An Open Letter to the Unification Church; before the passing of Mun Yong-meyong “The Shining Dragon” Sept. 3rd

“….For if you really love the truth; your heart will be your guide….”

Thee Unicorns: The Song of the Lamb

Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

And Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory

And Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory

Dear All Unificationists, whether Sufic from Islam or Gnostic from Light; or Both;

My story begins precisely in 1980 of St. Valentines Day when Bradford Kent Bufkin gave me the copy of the book Divine Principle he was given by Rev. Moon; for at that point Brad had left the Unification Church due to the questions which he was unable to answer; and the angel of the Lord led him to me.

Brad had given me an understanding of the Principle that was the fruit of his own labors of many years; but even though he knew that Rev. Moon was no ordinary man he still could not bring himself to call him the Messiah; he knew there was something wrong; but he could not put his finger on it.

But let me give you some background on myself; for if you are sincere in your question of who I am it might be best if you some idea why things have come to their present pass; and a dark time it is; as ye well know; the darkest there hath ever been; yet there is an answer; for I am the Phoenix of New Hope who arose from the ashes of the City of St. Francis when it fell to the position of Sodom spiritually; and I was led by the angel of John to New Hope PA; even as Lot was led out of Sodom originally; to Zoar; which is what the angel calls me: little one. It was written in Isaiah long ago about me and Rev. Moon; to wit;

“….For a Small One shall become a strong Nation….”;  

 ((Moon as Korea))

 “….and a Little One shall become a thousand….” 

            ((me as of the measure 144; times 1,000: 144,000))

"At the Last Trump....."

“…And at the Last Trump…..”

Zoar means “little one”; as Lot said to the angels Michael and Gabriel who led him out of Sodom to “that “little one”; the two angels as the two witnesses the men of Sodom wanted to rape who came to the Tent of Abraham; with the Holy Spirit of God; who is Jehovah Himself; but let us begin with my grandmother; Sophia Ruth Witt-Diamant; who started the SF Poetry Center in 1954, a year before I was born in 1955 as what was then San Francisco State College; it is now SF State University; and the Poetry Center now bears her name; for in a curious way it is this little Jewish lady from Germantown Philadelphia who came west to the City of San Francisco that might give you an idea of how all this happened; for I did not choose what happened to me; I was chosen because of where I was born and why my Father took me to Himself; for I was born in Nuremburg Germany; to American parents as my documents from the American Consulate state; which will be a problem if I run for President; for I was actually born on American soil in Germany; as every consulate represents the land of it’s origin; as you might know; or if not; you do now.

My grandmother started the Poetry Center because she was a Profesor of English Literature and especially poetry; but it is her relationship with two figures which has the larger bearing on this; for they were Dylan Thomas and Anais Nin; both of whom spent much time at her house at 1520 Willard St. on Parnassus Heights; close to Golden Gate Park: and Haight St.

The fellow who reahed the "stream of consciousness"; the hidden curremt of Arcadia; Ruth's good friend and associate; Dylan Thomas

The fellow who reahed the “stream of consciousness”; the hidden curremt of Arcadia; Ruth’s good friend and associate; Dylan Thomas

Dylan died in New York City; which is not generally known; as it was a scandal at the time; for when the police arrested him wandering around drunk in Manhattan he was so inebriated that they though he was on narcotics; and to “bring him down” they gave him a drug which instantly cleanses the body of drugs: unfortunately it killed him; as he was high not on drugs; but a copious amount of alcohol.

Dylan wrote poems about the beer that continually “appeared” in my grandmother’s refrigerator as if by magic; but his death was a tragic blow to everyone; for he was special; as one Robert Zimmerman discovered when he began to read Dylan’s poetry; though non have recognized the connection between Dylan and his living nome-de-plume who took over where Aaron Presley fell: as the golden calf of Elvis is not known but to a few; but let us get to the business at hand: and a dark and unhappy tale it is.

My relationship with Brad Bufkin need not impinge too much on this story; we were musicians in SF at a time when all I sought was Fame and Fortune; not knowing that they are but the Name and Number of the Beast; and if you want to know how I overcame the Beast then I suggest you start at I Kings 10:14; for the name of the man who was given the 666 talents of gold in one year was Solomon; but Solomon is the also the Prodigal Son; the lost sheep of Israel; and that is who is typing this email to you; although I prefer to call it a letter; as that is what it really is.

