The Holy Spirit of Christ and the Daughter of Allah: Mary of Fatimah

 The Sword of the Spirit, The Word of Allah;

                            and the Vengeance of the Angel of Fatimah

"For whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye.." “For whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye..”


 The Peace of His Right Hand; and the Justice of His Left 

 In looking at the relationship of the Jews to Christianity and Islam we must first look at where prophecy and the reality of it’s fulfillment come to pass; for only then can we see what is before us in this, the Last Day. It is Allah who chooses what is best; yet at the end we are faced with the prophecies of the Messiah and the Mahdi; yet there is no problem to discern what is to come for the rightyly guided.

The key of realizing the origin of the relationship between these three is found in Isaiah; where it says; to wit:

“Egypt, my people, Assyria, the work of my hands, and Israel, mine inheritence”.

Ham became the father of the Hamitic race, which is of Egypt as his nation, Japeth became the father of  the Aryanic race, with Assyria as his nation; and Shem became the father of the Semites; the Semetic race; and their nation is Israel. The relationship can be seen when Isaiah writes of making a highway out of Egypt for Israel to walk upon; and the Assyrian with him; a sure sign of the Path on which the three races would unite.

Speaking of Peace at a moment when when Iran is rushing towards getting it’s hands on nuclear weapons would seem to be laughable;  as it seems the nation of the Shia are hellbent to rise to their perceived destiny to confront and bring about their Armageddon with Israel in a self-fulfilling prophecy of mutual destruction. Israel is now beginning to back away from the idea of attacking Iran if it continues it’s weapons building program precisely due to the fact that Armageddon is no place anyone wants to be: so what is to come? Let us investigate this closer.

Our divisions in the 3 races ended when Islam took over Egypt; for then in that place where God had said “Ye are not my People” when He killed all the firstborn of Israel He now would say: ( to Fatimid Egypt ) “Ye are my people”. And we also see when God delivered the Northern 10 tribes into the hands of the Assyrians; the elder brother.

Today we see that the claim of Islam is prescient; that it represents the first of the religions: for as Egypt it stands now as first son in the Abel position; a loyal Cain; thus the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel signified tremendous reconciliation going back to Noah; Ham and Shem.

Between these two “hands” being clasped of Shem as Israel and Ham as Egypt there now remains Assyria; but here we have Arabia as Japeth; and Iraq and Iran: Gog and Magog; the Shia in the House of the Shiites. In this Christianity conquers Gog; which just happened; and then we liberated them: to choose their own fate; or transcend it, and thus reach their Destiny.

This is the prophetic tableaux at which we now stand; as Sayed Hisham Kabbani and others have noted. America as the Manchild of Israel; it’s younger sibling amongst the nations; for Israel existed historically as being released from Egypt; thus we see Ishmael from Hagar; in truth. But the Child who comes from Zion is David; dying on the Cross as the Altar of God in the position of Issac: in the form of Jesus; and thus Muhammed becomes the Elder brother who is given the Kingdom by his younger brother: unjustly slain; and not by Abraham; but in Jerusalem.

Complex? Not really; for what we see is that the Monotheistic strain goes from Ham when Islam took Egypt; tp Shem, when it made Peace with Egypt and thus inherited the blessing:

“Blessed are the Peacemakers: for they shall be called :

                     “The Children of the Most High”.


The God of Israel is a God who hides Himself The God of Israel is a God who hides Himself 

Thus we have something revealed at the End unseen; something no one considered: for with the moral support that Arabia has given Osama bin Laden the Ad-Dajjal who Muhammed spoke of long ago we really have the Rod of the Assyrian punishing America as it once punished Israel on God’s behalf; and for very much the same reason: Ephraim and his whoremongering and idolatry and musical assemblies of decadence and debauchery. Sound familiar? It should; for these are the old roots; the old relationships that are the fountains of our present day life.

To see America and Israel as older and younger siblings as that of an elder brother and a younger one brings us to mind of a Saul; and a David; especially since America defeated Great Britan: the Goliath of the day; the first and last world empire; which set the foundation for the Song of the Lamb being in English; though few know of the Baptism of Fire where Haight became Love; where the Tongue of the English was heard at the Jordan of Fire that the Street of Pure Gold started to be seen when Love was heard and the Truth was spoken on every lip:

                              “God is Love”.           (   I John;   “God is love; and whoso abideth in Love;

                                                                                                          abideth in God”   )

Thus it is Assyria as the Shia; and Egypt as the Sunni; with Israel divided between those on the ancient land in the position of Saul as the Jews; and the young”er half as Christianity here in America as the manchild of Israel; in the position of David. For Assyria did once include both what became later Persia and Syria and Arabia should be seen as the Division of the House of Mecca: for a House divided against itself cannot stand.

             The Last Day and

 the Last Hour of Islam and Christianity


                    Where can be found Mary of Fatimah?

Where can be found Mary of Fatimah?

