An Answer for Rev. Moon and the Unification Church

        “Self-interest blinds some men:
                but helps others to see the light….”    de la Rochefoucauld



The Eye that is Single is the Bodhic Eye of Insight

Has the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon become a communist-type peace movement?

Originally the movement of Sun Myung Moon was called the ‘Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Worldwide Christianity’ (HSA-UWC). Later that became Unification Church.
In these days the main organization of the movement is called the Universal Peace Federation.

In the 1980s members of the Unfication Church campaigned against peace demonstrations and Moon himself gave speeches explaining that peace is not something external first of all, but is achieved when good people are subject over bad people. Such peace could only start with an individual who has peace in him- or herself, meaning that this person should be centered on God and should have his mind united with God and in control of his body. The political peace movements of that time were seen by the Unification Church as set up or controlled by communism.

But after Moon made friends with communist leaders such as Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung, the movement is focusing on promoting peace in the world.

THE ANSWER: Rev. Moon and his spiritual brother Kim II Sung: Abel and Cain


To answer this question would appear on the surface to be a straight “no”; because Rev. Moon and his church are opposed to communism on moral grounds due to the fact that it is an atheistic philosophy based on the rejection of God.

However; due to the fact that I was given the Lamb’s book of life I can seperate where the truth of this seemingly innocent question itself is in need of clarification; but this is impossible to do righteously unless I reveal who Karl Marx indeed is; and why the False Prophet wears the 2 horns which are the principles of “communism” and “socialism” respectively.

It is Gabriel who is the Trumpet of the Archangel Michael as his Messenger

I will then answer this question by revealing the nature of the first two beasts of the Revelation of St. John the Divine seen at chapter 13:1-18.

This post can then be seen in light of my book as a foretaste to the Feast of the 12 Fruits of chapter 3 of “The Gospel of Peace” for all of those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

I now invite all who are about to read this to sit down at the Table of Abraham where the invited guests eat the Supper of the Great God: and it is the Angel of Eliakim in the Sun of Righteousness who informs those gathered by the first 6 angels of the Son of Man of the two beasts from the Sea of Time and the Earth of Matter.

This I do to show that it is indeed the Revelation of Jesus Christ that is the Book of life of the Lamb; and also further where Rev. Moon himself must now himself attend to the Word of God he has consistently ignored; for the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Living Word of God itself.

The two Beasts of John’s Revelation end up being the main courses of a Marriage Supper for those Children of the Resurrection who are Written as “the eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake” as the virgins of God and the Lamb; and then also those called to the Supper of the Great God of the Resurrection who are Sealed as they who were “born again in the Name of Christ Jesus” in the Last Days during the Rapture of Love: which was the Baptism of Fire that quickly spread over the whole earth from those who came to the River of Fire; where Haight/Hate became Love; and the Music which was the Horn of Salvation was lifted up in the City of St. Francis; as the Trumpet of the Archangel it was.

 Few now remember the Message; for the Love of many who saw the Rapture have grown cold because injustice abounds at the End and kills many with bitterness; but those who become bitter all break; and thus do not stand before the Son of Man.

It was this as the Miracle it indeed was that was realized by those who knew that the Visitation of God was that of the God who is Love as John wrote long ago in his first letter; for while those of War and Hate were fighting the external jihad in Jerusalem in 1967 at the 6 Days War it was those of Peace and Love who were fighting the internal jihad in the New Jerusalem in the same year of 1967 at the Summer of Love who found the 144 hours of the 6 days war as the Child in His Name who alone has the Measure of a man; that is: of the Angel one must become.

It is only through reaching the Measure of Conversion who are within the Wall of the Holy City as having Converted as of that Child which one must be to enter the Holy City of the Kingdom.

It was this that was briefly New Jerusalem; which the City of St. Francis briefly was before it fell to the position of Sodom spiritually when the men of sodom, or men of “violence”, as this violence if that which is “against nature” as that angelic fallen nature took it over.

