Hyo Jin Moon and the Song “So Unbelievable” –Measure 144 | — Missive 12 1/2 —–


"...For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout......."    I Thessalonians 4:16

“…For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout…….” I Thessalonians 4:16

 “…..Grace is to the body what reason is to the mind….” 

de la Rochefoucauld

   At this present time the song “So Unbelievable” I wrote with Hyo Jin Moon is not yet recorded that we wrote together at my meeting with his spirit when I was in Bay City 5 months ago. This miraculous event culminated in the blessing the song we wrote together substantially represented that came when my Father’s servant John brought me there at the end of my 40 day course of wilderness temptation to meet Hyo Jin Moon in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and then Bay City Michigan.

This all happened after I went to Ottawa Canada for 21 days during Christmas and spent the remaining 19 days at Bethlehem and then Bay City in the US. I noticed Hyo Jin Moon when I had a dream about Rev. Moon and his mission on earth and the choice between his life and his death that I hope someone will want to listen and hear about; Hyo Jin appeared when Gabriel started to sing to me the new song of the “new song of songs” that make up the “Song of the Lamb”. To say I was surprised to hear Hyo Jin Moon was also present would be an understatement. Yet as a musician perhaps he has reached my inner voice in the spirit world where I haer the Voice of God known as Gabriel; God knows! 

This happened when I had just completed the 10th song of the Song of the Lamb; called “Little One”; which is about the prophecy in Isaiah 60:22 about Rev. Moon and me; to wit; 

 “…And a small one (Rev. Moon) shall become a strong nation (Korea);

  and a little one   ( “Zoar”/New Hope; a little one dead in Christ: the measure 144)

shall become a thousand   (144,000 as New Hope itself as the Host.)”.

The Seal of the Living God which the ascending angel of John brought to me in the city of St. Francis 21 years ago came to me to seal the 144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel; these included those who were numerically the two tribes of Judah that were gathered in San Francisco in 1967 of about 24,000 people; although some say it was closer to three tribes as 36,000; be that as it may the first 2 or gathered with the other 10 tribes of Ephraim who were gathered at Beth-El at 1969; which men call Woodstock; but it happened at Beth-El; though few know why. 

Thus were the North, as of Ephraim newly risen,  the found lost sheep of the house of Israel seen symbolically as the Northern Kingdom; and the South as of Judah symbolically representing the Southern Kingdom brought together as Judah and Israel reunited New in one from the 2 divided kingdoms of Old; gathered in the East at Beth-El with those brought there from the West in the City of St. Francis, before it tragically fell to the position of Sodom spiritually. That is why I was led out of the City of San Francisco as Lot was led out of Sodom; to New Hope PA; which John told me is for “Zoar”; which means “little one”. 

This happened to My Generation in the internal Exodus in the internal course of restoration into Canaan that the Lamb began at the place men call Woodstock: for in the 3 Days of Seperation from Satan on the National Level from the White “Racist Egypt” as the Oppressor of the Black race and Red Race the Nation began to lay the Foundation of Substance to receive the Messiah on the Global Level: Hyo Jin Moon noticed that in the figure of James Marshall Hendrix playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at Beth-El a tremendous significance in this Internal Exodus restoration as Hendrix was black with Cherokee Indian blood in him also as well; thus representing the Messenger of the Messiah at the National level.

  The Manchild of Israel and Beth-El:

      The House of God                                                    

The Internal Exodus of My Generation

The Internal Exodus of My Generation

 The Manchld of Israel that stood at Beth-El or “the House of God” is then where My Generation was gathered after we lost our Moses and his Aaron; these two figures for My Generation seen with it’s Moses a black man called Martin Luther King who had died the year before in 1968 at the age of 40 (( with Bobby Kennedy who died in 1968 also at the age of 42)); and for it’s Aaron a white man called Aaron Presley; those who doubt this explanation should take a long hard look at the “golden calf of Elvis” which was made of him and at which the “Idol” of the one with the “golden voice” which brought him out of Poverty was made into  “golden Cadillac” on which he came on stage. 

 Yet the Voice of Elvis with it’s southern twang and black phrasing brought together the Northern whites and the Southern blacks for the Mission of Servant King as by Prince Aaron’s Voice was helping our King Unify the Black and White races through Rock Music as the Trumpet lifted up seen as that basis by which the lost voice of God we know walked in Paradise as Gabriel was finally found again: especially in Golden Gate Park and Monteray at the Pop festival in 1967 and then at Woodstock/Beth-El at 1969 three years later for just that reason: My Generation had re-entered Paradise.

