Islam and the Day of Judgment: the 10 Signs of Mohammed the Seal of the Prophets, by Sayed Hisham Kabbani: the Book of El Elion



The Masih ad-Dajjal: and the Last Day of Islam

                                  THE HOLY QUR’AN and THE LAST DAY: The Last Judgment and the Lamb’s Book

The end for Islam comes when their own book reaches the Truth of it’s own words to the full: at their Fulfillment.

Here at the End the Time has now come for the Holy Qur’an to be revealed in it’s true nature; as the Sufis have always known in it’s 7 levels of initiatory significance which are velied to the ordinary conditioned Muslim who memorizes words like a parrot which he has no real understanding of unlike the consciousness of the Elect; those Rightly Guided Sufis of the Path who have been killed and persecuted for centuries by the ignorant Mullahs and narrowminded Clerics of Islam; it’s greatest foes.

            It is those who parade around in their turbans and clerical robes that are the enemies of Muhammed and Allah; the hypocrites who hide behind their own hatred and envy of the Saints: the Sufis who are beloved by Allah for doing the Work Islam failed to even admit it was created to discover, and then carry out as it’s Mission: to convert India; not kill women and children while saying they serve the Merciful and Compassionate God of Muhammed the Seal of the Prophets!!!

                     It is now the Iblis who lives in the body of Osama bin Laden who is trapped in this last host at this Last Day: unable to flee he now becomes desperate: trapped in the body of a dead man whose blood must be constantly cleanses because of the Filth he has taken into himself and defiled his own soul unto extinction.

                    Along with and the idiocy of Wahabism by which Al Qaeda cut off people’s hands because they put ice cubes in their drinks for the reason that Muhammed had no ice: and to use ice is therefore unIslamic; this and other things like the misogyny of movements like the Taliban. hellbent in their oppression of helpless women and children is now supported by the petrodollars of the Saudi royal family: blinkered bigots and hypocrites to the core; corrupt and blind leaders of the blind; as Shakyh Isham Kabbani knows but is too afraid to even say for fear he would be then killed by some misguided zealot. Truly; the Smoke of the Masih ad-Dajjal has blinded those in the East and the West; both Christians and Muslims cannot see who Osama bin Laden really was.

But now this saying has been executed,

“…He who liveth by the Sword shall die by it…”

            The Truth of Muhammed, Ahmed the Blessed and the Holy Qur’an 

        The book of Muhammed is different than any other book because Muhammed is different than any other prophet: for he was sent by God as He once sent Moses; thus Muhammed came in His Servant’s place: to pour out the Curse of Moses as His Envoy; and He gave Muhammed the status of the Witness of the Last Day by one act; for Muhammed’s book was opened at his death; thus Muhammed wrote it as one who had passed away; translated.

             It is for this reason that Muhammed claimed the impossible claim to have been a “prophet when Adam was still bryween ‘water and clay’; but it referred to the fact that when God approached the Light He had made it was that “good part” that turned to face Him; it’s Father: and then God knew it was good; for the Darkness was running from Him; and God divided this Light from that darkness instantly; but Moses was of those spirits who faced God from the Beginning: and Muhammed made this claim as of the Righteousness of Moses; but with no chance for falling: having to be Perfect among all men: as indeed he was.

              It says in the Bible:

              “…No one is righteous: no;  not one…”

               This was true until my Father Lord Jesus; but also certainly Muhammed the Seal of the prophets in the eyes of God; and his miracles were all secret; save the one by which the spider weaved a web across the mouth of the Cave and saved his life and those of is men from those looking for him; in seconds; yet of these hidden signs none could be known as this would have made the Messenger as the Envoy of Moses too visible as also having knowledge of the fall of Solomon and it’s coming restoration in the Providence; both of Solomon and Ephraim, the 10 lost tribes of Israel who fell in his pattern, as the Kingdom of Israel fell and became “the lost sheep of the House of Israel” my Father was sent to gather,  restoring when Ephraim fell following it’s fallen King.

         But Muhammed knew Isa as he who stood in the position of Isaac; even as for slaying him the Jews incurred the Wrath of God by which Muhammed was raised in the position of Ishmael after dying as the man known on earth as “Muhammed”; becoming “Abdullah”: the Servant of God.

As Moses said to Israel if they heeded not the words of the Messiah:

                            “I MYSELF shall require it of them.”


              Muhammed in this position stood then as the Eye or Apostle of God; and this Eye which did not Spare nor have Mercy on anyone who had departed from the Path centered it’s wrath upon the Jews; as Malachi promised the Jews, and indeed Judgment  fell on them for having killed the Lamb ( as those who had “incurred His Wrath” mentioned in the Exordium ); and the Christians for having made an Idol of him. ( Which are those in Muhammed’s eyes chastised for having “gone Astray” ).

            Muhammed knew the Jinn who were the fallen spirits of the angels of the devil around Solomon because he knew Solomon from Gabriel as well; but he called him another name: the Dabbat al-Ard; the beast or “fallen one” whose voice spoke out of the dust of the earth; the Shadow of Solomon that followed Muhammed wherever he went; tempting him with women and wine as well; whenever he could; to break him from the Companionship with Lord Jesus as a fellow Nazarene of the Table.

