Rev. Moon: A Death, not an “Ascension”, Moon’s Heavenly Trial; Lucifer and the Small One; A Strong Nation’s Last Day

Something to Worship?

Is this what we had to look forward to?

But now the Evil Servant of Matthew 24:48 stands at the Emerald Table of Justice

Where sit the 12 Apostles of the Lamb;

as the 12 Months of the Eternal Year!

The 12 Fruits of the Blessed Olive Tree

Christ Jesus of Nazareth:

His Creative Principle is now The Tree of life

It seems that the date of January 13th 2013 is not when Rev. Moon was to die: but is now seen to have been September 3; 2012, thus the images of a Jim Jones type debacle from Moon’s speech that he would leave January 13th now moot and ultimately proved false.
These lesser matters now fade into the background; and no longer crowd into my head as my fear that Rev. Moon might have tried to “force” his “ascension” or “Hegira” by artificial means is now also moot,  as Hyo Jin Moon, the spiritual Messiah of the Unification Church and the angel of the New Covenant, told me today: that his father Rev. Moon is already in spirit world. This I was told hours before CNN announced it; and Tossa Cromwell is my Witness for that…
But now he is gone; September 1st; 2012….liver gone; kidneys stopped; on life support…dead September 3rd…..yet a victor.
These developments are new; and now being written of as I speak; I will update this post as I am given the information about the Golden Palace and now unplanned death of Sun Myung Moon; a dead Messiah is no true Messiah; not this time; not without the customary Resurrection which would have been on schedule for Jan 16 2013 three days later; now he is already in spirit world; as Hyo Jin Moon stonily tells me from the World of Spirits, where he was made the Spiritual Messiah by Rev. Moon; who now sits there with him: staring widely with no wedding garment; as he denied that my Father Jesus arose in the flesh and bone of his actual body….incorrectly, as it now turns out.
I tried to warn them; but they would not listen…

Thus Rev. Moon sits in spirit world naked; and they see his shame…

Now with his arrival in heaven comes the beginning of the Last Judgment


              It now really is “too late” to save or restore Rev. Moon; we have 4 scant months before the 2012 date on December 25th that will follow the “3 days and 3 nights” of the final 3 day seperation of good and evil; as the light from the darkness will be forever seperated: at this beginning of the New Creation of God; where my Father Jesus is now the Lord God of a New Heaven and a New Earth; sitting in the position of “God in His Righteousness”; before whom no one can do anything but put their hand over their mouth: period.

This will be manifested in the Great Purification after  December 21st; as from the 22nd to the 23rd;  until the 24th; with December 25th at 2012 as Judgment Day. This comes for the Unification Church as of “the Great Migration”;

…..where all will see if they have a lump of  dark black coal for their unregenerate selves on Christmas Day from their Father Jesus:

…….or a dazzling White Diamond for their regenerated souls?


      Truly Time will indeed end and Eternity be seen: along with the Door itself being made Visible; where will sit One with the Lamb’s Open Book on his lap: for the King of Judgment Day is the Judge! 


Yet with his departure from the World Stage we see a pattern of defeat and denial that has come to it’s climax in a tragic and ultimately fallen way; and this is a victory for Satan and a defeat for God; and nothing less than very bad news for the Elder Race of Humanity: the Yellow Race who are the Elder Brother of the Red Race; and thus the “primal” or “first race” of mankind itself.


          Is it as the Hopi wrote of long ago about the Yellow Race as the “Elder Brother” of the Red Race; the Younger Brother of the 4 Primal Races of Mankind? What happened to this spiritual giant? How did the Yellow Race end up being under the sway of Death as encompassing almost a fourth of the entire human race?

        For the Pahana is the White Brother of Quetzacoatl; the Prophet after which the Mississippi river was named according to legend.

