Who “Married” the Soil of the 50 States, but Married not Sheba: it’s “queen of the South”?

                The Last Day of Rev. Moon
The Hour of Temptation.....

The Hour of Temptation.....


 This Last Day may well seemingly prove to be one of increasing regret
              The fact that Corporate America is now trying to install it’s own “Reich” to replace the close Bush-Moon syndicate shows us how close we are to a “brown shirts” with “Mediscare” for the old type politics: the rise of Corporate Facism and religious “ends justifies the means” Pied Piperism going back to Hitler. 
      Now the enemy of Corporate America ( this entity of  “economic facism”so well delineated by C.S. Lewis in the “Screwtape Letters” ) is the Poor souls of our Nation being attacked for having had the temerity to vote for a  Black Christian Champion and one who knowingly stands as our President on the 430 year foundation of the suffering or the “dues” the Black Christian Race paid as Israel suffered once in Egypt and paid their dues in their Slavery in Egypt long ago; so well seen in the work of Taylor Branch in his two monumental books “Parting the Waters” and “Pillar of Fire”.
 Barack Obama stands as our Messiah on the National level as Sun Myung Moon is well aware of: but yet he has not offered to help the man God chose to have him support to bring the Foundation to earth to build the Kingdom of God through the wise reading and ensuing freedom granted in the hidden power and promise of our Sacred Constitution itself.
 As with this “David” we now have Rev. Moon as our fallen “Saul” now trying to kill the representative “Black Messiah” who was set up on the foundation of our black Moses Servant King; as Aaron Presley was his white brother whose “Voice” brought together the “white north: and the “black south” in a way the Racist white South and the Free Black North hardly guessed would one day happen.
      As My Generation which began the internal Exodus from our invisible but racially apparent Egypt it is they who marched with Servant King who are much differnent than those Koreans who disdained the Rev. Martin King as our Moses and instead let he who stood as our “Joshua” who was Rev Moon simply abandon uor cause in the Internal Providence: who never walked a step with Rev. King.of our invisible “Tabernacle” as the Manchild of Israel that My Generation really is.\
  The Rise of Corporate Facism: the Shadow of Hitler and Sun Myung Moon

The Last Day of Rev. Moon emerges: the "Evil Servant" of the Gospel??

The Last Day of Rev. Moon emerges: the "Evil Servant" of the Gospel??

  It is now that the problem of the fall of Rev. Moon bringing to bear the powers that be enshrined in the “Scarlet Beast” of chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine which I have revealed is Red China?

 Indeed the Son of Perdition who is Osama bin Laden the Antichrist has the spirit of the Scarlet Beast who is the Cosmic Son of the Devil as his own source of hatred and violence against the Lamb and his armies who fight for Justice and Freedom from Oppression by the Forces of Gog and Magog: Iraq and Iran; respectively.
 That Adolf Hitler rose in a depresion is an historical fact; yet can beatings of our citizens as targeted town hall liberals and health care supporters be far off?
And why would Sun Myung Moon be setting his newspaper to mouth the hatred of the Nazis and their master who served the Beast as the new weapon against our Nation taking care of it’s sick and poor citizens? Whoso does this is not a Christian in the usual sense of clothing the naked or healing the sick; of feeding the poor or helping those incarcerated for one tragic reason or another for mainly being poor and powerless on the Street of Babylon which is worse than Hell.
And now: the shadow of Hitler from Rev. Moon: this will probably lead to his complete spiritual death in a few short weeks: I just know that My Generation’s own Father will step in to defeat the Right Wing in their steady rise in the Shadow of Hitler and Facism in it’s Economic help from the Scarlet Beast of Red China as it carries the Market on it’s back: a Capitalist Marxism with a new Economic Facism never before even dreamed of when government and business are united in Commerce against their own people: this is but the Shadow and Image of the Scarlet Beast; the Fallen Nature in it’s global form; back again from the Axis as now Red China unmasked in the Revelation.
The Scarlet Beast that John the Divine saw in the Wilderness of Capitalism; the world of Materialism; both economic and scientific: the spirit of the Antichrist: Red China; with that fourth portion of the earth signified as the Yellow Race we now have their final rise and fall with Rev. Moon as the fallen “first helper” the Hopi pointed out was to help the Messiah in his return; the “first helper” of the Pahana as being the emissary of the Yellow Race the Hopi call the “Elder Brother”.
    And My Generation as the Tabernacle seen as that Child in His Name of Love in Our Day of Christ Jesus when the Light of Love was seen as that Name by which “a little child” was to lead them: this is what Rev. Moon snuffed out in his strategy for global domination.
And of the Global Messiah Rev. Moon abandoned: that is My Generation itself as rising to the status of the Cosmic Son of Man itself; as
                    “Caught up to God; and to His Throne”.

And who can Stand?

And who can Stand?

