The Unification Church: can Rev. Moon be Restored?

The Angel of the Revelation

In the tragic circumstances that now face the remnants of the Unification Church we must look at the reason that Rev. Moon first left and then lost his position; for in our Generation’s Overcoming in the Ascension of the Children of the Resurrection on the Path of the Just we now have to restore what was lost: but this requires us to reveal the exact circumstances surrounding the failure of John the Baptist long ago and then of Sun Myung Moon who stood in his position as the Global Messenger of the Cosmic Christ; who was to have been himself had been found “awake” when his Master returned.

At that point; as it is written of in the prophecy of the “faithful and wise steward/servant”  Rev. Moon would have been rewarded with the Crown of Glory as the Messiah and won Immortality. This can still happen, if he will but let me and my Father’s servant John restore him; but this seems more and more unlikely as few understand why God would an angel to me and not just address Rev. Moon directly.

This is because it was Rev. Moon’s portion of responsibility to “wait and to watch” for a sign from his Lord and Master; but due to the fact that I was visited by the spirit of his dead child Heung Jin Moon at my grandmother’s house in San Francisco when a fountain was opened to me during my prayer to my Father Jesus ( whose sound I can still hear); and then this year when Hyo Jin Moon visited me in Bay City Michigan when I returned from Canada and we wrote a song together for my band Thee Unicorns called “So Unbelievable” it seems that the Spirit World has shifted the Providence to me as I was given the Book of Life of the Lamb which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ; for those who visit this is spelled out in greater detail. The music of “The Song of the Lamb” can be found on myspace at Yet my Father’s servant John works with me unceasigly everyday in contacting any and all who might be able to reach Rev. Moon; my efforts with Jonathan Gullery by which I won the right to quote any and all of Rev. Moon’s works was still hampered by those like Eric Holt who passed on none of the information God gave to me to save Rev. Moon from his accusation about Zacharias which also destroyed John the Baptist; who I show in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” happens to be Rev. Moon himself; though he denies the fact; as John denied he was Elijah though the Lamb affirmed it to his disciples.

I am currently seeking funds to record the song Hyo Jin wrote with me that incredible day; whose lyrics and circumstances after my dream where I was visisted by Sun Myung Moon are in the email I recently sent to Kyle Toffey; who is an associate of Hyung Jin Moon; and from whom I await a reply.

Few know and probaly even less shall come to believe what is written in this post; but as my confidence is in those diligent scholars with the eye of Insight in discerning the Truth of the written word I offer this information not to amaze or entertain: but to provide the understanding that the flock of the written and redeemed will need to stand before the Son of Man. 

If Rev. Moon had fulfilled his portion of responsibility he could have reached the position where he would of being “given all”; a sure reference to the Crown of Life and the Immortality that goes with it’s Incorruption of the Garment.

 This garment has so far eluded Rev. Moon due to the fact that he believes Lord Jesus rose but denies he rose in the flesh; even though in the gospel of John that is the Strength of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the record of “Doubting Thomas” was written so that all could see him profess that his “Lord and his God” had indeed come back in the flesh. 


As standing in the position of John this critical error has suspended the work of our Korean friend; even as it was said of him by the Lamb in the prophecy about Rev. Moon as the “Faithful and Wise Steward/servant” seen in Luke and Matthew; but this is known to the Elect; whose Assembly I invite the reader to join in their Ranks: if they can find the single Eye to see it.

At present day christianity this may be indeed asking too much; yet those who reach the Grail are those who reach Perfection; and all those who touch upon what this Grail holds shall find the Hidden Manna; even the meat which sustains the Spirit of Man that goeth upwards.

The Lord Jesus Christ did not come to die even though it was predestined; that happened because of the failure of John the Baptist in admitting he was Elijah and the subsequent betrayal of Judas as the son of perdition; as has been long known by the initiates of the Grail; and recently by the members of the Unification Church.

It was in his brilliant uncovering the circumstances of the fact that Jesus did not come destined to die as seen in Isaiah, though predestined to be “cut off” in Daniel where Rev. Moon stumled in his understanding; for it is here that Rev. Moon “solved” this problem by saying Isaiah wrote a dual prophecy concerning the Lamb: when he did no such thing.

Rev. Moon never responded to the fact that Daniel wrote the Messiah would be “cut off” after 70 weeks; but in ignoring this fact he was trying to reconcile the 2 seeming strains of what would be the Lamb’s “destiny” as in glory or his “fate” as the suffering servant with death.

To unravel this problem we have to see that Daniel wrote his prophecy “after the fact” of the advent of Christ and his being made “as grass” in the person of the Son of Man; Isaiah’s prophecy was written as “during” Christ’s ministry; as standing next to him as an invisible companion; watching him being rejected and then crucified.

