Sayed Idries Shah and the Circle of the Elect

 The Wrath of the Lamb and the Dabbat al-Ard of the Ant;

the Shadow of my Former Self, the Lost Sheep of Israel


The First Three Miracles of the Spirit of Prophecy

      The Hidden Imam is the Door of the Ark
The Hidden Imam is the Door of the Ark


“…The Hour ( of Judgment ) is Nigh; and the Moon is cleft asunder…”

al-Qamar 54:1

        “…..Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist; now fallen as that ‘evil servant’ written of as “the Faithful and Wise Steward/servant” of Luke and Matthew 24:48: cut asunder; and “…given his portion with the hypocrites and unbelievers..”

                                                                                                                        Revelation of Salvation

 To all Dedicated and Rightly Guided Muslims, Christians and Jews; 

            First of all I was brought back from the abyss of the lost sheep of Israel and the company of the dead children of the Night to the Path of the Just by one Michael Beebe; a Sufi of the Suhrawardi Order in the City of St. Francis; as is well documented in my forthcoming book. Michael can be found in his present state as having “finished the Work”; a mission once undertaken by Suhrawardi ( the “Murdered”)  going back to the one Islam killed long ago for the publishing of his book “Gifts of Deep Knowledge” being brought to light in authoritarian and “dry” Islam; enslaved to the Sharia as once the Jews made an idol of the Law of Moses; a phenomenon witnessed by the Sufis whose persecution has gone on for centuries under the fomal hierarchy of Islam set up by the Mullahs of the Law who enforce their narrow and intolerant views upon all and sundry.

            On that Day in which the Veil of Light fell I saw it’s removal from me as being a Sign from the Elect to My Generation in which I saw that all the Real Sufis are in telepathic communication with all the others beyond the confines of time and space; indeed they act in unison in all places where they work according to the 4 heads of each of the 4 Main Orders; and their Work is now come to it’s Perfection.

            I was raised into the Light of Sufism by which I found the Shekinah itself is what Guides them as the Friend; and more than that I was brought back because I am the one chose as the Envoy of the Word of Allah: Isa, the Son of Mary.

            I am he known to the Angel of St. Francis as the Wrath of the Lamb; as I was awakened to the fact that I am the Rose of Abdul-Qadir: Solomon himself; brought back at the Last Day because the Elect were sent as His Servants on that “Magic Carpet” to find me and bring me back. Thus was I led out of the Abyss on the Path of the Rose; called “magical” as no matter where one walks on the face of the earth one stands upon the Path; this being the Work of the Regeneration of that “essential part” of humanity of which the Order of Suhrawardi the Murdered began so long ago; that Work of regenerating an essential part of humanity: thus they found me drowning in the Sea of Time and then awakened me and dragged my soul out of the Abyss where it had fallen; thus am “I” in my past existence was he who is the shadow of Jedidiah; the Shadow of Solomon that is the Beast mentioned of in the Holy Qur’an at the Ant; al Naml 27:82; that They have now produced at the Last Day to warn Mankind that the Last Hour is coming: the Hour of the Kingdom will arrive 3 days before Christmas Day; 2012; where Time and Eternity will be seperated forever..

               It is then that the first heaven and the first earth shall pass away; and the Saved shall enter the Door of the Mahdi that leads to a New Heaven: and a New Earth. That Door is made of the Unity seen by the Pure of Heart of the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah in 1917; 70 years before the Global Wall of Babylon fell in 1987 as when their Captivity began; as the Lord God said:

                        “I will bring the Captivity to my people at the Last Days.”

          The Pearl of Great Price is then to see that these 3 Children as One Child; as the Door on the Ark of Noah was of 3 Heights; as the Image of the Kingdom it is the Children who are the Image of the Lamb; and these 3 Children were chosen to represent all children in 1917 the minute the False Prophet Karl Marx took over Russia.

             Few realize the Bolsheviks took Russia 930 years after 987; 930 years of age being when Adam himself died. This should be a sufficient proof to all that this is what can be seen in the Opened Ark of the Testament that the Revelation of St. John the Divine now is: but this happened for a reason.