         Muhammed well knew that Solomon as the King of Israel and Ephraim as his “national self”,  seen as the northern Kingdom of Israel,  indeed had fallen in the positions of the Archangel and the third of the angels of the Host; for the 12 Desert Tribes were then given the Blessing that had once been given to the original 12 tribes of Israel.

       The TABLE of Abraham and Muhammed

The Trumpet Blast of the Holy Qur'an

              Every Muslim is a Nazarene; a secret follower of the Table of Jesus of Nazareth, as the Sufis have always insisted: they had Jesus all along, and Islam was born at Gethsemene, where the 3 deaths of Jesus prefigured the 3 World wars to follow.

             This is why no Muslim will drink alcohol: it would stop their investiture of the Kingdom by my Father Jesus of Nazareth; as they who truly “drink his blood” are they who abstain from wine; just as they who abstain from women are they who “eat his flesh”; and at this Table it is seen that I who do both, as eating the Fruit of the Tree of Life and drinking the New Wine.

Indeed it is  the Joy that comes with always singing the Song of the Lamb in my heart where my soul rejioces in the God of her Salvation as Salvation Rose: but then, I am Jedidiah, as Solomon back from the dead, “Beloved of Jah, yea, even JAH JEHOVAH”, as EPHRAIM: “doubly fruitful” as “the first fruit unto God and the Lamb…”.

Thus does the Kingdom which represented the Northern Kingdom of Israel come to be restored as by the North when it fought the South in our Civil War to make the black christian race free to become then the Third Israel which the True White brother of the Hopi joined in the 60’s… The Indians here are the father of the Ecology Movement itself which they taight us when the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood of the Dragon, that flood seen from the appearence here in the West of rabid Materialism, rancid Consumerism, and secularly rancorous Atheism.

           Yes: dead; how else do you think I knew when I looked at the book of Muhammed that it was his opened book he was reciting from???

Thus only by one as by the tongue of an angel; for the living do not read from their books: but the dead before Judgment; the book in their hands being the one that opens at one’s death? Muhammed spoke of the Last Judgment because he was already standing there before God: waiting for mankind to catch up with him. With Job; the other Witness of the Last Judgment; the Saint; even as Muhammed represented the Prophet.

        The reward of the saints and the prophets can be seen at their reward; known at the 7th Trumpet which is known as the Last Trump.

       In reading the Holy Qur’an one is reading the words of a dead man; and the Sufis are those who all followed suit; as being wise; for the Secret of Life is to “die before you die”; as both Lord Jesus the Word of Allah and Muhammed Their Messenger continually said.

The Overcoming of Solomon as "the Strong Man" by Jesus

  I, Solomon the Shadow of Christ

                 Let me start where my Father Lord Jesus spoke of me; for here only those who know the Temptations of Christ are they who walk in the footsteps of the Lamb as he went to the Throne of God: and then sat down upon it…..

The Last Day for Islam and thus the World comes with the revealing of the Antichrist from Yemen;  the Masih ad-Dajjal that  is Osama bin Laden; those who cannot see that he has the name “Kafir” written on his forehead as the “Unbeliever” he is: they are the unbelievers of the Last Day.

The Antichrist of II Thessalonians 2:2-4; Rev. Moon's tool of Revenge on New York City

The Antichrist of II Thessalonians 2:2-4; Rev. Moon’s tool of Revenge on New York City after he called down his malediction on the “City of Evil” on page 93 of his book “God’s Warning to thr World”

       Those who do see Osama bin Laden is “the Unbeliever” are themselves believers; the true Ummah who are the “children of the Stars“.

In the West we can clearly see that Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist; thus we shall all be saved; while those of Islam who deny my revelations shall all perish; even as my Messenger Muhammed said long ago.I the death of the Antichrist by Barack Hussein Obama we see the death of the Masih ad-dajjall by the hand of Ali through the Mahdi of the Global Caliphate, the Arab Spring has come due to his spiritual influence in the nations, and I myself anointed him the King of the Third Israel at Washington DC at his second swearing-in ceremony as our “David” symbolically, Dr. King  having been our Moses.

Twice or “Doubly Fruitful” stands for “Ephraim” or the Northern Kingdom of Israel itself now restored. This is because Barack was elected President: twice…

Barack Hussein, as the President of the United States is also the Commander-in-Chief, but since he killed the Antichrist as a leader of a Christian Nation and the Masih ad-Dajjal as one born a Muslim he has the “Blessing” of “Baraka” from both: and his name means “Blessed” for this reason.

         As standing in the position of the Door who is the Mahdi of Fatimah az Zahra you should know that the Day of Judgement for Islam has arrived; as I am the Son of David; who you call Solomon; but whose shadow is the Dabbat al-Ard; the fallen one himself was Solomon after his catastrophic fall. I was raised in the name of Jedidiah; and Solomon is my Shadow; my past itself when I worshipped Iblis and was given power over the Jinn and their magical powers for which I sold my soul; the Rose of Sharon is the spirit of Solomon, the Rose itself.

Witnessing the fall and destruction of all those who sold their souls to me for my fallen wisdom are they who have the mark on the hand for the magical powers and mark on the forehead who worshipped me for power over the fallen angels themselves. The fallen wisdom of Solomon was what all sought to gain the powers of sorcery and magic, like those of the Warlock Arthur Ford and his familiar spirit “Fletcher”, who Sun Myung Moon and Bo Hui Pak visited for information, as once King Saul visited the Witch of Endor.

