The Dark Shadow of Jedidiah: Solomon; the Dabbat al-Ard of Rasul Muhammed. Sura 27:82 The Advent of the “Beloved of Jah’

And Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory      

  And Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory

Once I wrote these words:

“The knowledge of the holy is Understanding”

For most these words reveal much; yet in them I concealed this:

 Divine Wisdom is what I called “Understanding”……
                                 ….” ( the lamp lit )
 Divine Understanding is what I called “Wisdom“;
                                  ….. ” ( the lampstand and it’s lamp )

It is for this reason that my Father Lord Jesus said:

“No man when he hath lit a candle hides it under a bushel basket;
but puts it on a lampstand; so that it can give light to the entire room…”

The Good Shepherd well knew that I had reversed these two and so concealed the Divine Wisdom itself.

Yet in these words he spoke of me he also brought me from Hell finally to Himself’ from the Abyss where to Apollyon as “throwing myself down” from the top of the temple I had built, before the face of the devil’s own angel: the king of those angels who fell; yea: the angel of Self-Destruction.

That is where I laid as where I had fallen; but once found by the Suhrawardi Sufi Michael Beebe I was then led out out of my darkest of all Hells in that old name Nathan first gave me:


               ” Beloved of Jah”;

the Prodigal Son of David

                                             …………………………………………………………..       “At the Last Trump…..”

Yes; it is I; who fell; Solomon: the “lost sheep of Israel”; who the world will find is the one that the Saints later  called “the Prodigal Son”. But let us look at how I ascended out of the Abyss into which I fell when I was followed by Ephraim; the Northern Kingdom of Israel itself; the lost 10 tribes themselves are the “Lost Sheep of Israel”. For their return is Mine; I stand once again for my Nation: the Light of the World.

That is why I am raised at the Last Day; the Sabbath Day; and have returned, like Lazarus; from the dead.

For my Father’s servant John raised me from the dead just as the Lamb raised Lazarus.

But I was raised to destroy the armies of the Masih ad-Dajjal in the East; who is the Antichrist of the West; for this is the news which moves like the actual Recognition of who Osama bin Laden is which is the “invisible smoke” of his sorcery: for now we will have to mention sorcery: for that is what they accuse my ring of doing.

         I gained back the shoes, the garment and the ring from my Father; but the story of my finding the House of the Father has to do with he who saved me: the one who fell to find me: and had the Rose of Baghdad-by-the-Bay; the City of St. Francis; whose angel holdeth the 7 Vials of the Wrath of God; as I am now Jedidiah; the one that makes the Black Stone of Mecca speak with a new heart and a new tongue; to become the White Diamond of San Francisco; in which there is a new name written: on the Stone of Ephraim; who stole the blessing in the Land of Egypt: for “now” doth the “sorcery” begin; now do I reveal the devil who is Lucifer the King of Babylon as I vanquish him who deceiveth “the whole world” with his illusion: Babylon the Great.

Marvel not at this; O Israel; for I am “Ephraim” who is Israel; the Kingdom which returns with me is that of the 10 lost tribes are the Lost Sheep of Israel; the entire Northern Kingdom; yet here in this place I am called something else: America; the Manchild of Israel; the Black Christian Race in the West is the Third Israel; and our Tribes were gathered in the City of St. Francis; on the way to Beth-El; the House of David as God our Nazarenes called Woodstock.

 For Israel is Judah; as of the House of Joseph; and America is Israel; and our Nazareth answereth to Nazareth; and thy Bethlehem to thine Bethlehem: and this is why it was said

“Thy Land shall be Married”:


This is why it was said:

………..Thou will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before you see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom…..”

Where did my “Death in Christ” take place? In Newtown; PA; October 24th; 2007.

When Comet Holmes became the Blue Star of the Hopi; the new Sun of the New Creation; the Morning Star of the Regeneration.

“…The Lord cometh in a Day in which he looketh not for him…..”

              This is how the Land of America as Israel, as of the sons; and the Land of Canaan as Judah, as of the fathers; is reconciled. 

For Now there is only One Nation of Israel; though my Near East be Apostate; I stand for my people; for I have redeemed them: standing at the Near West. One Bride; for the Lamb; she who will become: the Lamb’s Wife: for this Lamb swore those Children of the Resurrection would would attain unto him and the Resurrection from the Dead as they who “die in Christ” would “never marry nor be given in marriage” with the women of the earth as Rev. Moon married all who fell from their promised estate “equal unto the angels”, as the Voice of God; the Horn of Michael who is Gabriel himself told and warned me not to do: I was found who was lost as the prodigal Son yet that is “Ephraim” who was dead and now lives again; he who was already “taken” as foreordained and predestined to become the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

            As Jedidiah my “shadow” which follows me is that of the “fallen one”; the “Dabbat al-Ard” of Sura 27:82; whom my Messenger Muhammed called “the Beast from the earth”; who is my “old self”; Solomon.

