The Test Of Faith and the Last Barrier for Rev. Moon; as he who stands as The New Door to the Lord God; my Father Jesus

The Ark of Salvation

I do feel bad that everyone in the Unification Church still thinks that they who were born from the “Blessed Couples” have no Original Sin; as they were all deceived in the “Wine of Wrath” they all drank, because Rev. Moon mixed his seminal fluid in the wine at the marriage ceremonies; and no one ever told them that they who came into the Ark of salvation in “two’s” were the “Unclean” animals: the “Clean” came in as groups of “seven”.

In truth it is those “seven fold” heirs of the Lamb who overcome in all 7 overcomings on the Path of the Just, which s what the 7 churches are really about: the ladder of Jacob, the Vertical Ascent of the Ascension, as seen in the Son of Man the angels of God ascended and descended on, but Rev. Moon and his seminally drunken followers all ignored the information I was given from 1986 onward, and transcribed in the instruction I was given to heal and save Rev. Moon,  that the Angel of Patmos specifically came to my room, appearing as did Moroni to Joseph Smith, which was in the guestroom in my Grandmother, Ruth Witt-Diamant’s house, in the City of St. Francis to rectify.

When I told Jonathan Gullery at HSA-UWC, and the others about this in 1988,

in a 144 page letter, he politely told me I could quote and use anything published by the HSA-UWC;

and then no doubt threw my letter in the trash,

given to me word for word by the Angel of John the Divine.

What a disaster!!!

In truth it was Rev. Moon’s life that was thrown in the trash…..

The Supermoon...and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

The Supermoon…and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

Rev. Moon’s Tragic End:

a wasted life spent in stolen Riches

and satanic acts of Adultery

As the years rolled by and my servant John helped me unseal the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which is the book of Life of the Lamb, I was always struck by how easy it would have been to save Rev. Moon because he is specifically written of in two gospels: Matthew and Luke; and is; or was; the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant’ mentioned by both of them.
It is a dual prophecy; giving two different endings: a happy one; and a very sad one.
The sad one is what Rev. Moon chose; the one at Matthew 24:48 about “that evil servant”; but Rev. Moon could have made it all the way except for the fact he and all the members in the Unification Church tried to deny what I was told by my Angel when I was given the Word of God. yet Rev. Moon told everyone that the Word of God was where everything began and ended when dealing with anything in the Providence.
The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senator Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And end the 1st Amendment, and the Separation of Church and State???
The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senator Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And end the 1st Amendment, and the Separation of Church and State???


The Truth of Rev. Moon’s fall from his Position


How very strange. By the way; the “Son of Man” or “Son of Adam” refers to Seth; he who was made in the “image and likeness of Adam”; as Adam happened to represent the “Image of God” originally. That is what the serpent Moses raised in the wilderness actually represented; but the Egyptians called Seth annother name: “Set”. But the Devil of Egypt is the God of Israel….ask Robert spirit world…
if anyone thinks I am making all this up I suggest they read what is written about Rev. Moon is the two gospels of Luke and Matthew; it’s all there; the beatings; the wine and the drunkenness; the marrying and giving in marriage; and of course the endless prolongations of the will that caused Rev. Moon to lose patience and finally marry in 1960 and then call himself “The Lamb of God”.
The problem is that if he was the Lamb of God then he would have opened the Book of Life of the Lamb that is the Revelation of Jesus Christ: but he never did; I did; although I did it because I had the help of John of Patmos; the one who wrote it all down originally; and Elaine Pagels and all the rest of them don’t have the faintest clue as to what they are talking about; of that I can faithfully assure everyone.
I do.
In truth the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament; and the Revelation of Jesus Christ was the Book hidden in this Ark and carried to me through the 2,000 years that seperated the time when John first got it; and then; ( as it is written at chapter 10 of his own Revelation )  at the very last sentence of that chapter; when it is said to him by the angel of the Covenant Jonathan ( who John the Baptist was named after, by the way) that he “would have to prophesy again”; as to explain what his Revelation was all about. otherwise the Revelation would have absolutely no purpose; and it does; as all will soon shortly know.

John the Baptist and Jesus the Son of man were to have been as close as Jonathan and David were; and as John the Beloved and Jesus of Nazareth really did become as close as: as the Baptism unto death for Jesus was actually the resurrection unto life for David: check Psalm 22; the figure on the Cross is David; and no one else.