In seeing this prophetic fact we would have two prophecies which agree; not disagree. Isaiah wrote not a “dual prophecy” as Rev. Moon asserted; rather it recognized how Jesus would be abandoned by his own messenger; and then betrayed by a friend; which means that Jesus could have had a different ending on earth: but it wasn’t going to happen; due to some very big failures by some very responsible parties. This is the pain that Isaiah describes: as one losing his own child; God’s own Grief.

The Bible contains no “dual prophecies” as the Scripture is a Chain that cannot be broken. Yet the links can be tested by those with the understanding; let us see if I can provide it.

What we have in Daniel is the telling of a story after it was over: and with Isaiah the same telling written during the story: and no one escapes their fate when it comes to the death of the Lamb; those who rejected him and then killed him would have been carrying out God’s Will if Jesus was predestined to die; thus Judas would have been a hero and the Jewish elders of Judah the wisest of men; but the opposite is true; let us observe why.

Rev. Moon rightly discerned that the death of Jesus was not destined; for then John’s denial of himself as Elijah would have been right; not wrong; and Judas’s betrayal of the Lord would have been good; rather then evil. This was obviously not the case; for Rev. Moon is quite right that we all have to fulfill our own portion of responsibility; just like the angels do; for with God after Jacob there is no difference between man or angel on the Path of life.

Moon’s condemning of John reveals that he still denies that the angel of Christ came to him to complete John’s mission; which is how he stood in John the Baptist’s position; thus he but judged himself in denying the fact; just as John once denied he was Elijah. For Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist in our day at Elijah’s third coming; just as John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet in the Day of Jesus at Elijah’s second coming. But third time “pays for all” as the saying goes; let us see if this situation can be resolved.

First let us begin where this story really starts; for Daniel said that after 70 weeks the Messiah would be “cut off”; thus to use Isaiah’s words about the suffering servant and then the glorious Messiah as well to show a “dual prophecy” mentioned of by Rev. Moon in his book “Divine Principle” overlooks Daniel and his testimony completely; yet it is obvious to many that things could have indeed gone differently if John the Baptist had said he was Elijah when he was asked point blank: for Malachi had said the Messiah could not come until Elijah showed up.

Rev. Moon’s observation of the situation that developed when Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah the prophet and John denied this it confused the hell out of everyone; worse; it caused chaos; as John kept baptizing people seperate from Jesus and his disciples, who were also baptizing people as well; een up th River Jordan from where John still stood.

John even said that “he would decrease; and he ( Jesus ) would increase”; but as John was the Moon representing the Law and Jesus the Sun representing the Word John’s light would have grown with his partner; not diminished.


"...For whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye.."
“…For whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye..”

 Let us look at the actual positions everyone was actually in at the Last Judgement; for those who have died in Christ know that time ended at Golgotha; since then we have been living in the Lord’s pure divine grace; to have time to repent; or none would be saved: and by this I refer to the whole human race; for God wants to save us all: of course.

 It was thus Jesus as “The Bridegroom” who was in the position of Issac; and John as the elder brother was in the position of Ishmael; for John to bring the “Bride” to Jesus was thus the “restoring of all things” that John was supposed to do; for as Eliezar of Damascus was the one who went and got the Bride for Issac now it was to be done by John in the position of Ishmael; thus making the two brothers as close as Issac and Ishmael had been distant. In this restoration John was called “The Friend of the Bridegroom.”

More than this it was the Elders of Judah who were in the position of Abraham as “The Father of the Bridegroom” as having the power of life and death over Jesus when he came to Jerusalem; for Mt. Zion is also Mt. Moriah; where Abraham offered Issac on the Altar; thus for Jesus to come to Jerusalem meant he was putting his life in the hands of those who ruled Israel; like Issac upon the Altar of Moriah. This was the test that faced the rulers of Israel in the Time of God’s Visitation to Israel.

If they had listened to John and spared Jesus just as Abraham had spared Issac when he heard the Voice of the Angel then the Elders of Judah would have passed the Test of God which came at His Visitation; surely known to all when the Lamb performed the most important “Duty of the Messiah” by fulfilling the entering of the Golden Gate as of the Bridegroom symbolically “entering” his Bride; which the City represented symbolically as the Virgin Daughter of Zion itself.

That this was one of the duties of the Messiah which Rev. Moon stubbornly insisted that Lord Jesus fulfilled none of can be proven to be wrong by the Word that Lord Jesus said to the Pharisees when they told him to have the people stop singing the Psalm of the Blessing; for he said “even these stones would sing” if the people stopped singing; a sure reference to David as the Psalmist of Israel.

This indeed was fulfilling the ancient prophecy of the King coming to his people when His Son came in the Golden Gate on Palm Sunday: but the Elders failed this test; deciding to kill the Heir and take the land for themselves; and thus they were in the position of an Abraham who killed Issac by not listening to the Angel at the Altar.

