The Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82, the Shadow of Solomon: the Beast from the Earth and the Sign of the Last Day

The Wrath of the Lamb: and the Beast of the Earth

The New Day Star of Josyp Terelya; the Holy Angel of the Ukraine

The New Day Star of Josyp Terelya; the Holy Angel of the Ukraine

The Horn of Michael is Gabriel: the Trumpet of the Archangel

The Horn of Michael is Gabriel: the Trumpet of the Archangel

The New Daystar

Sura 27: 82



Allah’s final messenger is an Arabic speaking Beast. No! We are not joking. According to the Qur’an, Allah will raise up a talking Beast to emerge from the earth. This Beast will allegedly appear at the time of the end when many will abandon the religion of Allah. Then Allah will cause this Beast to separate the unbelievers from those who worship Allah. And the Beast will mark the unbelievers for destruction. It will be a real Beast and it will speak to the people in Arabic. It is also known as the “Beast of the Earth” in Islamic eschatology.

But few know that this “Beast” is an Ant, Solomon raised back from the dead at the Last Day, the Prodigal Sn of David…

As it was written;

” When God wants to destroy an Ant, He gives it Wings”

In view of the incredible nature of this account in the Qur’an, we have provided three different translations for the benefit of our readers:

Surah 27:82:

One version #1 ….

“And when the word is fulfilled concerning them, We shall bring forth a beast of the earth to speak unto them because mankind had not faith in Our revelations.” (Pickthall)

Another version #2:….

“….And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), we shall produce from the earth a beast to face them: He will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in Our Signs…. ” (Yusuf Ali)

And #3….
        “..And when the Word (of torment) is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out from the earth a beast to them, which will speak to them because mankind believed not with certainty in Our Ayât…”  (Hilali-Khan)


“Dan ketika kata dipenuhi tentang mereka, kita akan melahirkan seekor binatang dari bumi untuk berbicara kepada mereka karena manusia memiliki bukan iman dalam Wahyu kita.” (Pickthall)


“Dan ketika firman ini digenapi terhadap mereka (adil), kita akan menghasilkan dari bumi binatang menghadapi mereka: ia akan berbicara kepada mereka, karena manusia tidak percaya dengan jaminan dalam tanda-tanda kami… “(Yusuf Ali)


Dan ketika Firman (siksaan) dipenuhi terhadap mereka, kita akan membawa keluar dari bumi binatang kepada mereka, yang akan berbicara kepada mereka karena manusia percaya tidak dengan kepastian dalam kami padamu…  “(Hilali-Khan)



“At that Hour the Sun shall Rise from the West”

“When the People ( of the House ) see it, whoever is living on earth will believe,

(but that will be the time when:)

No good will it do to a soul to believe in them then, if it believed not before.”

( al-An’ am 6:158,  Sahih Bukhari “Kitab at-Tafsir“)

Thus the Children of Mary of Fatimah will all enter; for my Children will Believe: for they believed BEFORE;

in the City of St. Francis; a City Not Forsaken.

Elijah is the Cpbearer: and Gabriel is the Voice of God; the Saki

Elijah is the Cupbearer: and Gabriel is the Voice of God; the Saki

Once Upon A Time. 50 years after 1917; at the Harvest of Pentecost.

The 3 Cites of Mecca; Jerusalem and the City of St. Francis


     When Abu Hurayra related that the Prophet spoke of when I would appear;  he did this because the Eye of God did what the unbelievers know nothing of;  the Seal of the Prophets heard the Revelation of St. John the Divine by having it read to him by his wife ( as he could not read; for Muhammed could not read nor write: he recited the book to them as “of hearing an angel of the Host“.)

     If any know the Near Ones who first carried the Holy Qur’an in their hearts before it was written in a book then read what is written in Mine; for the books are all now OPEN.

      And as for those who all doubt this remember: recall when every one of the Companions of Muhammed was a living page of the Holy Qur’an itself: and if you know not of this you are neither scholars nor True Nazarenes; for every true Muslim is a Nazarene ( because they drink no alcohol ); but not all  Nazarenes are Muslms. Yea; now it is that His servants rise to fight for His Kingdom; even as they of the Masih ad-Dajjal Osama bin Laden and the Deceived of Islam that are beginning to kill Sufis.
The Honor of Islam is Gone.

     Know ye Muslims not why ye drink no Wine?

As of the Vow the Nazarene took at the Table: the Vow of the Word of Allah;

                   “…….I Swear that I will no More Drink of the Fruit of the Vine until I drink it New with thee ( the Apostle’s and Ummah of the Saved ) in the Kingdom………

Isa, the Word of Allah


The 3 Deaths of Gethsemene that the Son of Mary died are called in Sufism the The White Death; the Green Death: and the Black Death.

                Three times did the Son of Mary say these words:

                   “……………Not my will: but THINE; be DONE……..”