Those are his ribs he is talking about; of that you can beleive; as it is a matter of what I write as a scribe of God; it’s called “Holy Writ’; and it’s something “new” under the sun; it explains Scripture.
Perhaps people will want to hear more; now that my messemger Rev. Moon is about to Hyo Jin Moon told me about months ago from spirit world;  when I dutifully went and told Bob and Angelika Selle about Hyo Jin Moon coming to me with the news because they knew him when he was alive; their reaction? They ignored my message completely.. Typical….and yet they say that Hyo Jin Moon is “the Messiah in spirit world..” Gues that wasn’t good enough for them to believe me….but why exactly would I have lied about something so serious?  What would I have gained?
I was to tell Rev. Moon that the Key of David is the Divine Principle; that one embodied in the Cross of Christ; as the one put upon the shoulder of Eliakim the Scribe; and upon the Lamb’s shoulder as well; as he trudged up Golgotha: but Eric Holt and Kyle Toffey and Phillip Shankar and a list too long to even mention all heard what I had to say: and rejected me and my testimony completely.
Did they REALLY think I was making it all up?
Hyo Jin Moon on his axe...laid to the rotten root of his own father's family tree

Hyo Jin Moon on his axe…laid to the rotten root of his own father’s family tree

I guess so; but my publisher Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publications told me that my book


“…finishes the Bible…”


And those are his words; not mine.

Isn’t it strange that Paul Cohen had more sense than everyone in the Unification Church and at HSA-UWC put together?? Angels are not sent out by God except when there is a real problem to be addressed and fixed; the very least the Unification Church could have done when I told them about this visitor ( who is still with me by the way ) was to send someone out to talk to me to see exactly what it was that I may have really known about the Providence concerning Rev. Moon reaching immortality in the flesh: but I suppose they all thought they knew more than my servant John; who happens to be ” the greatest in the kingdom of heaven “.
I am the least in the kingdom of heaven; but as my Father Jesus once said; and now again says:
“Of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist;
yet I say unto you that he who is the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he…”
According then to my Father Jesus I am a greater prophet than John the Baptist; who happens to currently be embodied in our dying Korean friend’s body: one very ill Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
Well; as my servant John once told me, when I asked hm what was the worst Hell there is, or could ever be: and he smiled and said: “The worst Hell is that of Regret”
Well; at least they will all know why my inner child is called “the Wrath of the Lamb”; I am actually the child that Mary of Bethany and Jesus of Nazareth never had…I was born on 4-18;
True Parents Day.
It may sound familiar; for it’s the day mentioned in Luke and Matthew in which “the faithful and wise” Steward “looketh not for Him” …. and the Hour of my death in Christ on October 24, 2007 was one that Rev. Moon was never aware of: but curiously the Hopi Indians were; they were told all about me; and the Morning Star..that Blue Star; Comet Holmes.the Sign of the coming of the Pahana; that Child of Man; a Manchild; indeed
Salvation Rose; the bride; the Lamb’s Wife
For most the idea of a “last day” is problematic. Living as we do in a world that is dominated by western science and fighting off any claims to sovereignty by Islam and other forms of government we must admit that we are living in a society that bases most of it’s claims to omniscience on what can be physically verified in labratories or in clinically controlled conditions that can have both cause and effect easily observed; and thus have results that are above dispute.

What of prophecy?

Can it be given the same conditions that we might use in an experiment in clinically controlled conditions and see if it can be demonstrated that the results are also beyond dispute?I aver that it can be done.Let us begin with Malachi; a prophet who said that the Messiah was going to come to Israel 430 years or so before Jesus showed up. Now some might say that this was just a lucky guess; but now we have the hard part: Malachi “adds” what we might describe as a “vierifying sign” that was to accompany the arrival of the “Messiah”; and this was to be the advent of Elijah; who was to come first.
So far so good; we have the “last prophet” of Israel having the condition of the Messiah arriving; with the additional condition that Elijah must show up first: before the Day, as a “precondition”. This is what is called a “sign of the Proof”. This brings us to the “demonstration” of the “experiment” in prophecy: for 430 years after Malachi prophesies we have two men arrive in Israel: John the Baptist and Jesus the Prince.
The bride. the Lamb's Wife??  "..Judge not according to the appearance....but judge righteous judgment..."

The bride. the Lamb’s Wife?? “..Judge not according to the appearance….but judge righteous judgment…”

