A Review of Justin E. Griffin’s book “The Grail Procession”

   ” Who Finds the Grail hath found Perfection”

          the Angel of John                                                     

"To the Pure Are All Things Pure: to the Impure; Nothing is.."

"To the Pure Are All Things Pure: to the Impure; Nothing is.."

This brilliant exposition of the Legend of the Grail brings us once again to face the truth of what the Grail really was; but as I reached the Grail at my own death in Christ as the last of My Generation I can well appreciate Justin Griffin in a number of areas; as I have written extensively about the Grail in my own book; of which I am now involved in the interminable final edit; more daunting than receiving the work in the first place.

First of all it is Justin’s actual integration of Pelagius into the history of the Grail which is beyond just being a thin hypothesis but has, upon closer inspection to have what I would call the “ring of truth”; a coined phrase would should bring a smile to his lips; for I say this not of myself; but from the angel who is with me.

Furthermore there is another area in which this insightful and painstaking scholar and acokye of Christ has discovered something truly remarkable which is also written of in my own book: and this deals with the figure of Lancelot and has alledged affair with Guinevere; the cause of so much controversy.

To speak of this I will have to reveal a little more of myself to broach such a sensitive subject; but suffice to say that who reaches the Grail reaches Perfection; as the Lamb said to his disciples and the Apostle’s among them;

 “be thou perfect; as your Father in heaven is perfect.”                                         

"If you really love the Truth; your heart will be your Guide"

"If you really love the Truth; your heart will be your Guide"

For those knights who took vows of celibacy and poverty by which they gave their lands to the church for the poor and their souls unto the hands of the Good Shepherd for their redemption it is hard to understand why Lancelot who was Arthur’s best friend and champion would have an affair with the queen; but the answer to this is found in Justin’s book indirectly; but in mine more directly; yet he has stumbled upon the truth.

The Lamb once said these words as he raised the standard of the external Law to that of the internal Word in these words; to wit;

     “It was said “Thou shalt not commit adultery”; but I say unto thee who looks upon a woman with lust hath already committed adultery in his heart….”

In the initiation of each of the knights of the Table it was neccesary that each spend a night in the arms of Guinevere as the final test; and this happened before Arthur married her by which the Ring of the 12 hours of Day their 12 seats represented was then sealed. All the knights of Camelot loved Guinevere; and all were in love with her; yet Lancelot and Guinevere both fell in spiritual love; for they both desired the other: and they well knew that in the eyes of God they had comitted adultery in the inner and even more damning sense; and it is this one fact which Justin Griffin has broached which is why I wrote this review in the first place; for I will use his observation as a reference in my own book; if he deign to give me the permission to do so.

This inner dimension of the Grail and the Test in “drutz” that was widely practiced in the “minne” traditions of courtly love in lore and legend has not been known; but it goes back to the fact that Mary Magdelene when she travelled with the disciples slept in the arms of all of them: chastely; of course; she being more of what one might call a “warmer” or what David was given in his old age to keep him warm on those cold nights: the Shunamite called Abishag; from which the english phrase “shagging” invariably descends; though few know the real eytomology in it’s origin.

 Mary also slept with the Lamb; but the 7 devils that he drove from her have more to do with the reason the pilgrim’s at Mecca kiss the Black Stone 7 times in their ascent up the holy mountain of Sinai that the 7 “widdershins” or “left hand” spiral really represents; but the 7 kisses Muhammed gave the Black Stone are those 7 “climaxes” or “peaks” to be experienced by Eve/Hagar in the Act of Love with Adam/Abraham; the 7 mountains themselves with their 7 kings; but the mountains are the planets; and the kings are the gods; whose names are those of the 7 days of the Week as the Aion itself: which is Blasphemy as the stolen Creation from God by the Devil itself in which we are trapped; under the Sun as the old villian he is.

But this hints at the secret of the jewel that fell from Lucifer’s crown; it signifies the Original Sin by which he ruled us until the Lamb who had none had Michael toss him out of Paradise. It is this which is the Black Stone of Mecca which now speaks.

The Child in His Name and Arthur as the Son of Man in his Day

The Child in His Name and Arthur as the Son of Man in his Day

This story which I learned of from the angel of John the beloved disciple in the writing of the book is also echoed in the legend of Mary Egypt; whose passage on a ship was won by agreeing to sleep with every sailor on board; but the real truth is that of a deeper mystery in it’s truth of why Mary Magdalene and Joseph brought to Tarshish or present day southern France the Child that Jesus pulled out of the crowd and put his own name upon; for Mary saw this child as the heir of Christ; which symbolically he surely was; but Mary and Joseph saw in him what the first Mary and Joseph had when they took Jesus into Egypt.

