The Battle to the Golden Gate: The Children of the Pearl


The Pearl of Great Price is the Gate of Heaven

The Pearl of Great Price is the Gate of Heaven

50 years after the earthshaking events in Fatimah Portugal in 1917 something happened to some other children: but this was in a City called San Francisco; the City of St. Francis; in 1967.  We had a Summer; but then something happened in another Holy City in 144 Hours of a Six Days War;  and the yoke of the House of Mecca was broken off the shoulder of Israel: and then San Francisco became Mecca: so that is how the New Jerusalem came down: even to the end as Sodom; where the City of Sr. Francis Fell.

But let us return to Fatimah; for now we must discuss Francisco: the child whose two sisters were his guardian angels; the 3 Children of Fatimah; are One Grandchild to Muhammed: for Ali who was slain: that Allah gave the Virgin of Islam a Son; as He did with Mary once before: in the stead of her husband; even Joseph: for Francisco of the Children is of whom Isaiah did write: that the Children would be for the signs and the wonders at the start: and the Year of 1917 is the Start at the Year itself.

That is the Year the False Prophet took Holy Russia for the next 70 years of her Babylonian Captivity; the Whore; Socialism and Communism being the two principles Karl Marx stole from the first church; thus it is at the Year we see the first seal: 1910 to 1919; the first decade; the first seal of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

This is what “arrived” in San Francisco; for Love and Truth are the 2 Witnesses who were killed on that Street: the Truth by killing those who Spoke it: and Love by those who turned it into a Sodomite.

The Sun of Fatimah has to do with the Censer Gabriel threw to the earth in 1906: for the 7 trumpets each announce the 7 decades they accompany at each of the 7 Seals. thus on 4-18-1906 did that Censer “hit” San Francisco when the whole City and the Barbary Coast Fell: the City of Licentiousness: License.

What changed? The 3 Children of Fatimah are they at the End of whom the Lamb with 7 horns and 7 eyes who is the Resurrection and the Life said are “The Kingdom of Heaven”; and as the Lamb is the Holy Thing that stands for the Kingdom of God the Children of Fatimah az Zahra are the Image of the Lamb; the Image of the Kingdom: the Image of “Light” or Salvation: the Rider of the White Horse: Faithful and True!

From where did these Three Children of the Lamb who are the Sun of Maryam al-Kubra: the Sun of Fatimah; the Son of Mary.

What is the Origin of the 3 Children? Only the 3 Tiered Door of the Ark of Salvation: the Ark of Noah.

These 3 Children thus reveal One Door: and it is of this the Lamb spoke when he said:

                                 “I am the Door of the Sheep”


The Prodigal Son: the Lost Sheep of Israel

The Prodigal Son: the Lost Sheep of Israel

                                             This is that Door: and all on earth: whether Jew, or Muslim, or Christian: now is Come One Faith: and it’s Seal is the Work of Khidr Rumi and the Work of the Sun: for THAT is what came down at Fatimah in 1917: that Whirling Sun was that Great Sign of the Whirling Dervishes of the Heart of the True Son: the Sun of Faith: the Sun of Tabriz: the Mahdi: the Star of Ali: the Sun of Fatimah: the One who have the Blessing that came from the Blessed Olive Tree to Muhammed: Jesus of Nazareth; Isaac slain on the Altar of Envy by the servants of Mammon: and not God.

And as Jesus was Issac: Muhammed who was given the Mantle of Elijah from Elisha: Uways al-Quarni: and returned it to him: this was the angel of Ishmael; who wears the Seal of Christ: the Seal of the Living God: written in the Book of Life of the Lamb that is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.For as Jesus was Issac so was then Muhammed Ishmael; to avenge his slain brother Gabriel had him strike the earth with a Curse: that curse of Moses which is the Soul of the Qur’an: the Curse of God by which Israel of the Stars became the Jacob of the Dust; and Ishmael the wild ass of the desert was given the Blessing of Seth from the Blessed Olive Tree the Son of man Jesus of Nazareth: and the Image of God as the Messenger of Allah: the Blessed One

It is this Blessing that Muhammed had come down on the children of Fatimah: to awaken them from the dust of the earth as the Lord had promised for those of the Last Day. The Baraka of Jesus he sent to the one who would brings forth the Fruits of the Kingdom are from the Peacemakers: the People of Salvation: the Children of the Most High: for only those who believe in the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah will enter the Ark of the Sun of Righteousness that hath the Seal of the Word of the Sufis: the Great Work Accomplished: the Illumination of All Mankind.

                 The Work of Khidr Rumi and the Sun of Tabriz


The Blessing of Christ through Muhammed
The Blessing of Christ through Muhammed


This Door is then that One Alone by which the One Child of Fatimah is that Single Door which is the Pearl of Great Price: the Gate of Heaven itself: even the Golden Gate that the Lamb rode in on Palm Sunday: the Golden Gate of the New Jerusalem in the Name of Christ Jesus: the Name of Love: the Name of God.

