The Request and the Prayer

The Two Horns of the Unicorn are Mannassas and Ephraim: the White Rhinocerous of Joshua

The Two Horns of the Unicorn are Mannassas and Ephraim: the White Rhinocerous of Joshua

My Dear Friend;

               This I write to you in the 7th of the 7 Spirits of God which is the Holy Spirit of Truth; for as you have now said that you are aware that the the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself and not a “female spirit” as Rev. Moon said in his book “Divine Principle” we can proceed to restore Rev. Moon’s Mission ourselves.

                 The three areas where Satan was able to invade the Providence which I restored in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” are these “3 great errors” which stopped Rev. Moon from being able to re-unify North and South Korea in the East as his counterpart Pope John Paul II ((who was also born with a global mission in 1920 in Poland)) did for Germany in the West; for both Rev. Moon and Pope paul II represent two “sons of men”; one as a “eunuch” as “the dry tree” and one as the “married man” being the green tree”; this correspnding to the season of the Summer in the Life of Jesus when John and Jesus were both still alive and but had now diverged completely; by John saying “he must increase; but I must descrease” was now how the “sickle moon” of John’s own doubt held with the “handle” of his envy would now “cut off” the Messiah; for John was to have “reflected” the Light of the Son of God as “his moon” or “Messenger”; and without his “Messenger” or “Day-star” the “Sun of Righteousness” had no lightbearer to bring those prepared to stand upon the Foundation to receive the Messiah after John established the Foundation of Substance by following Jesus as his chief disciple and foremost Apostle.

By not doing this the Foundation of Faith John the Baptist had set up was therefore invaded by Satan. This you well know from the Principle; but it is where Rev. Moon made his 3 Great Errors that has caused untold suffering for all humanity; and also blocked the way of redemption that his Work was to be before he was given the 7 fold Reward as of the 7 Churches.

           The  Great Errors of Rev. Moon’s Book “Divine Principle”

              1.)  That Lord Jesus did not rise in the flesh when he did indeed rise;

                                  flesh and bone; as even “Doubting Thomas” saw as

                                                “the least in faith” of the 12 Apostle’s

              2.)  That the Holy Spirit is “Female” when the Holy Spirit of God

                         is Jehovah  Himself; saying this being where “Isis” as

                                       “the Mystery of Egypt” invaded; she being

                             the “beautiful Face of the dragon” that Jezebel wore

                                    when she was thrown down from the high window

                                                from her “ivory tower” of lies.

             3.)    That Jesus and the Holy Spirit are “Married”;

                                         this is where “Sodom” invaded;

                                and “Sodom” is the “tail of the dragon”; which the Greeks called

                                            “the arrow of Cupid” by which all the gods fell;

                                               but these gods are but the fallen angels of not Cupid

                                                      but Satan the Devil who fell by his seduction

                                                                      by the daughters of men

                                                              upon Baal Hermon;

                                            the Holy Mount of Transfiguration that Greece 

                                                       they call Olympus; but the 144,00

                                                       who stand upon it with the Lamb call

                                                             it Mt. Sion and not Mt. Hermon.


                               How can only Two people makes a Difference?

          It is written; to wit;

   “where two or more are gathered in my Name;  there am I in the midst of them...”

         It is where the faithful gather which can transform reality; for the 3 Great Errors are written of in the Revelation where the 2 dead bodies do lie; for where Love and Truth are fallen in the Street is precisely where Rev. Moon “married” these Two who represent the Father and the Son; Jehovah being the Father as the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Holy Thing we call the Lamb as the Son.

                These Three errors themselves are those which stopped Rev. Moon in reaching the position of National Messiah in Korea; where he is only in the position of it’s Moses on the internal course; for at the End all the nations have their own Destiny to reach if they transcend not their Fate. 

            My writings on the 430 year foundation the Blcak Race established on that of the time-indemnity of the 430 years that Israel suffered in Egypt are well known; as written in my book is explained what Rev. Moon left out of the 430 year period from 1492 when Christopher Columbus came to the West; yet even if we use Rev. Moon figure of 1517 as being where the 430 year period of Preparation to Receive the Messiah happened we still have Martin Luther King in America from the 430 years from 1517 at Martin Luther in Germany that somehow Rev. Moon never publicised in his book.

    This is curious as Rev. Moon would then have stood to our Black Moses Rev. King and our White Aaron Aaron Presly exactly as Joshua; with My Generation as the Tabernacle itself as representing the Child in His Name that they are; as the Object of faith itself; not a temple made with hands; but a Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony that My Generation really is.

                                         THE SECOND DEATH AND REV. MOON 


"But if the light in thee be darkness: how great is that Darkness!"

"But if the light in thee be darkness: how great is that Darkness!"

                   And finally we have the fact that John did not reach the Seal of the Living God for the same reason that Rev. Moon has not reached it; for both believed that Zacharias was the earthly father of Jesus; John believing this unconsciously as a private delusion against which he finally lost his head; but Rev. Moon consciously for which Rev. Moon left his position just as John finally did; for doubting Jesus was how Jezebel as Herodias was able to kill her old rival Elijah who was in his new body that was John the Baptist.   

             That Rev. Moon believes that Zacharias is the earthly father of Jesus is why my Father sent his Servant John to me to warn him not to fall into the same error that John did; thus I would “seperate” Rev. Moon from the “shadow” that the mistaken John would then be: thus Rev. Moon would then have restored all things: and then upon that Foundation could then Restore himself and be Prepared to become the Messiah; but he probably won’t; so will die as a mortal man in the position of John the Baptist with his life as almost having “had no value” as Rev. Moon wrote of John the Baptist for the same error Rev. Moon believes; and thus will suffer the identical fate.

               I will add more to this later;

                                    Thank you for your Love      


"Ye will mount up on the wings of eagles..."

"Ye will mount up on the wings of eagles..."


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