             Ye who read this can only do so by Virtue of the Fact that my Father now sits upon the Throne of Almighty God; yet the smoke that covers the Earth is so Thick that neither the Christians of the West; nor the Muslims of the East have “noticed” that our “Antichrist” is their “Masih ad-Dajjal” Osama bin Laden; as “one and the same”; 

“Whoso liveth by the Sword shall Die by the Sword: here is the faith and patience of the saints”

          In the Opened Ark of the Testament it is seen that the Scarlet Beast in Chapter 17 of the Revelation as the First Book of the Book of the Lamb: for the Scarlet Beast is Red China; and the Whore he now carries is Unbridled Capitalism: the Whore herself: whose Hour has Now Come.

           As the New Creature that being led out in the New Name of Jedidiah made me it is my Shadow of my “old self” as Solomon should follow me; as my new self the Wrath of the Lamb; for the Lost Sheep was the Fallen One of Israel; who was I; the old Solomon; but as the New Solomon in my New Name; I am able to lead all the Believers: if they will but believe in me.

          The “name” Kafir written on the “forehead” of Osama bin Laden is not written with ink; it represents a “value judgment” as being a decision that every person on earth will be required to answer and make for themselves: each person now over 21 years of age now held responsible as being in the Eyes of God a member of the Human Race: to see Osama bin Laden; who would turn children into bombs; is the Antichrist; of whom even my Messenger Muhammed; the Seal of the Prophets was said is have been afraid.             

             Standing now in the Position of the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes I will again reveal that this is the Resurrection and the Life; the Wrath of the Lamb being the Voice any one who reads this will hear: as a Voice inside their own head; for to read this without the Voice itself is impossible; yet to cancel out Satan whose base of operations is in the mind; as the devil is of the heart; the dragon at the soul; and the old serpent; the old ego; at the strength: or selfish weakness.

            Yet Satan is the Name with the Capital Letter: thus Satan is his Name; for of our Enemy it would be truly said: the Mind is the Measure of the Man; as the “Elephant Man” once said.

             For any who can hear my Voice they will realize they have overcome Satan himself to do so; for it is what you read; as being one who knows this; who now shares with our own Subconscious; as the devil was called “the Superego”; the “Dragon” then being the “soul” of the Devil; his female aspect; the “Psyche” as of the “Larger-than-life, Sensual Psyche of the Soul of the Devil; the “Great Red Dragon” being exactly that: symbolizing the Nation of Egypt; as of the Kingdom of Darkness where it covers the entire “face” or “consciousness” of the “Earth”; even as of the “goddess” or old “Footstool” herself.

Yet the Old footstool is replaced: by the Place of the New Throne: the Lamb’s Wife: for who is the Fairest of them All?

Justice: the fairest of them all

The Bride of the Great Spirit; as she "Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind"

The Bride of the Great Spirit; as she “Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind”

              My Reward: Justice herself. Who hears my “Voice” will then see my mission to lead all believers out of the Darkness of Egypt that covers this earth: ruled by the sun as the “Face of Death”; as symbolizing “Mortality”; where Death rules as King is he whose horse is the sun, and did until Moses as is written; yet for this to escape my fate was what I Solomon sold my soul for: to be the god of the Sun forever; as Apollo the last of the gods; and Rule as once I had been Ruled; as all live under the Sun of Mortality; what does it matter what one dies if all die; man or beast? Yet the “throne of David as the Sun” is what I did it for; but now the Living Sun of Righteousness sits upon the Great White Throne of His Glory…and I am the Lake of Fire who burns at His Feet….Beloved of Jah; yea;

                        …………even JAH JEHOVAH

I wrote in my bitterness once these saddest of all sayings; “all is vanity”: all flesh passes away. But now my tears are wiped away forever….

         Thus did my old self reason; and thus fell; for with I Solomon there was no angel; no possibility of some myth of a Resurrection: but only Death; the End of all for all who lived and breathed and died upon the Earth.

           Of the power over the fallen angels of the Devil it is they who are the “Jinn” or “powers” of this world: the 12 of the Pantheon of Greece upon Olympus as the “Mount of Transfiguration”.

             It is they who were removed by the New 12 Hours of the Day as  those 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb are now the Jury; as I in my return am the Judge; the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; and His Servant John is the Presence of the Lamb himself. And Now it covers the entire earth; for those who read this will realize that the “power” of the Dajjal Osama bin Laden is that NO ONE KNEW WHO OR WHERE HE WAS. 

Until Barack Hussein killed him…..King of the Third Israel…

Yet as the Antichrist to the West it is the “name” of  “Kafir” on Osama bin Laden’s head that shows we are “Believers” in the Last Day; for the Apostle Paul said the Last Day would not arrive until the “Man of Lawlessness” was Revealed; and so he has; as I; Jedidiah; the Wrath of the Lamb do declare: the Voice of the Lamb.

         As the Last Hour now comes where the Earth Shall Stand Still; and the Last Day that has now Come:

      If Islam does not Universally Declare that Osama bin Laden is the “al-Masih ad-Dajjal”; and an Unbeliever in Allah; then they are all Unbelievers: like him. All who see he is the Antichrist must realize that Christ is the One who had His Messenger Muhammed tell them who he was in advance: so the Ummah would recognize the Son of Mary of Fatimah: and thus be saved: for Fatimah Portugal is the place of the Greatest Earthquake there ever was: for at that one the Earth LEFT IT”S ORBIT and was BROUGHT Close to the Face of the SUN: the Living One of Paradise itself; Under which Mary of Fatimah sat: Fatimah al Zahra: the Virgin of Light: Light upon Light!