Their Salvation would then have been for them to have discerned the Day and the hour as listened to John as if he were Elijah: the Messenger of the Altar. Thus they would have been deemed righteous like Abraham to have listened to an Angel; which is what “messenger” means: “angelos”; a “messenger” from God. Abraham stayed his hand; thus had “Mercy” instead of “Sacrifice”; but the elders of Judah interpreted this verse in the opposite sense: and doomed themselves; their City and the Temple to utter destruction. It is for this reason that the Lamb had said: to wit;

                   “If thou knewest what the meaning of this saying was;

                                     “I would have Mercy; and not Sacrifice”

                                  ye would have not condemned the innocent to death…”                         

In having to make these things known we have an even darker dimension to these things as well; for between the Destiny of Jesus and his Fate we have the real “beam” that was in John’s eye that stopped him from bonding with Jesus; for in reality John’s identity was that of Jonathan for whom he was named; which none especially Rev. Moon have known; even as Jesus was David when he emerged from the Jordan: to face the Death at Golgotha written of at Psalm 22: the final piece of the puzzle: the Death of David. For the baptism of Jesus to his Death was the Resurrection of David to take his position on the Tree of Life that appeared as the Cross of Death which represented the Altar of Abraham for Issac.

That Sun Myung Moon failed in his mission has to do with that one covered secret and deep mystery that is the hidden unconscious accusation John the Baptist had which caused him to misjudge the situation between himself and his Lord in some very telling ways.

It is this same exact error Rev. Moon himself consciously now believes; and which is why he never reached the Seal of Elijah; just like John never did: which is why he did not one miracle; and the Lamb and his followers did many. This alone is proof John reached not the “spirit and power of Elijah” as he would have been like Aaron before Jesus as Moses it he had. John the Beloved thus reached the position in his love of Jesus that John the Baptist was supposed to have in his mission; which my Father’s servant John told me after my death in 2007 when the Blue Star of the Hopi appeared; Comet Holmes.

 The Child of the Resurrection is the Cloud he Comes Upon

It is this tragic accusation by John in his heart that is the error Rev. Moon adopted; so in judging John it was Moon who judged himself; for John secretly and unconsciously believed that Mary had lain with his father Zacharias to produce Jesus; which is a lie; but Sun Myung Moon consciously believes it is the “truth”; which is why he never got to the Seal of the Living God; just as John the Baptist failed to reach it: which is why he could do no miracles; as he had the Spirit but not the Power of Elijah; which Lord Jesus reminded him of when John sent two of his discples to Lord Jesus from jail to ask him if he was really “the one”.

For this doubt at the end Jesus Christ severely rebuked John through them; though few know why he chose the words he used to convey this rebuke. Here he specifically mentioned the miracles he and his disciples were doing: reminding John he was out of position drastically; but John ended up losing his head long before it was removed from his shoulders; a sign that the seeming “Predestined” Death of Jesus in no way absolved those who abandoned him and then betrayed him at all. John’s doubt was what “cut off” the Messiah; for it cut Jesus off from his own messenger; and thus forced Jesus to take the Path to the Cross.

The failure of John the Baptist was seen beforehand by Daniel; but it was really given a heartbreaking forecast by Isaiah in his book; if you read carefully you can see that Isaiah talks of a “New Heaven and a New Earth” precisely where the possibility of Jesus the Christ at his coming and then being unjustly killed would cause. That he would then have to come again. Thus we have the time of the End for us as it was for Him; for when Jesus died God died too: as you would if you lost your son; inside. That is the God who speaks His Curse in the Qur’an; with no partner; and no Son. That one died on Glogotha for us.

Yet this is what can be clearly seen now; where what happened on Golgotha now happens to us again: which is what the Last Judgement is all about; although few if anyone want to hear it; as then we are all like Job; who reached the Last Judgement first: the Witness of the Last Day; for what Job went through we all must now face: and only they with the Patience of Job and the Faith of Jesus will make it; and stand before the Son of Man.

In the Grail the maidens who appear with John’s head on the charger of platter show that as denying he was Elijah John lost his head to his old enemy: Jezebel; present in the form of Herodias; who was in no such denial; just as Jesus had said Elijah was present in the person of John in going up against Herodias and Herod John was thus in actuality going up against his old enemies Jezebel and Ahab; but he was sundered from his friend and Saviour; and so died.

The tears of the maidens of the Grail are from the knowledge John who was to have been as “Jonathan” lost his head in his blindness to his best friend and bloodbrother “David” long before it was lifted from his shoulders.

