Resurrection and Regeneration: and Melchizedek



                           “……Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf….”

The lost sheep in wolf's clothing

The lost sheep in wolf's clothing

 The current state of the Providence and the role of Rev. Moon.

               To have the circumstances of the Last Days now brought to light we must first of all see that it was Elijah who was to be put in the position of the “new day-star” as the “angel standing in the Sun” of Righteousness that Malachi the Last prophet of Israel wrote of.  And Rev. Moon is not a fallen figure like Moses who was “as God” but closer to the “god of this world incarnate” who the Lamb called Mammon; but is then as Moses “as God discarnate” in the figure of the “evil servant” of the Gospel’s prophecy of the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; a far different figure than he who was said could be “given all” as the Messiah found awake at the “Day and the Hour”.

           No one can remove the one who actually stands in the position of the devil’s advocate but the one God placed there so everything would be fair: and that is Michael the Archangel himself; the diamatric opposite of Satan the Devil; the position Rev. Moon currently holds; albeit symbolically; since Satan the Devil is presently embodied in Osama bin Laden; the Antichrist.

 The End Comes at the Revealing of the Man of Lawlessness

( seen at II Thessalonians 2:2-5 )                       

The Antichrist of Islam and Christ

The Antichrist of Islam and Christ

               Furthermore the New Truth has certainly arrived; for the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Word of God; as the “Ark of the Testament” itself. It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ is then the Will of God; as the “Book of Life of the Lamb” that was within “the Ark” just as it was when Israel came out of Egypt on the National Level; as this is the Universal or Cosmic course of the Kingdom; the “Kingdom” being “heaven and earth”; and that includes the angels.

            Through my brother John I was given the Word of God until I reached the position of the Lamb; at which point I revealed that Rev. Sun Myung Moon was John the Baptist; as the Lamb once revealed John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet.

             In the position of the Lamb my Father’s servant John thus readies the world for the Messiah; which now happens to be myself; as the publicartion of My Generation’s book will prove beyond any and all doubt.

              The Truth of the Gospel as to the Identity of Rev. Moon as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” will not be overturned or minimized; for in the written Destiny and Fate for this figure is hidden the actual secret of the Messiah himself at the End.

              The prophecy of the “Steward” conceals the fact that the “Messenger” if he pass the trial and test of the “Day and the Hour” has the possibility to reach the position of the Messiah; as if John would have been able to become Jesus; and this is what is hidden in the Gospel as of the “earthly revelation of things” but revealed in the Revelation as of the “heavenly revelation of things”.

               For many Unificationists the present conditions at the End have caused them to not not address the fact that it is the revealing of the actual identities of the various “appearences” on the “board” of the Last Tableaux of the Last Days that are made manifest at the End; and Osama bin Laden as the Judas of Islam is singularly visible as the Antichrist just as is the Spirit of the Antichrist seen in the Scarlet Beast of chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine as Red China; now carrying the Capitalist Harlot of the entire Market itself on the backs of it’s own people: the Yellow Race itself; who are under the sway of Death; on the pale Yellow Horse; as of the 4th River of Paradise that the Yellow Race represented on earth as one of the 4 Races of Adam; as of the 4 Rivers of Eternity.

The Pahana of the Hopi; the White Brother of Quetzacoatl


The Horn of Michael is the Trumpet of the Archangel: Gabriel himself

The Horn of Michael is the Trumpet of the Archangel: Gabriel himself

               Rev. Moon as the one in the position of the Yellow Race my Red brothers of the Hopi call “the Elder Brother” to themselves as “the younger brother” as the Red Race is therefore seen as one of my “two helpers” at the End; for Rev. Moon was the first; and my Father’s servant John is the other; thus did the Hopi provide the “missing piece” of the Puzzle the Providence has proven to be: until now.