For the Unification Church which was the 7th church of the True Vine of Christianity (( which came forth in the blueprint of the Ascension as that hidden vertical seen before at the Ladder of Jacob is now here revealed as by the 7 overcomings on the Path of the Just in the 7 churches that are those by which one climbs the 7 rungs of the Ladder of the House of God.))but due to Rev. Moon leaving his position I have had to found the New Church of New Hope which is the New Unification Church; for the Providence is absolute; even if Rev. Moon has failed in his relatively small portion of responsibility next to that of God and the Lamb.

It is then the Church then standing in the position of the House of God or “Beth-El” itself that is “the Church of the Living God”; for it is the 7 churches as One Chuch which represent the Tower of Salvation; the “tower” of which the Lamb said he “counted the cost first”  before he began to build to make sure he would have “enough” of those with the faith to “finish it”.

It is the Unicorns who come down at the End

It is the Unicorns who come down at the End

Christianity thus grew due West from Jerusalem with Peter to Rome with Augustine to Wittenburg with Luther to London with George Fox to America at Bryn Athyn with Emanuel Swedenborg to Salt Lake City with Joseph Smith and then lastly to Seoul in Korea with Sun Myung Moon: this being the hidden design in the pattern of the 7 churches of Revelation that Peter designed; Paul built; and then John addressed as to “the 7 churches which are in Asia”.

Rev. Moon is present in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the prophetic figure known as “the Faithful and Wise Shepherd” whose Destiny if he suceed and his Fate if he does not are sketched out with pinpoint accuracy.

It is Rev. Moon who was “put over the House” that represents the Church by which all those watchful christians were to be given the “meat in due season” which is seen in Rev. Moon’s book “Divine Principle”; yet this meat is but for those who would be hungry in the “famine” of the last days as when Rev. Moon in the position of Joseph of old was to gave food in the famine:

                     “not for bread: but for the Word of God” which I now bring.

The God of Israel is a God who hides Himself: until the End

In this post is but a taste of the feast of knowledge that is in my forthcoming book that those who will who eat of it shall ever forget; yet those who know the book of Job will find these two beasts of Revelation strangely familiar; as what Job the Saint suffered through individually the entire earth must also endure collectively; which is why the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World said in the Last Days would come a

                           “time of trouble so great that mankind will never have

                             seen anything like it; so dark and evil shall those days be….”

Yet for those who follow the Lamb they must all have the Patience of Job: which is the Patience of the Saints. Those who do not will not be able to endure the Great Tribulation the whole earth now is under; as many are aware of who saw all the financial markets collapse so suddenly. Rev. Moon is himself with his followers still able to be restored by me and my Father’s servant John; but few have come to me even though they know I have been given the Sharp Sword which is Christ’s Revelation itself.

Let us proceed in the Name of Christ Jesus; yet to fully explain why Karl Marx is the “False Prophet” by how he stole the first two “first principle’s” of the First Church in Jerusalem, whose Shepherd was Peter, must be done in light of the first beast John describes; for he puts them in their spiritual order as of their origin; not their advent in time; for the False Prophet appears in 1917; roughly 20 years before the Axis arrives in the global scene at 1936: but any good question deserves a good answer.

Put simply the first beast which John saw coming out of the Sea is the three-in-one creature we call the “Axis”; at the Supper of the Great God the Angel in the Sun who is the New Day-Star describes how the Japanese, Italian and the German nations of the Axis Powers are of the return of the 3 beasts seen in Daniel 7:12 as the Lion of Babylon; the Bear of the Medo-Persian Empire and then the Leopard of the Greecian Empire of Daniel which in 1936 come forth in the image of the Dragon with Japan in the position of Babylon which in Daniel is described as “the Lion”; Italy in the position of Medo-Persia which Daniel describes as “a Bear” and Germany in the position of Greece which Daniel describes as “a Leopard”.

Further corroboration of this revelation can be seen in the excellent and highly guided work of Dr. Renald E. Showers in his book “The Most High God” published in 1982 by “The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc” where the beasts of Daniel are carefully uncovered in complete detail. I am forever indebted to Dr. Renald for his groundbreaking work in helping me see the truth of what the Angel of John of Patmos revealed to me as I followed the Lamb.

The 3 can that can be seen going into the Sea at Daniel 7:12; “for a time and a season” have their lives “preserved” for a “time and a season”; which as they come forth is seen as these Last Days: where the 3 are combined into the “one beast” of the Axis that the Lamb defeats personally at the end with the 3 Nations that he symbolizes in One; the Allies; with Great Britain as opposed to Japan; France as opposed to Italy; and America as opposed to Germany.