        That is the Mother as the New Moon of Mary of Bethany; even as the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus is my Husband as the New Sun of Christ Jesus of Nazareth; the one that was born 4:18 on July 22; 2009:

              At the End of the Eclipse of the Sun.       

The New Creature: the Wrath of the Lamb

The New Creature: the Wrath of the Lamb For present day Israel is but the remnant of Judah; and present day America is Israel, yea; even My Generation as the Manchild of Israel; and there is only one Israel; though Korea stands as our Bride; though she know it not, save for Rev. Moon who mixed the soil of Korea with all 50 states of America, of which few know, nor know why; before he fell by marrying when he was not to do so until his Lord returned; not even marrying an American Black Christian Woman as he should have done, so as not to not be given his portion with the hypocrites; as one who married countless couples to other races but himself did not do so; as he should then also have done.
Yet he will also be given his portion with those who call themselves Muslims: but yet do not believe in this: the Last Day; the Day of Christ Jesus.
And the True Bride for the King Barack Hussein “the Obama” of the Third Israel is Sheba: the Black Queen of the South; yea; even the Black Queen of who Stephen Stills sang of in his own prophetic regard; yea; Sheba, Michelle Obama, Queen of the South, and Barack Hussein, the King of the North…
It was the queen of the South Sheba who I Solomon lost when I missed she in that Day and hour who could have saved me if I had but seen she was my Salvation: but now have found her again as present in the Black Christian Widows of America; who arises to condemn this generation of faithless black men who have abandoned their first born to a fatherless and usually violent “death” just as in Egypt the Pharoah condemned the firstborn males of the Israelites to death.
Yet Barack Obama knows that all children born to a Muslim father are considered Muslim according to Sharia Law; thus his marriage to a black christian woman symbolizes this Marriage of the Lamb in it’s symbolic sense; yet there is more to all this as well.
For Barack Hussein Obama is he is that is that “magpie” that is indeed half-white and half-black called “Fierefiz Angevin” of Wolfram von Eschanbach’s “Parzifal”. But Barack after becoming President of America and the Leader of the Free World and Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Land of the Free called himself “a “mutt’; as a half-breed;  in all of his unselfconscious and thoroughly sheepish humility.
 And thus found Grace once more in my Father Jesus’ eyes…
               One might indeed ask of me: Who are you?
  Yet to answer this question as to my origin we have to first know what Gabriel said to me when I first heard his small still voice in England in 1980; just as Elijah once did: for the Greeks have another name for David: Orpheus.
 Knowest not that the story of Daedalus and Icarus is that of David and Solomon? Or that Narcissus is Solomon? Or even that Dionysis is David when he danced naked up into Zion before the Ark; yea; even Dionysis Zagreus.  
              I am the Rose of Abdul Qadir: the Rose suspended over the face of the Abyss: the Mirror of Narcissus; the Mirror of vanity; Vanity; all is Vanity; the Accusation that God is Vain; The Mirror of Creation was Eve as the Universal Soul had she attained it; separating herself from the Sea of Time below her true status as an immortal as the consort of Adam; representing his Immortal Soul; by which alone he would achieve Immortality; as Carrying out the Act of God: which is in the Eating; and nothing else.     
                It is in that Day that God in His Holy Spirit raised the Tree of Life and Created the Earth: as the Creator is God in the Holy Spirit; the Creator of Israel.
And another name for he the Greeks call Prometheus: it is Moses; and his brother Epimetheus: he is Aaron.
This is why they tormented him: he alone saw the Christ to come: who would free him; whom the Greeks called Hercules is the counterfeit image of the Son of Man; as Samson returned who had his hair as of the Nazarene bound in 7 plaints: who had then thus the 7 rays of the Sun of Righteousness as the 7 Horns of the Lamb; and once was then by through Delilah who is Layla was blinded: but now with the 7 Eyes which are the 7 Spirits of God sent into the Earth has risen.        
      Thus stands upon the whole earth one like unto the Son of man as upon this Mt Sion; and my shadow is the one written in the Qur’an at Surah 27:82 as the Beast of the Earth, the Dabbat al-Ard; the fallen one: Solomon whose number is 666; the 666 talents of gold he was given in one year: as Written at I Kings 10:14.
Who was Atlas? The one they call Tlaos; even “Atlaos”; but it is Job the Saint who was first to be he that was brought to the Last Judgment; whose burden was that of the “sand of the Sea”; as of all those who died in the Sea of Time: which was everybody; until the Change indeed came.

……………………………..My Father Jesus now Returns: King of Judgment Day


Who were the Titans; but the 12 Sons who became the 12 Tribes given their 12 portions in Canaan; of Israel who were the adversaries of the Greeks?