That Holy Child is then that One of the Combined Three Children who are the Door of Faith: the Door of Salvation: they are the One of whom the Lamb said:

              “Whoso receiveth this child in my Name: receiveth me”.

             It is THIS CHILD who appeared in San Francisco that was the INVISIBLE SUN of the SUMMER of LOVE: The Work of the SUN of Maryam al-Kubra: the Greater Son of the Greater Mary:

                                             it is this CHILD in the Name of Love which ALONE the Light of Life that the Name of Christ Jesus: Day Light itself: really is: that One Name of Love as the Name of God: and that little child to lead them all came during the Summer was himself the Sun of Righteousness: the Sun of Fatimah az Zahra: the Light of Allah.

This Child who is the Image of the Lamb then is the Embodiment of the 3 Children of Maryam al-Kubra: the Universal Christ: the Bread of God who was the Visitation of God: but now comes the Rapture of Divine Love itself.

Francisco could see the Virgin of Light: Jacinta could both see and hear the Lady of Fatimah: but Lucia could both see and hear the Greater Mary: but could also talk to the Lady for the children her brother and sister: thus in the position of their guardian angel.  The Children thus represent Three Heights: the 30 fold; the 60 fold; and the 100 fold.

        This is the 3 Measures of Barley for a penny; but the Measure of wheat for a penny is the Blessing of the Sun that came on that Day finally arrived when all can see who walked through that Gate back into Pardise that the whole WORLD must now Follow? The Light of Allah from Fatimah that came from the Blessed Olive Tree to Muhammed for safekeeping until the Heir arrived!

    That Blessing that came down from Fatimah to San Francisco when it became the Holy City of the Pilgrimage: to Seal the One the Sufis came to as the Magi came to Jesus: and brought hime the 3 gifts of his Return: the Lost Sheep of Israel as the Messenger: Solomon; the Prodigal Son back from the Dead at the Resurrection from the Dead that has begun for the Children of the Resurrection: who did not marry nor was he given in marriage: and the Lord God took him: and he was not: as I am not: for I am he who He has Taken; caught up to God and to His Throne: as My Generation is the Manchild of Israel; the Return of Ephraim: even the Kingdom:

    “As a man who went on a long journey: and to return.”

     So now: it is he who was dead: but is now alive; who was lost: but now is found who has returned: led out in a new name: written in a Living Diamond, a white stone, the Stone of Ephraim: Jedidiah:

            “The Beloved of Jah”

                             Yes: even JAH JEHOVAH

The Hidden One: The Day hid in the Night as a Thief
The Hidden One: The Day hid in the Night as a Thief


One comment

  1. Osama bin Laden attacked the West and tried to start WWIII; the Final War: the Holy War. He is the “man of lawlessness” written of 2,000 years ago.

    He stepped into the shoes of the Antichrist by justifying this act from the Qur’an; as the Judas of Islam; and his forces still attack and kill innocent men women and children everyday. the House of God will fall divided; the City of Mecca shall fall; a House divided against itself.

    The Prophets of whom Muhammed and St. Paul are two of many have called this figure who sits in the House of God “the man of Lawlessness”; and that is exactly what Osama bin Laden is: a man who has no law but that of his the Sword. But who lives by the Sword shall die by it.

    Here is the Faith and Patience of the Saints.

    Osama bin Laden dead? I sincerely hope so: but he is dead wherever he is spiritually: as he has earned himself eternal shame and disgrace; and those who seek to make Islam a Curse rather than a Blessing will find their fate with his.

    The real Sufis will show those who can see their handiwork in the Sun of Fatimah in 1917; for the 3 Children of Fatimah in their Unity are in Reality the Door of the Ark; the Barque of the Sufis is then of Khidr Rumi: who brought to the world the Hidden Imam of Maryam al-Kubra; the Greater Son of the Greater Mary: where the 3 children are seen as One Child: the Pearl of Great Price, the Gate of Heaven itself. Here only the Sealed can eanter.

    Only those who believe in the Son of Mary will see the 3 children as One; only those who believe in the Signs of the 3 children and the Wonder of the Whirling Sun of Shams a Tabriz where it came down will enter the Ark of Salvation. Remember: the Door to the Ark of Noah was of three heights: and that is why there were 3 Children at Fatimah. Islam lost the Blessing of the Blessed Olive Tree at the slaughter of the christian Armenians in sight of Mt. Ararat; thus the Blessing came to Fatimah and the Flock from Muhammed himself; and his Daughter is she who brought forth the Messiah; for Fatimah is the Bethlehem of Islam: even Bethlehem Ephraim: Doubly Fruitful.

    Bless thee in the Name of Christ Jesus; the Name of Love; the Name of God.

    christopher witt diamant

    PS: Muhammed said that Islam came as a stranger: and would leave as one. Now it is indeed those who are converted and become as little children who shall believe; whether Jew, Christian or Muslim; or indeed from the 4 corners of the earth; those who believe in the Hidden One of Mary of Fatimah will find the Mahdi.

    It is they who will enter the Kingdom.


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