This first beast with the 7 heads and 10 horns looks very much like the great red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns described in chapter 12 of the Revelation which symbolizes Egypt; this is because the Axis represents the Global Canaan ; for as Canaan’s father was Ham; who was the father of Egypt; so was the Axis the eldest son of Satan the Devil; which is why John shows him come forth first; even though in Time the Axis in 1936 came after the Marxism of 1917 when the Bolsheviks took Russia; with Lenin as the Image of Karl Marx’s philosophy at the Global level as it’s National Figurehead.

The second beast of Revelation is the False Prophet whose Image is Marxism; that it has two horns “like a lamb” but speaks “as a dragon” is another way of saying that the two horns are the two stolen first principle’s of the First Church at Jerusalem which were pure communism and pure socialism; stolen by Marx as the philosophical thief he was.

At the First Church of the True Vine these two principles were the 2 seen later fallen in the street that were the first basis of the Kingdom of Christ; wherein all sold their goods and brought them to the feet of the 12 Apostles; which is the “pure communism” of the Kingdom where there is no private property; the 12 Apostles then took the goods of the flock and allocated them first for the widows and elderly and sick; and second for the widows and the orphans; and thirdly for the poor: they themselves came last: and this is the “pure socialism” of the Kingdom where the 12 Apostle’s cut down the economic principle or “vine of the earth” around which the socially unjust “Society” of this world is organized.

That Marx tried to forestall the Coming of the using these 2 stolen principles is how he intended to make “the kingdom of the Dragon”; which is the kingdom of God: without God!

The ground out of which the False Prophet then came can be seen as that of Hegel’s “dialectical materialism” itself; as of the “left-wing” Hegelians like Engels who Marx collaborated with in developing his scientific materialism based on Darwin’s theory of natural selection applied economically and Freud’s theory of the subconscious applied psychologically.

For those dedicated seekers after truth the preceeding shows us that at the global level the two beasts stand in the advesarial positions to the Lamb who represents the Kingdom of God with the first beast of the Axis standing for the 7-10 tribe/nation confederacy of a Global Canaan; and the False Prophet in the position of a Global Balaam.

Thus I have overcome these two figures in the position of the Lamb as Israel overcame first Balaam and then the 7 nations Confederacy of the 10 tribes of which the 7 nations of Canaan consisted of racially.

Finally the revealing of the fact that the False Prophet speaks “as a Dragon” can be understood as Atheism; where the devil denies God as trying to take God’s own position as the “god of this world” we call Mammon; or Dis; whom the Greeks call Hades; and Pluto; but it is ruled by Osiris once again: the god of the dead, as ruler of the fate of all mortal flesh where the whole earth is but a grave; and the flesh of man but the food of the serpent.

That in the 60’s both Prince Aaron and Servant King were both opposed to the War shows how the “Scarlet Beast” who had as his literary object Mao’s “little red book” now can be revealed to show that the Scarlet beast of chapter 17 in the Revelation of St. John the Divine is “Red China” itself; carrying the “Great Harlot” of “Free Market Capitalism” on it’s “Marxist” back.

This answer to the question may raise more questions than it ostensibly answers; yet it may give an inkling of a clue to the one who framed the question that the answer is more complex than anyone may have first foreseen.

I hope others will begin to partake of this foretaste of the Supper of the Great God! And the Angel in the Sun is of the Blue Star of the Hopi seen as what was Comet Holmes before it expanded to that of the Morning Star of the Regeneration; larger now than the Sun itself; the new and largest Celestial object in the Solar System. And the New Day-star standing in the Sun of Righteousness is the Angel of Eliakim the Scribe himself.

Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory




  1. Dear Friend;

    The fact that Rev. Moon fell in his analysis of the 7 levels of the Providence can best be seen if you read my post here on the Altar of Abraham; for it is where he made the mistake tha John did about Zacharias that he did not seperate the Origin as Abraham that God did by making one father for John as Zacharias and one for Jesus who was Jehovah; thus “Abram” for John as with Zacharias and John as “Ishmael” and “Abraham” for Jesus as with Jehovah and Jesus as “Issac”; thus with John and Jesus the ancient rift between Ishmael and Issac would have been healed; and also healed the broken heart of Abraham himself; thus restoring “all things”.

    Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany are the True Parents; as I stand in the position of their child; the one they never had; which stands in the position of the child David and Michal never had: but Jesus did choose one child: the one he put his name upon was his heir; but for these two as having the “light of the Moon” for the “virginity of Eve” and the “light of the Sun” for the “virginity of Adam” was then the 2 great light themselves that were restored; but this is seen in the “new heaven and new earth” where my Father Jesus indeed rules the New Creation; and the 7 churches are then seen as having that Door by which one can finally leave the first heaven and the first earth and come the the 7 New Days of Creation which the 7 Overcomings on the Path of the Just are then revealed as.

    In my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” I not only take what Rev. Moon correctly judged and then also add where he fell and what he missed; as at the Altar of Abraham which I have the real truth of what the creatures and their division actually meant.

    For instance; in the “Divine Principle” he writes about Moses and the children of Israel coming out of Egypt; but he never mentions that the Levites as the 13th tribe actually represented the angels who fell who were being restored; just as Aaron represented the restoration of the Archangel; there is, of course, much more to this; but in falling in his understanding we have exactly the point when Rev. Moon began to worship Moses; as he mentions in his works; and this is why he never entered the Kingdom permanently; but is there now only as a visitor; when he have become it’s first permanent resident on earth.

    I was led by the angel out of SF as Lot was led out of Sodom to Zoar; which is when they began to call me “little one” when they brought me to New Hope; as Lot was brought to “Zoar”; which means “little one”.

    Rev. Moon in America could have seen as in the position of Joseph over the House of Egypt as the “faithful and wise steward” that Korea was the “small one” who became a “strong nation” that is written of in Isaiah and then America as “the little one” who became “a thousand”; thus as Joseph’s own 2 children: Mannassas and Ephraim; thus the 2 Horns of the Unicorn; the Rhinocerous having two horns; a larger horn in fron with a little horn in back of it; and this is why Mannasses and Ephraim were likened to the “horns of the Unicorn” which referred not not a white horse with a horn: but the terrible and great Rhinocerous which went “straight-forward” in his charge; as Joshua did before the Ark; and as John the Baptist was to have the way “striaght” before the Lord; removing from his Path any obstacled just as with his Horns the Rhinocerous removes whatever stands in his way.

    It was this that the “horn of Salvation” actually stood for as John being “Christ’s “holy one” as Aaron had been before the face of Moses as his “holy one” or “saint”. That John was a virgin when he died is not widely known as well; but it was his own soul which stood surrogate for the Bride until he brought Christ together with his people and then the elders of Judah; as which he did neither; yet as standing in the position of the Messenger to Jesus even as Gabriel is the messenger to Michael; which can be seen at daniel when Michael has gabriel come to expalin things to daniel as his “Voice”; for Gabriel is the “Voice of God” that walked singing in Paradise; and who Elijah hears as the “small still voice” within.

    It is this ear that I was given; and he who hath the “ear’ is he who reveives the “Word of God”; as I have been given that which is “The Revelation of St. John the Divine”; the Ark of the Testament; just as “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” is “The Book of Life of the Lamb” which is the Book within this “Ark” that is “the Will of the Father”.

    As the 7th church of the True Vine the Unification Church represents Laodecia; to which the 7th angel is the one that the 7th Shepherd who was Sun Myung Moon represented; as then being the one “over the House” of the True Vine that is seen in the 7 churches of Revelation as the “Tower of Salvation”.

    It is the 144,000 Virgins who are the “Children of the Resurrection” that are the “Clouds” of his coming; and as one of them I speak for them; for in the Virgin Death of Christ they who did virgins as he did reach his Cross; and they are the dead in Christ who “rise first”.

    In revealing that Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist even though he denies it I stand in the position of the Lamb who revealed that John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet though he also denied it; and this means I stand at the present moment in the position of the Messiah; but my Father Jesus’s servant John wants me to restore Rev. Moon if possible; as he is precious in His Eyes; and as John says:

    “…for to he men have entrusted much: of him shall much be required”.