Even as Shakespeare called her “Titania” in his “Mid-Summer’s Night Dream” as she who is the Crown of 12 Stars on the head of the Zion of the Holy One of Israel; Mary with the two wings of the Eagle who is the Mother of Jesus seen in chapter 12 of the Revelation of  Jesus Christ which is the Book of Life of the Lamb hid in the revelation of St. John the Divine which is the Ark of the Testament itself that Book was carried in by the 12 Apostle’s to me: the Lamb’s Wife; for as one awakened by the Comforter my husband as risen from the dead in the Death in Christ I became a man redeemed from the men of the earth; now is my soul found in that eternal land of all wjp are living; as that one to be seen as Mary of Bethany; the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife.
            It is the 12 Elders who are the 12 grandsons of Abraham as the 12 Months of the Year: restored as the 12 Tribes of Israel: whose 12 angels are the 12 thrones on which sit the 12 Apostles of the Lamb in the 12 Gates of the Holy City. But their  enemies were the 12 months of the Year of Olympus; that of the 7 Days of the Week: the Aion itself; yet at the End the Aeon; the Lamb: defeated theirs.    
              I am the Greater Son of Maryam al-Kubra; the Greater Mary; even as Fatimah in Portugal is the Bethlehem of Islam: even Bethlehem Ephraim: Doubly Fruitful; for her Son is the Mahdi; Lord of lords; and King of kings; the Unity of the 3 Children of Fatimah as of the One Child who is the Secret Imam: the Pearl of Great Price: the Gate of the New Heaven and the New Earth: where all who are Written shall enter when this heaven and earth pass away: at the Last Hour.    

                Then we shall rename our New Creation; and what was Wrong: shall become Right.

The Alchemist of Peace and Love, as of the God of Love and Peace

 For as Ephraim was I the Kingdom Lost: which has now returned; as a Man who made a “long journey” and “to return” as the Lamb once said of me.
Who beat me at my own game: and broke me of all my bad habits ( which were all of them): and saved me: from my greatest advesary: myself; for Christ Jesus took the goods in which I had trusted in his 40 day battle with me in the Wilderness; after losing all my angels left me and went and ministered to him; and I could only follow the Lamb as his captive at that point; invisible to all except him; naked and defeated. 

               But as they Now say: like Father; like Son. Thus have all tears been wiped away.

And who do the gods of the Greeks call me?

Not Solomon: no; they called me Apollo; and my soul as my sister from the Song of Songs they call Diana; knowing that the spirit’s living symbol in the Creation of God is the sun; and the soul’s is the moon; the spirit being divine in origin and the soul universal.


              This is the Secret of my fall: the birth of Apollo; the last of the gods of Olympus: the Castrator of Zeus.


Yea;  for I have Cut the Vine in calling no man on earth my father…. 


Sun and Moon as of the Sign in the name of Sun Myung Moon?

The Sun and the Moon at the creation represented something far different.


These were the two great lights; the greater great light being the one who represents the Right hand of God seen in the Virginity of Adam as the “Light of the Sun”; and the lesser great light representing the Left Hand of God seen in the Virginity of Eve as “the Light of the Moon”; the Masculine and the Feminine principles respectively of the two heavenly bodie they embodied.


                          “………For with His Right hand did God divide the Light from the Darkness,


                 and with His left He divided the High Daughter above as those living waters of the River of Eternity: Above

              …..from the dying waters of  the Deep Mother below which were the Black Abyss that God collected together:


                                              of the Sea of  Time: Below……..”