               Second I am far from insane or “mad” as many of you continue to say; or would say if you not merely being polite;  but I am indeed engaged: engaged upon my Father’s business; of which many of you have continually heard; but if you have not resolved to see if I am indeed mad you will certainly know the answer by the time you finish reading this message: if you are still heedful as one of the “quick” of understanding who are thus of “the living” and not of the “dead” who are too “slow” to comprehend the coming of the Last Hour of this Last Day: Muslim; Jew and Christian alike: what everyone forgot was that the 3 Sons of Noah came in First.

                 At the End the 3 Sons are the 3 Faiths which enter the Door of the Ark of Truth: thus the Pearl of Great Price is the Gate of Heaven itself: the Door of the Ark of the Testament. The 3 Faiths cannot enter unless they consciously assume the dimensions the the Door that the 3 Children symbolize: and this Door of Mary of Fatimah is the Mahdi: the Hidden Imam: the Child who saves us all: for in surrendering to him we are then written in his Book; the Son of Mary being the one who reveals the Mahdi to the World.

      Few would believe or pretend to understand why God would chose the least in his Kingdom to represent the Messiah; yet it is the paradox of His Servant John who was the Last of the Apostle’s who now comes First to attend me: and John is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven; thus serving the least he then symbolically serves all.

     The Door seen in the Golden Gate of Maryam al Kubra os the Mahdi hi,self; the Holy Child who leads all who Allah has Mercy on to the Stright Path of the Just as the End.

       Now it my Father’s servant John who has now arisen as the Master of this House: let the 3 Brothers of the Faith enter: if they can; as One Only: as this Child in my Name is One Door; as the Door in the Sun of Fatimah the Son of Mary; the Son of Isa: the  Word of Allah.

Let us see if the Tasvir of Daniel and Joseph still lives!

                                                    THE QUICK AND THE DEAD

     As the Judge of the “quick”:  in “understanding” and the “dead” who are “slow”: in “comprehending”This means that they who are “slow” are basically stupid; but the good ones often are: so the Time of the Dead is now: because I intend to save everyone: no matter how dense they are.

                                            The First Miracle 

             Everyone says it is impossible: but I can prove a miracle right in front of everyone: for that which John of Patmos saw thousands of years ago happened just as he wrote: the 2 beasts who arrived at the End are the Axis as the “three-in-one” Beast come out of the Sea called the “Axis Powers” of the Dragon; made of Japan; Germany and Italy; all three in the positions of an ancient kingdom : Japan in the position of the Head of the Lion for the Beast: as Babylon and it’s roaring Lion of Global Racism: of the Yellow Race over the earth as of the Son of Heaven. Germany as the Body of the Beast came forth as Daniel wrote was the kingdom of Greece or the Leopard; and Italy as the 4 legs of the Beast stood in the position of Medo Persia; the legs of the Bear.

             This John of Patmos saw. This then is the first Miracle.

                           The Second Miracle

              And the second beast from the Earth John of Patmos saw of which he writes in chapter 13 of his testimony is Marxism: the False Prophet being Karl Marx; with the 2 stolen first principles of the First Church as his two horns; for when the sheep sold all they had on Pentecost in Jerusalem they sold all their goods: and put them at the feet of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb: this was Pure Communism. Then the 12 divided the goods according to this scale: first to care for the Old and the Sick; then the Widows and the Orphans: and then the Poor: and then themselves: this was Pure Socialism.

           The lamb with it’s two stolen first principles as it’s horns speaks as a dragon: and that is the Language of Atheism: a fallen angel of intellectual pride claiming that the God who created him does not exist. The Dialectical Materialism on which Marx stands as his foundation is thus a diabolical manifestation of the Image of the Beast as the Saviour of the Masses: on the Foundation of the Absolute Denial of God.

           The Second Beast is then Marxism; and Karl Marx is indeed the False Prophet: This John of Patmos saw.