As the last of the gods I ruled the earth as Apollo; worshipping Satan I was given all the kingdoms of the earth, just as I tempted Jesus Christ to do the same when I battled against him him for 40 days in the Wilderness in the position of Satan. Even then, as last of the gods and the angel of the Abyss I could not defeat him. But I continued after he ascended to heaven: as the Angel of Self-destruction himself, the Destroyer of men’s souls.

But this is the unknown story of the end of the gods; even of Zeus:  who is Azazyel himself, the fallen Strength of God; the one who could not do his duty and have Azrael kill Adam when he lost his seed;, thus the false mercy Azazyel forgave Adam with for breaking his Word is that sin of the Archangel left on God’s Throne to govern until He came back from the Sabbath, and in whose watch the Fall took place.

Only God had the right to forgive Adam, so what the Archangel did  on the Sabbath day in which the serpent broke the Truce everyone agreed to until He returned is how he became the devil. The Arcahgel paniked when Adam lost some of his seed, and instead of letting Azrael kill him and then waiting for God to return the Archangel stopped Azrael and invoked the mercy of God by the Virtue of the Throne to do so.

This was because he had the Power of the Throne on which God placed him to rule, until he came back  from His day of Rest, from the Act of Love by which He made the Creation of the Light. The authority the Archangel was given to rule on the Throne of God is how by which he was able to do so, but the authority  to cancel the Promise of God ( “…for on the day thou eatest thou shall surely die…” ) if Adam broke the Covenant he did not really have. But he was caught offguard, and erred in judgment. But he thereby nullified the Will of God: which was impossible, but happened even so.

Thus it was that the Mercy he invoked to overrule Azrael the Angel of Death from killing Adam was something that he took that was in reality a power of fofrgiveness that to use was in effect to usurp by the position he had been entrusted with and so misused the power as well, of God Himself, by virtue of sitting on His Throne.

This is the reason by which Adam and Eve became the children of the Devil.

       But now we come to how the son of the devil Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by Barack Hussein, the Obama…

    Ask a Sufi; if the unbelievers of Islam and the blinded Wahhabi’s of the false Salafist Saudi’s have not killed them all yet!

       You unbelievers who are blinded by the Smoke of the ad-Dajjal are they who are unaware of the cancer in your midst; for he is the cursed of Allah; and they who cannot read of him at II Thessalonians in the West as the Antichrist are like those who cannot hear the hadith of Muhammed about your reappeared Old Man of the Mountain: promising men Paradise but delivering them into Hell.

          Especially in Islam it is those unbelievers cannot hold the Holy Qur’an in your right hand and look Muhammed in the Eye as the Eye of God in the End because you do not believe this is the Last Day: thus you are not even Muslims; as all true Muslims believe in the Last Day: and you don’t; as you do not even believe in the beast of the earth they raised up to confront Islam at the End.

                     Yea; it is I; the beast of the earth from they who spoke at an-Naml 27:82; the Sign of the Last Day; even that any who thought he was the King of the earth; but was blind and a slave to Iblis; to whom he sold himself because he was afraid to die: I Solomon; the Fallen One.

          Prepare yourself for me: the Wrath of the Lamb; the Lake of Fire himself who is the Second Death for the unbelievers; and the Sun of Righteousness where Death is swallowed up in Victory to those who repent and admit this is:

                            A. )   the Last Day 

                            B. )  Osama bin Laden is the Masih ad-Dajjal of the East for Islam

                            C. )  Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist of the West for Christianity

          Truly who knows he is the ad-Dajjal are they who are rightly guided; and it is now to be revealed by the Mercy of Allah from the Wrath of the Lamb against the unbelievers that the Path of the Just is that of the 7 Overcomings in the House of God themselves that is seen in the 7 Churches of the Revelation of St. John the Divine that is where was Hid the Ladder of Jacob; for that is the Straight Path; for those Allah has Mercy on: the one that goes Straight Up.

         But let us discuss before I delve into how Lord Jesus took my shoes; my garment and my ring what is to befall Islam now that I have returned; and how the Sufis returned the 3 Blessings to My Generation for the Kingdom of Ephraim that has now come upon the transgressors who inhabited the name of Allah that was “JEALOUS” as those rebels who hid behind it in God’s Wrath; but they hole they dug for mankind they fell in themselves as the judgment of the angels of the host of the high one’s “on high” in the 6th heaven; as my Father to whom I returned had the Sufis give me back the 3 back to me as having redeemed myself and thus My Generation for the Virgins of Allah and the Bride of the Lamb.

          It is the Sufis who brought back to me the 3 Gifts from my Father as once the Magi gave the 3 Treasures to Lord Jesus; and is their worshipping of this child that endowed the Lamb with those abilities by which he defeated I Solomon in the 40 days in the Wilderness. 

           2012 in the month of December on the Day of the 25th after the 3 days and 3 nights will be the Test to see who escapes all those terrors and stands before me: the King of Judgment Day; even as the 12 Apostles of the Lamb are the Jury; the 12 Green Ones of the Emerald Table of Justice: ask your Sunni friends about that!