  This prophecy was given to the ancestors of the Hopi; when they came to “Turtle Island” as North America from the land bridge across the Bering Straights in the Great Migration after the last Pole Shift and the fall of Atlantis: the City of Enoch; the Son of Cain called Thoth by the Egyptians; even as Cain is Called Osiris; and Eve, Isis.
    We all have much to mourn who now see that I may not have the chance with my Father’s servant John that He sent to save Rev. Moon;  as now we are given only a short season to act and free Rev. Moon from the Golden Cage of Babylon the Great he is currently trapped in. 
          If John and I cannot free Rev. Moon it now seems he will make sure he leaves us by the year 2013; an unfitting end to the Central figure of God’s Providence of Salvation in our Day.
          We all  now have no worries for the prospect Rev. Moon planned in trying to die on Jan. 13th 2013, as a foreplanned and preseen “ascension” where the “death” will be a “rising” of our Korean Messiah, Rev. Moon whereby his son and successor will be left a gold statue to worship as the Messiah on earth: but this is not a Messiah of Gold: or is it? 

Is this  Gold Statue, now given to his heir in Rev. Moon’s family to bow to 21,000 times as the condition of further indemnity at the Cosmic level; is THIS all his heir has to look forward to as his Undying Legacy to Mankind?


Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is “cut off’ from the congregation of Israel: forever…”

 The Last New Hope for Rev. Moon:
           the Phoenix of New Hope in one more Flight?
The Last Temptation of Rev. Moon?
      It seems that this date of January 13th, 2013 is now when Rev. Moon and his wife are now planning to die and “ascend” before their adoring followers in a secret Korean location; where members go to talk to figures from spirit world who are said to surrender to Rev. Moon even as he seems to have accepted his own personal defeat in accomplishing the Unification of Korea: which was his global mission to establish the Global Foundation to receive the Messiah.

This was; of course, to have been himself.

         Now it is the images of a Jim Jones type debacle that crowd into my head as I feared Rev. Moon may have once thought to try to “force” his “ascension” by artificial means: like an overdose? Or an even more spectacular spectacle? God Forbid! But it is God who intervened to stop this tragedy from occuring to this fallen, but still great spiritual giant; the central figure of God’s Providence of Salvation for our Age; the figure written in the Gospel; seen at the Sun and Moon of the 6th Seal of the Revelation for 1960 when Rev. Moom married and My Generation as “the stars” all fell; as we were “the children of the Resurrection” who were “not to marry; nor be given in marriage” and 144,000 were to become eunichs for the kingdom’s sake; thus all who married at the Korean Jacob’s clever strategem to despoil us of our inheritence by following Rev. Moon’s direction to marry; thus all fell for his temptation, as profane and blinded Esau’s, and sold their immortal birthright for a paltry earthly marriage and mortal death… and could therefore no longer be “equal unto the angels”…except for me; the Last Child of the Resurrection: the Wrath of the Lamb……the least in the kingdom of heaven; but a greater prophet than our John the Baptist: Rev. Moon….
 ( the 7 Seals are of the 7 decades from 1910 at the first seal; to 1970 at the 7th seal; they are loosed every tenth year….as I show in the Opened Book of Life of the Lamb which is the Unsealed Revelation of Jesus Christ)
       These developments are new; and now being written into history of as I speak; I will update this post as I am given the information about the Golden Palace and planned death of Sun Myung Moon in his beloved Korea; a dead Messiah is no Messiah; not this time; not without the customary Resurrection which would be on schedule for Jan 16. at the Christic window three days later. 
But no such Resurrection has been announced.
           It now seems that Rev. Moon has decided that his strategy of taking the Wall of our Global Jericho down from between North and South Korea may indeed only happen over his “dead Body”; but this is not what God had planned for our brave Korean friend; the “Faithful and Wise Steward” from the gospel of Luke and the gospel of Matthew; a fallen champion of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Shall we now mourn and shed bitter tears at this sad news? 
     At the present time we have only the Last Day and the coming Last Hour in the 40 months before the 2012 date on December 25th that will follow the “days and 3 nights” of the “Great Purification” of the “Great Spirit” that signals the end of the Western Civilization we see written of as “Babylon the Great” in the Revelation of St. John the Divine; the Second Helper of the Pahana; the Messiah of the Hopi and the World.
          It is from December 21st until the 24th that the Solar Wind may stike the face of the Earth; a blow that ehoes the one the Lamb felt against his cheek when John the Baptist sent his two disciples to him from his prison to show John doubted him at the End?
Does it not say in Isaiah what happens to those who erect Idols of Gold? Shame!
Now we all have December 25th 2012 as our figurative Judgment Day; where all will see if they have a lump of dark black coal for their unregenerate selves: or a dazzling White Diamond for their regenerated souls. Yet only those on the Path of the Just who overcome will have the chance to enter the Door of the Sheep; the Mahdi of the 3 Children of Fatimah in their Unity as the Door of the Ark as in the days of Noah.
     I hope that others in the Church will see in this Gold Statue before which Hyung Jin Moon has promised to bow 21,000 times as the final sign that something has gone terribly wrong with his father Rev. Moon;
Someone to Worship; the Golden Calf of Defeat?
         ……….the figure unknown to the world as “the Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” in the gospels of Luke and Matthew; and also to the Unification Church itself as well; which may well be why it no longer exists in any real way; this being why I was ordered by my Father Jesus to Resurrect it with the “New Unification Church”; of which my only ally is one brave figure from the former church enduring incredible persecution for daring to speak the truth about Rev. Moon and his mission.