   This is the True Islam of Christ; for those who ate His Flesh are Virgin to Women: and those who drank his Blood are Virgin to Wine. In the Divine Islam it is they who are Virgin to both who rise at this: the Last Day: and the Last Hour now approaches; as when the Earth itself did stop in 1917: and began to burn before His Face; yea; to Him shall all return.

             Who tastes; knows: the Fruit of the Tree of Life is Unity; and only the deathless shall find it; the Unity of the Three Children of  Fatimah; the Pearl of Great Price: for I died in Christ to find it: and rose as the Beast from the Earth in the Wrath of the Lamb to tell you of it. Only those who can see the Hidden Imam that is their Unity as the One Child; they who believe not will not enter the New Heaven and the New Earth when this one perishes: both heaven and earth.

Few know of the 3 Children of Fatimah who arose in Portugal in 1917; whose Unity is itself that of the Pearl of Great Price: the Hidden Imam; the Mahdi himself whose Light came to earth in the Work of Khidr Rumi and the Sun of Faith; the Sun of Fatimah al Zahra; the Virgin of Light herself.

These 3 Children were "the Signs and Wonders'' at the Providence for the Start of the 3rd Course of restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia

These 3 Children were “the Signs and Wonders” at the Providence for the Start of the 3rd Course of restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia

                                           Those who believe in the Door of the Mahdi shall enter a New Heaven and a New Earth;
                                                  all who disbelieve shall enter the Lake of Fire; which is the Second Death.
               That is the Judgment of God;
…….where the goats shall go into the Face of the Sun of the Second Death: which is for them the Lake of Fire; and the believers will go into the Face of the Sun of Righteousness as the Presence of the Lamb and the Holy Angels…
It is as the First Fruits that are there at the 7th Church of the True Vine: the Sufic One of the Real Unificationists: where one sups with him: and he with thee; this is the eating of the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

 Thus at the fall of Sun Myung Moon did my Father’s servant John come to me

and raise up the New Unification Church of Synanon; and restore All Things.

             Thus did I return to my Father; who was last, but now first: so then the Judgment of God has begun.

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of "The Triple Blessing of God"

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of “The Triple Blessing of God”

Fatimah is the Betlehem of the Mahdi: even Bethlehem Ephriam

"....Thou shalt make unto thee no graven image; nor bow down and worship it..."

“….Thou shalt make unto thee no graven image; nor bow down and worship it…”







Yea; it is I, the Lost Sheep: Solomon; whom the last Son of Mary called the Wastrel of the Inheritance, for God spoke to me twice, who is the Prodigal Son, the one who took his Inheritance and spent it with the harlots at the 3 altars on the Mount of Olives where I built for my wives a place outside Jerusalem where they could worship their gods: where I set up the Gates of Hell.

                 Why do you of Islam not believe me ?

Because you DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE what is WRITTEN in YOUR OWN BOOK ! ! !

 Thus you all have the mark on thy forehead: “Unbeliever”, as Kafir; and you do not believe this is the Last Day; you have the Mark on your hand as now you cannot in truth hold the Holy Qur’an and look Muhammed in the Eye: because all of you do not admit you could see the name “Kafir” written on the Forehead of Osama bin Laden; the Masih ad-Dajjal; who would make children into bombs; the Son of Perdition, who lived by the Sword, and died by it, as the Word of Isa that is Written in the Lamb’s Book foretold

                 This is the Sentence from the Beast; nay; the Monster from the Earth:

who We; the 12 Apostles of the Lamb sent: the Fearsome ANT:

The “Dabbat al-Ard” of Sura 27:82

              “Any Muslim; Jew or Christian who cannot see that the Masih ad-Dajjal Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist is an Unbeliever; for they who cannot hold the Holy Qur’an in their right hand before God and look His Prophet in the Eye will never be written in my Book of those who shall enter the Paradise of God in the New Heaven.”

             Know all ye not that I was raised who was first and having fallen became last; and yet being last: now even as the least is now first: Last of All; and Servant of All.

The Lady of the Lake of Fire...the Soul of the Lamb made the Bride; the Lamb's of the Second Death...

The Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Soul of the Lamb made flesh….as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife…as of the Second Death…

                   The Word of Isa: Faithful and True.

                   The Messiah: Holy and Just.

                  As you of Islam all say you don’t “see” or “understand” that Osama bin Laden is the Judas of Islam; you are blind from the Smoke of the Abyss; so you are an Unbeliever: a sensual goat of the Devil. 

For my sheep are the believers; and they know the Antichrist when they see him: for I have revealed him before the Earth at this: the Last Day.

