The Seven Churches of the True Vine


                                        The True Vine and the Tower of Salvation                                

The Horn of Michael is the Trumpet of the Archangel; Gabriel himself

The Horn of Michael is the Trumpet of the Archangel; Gabriel himself

As the temple of Mammon falls the True Vine now becomes manifest; for just as the First Church in Jerusalem was where the tongues were united at Pentecost where they had been divided at the Tower of Babel we saw the first hint of what was the come: the epic and mythic journey of the Gospel to fill the earth; which has now happened; with the unveiling of the “man of lawlessness”; Osama bin Laden; the Judas of Islam; their son of perdition; as Judas was ours.

The Tower of Babel where the speech of man was divided was thus united at Jerusalem at the Tower of Pentecost; where the Holy Spirit came in his Name; thus the global Pillar of Fire to light the Night until the Lord’s return; the Witness of the Earth; the Covenant of the Night the Gospel became; to prepare us for the return of the Lamb. But what is the Tower of Pentecost?

Pentecost means “Harvest”; but it also means “50”; like the 50 Elijah spared when he burnt up the first two bands of 50 men the king sent to bring Elijah to him; thus this fire came down and resealed the ring that the 12 Apostles of the Lamb represented as the 12 foundations of the Holy City; and as Jerusalem was to fall with the Temple 40 years later due to their murder of the Bridegroom or Heir and Judas’s betrayal at the Table the 12 at Pentecost in the Ring which the Holy Spirit sealed with Fire represent the 12 foundations of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City. But now we must look at the True Vine.

Jesus the Son of Man called himself the “True Vine”; but to see what the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was referring to when he spoke of what was to come we would have to look at a rather obscure saying that is usually glossed over because of it’s seeming self-evident wisdom; practical carpentry; as of the everyday. Yet he never wasted his breath; every one of which was that of the Holy Spirit; the Breath of the Good Shepherd; the Son in the Holy Spirit; as he was every day of his life from the Jordan onward.

At Luke 14:28 the Lion says; to wit;

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down FIRST, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficent TO FINISH IT?

( lest haply, after he hath LAID the FOUNDATION, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him,

“saying…” This Man began to Build, and was not able to FINISH”…)

Most believe he is speaking of those who forsake all they have to follow him alone can be called his disciples; not those who do so with little passion; but the zealous; who hate not their father; their mother; and wife; and children; and brethren; and sisters; yes: and his theor own lives also; as to indicate what the quality of those who would be called his Church; his Temple. For those who are as yet unaware that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah saw that is was the spread of what would end up being called “christianity” it is these words of the Tower he would build which show what the 7 Churches of Revelation really are.

Who Hath and Ear; Let them Hear!

Who Hath an Ear; Let them Hear!

                    The 7 churches that Peter designed; Paul built; and John addressed

The 7 Churches are indeed not what they appear to be as 7 buildings in Asia; which crumbled into dust 2,000 years ago. What they are is the exact blueprint of what would be the 7 lengths of the True Vine; as of “the men of Judah” that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah represented. For Israel in the Vineyard; it is the men of Judah who are the vine; the royal house being “the choice vine”; the House of David; for the Root of David is that of Judah who spared the life of Joseph; and stood down the 9 to do it; for they wanted Joseph dead.

 Mercy is thus the Root of David; at Judah himself; thus “God hath Mercy on the Merciful.”

The 7 churches are thus something desgned and entrusted to Peter; which Paul then got the money for and then built; and then John addressed: all without a soul knowing what they were really had done. The Church whose 7 churches were built were to REACH to the “other end” when the LORD would ARRIVE. In other words the “7th” Church would be the one in which it’s Shepherd would be the Messenger to the Lord himself; just as John the Baptist was with Jesus the Son of Man. None have known this either; because the 7 churches which were those of Ephesus; Smryna, Pergamos and Thyatira as the first 4; and then Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodecia have an element present not seen since the time before the Flood: with Enoch; whom saw the 7 stars.

Until John it was Enoch alone who had ever conversed with the angels when they asked him to petition God for them. Thus he was the first to serve as a messenger to the angels from God; unseen again until John the Divine. It was he who also gave them a Message from God; because Enoch was no ordinary man. Yet this mortal was somehow higher than the fallen angels; and conversed with othes not fallen to do so. Thus with John we have a figure whose mission is inextricably entertwined with the judgment of the angels; and John through the angel of Christ addresses these same 7 stars spoken of seen from the book of Enoch; ( the little one open in the hand of my angel who stands on the sea and the earth seen in chapter 10 of Revelation ). But this means that the 7 great churches of Christianity are then the Line of Judgment stretched out across the earth.

 It is their 7 lengths which when combined are the “True Vine” which is that of the Church of the Living God: grown to the Foundation to receive the Messiah. Let us look at the 7 Cities and the 7 Shepherds which stand as the 7 lampstands; or lightbearers of Christ.