Where were we? Ah yes; Brad Bufkin; who went back and forth into the Unification Church at least three times that I know of; but in the book he was given from Rev. Moon that is the black book published in 1973 is where this story affects you; and the others who were made the heirs of salvation; although not in the way that you all might expect.

I was widely read when I was given this book “Divine Principle”; and as I had studied the Sufis and particularly the Bezels of Wisdom by Ibn el Arabi I realized that this was no ordinary work; in fact I knew that it was of the same order as another book: the Qur’an; another Recitation one might say; for “Qur’an” means recitation in Arabic; although few know why why Gabriel gave Muhammed the Curse that it was on Israel by which Jacob lost the title of Israel and it came instead to another nation: Islam; in fact; for in truth it is a Curse that goes all the way back to Moses that falls on Israel in the Qur’an; but it is a Blessing for he who was loyal in the position of Cain even as John the Baptist was disloyal in the position of Abel; for Jesus came forth in the position of Issac; yet it is Muhammed who is he who Ascended in the Night of Power as Ishmael; who replaced John the Baptist who indeed was in that very position so that all things could have been restored right at the start: but not in the way Rev. Moon sees it: and for the same accusation John had in own heart; alas!

If you think I am speaking of the fact that Rev. Moon believes that Zacharias was the earthly father of Jesus then you are correct; but Rev. Moon believes this consciously; even as John the Baptist did unconsciously; but it is this one accusation which stopped John from reaching the Seal of the Living God by which he could have come forth in the Spirit and the Power of Elijah: which he did not; and this is why he did not one miracle: and the disciples of the Lamb did many; too many, acccording to Rev. Moon; but let us not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Make yourself some tea; or coffee; for mine angel tells me you are not all who you appear to be; so we will discuss a few things first; and then we get down to brass tacks; for the time is short: and the Last Hour of the Last Day cometh quickly. That we are at the Last Day is how I was raised from the dead by John; just as Lazurus was raised by Jesus; but let me first give you the reason the book of Rev. Moon came about in the first place; for in the book I copied down from the Angel of John these last 21 years came after the 210 years from 4-18-1776 of that ride from Paul Revere.

I indeed came to New Hope at 4-18-1986 for a reason: as after my 21 year course another began his 21 month course: and he became President: Barack Hussein Obama; who reached the position of National Messiah on the foundation of the 430 years in the West that the Black Race suffered the Indemnity on the pattern of Israel in Egypt for their 430 years; for our black Moses was Servant King; Martin Luther King appearing 430 years after Martin Luther at 1517; although why Rev. Moon did not publicize this fact goes to the heart of the jealousy that has destroyed the Unification Church that John is now putting back together: piece by piece.

King’s white brother was Aaron Presley; whose Voice was given to him to bring together the Black and White races here in America as the Foundation of Salvation itself by which every race and tongue and people on the face of the earth would be united: and it shall happen; for that it God’s Will.

If you doubt what I say then I would advise you to take a very very long look at the Golden Calf of Elvis: and then wonder to yourself why both Servant King and Prince Aaron both died in Memphis: the only city in America named after a city in Egypt: and not just any city; for Memphis was the ancient capital of Egypt when the 2 kingdoms were united; a necropolis where only the “dead’ or priests of Osiris lived; a royal city; the City of Destuction is what I call it in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”.

A white boy who sang southern; danced black; and had the tinted complexion in his face of a Native American, from the Cherokee ancestry he shared with his twin brother Jesse; who regularly communed with him from spirit world.

A white boy who sang southern; danced black; and had the tinted complexion in his face of a Native American, from the Cherokee ancestry he shared with his twin brother Jesse; who regularly communed with him from spirit world.

King was 40 ((39 actually)); and Aaron was 42; if you look at the cloud at Revelation 11:11-12 you will see the Two who have been raised; for that cloud upon which stand Servant King as our Moses and Prince Aaron Presley as our Aaron is the Spirit of man which goeth upwards; even as the White Cloud upon which I sit at Revelation 14:14 is the Spirit of Christ: and the Sharp Sickle I hold in my hand is this Saying of my Father Jesus; to wit;

“And call NO MAN ON EARTH your FATHER:

for One is your Father: who is in Heaven….”

The Baraka of the Sufis: the Barque of Muhammed

The Baraka of the Sufis: the Barque of Muhammed

My 21 Day course took me to Canada for Christmas; and this was also during my 40 days of Temptation to keep the Vow which took me 21 years to keep completely before I was given the Seal of the Living God; and given the Revelation of Jesus Christ which just happens to be the Book of Life of the Lamb; just as the Revelation of St. John the Divine happens to be the Ark of the Testament in which this Book was carried by the 12 Apostles of the Lamb: and where I found it when it was entrusted to me to begin the Restoration for the Last Judgement: for did you not wonder why the Lord would return?