            Those of  you who do not see we are at the Last Day and the rest of the unbelievers will be dragged on their faces to Hell; but Hell is really Regret; where you will stand for the Last Judgment by which those names written in the book of Death and the book of Hell shall then perish when both Death and Hell are consumed by the Lake of Fire: the Second Death.

            The denial and defiance of Hell you shall embody as your reward who denied Our revelations!  And then Hell shall be thrown into me: the Lake of Fire; where the Axis as the 3-in-one beast from the sea of time and Karl Marx as the False Prophet from the earth are slowly consumed by the Sun of Righteousness; the Offspring of David; along with Iblis; trapped in the body of the Judas of Islam Osama bin Laden and his angels of death!!



                          The Son of Mary

”…..Formerly, what we now call Sufism was a reality without a name;

    now it has become a name without a reality….”

Arifin, the Dabbat al-Ard, Sura 27:82


The White Stone of Ephraim; and the Black Stone of Mecca

The Peacemakers are the Children of Allah the Most High God of Mercy

The Revealing of the Last 10 Signs: the Unfolding

Some here have said that by revealing that Osama bin Laden is the Masih ad-Dajjal that I am therefore an enemy of Islam; but Allah has told me by mine Ear as by which I am His Hearing to tell the believers here that they are completely mistaken; as I am not the enemy of Islam but sent as the Envoy of the Lamb who is the Word of Allah who stands in the position as the Child of the Son of Man.

         As of the Divine Islam I have eaten of the the Fruit of the Tree of Life which is Unity; thus having eaten of that flesh I touch not women; having drunken of his blood I drink no wine: thus I am a Nazarene of the Divine Islam thatt is revealed at the End of the True Salafs: the Rightly Guided of Allah.

          As for Universal Islam I stand in the position of it’s Saviour; and if you read of what I have written you will see that the Blessed Olive Tree Muhammed wrote of in the Verse of Light in the Holy Qur’an is Jesus of Nazareth.

I am the Envoy of the Word of Allah; whose name is “the Wrath of the Lamb”; but for Islam we must now see that it is where Muhammed joined Lord Jesus at the Table of the Last Supper that our story begins.


Islam in it’s present form was born at Gethsemene when Isa said three times these words when Allah “broke” him:

“Not my will but thine ( Allah’s ); be done.”

    It is for this reason that Isa spoke of Muhammed and the Nation of Islam to come when he said this; to wit;

Who falls upon this Rock shall be broken:

                     but upon whom it falls will be ground to powder“.

This was the Principle of “Submission to the Will of Allah” that is the Law of Islam; the Nation that my Father Lord Jesus said the Kingdom would be given as the New Owners because the owners of the vineyard had conspired and then killed the Heir.

In this sense St Paul stood in the Position of Eliezer of Damascus as the Prophet of the Gentiles; which was the Position of Balaam; and Muhammed stood in the Position of Ishamel as being given the Kingdom by his unjustly slain brother who they killed in the Position of Issac; the Bridegroom.

            Israel lost it’s status of the Elect Nation and became merely Jacob and the Children of Islam became the Children of the Stars as risen from the dust of the earth of which the children of Hagar were originally likened by El Elion to Abram; thus the Elders of Judah stood in relation to Jesus as having the “power of life and death” over him as Abraham did to Isaac.

               The Elders of Judah failed the Test of Allah by not listening to the Voice of John the Baptist and sending Isa to the Cross: which was the opposite to what Abraham did by listening to the Voice of the Angel when he spared Isaac at the Altar.

Few indeed know that Jesus and Muhammed stand in the relationship of Elder and Younger Brother because they do not know the Vow that Isa made at the Table of the Last Supper thus it is that the Muslims are really his Nararenes as of the Elect; as they who are Faithful in the True Wine are they who have earned the New Wine; to wit;

                          as Isa said:

From this day onward I shall drink no wine until

                                   I drink it new with thee in the Kingdom of Allah

When the Nation of Israel lost the qualification of being the Chosen Nation of God as the Elect for eternity by killing Isa in the position of Issac as the Bridegroom it was due to the failure of John the Baptist who denied he was Elijah the Prophet. This confused the “Ummah” or Community of the believers of that Day in their time since one group followed John the Baptist and the other followed Isa. This is why Isa said:

               “A House divided against itself cannot stand”

This is why Jerusalem fell before Rome and their Temple was destroyed.

                    I was sent to heal the split between the Sunni and the Shia by showing both factions of the House of Abraham that it is the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah as symbolizing “One Child” that is where the “Hidden Imam” appears: as the Door itself; and this “Pearl of Great Price” is the “Irfan”; the “Gnosis” itself; for the Pearl of Great Price is thus “the Gate of Heaven” for they whom Allah at the Last Day shall have His Mercy on.

                  As the True Qutub or Pole of this Last Day it is my Guide who is the Last of All and Servant of All who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven; even as I am the Least in the Kingdom; thus between us is Everyone is gathered in the Ranks at this; the Last Day; which cometh before before the Last Hour.

The Door of the People of Salvation

It was the Work of the Sun of Faith known to Khidr Rumi that produced the “Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah” which happened at Portugal in 1917; and I was given the Seal of the Work by the Green One; who was present in the figure of Shams a Tabriz; who was, of course, Khidr Elias himself. The Work of the Sun of Faith is not known to the East or West; which is why I have written of it in my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”.

