The 144,000 Unification Virgins from the 4 Races of Man, the Wrath of the Lamb from the New Unification Church

 The Last Day and the Resurrection of the Just                        

Michael stood up for the Children at Beth-El which men call Woodstock

Michael stood up for the Children at Beth-El which men call Woodstock

"...Who is Like God..? ...."     " His Peace"; the Angel of Mary of Fatima who fed the 3 Children the Host.."

“…Who is Like God..? ….” ” His Peace”; ……as the Angel of Fatima who fed the 3 Children the Host..”

For those who have discerned who the one who appears at the end as “the least” really is I have decided in this post to reveal some things from my Book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” which pertains to my mission and the gathering of the 144,000 male virgins unto God and the Lamb.

In my present position as the least in the Kingdom of Heaven I represent all those who the Lamb once referred to as “himself”: those imprisoned; or sick; or poor; or naked; or hungry; saying to those who were good to “the least of these” that they had actually done it “to him”. This is a clue to he who comes in the position of the Son of man at this: the Last Day.

First of all we should look at what was revealed to Moses as being what we know of as the Seal of God; for the fact that Moses had them make the Lampstand as “all of one piece” instead of making it in sections and them putting them together shows he well knew the nature of the Holy Spirit as being the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God; which he surely beheld; and the Unity of these 7 Spirits is then that of the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah; for the Holy Spirit of God is thus Jehovah Himself.

Few know that the Spirit that moved upon the waters in the Act of Love in which the Light was Created; for the Act of Creation was the Act of Love; and none know this except those who do indeed know He who has the Name of 7 Letters; as each of the 7 Lamps represented not a “planet” as some have said but rather the 7 Days of the Creation itself in which each of the 7 Spirits lives in their respective “Lamp” which are those of the 7 Worlds of the 7 Senses themselves.

It is these which are the Hidden Goal present in the 7 levels of the Providence of Salvation understood by the Druse and the Unifcation Church; although not to the same degree; as those who read about the Druse in the book by Willian B. Seabrook called “Adventures in Arabia” on pages 206 and 207 will discover; for Rev. Moon did not “discover” something no one knew: as these two pgaes will show quite plainly.

What is the Secret of the Trinity?

"Hold fast unto what thou hast; that no man take thy crown!"

“Hold fast unto what thou hast; that no man take thy crown!”

The God of Abraham is thus “The Father”

The God of Issac is then  “The Son”

and The God of Jacob is “The Holy Spirit”

How are they then One?

Simply as this; the Trinity actually conceals a Quaternity

…. for as Adam and Eve became one flesh God called “their name Adam”.

Thus Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany who are my True Parents actually are one flesh also: and their “Name” is “Jesus”, thus the Father and the Son and the Daughter have at their center the Holy Spirit by which they become One, but this is only known by those who have the Seal of the Living God, which I hold in Trust to Seal the 144,000 sealed couples who were to bring forth the 144,000 virgins dedicated like Samuel the Nazarene to God from their conception from the womb itself.

And furthermore the 7th Shepherd of the True Vine of Christianity who was Rev. Moon as being over the 7th Church ( which is the Unification Church ) was to have made these as of 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the Black Race as from 36,000 black sealed couples; 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the White Race as of 36,000 white sealed couples; then 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the Red Race from 36,000 red sealed couples and then lastly 36,000 dedicated male virgins from the Yellow Race as of 36,000 yellow sealed couples. These were to have been gathered from the 4 corners of the earth; not America.

This; of course, did not happen: but it shall; as it is God’s Will; however to restore the 144,000 virgins from the Unification Church is why I began the New Unification Church; where all can pick which color they will restore as sacrificing themselves for each race: thus restoring all things pertaining to the 4 Primal Races.

God himself thus “created” the Light in His Holy Spirit which means that the Tree of Life can be seen as that One Principle seen in the 7 Lamps which represent the Principle of Creation itself in their Unity; for the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God on the Day in which He created the Heavens and the Earth: that is; in the Day in which He Moved on the Face of the Living Waters whose Living Image was then His Reflection: thus Adam came forth as the Image of God which is the Divine One of which the Sun is the Symbol even as Eve came forth as the Mirror of Creation which is the Universal One of which the Moon is the Symbol; for the soul and the spirit are the Two Hands of God; in which there is no “duality” as Rev. Moon mistakenly states.

The Act of God as the Act of Creation

This Act of God is then concealed in Genesis as the Act of Love itself: and “Jehovah” is thus the “Seal” of this Holy Act itself: which is why God calls it “His Name” because the Fall was where the 2 became one but remained two spiritually even  though ” one ” physically; whereas in the Holy Spirit the two are ” One ” spiritually even when they are apart afterward physically: for they are then telepathically linked; thus “always One” as “Sealed in the Spirit of Holiness”.

Where Can Wisdom be found???

Where Can Wisdom be found???