To finish what he started; which is why I am about my Father’s business: his unfinished business; one might say. Now where was I? O yes; Brad Bukfin.

I realized immediately that this book “Divine Principle” from which he taught me about the Providence was no ordinary book because I could tell it was transcribed; that is; it was written by other than ordinary means. As I went through the histroy of the Providence with Brad I could see that Rev. Moon had indeed been called by God to do something on this earth; but Brad and I differed in what we thought this was.

What seperated us was the fact that Rev. Moon said the Holy Spirit was female; but since I had experienced the Holy Spirit I knew it was not female; the Holy Spirit itself being the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God which is the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah; and the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; as I am writing to you in the Holy Spirit of Truth itself right now; the 7th of the 7 Spirits of God. This is of the 7th Trumpet; the Principle of Truth itself.

But let us see if you are really sincere in your question: for I did not sacrifice my morning to write this without a reason; and that is known to the Angel of John; who stands upon Patmos itself as I write this; for as his pen is still upon the page he has not died yet; and that is the Door which was opened to me; and if you do not believe me then I suggest you look at the 2 beasts of Revelation itself from the Sea and the Earth; for the first came forth in 1917; the False Prophet being Karl Marx who took Russia at 1917 to begin their 70 year period of Babylonian Captivity which ended at 1987; 1,000 years after Russia converted in 987; the 1,000 period which no one could place: until now; of course.

This was at the same time when the 3 Children of Fatimah came forth as that Image of the Lamb; the “3-in-one” Lamb who represents the Kingdom of God; who symbolized the 3 Nations of the Allies that is the Lamb who sits upon the White Horse.

It is the Children of the Sun of Faith being themselves who are “the signs and the Wonders” that were the Providence for the start of the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Global level; and the Wonder of the Sun of Fatimah is unknown to Rev. Moon: but not to me; not to Isaiah who first described it; for the Sun of Mary of Fatimah is who “I” am; who Muhammed called “the Son of Mary”; that Mary being Maryam al-Kubra; the Daughter of Muhammed himself at the Cosmic level; the Greater Mary being of the Fatimah in Portugal which is the Islamic Bethlehem; even Bethlehem Ephraim: 2 Times fruitful; for at the Individual level I am Solomon; but at the National level I am Ephraim: even My Generation as the Manchild of Israel that stands for America; the lost sheep of the House of Israel; the Prodigal Nation of the lost 10 tribes themselves.

Present day Israel is really in the position of the kingdom of Judah; even as America represents the kingdom of Israel. And they shall become One again;  for there is only One Israel; One Sheepfold; and One Shepherd.

  The “3-in-one” of our Lamb and his Kingdom;

and their Satanic One of their Anti-Judah: 2 horns of Karl Marx; 

"...Thou shalt make no graven image; nor bow down and worship it.."

“…Thou shalt make no graven image; nor bow down and worship it..”

                The False Prophet Karl Marx as the Global Balaam:

That is 1917; where the 2 kingdoms came up and were seen as seperating the earth into the Free nations of the West as Opposed to the Bondsmen nations of the East; Democracy and Communism respectively. Thus we have the Lamb facing one who “appears with 2 horns of a lamb” (( which are the stolen first principles of communism and socialism of the first church; for when they took all their goods and sold them and put them at the feet of the Apostle’s it was pure communism; and when the Apostle’s took the goods and first took care of the old and the sick; then the widows and orphans; then the poor; and lastly themselves it was pure socialism.)) and the lamb “speaks as a dragon”; in fact he talks like a Dragon who is the soul of Satan the Devil: and he talks the philosophy of Atheism.

Yes; it’s Karl Marx all right; the False Prophet himself. And 930 years after 987 when Russia converted brings us to 1917: 400 years after: 1517; wouldn’t you know it? And 930 years after 987 is  930 years; as of the age of 930 years when Adam “died” as it is recorded in Genesis; and this is no coincidence; as you may be sure; Russia as the largest nation representing Adam himself at the global level.

