True Parents Day; and the Easter of Arthur: 4:18

“…Self interest blinds some men; but helps others see the light…”  

                                                            de la Rochefoucauld

"Blessed are the Pure of Heart: for they shall see God" “Blessed are the Pure of Heart: for they shall see God”


My dear Friends at the Unification Church; 

                I really prize all of our correspondence; because you are of the few Christians currently upon the earth in these Last Days who even evinces a shadow of a real Godly philosophy; which any believer will have to operate with to even stand “before the Son of man”; and also your knowledge of and relationship to Rev. Moon; whose present situation is like that of Saul: “How the Mighty have Fallen”; even though he is the central figure of God’s Providence in this Last Day.  

             It is in this spirit that I once again offer to help restore Rev. Moon and rescue him from the 3 Great Errors in his masterwork “Divine Principle” as can be seen on numerous posts at my blog at the Washington Times called “The Danger of Judging Rev. Moon” and the rest at 

           My Father Jesus is spoken of in my book at the Gospel of Salvation; where the 7 angels of the Son of Man are revealed; these being the one’s in chapter 14 of the Revelation; the 7th of which can found standing in the Sun in front of the Lord of Hosts.  

            This information I am now sharing with you all; as all of you have been frank with me; so am I being frank with you. In mailing this out to the ogans and governing bodies of the old Unification Church I expect controversy: but the Last Day is now here; and the Time is short. I will have to publish my book if Rev. Moon does not finally surrender to me and begin the process by which he can attain immortality; as my Father’s servant John promised he would if Rev. Moon came to me and repented. 

            That WOULD be a divine miracle! 

             The Book I hold in my hand for publication is the Witness of who and what I am. I do not have to speak a word about who I am: because, in the Revelation of Salvation that contains the 2 Gospels; one of Peace; the other of Salvation, I reveal the Revelation of St. John the Divine: which happens to be The Word of God; the Word of the Living God to be exact. Remember the Word of God? That’s where the REAL DIRECT DOMINION appears. 

              I will here reveal to you all some of what is Written; as am I: because the Lamb begins with his new “portion of responsibility” in the Revelation of John the Divine when he is given the book with 7 seals at the Right Hand of God. Rememner what “portion of responsibility” really means? I hope so. 

              No one on earth until now but YOU church members over the years whom I have revealed these and other things about my mission even knows what is in my book; because I have told no one; all that the world knows is what I have posted; and you I have contacted have read things no one has even been privy to; because my book is not yet published. 

               What I tell you I tell you all in Trust; by which I mean I am telling you things that are as yet unpublished; but are what I regard as the New Truth of which Rev. Moon speaks so much; an absolute and verifiable Word of which there is no doubt; if one can believe what one reads; for then the Voice one hears in one’s head is that of the Holy Spirit itself; and one is then saved: but you must believe; and act on that belief in the way that is proscribed; that being the theme of the first Gospel; where the Work is outlined. 

              But let us return to the Lamb: for this is what might interest you in your quest for the Final Scenario; for in your allusions to the fact you believe God to have an observable sense of dark humor; as a sense of irony; which is your insight of “Pierced” as “Perceived” into a God of “Personality”; but this also means establishing a personal relationship with God: because one would then align their heart with what they believed God felt in His Heart; thus you who see a little more clearly would all have been given insight into a certain aspect of God’s Heart because God DOES have a sense of Justice: Poetic Justice being the most Divine of all; but God’s is Holy because it is Just: don’t forget that. 

             The Irony you feel is that of the present day situation: where you observe me; a pennliness beggar in status and observable place in society: trying to meet with and “save” Rev. Moon; one of the most wealthy and influential people on the planet. Why would I bother? 

               Furthermore this same self described “messiah” is telling you things which most would just dismiss outright: but I have caught your attention because you have a certain knowledge of how God operates due to your proximity to one of the most imporatant and providential figures who ever lived: the Korean; the “small one” of Isaiah who became “a stong nation”; even as I am “the little one” who stands for My Generation here in America.  

                 This is the actual situation that you are now all the Witnesses to: but the irony is further compounded here.  

                People do not know that between 20,000 to 30,000 Koreans died that day when those 2 bombs went off in Nagasaki and Hiroshima; held there as slave labor; but the condition of indemnity that was exacted that day fell upon Japan: the Head of the Serpent; as Japan is part of the “three-in-one” beast” that is The Axis; which is verifiable truth; not a theory.  

             Furthermore because of the fact that My Sacrifice was accepted I removed the Gold Cup with John’s help from the hand of Babylon the Great in the Revelation which I document in the Gospel of Peace in detail: and that Cup is the Principle of Indemnity itself; to which my task is to now fill to her “Double”; and “Double” means “Ephraim”; the “white stone” in the 7 churches itself: the name not seen in the 12 names of the 12 tribes in chapter 7 of the Revelation. 

