The 4 Races: and the Pahana of the Hopi prophets

The Coming of the Pahana: the Son of Man:

the Sun of Righteousness

The Holy Unicorn of the Holy City

  The Mystery of the Providence of John the Divine 

This is Part III: The Second Beast which “rises out of the Earth”;

((Revelation of St. John the Divine; chapter 13:11)) 

The second beast is described as having two horns of a lamb; but speaks as a dragon.

Let us first look at the earth this creature rises from: the earth here represents materialism; dialectical materialism to be exact; the rational ground that Hegel set up in his dialectic which consisted of “thesis; antithesis: synthesis”.

(( With the dialectic of Hegel even before we go to left-wing and right-wing Hegelians we have this: If you take the “thesis” of “Good”; and then add as it’s “antithesis” the concept” of “Evil”; then with the “synthesis” you are going to get is “Good and Evil”. 

If the concept of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” springs to mind there is a good reason for it: you are looking at it’s principle in modern terms; seen as the Trimurti of the Hindu pantheon where Brahma as the Creator or “Thesis” is Good; Shiva as the Destroyer is the “Antithesis” as Evil; and then Vishnu as the Preserver is the “Synthesis” with “Good and Evil”.

To be fair the Hindu pantheon does posit a neuter “Brahm” as it’s “Hypothesis”;

but we are looking at “Abrahm”; and then “Abraham”; though few in India would agree.

To defeat this false “trinity” of the Devil’s “pitchfork” we have to add what it lacks: The Hypothesis; to Thesis; Antithesis, and the Synthesis.

This must be done on the 4 position or “Diamond” foundation: with “end” at the hypothesis; “cause” at the antithesis; “effect” at the “thesis” and then “result” at the synthesis. The original Hypothesis was “Good without Evil”; then the thesis as “good”; the antithesis as “evil”; and then the synthesis which would have then been “good seperated from evil” as reaching the original hypothesis of “good without/seperated from “evil”.

This is seen correctly as as the “Origin; Division: Union” of Sun Myung Moon; the correct version; as the Origin is then the “Hypothesis” which was “Good without Evil”; as few know… the Division is into “Thesis and Antithesis”; and the Union is then the “Synthesis”.
and please remember this:

          “The “end” is the “cause of the cause”,

                         just as the “result” is the

                                   “effect of the effect”….))

 But let us observe the second of the two creatures from the Sea of Time and the Earth of Matter.

This second creature that arises from the earth is said to have two horns like a “lamb”. Let us define what these “two horns” really are.

In the beginning at the First Church in Jerusalem everyone took their goods and sold them and put the money at the feet of the Apostles: this first principle was pure communism.

Then they divided the money into an order of priorities: first came the old and the sick; then came the orphans and widows; next came the poor: and then the Apostles and their families came last: this second principle was pure socialism.

These two principles are then what Karl Marx; the False Prophet, stole from the First Church; trying to take “the kingdom of heaven by force”; making a kingdom of God: without God!… thus the lamb who claims to “free man” from “superstition” speaketh “like a dragon”: and that is with the philosophy of Atheism; the denial of the serpent who is the angel of the Devil which says there is no Spirit and no God.

Thus the second beast and it’s projected world-wide image is Marxism with the two horns of communism and socialism; the image of Karl Marx’s philosophy.

With the fascist totalitarianism of Italy that is Famialist; the socialist totalitarianism of Germany that is Nationalist and the imperialist totalitarianism of Japan that is Racist we have a pretty good idea of what the “treaty” between the Axis and Russia really was in 1936: the alliance between these two beasts or “kingdoms” of the Dragon; for the Axis represents the “anti-Israel” with it’s ten horns; and the second beast represents the “anti-Judah” with it’s two horns.

The Axis and the False prophet thus stood in the position of the Global Canaan and the Global Balaam in the attempt of Satan the Devil to stop the Allies from making one democratic world under God: which brings us to the third beast; for the Axis looks like the Dragon just as Canaan looked like Ham; for Ham became Egypt; and his son Canaan became the 7 nations in their 10 tribe confederation which opposed Israel when it came into the promised land on the National Level: thus these two beasts represented the same forces in their Global forms that Canaan’s armies and Balaam the prophet did on the Restoration into Canaan on the National Level when Israel left Egypt.

In Unification terminology the two beasts that Job saw in the sea and the earth on the Individual level are thus expanded at the Global level into the Axis from the Sea of Time and Marxism from the earth of Matter. Thus the fallen nature which is the beast of the Axis at the Global level is what the Allies defeated; we are still fighting the Marxism of the False Prophet as seen at where the third beast appears.

((The third beast of Revelation: in chapter 17:1-18))

And the third beast? Here we see the “beast which is; and is not; yet is”: the discarnate incarnate.