The 3-in-one of their Satanic Kingdom; the Anti-Israel: 10 horns of the Beast; the Fallen Nature on the Global Level;

  The Axis and False Christ as the Global Canaan:

 And the appearence of our Angelic One: Our Messenger of the Lamb

But in 1936 something else happens; the “3-in-one” Beast from the Sea that is the Axis appears: which has Japan in the position of the Lion of Daniel who represented Babylon with the Head and Mouth of the Lion ((with it’s big mouth proclaiming the divinity of the Yellow Race ( sound familiar? ) )), Germany in the position of the Body of the Leopard of Daniel which represented Greece (( take a look at the motorized armor of Germany like the fast phalanxes of Phillip of Macedon and then his son Alexander)), and the Italy in the position of the Feet of the Bear of Daniel which represented Medo-Persia (( didn’t you ever wonder why Italy looks so much like a boot? Even the facist boot of Facism itself));

The Unicorns have come down....

The Unicorns have come down….

……….and 4-18 on Easter in 1935 we have  that Korean hillside where the Angel of Christ appeared to Sun Myung Moon; giving him the mission called in the Gospel “the Faithful and Wise Steward/servant” written of in Luke and Matthew. Of course he now denied this on his deathbed; but the Angel of Christ was there, all the same

As “the Faithful and Wise Steward” mentioned in the Gospel it was Rev. Moon who was put in the Original Position of Joseph to bring forth “the meat in due season” as the counterpoint to to the philosophy of Marx based on his left-wing Hegelian brand of Dialectical Materialism; which is the earth the False Prophet came up from.

That “meat in due season” is the book “Divine Principle” which was given to him for that “famine in the last days” spoken of by the prophets as “not a famine for bread” as it is written: but ” for The Word of God”; just as Joseph was given charge over the House of Pharaoh to feed Israel’s sons and Jacob himself in their famine: the exactness of the correspondence should be obvious as “clear transparent glass” to anyone who has even a smattering of understanding of the book of Rev. Moon.

The Destiny and the Fate of the Faithful and Wise Steward is spelled out in simple but telling detail in the Gospel at Luke and Matthew; this is because the Angel of Christ was speaking to Sun Myung Moon in Korea in 1936 at the same time Jesus Christ was speaking of the “the Faithful and Wise Steward” in Israel 1936 years beforehand.

 Angels can do that.

Rev. Moon’s Destiny if he had been allowed to be in contact with me and my Father’s servant John would thus have been to correct his mistakes and reach the Crown of Glory by first Sealing the 144,000 who were to produce the 144,000 Virgins from the 4 races; 36,000 from the black race; 36,000 from the white race; 36,000 from the red race; and 36,000 from the yellow race.

The Seal of the Living God can be found in my “Open Letter to Rev. Moon” at if you scroll down to the section called “The Seal of the Living God” which explains how that “Holy Thing” we call the Lamb of God was created; and this Seal is what I was given to restore exactly what Rev. Moon did not do to overcome the Devil on the Global Level when he decided to take the Satanic Accusation of John the Baptist he held secretly as his own: which brings us to this: for it is the Accusation of John the Baptist and Sun Myung Moon which makes their common identity in “time-indemnity” as “one and the same”; in other words they are the same person in the eyes of God because Rev. Moon did not overcome John’s accusation as his own portion of responsiblity. And as not “seperated” from John’s error Rev. Moon did not seperate himself from his “shadow” or “fallen nature”; as his body was given to him as a substitute for John’s in our Day; much as John’s was given to him as the vessel for Elijah in Jesus’s Day.

Which is why the Angel of John in the City of St. Francis came to me; and you are rnow eading this letter: as you should see now and well know the reason why.

John the Baptist’s accusation of his own father Zacharias with Mary is how Satan invaded the foundation of his own miraculous conception; which stood for that of the Pigeon on the Altar; even as the conception of Jesus was of that of the Dove on the Altar of Abraham;  which is at wordpress in my published posts and can be easily found.

   If you go you can read about the Altar of Abraham and it’s true explanation as compared with Rev. Moon’s “Divine Principle”: paragraph by paragraph; put right from the Divine Principle itself: mine; not Rev. Moon’s.

I call his instead “the book of Rev. Moon”.

The actual Divine Principle is seen embodied in the Cross of Christ;

on, and  for which he died….

                The Cross of Christ is the Key of David 

The Holy Unicorn of a City not Forsaken: the City of St. Francis

The Holy Unicorn of a City not Forsaken: the City of St. Francis

The Key of David is the Divine Principle embodied in the Cross of Christ; that Rev. Moon missed the fact that the Key of David is the Cross of Christ is no longer of interest to me; the Restoration of where he went wrong is; for John the Baptist’s real mistake is that in saying he was Elijah he would would have been the first one to begin The Resurrection: and it is THIS Resurrection which did not happen then because he denied it; thus nullifying his portion of responsibility due to his accusation against his own father Zacharias.