              With Rev. Moon in the Original Position of Joseph as over the House of his “enemy” or Pharaoh as Satan at the Global Level and that “meat in due season” our modern day Joseph was given during this “famine” for knowledge” in the LastDays the world missed but which is in Truth the book of Rev. Moon we know of as the “Divine Principle” we are now living in a different reality than people actually know of.


The Unicorn of Michael is who upholds the Archangel of His Peace: who is Like God? His Peace The Unicorn of Michael is who upholds the Archangel of His Peace: who is Like God? His Peace

             The observable facts are these:  

                     A. )  first the fact that Rev. Moon showed up with in the West is obviously what Rev. Moon believed was the “lightning” that would flash from the “east to the west” contained in his book; and it gave me quite a jolt when I first read it: for I knew from my contacts and gifts from the Sufis that this book was transmitted: in other words that it was not of this earth.  

                    B. )  second the fact occured that I was given an introduction into the Divine Principle from the book Bradford Kent Bufkin was given from Rev. Moon: but Brad gave that book to me: thus I have something that no one has: and the date; 4-18; my birthday; the day Albert Einstein died; here in America as “Prince-ton” as I was born in Germany at Nuremberg: and 4-18-1955 brings us to True Parents Day: the Day in which “he looked not for me”. 

                   C. )  4-18 is Easter; as when the Angel of Christ showed up on that Korean hillside in 1936; but the date 4-18 1960 as to the Marriage of Rev. Moon took place does bring us to why the date 4-18 was chosen as True Parents Day to begin with; for here I also share something with Rev. Moon that no else does also: in that Day he stood in the Position of my Father in Heaven; for here is where I must tell you of the portion of responsibility seen in the book with 7 seals given to the Lamb. 

                  D. )  4-18 is when Arthur removed the Sword from the Stone; and it symbolized the fact one would come and find the Word that connects the Gospel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Revelation of St. John the Divine; the Book of Life of the Lamb hidden in the True Ark of the Testament that John’s Revelation really is; for thus the Will of God the Father is hidden in the Word of God: His Word; in fact: Faithful and True every word! 

              You may recognize Him: he sits upon the White Horse; the Second Death himself. As at 19:17; from the Sun of Fatimah at 1917 in Portugal; the Providence for the start in the 3rd course of restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; 70 years later after Russia had their 70 years of Babylonian Captivity the Wall fell. 

          The Lamb who John saw receive the Book with 7 Seals on it at the Right Hand of God was revealed to me in the presence of the holy angels when John who is the presence of the Lamb showed me that this book was the Lamb’s “new Portion of Responsiblity”; for having arrived slain with the face of David at his Regeneration at the Throne of God Lord Jesus had indeed accomplished the first portion.  

           The reason that all the angels fell down at the Throne at that point is that the angels knew what was going to hapeen when the Lamb had completed his new portion of Responsiblity: that the Lamb was destined to sit down upon the Throne of God.  

            It is this “Hour” which Rev. Moon never considered: because he never believed that the Revelation of St. John the Divine was of any Value; when it was the Word of God all the time; the one thing he would have to earn by his own efforts as his portion of responsiblity to attain to the position of the Messiah. 

             Because Rev. Moon did not do this; as was indeed foretold; John came to me and revealed all this: so that if Rev. Moon was predestined to be saved from his destined fall then I could Open the Book of Life of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World whose position I stand in so that he could be the Messiah: as is God’s Desire.  

               That is; in fact, what you are reading: for it is written in flames; even as my hand is of Eliakim the scribe: in the Regeneration itself; of which I am the Witness as the Proof thereof; as Lazurus was in his Day: for he was rotten; and brought back whole; and for a reason; which now confronts you. 

               You of all on earth cannot, at least, claim ignorance; for you stubbornly believe; and showed me in your email this one thing: you still firmly believe; as did Bradford Kent Bufkin who gave me his copy of the black book; black because “the Day dawns Black over the Prophets” as you both believed: that Rev. Moon is and will rise as the Messiah: period; one way or another.  

                  The Ironic Thing here is that John came to me to tell me exactly the same thing: the DIFFERENCE is this: 


       So have Rev. Moon contact me if he wants to reach the Seal of the Living God and then the Crown of Life. Or not; it’s up to you.

"Of a truth I say unto you; He will make him Ruler over All that He hath" “Of a truth I say unto you; He will make him Ruler over All that He hath”

                THAT news is what I am telling you in this last desperate post: and if Rev. Moon and all his handlers ignore me and my missives: then indeed he will NOT become the MESSIAH: and it is not me but my Father’s servant JOHN who is he without which “I can do nothing”.  