              This is the Second Miracle.

The Third Miracle

The third Beast of the Revelation is the Scarlet Beast seen in chapter 17; and the Scarlet Beast is Red China; carrying the Great Harlot of Capitalism; who sits in the position of his own mother; as the Son of Perdition: as once John the Baptist saw with Herod and his own stepmother: Herodias; and went up alone against without the Messiah: and was cut asunder.

             This is then restored: and this also John of Patmos saw: thousands of years ago:

                This is the Third Miracle. 

                        If you look in the book of Daniel the Son of Man you will see this span of years, chapter 12, verse 11; at which Ahmadis are mistaken as to their chosen one being the Mahdi; as also are the Bah’ai; yet now the Door stands Open: a New Faith will be here born at the End.
Israel has the Horns of the Unicorns; Mannasses and Ephraim

Israel has the Horns of the Unicorns; Mannasses and Ephraim

In 1917 the Miracle of the Sun of Tabriz happened as it was Emanated by the Dervishes of Rumi; as the Work of Khidr Rumi that the world will know of as the Seal of the Son of Mary of Fatimah: and the Sun of Tabriz.

   The date of 1917 might mean nothing to some of you; but it happened 1,290 years after the date 627; when the Messenger Muhammed had the Desert Tribes (as the New Israel) face Mecca instead of Jerusalem at the Daily Prayers.

It was this that Muhammed instituted with the “New Israel” that took away the “daily sacrifice” from Jerusalem that Lord Jesus siad would make their House “desolate” for having doubted him and then tried to kill him; which they thought they had; but were mistaken; as he rose to show them; being the Word of Allah and thus Deathless.

   Who hear my Voice as of John who said the following words; to wit;

       “For God is Love; whoso therefore abideth in Love; thus abideth in God…”

    Who believe these words all shall be Rightly Guided as having heard the Voice of the Shepherd.

    Indeed; Broad is the Way; and Wide is the Gate; that leadeth to Destruction: and many there are who go within; as was said by he who few know is called the Lamb: Isa; the Word of Allah.

 But I will shew all who love the Most High how to walk the now revealed Path of the Just that those who rise shall indeed walk in this Last Day of the Holy Qur’an: the Stright Path is now revealed before the Last House for all those who would

  “….escape all these things; and stand before the Son of Man…”

"Who serves mankind wears the true crown of life from Allah"

     The “escape” is then that of the 3 Brothers as the 3 faiths in the position of the 3 sons of Noah who entered the Ark and so were saved.

     It is the 7 Overcomings of the Tower of Unification that is the Revelation of Salvation: in which one climbs the Ladder of Jacob omcovered in the 7 churches of the House of David as the House of God.

   The Wall of the Strength of Sin:
Iron Curtain; fallen

The Wall of the Strength of Original Sin: the DMZ; unfallen

     Three years after 1917 two remarkable men were born; one in the East; and one in the West; the one in the West was called Karl Wojytla; who became the one known to the world as Pope John Paul II.

The one born in the East was called Sun Myung Moon; and both were given a global mission; Pope John Paul II brought down the Wall of Division between East and West in the City of Berlin that had been symbolized by the River Euphrates and Babylon; and this happened in 1987 one thousand years after Russia converted to Christianity.

     Sun Myung Moon was to have b between North and South that is seen in the Wall of Division between North and South Korea; but Rev. Moon did not complete his mission; nor did he do many of the other things he was entrusted to do by the Most High; which brings us to the Work of the Sufis and the Inner Circle of those 35 from Mecca and the 35 from Medina.

   Few know that in bringing the Curse upon the Jews as the Envoy of Moses that Muhammed stood in the position of Moses himself as the Eye or “Apostle” of God; holding the Holy Qur’an for the New Israel as Moses once held the Law for the old Israel.

     In this Curse Muhammed stood at the Left Hand of Allah bringing down the Wrath of God upon the Jews for killing the Lamb in the position of Issac the Bridegroom; and also the father of Jacob; thus the “father of Israel”.