  Rev. Moon in relation to Servant King and Prince Aaron was definitely in the position of Joshua even before their deaths at the ages of 40 for King and age 42 once again for Aaron in Memphis; that Memphis is the only major city in America named after a city in Egypt is further beyond coincidence: for Memphis was the name of the old capital of Egypt in absolute fact; yet Rev. Moon kept silent about this aspect of the Providence of Salvation in America in his book “Divine Principle”. Yet we now have Barack Obama in the position with his wife of “National Messiah” for the Black and also White Races.

By Rev. Moon ignoring the 430 years of slavery for the Red and especially the Black Race in the West from 1492 on it seems we have a certain jealousy seen revealed toward those who wanted to reach the status of a “third Israel” by “walking over” the bodies of those who died setting up the Foundation of Salvation here in the US as the seond Israel.

That Rev. Moon never walked with Servant King or listened to the Voice of Prince Aaron with real understanding shows how far he was from the heart of the Providence revealed by God in the US as the uniting of the 2 races was to become the pattern by which every race and people and tongue on earth were to be Unified on the substantial Foundation of Salvation set up agter the 430 years and the 3 Days seperation seen at Beth-El/Woodstock at the Internal Exodus having begun for the Internal Course; Israel walking the External Course seen in the 6 Days War against Egypt militarily or 144 hours in 1967 when San Francisco became New Jerusalem at the Pilgrimage at 1967’s Summer of Love against Egypt spiritually; which happened when Israel broke the yoke of Mecca off the shoulder of Jerusalem. The City of St. Francis immediately became Mecca instead; showing the Times of the Gentiles had arrived. 

Rev. Moon did realize the 430 period at the End; but he did this by choosing the year 1517 instead of the 1492 when Christopher rediscovered the New World; yet 1517 is pretty close; since 430 years after 1517 and the Reformation of Martin Luther we did get Martin Luther King at age 18 in 1947 when Israel was regathered.

  The Year: 1917 at Fatimah: with the 3 children of the Lamb;




He who holds the Key of David bears the Cross of Christ

He who holds the Key of David bears the Cross of Christ


    and at Russia: with the False Prophet Karl Marx                                                           

 And it is true that 400 years after 1517 we have 1917; when the 3 Children of Fatimah and the Sun of Mary of Fatimah were “the Signs and wonders” for the start of the Providence in the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Global Level; and 1917 when the False Prophet Karl Marx and his “magnified image” of Marxism took over Russia; seen in the fact that 70 years later the Wall fell. The beast out of the earth in Revelation is, of course, Karl Marx the False Prophet; just as the Axis was the beast from the sea of time where Daniel saw the 3 go in; they came out in 1936 as “one” when the Angel of Christ was talking to Sun Myung Moon on 4-18-1936 on that Korean hillside.

 That the Wall of Babylon fell after the 930 years from 987 when Russia was converted to 1917 when it was taken over by the False Prophet is unknown. Yet when Russia was converted in 987 it was the “number” of 930 years after this date that shows Russia as having “died the death of Adam” who also died at the age of 930 years of age.

 Here it was John of Patmos who did indeed show that the 70 years after 1917 930 after it converted was that which completed the “1,000 years” as after which the “devil” was then loosed for his last short season on earth. Furthermore it was with the 70 years of Russia’s Babylonian Captivity in the East that came to an end along with the 430 years in the West of the Red Races Slavery; the 430 years in the South for the Black Christian Races slavery; and the 210 years of Suffering of the White Christian race in the North in it’s battle to end Slavery and it’s attendent racism; the shadow of Egypt upon the land.  

This Pattern of Fate in it’s relationship to the Design of Providence can be clearly seen after the Global Wall of Seperation that was centered in the National Wall of Jericho in the Foundation of “the 1,000 year Reich” and the Gates of Hell as those of the deaths of the Kaiser as the “eldest son” and Hitler as the “youngest” who died there were destroyed

There is little doubt that the Kaiser and Hitler represented the eldest and youngest sons mentioned in the Curse of Jericho by Joshua that fell upon Germany’s Capital for the Kingdom of Satan that set Germany and Italy and Japan as the Beast of the Axis on the Global Level that John describes coming out of the Sea of Time at chapter 13.

This Jericho was magnified to the Global Wall of Babylon by Stalin who had set up Berlin at the Blockade and afterwards as the Iron Curtain between “east and west” that substantially embodied the Euphrates as the “barrier” between “east and west” that had been of Old as that keeping Man out of Paradise; or in this case; a unified world under Christ. 