And this is what has happened NOW; again; and for eactly the same reason. THIS is what the “problem” is that I have to restore; along with the 3 Great Errors in Rev. Moon’s book which are as follows:

The 3 Great Errors of Rev. Moon’s Book “Divine Principle”

 1.)   That Lord Jesus did not rise in the flesh when he did indeed rise; flesh and bone; as even “Doubting Thomas” saw as “the least in faith” of the 12 Apostle’s.

That Rev. Moon did not even reach the lowest standard of faith as of the Apostle’s is the reason he has no “wedding Garment”; as in denying Jesus his own flesh and bone Rev. Moon is naked before God: and not in a good way; let me assure you.

2.)    That the Holy Spirit is “Female” when the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; Rev. Moon saying this in his book as being where “Isis” as “the queen of Egypt” whose name is “Mystery” invaded; she being the “beautiful Face of the dragon” that Jezebel wore when she was thrown down from the high window from her “ivory tower” of lies.

Herodias was of course Jezebel just as John was Elijah; thus in not bonding with his Master John went up against “Jezebel/Herodias and Ahab/Herod” alone: and we know how he was “cut asunder”; like Rev. Moon will be if he doesn’t contact me: and sooner; not later.

 3.)      That Jesus and the Holy Spirit are “Married”; this is where “Sodom” invaded; and “Sodom” is the “Tail of the dragon“; which the Greeks called “the arrow of Cupid” by which all the gods fell; but these gods are but the fallen angels of not Cupid but Satan the Devil who fell by his seduction by the daughters of men upon Baal Hermon; the Holy Mount of Transfiguration that in Greece they call Olympus; but the 144,00 who stand upon it with the Lamb call it Mt. Sion and not Mt. Hermon.

For the Son and the Holy Spirit in His Name which God sent down on Pentecost are not “male and female” but “Male” as the Son or First Comforter and the sent “Male Spirit of Christ” or Second Comforter which is what the Holy Spirit in the Name of God really is: the Spirit of Christ itself. These are the two David spoke of: “thy Rod and thy Staff Comfort me”.

In “marrying” these two instead of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany who are my own True Parents Rev. Moon effectively allowed Sodom to invade the House he was set over until his Lord and Master returned: which they have; as John the Divine is the “Master of the House” in the position of Joshua even as I am “the House” in the position of the Tabernacle of God.

The little child in His Name; which is the Name of Christ Jesus; which is the Name of Love: which is the Name of God. 

Servant King and Aaron Presley both fell because the “Scarlet Beast” who is Red China struck them both with the object of the Mao’s “Little Red Book” as the very place where the False Prophet was able to invade My Generation for not wanting to fight him in Vietnam: this happened due to the fact that our “racist Egyptian shadow” from Egypt’s 430 years was in sending all the first born black males of the Black race it could find to go die on the front lines of Vietnam against the Yellow race; which was eerily close to the policy of Pharaoh in drowning all the first born males of Israel in the River Nile: but this will come out in my book; if I can ever finish the final edit.

But of Rev. Moon’s own marriage where he tried to “take the kingdom of heaven by violence” we have the real reason why San Francisco fell; 7 years after his own disasterous “marriage” seen so clearly at the 6th Seal on the Open Book I hold; for the 7 Seals on the Lamb’s Book are 7 decades or 10 years each of events that occur on earth: the first being from the years 1910-1919; the Second Seal being of the years 1920-1929; and so on until 1970-1979: the year before I went to England and met the Angel; the Year I was given Rev. Moon’s book by Brad Bufkin; and 7 years before the Wall of Babylon fell at the Global level.

The Trumpets Sound on the 7th year of each Seal and illustrate the 10 years beginning 7 years after each Seal is loosed as to the “response” of heaven to the events on earth at the 7 Seals; starting at 1917 to 1926; then at 1927 to 1936; then 1937 to 1946; then 1947 (when Israel was regathered and Rev. King was 18) to 1956, then 1957 to 1966; then 1967 to 1976; then 1977 to 1986: when I came to New Hope. The 7th Trumpet does not stop in 1986: in fact it never stops; for all that is written in the Revelations of John and Jesus after the 7th Seal is what we are currently experiencing: including what I am telling you.