              (( Presently I am doing the final edit of this work for Monkfish Book Publication Company; and hopefully will have it out within this next year. ))

                 The Unjust and the Sidjeen of the Veil

                 (( Holy Qur’an Al-Mutaffifin 83:18 ))

Muhammed knew well of this; for in the Sealed Book of Illiyun which stands for “El Elion” or “The Most High” is is there that the Blessed Prophet concealedwhat is the “Irfan” or “Gnosis” that the Great God is God in His Mercy; which is Infinite; even as Ibn el-Arabi said; thus nothing is Greater than God in His Mercy: who is Allah Himself; God at His Most Exalted. This is because His Mercy is Infinite as He is “The Clement”; and who is more powerful then that?

                Isa is called the “Word of Allah” in the Holy Qur’an because he was the Mercy that God sent to the Jews who they killed; thus the Baraka of the Jews came to Muhammed when he swept Mecca and it’s House of the Idols; and was thus Faithful in All His House. It is this which is written of in the Verse of Light; for the Blessed Olive Tree is indeed Jesus of Nazareth; the Son of Man. Remember well these words; for he called himself not the Son of God: but referred to himself as the Son of Man; who they did not know nor understand. Thus I call myself the Child of the Son of Man.

Muhammed the Blessed Prophet knew what would befall Islam at the End; and to those who he revealed the Secret Knowledge that he shared with Uways el-Quarani came to be seen after the 1,290 years from 627 when all the 12 Desert Tribes began to face Mecca instead of Jerusalem as they had done before.

               It is the date 1917 (of which the Ahmadis are in error about) that the Work of Khidr Rumi which was manifest at Fatimah is where the “Sun of Mary of Fatimah” is revealed to Shia and Sunni alike; for it is here that the “Rending” (( Holy Qur’an 84:18 )) as “the moon in her full perfection” being revealed as Mary of Fatimah al Zahra where the Messiah comes as the “Son of Mary”; for the Mahdi is the Greater Jesusof Maryam al-Kubra: theGreater Mary; and therefore Fatimah in Portugal was established by Ibn el-Arabi and the other Sufis of the Elect by making Fatimah the center of Pilgrimage long before 1917 when the Children of the Sun of Fatimah were revealed. This is why Ibn el_Arabi studied under the Two Women of the Sufis before he wrote “The Interpreter of Desires” which was his masterwork. In it is encoded the Book of Fatimah; for Gabriel is the Voice of God, as Elijah and the holy prophts know who hear Him.

It is the one known as “the Andulusian” who was the hidden one of the Great Work of the Sun of Tabriz whose real purpose was to provide the foundation by which Jew, Christian and Muslim might all be gathered at the End to enter the Door of Salvation; as when Noah opened the Door of the Ark in the 7 Last Days before the Flood; which for us will come in 2012; when the Kingdom comes in the Great Cataclysm. The believers will then enter the Unseen Realm when it becomes Visible; and they will behold the unbelievers who will be trapped upon the surface of the earth when the atmosphere is stripped away and the Solar Wind strikes the face of the earth at the speed which it is deflected presently by our gravitational field that currently proptects all life on the planet; the speed of this Solar Wind from the face of Death asthe Face of the Sun being 1,000,000 miles an hour. This is not a theory: it is a scientific fact. However; God may write a different scenario; if He seeks to preserve his Ummah of the Believers on the Earth.

Did no one realize that Muhammed himself was The Warner of the Last Day and the Last Judgement? But at the arrival of the Son of Mary we have once again the Unveiling of the Word of Allah of which the Blessed Prophet spoke: perhaps they will now believe whom Allah has Rightly Guided to Himself at this: the Last Day.

                   This may be more than most of you here are willing or ready to accept at this time; but know this: I was given the Seal of the Sufis not because of who I am; but who I became; and it is the Sufis who came to me for My Generation as the Generation of Love just as the Magi came to Jesus at the Stable of Bethlehem. And it is in the name of Love as the Name of God that I now speak to you here and all the people of the earth: for it begins here: now.

It is Fatimah in Portugal that is therefore “the Bethlehem of the Mary of Islam”: even “Bethlehem Ephraim”; as “Doubly Fruitful” as of “the Greater Mary Maryam al-Kubra: the Virgin of Islam; and I am he who was raised at the Last Day who is the Prodigal Son that Isa the Word of Allah spoke of: Solomon himself; the Lost Sheep of David himself.  was raised by the Mercy of Allah at the Last Day; as He promised; forAllah keeps His Word: and here as the Blessed Prophet and Apostle of God Muhammed said you shall see the Ten Signs here explained in their fulfillment as it was Written in the Eternal Book.

                          The Coming of the Beast of the Earth: the Dabbat al-Ard

  Muhammed spoke of my coming when all would doubt the Word of Allah and His Prophet in these Last Days: and now we stand at the Last Day; when Noah shut the Door before the Flood: and this is indeed where now all mankind is gathered.

