal Exodus”; as did Peter Townsend of the Who…”…The Exodus is here….” he sang….that Day, join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon

Few know and probaly even less shall come to believe what is written in this post; but as my confidence is in those diligent scholars and those with the eye of Insight that is the “third eye” of the Elect in discerning the Truth in the written word I offer this information not to amaze or entertain: but to provide the understanding that the flock will need to stand before the Son of Man.
If Rev. Moon had fulfilled his portion of responsibility he could have reached the position where he would of being “given all”; a sure reference to the Crown of Life and the Immortality that goes with it’s Incorruption of the Garment. As standing in the position of John this involves the work of our Korean friend as it regards the Prophecy the Lamb made about him as the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; but this is known to the Elect; whose Assembly I invite the reader to join in their Ranks: if they can find the single Eye to see it.
Much hangs on the “opening” of this “Single Eye” of  Insight; the true “third eye” of the Elect.
For those who reach the Grail are those who reach Perfection; all those who touch upon what this Grail holds shall find the Hidden Manna; even the meat which sustains the Spirit of Man that goeth upwards.
It was this I was given to now bring all who love the truth so that their own hearts can be their guide to the Light of Day; for we are now at the Last Day, and the Last Hour is of  His Servant John; the 12th Apostle of the Lamb; whose Work is the Fruit of Benjamin.
The Lord Jesus Christ did not come to die even though it was predestined; that happened because of the failure of John the Baptist in admitting he was Elijah and the subsequent betrayal of Judas as the son of perdition; as has been known by the initiates of the Grail; and recently by the members of the Unification Church.
It was in his brilliant uncovering the circumstances of the fact that Jesus did not come destined to die, though predestined in Daniel; here Rev. Moon “solved” this problem by saying Isaiah wrote a dual prophecy concerning the Lamb: when he did no such thing.
The one mistake Rev. Moon made was to Judge John the Baptist: for in his judging of John the Baptist as guilty of the failure that led to the death of Christ as being the principal cause of the Crucifixion means he forgot Daniel’s asserting that “The Messiah the Prince” was predestined to die: as he would be cut off after 70 weeks.
Thus we would have two prophecies which agree; not disagree.
Isaiah wrote not a “dual prophecy” as Rev. Moon asserted; rather it recognized how Jesus would be abandoned by his own messenger; and then betrayed by a friend; which means that Jesus could have had a different ending on earth: but it wasn’t going to happen; due to some very big failures by some very responsible parties.
This is the pain that Isaiah describes: as one losing his own child; God’s own Grief.
The Bible contains no “dual prophecies”; as the Scripture is a Chain that cannot be broken.
And so:

And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”?And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”? As Shebna had done before being replaced in his position by Eliakim the Scribe

The goddess of the Sun, the

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

Thus what we have in Daniel is the telling of a story after it was over: and with Isaiah the same telling written during the story: and no one escapes their fate when it comes to the death of the Lamb.
Yet Rev. Moon rightly discerned that the death of Jesus was not destined; for then John’s denial of himself as Elijah would have been right; not wrong; and Judas’s betrayal of the Lord would have been good; rather then evil. This was obviously not the case; for Rev. Moon is quite right that we all have to fulfill our own portion of responsibility; just like the angels do; for with God after Moses there is no difference between man or angel on the Path.
Moon’s condemning of John reveals that he still denies the angel of Christ came to him to complete John’s mission; which is how he stood in John the Baptist’s position; thus he but judged himself in denying the fact; just as John once denied he was Elijah. For Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist in our day at Elijah’s third coming; just as John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet in the Day of Jesus at Elijah’s second coming. But third time “pays for all”.
But let us begin where this story really starts; for Daniel said that after 7 weeks the Messiah would be “cut off”; thus to use Isaiah’s words about the suffering servant and then the glorious Messiah as well to show a “dual prophecy” mentioned of by Rev. Moon in his book “Divine Principle” overlooks Daniel and his testimony completely; yet it is obvious to many that things could have indeed gone differently if John the Baptist had said he was Elijah when he was asked point blank: for Malachi had said the Messiah could not come until Elijah showed up; when Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah the prophets and John denied this it confused the hell out of everyone; worse; it caused chaos; as John kept baptizing people separate from Jesus and his disciples, who were also baptizing people as well.
John even said that “he would decrease; and he ( Jesus ) would increase”; but as John was the Moon representing the Law and Jesus the Sun representing the Word John’s light would have grown with his partner; not diminished.