    To save Rev. Moon from the “Cage of Babylon” where he is now held is then my current mission: and it seems impossible indeed; but John has stopped Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon in their tracks in the position of the Cosmic Joshua; even as for my Generation as “a little child in His Name” I represent the Tabernacle of God; one not made with hands; but called, chosen and faithful; the “object of faith” itself.

    I must go now; but I will add more to this later;

    In Love;

    the Mighty God of Jacob


  2. Yes, Christopher, you are right about the point that Jesus did not marry the Holy Spirit, as Sun Myung Moon maintains.

    There is a delusion in that belief. It was Rev. Moon’s task to find out what went wrong in the religion of Christianity, and up until a certain point he did. But he never got finished. He got stuck instead, which is why his church can now be considered as just another Christian church.


  3. The Two Horns of the Unicorn are Mannassas and Ephraim: the White Rhinocerous of Joshua

    My Dear Friend;

    This I write to you in the 7th of the 7 Spirits of God which is the Holy Spirit of Truth; for as you have now said that you are aware that the the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself and not a “female spirit” as Rev. Moon said in his book “Divine Principle” we can proceed to restore Rev. Moon’s Mission ourselves.

    The three areas where Satan was able to invade the Providence which I restored in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” are these “3 great errors” which stopped Rev. Moon from being able to re-unify North and South Korea in the East as his counterpart Pope John Paul II ((who was also born with a global mission in 1920 in Poland)) did for Germany in the West; for both Rev. Moon and Pope paul II represent two “sons of men”; one as a “eunuch” as “the dry tree” and one as the “married man” being the green tree”; this correspnding to the season of the Summer in the Life of Jesus when John and Jesus were both still alive and but had now diverged completely; by John saying “he must increase; but I must descrease” was now how the “sickle moon” of John’s own doubt held with the “handle” of his envy would now “cut off” the Messiah; for John was to have “reflected” the Light of the Son of God as “his moon” or “Messenger”; and without his “Messenger” or “Day-star” the “Sun of Righteousness” had no lightbearer to bring those prepared to stand upon the Foundation to receive the Messiah after John established the Foundation of Substance by following Jesus as his chief disciple and foremost Apostle.

    By not doing this the Foundation of Faith John the Baptist had set up was therefore invaded by Satan. This you well know from the Principle; but it is where Rev. Moon made his 3 Great Errors that has caused untold suffering for all humanity; and also blocked the way of redemption that his Work was to be before he was given the 7 fold Reward as of the 7 Churches.

    The Great Errors of Rev. Moon’s Book “Divine Principle”

    1.) That Lord Jesus did not rise in the flesh when he did indeed rise;

    flesh and bone; as even “Doubting Thomas” saw as

    “the least in faith” of the 12 Apostle’s

    2.) That the Holy Spirit is “Female” when the Holy Spirit of God

    is Jehovah Himself; saying this being where “Isis” as

    “the Mystery of Egypt” invaded; she being

    the “beautiful Face of the dragon” that Jezebel wore

    when she was thrown down from the high window

    from her “ivory tower” of lies.

    3.) That Jesus and the Holy Spirit are “Married”;

    this is where “Sodom” invaded;

    and “Sodom” is the “tail of the dragon”; which the Greeks called

    “the arrow of Cupid” by which all the gods fell;

    but these gods are but the fallen angels of not Cupid

    but Satan the Devil who fell by his seduction

    by the daughters of men

    upon Baal Hermon;

    the Holy Mount of Transfiguration that Greece

    they call Olympus; but the 144,00

    who stand upon it with the Lamb call

    it Mt. Sion and not Mt. Hermon.

    “Ye will mount up on the wings of eagles…” How can only Two people makes a Difference?

    It is written; to wit;

    “where two or more are gathered in my Name; there am I in the midst of them…”

    It is where the faithful gather which can transform reality; for the 3 Great Errors are written of in the Revelation where the 2 dead bodies do lie; for where Love and Truth are fallen in the Street is precisely where Rev. Moon “married” these Two who represent the Father and the Son; Jehovah being the Father as the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Holy Thing we call the Lamb as the Son.