                I stand before Islam, Christianity and Judaism as that “beast” Muhammed the Blessed said would appear at the End with the Staff or Rod of Moses and the Ring of Solomon; and that is indeed what I was given by the Sufis through Khidr Rumi when they Illuminated me as to my true identity: the Rose; for the Rose is Solomon himself. This is written of in the Holy Qur’an at an-Naml 27:92; and at the Hadith written of by Sahih Muslim “Kitab al-Fitan” #6931; to wit;

(The Hour) will not come until you see 10 Signs:

                             (1)         The Smoke

                      ( as of the Smoke that went up when the 2 Towers fell on 9-11 in New York )   

                              (2)          the ( Masih ad-) Dajjal

                          ( who is Osama bin Laden as I know because I can read the name “Kafir” on his forhead as Muhammed said even the illiterate who cannot even read Arabic shall see; for those who cannot recognize him take a look at “the Old Man of the Mountain” that was the childhood friend of Omar Khayyam’ and he was he who promised his assassins Paradise for killing those he decided were apostate to his school or “brand” of Islam; promising them the virgins of Paradise if they were killed; and if this does sound familiar then you are deaf as well as blind)

                              (3)        the  Beast  ( of the Earth)

                              ( who is myself as the one led out of the Abyss where I fell as Solomon whose number was 666; as I Solomon was given the 666 talents of gold in one year that is written of me at the Bible at I Kings 10:14; even as I then foreknew was I was foretold would arise by Muhammed when the Sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawardi Path awoke me in the City of St. Francis;  so that I realized that Fame and Fortune for which I and all of My Generation in the West had fallen as they all strove for before I was awakened from the Dust of Musallah: for now I see that “Fame and Fortune” are but the “Name and the Number” of the Beast; which I was before I was raised in the name of Jedidiah by the Mercy which Allah promised to David before he died.

                               (4)  the rising of the sun from the West

                               ( this is the unveling of the Sun of Mary of Fatimah; which from Mecca is indeed “west”; and it is the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah which shall show the world what the nature of the Salvation of Allah shall be; as the “Pearl of Great price” is the “irfan” of the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah seen as “One Child”; the “Hidden Imam” in his return as the Pearl of Great Price is that from which is made “the Gate of Heaven” as of the Door on the Ark of Noah which had 3 tiers or “heights”.

                                (5)  the descent of Jesus the Son of Mary

                              ( as i have said the “Greater Jesus” came forth from the “Greater Mary” who is Maryam al-Kubra; as “the Son of David” I therefore show that the ‘Sun of Mary of Fatimah” is seen as the Three Children of the Sun of Fatimah; as symbolizing One Child; and that Child is therfore “the Son of Mary’ who I as the Wrath of the Lamb symbolize; as having the Seal of the Living God; which is that of Khidr Rumi vy which the Work of the Sun of Tabriz; the Sun of Faith has now been revealed; although few will believe; just as the Jews believed not and failed their Test in their Day; as few will Pass in this Day in Islam or Christianity once again. But this is why the Mahdi and the Messiah are revealed together).

                                (6)   Gog and Magog

                                       ( Irag and Iran; “the Shia of Khomeini in the House of the Shia” as present day Iran; Alexander as “Dhul-Qarnain” forged a “plug” in the “Wall” of what was the ancient Wall of China; and the vision he was given was of the Mongol hordes of Central Asia; who at that time were firmly entrenched in present day Iran all the way to Mongolia)

                              (7)    and (the) Landslides and Earthquakes in three places: one in the East; one in the West and one in Arabia; at the end of which fire would burst forth from the Yemen, driving people to the place of their Assembly ( at the Last Hour).

                                   (7) The Earthquake in the East

                                         The News that Osama bin Laden is the Misih ad-Dajjal

                                    (8) The Earthquake in the West

                                          The News that Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist

                                      (9)  The Earthquake in Arabia

                                            The Earthquake has to do with that one when Mecca fell spiritually by Osama bin Laden sitting on the throne of Mecca to Judge the West as the “Great Satan”; and as then carrying out his “judgement” as if he were “Allah” himself. For this we have to look at he who was there at the Earthquake of Arabia written of in the Acts of the Apostle’s as when Saul the Persecutor of the Believers who became Paul the Defender of the Believers; that Great Earthquake felt on the Road to Sham he fell off his mount; and his companions scattered; as on the Road to Damascus in Syria; that is written of in the New Testament.

This is the Testimony of the Light of Damascus

At II Thessalonian 2:4-5 is written of the Last Day coming; to wit;

  “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that Day shall not come except that  there be a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

                                Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the House of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

(10)   The Fire bursts forth from the Yemen.

                         Remember that the fire which bursts forth from the Yemen has to do with the uncovering of that saying of Muhammed the Praised One as when he said that “Nine- tenths of all the evil in the world would come forth from Yemen”; which refers to the “One-eyed Yemeni bricklayer Laden” himself who produced Osama bin Laden; the Son of Perdition.

                      This “fire”means Laden and his satanic son is the one who pursued the things of this world by selling his soul for them; and this in Islam is therefore seen as how laden produced the “man of Lawlessness” known as the Antichrist written of in II Thessalonian 2:3-4 by St. Paul as of the Light of Damascus; as from Sham where the Light of Allah converted Saul to Paul with the Word of Allah; which is why Muhammed said that Damascus in Sham; Mecca and Medina would be the 3 Cities of refuge; Sham being Syria; but also referring to the White Minaret where the Descent took place; as Paul said he had ‘Christ in Him”.

                        This was Written: so do not fear; but come forth and Enter the Reward of the Believers in Allah and His Mercy in this; the Last Day.