The 7th Trumpet and the Last Trump

That would be the Scarlet Beast seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: Red China; now carrying the great “harlot” of the Market: incorporating the capitalist principle of the democratic nations into it’s neo-Stalinist form of government: thus the “free market” is what is driving both capitalism and communism to combine: thus the scarlet beast is shown “carrying” the “harlot” of a new form of Marxism: and this is the worst case scenario of having the West now using Red China as it’s “banker”; for the scarlet beast is the “son of perdition”; the spirit of the global Judas.

It is he who is the the “Misha Ad-Dajjal” that Muhammed spoke of in his hadith; the “man of lawlessness” who tried to start World War Three as the Final or “Holy War”; here read was was written about this figure by St. Paul 2,000 years ago at II Thessalonian 2:2-4,5.; to wit;

“Let no man deceive you by ANY MEANS:

for that Day ( which is the Day of Christ the Son of Man)

SHALL NOT COME, except there come


( of those who were first given the truth as the Hopi were taught)


the Son of Perdition;

Who opposeth and exalteth himself ABOVE ALL that is CALLED GOD ( or Allah )


so that he “as God” sitteth in the House of God,

SHEWING himself that he “IS GOD”.

 Mary of Fatimah; Bethlehem Ephraim

The revealing of the Antichrist.

It was Osama bin Laden who judged the West; as God; and then carried out his “Judgement” as if he “were Allah” on 9-11 which is the final sign here at the Last Day; for in revealing you to the devil with the Devil in him we come to that Islamic Judas who is like Judas the devil who had Satan the Devil enter him at the Last Supper: only now it is their City and Temple which will fall; as Jerusalem and it’s Temple fell long ago.

Osama bin Laden is the “fatted calf” is he who dies when the Prodigal Son of My Generation who are the Lost Sheep of Israel come home; for I died as Solomon; but arose as Jedidiah: and that I represent my Generation: it is we who learned from Servant King that in the Spirit we can die for Peace: but we will not kill for it. One cannot trumpet Peace and then kill for it; the servants of the Lamb who fight at the End are thus the hargingers of the “Time of Trouble” when we must destroy those who destroy the meek of  the earth; and this is where Justice as the left hand of Jehovah of Hosts on the White Horse is seen.

This is why we have had 144,000 troops on the ground in Iraq as the “kingdom of Gog” even as Iran is the “kingdom of Magog”; for the Host of Heaven is numbered after the number of the “Number of the Children of Israel”; as in the days of Joshua; where he as the Prince Moses “made” from Joshua as the Captain of the Army of the children of Israel. Thus when he took off his shoes Prince Joshua met his counterpart as the Prince of the Host of Heaven when he was about to enter Canaan.

Thus our armed forces represent the angels of the heavenly host on earth; though feww understand the remark Lord Jesus made: to wit;

   “Know not that with a Word I can have sent to me 12 Legions of Angels?”

 (( 12 Legions is 72,000 angels; 24 legions is 144,000 angels ))

” I loved my Enemy; but I laid down my life for my Friend:
for I know my Friend the good thief from my Enemy the evil thief”.

The one who lives by the Sword shall perish with it: the Zulfiqar; but I call it another name; which Benazir Bhutto knew of as she died with the name of her murdered father on her lips when she asked Allah to avenge her; for her father was called “Zulfiqar Bhutto”; and the Zulfiqar is the Sword of Allah which kills the Evil One; I call it Excalibur; the Word of God that Arthur knew.

The Hopi are my Friend: and I have new hope for to bring about the rebirth of the Red Race; and the New Hopi of New Hope.

I pray that every one of them read this: for I have something my Father’s servant John gave me: an ancient glyph drawing which they will surely recognize: look for it as soon I can bring it to these pages. It is the Ensign of the Pahana.

And I counsel the Hopi to take another look at the Rock of the Hippie; for what completes the Red Clay Tablet is not the fit of a Rock: it is the Fit of the Races; and I shall make the two pieces fit: for it is where the “Red Clay tablet” is seen as the “broken heart” of the Red Man that the White Brother shall heal; with a New Heart; as the Reward of the prophets of the Hopi; let them all take this New Heart where mine becomes one with theirs; as of their “red” or “Blood Brother”; for they on the Path of Life will find themselves with My Generation on the Path of the Just: the one that goes up the Holy Mountain of the New Earth.

The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man; the Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet by SETH; the Original Son of man

Who is my brother?

 He who hears The Word of God: and does it.
Here I will leave you all with this who stand upon the Path: the Son of Man  “Jesus” was “the Light“; and when he divided himself from “the Darkness” by overcoming the Devil in the Desert he became “The Day” which is “The Christ“.

Thus the Name of “Christ Jesus” literally means “Day Light“; and this is theLight of Life”.