Thus did God create what later is called “the Soul” itself which he separated from it’s All- Devouring Mother whose lover is Death her own Son; her own child who is that of Night; the Shadow that lives and breathes she took to herself in her dream from which God awakened her from her nightmare of Incestuous union with her spawn; and the Demonic lust he had for what she herself had made in her imagination; as he who was “the darkness” that was “upon the face of the Deep” itself…
               If any doubt this then realize that the very hair on our heads symbolizes the living waters above the Firmament; and the hair we have below our waists that is “gathered together” symbolizes the collected waters of the Sea we know as Time.
                     And what is born in the Sea of Time dies there; what is born of the Spirit lives in the Kingdom of Eternity. And now ye know of the serpent which lives in the Sea; and of the female dragon Rahab itself He cut in half when he divided the waters at the beginning; as Adam and Eve were to have done; Adam with the Light from the Darkness; and Eve with the River of Eternity as of the Kingdom from the Sea of  Time as of the Furnace of the Refining; for Adam was His Gold; even as Eve was his Silver.
           Thus did the Devil take us as his “gold and silver” when he stole the Creation itself from God symbolically by cutting God’s own Organ of Generation from Him before Adam reached the Power of Regeneration as he was supposed to have.Adam was His first Word made flesh; as even the cutting down of Adam was as the Castration of God; seen even against the Lamb who was the King; God’s own Holy One itself!
Yet the Lamb arose; as the Nemesis of Death; even the Second Death who rides the White Horse; who wrote this name upon me; thus did the Word of God come to me in the Last day as we came to the Last Hour.
Let not the ignorant and the arrogant mislead thee; Male and Female are spirit and soul; for Man is the Image of God; and Woman is the Mirror of Creation: ask the Sufis who overcame and attained the Irfan; the Gnosis; and the fallen ones who are the kings of the earth who sold their souls for the Wisdom of Solomon; for the knowledge is that the soul of man is female; as Eve was Adam’s visible soul; and Adam her visible spirit in the flesh.
This secret is the central theme of my Song of Songs; which all the dedicated Sufis study to unlock the Mystery of God; even as did St. Francis of Asissi.
In the 3 altars I built outside Jerusalem for my wives at my Fall I became the Cosmic Balaam; holding back Israel from entering the Kingdom of God just as Balaam the Prophet of the Gentiles was to have held back Israel when they left Egypt with his Curse that Balak hoped Balaam would draw down on them; for the Curse of Balak became instead the 7 fold 3 great blessings Balaam set up in his 7 altars 3 times: so Israel was blessed in entering the promised land just as Adam received God’s Blessing in Paradise after being given the One Commandment: keeping which he would inherit the Blessing of God: 7 years old at the formation stage of Adam: “be fruitful”; at the 30 fold; 7 years again at the growth stage of Adam: “and multiply”; at the 60 fold 7 years again at the perfection stage of Adam: “subdue the earth”: ( 90 fold ) and “have dominion”: at the 100 fold.
For when Israel came into the Promised Land they were given the 10 Commandments just as Adam had been given the One Commandment when he was placed in Paradise; thus the indemnity went up 10 times; but at the Blessing of God it was Balaam who gave it: at the 3 sets of 7 altars; when he blessed Israel 3 times instead of cursing them as the kind Balak wanted him to. Thus the Blessing went up 7 fold in it’s reward for the 10 times indemnity Israel would have to fulfill to earn the Blessing of God; just as Adam was to have done but failed in his overcoming of the champion of Eden or nature: the serpent or angel of the devil.
As the champion of the Garden or divine nature: as the Son of God Adam was to defeat the serpent as controlling his own phallus and keeping his seed as the Covenant: thus keeping God’s Commandment until he divided himself as the Light from his Shadow or Darkness and became the Day itself: completely seperated from Night: his evil twin.For equality with the angles could not be given by God to Adam: he had to earn it by overcoming the shadow of the archangel: just as Jacob did when he wrestled with the Angel at Jabbok; winning the perfection stage; as Issac won the growth stage; and Abraham the formation stage: the 3 seven’s of Adam: the 21 or “lost number” of perfection.                                       


  The Baraka of the Sufis: the Barque of Muhammed   


The Angel of Death: le Femme Fatale

     The Secret of Who Lord Jesus Overcame in the Wilderness

There will be those who will say that I am not Solomon returned from the dead; yet as the least in the kingdom of heaven I can at last lead my fallen generation back to our Father; by revealing to them my overcoming on the Path of the Just by which I regained my shoes; my garment: and my ring.
Who took my shoes? Lord Jesus; when he said:”Yet there is One standing here Wiser than Solomon”
Who took my garment? Lord Jesus; when he said of the lilies of the field;
“For Solomon in all his Glory was not arrayed as one of these”
Who took my ring? Lord Jesus; when he said:
“Who is the Messiah?” to the Pharisees; and they said: ‘the son of David’;
…….then Lord Jesus said to them this:
“How could that be when David in the Psalms said:
…………””‘ The Lord said unto my Lord;’..sit thou at my right hand:until I make thine enemies thine footstool….
…………..’Lord Jesus then continued with this:”If David in the Holy Spirit called him “Lord” how is he ( the Messiah who you call Solomon: the Son of David ) then his son?”
Thus did I lose all the powers and control over the fallen angels and the kingdoms of the earth I had sold my soul to the devil to have in my mortal life; bitter at my mortality I thought my soul a small thing in comparison to the power of the devil as a sorcerer; for I was “the strong man” that Lord Jesus bound in the Wilderness: his own shadow is what he spoke of when he said I was the strong man; it was I; the fallen son of David.

                                                               The Secret of Who Lord Jesus Overcame in the Wilderness

 There will be those who will say that I am not the new body of Solomon, the Prodigal Son of David returned from the dead; yet as the least in the kingdom of heaven I can at last lead my fallen generation back to our Father; by revealing to them my being raised from the dead as Salvation Rose in her Death in Christ; overcoming all obstacles on the Path of the Just, by which I regained and wear those  3 Great Gifts made new: the Shoesthe Garment: and the Ring.

 When did I lose these things??? When the Lamb overcame me in the Wilderness, as I tempted him just as I had been tempted….

 Who took my shoes? My Father Lord Jesus; when he said:

  …………………………….“Yet there is One standing here Wiser than Solomon”

 Who took my garment? My Father Lord Jesus; when he said of the lilies of the field;

                                  “For Solomon in all his Glory was not arrayed as one of these”

 Who took my ring? My Father Lord Jesus; when he said:

                                 “Who is the Messiah?” to the Pharisees; and they said: ‘the son of David’;

 …….then my Father Jesus said to them this:

                                    “How could that be, when David in the Psalms said:

 ………………………” The Lord said unto my Lord;

                                              ‘..sit thou at my right hand:

                          until I make thine enemies thine footstool….’