                      By restoring Solomon the Sufis joined the Work of the Word of Allah who was His Mercy by bringing back to life one who fell into utter corruption as having been seduced by Iblis long ago; and if you have a Bible you will see that the Man who has the number 666 is Solomon; at I Kings; 10:14; where it is written that Solomon received 666 talents of gold in a single year.

I Solomon was given a kingdom to rule because I worshipped Iblis and was given power over the fallen spirits of the Jinn; and was therefore transformed into the angel of the Abyss; whom the Greeks called Apollo; but the Jews Appollyon; the Destroyer of Souls.

Yet few know that the Shadow of Solomon is Apollo; as fallen he is the last of the gods of the fallen angels; and his sister Diana is the Rose of Sharon; the Rose of Sharon being the spirit of my soul: Sharon herself. It is this where the gods caused Israel to fall when I fell and was followed into the Abyss by Ephraim; the Nortern Kingdom of Israe. to my undying shame: but now I have redeemed; and stand here where men will see I am no beast; but a man whose fallen nature was the Beast until I repented; as the Prodigal Son; and returned; as the Lost Sheep of Israel; and will restore all things; as when the Fire from Heaven lit the Altar when I dedicated the Temple: and thus shall I redeem my people.”

The Verse of the Beast of the Earth

             “For that mankind did not believe with Certainty in Our Signs”

          ” It is I who was destined to divide mankind into the Two Camps; those who can read the name “Kafir” on the forehead of Osama bin Laden as the Misih ad-Dajjal and those who cannot; even though I cannot read Arabic; and would therefore be considered “illiterate” by most Muslims.

              Those who can see that Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist will be those who hold their books in their right hand; and those who cannot will hold their books in their left hands. The believers of the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah will enter the Barque of the Sufis which is the Ship of the Sun of Righteousness as the Ark of Salvation; the unbelievers will not believe in the Miracle of the Sun of Mary of Fatimah and will proceed into the Lake of Fire which is the Second Death.  

                                                                         The Baraka of Khidr Rumi and Fatimah al Zahra; the Virgin of Light

The Baraka of Khidr Rumi and Fatimah al Zahra; the Virgin of Light           As the least in the kingdom of heaven I stand as he who is greater than Sun Myung Moon; who is John the Baptist: no matter how he denies it publically. To those who have confided to me that he admits it privately I will soon publish to be seen in my book, in which I have his testimony firsthand from former members of his church. Inshallah; let the Work begin!

      In these last days I have written much of the Sealed Book which I unsealed with the help of the Servant of Allah that mankind will find is His Servant John; the Greatest in Kingdom of heaven. Yet no one would believe that I was sent by the Most High so now it is to Islam that I will now reveal myself even as it as Written.

                  I brand or “call” they who are the “believers” as those who can see that Osama bin Laden is the Masih ad-Dajjal by being able to read the name “Kafir” on his forehead; and those I brand or call “unbelievers” are those who cannot “see” that Osama bin Laden is the ad-Dajjal.

                               The Further Proof of Our Signs

            It is the Sufi Sayed Hisham Kabbani who said that Abu Hurayra these words related in the hadith confirmed by Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad this saying of Muhammed about the Beast from the Earth; to wit;

                   “The Beast of the Earth will emerge, and will have with it the rod of Moses and the ring of Solomon”.

The Rod of Moses is therefore seen as the Rod of Aaron: the Rod of the Regeneration; as when Isa raised Lazurus from the Grave even though he had decomposed and had begun to rot: thus I was raised by the Servant of Allah whom men will know as His Servant John the Divine; who wrote down the Revelation of Jesus Christ that is the Last Book of the Bible.
            The Rod of God was then seen as that one by which the dead are raised to life even if they have decomposed; as few believe this possible; but those who saw Lazurus come forth certinly did believe; as when they rolled the stone away from the tomb of Lazarus the stench cause people to retch.
The Sealed Book of Illiyun which is revealed in the “Revelation of Salvation” that I wrote after being insructed by the angel of John the Divine for 21 years.
This is then the telling of the book of life of the Lamb, which I unsealed with my own ring, that the Sufis returned to me along with my shoes and my garment that Isa took from me when he despoiled me of all my powers and goods I had gotten from Iblis; when I had worshiped him to gain all the kingdoms of the earth: and what I thought was eternal life.
It was I who was the one that tempted Isa when I opposed him in the Wilderness for 40 days when he defeated me: yet in my repentance and returning to restore all things I have begun to Redeem myself and save those who were lost; for the Redeeming of Solomon is by the Gift of Prophecy.”


 Peace be unto thee;

                 the Envoy of the Word of Allah:

                                  The Wrath of the Lamb;

                                                   the Offspring of David;

                                                                       the Lion of the Tribe of Judah 

              The name that Nathan the prophet of David gave me is the one new name by which I was led out of the Abyss; and it is the new name written in the White Stone of Ephraim that Joshua holds with the Black Stone of Mecca; as the Lot of the Breasplate of Aaron: for as Lot was led out of Sodom so was I led out of the fallen City of St. Francis to New Hope; as Zoar; “the little one”; yea;

                                     “…and a little one shall become a thousand…”.