     By killing Isa Israel had removed their own progenitor; thus the Inheritence reverted back to Ishmael as the father’s other Line; that of his Issac’s brother: Ishmael.

    As having the mantle Muhammed stood in Elijah’s position; but it was Uways el-Quarnini who was given the mantle at the End as being the one who would spread the Blessing upon the Ummah; the children of the Stars that was now the New Israel; as the old Israel was now given the former status of the seed of Ishmael as the “dust of the earth”.

       Uways started his Order with they who were called as of Elisha in having “twice the Spirit of Elijah”; as standing at the right hand of Allah where the Blessing upon the Desert Tribes would come.

      Many know not that Muhammed the Apostle was of Elijah; for the Qur’an is the Curse of God upon the once chosen nation of Israel by which they became again only Jacob; and Muhammed in his Ascension was given the inheritence of Abraham in position of Moses for the New Chosen Nation of Islam; for as Isa the Word of Allah was “Issac the Bridegroom” whom they killed; so was Muhammed the Messenger “Ishmael the Friend of the Bridegroom”; given the Bride into his Keeping until the Messiah returned: which is why women in Islam wear the Veil: to be kept undefiled and Pure for the Return of the Son of Mary.

                        The Fall of the Messenger of the Mahdi

"But if and when that evil servant shall say in his heart......" ( Luke)

    Rev. Moon is the “Moon” that is to be “Cleft Asunder” as seen in the Qur’an that Gabriel told Muhammed about; for if you read in the New Testament Gospel of Luke and the Apostle Matthew the one called “the Faithful and Wise Steward” is Rev. Moon himself: for Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist; who indeed could have become one to reveal the Messiah; but fell and has now reached the Gates of Hell.

    The angel of John the Divine whom men call John of Patmos came to me that fateful Day long ago in 1986 in the City of St. Francis; thus was I brought to Michael Beebe so that I would be given the Victory by which My Generation would then be released from the Mark of the Beast; of which Fame and Fortune are the Name and Number that the Seed of David as the Singing Prophets of David had become ensnared by; thus not bringing to Light the Song of the Lamb.

    I speak of the Suhrawardi Order; but as I was found by the Physicians of the Essence they brought me to be raised from the dead as the Lost Sheep of Israel by John the Divine as the Sign that would be known as that of the  “Dabbat al-Ard”; the Beast from the Earth that is the Shadow of Solomon that walks behind me at my Rising; just as Lazarus was raised from the dead by the Lamb.

    Few realize that the Fallen One who Lord Jesus overcame in the 40 days in the Wildreness was Solomon himself of whom he despoiled of all his powrs and gifts of the fallen angels of the Jinn.

   It is I; Solomon: who am the Beast from the Earth raised at this: the Last Day; at the Resurrection of the Just. Who hath read al Naml 27:82 shall know me; of the believers.

    The uncovering of the fact that  Rev. Moon was indeed John the Baptist has happened because of the Fall of the one who was put “over the House” of the Christian Church as that “Sufis” one of the “Unification”.

    Yet it is the Clouds who arise at the End who are the Children of the Resurrection: the 144,000 eunuchs of the Order of Melchizedek that is the head of the 4 Orders of the Sufis.

      This happened for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake; led by a little child; that dead in his sins one called the Prodigal Son that returned as the Lost Sheep of Israel; representing the son of David as Solomon himself individually: but My Generation Nationally; who fell as Ephraim in the Promised Land; but shall now rise as the 12 Tribes of Beth-El; Woodstock itself is the place where the Internal Exodus began in those 3 Days of Seperation on the National Level.

    It is to be known for all those who walked with Servant King left the House of Bondage of Racism and Economic and Social Bondage; and who arose that bowed not to the Golden Calf of Elvis: that our Aaron; Aaron Presley; did build. We are the Manchild of America itself: My Generation who followed the Child in the Name of Day Light: Christ Jesus; the Name of Love itself: which is the Name of God.