I hold the Open Book; and as revealing that Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist though he deny it I stand in the position of the Lamb when he revealed that John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet: although he denied it then as well; but for Rev. Moon to reach his Destiny as spelled out in the Prophecy of the “Faithful and Wise Steward” and become Immortal can only happen if SOMEONE contacts him and gets him to come to me BEFORE it is too late: otherwise he will suffer the fate of “that evil servant” written of  in that prophecy and be “cut asunder” in the position of John the Baptist in the Palace of Herod; victory number 2 for Jezebel: whom Rev. Moon MARRIED this time; as “the High Priestess of Isis” he calls “the female holy spirit”. By doing so this is where The Harlot invaded; and she holds in her hand the Golden Cup: the Cosmic Principle of Indemnity itself.

Ah well: enough; I have other work to do; I only hope that perhaps you or someone who is more responsible than either Eric Holt and Jonathan Gullery who I contacted years ago about this at HSA-UWC and then Bob Selle and then Phillip Schenkar: and everyone else; but it mattereth not; for if Rev. Moon dies in the position of John the Baptist then I will be the Messiah: by default; which brings me absolutely no joy; for to escape his Fate as being “cut asunder” for Rev. Moon as the “faithful and wise steward” he would have been looking or waiting just for someone like me to “appear” out of nowhere with “something”; and this “something” is the Key of David I was given when I took my Vow shortly afterwards of “a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven’s sake”; which took 21 years to keep. Yea; as of Egypt who Isaiah walked naked upon for 3 and a half years; 1,260 days; 42 months: who vowed a Vow: and then Kept It.

In closing I will simply say that it is the Children of the Resurrection who are the 144,000 virgins or “eunuchs” that are the “Clouds of his Coming”; and as one of them I speak for them; one who reached the measure of 144; that is of a man; that is: of the angel. A little one shall become a thousand: 144 times a thousand: 144,000; the Clouds themselves:

Or Altogether One Big Cloud; the White Cloud of Revelation 14:14 upon which the Son of Man sits that is the Holy Spirit of Christ: and the Son of Man is Christ; have no doubt of that.

Hope to hear from you all who read this with an Ear to hear;

“Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus,

                                      in the Day of Christ Jesus,

                             that the Name of Jesus Christ be Glorifed Again;


For THAT is “the glory which sent me”

In Love;

 the Mighty God of Jacob

 christopher witt diamant:

the Wrath of the Lamb,

the Child in His Name

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  1. This is the perfect site for anybody who wants to find out about this topic.
    You realize a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you
    (not that I really would want to…HaHa). You certainly
    put a new spin on a subject which has been written about for
    a long time. Great stuff, just great!


  2. In addition to my former comment:
    The peculiar thing is that Christians looked down on the old Jewish religion, and Rev. Moon rephrased Christian theology, but now Mr. Moon is gathering many Jews and Christians under one umbrella of peace.


    1. Dear Deep One;

      Because of the depth of the understanding of Rev. Moon in the position of the Messenger John the baptist who stood in the position of the Seal of the Prophets Rev. Moon exists in a reality few could even imagine; angels and spirits being in attendence upon him and all of heaven stirred up due to his coming demise.

      As of Jewish and Irish extraction in my death in Christ I have become what one might have said is a “tree one side flames and one side green”; as Merlin described of the future king.

      But more later


  3. Dear Christopher

    It’s nice to read something of your personal background in the blog above. I already stated some of my differences with you, no need to repeat them here. I respect the spiritual research you’re doing and your efforts to bring this to the world.

    What do you think of the fact that God revealed to Moses as ‘I am who I am’ and not giving a name, but later the Israelites used the name Jahweh or Jehovah? I believe that there is a problem here similar to that of Christians claiming the Holy Spirit to be working with them and not with older Israelites (the idea of the Trinity), and Rev. Moon adopting this idea and adding to it that the Holy Spirit would be female and a kind of spiritual bride of Jesus?

    I am interested to hear what you think about the relationship between the first (God given the name Jehovah) and the Christian-Moon doctrine of the Trinity?


    1. Dear Deep One;

      I really appreciate the fact that you have decided to engage me here about this; for in my present position as the least in the Kingdom of Heaven I represent all those who the Lamb once referred to as himself: those imprisoned; or sick; or poor; or naked; or hungry; saying to those who were good to “the least of these” that they had actually done it “to him”.