In this one knows what the other is then thinking and feeling or desiring or remembering at all times at the instinctual level of all 7 senses or “eyes” being opened; although Rev. Moon believes there are only 5 physical and 5 spiritual senses he is; of course, mistaken; but this is because his mind and heart and soul and strength and then the spirit are the “five unwise virgins” who did not get oil for their lamps; which is the sayings of the Sufis and the other Unificationists whose Foundation Rev. Moon was to have built on; as the Sufis to My Generation are as the Magi were to my Father Jesus.

The 5 Unwise Virgins can then be seen as those who “married”; but the 5 wise virgins who are those of my heart and soul and mind and virgin strength around the spirit are then those “who did not marry” who know of the 7 physical houses of the 7 spiritual senses within them; as the Child of the Resurrection himself who became a Bride and died in Christ; of which Rev. Moon knows nothing and those of My Generation even less: except for Pope John Paul the Second who was with Rev. Moon in the position of the other Olive Tree; for the Sons of Men were Rev. Moon as the “green tree” as married and the “dry tree” as the Pope who was a Eunuch; for the 2 Olive Trees were Ezekiel and Daniel themselves who appeared on the Mount of Olives at the Ascension itself; which is where the Son of Man now reappears; as myself; of course; for I know who the 2 Sons of Man were as I am one of them; even as Sun Myung Moon and Pope John Paul were both born in 1920 for this very reason in their position as the 2 Olive Trees of Revelation; but let us move on; I have written  of this in other places which can be easily found.

In the 7 heavens as the 3 above the Firmament and the 3 below the Firmament we can then see that the 3 upper heavens ((divided by the 4th heaven of the Divine Natural World of the 7 Senses which is the Firmament Itself)) have a direct relation with the 3 lower heavens in which we must see that the 7 angels of Michael as his own 7 senses are arranged as follows:  with the Archangel as our own internal divine spirit body with his 3 respective inner senses above his 3 respective outer senses.


The 3 Above the Firmament

These are  “smell” at the 7th;

“hearing” at the 6th;

and “feeling” at the 5th;

( for with ones external body of flesh we “feel by touching”; just as at the surface of the heart which is that of our internal body of flesh we “touch by feeling”)

The 3 Below the Firmament

As of touch at the 1st;

Speech at the 2nd; a

And taste at the 3rd

We thus have the 4th sense which is “sight” that divides the3 above from the 3 below at one level; but then unites them at the other in the Act when all 7 were to Open in the Holy Spirit with the 7 Spirits of God at each one in their place at each of the 7 heavens; which is plain to see if one but thinks of it for a moment; the Principle of Creation itself.

That my 7 senses were opened at my Death in Christ when my soul was ravished is written of in my Book at the 7 Vials of Wrath which hold the 7 Tears of God by which the 7 plagues of the 7 angels in white as the 7 stains on their 7 garments are thus erased by the 7 Tears of God as the Plagues on the 7 plagues; thus smell can be seen as “higher taste”; hearing as “higher speech” and feeling as “higher touch; which is why you can’t taste anything with your tongue if your nose has a cold.

People don’t consider speech to be a sense; but they can’t explain then why the ear is a sense and not the voice since the “speech” of the voice was then what the “hearing” of the ear was then to hear: thus they are both senses; but the 7 Spirits of God and the 7 Letters in the Name of Jehovah are that of the Mystery of God that I have begun to partially reveal here.

To see if what I have told thee is the truth then I counsel one to pray in the Name of Christ Jesus or “Day Light” as the Light of Life on the Path of the Just so you may be told by your own inaudible inner voice which is only heard by your own invisible inner ear that I have indeed told thee the Truth; resounding in that ethereal inner air; which is the “ether” itself by which we can hear what we call “thought”; the inner voice being nothing else.

That smell is the 7th sense can be seen by the fact that the High Priest would enter the Veil of the Holy of Holies with the Censer of Incense; that Veil being of the 7th heaven itself: bit in the Tabernacle of God there is no veil; as it was removed; thus one faces my Father Jesus right from the start at the first sense which the Door of the Tabernacle represented: the flesh itself.

Who reaches the Tree of Life overcomes in the First Church;

at the First Stage on the Path of the Just

Who loves God with all their heart and soul and mind and strength 7 times will ascend the 7 heavens and the 4 Square Principle that is the Altar itself

Who loves God with all their heart and soul and mind and strength 7 times will ascend the 7 heavens and the 4 Square Principle that is the Altar itself

Yet only those who eat of the Tree of Life live forever; but this is known to thee by one who indeed did ascend the 7 fold height that is seen by the 4 horns of the Altar itself as the 4 Standards of the Commandment[ which are the 4 Absolutes of the Principle of Divine Love; the Sacrificial One itself.

This is known to one who reached the position of the Messenger as John the Baptist’s own soul was surrogate for the Bride until he brought the People to Jesus as the Bridegroom; thus John was a virgin also; but an unwise and then unfaithful one even though; and what a tragedy it all has been; which is why the virgins of the Grail weep when they carry his severed head; for he is that Unicorn who was slain though a virgin; and the dance of Salome by which she revealed the Mystery of Isis in those 7 Veils is why Herod promised Herodias anything to see it; thus John lost his life; but enough of that; wehave more pressing business; for the Mystery of Isis is that Veil which hid the Mystery of God: until now; of course.