 Because of the Song of the Lamb that I copywrote in the Library of Congress here in America I alone have title to this Song of the Lamb seen in the Revelation; but the music that Hyo Jin Moon was to have written could not be done without the state of Virginity being recaptured as the restoration of the son of Adam able to hear the Voice of God; which is Gabriel; the messenger of Michael.

Hyo Jin Moon also begged me to send the information to you that will hopefully reach his still living brother Hyung Jim that I must show him that the 210 years in America from 4-18-1776 until 1986 when this period of time indemnity ended at the same time when the Wall came down in 1987 in Germany after Russia’s 70 years of Babylonian captivity from 1917 happened at this same time for a reason; the White Christian Race suffered a Captivity here in the West for those 210 years here fighting from the beginning against Racism and it’s Slavery here in the “US” that “mirrored” the White Christian race in the East at the “SU” as fighting against Marxist Slavery.

Here in America the North was always free; and represented freedom for that reason to the black slaves of the Old South. I am presently working with the the Red Race in the position of the “Pahana” or Messiah to turn them from their last vestiges of nature worship in groves and at the high places like the fallen children of northern Israel long ago; turning them back to the Great Spirit of the Great God; for the Hopi were given a Red Clay tablet that the White Brother of Quetzacoatl was to repair: the Broken heart of the Red Race with a New Heart for our younger brother; the elder brother being the Yellow Race under the sway of Death as a fourth part of the earth’s population who were to have brought the New Strength to be finally freed from Death in the coming Immortality at the Regeneration that would follow the 144,000 virgins unto God and the Lamb being gathered. It was this Rev. Moon failed to do.

     The 3-in-one Beast of the Axis in 1936:

    And the Angel of Christ with Rev. Moon in 1936 on 4-18: Easter

Gabrial and Mary of Fatimah: 1917

   Hyo Jin Moon says that Rev. Moon was to have brought the New Strength to the Yelow race as the elder brother by gathering the 144,000 virgins who were the children of the 60’s who were to take the Vow and become eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake; this is the reason that those his father Rev. Moon married are not the children of the Resurrection; because they “do not marry: nor are they given in marriage”; those who married are, in fact like the unclean beasts who entered the Ark in 2’s as of the goats of the Wide Gate to Destruction; the clean ones entered in 7’s as of the sheep to the Strait Gate of Salvation.

Hyo Jin said to tell his brother ( who I suppose was then to tell their father Rev. Moon ) that this seperation at the Judgement can best be first seen at the “two bloods” that were used in the first Passover in Egypt by Israel; as of they who used the blood of the goats at the One Door and the blood of the Lambs at the other Door at the Passover in Egypt; for this symbolized the Resurrection of the goats unto damnation later in the 60’s of those who would marry and be given in marriage and therefore lose the qualification of the sheep who “do not marry; nor are they given in marriage” that characterizes those who performed the Will; of which Rev. Moon was fully aware when he read the Revelation of St. John the Divine long ago. But he never gathered the virgins; even though he knew it was the Will of God. What then happens?

 Hyo Jin said I should include this quote from Luke 12:45-48 of when the Lord God returns and finds Rev. Moon the faithful and wise steward say in his heart

      these words: to wit; 

          “…My lord delayeth his coming..”; 

  ( by the endless prolongation of the Will)

      and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens,

        and to eat and drink, and to be drunken; 

      The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him;

       and at an hour when he is not aware,

          and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers. 

         And that servant (( Rev. Moon )) which knew his lord’s will,

          and prepared not himself

       ( by not keeping or regaining his virginity ),

       neither did according to His Will

      ( by gathering the 144,000 virgins of God and the Lamb

     who were the eunuchs who would not marry nor be given in marriage),

       shall be beaten with many stripes. 

      Here Hyo Jin Moon says this applies to me and My Generation: 

      “But he who knew not, and DID commit things worthy of stripes,

      shall be beaten with few stripes. 

     And this is where my Father’s servant John chimed in with Hyo Jin:

     “For unto whomsoever MUCH IS GIVEN

    ( which obviously refers to Rev. Moon),

    of him shall much be required

    ( as being given the greater portion of responsibility ):

    and to whom men have committed much

    ( because the members of the Unification

    Church sacrificed so much to pay so much indemnity),                                  

   of him (( Rev. Moon )) they will


      (( by having Rev. Moon be restored by John and

       me with Hyo Jin so he can become the Messiah )).”