                 Or Rev. Moon either: as God is MY JUDGE, 

                             and the 12 APOSTLE’S of the Lamb are MY WITNESS.  

                So: the Final Scenario is this: I will now finish my final edit and publish my book; and Rev. Moon does not get to me before it is published then it will just be too late: for I am not waiting any longer: I’m Done.  

                   I will just publish my book with it’s 2 Gospel’s; and if Rev. Moon then comes to me then it will just be TOO LATE: for I am not going to change ONE WORD OF IT after it is printed; that’s IT.  

                 And don’t think that I am just going to have this book published because I need the money: my Father’s servant John has seen me through every dificulty and obstacle that Satan has brought aginsy me: and he has crushed them all; because he is the Last of All; and Servant of All: who stands in the position of he who is FAITHFUL AND TRUE; just like in the Song of the Lamb I wrote with Hyo Jin Moon this Last Week; all 4 parts; it’s Perfect; singing with the Voice of Gabriel himself; it’s sitting on my desk right now.  

                In retrospect I suspected that this would happen; as soon as he showed up at Bay City at the End of my 40 Days of Temptation: with Women; 3 of them to be exact; and I overcame them all; and Kept my Vow.  

                 To the rest of the world this information would mean little: but I believe you are beginning to understand exactly what it means; for I sent you the Dream I had with Rev. Moon and that Song “So Unbelievable” with Hyo Jin Moon to make you a Witness of the Last Day: and that is where YOU now stand; sense of Irony and All; and all is “Toto”; as on the yellow brick road: the street of pure gold: the Path of the Just. 


Who fell and then Rose: he who wore the Cross of Jerusalem Who fell and then Rose: he who wore the Cross of Jerusalem

               Only the children will enter the Golden Gate that is the One made from the Pearl of Mary of Fatimah; the one that Emanated from Fatimah in Portugal at 1917 400 years after 1517 which is the Date Rev. Moon was given; and it emanated 50 years later: to 1967: to three Cities; 

                         1. )  to Jerusalem; for the Jews; for in 1967 Israel as Jacob broke the yoke of Mecca off the shoulder of Jerusalem; thus in that 144 Hours in that 6 Days of War we see that recovery of the 6 Days when Joshua walked around the city of Jericho. And 144 is also the Measure of a man; but it is the Wall of the City.               

                         2. ) to San Francisco; for the Christians; for in 1967 as soon as the yoke of Mecca was broken off the shoulder of Jerusalem Jacob became again Israel; and the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca: which is why everyone of My Geberation made the Pilgrimage to San Francisco in the position of the New Jerusalem in the Summer of Love and Peace; as in the Internal Couse; as oppsoed to the external Course in Palestine of Hate and War. 

             Thus in “Haight” Hate” street becoming the Jordan of Fire as of the Baptism of the Fire of Love by which My Generation was Kindled that Rev. Moon did not come there himself: as I stood there at the age of 12: and I waited for him on Haight Street: but he never showed up. That was what was supposed to happen to Rev. Moon in 1967: and that is the reason he missed the Visitation of God: and why my City was destroyed; fallen to the position of Sodom: but not anymore; for I redeemed it and My Generation on the Foundation of Beth-El and our 3 Days of Seperation at Woodstock: or “Beth-El” as it is really named: the House of David as “the House of God”. 

                              3.) Mecca in having Israel rise again by stopping all the Arab armies and especially those of Egypt suffered the fate of having it’s own Fulfillment of the Prophecy seen in the Gospel; for it is Mecca which the man Muhammed went out into the Desert from and came back as Ishmael finding the Kaa’ba “swept” as the House of Mecca was “cleansed” of it’s Idols; and it is as the 7 Companions of the Bench who are likened to the 7 evil spirits the man Muhammed took to himself as advisers to write the book as the “WE” of which the Qur’an speaks; it is thus that “the last state of that man was worst than the first” when he was able to ride himself of the unclean spirit which made most regard him as an epilectic who had “fits”.  

                            Malcom X did not come to Mecca as a prophet: but he left as one; but they who live by the sword shall die by the sword; as he discovered; but also those who were murdered are now raised up: Servant King and Aaron Presley standing upon the 430 year Foundation that is seen at Revelation 11:11 upon a Cloud; the Cloud being me;in the position of the Spirit of Man: rising and going upwards: yea; even to the Throne of my Father: and Servant King and Prince Aaron Presley stand there with me; and you shall see them ere long.  

