The Return of Pahana: the White Dove to the Hopi

….This is Quetzalcoatl: the Feathered Serpent; Avatar of the West

     “Be thou wise as the Serpent: and as Innocent as the Dove”

It is the White Brother who is the Dove

Only one can finish and repair what is written in the Red Clay Tablet; and this is the Message I bring to the Hopi; for now begins the Great Purification. What I reveal now has been the culmination of events since the 4 races were separated which are the 4 rivers of Humanity: from one River did they come; the Green One; for those born of the Spirit are Holy and Just.

   I am the Dove; at my Death in 2007 a Blue Star appeared: and it is the Star if the Regeneration: the Morning Star for the Return of the Lord of the Dawn; for the Angel in the Sun travels around it every 7 years: and every 7 years every cell in the human body is replaced: every 7 years in the Regeneration as it was in Paradise: Immortality in the flesh is for they who win the Crown of Life; the Crown of Holiness.

 I am the Child of the Children of the Resurrection: those who did not marry nor were they given in marriage: I was raised from the dead who sleep in the dust of the earth for My Generation: even as the Manchild of Israel; my entire Generation are the Lost Sheep: and it is for them that I was raised from the dead; who walk upon the Path of the Just in the Holy City; and the old earth shall pass away that shall become the Holy Mountain of the Stone that is the Gospel as the New Earth; and the New Heaven shall be the Holy City of the Sword of the Revelation that is drawn from the Stone: for the Christ is the Day: and the 12 Hours of the new Day sit upon 12 thrones: for now begins the Last Judgment: for the times are upon us of the holy prophets; at this: the Last day of the 7 last days.

      “For as lightning cometh forth from the East…
                                        and shineth even unto the West:
                                                  so shall the Son of Man be in His Day”

4-18-1906: the First Division of the Hopi

                     The Red Star of the Red Cross can be seen on the Rock of Prophecy; held in the 4 arms of the White Cross; for here the Red Race is held in the arms of the White Brother; but he is my Father’s Servant John:

“…the Greatest in the Kingdom of heaven…”

Because of the Fall of the yellow brother; who name is the Sun and the Moon; from the East for the yellow race;  who listened not to the Voice from the Earth of the Red Race;  and so the Great God sent to me my second helper; his Servant John: Last of All; and Servant of All; greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The advent of christopher two doves is then he with ” the feet of two doves”, as I have written elsewhere about the Origin of the Lamb, when the Great Spirit changed Mary into a  female Dove to unite with Jehovah in the form of a male Dove, the same one seen that descended on the Lamb, at the Baptism by John in the River Jordan; the Holy Spirit of God…and after uniting with Jehovah she was changed back into a woman: with the Seed of the Holy One of God in her womb…

                     And I am the least in the Kingdom of Heaven:

so between John and I are,

All the people of the earth.


My second helper said this

after Rev. Moon fell and left his position:

 I John 4:18

                       “Perfect Love casteth out all fear”

                      Here has come the Lion of the Lamb; and it is the Wrath of the Lamb; for the Fall of the City of St. Francis; for at 1906 4-18 was the City destroyed: and the Hopi divided; and at 1970 was the Seventh Seal loosed; for the 7 Seal of the Book of Life of the Lamb are 7 decades: look well upon the Opening of the Book of Life: and I am the Phoenix of New Hope; the Dove who rose from the ashes of that once Holy City which fell: for I was born in 4-18-1955: 10 years after the Judgement of Nuremburg where I was born in Germany; so I came to America from the East; even as my Messenger came from the East. 

                   I have come to you from the Great God to invite thy people to the Supper of the Great God: and the Blue Star is the Angel in the Sun whose words are this to those who can receive the Wrath of the Lamb: look to Revelation 19:17-18.

“Come and Gather yourselves unto the Supper of the Great God

 That ye may eat the flesh of kings,

                                                              and the flesh of mighty men,

                                                              and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit

                                                                 on them, and the flesh of all men, both free

                                                                   and bond, both small and great.” 