“…For whoso toucheth thee touches the Apple of My Eye…”

Let us look at the actual positions everyone was actually in at the Last Judgement; for those who have died in Christ know that time ended at Golgotha; since then we have been living in the Lord’s pure divine grace; to have time to repent; or none would be saved: and I mean the whole human race; for God wants to save us all: of course.
It was thus Jesus as “The Bridegroom” who was in the position of Isaac; and John as the elder brother was in the position of Ishmael; for John to bring the “Bride” to Jesus was thus the “restoring of all things” that John was supposed to do; for as Eliezar of Damascus was the one who went and got the Bride for Issac now it was to be done by John in the position of Ishmael; thus making the two brothers close as Issac and Ishmael had been distant.
In this restoration John was called “The Friend of the Bridegroom.”
More than this it was the Elders of Judah who were in the position of Abraham as “The Father of the Bridegroom” as having the power of life and death over Jesus when he came to Jerusalem; for Mt. Zion is also Mt. Moriah; where Abraham offered Isaac on the Altar; thus for Jesus to come to Jerusalem meant he was putting his life in the hands of those who ruled Israel.
The problem with the two children Rev. Moon had out of wedlock when he was married means that his own words about adultery being the root of all sins as the Original Sin itself means that Rev. Moon; by his own standard: could never be the Lamb; or indeed a standardbearer of Christ; thus this is where he

The problem with the two children Rev. Moon had out of wedlock when he was married means that his own words about adultery being the root of all sins as the Original Sin itself means that Rev. Moon; by his own standard: could never be the Lamb; or indeed a standardbearer of Christ; thus this is where he “fainted” in his duty….as seen in the book by Nansook Hong; wife of the eldest son of Rev. Moon; Hyo Jin; obviously having Original Sin in him from his parents as his drug addiction, wife beating and foul mouth aptly prove….

If they had listened to John and spared Jesus just as Abraham had spared Issac when he heard the Voice of the Angel then the Elders of Judah would have passed the Test of God which came at His Visitation when His Son came in the Golden Gate on Palm Sunday: but the Elders failed this test; deciding to kill the Heir and take the land for themselves; and thus they were in the position of a Abraham who killed Issac by not listening to the Angel.
Their Salvation would then have been for them to have discerned the Day and the hour as listened to John as if he were Elijah: the Messenger of the Altar. Thus they would have been deemed righteous like Abraham to have listened to an Angel; which is what “messenger” means: “angelos”; a “messenger” from God.
In having to make these things known we have an even darker dimension to these things as well; for between the Destiny of Jesus and his Fate we have the real “beam” that was in John’s eye that stopped him from bonding with Jesus; for in reality John’s identity was that of Jonathan for whom he was named; which none have known; even as Jesus was David when he emerged from the Jordan: to face the Death at Golgotha written of at Psalm 22: the final piece of the puzzle: the Death of David.
That Sun Myung Moon failed in his mission has to do with that one covered secret and mystery that is the hidden unconscious accusation John the Baptist had which caused him to misjudge the situation in some very telling ways.
It is this same exact error Rev. Moon himself consciously now believes; and which is why he never reached the Seal of Elijah; just like John never did: which is why he did not one miracle; and the Lamb and his followers did many.
The Child of the Resurrection is the Cloud he Comes Upon

The Child of the Resurrection is the Cloud he Comes Upon

It is this tragic which error Rev. Moon adopted; so in judging John it was Moon who judged himself; for John secretly and unconsciously believed that Mary had lain with his father Zacharias to produce Jesus; which is a lie; but Sun Myung Moon actually believes it is the “truth” which is why he never got to the Seal of the Living God; just as John the Baptist failed to reach it: which is why he could do no miracles; as he had the Spirit but not the Power of Elijah; which Lord Jesus reminded him of when John sent two of his disciples to Lord Jesus from jail to ask him if he was really “the one”. For this Jesus Christ severely rebuked John through them; though few know this.
Here he mentioned the miracles: reminding John he was out of position drastically; but John ended up losing his head long before it was removed from his shoulders; a sign that the Predestined Death of Jesus in no way absolved those who abandoned him and then betrayed him at all.
The Lie of Satan, as the one that killed John the Baptist: and then John's new body: Rev. Moon

The Lie of Satan, as the one that killed John the Baptist: and then John’s new body: Rev. Moon