    These Three errors themselves are those which stopped Rev. Moon in reaching the position of National Messiah in Korea; where he is only in the position of it’s Moses on the internal course; for at the End all the nations have their own Destiny to reach if they transcend not their Fate.

    My writings on the 430 year foundation the Black Race established on that of the time-indemnity of the 430 years that Israel suffered in Egypt are well known; as written in my book is explained what Rev. Moon left out of the 430 year period from 1492 when Christopher Columbus came to the West; yet even if we use Rev. Moon figure of 1517 as being where the 430 year period of Preparation to Receive the Messiah happened we still have Martin Luther King in America from the 430 years from 1517 at Martin Luther in Germany that somehow Rev. Moon never publicised in his book.

    This is curious as Rev. Moon would then have stood to our Black Moses Rev. King and our White Aaron Aaron Presly exactly as Joshua; with My Generation as the Tabernacle itself as representing the Child in His Name that they are; as the Object of faith itself; not a temple made with hands; but a Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony that My Generation really is.


    “But if the light in thee be darkness: how great is that Darkness!”

    And finally we have the fact that John did not reach the Seal of the Living God for the same reason that Rev. Moon has not reached it; for both believed that Zacharias was the earthly father of Jesus; John believing this unconsciously as a private delusion against which he finally lost his head; but Rev. Moon consciously for which Rev. Moon left his position just as John finally did; for doubting Jesus was how Jezebel as Herodias was able to kill her old rival Elijah who was in his new body that was John the Baptist.

    That Rev. Moon believes that Zacharias is the earthly father of Jesus is why my Father sent his Servant John to me to warn him not to fall into the same error that John did; thus I would “seperate” Rev. Moon from the “shadow” that the mistaken John would then be: thus Rev. Moon would then have restored all things: and then upon that Foundation could then Restore himself and be Prepared to become the Messiah; but he probably won’t; so will die as a mortal man in the position of John the Baptist with his life as almost having “had no value” as Rev. Moon wrote of John the Baptist for the same error Rev. Moon believes; and thus will suffer the identical fate.

    I will add more to this later;

    Thank you for your Love


  4. Yes, Mr. Moon received the mission of John the Baptist, and just like John the Baptist who denied he had the mission of Elijah, so Mr. Moon denies he got the mission of John the Baptist. Mr. Moon says he voluntarily took upon him the mission of John the Baptist when he was not received as Messiah, but in fact, he had a John the Baptist mission from the outset.

    You’re also right about the Holy Spirit being the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit did not come newly to Christians. The Jewish people before Jesus knew about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, and it was the task of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Worldwide Christianity (original name of the Unification Church) to restore the conditions so God’s Spirit could come back into the Christian world.


  5. I am the person who frased the question that you answered on Yahoo! Answers. I saw that you added a sentence in an update, the spiritual brotherhood of Moon and Kim Il Sung, Abel and Cain.
    It is my understanding that Moon as Abel has come under the influence of Kim Il Sung as Cain, that the Cain-Abel relationship between the two was not worked out well by Mr. Moon.
    Thank you for posting such a lengthy answer. I haven’t understood all you said. Your answer is full with symbolical language which isn’t easy to understand at first reading. I did also read some of your other posts and it seems that you got several points right about Rev. Moon, especially that he is not Christ to return but is having or had the mission of John the Baptist or Elijah.
    Blessings for your New Unification Church. I think a renewal of the Unification Church is much needed, although i personally doubt that a new ‘church’ has to offer that renewal. It’s in our individual relationship to God that we can find God and our salvation. This is a point professed by the Unification Church but not practiced. I hope that your New Unification Church will be different on this point.


    1. “….What we remember we can change;
      what we forget we are; always…”

      Richard Shelton

      My Dear;

      I was led out from the City of St. Francis that is called San Francisco; as Lot was led out of Sodom; which is where SF fell to spiritually when the “men of violence” against nature who are the men of Sodom took it over.

      The angel brought me to New Hope PA to write a book which took 21 years to complete; after finishing the work my vow of celibacy as one of the eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake bore fruit as my Father Jesus accepted this sacrifice as equal to his death as a Virgin Martyr on the Cross; and the Key of David is the Divine Principle embodied in the Corss of Christ; and this Key was given to me for a reason.