      First of all we should look at what was revealed to Moses as being what we know of as the Seal of God; for the fact that Moses had them make the Lampstand as “all of one piece” instead of making it in sections and them putting them together shows he well knew the nature of the Holy Spirit as being the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God; which he surely beheld; and the Unity of these 7 Spirits is then that of the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah; for the Holy Spirit of God is thus Jehovah Himself; the Spirit that moved upon the waters in the Act of Love in which the Light was Created; for the Act of Creation was the Act of Love; and none know this except those who do indeed know He who has the Name of 7 Letters; as each of the 7 lamps represented not a “planet” as some have said but rather the 7 Days of the Creation itself in which each of the 7 Spirits lives.

      The God of Abraham is thus “The Father”

      The God of Issac is then “The Son”

      and The God of Jacob is “The Holy Spirit”

      How are they then One? Simply as this; the Trinity actually conceals a Quaternity; for as Adam and Eve became one flesh God called “their name Adam”.

      Thus Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany who are my True Parents actually are one flesh also: and their “Name” is Jesus”; thus the Father and the Son and the Daughter have at their center the Holy Spirit by which they become One; but this is only known by those who have the Seal of the Living God; which I hold in Trust to Seal the 144,000 sealed couples who were to bring forth the 144,000 virgins dedicated like Samuel the Nazarene to God from their conception; furthermore the 7th Shepherd of the True Vine of Christianity Rev. Moon as being over the 7th Church ( which is the Unification Church ) was to have made these as of 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the Black Race as from 36,000 black sealed couples; 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the White Race as of 36,000 white sealed couples; then 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the Red Race from 36,000 red sealed couples and then lastly 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the Yellow Race as of 36,000 yellow sealed couples.

      This; of course, did not happen: but it shall; as it is God’s Will; however to restore the 144,000 virgins from the Unification Church is why I began the New Unification Church; where all can pick which color they will restore as sacrificing themselves for each race: thus restoring all things pertaining to the 4 Primal Races.

      God himself thus “created” the Light in His Holy Spirit which means that the Tree of Life can be seen as that One Principle seen in the 7 Lamps which represent the Principle of Creation itself in their Unity; for the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God on the Day in which He created the Heavens and the Earth: that is; in the Day in which He Moved on the Face of the Living Waters whose Living Image was then His Reflection: thus Adam came forth as the Image of God which is the Divine One of which the Sun is the Symbol even as Eve came forth as the Mirror of Creation which is the Universal One of which the Moon is the Symbol; for the soul and the spirit are the Two Hands of God; in which their is no “duality” as Rev. Moon mistakenly states.

      The Act of God as the Act of Creation is then concealed in Genesis as the Act of Love itself: and “Jehovah” is thus the “Seal” of this Holy Act itself: which is why God calls it “His Name” because the Fall was where the 2 became one but remained two spiritually even though ” one ” physically; whereas in the Holy Spirit the two are ” One ” spiritually even when they are apart afterward physically: for they are then telepathically linked; thus “always One” as “Sealed in the Spirit of Holiness”.

      In this one knows what the other is then thinking and feeling or desiring or remembering at all times at the instinctual level of all 7 senses or “eyes” being opened; although Rev. Moon believes there are only 5 physical and 5 spiritual senses he is; of course, mistaken; for the 3 upper heavens with their 3 respective inner senses ( smell at the 7th; hearing at the 6th; and feeling at the 5th; for with ones external body of flesh we “feel by touching”; just as at the surface of the heart which is that of our internal body of flesh we “touch by feeling”) in their relation to the 3 lower heavens with their 3 respective outer senses ( as of touch at the 1st; speech at the 2nd; and taste at the 3rd ) have the 4th sense or “sight” which divides them at one level; but then unites them at the other in the Act when all 7 were to Open; as mine did at my Death in Christ when my soul was ravished; thus smell can be seen as “higher taste”; hearing as “higher speech” and feeling as “higher touch; which is why you can’t taste anything with your tongue if your nose has a cold.

      People don’t consider speech to be a sense; but they can’t expalin then why the ear is a sense since “speech” was then what the “ear” was to hear: thus they are both senses; but the 7 Spirits of God and the 7 Letters in the Name of Jehovah are that of the Mystery of God that I have revealed here; and if you pray you may be told that I have indeed told thee the Truth.

      That smell is the 7th sense can be seen by the fact that the High Priset would enter the Veil of the Holy of Holies with the Censer of Incense; that Veil being of the 7th heaven itself: bit in the Tabernacle of God there is no veil; as it was removed; thus one faces my Father Jesus right from the start at the first sense which the Door of the Tabernacle represented: the flesh itself.