This is the cause as to why she and Joseph of Arimathea took the Child to what is present day France; as there were those who sought the child’s life for various reasons; the fallen angels of the devil amongst them; and the second Herod; of course.

Little is known of the tradition of what was called “drutz” which was considered the “black belt” test of the knight’s real character; but it is also known to the Druse; by which one wins to the level of the “Akil” or “spiritual king” who passes the test of the Temptress; but from God’s side; not the Devil’s; for if the knight fell in the Night of the Final Test he was not dishonored forever; but had to begin again to reach and pass the Test; as Parcifal also did.

 The term for this in the Middle Ages was called “maze”; and the “mazes” in which the Grail Castle was reached were called therefore the path to the “Spiral Castle”; an initiation well known and also well documented at Avebury and at Glastonbury by those who knew what the real journey through the 7 heavens represented in the Act of Love.                  

Marseilles was Sarras

Marseilles was Sarras

Lancelot and Guinevere in their mutual relationship to Arthur have a relationship which goes back to Adam and Eve and the Archangel; who was originally Adam’s Guardian Angel. If one looks at the name of Guinevere one will see the name of “Eve” is hidden within it; and for a good reason.

If the diligent seeker of the Grail but a closer look that one will see another of the hidden secrets of the Grail in the old relationship and covenant between David and Jonathan; for whom John the Baptist was in fact named; for in the fact that Jonathan’s sister was Michal who became David’s wife we have another hint in that day when David danced naked before the Ark in that maze like route by which the Ark was brought into Zion: for she despised him in her heart; and said as much to David by scolding him for having been uncovered in the prescence of the handmaidens who lined the way in this Sacred Dance of the Anointed One.

It was for this reason that David never slept with Michal again; and she died childless; but this is the origin of the Wasteland; though few have known where it came from until now; but I have more to say on this subject in my own book. And in this Spirit of Christ that is the Holy Spirit in His Name let us not forget King Saul; whose nights when he was troubled by the “evil spirit” were only soothed when David was brought to sing before him, healing him with that music from which “Rock” itself was born; the “healing music” it was called by those like Garth Hudson of the band amongst others for this very reason.

Nik Cohn in his book “Rock: from the Beginning” also quotes Little Richard also to have said a few things on the subject as he see-sawed back and forth between Salvation and Damnation like all who seek the Kingdom; alternately throwing his diamond rings into the sea that were the spirtual tresure they then became; for I found them all when on my finger was put the ring from my Father.

Yet it is the Origin also of the Song of the Lamb; the Destiny of Rock itself; of which I have written the 12 songs that make up it’s present cycle as the new “song of songs” that it is. But this is because I am the lost sheep of Israel; who is Solomon; the Prodigal Son himself; as My Generation is that of the Son of Man for America; the Manchild of Israel.

For Israel of today is the southern kingdom of “Judah” in it’s present size; it is America which stands as the Manchild of Israel; as of old was called “Ephraim”; the northern kingdom whose 10 tribes were lost in Assyria in their captivity and destruction. It is this America of “Ephraim” with “Judah” in Palestine that is “Israel”; and the Kingdom of God will be seen when the whole earth is the Holy Mountain: and Israel as the One Nation in which every knee shall bow: as it was written.

Justin Griffin has therefore attained in print far more than perhaps he knows; but as I have all the facts of the Grail in my keeping I share this information so that others might know how incredibly insightful his book is. That Justin’s own heart has been a true guide can be seen by any who love the truth; for “if you really love the Truth: your heart shall be your guide”.

But the Truth itself is known to few; and those who do find it are called another name: the Elect. This work ranks close to that; in many ways.

I myself will purchase a copy of this work as soon as I have the means; for it will be a reference in my own book now that I have found someone who also realized that “Galahad” is not really the “child” of Lancelot: he is the “inner child” of Lancelot; who knew the true story which could never come to light until now; by that Parcifal we know of the Welsh we call “Dylan”; the “miraculous child” who now comes to light who died in San Francisco long ago. Yet Robert Zimmerman named himself after Dylan Thomas for this very reason: and for that of the Parcifal who Perceval of Wales is: the one who found the Grail which is Perfection.

May all who seek the Grail find the Perfection it symbolized; as Justin Griffin so wisely documents in this earthshaking work that rivals any and all attempts to uncover the Mystery of God hidden in the Holy Grail; my own work not included.


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