Osama bin Laden is thus the architect behind the sundering of the Shia from the Sunni as the role the Antichrist to the West which he wears as as his Robe of Honor in the Assembly. But he is, in reality, the Judas of Islam, “he who would overturn the Table of Hospitality”. With Iran we now then see Japeth; and with Israel we now see Shem; and Armageddon is where they will find if they cannot live together they will die together; mutual “extermination” being the only “nation” left.

Sayed Hisham Kabbani is too polite in his thinly veiled allusions to the current realpolitik on the ground in the East; but he is skilled enough to point out the anti-sufic impulse of Wahhabism and then Osama’s “Qutbism” becomes apparent. But here we have the question or “Matter of India”.

India is the “Elephant” of the old fable; who the wise of islam tried to define so as to convert it: that being the Mission of islam on the Global Level: to convert India would thus symbolically destroy the stronghold of Death on Earth; for India is Hell on earth to those born on the wrong side of the destroying mountain of their caste system; three of the heavens and three of the hells making a permanent “marriage” of the lower heavens with the upper hells; the upper classes having acces to the lower heavens; and the lower class having duress under the upper hells: thus is the Vine of the Earth revealed; like Jack and the Beanstalk.

 As the Sufis have said   ” Allah had Hell;

                                                 yet He created India”

Islam did not listen to the Sufis who were its own internal voice; thus after they killed Hallaj for a word and murdered Suhrawardri for a book the Scourge of God came upon Islam; in the position of the Knife in the hand of Abraham over Ishmael on the Altar of Abraham the Mongols destroyed their civilization; for the Mountains are Cultures; and the Islands are Civilizations.

Today we have an atomic cloud in the Last Days of the nations; in India with “Indra” we have “Mars” as “Shiva”; another “god of war” as the Hindu “god of destruction” that now has the Bomb; and so does the Global “Muhammed” as Nuclear armed Pakistan; formenting now the conflict at the level of the gods; as the nations and the races have the final posturings of the last conflicts that are now becoming visible.

The outcome can best be seen at Isvara; whom India will find is it’s Salvation; for the End comes by degrees; revealed only in it’s entirety right before the End. Isvara is “the Lord”; the Word of Allah we call “Jesus” who believe the Blessed Prophet and the Sufis who alone are the Rightly Guided; like Sayed Shakyh Hisham Kabbani; a Voice of Moderation and Reason; as can be seen in his books. He is hated as he “likes” the West: as if this was evil; yet it is the Example of Abraham who opened his home to all: who found God at his Table; the one Osama bin Laden lost for Islam singlehandedly: the Judas of Islam.

Magog as the House or Nation of Khomeini still has the Hidden Imam of Ali; but with the rvealing of the true nature of the Sun of Fatimah in 1917 which came to earth the Light of Khidr Rumi; and the Work of the Sun of Tabriz.

When all nations shall be gathered together it shall be seen that the 3 Children of Maryam al Kubra seen as One “Pearl of Great Price” are the triple “Door” of Noah which had 3 “tiers” or “levels” for the small and medium and large who entered the Ark of Salvation.

In seeing with the Heart of Faith where the Three Children are seen as One Holy Child of Fatimah then the One Pearl of which is made the Gate of Salvation stands Open: the Golden Gate seen at the City of St. Francis 50 years later that was the Visitation of the God who is Love;  indeed it is that the Ummah who Believe are saved by the Work of the Sun of Tabriz and the Sufis of Blessed Khidr Rumi; the People of Salvation have made as the Work of the Sun for those whom Allah has Mercy on shall escape the Lake of Fire and therefore enter as of the Sun of Righteousness..

All Three: Muslim, Jew and Christian will stand before this Door of this Ark and only they who believe in the Holy Child of Fatimah al Zahra as the Virgin of Allah will enter the Gate of the New Heaven and the New Earth being reborn. Thus the Shia will be requited; for their Hidden Imam will be seen as that Child who left and returned: and in what guise he comes; hidden to the world; but not the Elect.

The Pearl of Great price is then the Knowledge or “Irfan that the Three Children of Mary of Fatimah are seen as “One Child” as that “Greater Son” of the Greater Mary; and this Unity as of the 3 children is the “Mahdi”.

Allah avenges Muhammed for what befell his daughter; for when Muhammed died none knew that Allah adopted her as His Own Child; for Mary of Fatimah shows that the Sun of Fatimah in Portugal that was seen in 1917 before thousands when the Sun fell out of the Sky is the Bethlehem of Islam; even Bethlehem Ephraim; and it is Maryam al-Kubra is then the Virgin of Light who herself brings the Messiah into the World at this: the Last Day.

The Lamb she brought forth with the Spirit of Christ in 1917 at Fatimah in Portugal is then like what Mary brought forth with the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah when They created the First Lamb at Bethlehem Ephrath in Israel.

I merely write what the Voice of this Child in His Name speaks; thus I am his prophet.


                  The Wrath of the Lamb from the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb


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