   Our friend of the mountains called Rev. Moon wrote a book called “Divine Principle” published in 1973 that reveals much of what was hidden in the Secret Book of the Druse; as the Druse and their fixed number of and Korea and their fixed number are related; as has long been known to the Elect; seek knowledge as far as China: or even Korea.

    In the book by William B. Seabrook called “Adventures in Arabia” that was published in 1887 and which is dedicated to Amir Amin Arslan the Arab of the Arabs you can find on page 206 a short exposition of the Providence of Salvation; as is also seen in the book “The Sufis” by Sayed Idries Shah in 1964 outlined on page 296; but the full particulars of the Providence which proceeds from Adam and his family at the Individual level; to that of Noah at the Familial level; to that of Noah’s 3 sons at the Tribal level; and from that of Abraham with Ishmael and isaac at the Racial level; to that of Moses at the National level; to that of Isa at the Global level: and thence to Muhammed at the Universal level we have an outline of the 7 Stages of the Work that has been hidden from mankind in the Bible and the Qur’an for thousands of years: which I reveal in  my book “The Revelation of Salvation”.

     It is this Design which has been unknown that lay behind the 7 Mosques Muhammed the Apostle built in Arabia in their hidden relation to the 7 Churches Paul the Apostle built in present day Turkey; but the House of Saud and their Wahhabi allies have now destroyed 5 of them; as is written of in the book by Sayed Hisham Kabbani called “The Approach of Armageddon?” that outlines the coming mutual annihilation of Israel and Iran; for Irag and Iran now stand in the position of Gog and Magog; though few know why.

   Third: I have been brought forward at this; the Last Day; to prepare Mankind for what is to shortly befall it in 42 months; 1,260 Days; or Three and a half Years; the times which are in the Revelation of St. John the Divine in chapters 11 and 12.

 The Last Hour arrives at December 21; 2012: followed by Three Days; as when Jonah was swallowed up in the Beast: and on Christmas Day each shall then know what is written in his book; for Christmas Day shall be as then our Judgment Day; then shall one find whether they are rewarded a lump of coal as the  unregenerate sign of the untransmuted black carbon of their nature: or are given a  jewel of a diamond of the regenerated sign of the refined  transmuted white diamond  as of divine nature itself.

  Sun Myung Moon is he of which it was written when he was put in the position that Jospeh stood when he was put in charge over the House of his Enemy who was Pharaoh in Egypt; as it is written in the Gospel of Luke the Scribe of God and also by Matthew the Apostle of the Lamb; to wit;

    “…and if and when that Evil Servant shall say in his heart;

     “my Lord ( the Messiah ) delayeth his coming”

        and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidservants;

  and to drink ( wine ) and become drunken; marrying and giving in marriage;

   then the Lord of that Servant shall come upon him in a Day in which he

   looketh not for him ( which is now as the Last Day );

    and at an Hour in which he is not aware;

   ( which is the Last Hour of his coming death)

    AND CUT HIM ASUNDER: and award him his portion

    with the hypocrites and UNBELIEVERS….”

    That is what is happening even now to Islam in it’s final testing of the Last Judgment: as the Most High God is my Judge; and the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb are my Witness; as even I am that once Lost Sheep of Israel whose shadow is now seen upon the ground that is the Beast from the Earth; the Shadow of the Redeemed Son of David.

    It is Solomon led out in the Name of Jedidiah who the Prophet Muhammed wrote would be produced at the End who does now stand and tell you: the Last Day has indeed arrived.

 The Return of the Son of David:
the Preacher of the Last Day

Solomon is the one whose number is 666: as of the 666 talents of gold: I Kings 10:14; for those who are unaware of the number of the man who is the beast as he who sold the Soul of the Nation of Germany. This happened so that all who use money on earth would have to share the “Mark” of the Beast; the Deutschmark: the German Mark itself. Who touches money is stained on the Hand by it; as it is now as the “excrement” of the Devil himself; and who think of it have the Mark upon the Forehead; as all who buy and sell the fallen wisdom of Solomon also know: that of Magic and Sorcery themselves; for Money is blacj magic; being the discarnate “shadow” of inanimate matter given it’s own “life”.