                    In telling you of these things I am only showing you things which are written in my own book; although here I have but scratched the surface: but take a look through that scratch: you can see the Kingdom of Eternity through the tear in the Veil of Mystery I removed with John’s help but which I can now only show you a trace of.               

                 If Rev. Moon has a cloak to take off he will find out he is naked; for John took the garment he thiks he wears now as he sold the wedding garment for the sword of the divine principle he thought was better; but as he said Lord Jesus never rose in the flesh and even the bone as he shewed his disciples Rev. Moon will find when the Kingdom arrives in a few short years that he will have no covering; nor crown either; as I presently wear the one seen at Revelation 14:14; on the white cloud; which is the Holy Spirit of Christ Almighty; where I sit in the position of the Son of Man; and of the Sickle you know the saying well: I call no man on earth my Father: for as the first angel of the Son of Man with the Everlasting Gospel says in my Book of me at the 2nd Gospel of Salvation this; to wit;                 

               “his Father sits upon the Throne of God”.                 

the First Angel of the Son of Man the First Angel of the Son of Man

            How do I know that the one Rev. Moon calls Jesus but not Father has the Face of David? Because the Baptism unto Death of Jesus was the Resurrection unto Life of David; just as in my book I document that the Resurrection of Jesus was the Regeneration of David by that face by which he beheld God when He said this:  

                    “Thou art My Son: Today have I begotten thee” 

observe also Psalm 22; and Even Isaiah 22:22; for you will start to see what “the Double” really is for he who holds the Golden Cup which is the Divine Principle of Indemnity at the Cosmic level; for that is the one that I and My Generation as those 144,000 Virgins I restored now stand: on the Mount of Transfiguration itself: Mt. Sion; which has another name in Israel: Baal Hermon; where the angels came down: which the Greeks call Mount Olympus. It is the Holy Mount itself. 

                  There I stand with my Seed on this earth at Revelation 14; even as my spirit sits upon the White Cloud where I hold the Sickle at 14:14.  

                   Today have I revealed all this to you because you were honest with me: so I have been honest with you. 

                 As for the Destiny or Fate of the Faithful and Wise Steward/servant who is Rev. Moon as written of in the Gospel at Matthew and Luke let those two be my 2 Witnesses of who Rev. Moon really is before everyone on the Earth: for that is where I stand in the 7 Eyes of God and the Lamb which are the 7 Spirits of God on the Earth. 

"in the twinkling of an eye; and all shall be changed..." “in the twinkling of an eye; and all shall be changed…”

                   That is the Tabernacle of God; even My Generation which is Ephraim; Solomon at the Global Level; who is the Prodigal Son who comes to save Rev. Moon; as even his Elder Brother when my Father Jesus kills the fatted calf Osama bin Laden at the Celebration that is now beginning.  

                    Who am I?  The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel; and I have the Gospel itself as the Witness which testifies of me; that and everyone who ever knew me when I fell in the City of St. Francis; for I was one who fell for the Fame and the Fortune which is the Name and Number of the Beast: whose number is that of a man: Solomon; who was given 666 talents of gold in one year; as is written of him at I Kings 10:14.  

                   Yea; it is I; back from the Dead; just as Rev. Moon is John the Baptist; of which it was said

 ” there has not arisen of men born of women a greater prophet than John the Baptist”  

                       How could anyone miss Rev. Moon? He stands like a Giant upon the earth; someone who I can see as clear as the Day of Christ Jesus in which the Son of Man is Revealed: and that is Today; the Last Day itself.  

                       And it is my Father’s Servant John who represents the Last Hour himself; for John the Divine was the Last of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who are the 12 Hours of the Day who is Christ: at Patmos: and he stands there now: pen in hand; for he has not died yet; as ye will discover; at this: the beginning of the Regeneration; for it is his Angel in the position of the Faithful and True Witness who speaks to you now: know this in the Holy Spirit of Truth; the 7th of the 7 Spirits of God whose Unity is the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah: the Holy Spirit of God Himself.  

                   I know as John stands upon this earth that you might know exactly what I am telling you now is also Faithful and True; for it is of the Word of God; and telling you this I stand in the position of one Holy and Just; which is the Garment I wear. Let Re. Moon come forth; and enter inot his Glory; if he has not given up; for I bring New Hope; even the town of New Hope PA as Zoar; the little one who the angels led out from the City of St. Francis fallen as Sodom who when rescued becomes a “thousand”; the one virgin as having the measure of the Children of the Resurrection: 144 who becomes the 144,000. 

                     In Love;

                                     the Mighty God; 


                   christopher witt diamant


               the Wrath of the Lamb; the Offspring of David;

                    the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World; 

           as Remembering the Mercy of the Lion; the Root of David;

                             the Lion of the Tribe of Judah


                      Amen; and Amen


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