This line goes from Jerusalem at the first church; the Apostolic; whose shepherd is Peter

to Rome at the second church: the Catholic: whose shepherd is Augustine

to Wittenburg at the third church: the Edenic: whose shepherd is Martin Luther

to London at the fourth church: the Gnostic: whose shepherd is George Fox

to Stockholm at the 5th church: the Noetic: whose shepherd is Emanuel Swedenborg

to Salt Lake City at the 6th church: the Archaic: whose shepherd is Joseph Smith

to Seoul at the seventh church: the Sufic; whose shepherd was Sun Mung Moon; now John the Divine

If one takes a look at the nations we see Israel; Italy; Germany; England; Sweden; America; and then Korea. In other words we see a “Vine” going die west: all the wat to China as it were; even if the 7th church has now come to the point where the path of the Just can be revealed; as with Enoch who also “….walked with God…” The Revelation at the end is that the seven Overcomings in each of the 7 speeches to the 7 angels and their 7 congregations has to do with “meeting the Lord in the Air”. Actually Paul said we would be “caught up to him” as to the throne of the 7th church at the last overcoming.

The Tower of Salvation is seen when you take the 7 Churches and put them up in a Vertical: the 7 heavens themselves are thus seen as one ascends: for the 7 Overcomins of the 7 Churches are the 7 Rungs of the Ladder of Jacob: the Classic Ascension to the Throne of God. The Revealing of THIS STRUCTURE signals the “end” of the 7 days of the Week or “Aion” who is the “prince of this world” which the 7 churches deliver us from at the Last day; the 7th days being the Last day of the 7 Last days of Noah: the Week before the Flood and the 7 speeches of Noah when he begged those who came to jeer to repent and come in and be saved: now seen as the 7 speeches of John.

What does this mean?

What it means simply is this: that the 7 Overcomings by which one walks in the footsteps of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah happen on something called the Path of the Just; for who overcomes on Earth in their body stands in the flesh upon the Path of the Just; but stands in their angel in the Spirit upon the Street of pure gold in Heaven; thus it is the wheat who overcome; the first fruit of the Lion who is the Bread of God is thus one stalk of Wheat: even the least in the kingdom of heaven. But one who followed the Lamb finds the Lion at the Altar; even as we see the Lamb of the Tribe of Benjamin: the Lion of God. But Bethlehem means “House of Bread” which is why he called himself “The Bread of God”.

 In this the 12 loaves of bread upon the Table in the Tabernacle are then those of the House of David as God; where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb are seen as those 12 loaves upon the Table itself; the 12 Fruits of the Tree of Life.

Here the tabernacle of God has to do with this saying: “Are there not 12 hours in the Day?” 12 loaves on the Table? And now the 12 months of the Year in his last Coming; where now we can enter into the Ark of John; just as they entered into the Ark of Noah: but this is one of Truth; as of the Son of Man; the Ladder itself. It is as him that we ascend as his exemplar is John; and John’s is ours: truly.

                                                        The Tower of Salvation

The Holy Spirit of the Holy City

The Holy Spirit of the Holy City

 The Tower of which Lord Jesus spoke that is now being revealed brings us to the problem of finding out what is also written in my own book; ( “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” ) in which we find out about the failure of Rev. Sun Myung Moon who stood in the position of the seventh shepherd of the True Vine. Due to his drunkeness at the End it is his replacing by John the Divine as the Last that seal his Fate. Thus just as Peter was the first Shepherd; so it is John the Divine who is the 7th or Last Shepherd. Because Sun Myung Moon never realized what the mission of his church as in the position of Laodecia is of course a tragedy.

It is this rather arcane reason which explains why the 7th lampstand which once stood on the City of Seoul will now be moved to the City of St. Francis when Rev. Moon is “cut asuder” as John the baptist in the Palace of Herod; which Rev. Moon had built for himself: the Golden Cage of Babylon. This is not so unusual; for after all they moved the lampstand of Luther to Berlin from Wittenburg; and that of Emanuel from Stockholm to Bryn Athyn here in Pennsylvania when the Swedenborgians became more numerous here than in Sweden.

In finding out of the secret of the spirit of prophecy: we see that it is the Testimony of Jesus in the Revelation of St. John the Divine which lives in the Testimony to the 7 Churches as once the Spirit lived within the Ark. Thus the Book of Life of the Lamb is now within the Ark which the Revelation of St. John the Divine in it’s revealed character is seen as. The Testimony in the Ark is as the Las of Moses was on the 2 tables which were in the Ark in his day.

If one now looks at the 7 speeches one will see they speak to those 7 angels who were the guides for each of the 7 Shepherds of the 7 Churches of the True Vine; the Church of the Living God hath now it’s 7 pillars hewn out.

Let us pray and go forward in that pure faith on earth that is where grace begins in our walk with the Lord God to see what these 7 churches at the End in their revealed character really bring to Light for those who overcome on the Path of the Just: for they who do overcome will come to the Emerald Table of Justice where sit the 12 Apostles of the Lamb.


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