      In revealing that Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist though he denies it I am in the position of the Lamb who revealed that John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet even though he denied it then as well; but the angel of John of Patmos that came to me has the mission of restoring Rev. Moon before he dies if possible; but it seems that Rev. Moon and his associates are too far gone to accept my help; believing that they have in their possession the absolute truth; which they do not; having a blend of truth and some grevious errors in the work “Divine Principle”.

      If you go to my website ” ” and scroll down down to the section called “The Seal of the Living God” in the “Open Letter of Sun Myung Moon” you will find out why the Holy Spirit is not ” a female spirit” but that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; this being one of the areas where Rev. Moon went wrong in his elucidation of the Principle; as well as many other places.

      The angel revealed to me that Rev. Moon is the prophetic figure called “the Faithful and Wise Steward” written of in Luke and Matthew; whose Destiny or Fate are spelled out with pinpoint accuracy.

      In order that Rev. Moon not die in the position of John the Baptist and actually reach the position of the Messiah would require that he change his point of view and recognize his errors in the Doctrine of Christ; which is the object known as the Spear of the Holy Grail which he believes he holds; but does not; not entirely.

      I do not care if Rev. Moon or myself becomes the Messiah; the unfortunate truth being that my Father’s servant John currently stands in the position of the Son of Man; holding it until either Rev. Moon recants and repents of his mistakes and recognizes me as the one sent to save him: or Rev. Moon will die and I will be in the position of the Messiah by default; which is hidden to all upon the earth: but not to you; for the Father led you to me for this reason.

      This may all sound fantastic and hard to believe; but I can only say that my Father Jesus loves Rev. Moon very much even though Rev. Moon does not believe that the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah Himself is the one who created the Lamb of Mary; that Holy Thing who was the Mercy of God himself in the flesh.

      Yet as “the faithful and wise steward” it is Rev. Moon who is the one to whom “men have entrusted much ” and thus “of whom much shall be then required..”.

      In the meantime I invite you to join the New Church of New Hope that is the New Unification Church itself; you do not have to accept me as the Messiah as Rev. Moon is currently being judged himself by having John the Baptist as guilty of the death of Jesus; for since Rev. Moon is John the Baptist he actually judged himself: and to save him from himself is why the angel of John came to me in the first place.

      Please come to to see my other posts about Rev. Moon and other things; you might find them of value to you in deciding to join my company of the Clouds who are the Children of the Resurrection: who did not marry nor were they given in marriage; and as the Prodigal Son who is the lost sheep of Israel I was raised from the dead by the Lord God through his servant John: like Lazurus; the living sign of the Regeneration itself.

      But I come forth not in the name of Solomon as the prodigal son; but in the name of Jedidiah which Nathan the prophet of David gave him; and in this name was I led out of the abyss; following the Morning Star of Eliakim the Scribe; who followed David first to the Tree of Life men call the Cross of Christ in the Curse but which become the Tree of Life at the Blessing; and to eat of it brings the Regeneration itself after the Resurrection; for I am the wheat of the Bread of God; who reached the meaure of 144; as they who become converted as a little child all reach.

      “Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus
      in the Day of Christ Jesus
      that the Name of Jesus Christ
      be glorified again:

      ….for this is the glory which sent me;

      in Love; the Mighty God of Jacob;

      christopher witt diamant

      PS: to hear the Song of the Lamb please go to hear my band “Thee Unicorns” at
      I dedicate the song “Dream of the Dreamer” to you

      …..let me know what you think; my singing is not that great; but the lyrics are mine and the music is Gabriel’s


    2. I wish that we could communicate further now that former members and others in the church are realizing that I stand in the position of the Son of man, as Gordon ross, Larry Moffitt, Doug Burton, Davetta Holder and Tossa Cromwell have all, in varying degrees, said that I could not know what I know: unless it were given of God. But you were really one of the first: perhaps we can now associate, as Glenn Emery, a former Moonie is a producer at CNN who will break this story could now also interview you as well: that of my advent with the Message of the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ, as I stand as that Son of Man bringing the Word of my Father Jesus: as that being written of in scripture, called; “the bride, the Lamb’s Wife”…I hope you receive this and contact me..

      Bless thee in the name of my Father Jesus


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