Messianic Judaism and the End of Days

Every true Christian is a Jew; but not all Jews are Christians.

                                                            The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

Being of jewish ancestry I have long been aware that every christian must be a jew spiritually; but not all who call themselves jews are christians. Yet it is not by virtue of my jewish blood that I was given the mission of saving my people; it is by the power of the Word of God: for as Lord Jesus said; to wit;

“….for Salvation is of the Jews….”

Lord Jesus said this to let mankind know that in saving man the Jews had made this their gift to the human race; it was the fruit of the lips by which the Word would finally give humanity back the ability to earn their equality with the angels and enter the Kingdom of God forever; immortal and incorrupt. But how is this possible?

In proverbs 4:18 the passage read thus; to wit:

“For the Path of the Just is as a shining light; growing more and more unto a Perfect Day”

This path was first seen by Jacob at his dream at Beth-El; but it was walked first by Enoch; who “walked with God”. Yet is was Seth who is the Son of Adam; also known as the Son of Man; being the second Adam as having Adam’s “image and likeness”; thus the recovery of this original Image of God was the reason that Lord Jesus’s face was so disfigured; which is why he said to the Pharisees that they would surely use one saying against him; namely this:

Physician: heal thyself“.

That Jesus was deformed was the reason many would not believe he was the Messiah; but he was disfigured so that they could not see that he had the face of Adam; being Seth reborn; thus his face was hidden from them so they would not know that he had the Face of God; for Adam was made as the Image of God; thus looking upon his face was to see the Father; for God Himself had formed him to be the visible manifestation of the Invisible Spirit.

                                       “Whose face was so marred……”

                                       The Last Trump The Last Trump

 Isaiah himself said that the Messiah’s face would be marred; and even Moses had to cover his face after coming down from Sinai the second time because the light that shone from it was to much for men to bear: thus they had to had to have it veiled from them; a highly significant point: they were not ready for any man to achieve divinity in their sight: yet the Messiah showed them that they were ready to accept their own divinity by seeing that it lay in their humanity: as his did.

Because Seth was created in Adam’s original image and likeness it was the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World who can be seen on the Altar at Mt. Moriah; which men call Mt. Zion; where Issac lay bound under the knife; without a murmur or a sound: ready to die.

It is only here that one can “die before one dies”; as Muhammed himself knew; for Israel and Judah were to be saved in that if the Elders had hearkened to the Voice of John the Baptist and spared Jesus they would have been as Abraham who listened to the Angel and spared Issac. It was because they did not do this that their land and kingdom for which they killed Jesus after rejecting him by not anointing him as their king was taken away and given to another nation: Islam. Thus the one now on the Altar of Abraham was not Issac; who they had killed: it was Ishmael: the surviving brother.

 John the Baptist was originally in Ishmael’s position: but they had killed him too. This was the cause that as soon as anyone was found loyal in the Elder Brother’s position after the death of Jesus that they would be given the Inheritance of the First-born that Issac had had over Ishmael; even though Ishmael was born first.

It was for this reason that John, speaking from the position of Ishmael; said, (to wit);

“he who came after me was preferred before me….”

John was in the hidden position of a perfect Abel; even as Jesus was in the hidden position of a perfect Adam; and the lost sheep of Israel were in the hidden position of Cain as having gone astray; yet in the revealed test which came upon Israel everyone was let to make their own judgment of who John and Jesus were; many even “mused in their hearts about John; whether or not he might be the Messiah”.

This is why Lord Jesus warned those who would face the Messiah in his Second Advent to be aware that the the test that Israel had failed would be just as hard for the next Nation to face the Visitation of God and the manifesting of His Son: in this case: Islam.

                The Child of the Desert: Ishmael: “God Hears”.

            “His hand shall be against every man;

                     and every man’s hand shall be against his….”

                                          The Most High is the Great God: God in His Mercy is He                                                        The Most High is the Great God:               God in His Mercy is He!



For it was Muhammed who was Ishmael even as Jesus was Issac; though few know it; but many are called; and few are chosen to discover the whole Truth.

That the Messiah will come to Islam and have them face the same situation that the Jews did with Jesus is unknown; however it is revealed to me that Islam will do worse than the Jews did with Jesus in passing the test and “standing before the Son of Man.”

Why? Because the Mahdi is the Son of Mary of Fatimah; the Grandson of Muhammed spiritually; and the Sun of Maryam al-Kubra is the New Israel; the Lion of God; even as Osama bin Laden is the Misih ad-Dajjal; the one we call the Antichrist. But Judaism will see in him their ancient foe; even Azazyel; the fallen Strength of God; whom Michael replaced in the Will.

Yet it is I; the lost sheep of the House of Israel; even Solomon; who returns at the end to save my people; for I was raised from the dead in the name of Jedidiah by my Father’s servant John as of the Staff of Moses in His Hand:

                                           “Beloved of Jah”

                  Yea; even

                                         JAH JEHOVAH!!!



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