             The Pahana of the Hopi is the White Brother of Quetzacoatl; as the Christ; but Quetzacoatl was also widely known to be White as well; which means that Moses did not die on Mt. Nebo: he was “removed” to another sphere; as the Prophet of whom the Lamb described when he said; to wit:

“Be thou wise as serpents; and harmless as doves…”

               This “feathered serpent” is indeed Quetzacoatl; for to learn how to control his anger Moses was banished to “learn the lesson” of how Ares or Mars as the Greeks call him was able to strike the Rock through him; this being Amen-Ra; Horus as the god of war to the Egyptians; as hath been written:

                                   “Anger slayeth the foolish one…”

               There were 4 Avatars; Buddha at the South; Socrates at the North; Confucious at the East: and Quetzacoatl; at the West. When the 3 kings came west from the East the magi represented the 3 avatars; but Herod represented the one in the West; and that is why of the 4 horses that come forth from the  4 Seraphim the rider on the 4th horse is Death.

                  The avatar of Israel is Elijah; but Elijah gained this status by the taking of a Vow; and it was this Vow which brought him into contact with the Order of Melchizedek; the Virgin Priesthood that Shem certaily was; for Shem died when Issac was 12 years old; although some say 10 years old; but if you sit down and count the years from Shem to Abraham you will see Shem was indeed alive during the time of Abraham’s life and birth of Issac.

                      The God of Shem thus blessed the God of Anraham; as this Blessing was then the Blessing of Noah; the Curse being reserved for Canaan; the son of Ham; who was the father of Egypt; just as Canaan was the promised land named after the “city” and “possession” of the Dragon who Egypt is symbolized by. That is why the Global Canaan has the 7 heads and 10 horns of the Dragon that I reveal as the Axis or “3-in-one beast” of the Global Fallen Nature; the “Axis” is it’s “son”; as the False Prophet is it’s “child of the devil”; speaking the speech of the Dragon: Atheism; denial of God completely trying to steal the Kingdom; this being the Global Fallen Image of Karl Marx from the Individual level to the Global or 6th level of the Whole Earth of the Providence and then 7th level of the Providence as over the whole “Heaven and Earth”.

               Rev. Moon now stands in the position of the Global Messenger; albeit fallen; but the Word of God itelf as the Revelation of St. John the Divine represents the Cosmic Foundation of Substance as the Holy City set up on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Holy Mountain for the Cosmic Foundation of Faith itself: with the Revelation of Jesus Christ as then the Foundation to Receive the Messiah itself; for it is the Sharp Sword that I hold on behalf of My Generation: the Manchild of Israel itself for “America” as the kingdom of Israel; just as present day “Israel” represents the kingdom of Judah.

            And as you of the Providence know: there is only One Israel; thus the soil that Rev. Moon mixed with the soil of America’s 50 states that signified the Marriage of Korea and America as the Bride and the Bridegroom; and Judah itself as the Friend of the Bridegroom; as Israel itself is the “Wall” that stands against the Antichrist and his armies at the End; our “footsoldier”. 

                A bulwark against Gog and Magog; Iraq and Iran.


The Hidden God of Israel becomes Manifest

The Hidden God of Israel becomes Manifest

          In overcoming the Global Canaan who represents the Fallen Nature of Man at the Global Level and then overcoming the False Prophet as the Global Balaam who represents the Fallen Image of Man at the Global Level I am now facing the last three advesaries: the Devil; Death; and Hell.

               Right now I am like the Devil’s cancer; eating away at him day after day as the Morning Star of the Regeneration that goes around the sun every 7 years will finally be seen; the Morning Star itself who is Eliakim. Like a Blue Star larger than the Sun formerly known as Comet Holmes that now shall devours the “sun” that is the face of Death.

              As my Star of Guidance the story of Eliakim at Isaiah 22:22 is itself the fate of Rev. Moon as Shebna and myself as Eliakim; thus presenting the fact that every cell in the human body or “Temple of God” is replaced every 7 years as well; thus the human body if not inhibited by the chemical that causes incomplete regeneration every 7 years has the inherent potential to live unchecked for thousands of years.