                                                      even  Jedidiah;

                                                “The Beloved of Allah”                                          


Sura 27:82 says of the Last Day;

                                             and the Doubters of the Kafir:                                                                                                                  

 “I will raise up a beast out of the earth….and he will will speak to thee;

for you did not believe the Certainty of Our signs”



  1. This Wine they in the Unification Church drank at the mass weddings was then pure Korean “Moonshine”; that “magical potion” for which they who married and were given in marriage paid thousands of dollars, and also forfeited their chance at immortality: the Wine of Wrath is that which they drank, that wine of fornication with the Whore ISIS as Rev. Moon’s “female” and counterfeit ”holy spirit”.

    The “Sacred Wine”, in which he added “a few drops” of his own blood, was that potion by which Sun Myung Moon assured them by their drinking at the marriage ceremony would “cleanse their blood and that of their unborn children” from the Original Sin. Yet Hyo Jin Moon was known to be a drug addict and wife-beater, profane and heavily involved with scores of women; and the adultery of Mr. Moon himself (“for providential reasons” ) that produced Sammy Pak, and a few other children, was the reason many Moonies left the Church: and all their money, sacrifice and faith: was lost. The spiritual cost, in terms of the scope of their betrayal in proportion to their shattered trust: is staggering.

    And even now: we have the daughter of Rev. Moon, Tatiana Moon…and her affair and illegitimate child; which prove quite otherwise Rev. Moon’s claim he had no original sin in his blood from ‘P’ikareun’, and that his children were then perfect.


  2. In the City of St. Francis in the Internal Course we “lived’ in the Holy Fool of God’s ”Celestial Body” during the “Rapture of Love” that only the Chosen understood; seeing they were living in the “time” of Jesus with his “Nazarenes” and the “Zealots” of Israel with the “Hippies” and “Radicals” being the same Generation reborn as the “Children of all the Tribes of Israel”.
    San Francisco underwent the “Pentecost” of Jerusalem as in the First Visitation of God in which Jerusalem originally stood through the Entry of the Lamb at the Golden Gate on Palm Sunday.
    This Judgment was hidden in the Visitation written in the Gospel: the Entry of the Bridegroom through the Golden Gate as of the King of Kings; Lord of Lords: the Lamb of God as His Mercy Itself. Mary of Bethlehem represented the City as his Mother; but Zion represented Mary of Bethany his Bride; and here Rev. Moon made one of his many errors when he said Lord Jesus “never peformed any of the duties of the Messiah”.
    The Coronation of Jesus by the People on Palm Sunday is the Day and the Hour he forgot about. Even as he was mocked and spat on they made the mistake of putting a robe on him with the Crown of thorns; and even gave him a reed scepter; not seeing that at the return of the Son of Man the real objects these symbols represented would be substantially taken from the Devil and given to the Lamb on his way to destroy Death and Hell: the Lamb’s unfinished business.

    “…Unless ye become converted as little children,
    ye cannot enter the Kngdom of God…”
    Thus in that Holy City in 1967 God was present to many; and where those who “believed” in Love came and gave away all they had to the poor on the spot were they who earned the undying reward of the saints; and more things than that happened in that River of Love of which many of you would probably not believe: selfless acts of love and compassion that I could weep about for hours if I had the time to indulge myself; but I do not.
    This Street turned from Haight to Love. Those who found the Holy Spirit of Christ in that Summer when the Living Sun of God truly shined through were transformed forever. But here let us proceed to the matter at hand: the untold story of Rev. Moon revealed to me by his departed son from spirit world.
    A Real Conversation from “Spirit World”
    But now let us adjourn to the place where what Hyo Jin Moon confided to me his revelations of his father, Rev. Moon; kept in my notes from his many visits to me since our meeting in Bay City Michigan at the end of my 40 days of Temptation in the Wilderness.
    This Restoration of the Grail from the Principle of Indemnity Rev. Moon used to beat the maidservants and menervants of Justice with is now over.
    The Perfection of the Grail in the internal course of restoration on the Universal level of Heaven and Earth had to be “taken back” as by he “who comes as a thief”; that being my servant John restoring the lost articles and treasures of the ”Kingdom” itself.


    1. This Wine they in the Unification Church drank at the mass weddings was then pure Korean “Moonshine”; that “magical potion” for which they who married and were given in marriage paid thousands of dollars, and also forfeited their chance at immortality: the Wine of Wrath is that which they drank, that wine of fornication with the Whore ISIS as Rev. Moon’s “female” and counterfeit ”holy spirit”.

      The “Sacred Wine”, in which he added “a few drops” of his own blood, was that potion by which Sun Myung Moon assured them by their drinking at the marriage ceremony would “cleanse their blood and that of their unborn children” from the Original Sin. Yet Hyo Jin Moon was known to be a drug addict and wife-beater, profane and heavily involved with scores of women; and the adultery of Mr. Moon himself (“for providential reasons” ) that produced Sammy Pak, and a few other children, was the reason many Moonies left the Church: and all their money, sacrifice and faith: was lost. The spiritual cost, in terms of the scope of their betrayal in proportion to their shattered trust: is staggering.

      And even now: we have the daughter of Rev. Moon, Tatiana Moon…and her affair and illegitimate child; which prove quite otherwise Rev. Moon’s claim he had no original sin in his blood from ‘P’ikareun’, and that his children were then perfect.


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