The Blue Star; the Morning Star of the Pahana

                “….All Muslims are Nazarenes; although not all Nazarenes are Muslims….”

                                                                                                                    christopher witt diamant



"...and Thee Unicorns shall come down...."

"...and Thee Unicorns shall come down...."

“…..Some lies so well resemble the truth 

                    that we should be poor judges of the truth

                                                                            not to believe them…….”

                                                                                                        de la Rochefoucauld


My dear Jeffrey;

                 Since I came to New Hope 22 years aho and wrote “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” I have had many adventures and experiences that have prepared me for this moment; I am doing the final edit of this work which I prematurely believed was close to being finished many years ago; but in comparison to what I hold in my hands now it was barely a child’s coloring book in comparison.


                  You know that I left San Fancisco with a dark cloud over my head; but like Dante after his exile I have produced a work which is not just the culmination of my life but the story of My Generation; the Lost Sheep of Israel themselves; indeed in my death and arising I now stand in singular company indeed; for my entire Generation is the Manchild of Israel themselves; it is we who were gathered at Beth-El which men call Woodstock where the 3 days of light on our side and the 3 days of darkness on their side once again was replayed; as when Israel left Egypt of old.

                  The curious correspondence of the 430 years of Captivity that the black and then black chrisian race suffered in the West from 1492 has been rather carefully brought out by Taylor Branch in the first two books of his trilogy in “Parting the Waters” and then in “Pillar of Fire”; I have knowledge that he was closer to the truth than he ever imagined.

                  I was led out from the City of St. Francis as Lot was led out of Sodom; this might seem to be hyperbole; but in truth it is the Angel of John who instructed me for the 21 years it took to write this book who is far more interesting; for his arrival is how God directly intervened in the Last Days to change the course of human destiny.

                     The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb; well; this might be true to your well-informed gaze; but what of it?

                     First of all it means that the Revealtion of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament in which this Book has been carried these last 2,000 years; and if I have gotten your attention now I can tell you that it was the 12 Apostles of the lamb who brought it to me: and for a reason: to Open the Book of Life: and with my Father’s servant John that is exactly what I did.

                  I first discovered that the Gospel of Christ is the Stone from which the Sharp Sword of Christ’s Revelation is drawn; and the Anvil is the Will of the Father through which the Sword is drawn: for the Revelation of John the Divine is the Word of God; and the Revelation of Jesus Christ within it is the Will of God; even the whole Written Will of the Father.

              That God’s Will is expressed in His Word is no great surprise: but the fact that I have opened this Book happened due to the failure of some rather imporatant people: but let us look at two brothers who stood together on that 430 year foundation of indemnity that they paid just as Isral in Egypt paid long ago; for our black Moses was Martin Luther King; and our white Aaron was one Aaron Presley; and if you think this is a joke I suggest you look very very carefully indeed at the Golden Calf of Elvis; for this is where the story of Our Generation starts to be understood; and in more detail than you would even believe.

              You know I am not your typical christian; but now I know why Haight became Love; why the City of St. Francis became the Holy City of Pilgrimage in 1967: for that is when Israel broke the yoke of Mecca off the shoulder of Jerusalem in 1967 at the 6 Days War: while we than had the Summer of Love; we became the New Jerusalem; before it fell as Sodom and Egypt.

                  That both Servant King and Prince Aaron both died in Memphis should surprise you not all; for it is the only major city in America named after the ancient capital of Egypt; the city of destruction I call it in my book; for it was a necropolis; a city of the dead; for whom Osiris is the God of the Dead. A black god; and his consort is Mystery: Isis herself; the false Mystery which is the Veil that hid the Mystery of God: until now.

                     I invite you to google “christopher witt diamant”; or st.christopher; or unicorn144; as you find what I have been up to all this time: Paul Cohen of Monkfish Publications is waiting for this final draft; I am now esconced in a house in Pipersville hard at work; but I had to let you know: the Revelation of Salvation explains every line of the Revelation of St. John the Divine; for example; the two beasts of chapter 13 are the 3-in-one beast which is the Axis; on the pattern of Italy for the bear’s feet in Daniel; Germany for the body of the leopard of Greece in Daniel; and Japan for head of the lion  of Babylon in Daniel;  seen in those 3 creatures of Daniel at their re-emrgence in 1936 we also have the False Prophet: Karl Marx.

             And the scarlet beast of chapter 17 is our old friend: Red China.  Even the Antichrist the Misah Ad-Dajjal of Islam; the Islamic Judas, makes his appearence: with Osama bin Laden; and Gog and Magog with Iraq and Iran; and there is more Jeffrey: much more.

                 The Revelation is being revealed at the End:  as otherwise it would have no purpose: but the curious thing is that John of Patmos is still alive: because his pen is still on the page: seeing the time then where we are now: which might explain that curious statement the Son of Man gave to Peter when he told him if John remained until his return “what is that to you?”

                  I think you would smile if I told you what the people who read what I write say: but you already know what they say; but you may find a different answer; for you knew me before; but the dead in Christ do rise first; and our Generation will also rise again; for the Children of the Resurrection are the Clouds of his Coming: and everyone is going to be very very surprised: that I can promise you.

                             Write me!

                                 In Love

                                    the Mighty God

                                             christopher witt diamant


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