 …………..’My Father Jesus then continued with this:

 “If David in the Holy Spirit called him “Lord”, how is he ( the Messiah who you call Solomon: the Son of David ) then his son?”

Thus did I lose all the powers and control over the fallen angels and the kingdoms of the earth when my Father overcame me in the Wilderness;  when centuries before I had sold my soul to the devil to have power over Death in my mortal life; bitter at my lot of having to suffer the fate of human mortality, I thought my soul a small thing to sell in comparison to having all the kingdoms of the earth, with the power of the devil; as Apollo; whose throne is the Sun, but not the throne of David “as the sun”, representing the masculine principle, and the moon as the feminine principle; No!

                                 I sold myself to Satan to become Apollo, the last of the Olympian gods….

 I was “the strong man”, that Father Jesus bound in the Wilderness and took all of those powers in which I trusted: separating from his own shadow is what he spoke of, when he said he despoiled ” the strong man “; it was I; the fallen son of David, who was the devil who tempted him in the Wilderness for that 40 days!!!.

 Heart of the Matter

Yet to Paul who was Saul he spoke of me when he said: “For in weakness shall my strength be made perfect”.
I was that weakness; that of the weakness before the jinn; and for great wealth; and the daughters of men; and for what I thought was eternal life and to rule the earth as long as I worshiped the Devil; how was I deceived!
Yet I was awakened from the death I died and the Abyss where I was lost by my Father’s servant John; raised to redeem My Generation at their Resurrection as the Children of the Resurrection themselves; the lost sheep of the House of Israel; even as I am the Lost Sheep of Israel whom they followed into the Abyss: as Ephraim; the northern kingdom of Israel itself. Thus in my return the Kingdom also returns; for the king comes with his Kingdom; as the Lamb well knew.
In coming back from the dead it is when I overcame the first two senses in the body of Death in the first two churches of Revelation as the first 2 rungs on the ladder of Jacob that my companion His servant John revealed to me as the Path of the Just which goes upward: thus did I get back my shoes: the 30 fold understanding;……when I overcame the second two senses in the body of Death in the second two churches of Revelation I ascended the second two rungs on the Ladder of Jacob I got back my garment: the 60 fold understanding; the one that was torn into 12 pieces; of which two were given back to the king of Israel for the kingdom of Judah; and the other 10 lost; just as the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel were lost who followed me into the Abyss: for I was the crown on the head of the angel of the Abyss: until I rose from the dead; like Lazarus; who John, the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven; brought back to life……..and in overcoming the last three senses in the body of Death in the last 3 churches of Revelation I ascended the last 3 rungs on the Ladder of Jacob I got back my ring: the 100 fold understanding.
And now will I bring back all those who fell as I did: on the Path of the Just; the Street of Pure Gold in the Holy City: for the Path of the Just is the Ladder of Jacob: as the winged spirit of man which goeth upwards is on that Ladder of the 7 Heavens: which Jesus and Muhammad both ascended: as Jesus was in Issac’s position and later Muhammed in Ishmael’s position.
And God in Abraham’s position: for God spared not His Son; sacrificing him as the ram was given in place of Issac: who signified the sacrificial lamb; for His Friend God gave His only begotten Son as He had asked Abraham; for He would not ask of man what He Himself would not do for us: and he proved it on the Cross.And now: for me and my Generation; the lost sheep of Israel: as a Nation; Ephraim; as a man: Solomon; yet no longer Solomon: but Jedidiah; in this: the Regeneration of John the Divine.The Resurrection of Solomon at the Last Day “And I will be as a Father unto him…..”
To understand how all this happened remember this saying of the Lamb: to wit;
  “Either make the tree good; and the fruit good;
                                       or make the Tree bad; and the fruit bad…”

            Who was the Tree? David                      

             Who was the Fruit?  Solomon

Of course there is much that I must reveal; for the number of the beast is the number “of a man”; the number “666” being that of the “six hundred three score and six talents of gold” that I Solomon received in a single year: 666 was thus my “number” before I crawled out of the Abyss; followed by the scarlet beast; the son of Perdition; the cosmic Judas. This can be seen at I Kings 10:14. Even as Fame and Fortune are but the name and the Number of that Name of the Beast; the rough beast that Muhammed said would appear at the End; with the Staff of Moses; and the Ring of Solomon.
Yea; tis’ I.  And the Staff Moses held who was floated on the River Nile where the phallus of Osiris was not recovered by Isis ( but Jehovah did recover )  is the Serpent the Egyptians call Set; but my Father who was raised on the Cross knoweth him by another name:

                            …………………………..      SETH: the Son of Adam


The Unicorns have come down....
The Unicorns have come down….