      Yet only those who eat of the Tree of Life live forever; but this is known to thee by one who died; as John the Baptist’s owb soul was surrogate for the Bride until he brought the People to Jesus as the Bridegroom; thus John was a virgin also; but an unfaithful one even though; and what a tragedy it all has been; which is why the virgins of the Grail weep when they carry his severed head; for he is that Unicorn who was slain though a virgin; and the dance of Salome by which she revealed the Mystery of Isis in those 7 Veils is why Herod promised Herodias anything to see it; thus John lost his life; but enough of that; wehave more pressing business; for the Mystery of Isis is that Veil which hid the Mystery of God: until now; of course.

      The 7 sense can be esily seen as with the angel of the third church when he mentions his tongue as that “sword”; the first church in it’s overcoming as being of the “flesh as grass” seen in the first trumpet; the “eyes” at the 4th angel at the 4th church which refer to the “two eyes” of the “sun and moon” because light is neccesary for sight and so one; the Angel of Christ mentions the Key of David at the fifth church as the “heart” is that which “opens” when he knocks and one lets in the poor and homeless and sick and naked just as he said and so on; but this can be seen in my book “The Revelation of Salvation” in the first section which which is the Open Book called the Gospel of Peace; if I ever finish the final edit.

      The Name of the Father is the Chariot of Israel; and the Name of the Son is the chariot of Elijah in which I stand to tell you these things; for I love you; as you may have guessed; that is why Jesus “breathed” in the faces of the Apostle’s and said this; to wit:

      “Receive then the Holy Spirit”;
      …. the very Breath of God.

      Father: Son and Daughter: and the Holy Spirit which makes them all One in the Act; this is the Revealing of the Holy Spirit; this is why Adam was to have made Eve “see God” lawfully; for the Two become One Flesh in the Eyes of God by where the Vertical Principle which Adam was to have held onto (which he had from God in his Word) and the Horizontal Principle Eve held (which she received from Adam as His Law) would then have become One Principle by which the Male Principle as of the Vertical One seen in the Day-star and the Female Principle as of the Horizontal One seen in the Firmament would have been that One Principle of God forever.

      Thus the Body of Eve represented the Earth and the Soul of Eve represented Heaven; and the Door to this heaven was only to be opened by one with the Key; and of this Key I have said quite enough here.

      I will speaj to this more at length; for there is far more to all this; but I will say this:

      “With His Right Hand did God seperate the Light before
      from the Darkness behind; ( which Adam was to have done becoming one by the Word with the Vertical One as the Day-star)

      and with His Left Hand did he seperate the Living Waters of Eternity above from the Dying waters of Time below.” ( which Eve was to have done becoming one by the Law with the Horizontal One as the Firmament)

      Thus Adam as the Image of God in the position of the Light was to have seperated himself from the Darkness holding onto the Word from God as the Vertical Hand, and thus overcome the Dark Shadow of the Night men call “Space” behind him which came when he faced God before him: and thus become the Day Incarnate; and Eve as the Mirror of Creation in the position of the Firmament was to have seperated herself from the Abyss holding onto the Law from Adam as the Horizontal Hand, and thus overcome the Black Depth of the Sea men call “Time”below her which came when she faced Adam above her and thus would have become the Creation Incarnate; for the Creation came out of the Light just as Eve came forth from Adam; even as the Church of which the 144,000 virgins are the Bride came from the side of Christ: and for the same reason.

      Thus it was that the Apostle Paul said this; to wit:

      “Would that all men were as I”

      That is: virgin unto the Lord God.

      But enough; you will have much to understand here in and of itself.

      And yes; the Archangel was jealous of Adam; as the elder son might be jealous of a younger sibling; which was then the basis for Cain’s hatred of abel; byt this underlies the real cause of the controversy as the hatred of some of the angels against man: which is the root of “racism” itself; for some of the angels held man was inferior; and thus would not worship him when commanded; saying they “loved God” too much to not still keep the First Commandment to “worship none but God” which is the position of the Qur’an; and those who do worship Lord Jesus; as of the Secind Commandment God gave the angels about His Son; which is the position of the New Testament; as when Doubting Thomas said:

      “My Lord: and my God!”

      Yet Lord Jesus did say: Worship God (Allah); as Muhammed will quote what Jesus said as he stands at the Last Day at the Left Hand; and Gabriel at the Right Hand will say: Worship Adam (Jesus): quoting what Muhammed himself said when he wrote it in the Qur’an. This will be the Final Test.


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