The failure of John the Baptist was seen beforehand by Daniel; but it was really given a heartbreaking forecast by Isaiah in his book; but if you read carefully you can see that Isaiah talks of a “New Heaven and a New Earth” precisely where the possibility of Jesus coming and being killed would cause.
That he would come again. Thus we have the time of the End for us as it was for Him; for when Jesus died God died too: as you would if you lost your son; inside. That is the God who speaks His Curse in the Qur’an; with no partner; and no Son. That one died on Glogotha for us.
Yet this is seen now; where what happened on Golgotha now happens to us: which is what the Last Judgement is all about; although no one wants to hear it; as then we are all like Job; who reached the Last Judgement first: the Witness of the Last Day; for what Job went through we all must now face: and only they with the Patience of Job and the Faith of Jesus will make it.
In the Grail the maidens who appear with John’s head on the charger of platter show that as denying he was Elijah John lost his head to his old enemy: Jezebel; present in the form of Herodias; who was in no such denial; just as Jesus had said Elijah was present in the person of John. In going up against Herodias and Herod John was in actuality going up against his old enemies Jezebel and Ahab; but he was sundered from his friend and Saviour; and so died.
The tears of the maidens of the Grail are from the knowledge John lost his head in his blindness long before it was lifted from his shoulders.
Let us look at the truth of what the angel of the Grail tells us; for John the Baptist was named for Jonathan: as Jesus at his Baptism was David at his Resurrection: but John knew it not; as has no one but the initiates of the Grail and the Elect knew until now; the followers of Rev. Moon included.
For those of the Holy Grail the problems of Rev. Moon and his claims of Zacharias being the father of Jesus are due to his inheriting John’s mistake as his own: but this is because Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist in our Day just as John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet if the Lamb’s Day.
This is the real connection in how in Moon judging John guilty for the Death of Jesus he has condemned himself; but he denies he is John just as John denied he was Elijah; thus proving he stands in John’s position.
Yet there is still hope; as he is still alive; even New Hope
When Rev. Moon was given the mission of completing John’s mission he thought he had done so well that he would himself win the position of the Messiah: for that is seen in the prophecy of the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; which is the one where Rev. Moon is himself described as touching his Destiny or Fate.
Rev. Moon’s Fate had to do in overcoming the unconscious accusation John had against his own father with Mary; and then all would see how Rev. Moon fell in adopting this same accusation consciously as his “secret revelation”; a critical error in Rev. Moon’s carrying out of the Providence; which no one in contemporary Christianity has even been aware of.
Yet the Providence itself could not proceed until these things were exposed in the Light of Day. I do explore all this in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”.
The fallen parents in the position of fallen Adam and fallen Eve

The fallen parents in the position of fallen Adam and fallen Eve

The Seal of the Living God which John the Baptist failed to reach has to do with with the fact that John never overcame his own doubt of the actual origin of Jesus; which if John believed happened AFTER Mary entered the House was then due to his father Zacharias; this John unconsciously believed; which is why he did not “see” Jesus clearly; the proverbial “beam” in his eye; seeing Jesus as the “Ram” of Sacrifice; and not the “Isaac” to be spared by God’s Mercy; as Issac was by Abraham.
The Mission of Jesus in being given the Bride can be seen by the unknown fact that John the Baptist was named for Jonathan; David’s best friend; this being how close they were to have been in the respective positions of Isaac and Ishmael to then restore Abraham’s broken heart over losing Ishmael; but the secret is that in his real or “secret” identity John the Baptist was supposed to have found that love for Jesus that John the Beloved found instead of him; thus John the Beloved is like Elisha with twice the Spirit and Power of Elijah in comparison of what John had with only the spirit with the Power; quite diminshed indeed; a sickle moon; not a full one.
Thus was the Messiah cut off.
In my book I reveal the Baptism of Jesus was the Resurrection of David; just as the Resurrection of Jesus was the Regeneration of David; which is why Mary of Magdala did not even recognize Jesus: she thought he was the gardener. That the face of Jesus was deformed has been unknown as well; this is why he said; to wit;
“….and you will surely use this saying against me:
“Physician: Heal Thyself!…”
My Father Lord Jesus said this as his face was terribly deformed; as a Nazarene he grew his hair long so that his face was covered; like the veil of Moses; but it was actually as Isaiah said: his visage was “marred” so that none could see his face at all; yet Mary of Bethany knew he was the Christ; and loved him for that; thus getting that good part which comes to the Bride alone. In our Generation this will be found to be Sheba’s; the black virgin daughter of Jerusalem; even New Jerusalem.
In restoring what was lost I have been given a mission as well; but as it was the Lamb who revealed John was Elijah I now stand in that position as revealing that Moon is John; but only my followers in the New Unification Church actually believe this; yet in Truth I invite all to read my words with an open mind: for I wrote this not of myself; but as I heard it; as was spoken I would do long ago. “For as he hears; that he will speak”.
Who hath? He who has the Ear; the one who had the Faith.