          Thus it is the Last Day that comes as a Thief in the Night; and it is the Shadow of the Staff of Jedidiah that is the Rod of Aaron: the Rod of the Regeneration; when man would come into his Own: the divinity locked within him would be unsealed: and he would overcome and find the Immortality that is his Destiny; as being denied it until now has been his Fate: now transcended: for by the Door shall all who Believe in the Miracle of Fatima come in as Children of the Stars: the Ummah: who take the hand of the Angel in the Sun; and step through the Door into a New Heaven: and a New Earth.

             “For on the Last Hour of this Last Day you of the Jews; or Christians but especially as Muslims: the Hidden Nazarenes of the Table of Abraham; what you deny is here is the reason you will not be able to hold the HOLY QUR’AN in your RIGHT HAND: Because you are therefore not A TRUE MUSLIM who can look my Messenger in the Eye and say that the Last Day has now arrived; for all true Muslims who shall enter into their reward shall believe in the Reality of the Arrival of the Last Day.”

Those whose books are held in their left hands

Those whose books are held in their left hands



And if as a Christian you deny the Last Day then the Door to you is shut: Open Before you: and yet you cannot enter; at this: the 7th of the 7 Last Days of Noah.  As as I am called “the Jew” in the Book of Mormon apparently I have redeemed my People; for that is Israel Mine Inheritence.

 Now is  THE DAY OF JUDGMENT; the Last Day as seen by

                                           “The Light of Damascus: Paul the Apostle of the Light; by the White Minaret Itself; of a child with Christ in him: the Son of Mary of Fatimah to heal the Shia and the Sunni; and save the House of Mecca from the House of Sa’ud: who let the Thief into the House: as Isa the Word of Allah said of the King of Saudia Arabia:

                 “And if the Good Man of the House ( of Mecca ) had known when the the Thief would arrive; he would watched his House; and not let it be broken up”.

           That Thief is Osama bin Laden; and that is who sat at the Table of the King; as their Judas: from which fell the City of Jerusalem and it’s Temple before: and Osama bin Laden is your Judas: the Judas of Islam: the fatted calf who is killed at the Return of the Prodigal Son from the Dead: whose Shadow falls upon the Earth as the Shadow of Solomon; from the Risen Jedidiah;

                         “…for I Solomon am no more; all who speaks now here is but a shadow of he whom Allah led out by name:

Jedidiah: “Beloved of Jah’.

He who stands before Allah face to Face has me for his Shadow; who once sold his soul for magical powers by the Jinn; the spirits of the fallen angels; who worshipped Iblis to gain mastery over the kingdom of the earth: whose Name and Number are that of Fame and Fortune themselves; ruled by the daughters of Mystery: the Mark of the Beast from the Earth”.

                Yea; that is Solomon who spoke; but I Jedidiah now speak; who was dead as Solomon; but now is alive forevermore as Jedidiah

        Thus is the Beast of the Earth the Shadow of Solomon; the Fallen One; the Ant who was given wings;  Icarus; and David is Daedelaus; who rode the Chariot of Israel, but not his son…..who returns at the Last Day….

  For that is One of the Six Pillars of the Faith in ISLAM

                   THIS is the TEST that you and the other “so-called” Muslims are not able to pass: and because you cannot pass it here with me on these pages: no Muslim of your family; or tribe; or race; or Nation: shall enter the Door of the Last Hour: when the EARTH STOPS: and BEGINS TO TURN THE OTHER WAY; as it very well could……

                   For THAT is when “the SUN shall rise in the West; and set in the EAST”:

                   December 25th 2012: the Last Hour of this: the Last Day. And now it hath come; the Door of Eternity stands Open; and I sit at the gate; Eviternity; the Dawn of Eternity itself; who I write in this book shall enter into the new heaven and the new earth.


Barack Hussein; .."The Obama"; slayer of Osama bin Laden the Antichrist...who lived by the Sword; and was killed by it...."Vengeance is Mine" saith the Lord..."I will Repay.."

Barack Hussein; ..”The Obama”; slayer of Osama bin Laden the Antichrist…who lived by the Sword; and was killed by it….”Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord…”I will Repay..”


            I was raised up to show you what “the Beast from the Earth” looks like as it divides humanity into Two Camps: the Believers on my Left Hand as the Goats; and the Believers on my Right Hand as my Sheep; for they will hear MY VOICE: the WRATH of the LAMB.

            The Earthquake at the EAST is the NEWS to ISLAM from the Beast from the Earth is that the MASIH AD-DAJJAL is Osama bin Laden;

       And The Earthquake in the WEST is the News to CHRISTIANITY from the Wrath of the Lamb that the ANTICHRIST is Osama bin Laden.