                This is what lucifer has trued to hide from the scientific community and also the mind of Man; however it is well known to me; as by the Will of my Father Jesus upon the Throne of God will certainly attain the crown of life on earth due to His Acceptence of my sacrifice at the Altar kept in my Vow; as is seen at Revelation 14:14; and the Crown upon my head is that of my Father’s Name; Christ Jesus; and the handle of the Sickle of the Child of Man is this one saying:

                     “And call no man upon the earth your father:

                                   for one is your Father: which is in Heaven.” 

           Because of my birthday at 4-18  in Germany which is the day Albert Einstein died here in America the date itself must be examined; as it is the old date for “True Parents Day”.

               The number of 418 represents Parcifal in the Caballah; but it is also the number for this in the proverbs; 4:18;  to wit:

      “For the Path of the Just is as a growing light;

         shining more and more unto a Perfect Day”


The Mystery of God is the Secret of the Unicorn

The Mystery of God is the Secret of the Unicorn

                This seems to point to the fact that I am one who would take upon himself the unfinished mission of the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; and in fact this is seen in the other prophecy of the Gospel: that of the Prodigal Son; and his return; as mine Individually and thus to the Universal or Cosmic level; thus the Heir of Christ.

            The doctrine of Rev. Moon which was also shared by my consort Sharon Cardone ((who was a charter founding member of the Christian Life Center Church)) was then this: that lucifer would repent and then be forgiven; Rev. Moon saying that he has indeed been proven greater than “God” as our earthly conception of Him since Moon could forgive Satan but God could not.

               What is written is thaat the devil will die; thus trapped in the body of the Antichrist Osama bin Laden he will “die” with his host: and thus come up at the Last Judgement in the book of Death as of the dead in Hell.

                    The One upon the White Horse is the Second Death of Revelation19:17; as at the Year 1917 when he appeared in the Sun of Mary of Fatimah in Portugal; but I have written of this in other places; and need not repeat it here.

                     19:18 of the Revelation thus refers to the Bird Flu which killed millions; in 1918; and 1919 refers to the Treaty of Versailles in which the “head of the beast” was wounded; that being the National pride of Germany.

                        Revelation 19:20 refers to the birth of Karl Wojytla and Sun Myung Moon in 1920; the indemnity being paid by Prohibition in America as that of a woman giving birth to two “Nazarenes: dedicated from the womb; as Karl becoming the Pope and Moon becoming the 7th Sheperd as the Messenger of the Messiah happened by this national condition of indemnity being set up.

           These are thus the 2 who were the ones by which the Beast of the Axis and the False Prophet of Marxism were defeated; as I did absorb their global missions into my Cosmic mission: in which Death and Hell themselves shall be destroyed: and right now I am standing here as the Candle of God whose Flame is that of the Second Death Itself: equal unto the angels: nor can I die any more. It is Satan the Devil who shall die in the Second Death where the Beast and the False Prophet are: the Lake of Fire; that being my very soul in the Universal Sense of the Word.

              As it was written of me: to wit;

                             “O Death I will be your Plagues;

                                         O Hell; I shall be your Destruction”

               I hope to hear from all who look for the Truth of these Last Days that is now being revealed; and I seek them as he “who comes to seek and to save what was lost”; even as the one who was raised from the dead at the Resurrection of the Just as at the Last Day: Solomon the Preacher; even as Reverend Moon was in the original position of Joseph Nationally as John the Baptist; so will I be in the original position of  Ephraim Nationally as the son of Joseph as Solomon. And Nationally Ephraim is Israel; notably the Northern Kingdom of Israel itself.

Providentially it is the story of Israel as of Solomon is seen in their rise, as of “When Israel was a child then I loved him”; and then fallen as of “my servant Israel”; and then at the last: “Israel my Son who has returned unto me”. This is then of the course of Solomon who was raised up; and who fell; and at the end rises again; as in the story of him the “Prodigal Son” as the respresentative of Israel itself; the lost sheep of the House of Israel being at once the singular and the collective sense of being “one ( Solomon) and many ( Ephraim as the northern kingdom of Israel) “.  As a “little one  of a city”  might stand for “a thousand” cities.