The 7 senses can be esily seen as with the angel of the third church when he mentions his tongue as that “sword”; the first church in it’s overcoming as being of the “flesh as grass” seen in the first trumpet; the  “eyes” at the 4th angel at the 4th church which refer to the “two eyes” of the “sun and moon” because light is neccesary for sight and so on; the Angel of Christ mentions the Key of David at the fifth church as the “heart” is that which “opens” when he knocks and one lets in the poor and homeless and sick and naked just as he said and so on; but this can be seen in my book “The Revelation of Salvation” in the first section which which is the Open Book called the Gospel of Peace; if I ever finish the final edit.

The Name of the Father is the Chariot of Israel

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar in it's 7 fold Performance on the 4 square Foundation of Salvation of the 4 positions of the 4 Seraphim

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar in it’s 7 fold Performance on the 4 square Foundation of Salvation of the 4 positions of the 4 Seraphim

And it is the Name of the Son that is the chariot of Elijah; for that is the one in which I stand to tell you these things; for I love all of  the Believers; that are the Ummah of Islam and the Flock of Christianity; as you may have guessed; that is why Jesus “breathed” in the faces of the Apostle’s and said this; to wit:

Receive then the Holy Spirit”;
…. the very Breath of God.

Father: Son and Daughter: and the Holy Spirit which makes them all One in the Act; this is the Revealing of the Holy Spirit; this is why Adam was to have made Eve “see God” lawfully; for the Two become One Flesh in the Eyes of God by where the Vertical Principle which Adam was to have held onto (which he had from God in his Word) and the Horizontal Principle Eve held (which she received from Adam as His Law) would then have become One Principle by which the Male Principle as of the Vertical One seen in the Day-star and the Female Principle as of the Horizontal One seen in the Firmament would have been that One Inviolate Principle of God forever.

Thus the Body of Eve represented the Earth and the Soul of Eve represented Heaven.

… and the Door to this heaven was only to be opened by one with the Key; and of this Key I have said quite enough here.

I will speak to this more at length; for there is far more in all of this; but I will say this:

“With His Right Hand did God

seperate the Light before
from the Darkness behind;

( which Adam was to have done becoming one by the Word

with the Vertical One as the Day-star)

and with His Left Hand did He

seperate the Uncollected Waters of  Eternity above

from the Collected waters of Time below.”

( which Eve was to have done becoming one by the Law

with the Horizontal One as the Firmament)

Thus Adam as the Image of God in the position of the Light was to have seperated himself from the Darkness behind him by holding onto the Word to therefore face God; as standing on his Right Hand as reaching the the Vertical or Male Principle that is the Divine One; and thus overcome the Dark Shadow of Universal Space of his “evil twin brother” men call “Night”; that stood “behind” him as having come when he faced God before him: and thus he would have become the Day Incarnate; seperated forever from the Dark Night.

For Eve as the Mirror of Creation in the position of the Firmament was to have seperated herself from the Abyss holding onto the Law from Adam as standing in the Left Hand of God as reaching the the Horizontal or Female Principle that is the Universal One, and thus overcome the Abyssmal Depth of  Time of  her mother as “the mother of Universal Sea” men call “Time”; that yawned “below” her which came when she faced Adam above her: and thus she would have become the Creation Incarnate; seperated forever from the Black Sea.

That the Shadow of Eternity is Time and the Abyss of Providence is Space can be seen at the 4 Principles of the Original Instruction from God to Adam of the Word;  for the Creation came out of the Light just as Eve came forth from Adam; even as the Church of which the 144,000 virgins are the Bride came from the side of Christ: and for the same reason.

Thus it was that the Apostle Paul said this; to wit:

“Would that all men were as I”

That is: virgin unto the Lord God.

But enough; there much to understand here in and of itself.

And yes; even as Joseph Smith realized in the Book of Mormon the Archangel was jealous of Adam; as the elder son might be jealous of a younger sibling; which was then the basis for Cain’s hatred of Abel; but this underlies the real cause of the controversy as the hatred of some of the angels against man: which is the root of all “racism” itself; for some of the angels held man was inferior; and thus would not worship him when commanded; saying they “loved God” too much to not still keep the First Commandment to “worship none but God” which is the position of the Qur’an; and those who do worship Lord Jesus; as of the Second Commandment God gave the angels about His Son; which is the position of the New Testament; as when Doubting Thomas said:

“My Lord: and my God!”

The Coming Test at the Judgement

The Last Trump consists of the 7th Church and the 7th Trumpet; the 7th Seal and the 7th Vial

The Last Trump consists of the 7th Church and the 7th Trumpet; the 7th Seal and the 7th Vial

For it shall be as this; for my Father Jesus did say: Worship God (Allah),

as Muhammed will quote what the Word of Allah Jesus said as he stands at the Last Day at the Left Hand,

and Gabriel at the Right Hand will say: Worship Adam (Jesus):

Quoting what the Messenger of Allah Muhammed himself said when he wrote it in the Qur’an.

This will be the Final Test.


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