The Name of Christ Jesus is then the Seal of Jesus Christ:

The Child who came in the Name of Love in 1967 when I was 12 at the Golden Gate which is the Name of God; and this is how His Name shall be “Glorifed again”; and that is the glory which sent me; as the least in the kingdom of heaven. 

The Name of Jehovah from the West is then “The Name of Love”

The New Hope of the New Hopi

This light shall guide those who will follow me on the Path of the Just; the new Path of Life that I am revealing to all humanity; and bringing to the Earth; at this: the beginning of the Great Purification of the Great God; for now comes the fulfillment of the Book of Life of the Lamb.

It is the gathering of the 144,000 virgins of God and the Lamb: 36,000 virgins from the Black race of the South; 36,000 virgins from the Red Race of the West; 36,000 virgins from the Yellow race from the East; and 36,000 virgins from the White race from the North.

It is these men who will take the Vow: and keep it; as I did; it is they who will die in the Day as I did: and it is they who will rise in the Resurrection from the Dead as I did: for the dead in Christ rise first: as I did.

I am the one on whom the name no man except he who Rides  the White Horse knows. For the Word of God came to me when I found the Rider of the White Horse is the Second Death; at his right hand is the Sun of Righteousness; and at his left the Lake of Fire; they are Wrath at his Left and Mercy at his Right; as the goats who are sensual and the sheep who are spiritual will soon find as they are touched by each hand at the final seperation which is now come.

For in Egypt at the First Passover of Israel the blood on the doors and lintels was of the bood of goats; and the blood of sheep. Thus we see at the Last Passover which is the Supper of the Great God that which the lamb spoke of: the Resurrection unto Death which is Damnation; and the Resurrection unto Life that is Salvation. For at the End the nations of the goats do not enter into the Kingdom which is Eternity. 

In America the Red Race were found on the East coast as yet being of the West; the Yellow Race came to the West coast as being of the East; and the White in the North and the Black in the South are well known.

 The 4 Races as the Original 4 Brothers of the Hopi prophets

The Coming of the White Brother: the White Dove

America is thus the Land of the New Israel. Yet the Red Race is not as the Canaanites who were wiped out when Israel entered Canaan; for they are one of the 4 Primal Races of Man; they were thus given the Prophecy of the Coming of the Son of Man; the Pahana; so they could be gathered into the One Sheepfold of Justice; and find the One Shepherd who is the King: the little child who rose from the Dead.

It is this that is found in the Last Book of the Bible at 7:1 where the Tribes are Sealed. For the 4 Angels standing on the 4 Corners of the Earth are the Avatars or Guardians of the 4 Races; and thus we have the US as standing for the “melting pot” of the 4 petalled flower given to Black Elk by which America is the Microcosm of all the races of the Earth; especially the 4 Primal Races; of which the Hopi know full well.

Each of those petals stood for the flower of each race; which is the Fruit of each Color; as the Great Spirit of the Great God designed it long ago.

Ophiuchus and the Destruction of the Temple of the the Cosmic Israel,
The Hidden God

And of the 4 flowers you now all know quite well were given to each of the 4 Tollans or Progenitors so in the Design originally each Race would give something from itself to the other 3 primordial races that each lacked; making 12 gifts in all; which are the 12 fruits from the Tree of Life; for the Red man was to share the secret of his Strength from the Coca of the Amazon River to the other 3 races; the Yellow Man the secret of his Heart from the Poppy of the Yellow River to the other 3 races; the Black man the secret of his Mind from the Ganja of the Ganges River to the other 3 races; and the White man the secret of his Soul from the Mushroom of the Styx( seen at Elesius later) to the other 3 races; thus 12 gifts in all.

The Talent of Lead from the Plains of Shinar: Led Zeppelin? The Lead is “Evil” it was written: “This is Evil”

In the Fall of Adam thus each race lost the Flower which held the secret of each races “color” or Direction to God in which was the spirit of each of the 4 Races 4 Angels. This is why the White Race was Souless; the Red Race heartless; the Yellow race strengthless or Weak in the flesh and the Black Race Mindless. This was restored by each race recovering it’s respective flower at the 1960’s seen at the 6th Trumpet which explains the 6th Seal of the Book of Life of the Lamb: for the 4 angels have now been unbound; and have slain many who did not know or care that these 4 Flowers are Sacred. Thus is Paradise are they destroyed as their use is Profane; and they enter not by the Door; but a window; by the marked hand of the beast who sells what is Sacred; and all who buy then have the mark as well.