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  1. Further problem areas:

    Chung Hwa Park : ’During my free time [as chief prisoner in Hung Nam prison camp with S.M. Moon-ed.], I used to talk about religion with Moon. I realized that Moon’s knowledge of the Bible was unconventional. Some of the stories even made me resistant….The more shocking news I heard was on that unforgettable day of Saturday March 29th, 1950. … Moon called me over to discuss something and we went to the warehouse. We sat on a pile of straw to talk.

    Jesus and six women

    Jesus had lived with Joseph for three years working as a carpenter. He began his ministry as the Savior at the age of 30. As the second Adam, Jesus needed to find 12 disciples to fulfill the purpose of the Lord God. But first he had to have sexual intercourse with his mother, Mary, to restore what had been taken away by the Archangel Lucifer at the very beginning. However, Mary did not understand the providence of God. She thought of Jesus only as her physical son, and so she never gave him the chance to have sexual intercourse with her. One miracle Jesus performed was to create wine from water at a wedding in Cana. [John chapter 2] When there was no wine left, Mary discussed it with Jesus. Mary, who already knew that Jesus could turn the water into wine, asked Jesus to do that. And Jesus said to his mother, “Woman, what does this have to do with me?” Jesus’ sexual intercourse with Mary was to claim back what the Archangel Lucifer had taken away at the fall. In other words, Jesus couldnot purify his blood through a pikareum ritual since there had been no sex between mother and son.

    Later Jesus gave much love to Mary and Martha, and they also respected him. Jesus decided that he would marry Mary Magdalene in order to achieve the purpose of creation. However, this Mary was already engaged to Jesus’ disciple Judas. Despite this Jesus loved Mary Magdalene and this incurred the jealousy of Judas. Jesus planned to marry Judas to Mary’s younger sister Martha, while he himself married Mary Magdalene. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 silver coins, but the truth was that it was because of jealousy.

    One day when Jesus was travelling [in Samaria] with his disciples, he arrived at the village of Sychar. He was thirsty. While Jesus was resting by the well, a Samaritan woman came to the well to draw water. Jesus asked her for a drink of water. “If I drink the water you give me, I will feel thirsty again. But the water I will give you will flow in your body like spring water forever.” Jesus told the woman, “Bring your husband.” When the woman did not answer, Jesus said “You cannot answer because you have had five husbands.” (This is Moon’s own telling of the Bible story in John chapter 4) Jesus tried to have sexual intercourse with the woman, but he failed because his disciples did not help him.

    One day the Pharisees brought a woman who had committed adultery before Jesus. If Jesus commanded them to forgive the woman, it would be against Moses’ Ten Commandments. If he commanded the people to stone the woman to death, he would be contradicting his teaching of forgiveness. It was a difficult question to answer. Without saying a word, Jesus just wrote some words on the ground [with his finger]. [Then he stood up and said] “If any of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” One by one the people around him slowly disappeared until only Jesus and the woman remained. Jesus said to the woman, “Woman, where are they? I do not condemn you either. Go, and sin no more.” [This story is from John chapter 8] At that moment Jesus should have had sexual intercourse with the woman, but he failed to do that.

    When Jesus visited the house of Simon the leper, a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town brought an alabaster jar of expensive ointment. She began to wash his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured the ointment on them. The disciples condemned the woman for wasting the expensive ointment. [This story is from Matthew chapter 26] Jesus said, “Do not blame her. She has done a very beautiful thing to me”. Jesus tried to have sexual intercourse with her, but he failed again.

    Jesus was crucified to take away the sins of humankind. We all believed that. But we do not understand the ideal of God’s purpose of creation well. The reason for sending Jesus to mankind was to restore what had been taken away by Lucifer at the beginning. Mary did not understand that, She did not give Jesus a chance. The first thing that was needed for the restoration of God’s plan could not be done. Jesus was crucified at Golgotha and he ascended into heaven.

    During Jesus’ final prayer (in the garden of Gethsemane) he said, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” [Matthew 26] That was not because he was afraid of death, but because he did not have a chance to have sexual intercourse as the second Adam, to get back what was taken away at the fall. If we were all to be saved by his death on the cross, he would not have prayed like that. Jesus failed in body but succeeded in spirit. But he left unfulfilled restoration work to be done at the time of the Second Coming. The blood of humankind that was defiled by Satan must be cleansed.’

    “The Tragedy of the Six Marys,” by Chung Hwa Park chapter 1


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