Now some might say: this is not “proof”; this is a coincidence; two men showed up claiming to be these two figures and that is the end of it; both died; one is said to have risen by those who saw him; but then this fellow Jesus left and all we have is the Gospel and a Revelation as the last book in the Bible. For most this is the end of the matter; for to believe the Gospel one would have to suspend all we know from science and rational empiricism and suddenly believe in miracles, angels, a Messiah; cosmic messengers who went up to heaven in flaming chariots and then; as Elijah was to have done with John the Baptist: reappear.
How unscientific! How improbable!
Yet Jesus said that John was Elijah; even though John denied the fact and blocked the way for the Jewish people and their leaders to rally behind him. John did not himself believe he was Elijah; thus contradicting Jesus; whose messenger he was supposed to have been: what a bummer!
Then as now: few knew what or who to believe!For most who do not embrace the fantastic this situation is about as verifiable as a fairytale and of the same validity of any vain superstition; equal to the make-believe world of children and the outpourings from the mouths of the heavily medicated denizens of the local state hospital mental wards. But locking up those who do not share our view of reality does not mean that we are right: all it proves is that we have the ability to lock them up: not silence them or change their minds.Most lunatics are prone to delusion; but I ask you: if Lord Jesus did even one miracle while he was here then we are the deluded ones: because then our “science” only works with the atomic and subatomic knowledge of the invisable world because “science” does not actually exist: what exists is a form of belief that cannot currently be disproved because it is the operational basis for western civilization: and it seems to work, just like our cars and space shuttle’s and medicine. But this does not mean that “miracles” are not possible: it only means that we do not have the meabns to perform them: because they require faith; and what the Lord called “the Power of God”.Does this “power” exist? Not to science and those who believe in the God that doesn’t exist we call atheists. ( Atheists do believe in God of course; it’s just that the God they believe in is the “God that doesn’t exist”; it’s still a form of belief; because to deny anything one must also affirm that which one does not believe: it’s the self-referential paradox of belief itself ).Looking at stories of Moses and the mystical Ark of the Testimony we are forced to admit that someone believed Moses did these things; but let us look at the claims in the Last Book of the Bible to see if we can find any way of making a judgment about the coming of another “messiah”; which is supposed to come right when the world is about to destroy itself; and then the Lord of the Second Advent shows up and makes eveything “right”.

It sounds great; but now we have a problem: miracles only occur where something called “faith” is in play; on many occasions Lord Jesus said “as is your faith, so let it be done”; in other words: so as you have believed; so then let it be”. This seems to be the precondition for our little experiment.

Now there are many who claim to have this mystical “faith”; but St. Francis had faith and did no miracles on the scale of Lord Jesus or Moses; Emanuel Swedenborg claimed to talk to spirits and angels and never even bent a spoon or levitated a tiny bit; even David Blaine seems to have done better than that; our own little Simon Magus!

But now we are faced with another possibility: that of a “test of Faith” from the Lord. And the more disturbing possibility is this: we aren’t going to get any miracles; no verifiable signs; no flights in the air with throngs of angels: all we are going to get is the “Test of the Last Day: the Trial of Faith”.

I call this “the test of Noah”. As those who do not believe that Noah existed or the account of the Flood is historically accurate I only ask that they look at the circumstances at the end: for 7 days before the Flood Noah went out and preached; or actually begged; that those who were gathered around the Ark making fun of him and his family would repent of their unbelief of his prediction and come in and be “saved”.

Since there had been a drought for a couple hundred yesrs in that locale the local residents thought Noah was mad: some had never even seen it rain: ever. Nonetheless Noah told then “rain” did happen in times when no drought existed: which for most of those gather there to ridiclue them was never.

The Coming of Michael at the Last Trump

The Coming of Michael at the Last Trump

So I leave you all with one thought: Noah told them all to come in before the 7th or “last day”.
On the seventh day he went into the Ark and simply shut the Door. And then it began to rain. And rain.  And rain.
Those outside who begged to come in heard no response but “I don’t know you” to all who claimed to be friends, relatives, children and celebrities.

Thus there was “wailing and gnashing of teeth”.