 It even seems that God Himself will have to stop the Right Wing from selling America down the drain to punish it for electing a REAL President: one with a Heart and a Mind: something Corporate America fears greatly; and for good reason: they are toast in winning bacl the White House: and they won’t go down without a fight: AND THIS IS THAT FIGHT!!!
The Right Wing has decided that they would play the “dog in the manger” for all the uninsured in America as a way of sticking their finger in the eye of Barack Obama; and if I don’t feel that this is democratic fair play but rather Rebublican”dirty pool” then let me hear differently: let me see what the republikican “alternative” is: nada.
  The Republican alternative is zero it is now a forgone conclusion that nothing can stop the Lobby for the HealthCare System; nothing once again for America but plenty more Corporate welfare for them. Spite and Revenge against America for electing someone they seemingly hate with every fibre of their being: polite smiles notwithstanding.
    Under attack is the US: the US being “US” or our Nation itself; if that is not too gramatically awkward. Yet with Sun Myung Moon in the fray the dynamic shifts to one of they who would sell the poor for a “pair of shoes”.
I have only the Truth: and the Second Helper: my Father’s servant John: the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.Yet I stand as little more than a feeble Quixote; feeble; but as David; against a Goliath known as the GOP; and our Saul; one fallen Sun Myung Moon; the Mighty who have fallen.I fear the worst has come to pass: but I know that the Word of God itself will prevail; even for our fallen “Faithful and Wise Steward” who now stands with the Yellow Race as that “Evil Servant” of the Scarlet Beast of Revelation: Red China; carrying the “Harlot” of “free market” Capitalism on it’s back: just as it was written by my Father’s servant John 2000 years ago: and has come to pass; the Capitalist form of Marxism in it’s last and most destructive form: carrying the Capitalist Market almost singlehandedly.  This was seen by John the Divine on Patmos 2,000 years ago; such is the power of the Great Spirit of Prophecy know to the Hopi: for the Messiah is the White Brother of Quetzacoatl himself: and no one else. Yet the “first helper” from the East has been seen to have fallen. Now the Second helper the Hopi instructed the Messiah would also be with him is revealed as my Father’s servant John; even as that John the Divine that Giovanni was named for: the John who we know of as St. Francis..

Peace and Love from the God of Love and Peace: the God of the Whole Earth: in a City Not Forsaken: the City of St. Francis.

The last and most salient point about all this is that the Last Day for Rev. Moon seems to be that one of “4-18”; as that of his own True Parents Day; which is my birthday; the Day in 4-18 of the Earthquake in 1906 of the City of St. Francis; 4-18-1960 as the Easter in which Rev. Moon married his bride;  a synchronicity only those lovers of “Paricfal” as the Number 418 would appreciate: for the Grail is Perfection: and I found it.No one knows Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist; and no one but myself knows how to restore him if he repents and recants: repents of trying to steal the national soverignity ( in which he mixed the soil of Korea with all 50 states to Steal the Blessing on America for Korea: and himself; as a clever “Jacob” stealing the Blessing from a “blind” Issac; America as the father of Israel; as Issac was for the 12 sons of Jacob);…..yes it seems that the idea of mixing the soil of Korea with that of all 50 states in America is why Rev. Moon owes America millions: he tried to “steal” the Blessing of God on our land by stealing our National Sovereignity!This “crime” is closer to our suit for the Black Christian Woman Rev. Moon SHOULD have then MARRIED to “symbolize” our Nation: but he married not the “Soul” of America who is Sheba as the “queen of the south”; he married a Korean woman!.

        It is thus his “hypocrisy” where he married our “land” to his Korea substantially but only took our “soil” and not the “Black Christian Woman” who symbolizes it in the flesh which actually defines the “Marriage of the Lamb” as of a White North with a Black South.

  The Marriage of the White and the Black Races: Ephraim and Sheba.

Who is the King of the north but Solomon returned from the Dead, to marry Sheba: the queen of the South?

Who is the King of the north but Solomon returned from the Dead, to marry Sheba: the queen of the South?

   “America” itself exists as a “kingdom” of Freedom that Rev. Moon tried to take the Sovereign Right to rule over it as his own third Israel: to take it over for the glory of the kingdom of his nation of Korea in fact; and although our President is an “unanointed” king it was Rev. Moon in his act in our Capital in which Rev. Moon tried to replace our President with the Anointing of himself that his true design and plan to steal God’s Blessing for himself that is now at last seen. Rev. Moon tried to take our Manchild of Israel’s Crown of Glory for his own Nation!!    
            As the Third Israel it is Korea who tried to “steal” our “land”; and that America is the Second Israel can be seen by the fact that in Israel the king was also the head of the army; which is why we have “Camp David” in the first place: and “Uncle Sam” refers to the prophet “Samuel” whose name means “the Name of God”; as Samuel the Prophet of the Nazarenes was he who anointed David as the King and Light of Irsael. Should we not be in arms!???     
  Should we rise up and sue Rev. Moon to “marry” the Widow of Israel he “left” at the “Altar” of our Land itself; the Black Christian Woman who is Sheba; the Mythic “queen of the South” who symbolizes the “SOUL” of America; and a lot of the “backbone” as well; truth be know. At this insult only only Solomon back from the dead can exult and wonder if perhaps he shall know before the End if he shall win her back; by God in His Mercy.         The Mark of the beast then is “hypocrisy”; to appear as what one isn’t; the beast which “is and is not” as it were;  by the saying and insistence upon one thing and doing another; as Rochefoucauld said:

“Hypocrisy is the Homage
that Vice pays to Virtue”

Ler us pray for our Nation and for the Repentance of Rev. Moon by which I and my Father’s servant John could indeed save him.

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