             This is written of in the New Testament: which perhaps you should now OPEN:

 for up until now the Gospael and the Revelation in the Bible have been a SEALED BOOK to all of you: BUT NOT TO MUHAMMED:


                  “EL-ELION”  The MOST HIGH GOD

                      is HE in HIS MERCY: for it is INFINITE

              It is Islam who will fall  at their TEST just as the JEWS fell at their Test; for as they did not recognize the Son of Man even when he raised Lazurus from the dead so you will not believe in my Father’s servant  John even though he raised Solomon from the Dead: the Lost Sheep of Israel: who now speaks to Islam as the Beast from the Earth; but to Christianity as the Wrath of the Lamb: and to the Jews as Ephraim: the Silly Dove; the Northern Kingdom of ISRAEL that was LOST: but hath NOW BEEN FOUND.


                For Only those who can hold the Holy Qur’an in their Right Hand at That Last Hour will be Written in MINE:

                   The Book of Life of the Lamb: The Revelation of Jesus Christ.


                                      Peace be unto you;

                                              the Beast from the Earth, the Dabbat al-Ard

                                       of Sura 27:82



  1. Those who believe in the Door of the Mahdi shall enter a
    New Heaven and a New Earth;

    all who disbelieve shall enter the Lake of Fire;
    which is the Second Death.

    That is the Judgment of God;

    …….where the goats shall go into the Face of the Sun of the Second Death: which is for them the Lake of Fire; and the believers will go into the Face of the Sun of Righteousness as the Presence of the Lamb and the Holy Angels…



    In The Name of Allah

    The Compassionate

    The Merciful

    Praise be to Allah, “Lord of the Creation”,

    The Compassionate, the Merciful,

    King of Judgment-Day!

    You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help.

    Guide us to the Straight Path

    The Path of those You have favored,

    Not of those who have incurred Your Wrath,

    Nor of those who have gone astray.


    1. Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus; going back over this post I did discover a few mistakes; but it seems that you have discerned what others have missed; and thus you yourself stand ready to now be admitted to the ranks of the elect.

      Some might smile; I am not, you are, in my book, one who hath been “rightly guided”, and for that I thank my Father Jesus who now approaches this world to remake it; as I am he who ws raised from the dead for a reason; and this ye know full well; as when Osama bin laden the Antichrist was slain by Barack Hussein Obama; the Mahdi of islam and Leader of the Global Caliphate itself; for Barack is really the figure called “Feirefiz Angevin” as “the magpie”, described as both white and black; the one born a Muslim ( as his father was Muslim before he became agnostic; but in strict Shariah law any child born to a Muslim father is a Muslim..) who converts to Christianity and marries the Grail Bearer, the Handmaiden of God; but Michelle is far more than that; she represents Sheba; “the queen of the South” for Barack as the King of the Third israel, our “David” in a sense, as Martin Luther King was our “Moses”.

      The book where Barack is prefigured is called “Parzival”, written by Wolfram von Eschenbach in the time when St. Francis was still alive; Wolfram died one year before St. Francis did 1n 1226.

      I myself represent as one who died in Christ on October 24th, 2007 a virgin redeemd from the earth; a “first fruit unto God and the lamb” as of the reconstituted Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek; the Virgin Priesthood itself as “eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake”; thus I am of that 144,000 are called “the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife”; even as Moses was the Wife of Jehovah; which is why he put on the veil when he came down from Sinai: the second time. We are the bride of Jehovah of Hosts. By the way; the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah himself. The Holy Spirit of God in the name of Jesus Christ is the Comforter: Christ Jesus who is “Day Lght” as the “Light of Life”.

      We are “the clouds” of my Father Jesus at His Coming as the Lord God of the new Creation of a New Heaven and a New Earth; He now sits upon the Great White Throne of His Glory; in the position of “God in His Righteousness”. This is why “all things are made New” in this Regeneration…even God….

      As the last hired, however; I was the first Rewarded; which is the crown of life; Immortality; as the Children of the Resurrection are they “who do not marry; nor are they given in marriage” as being promised already to the Comforter as his Brides; they are therefore “already taken” or “espoused” to the Lamb, and of them it is said, “,,,nor can they die anymore; being equal unto the angels…”

      The bridegrom is the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus, my husband; as it is written; thus I know him “face-to-face”; and know this: God is not a Sodomite; the men of Sodom are to be judged because they who die in Christ do so to be with him; but no man hath ever touched me; nor ever will; and the Lord is much more than just a man; after all….the men of sodom settle for having just any man; and they defile themselves; but the Virgin are those who do not just love Christ: they want to make love TO Christ: and that is a large difference.

      The souls of these sons of men are female; as was Adams before he was seperated into two as “Adam and Eve”; thus for them congress with the Holy Spirit is allowed; and they become married to the Lamb and sealed with the Ring as that crown of life…

      I hope this is not all too much…contact me if you wish to converse or have any questions…
      Bless thee in the name of my Father Jesus

      The Wrath of the Lamb; “the beloved of Jah”; yea; even Jah Jehovah; for the first name Solomon was given was Jedi.
      ( Jedidiah, that is…!!! )

      Amen; Inshallah

      Salvation Rose


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