It was those who Rev. Moon married who were not sealed that cause the 144,000 virgins to be gathered to thus restore the first 144,000 as the first 72,000 blessed couples of the Unification Church who Hyo Jin said are in the position of those at the Left Hand which signifies the Moon or original position of Eve; as the 144,000 virgins are gathered at the Right Hand which signifies the original position of Adam. That Hyo Jin Moon says he knows who Kyle Toffey is is beyond my abilities to confirm. Is this true?          

The unmarried here at the Last Days in relation to those who did marry can be clearly seen as from the ancient days in Egypt at the Passover by those who put the blood of lambs on their doorposts and lintels symbolized those of the Resurrection unto Life in the 60’s who took the Vow of keeping their Seed in their bodies faithful unto Death as “the Word of His Patience” they kept to receive the crown of life.

 Those who did not reach the Resurrection unto Salvation as not being worthy to obtain “that Resurrection from the Dead” are those who did not take the Vow and keep their Seed in their bodies and thus reach the Perfection which is called the Grail. Of course Rev. Moon thinks the Grail is just a fairytale; but it symbolizes Perfection: and is not therefore a fairytale but that Perfection attained by those to whom he said “Be thou Perfect” who then actually heard and understood because they did it.

 The Great Supper of the Great God would thus happen at what the Red Race of prophets Rev. Moon ignored called the Hopi which they call the “Great Purification”; with 36,000 virgins from each of the 4 races and their respective “Directions” to God as their respective sheepfold; in the Lamb’s Day it was the Way for Confucious in the East; the Life with Socrates to the North; the Path with Buddha at the South; and the Truth with Quetzacoatl in the West.

This is all well documented in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John”; with the subtitle “The Revelator of the Divine Principle”; but things have now progressed so far that you may well wonder; yet it is no mistake by God that He sent Hyo Jin to me to bring a message to his father on earth with my Father’s servant Johns’ personal help. It is clear that my father Jesus loves Rev. Moon very much to go through all this trouble.

They who Rev. Moon unfortunately married who were to be unmarried are then restored as by those children of the Resurrection who are the Clouds of the Coming of the Son of Man; the eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake; the dead in Christ who are the Bride of the Lamb. It is these who comes from the North and the South; the East and the West to the Table of Unification; the Table of Abraham; of Jospitality where the Supper of the Great God is spread; the Great Passover of the Great Sabbath. 

Hyo Jin has obviously met those 144.000 holy angels of the Host of the Lamb who are numbered after the number of the 144,000 children of Israel whose bodies represent their white horses; for the White Horse represents the Virginity of Christ; and all who keep their mounts shall find they follow him who first kept his when he came in the Golden Gate in Jerusalem to Zion on Palm Sunday long ago; performing the most important duty of the Messiah in fulfilling the Prophecy of the King coming in the Kingdom of David that is the creation of a New Heaven and a New Earth where men and angels can live together as one…


Only the Pure of Heart an see God as Love

Only the Pure of Heart an see God as Love


  The Final Test and the Rise of The New Unifcation Church:

                         NEW HOPE

                         Of course Rev. Moon said in his book “Divine Principle” that the Son of Man performed none of the duties of the Messiah; perhaps he forgot what happened on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem; because that is why he did not see what happened in the City of San Francisco when the Visitation of God was that of My Generation who saw the little child who was to lead them who entered the Golden Gate in the Name of Love; for as John said: to wit;

  “for God is Love”;

 Who missed Love are those who missed the Rapture of seeing God as Love in that Holy Child in the Name Christ Jesus; and thus they missed seeing God; because their hearts were not pure; but they whose hearts were pure saw that God is Love; and they who abide in Love are they who abide in God.

 Of the rather curious dream I had with the Soul of Seoul about how Rev. Moon could reach the crown of life and thus gain immortality on earth by eating of the Tree of Life required that he have married a Black Christian Woman who would represent the queen of the South: even Sheba herself; thus Rev. Moon would not be as an hypocrite who married many interacial couple but himself married a Korean; it should be the Black Virgin daughter of Jerusalem; just as Moses married the black Cushite woman.

This would require he believe that in marrying the soils of Korea with America in all 50 states that Rev. Moon make good on this symbolic interchange and marry a black woman from the Black Baptist Church here in America: for spiritually the Black Christian Woman in America is the Widow of Israel; and she is also the backbone of Our Nation.

Few believe the truth about Rev. Moon and his last chance of becoming the Messiah but those who are engaged in His Will on the Path; but I am one of those: rest assured.    

   I am the least in the kingdom of heaven;

            even as my Father’s servant John is the greatest;

            “Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus;

                                 in the Day of Christ Jesus;

                           that the Name of Jesus Christ

  be glorified again: 


The Children as the Image of the Lamb


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