This is the Commerce of the Harlot who sits upon many waters of her slaves; the City that is the false fountain of the River of the Euphrates that is the Street of Babylon in every city of the nations; for those who sell the flowers of the 4 angels that is of the lawful Communion with the 4 spirits of the 4 angels that are Sacred Powers in each flower for money and not freely are her merchants; the great men of the earth; who engage in the sorcery of making what is good and pure to appear evil and wicked by selling unlawfuuly that which can not be approached correctly for free; and with the Knowledge of the Holy that the Sacred herbs and the Angelic flowers held were there to teach mankind is the reason that God told Adam and Eve to partake of FIRST: before the Mystery of God. at the Tree of Life.

 We did the opposite.

Yet the 4 Flowers of Paradise that the angels created with God were to teach us the Principle of Co-creation. This is what they were created to do: prepare us for the Divine Union by understanding first the Secred Communion; Regeneration before Generation.

Here also we have they who sell the fruit of the Holy Spirit that is of Union with the 7 Spirits of the Holy Spirit for money also on the Street of Babylon the Great; of the dead body of Death-in-life that is Isis: the leprous White Goddess who is Hell herself; the throne of Death.  

This is what was lost at Paradise; for the 4 heads of the 4 rivers of Humanity are the 4 rivers of Eternity of the 4 Progenitors; and it is they who were to have eaten of the Tree of Lfe by which each race would have itself been as a Current in the River of Eternity and lived forever: this is what shall now be restored.

These were the 4 fathers or “Tollan” of the 4 races; all of which were present in Adam; as his own Soul; and Heart; and Mind; and his virgin Strength. This is what was lost in the Fall; this is what is Found in My Generation’s Rise. For the Virginity of Adam represnted the Light of the Sun; and the Virginity of Eve represented the Light of the Moon.

These are the Two Great Lights who were lost when Adam and Eve left and then lost their positions in each Celestial Body as of each of their respective thrones: for the spirit and the soul are the two hands of God; starting as the “feet” in the 2 bodies upon the earth: and rising to that of  His Two Hands themselves: even as the One Hand of God that would have answered the Prayer of God and brought Adam the Eternal Blessing of Eternal Like.

The 4 Angels on the 4 Corners of the Earth are then the 4 avatars or guardians of the 4 Doctrines or Winds which are the Directions to God on the Holy Mountain: for the 4 sheepfolds or Races whose Winds or Doctrines are then known are those seen in the Day of Christ: which was of the Path of the avatar Buddha to the South of Jerusalem; the Way of the avatar Confucious to the East of Jerusalem; the Truth of the avatar Quetzacoatl to the West of Jerusalem; and the Life of the avatar Socrates seen to the north of Jerusalem. These were the 4 Directions as the 4 Doctrines of he who said; to wit as that One Sheepfold:

             “I am the Way; the Truth and the Life: no man cometh to the Father but by me..”

( on the Path; which is now revealed at the Resurrection of the Just ) 

And at the Center was the Avatar of Israel: Elijah; at the Resurrection; as of the Green Race; born of the Spirit itself. This is why Muhammed found the Blessed Olive Tree is Jesus of Nazareth in his Verse of Light; which Gabriel told all of now of by my Father’s servant John. And Muhammed was as Ishmael in his Ascension over Mt. Zion which is Mt. Moriah where was set the Altar of Abraham; even as Jesus was Issac on the Cross as the Ram of Sacrifice. Thus as Jesus was Issac in the position of the Bridegroom so was Muhammed Ishmael after the death of John in the position of the Brother of the Bridegroom; given the land of Abraham with the Blessing of the slain heir as the Curse of God upon Jacob; for where Isaac was the father of Jacob who became Israel the Lord gave Ishmael the place of the father ofa new Israel; the Curse of Moses finally fell with all it’s fury on they who had worshipped Moses as their golden calf for centuries.

This is which is why Moses GROUND the GOLDEN CALF to powder and made them drink it; because the golden calf that Aaron made was of Moses himself as their “god” as the God he appeared to be to Pharaoh; yet seen this was the Idol of idols: thus is the Cup of the Wrath of God poured out in the Qur’an; the Curse upon “Jacob” as the old chosen nation of Israel; and the Blessing upon the New Israel of “Muhammed” as the new chosen Nation of God. Yet this is not where the matter ends; as they who read further shall discover.

For from the year 627 where Muhammed had the 12 desert tribes face Mecca at the daily prayer or “daily sacrifice” instead of Jerusalem to 1917 is the 1,290 days or “years” of Daniel when the “daily sacrifice” wa taken away: until Fatimah; in Portugal; and the kiling of the christian Armenians by the Muslim Turks in sight of Ararat by which Islam left it’s position as having been loyal on the Cain position as John the Baptist had been disloyal in the Abel position.

The Last Day and the Last Hour : part IV

The Comet which is the Blue Star of the Hopi; Comet Holmes as the Morning Star which became the Blue Sun of the Regeneration


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