                    In the prophecy of the last days of Isaiah 60:7 it seems that the “little one” stands for Lot; even as the “small one” stands for an Abraham made as “a strong nation”; even as 1930 years BC was when Abraham lived; so 1920-1930 years after Christ seems to suggest “another Abraham”; which would explain why Rev. Moon tried to do this for korea as the Third Israel; trampling our two national figures Servant Luther King as our black Moses and Prince Aaron Presley as his brother; our white Aaron, whose Voice brought togther the 2 races of the North and South.

            That this happened with the hearts of the older black and white generations just as Rev. King did for black and white people of conscience of the next younger generation can then be seen as why My Generation who left the “shadow of Egypt” which is racism; as of the days of Moses when the first born of Israel were to be drowned in the Nile as their racist policy of genocide; as when the black males were all put in the army to did in close quarters against the Viet Cong.

                They were basically cannon fodder; but patriotism cannot be used as a pretext for racism and genocide: just ask David about Uriah who he sent to did. This is why we did not win against the Marxist Beast in Asia; helped by the Scarlet Beast of Red China; the Son of Perdition spirutually; ruled by Death as a fourth of the world’s population with India as the throne of Hell that Death “sits” upon; even as the Scarlet Beast now carries the Whore of the Capitalist Market that now dominates the whole earth.                  

             This was too much like the Policy of Pharaoh in killing the first born of Israel; as the black christian race in America on the 430 years from 1492 ( or 1517 for Rev. Moon; although why from 1517 with Martin Luther and the 430 years which brings us to 1947 with the emergence of the state of Israel in the Promised Land that of  Martin Luther King here in the new Promised Land ) that somehow Rev. Moon missed I will never know until I talk to him and ask him myself. 

 The Opening of the Closed Book

"...and of that which thou hast hold fast; that no man take thy crown.."

"...and of that which thou hast hold fast; that no man take thy crown.."

             In my Book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” are two Gospels; the Gospel of Peace which is called the Open Book; and the Gospel of Salvation; which is called the Sealed Book. In this Book I counsel all those who will read it that they must do the Work in the first Gospel before they open and unseal the Last Judgement written of in the second Gospel. Many will be too impatient to walk the course of the first Gospel; but that is my Father’s test; and that of the Ark itself; seen in the Tower of Salvation the Lamb raised.

            For the white people of conscience who walked with the black race in their marches or went on Freedom Rides on buses My Generation’s position was of those Egyptians who left with the Israelities on their Exodus; the 3 Days at Beth-El men call Woodstock being where our 3 Day Seperation from Satan took place: once again; Rev. Moon was completely silent about our Providentail Mission here in America: and so have you; although I believe you are an American.

                  I of course have no chance of reaching Rev. Moon at this point; but I still hope to bring him to a new understanding of the Word of God seen in the Revelation of St. John the Divine; but as it does not appear a “scientific” and “unprophetic” work I am sure Rev. Moon will reject it.

             Even so it is the 7 Trumpets of the Archangel from 1917 at the first trumpet to 1987 at the seventh trumpet themselves deal with the 7 Seals of the Lamb at the 7 decades of the years 1910 to 1980 that reveal the loosing of the 7 seals in the 70 year course of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia. Every Trumpet begins to sound in the 7th year of each Decades Seal as it is loosed; but this will no doubt appear entirely too “mystical” for Rev. Moon even though the mathematical explanation would make perfect sense to him with his own understanding.

                I stand here therefore at the Last Day:

            The Wrath of the Lamb;

                       of the Offspring of David;

                              of the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World;

     …….of the Mercy of the Lion;

                                     the Root of David;

                                                 of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah


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