     As Bob Dylan once said; when speaking of this strange property of this artificial construct called “money”;

        “..Money doesn’t talk: it swears!…”

 And so here we are:

“I Swear by the Time”    ( al-Asr 103:1)

                            Alif Lam Ra ”

The Crown of the Altar
is in the Performance of the Will 

  For those who expect the Messiah to work miracles or perform tricks for the multitudes I would counsel all who hope for such things to dispense of such ideas: for only those who pass the Test of Faith; as it was in the Days of Noah: shall enter into the Kingdom of David.

   As of “magical powers” or the tricks of magicians and sorcerors some have asked if I possess as of Solomon of old I now have none; nor by the permitted magic of which the Prophet Muhammed spoke as ar-ruhani; but as you speak of my Ring; you should know also of my Shoes; and my Garment; which Isa the Word of Allah took from me when he overcame me in the wilderness; and which the Sufis the servants of God returned to me when I arose: who am the Rose; of which can be read more of at

“… ….. at the post “The Dark Shadow of Jedidiah:  Return of Solomon”

     It is this which details how I lost my shoes; my garment; and my ring; as when Isa said when they accused him of having magical powers and he said: “first one must bind the Strong Man; and take those goods in which he trusted;” for I was once that selfsame man; even as I have said; yet who was saved by the Mercy of Allah.

    For the Sufis came to me as of the Wrath or “Envoy” of the Lamb with the 3 Great Gifts for My Generation, as once the Magi came with their Three Gifts to the Lamb in Bethlehem; thus the shoes of Understanding by which I tread the Path of the Just are those of the Classic Ascension seen in the 7 Overcomings themselves.

       Peace be unto thee; 

       The Wrath of the Lamb

To the Pure.. about Bato’s comments….
   “…..Of this you are quite mistaken; for the Black Christian Race here in the West from 1492-1500 to 1929 as their 430 yearsof time-indemnity;  (according to Unification Church Theology, this being true ); 1929 at the Crash when Dr. King was born was the black Moses the Third Israel; when the Black Manchild bonded with the True White Brother of My Generation;  to form the Third Israel.
The first Israel was of the Jews whose Holy City was Jerusalem; after it was moved by David from Salem ( “Jerusalem” means “New Salem” ); then Islam became the second Israel with the Desert Tribes eventually becoming 12 Islamic Nations and their holy city being Mecca; as the Templars found when even their celibate consecrated-to-Christ army could not defeat Islamic armies; and the third Israel happened when the division in 1967 between the 144 hours of the 6 Days War of the Arabs and Jews fighting as estranged brothers; were then replaced by the White and Black races uniting as brothers; thus forming in 1967, in that “due season”, the foundation for the Gathering of the Tribes in the new holy city of our Mecca; the City of St. Francis,
Thus the Summer of Love was then where that street where Hate became Love as our Jordan of Fire started the chain reaction by “the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes” where the Children of all the Tribes of Israel were fed by the Diggers; and our love of Dr. King and his leadership united us to where we stood at Beth-El as a New Nation; the Baptism at Woodstock in that Three Day Seperation from Satan thus how and why Beth-El is really what Woodstock is called; and why our Joshua Bob Dylan lives there: “The House of God…..”
……and our Aaron was Aaron Presley; our golden calf was Elvis; and both Aaron and our black Moses died at Memphis; the name of the old capital of Egypt…
…….come visit me; my friend; you seem ready for the Truth… Inshallah; Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus Salvation Rose; the bride; the Lamb’s wife; the Dabbat al-Ard; ( Sura 27:82 ); Solomon back fom the dead as that New Grateful Dead in Christ Jesus of Nazareth; the “Blessed Olive Tree” who lit the Lamp of Allah was Jesus of Nazareth as seen in the Verse of Light…



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