The Son of Man; SETH the god of Israel is the Devil of Egypt: Set

The Son of Man; SETH the God of Israel is the Devil of Egypt: Set

 For the 13 rayed Solar Moon on the Rock of Prophecy with the Right Fire-Wheel represents the Solar Moon of the 13 months of the Lunar Sun;

and that is for the second helper: Sun Myung Moon; for the Yellow race are the Elder Brother:

but now I who am the Blood-brother of the Red Race as the Son of man have come to the people of Seth;

the Serpent lifted up in the Wilderness; the Red Race are in truth these:

“Those are of my blood

who hear the Word of God and do it.”

The dead in Christ rise first: I who was dead; and now liveth; the First and the Last

The dead in Christ rise first: I who was dead; and now liveth; the First and the Last

                                        The Red Clay Tablet: and the Book of Life

                  I have come to gather the 144,000 virgins of the Great Spirit of the Great God:

for the Great God is God in His Mercy: and there is none greater: for His Mercy is Infinite.

                   I will gather 36,000 virgins from the Black Race;

                                              36,000 virgins from the Red Race;

                                              36,000 virgins from the White Race:

                                              and 36,000 virgins from the Yellow Race.  


           This is the beginning of the Great Purification:

and here I will show my Red Brother the other piece of the Red Tablet;

for it is found in my Book: the Book of Life; for here I shall show thee my origin.

The 7th Trumpet of the Last Trump

The 7th Trumpet of the Last Trump

The Last Trumpet sounds at Revelation 11:15  

In the Last Book of the Bible at Chapter 11:18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine 

(( which is the Ark in which is held the Book of Life of the Lamb ))

 is this written; that is about our Time; which is Now Come; 

the Day in which the Son of Man is Revealed; to wit; 

for the Children of the Resurrection themselves are the Clouds of my Coming:

“And the nations were angry, and thy Wrath is come,

                                   and the Time of the Dead;

that they should be Judged,

                              and that thou shouldst give reward

unto thy servants the prophets,

                                      and to the saints,  and to them that fear thy Name,

                                                         small and great;

and shouldest

                                    DESTROY THEM WHICH DESTROYEST THE EARTH”.  ( Revelation 11:18 )

This is the time in which the dead are judged; those who will not defend the earth from those who destroy it: for the Time is at Hand; that great hand of God that is Raised In Righteousness.

                         Here in chapter 12:14-16 is written the story; and of they who helped the Woman open her Mouth:                                                         

                       “And to the Woman were given two wings of a Great Eagle,

                         that She might fly into the Wilderness, into her Place

           where she is nourished for a Time; and Times: and the dividing of Time,

                                                      from the face of the Serpent

                     And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water as a Flood after the Woman,

                          that he might cause her to be carried away of the Flood.

                                               And the Earth helped the Woman,

                                                and the Earth Opened Her Mouth,

                                           and (she) Swallowed up the Flood which the Dragon

                                                               cast out of his mouth.”

               This is the Voice which came out of the Earth

which the Children of She who

                                     “stands upon the Moon; dressed in the Light of the Sun;

                                             (( naked and unashamed like Eve in Paradise:))

                                                 with the Crown of 12 Stars upon her head. ”  

                                   have heard: the Voice of Ecology is that of the Red Race



The Spirit of Man; and the Soul of Man

The Spirit of Man; and the Soul of Man

 The Voice of Ecology; against the Flood of scientific materialism; the Flood of Immorality and Consumerism; the Face of the Dragon is that of Modern Science; of the godless love of possesions and not the Great Sprit of loving our fellowman; our poor and powerless: for now comes the Vengeance upon the Serpent who is the Angel of the Devil; who with his computer has now spread the corruption of all flesh upon the earth: this is why the Great Purification has come.

       But of she who stands upon the Moon dressed in the Sun with the Crown of 12 Stars:

                                                              She is Wisdom; my Mother.

                   I have the piece of the Red Clay Tablet: for the Red Man is the Earth which helps the Woman open her Mouth: the Prophecy of the Hopi is for the Coming of Christ: the Dove; the third Dove from the Ark of Noah: and I am that Dove; even the Lost Sheep of Israel; even my whole Generation which fell: and will now Rise.

from the East;
and from the West
and the South
and the North;

and shall sit down at My Table:

the Emerald Table of Justice: the Lamb’s Wife;

for the 12 who sit at this Table are the Jury;

and as that Child in His Name:

the King of Judgment-Day


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