 For My Father’s servant John raised me from the Dead; as Jesus raised Lazarus

As an aside I can reveal that the “scarlet beast” of chapter 17 of the Revelation is “Red China”: now the beast “that is; and is not: yet is”; the discarnate incarnate; for as Judas was a devil who had the Devil himself enter him at the Table of the Last Supper so now we have a Global Judas in the form of Osama bin Laden; who happens to have Satan the Devil in him; which puts him in the position of being the Antichrist that Muhammed identified as the “Masih ad-Dajjal” or “false christ” of Islam; the fake “Mahdi” or “hidden guide” of Magog’s president; the man who seized the hostages for 444 days: when Jimmy Carter was president:

The present president of Iran/Magog. ( And yes: Gog is Irag. ) Why doesn’t anybody remember him from his pictures when they invaded the American Embassy; which was symbolically the invasion of American “soil” by Satan; as every embassy is on the sacrosanct “ground” of each “country” they represent.

Of course there are some who will say that I am not the Son of David; but they will have a hard time denying that “Fame and Fortune” of successful ‘rich and famous’ men are they who sold themselves for the  “Name and Number” of ‘the beast’; for the mark of  “Fame” is of the “Name of celebrity/adulation” which is to thus be one the world knows; even as I Solomon was known throughout the earth in my time; so those who seek “Fame” have the “mark” on the “forehead” as those who think only of having their “15 minutes” of notoriety as becoming famous.

The Image of the Beast is thus the “Mass Image” developed to perfection by Adolf Hitler; the Televised Image of Man by which they “Magnify” themselves.

The mark is one the forehead because their “faces” become instantly recognizable; as they sell their “images” which mirror the “image of the beast” as the glamorous idols or sexually fallen creatures they are; no matter how rich and famous they are; and so as I Solomon at my Resurrection as the Lost Sheep of Israel: for My Generation is the Lost Sheep of Israel at the National Level; even as I was at the Individual level.

   Yet at the Universal level; overcoming Death is the problem: as of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth becoming One; the Earth as the Body of Eve; with the Indwelling Soul of Eve being Heaven itself. It was this of which I felt was Robbed: of Immortality itself: yet it was Sheba who I should have given them all up for her as she asked: Fool that I was! That I refused: and so lost the Wisdom of God for my own Fallen Wisdom of I Solomon: the Fallen One.

   Yet God knew it was in my heart as the bitterness at living under the “sun” of mortality:

                                         “Death and the sun are two things no man can outstare”

wrote Rochefoucauld; yet they are not two things: they are “one and the same”; for my shadow is that of Apollyon: self-destruction is the angel of the Abyss before whom my generation threw themselves down before to Death and Hell.

As I did. But I rose; and so shall they; for as my Shadow tempted and destroyed them: so shall I with His Light lead them from Death and Hell and the Sea of Time to the Kingdom of Eternity: the New Heaven and the New Earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were not the Eternal One: they were the Dress Rehearsal; which fooled everyone; for at the Dress Rehearsal everyone has to appear in their Costume: or “Garment”; but at the Last Day: this is their “Name” or “Meaning”.

    The True Name carries “Meaning”; which is invisible; but it is quite real; and in one sense: is all than can be real: Meaning Itself must needs be Signifying Something.

     This is what the Prodigal One who said he would not go and spent his Youth in Revelry and Harlotry: as I so all of My Whole Generation, as the Lost Sheep of Israel: but has now repented: and gone; and done; and he who said he would go: even Rev. Sun Myung Moon: he did not go; when he said he would. It is of this that shall come to light which was hidden and unknown.

Then there are those who seek “Fortune” and thus have the “Number of the Beast” at this plane of Existence  as Money on Earth equals “Mobility/Access” in Upper Society as up and down the Vine of the Earth by which “money” gives one “wings” here on earth for fallen man in the fallen Society organized around the stratified 3 upper classes and the 3 lower classes: seen best in the Society of India which is the Crystallized Vine of the Earth itself; the Scepter of Mammon.

          In heaven the wings by which the angels traverse the Heavens which can be seen as the Pantheon as of the “Power in Heaven as of  Wings/Height of Lower Hierarchy” which is the “mark” on the “hand” in the getting of “wealth”; but usually they “sign” in “blood” as of a certain amount of time of “servitude” to somebody for a certain amount of money as of their “soul” for the Knowledge: for to sell a portion of your God-given life is to sell the soul with the contract by which they trade their God-given gifts for wealth and adulation; all this being the “Error of Balaam”; who traded his prophetic gift for the status and recognition he secretly craved more then the honor and mantle of holiness that is the cloak of the prophets. Thus did My Generation.

As you who read may recall it was Balaam who traded his position and the talent of his priceless soul for money and position; thus the going after reward is what shows those who are affected by the love of money; which are all those not written in the Revelation of Jesus Christ: which happens to be the Book of Life of the Lamb. Money “stains” all who touch it: because it is the excrement of the devil which he has men worship: yet it is his offal; it’s value exists only in our imagainations: paper and gold and silver have no intrinsic value at all; man has assigned a value to these inanimate things because Adam and Eve became the devil’s property at the fall; thus the devil’s “money”: as Adam became his “gold”; and Eve became his “silver”. For the Virginity of Adam was “the Light of the Sun”; and the Virginity of Eve was “the Light of the Moon”. In their Fall their invisible wings vanished; and they reflected not the two great lights with their wings anymore.