Thus the “Proof” showed up AFTER the DOOR was shut: one had to BELIEVE before the PROOF arrived:
the “Test of Faith” itself was then to have believed Noah: and none did but his own sons and their wives.
Thus only 8 were saved from the ancient world.
This is the pattern for the Coming of the Son of Man: we are to be given a document which is the “Ark”; in fact it is “The Revelation of St. John the Divine”. We are asked to believe this is the Ark itself: becuase “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” is “The Book of Life of the Lamb” within this written “Ark”. And fuirthermore to “enter” this “Ark” one’s “name” must be written in the Lamb’s book so that one can travel within this “Ark of the Testament”.
Entering this Book is then the only way to get “into” the Ark: and here we have not the “Coming of the Flood”; we have instead the “Coming of the Son of man”.
The Proof. But it is apparent that we have to BELIEVE before the “Proof” once again arrives………….. This is the Door that opens before we begin that final unveling that is the “Last Judgment”. This is why Noah is called by Peter “the Preacher of Righteousness”; because at his 7 last days before he shut the door of the Ark he gave a speech each day. Thus it is with us: but now the Tableaux has changed: let me give you a little glimpse.
First in seeting up the pattern that is unveiled at the Last Judgment we have to examine 3 “last prophets”,
to understand what the signifigance of John being given the Word and the Testimony on Patmos.
The first “last prophet” was Enoch; who saw the Flood coming way before it happened. Noah appeared and built the Ark: thus the central figure or “lord” of that particular Judgment was Noah; and the Object of faith at that time was the Ark.
The second “last prophet” was Malachi; who foresaw the coming of the Lord; with Elijah; before the “great and terrible day of the Lord”. At that time that Malachi spoke Israel waited for the Messiah for 430 years in captivity; just as Israel had done on the national level for 430 years before Moses showed up. But this was to be on the global level: with Israel as a nation among the nations: as a kingdom.
This kingdom was symbolized by a creature: a Lamb. But he called his body “this temple”.
And he called himself “the Door of the sheep”.
If you recall the “unclean” went into the Ark in “two’s”; it was the “clean” that went in in “seven’s”s; just like the 7 of Noah’s own family;  thus he set himself up as the Door into the Kingdom itself: and as the ONLY way into it that the Shepherd would lead those saved one’s into. But this meant that the Son of God was the Door: and the Holy Spirit was the Shepherd that led those who were saved “in and out” of the Door or Son: now we were getting somewhere: however this “Door” and “Temple” went to the Father: but before he did he picked one to suceed him: and he was quite specific about the property this particular child was to have: he said:
      “…whosoever receiveth this child in my name receiveth me:
                                             and not just me: but He who sent me….”
If as the Door the Son represented the Temple of God as the ancient tabernacle of Moses had represented the Body of Christ then the Child represented the Door into the Tabernacle: the “door into the Door” one might say. What did this mean?
It meant that Lord Jesus had said that he was the only “Door” or Gateway to the Father: but that the Child was now the only “door” or “gateway” to the Son. This might sound like things are being made more complicated: but they actually reach a terrible simplicity when the Lamb sits down on the Throne of God: because then this “Child” now stand as the Son just as Lord Jesus now sits in the position of the Father.
It is this “relationship” that only the Child who comes in his Father’s Name can truly understand: but it is the one that lord jesus chose who arrives as the King of Judgment-Day; the Light of the Day. This Child calls not the Lord by the name of the personal name of Jesus: which would be impious: he calls him by his true name: Father. But now we have the third “last prophet”.
We have Muhammed: he shows up and says that he the “last prophet”: until the return of the Messiah: and then Judgment Day itself. For most that means “until doomsday” or “never”. But the problem is that no one has even come close to revealing anything about the providence since Muhammed said he was the “Seal of the prophets”. And the reason that Lord Jesus said that… “the Law and the prophets were until John..”  was because John stood in the position of the Seal: Elijah himself being the Seal of God, just as Moses is the Servant of God and Jesus the Son of God: last seen together on Mt. Sion; which the gods call Mt. Olympus and the fallen angels by another name: Baal Hermon.
(   But John was there: he calls it “the Mountain where the angels came down when they took wives at the second fall: the first being angel women and man; the second being the angels and then the women they seduced and then the men of Sodom; the first fall being multilplied by the second: magnified until the entire earth was corrupted.; the flood of the dragon that caused “the Flood”.   )
At any rate it seems that Muhammed and the other Witness of the Last Jjudgment would never arrive: but the other Witness is Job: who arrived at the Last Judgment first: and those who endure to the end are they with the Patience of Job: and the Faith of Jesus that is “Faith on Earth” that the Son of Man in his Coming does find: and this is the beginning of the Coming of the Son of Man.
Thus the tableaux is different: because the scale shifts at the Cosmic or Universal level of the Kingdom: which is “:heaven and earth”.
But now we come to a little problem: the 430 year period before the Messiah shows up this time is after the black christian race in America does it’s 430 years of national indemnity on the national foundation of Israel’s 430 years of slavery in Egypt: which our friend Jeremiah Wright and a few other’s outside of the unification Church as well: who ignored the providence in America totally.
The Hidden One of Israel
The Hidden One of Israel
But that 430 years from what Sun Myung Moon said was 1517 for Martin Luther to the 1947 for Martin Luther King was completely missed by Rev. Moon: because it was actually from 1492: when Chrictopher came here in the two ships: the Santa Maria for Mary as the Zion of the Holy One of Israel and the Nina for Jesus who is the Holy One of Israel: the Zion of the Holy one of Israel is Mary the Mother of Jesus: in Truth.
But now we have a problem again: St. John the Divine says in the last book in the Bible that he has been informed that he will have to come to earth and “prophesy again”.
Thus St. John’s Revelation begins as Enoch’s did long ago:
“…he cometh with the Clouds: and every eye shall see him…”
  Thus now we have John in the position of Enoch: describing the coming of the Last Judgment: and the Lord: but also himself. This means that John in Enoch’s postion is describing how he himself will arive: in Noah’s position: and the Lord himself as the Ark we must enter before the Last Judgment “hits”.  But this “Ark” is entered only by “overcoming” in one of the 7 churches which are in the position of “The 7 Last Days of Noah”.

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