Let us look at the truth of what the archangel of the Grail tells us; for John the Baptist was named for Jonathan: as Jesus at his Baptism was David at his Resurrection: but John knew it not; as has no one but the initiates of the Grail and the Elect knew until now; the followers of Rev. Moon included.

For those of the Holy Grail the problems of Rev. Moon and his claims of Zacharias being the father of Jesus are due to his inheriting John’s mistake as his own: but this is because Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist in our Day just as John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet in the Lamb’s Day.

This is the real connection in how in Moon judging John guilty for the Death of Jesus he has condemned himself; but he stilldenies he is John regardless of my instruction just as John denied he was Elijah; thus proving by his continued denial he indeed stands in John’s position.

Yet there is still hope; as he Rev. Moon is still alive; even New Hope!

When Rev. Moon was given the mission of completing John’s mission he thought he had done so well that he would himself easily and inevitably win the position of the Messiah: for that is seen in the prophecy of the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; which is the one where Rev. Moon is himself described as touching his Destiny or Fate. Rev. Moon has indeed known this prophecy of the Lamb refers to him; but strangely he never advertised the one fact that all would have recognized; yet there is a reason for this.

Rev. Moon’s Fate has to do in overcoming the unconscious accusation John had against his own father with Mary; thus he would have reached the Seal of the Living God first instead of me. But as Rev. Moon fell in adopting this same accusation of John consciously as his “secret revelation” to his followers as instructing them “wrongly” a critical error in Rev. Moon’s carrying out of the Providence came about; which no one in contemporary Christianity has even been aware of. 

Yet this is why one as myself who is “the least in the kingom” is to be seen as “greater then he” who was surely Rev. Moon as currently being he of which could rightly be said “no greater prophet has arisen” in all Christianity since the 12 Apostles themselves.

Yet the Providence itself could not proceed until these things were exposed in the Light of Day. I do explore all this in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”. But I have stopped it’s publication until the final situation with Rev. Moon can be resolved; for when this book is published it will be too late to be reversed.

The Seal of the Living God which John the Baptist failed to reach has to do with with the fact that John never overcame his own doubt of the actual origin of Jesus; which if John believed happened AFTER Mary entered the House was then due to his father Zacharias; this John unconsciously believed; which is why he did not “see” Jesus clearly; the proverbial “beam” in his eye; seeing Jesus as the “Ram” of Sacrifice; and not the “Issac” to be spared by God’s Mercy; as Issac was by Abraham; and which John’s own Testimony to spare the Life of Jesus was to stand for that of the Angel of the Covenant Jonathan represented with David in the “covenant” they each swore to each other

Thus the elders of Judah in the position of “life and death” or Abraham himself over the Lamb as Issac been blessed forever had they passed the “Test” of Jehovah and seen Lord Jesus as he truly was; the “Issac” of His Mercy and not the “Ram” of His Sacrifice. 

         The Visitation of Jehovah in Jerusalem  




The Coming of the Child of the Lamb

The Coming of the Child of the Lamb

 The Mission of Jesus in being given the Bride can be seen by the unknown fact that John the Baptist was named for Jonathan; David’s best friend; this being how close they were to have been in the respective positions of Issac and Ishmael to then restore Abraham’s broken heart over losing Ishmael; but the secret is that in his real or “secret” identity John the Baptist was supposed to have found that love for Jesus that John the Beloved found instead of him; thus John the Beloved is like Elisha with twice the Spirit and Power of Elijah in comparison of what John had with only the spirit without the Power; quite diminshed indeed; a sickle moon; not a full one. Thus was the Messiah cut off.

In my book I reveal the Baptism of Jesus was the Resurrection of David; just as the Resurrection of Jesus was the Regeneration of David; which is why Mary of Magdala did not even recognize Jesus: she thought he was the gardener. That the face of Jesus was deformed has been unknown as well; this is why he said; to wit;

“….and you will surely use this saying against me:

“Physician: Heal Thyself!…”

Lord Jesus said this as his face was terribly deformed; as a Nazarene he grew his hair long so that his face was covered; like the veil of Moses; but it was actually as Isaiah said: his visage was “marred” so that none could see his face at all; yet Mary of Bethany knew he was the Christ; and loved him for that; thus getting that good part which comes to the Bride alone. In our Generation this will be found to be Sheba’s; the black virgin daughter of Jerusalem; even New Jerusalem.

In restoring what was lost I have been given a mission as well; but as it was the Lamb who revealed John was Elijah I now stand in that position as revealing that Moon is John; but only my followers in the New Unification Church actually believe this; yet in Truth I invite all to read my words with an open mind: for I wrote this not of myself; but as I heard it; as was spoken I would do long ago.

                                     “For as he hears; that he will speak”.

Who hath? He who has the Ear; the one who had the Faith.

The Time of His Visitation

The Time of His Visitation





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