It is not generally known as being unknown that Adam represented the Divine as having a Vertical relationship with God and Eve represented the Universal as having a Horizontal relationship with Adam and thus God through him. When they became “one flesh in Paradise in the Holy Spirit” and attained immortality then they would have been as “One Object” to God; instead they became one “fallen object” to God; which is why God called Adam and Eve by one name; as it is written: “and He called their name “Adam”.

Reaching a Vertical relationship with God meant that Adam would “sit” on the throne representing the position of God as upon Eve herself; for the “earth” represented the Body of Eve; just as “heaven” represented the Soul of Eve. In the Act of love as the Act of God Eve’s body and soul would have become One with Adam’s: thus the soul united with the spirit in the Word as the Name of God which is “One”.

The true Seed of David are thus they who as musicians would prophesy upon harp and timbrel; or today on guitar and drums; they overcome the “name” and the “number of the name” as “Them”; the seed of David shall reawaken the Children of the Resurrection: the Children of the 60’s who did not marry nor were they given in marriage by Sun Myung Moon; as those who eat and drink with the “drunken” as in the 7 last days of Noah before the “Flood” came: or now at the Last Day: the Sabbath Day; before the “Son of Man” comes.

As such I arose; led out of the fallen city of St. Francis just as the angels Michael and Gabriel led Lot out of Sodom. Those who feel that this is too fantastic to be believed will have to learn this saying:

“Only believe: for with God all things are possible.”

Even the Prodigal Son being Solomon returned from the dead: and the one in the position of my elder brother Nathan whom David named after his prophet Nathan? The one formerly known as the “faithful and Wise Steward/servant” mentioned by Matthew and Luke: the one we know on earth as the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. But now the Day of Vengeance is here: for the Day in which the Son of Man is revealed is the Day of Christ Jesus; who comes in the Name of Love as the Name of God; that the Name of Jesus Christ be glorified: again. Amen and Amen.

And the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? That is the Root of David; the Lamb of God.

Even as I now stand: the Wrath of the Lamb; the King of Judgement Day
The End really then is this; for the Wrath of the Lamb is that of a Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes who is the Resurrection and the Life; the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit of Christ: the Holy One of his Father; the Husband of Mary of Fatimah.
 This Vision I Bear is then that One by which I shall lead them who will be Written into the Kingdom of Eternity. For they will enter by the Door; the Mahdi himself: the Greater Jesus of the Greater Mary: he whos Image is that of the Lamb; as the Image of the Lamb as that Symbolic One of the Children represented the Kingdom of God Itself.
Even as the Great Red Dragon represented EGYPT: the Kingdom of Darkness; the House of Mortality as the House of Bondage at the Universal Level; the 7th: for until man attains immortality he is ruled by it and those who have it.
         Thus for Mankind Immortality represents Deity; and thus with the Garment of Incorruption is the Incorruption put on of Holiness; as of a Virgin consecrated to the Lord God. Thus my Soul is His no matter what form I might take; as a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek; the “Head” of the 4 Orders of the Sufis; as the “Virgin Priesthood” for the “Spirit” of the “4 Orders” made to restore the Universal Body of Mankind; Restoring the “Heart; Soul; and Mind and Strength of Man”  as the 4 Internal Organs of the 7 Senses of the Perception of the Sufis; the “4 Spiritual Limbs” of the “Swimmer” who reached His 7 fold Dream.
          Only they who can “swim” or “navigate in the Spirit and Find their Home and the Father, on the Path of the Just; the Yellow Brick Road of that Child who will indeed lead them all.
           He it is that stands on the Street of Pure Gold in the Holy City in the Holy Spirit; even as he stands in the River of Fire as the Witness of his Baptism is His Testimony: the Pentecost of Love in the City of St. Francis.
             They who Overcome on the Path of the Just hidden but now revealed in the 7 Churches of the Revelation of St. John the Divine stand on the New Earth: the Holy Mountain; in the flesh; and on the Street of Pure Gold in the New Heaven: the Holy City: in the Holy Spirit. The 3 Children of Fatimah Portugal are the Image of the Hidden One; the Hidden Imam; the Door of the Sheep.
Says the Mahdi my Messenger:

                             “I am the New Door of the Sheep.

                               Lord of lords; King of kings”


         And only the Children will Enter; for only they shall believe; and hear my Voice: the Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World itself: every Word.
And My Father’s Servant John is as Joshua before me: the Tabernacle of God.


  1. As Jedidiah my “shadow” which follows me is that of the “fallen one”; the “Dabbat al-Ard” of Sura 27:82; whom my Messenger Muhammed called “the Beast from the earth”; who is my “old self”; Solomon.

    Ye who read this can only do so by Virtue of the Fact that my Father now sits upon the Throne of Almighty God; yet the smoke that covers the Earth is so Thick that neither the Christians of the West; nor the Muslims of the East have “noticed” that our “Antichrist” is their “Masih ad-Dajjal” Osama bin Laden; as “one and the same”;


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