The Untold Story of the Coming Death of Rev. Moon: Set in Stone?


That Rev. Moon has now pushed himself to his his death means that he well knew the Last Hour is coming: so now we have a further proof that our Korean friend will find his fate to have died as “cut asunder”;  rather than the eternal life he could have won “being given all” as it was written about himself as “the faithful and wise steward”; had he seen the Day and the Hour that the least in the kingdom of heaven arose at to show him, along with the 3 great doctrinal errors of his book “Divine Principle”.

 Had he listened to me and then repaired his work; thus reaching his final overcoming to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth he would have acheived Immortality.

 This figure called “the least in the kingdom of heaven” being myself; unfortunately, as everyone seems to hate me; for some unknown and strange reason I cannot fathom.


         Truly Time will indeed end and Eternity be seen in the December 25th Day of Judgment: along with the Door of the Mahdi that is the Gate made of this Pearl of Great Price as that of Wisdom itself;  the Door itself as that Pearl of Great Price being made Visible shall be seen the Gate of Heaven; where will sit the Little One with the Lamb’s Open Book on his lap: for the King of Judgment Day is the Judge!


          Here we shall enter the Gate that leads to the New Heaven of our Father Jesus to them who see the Holy Child in His Name who holds the Book of Life of the Lamb Opened to write the names of the Blest; and the New Earth as that Holy Mountain which we shall all stand on that is the Unity of the 12 Foundation Stones of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb we are to set.


           Few indeed are prepared for this event; but things are accelerating; the Last Hour looms large on the horizon; at this: the Last Day of Islam and Christianity.

   Yet is a seeming “mortal messiah” now fallen to such a small degree of his former stature the one we will now “not have”, as Rev. Moon now prepares for his own prophesied and rapidly coming demise; and why was his wife to die with him? Now that is all academic as he is dead; all within a few short days…. 

         These and other questions now crowd the page as the startling news of Rev. Moon’s own prophecy about the “Great Migration”; and now the news of his death sinks in; the national press being woefully behind the curve that is now shaking the remnants of the Unification Church to it’s very foundations; which were set in almost inconceivable amounts of indemnity paid by it’s members in these last 3 decades.


But now the Church is in very real trouble; the End hath come….

NOT the Seal of the Living God: the Sign of the “Evil Servant”

Let us see what now unfolds with this bit of stunning news. I can only say I prayed to save Rev. Moon and his children from this needless and dire admission of defeat and retreat from the Will of God; but Kyle Toffey and Eric Holt and Gary Fleisher and Jonathan Gullery: now have won: they have done what Satan wanted: made it the fate of Rev. Moon to die as a mortal man in the position of the body of John the Baptist; as the very man he himself judged responsible for the Death of my Father Jesus in his book “Divine Principle”. So is Judas Iscariot now off the hook? I don’t think so!

Bravo! Well done!!!

……ye fools and BLIND!!!!

Thus saith the 144 “thousandth” as in Isaiah; as of he who is the smallest fraction of the 144,000; the 144 ‘thousandth; one: as the last.

Written thusly;

“and a little one shall become a thousand”;

yea; the one with the Measure of a man and an Angel; the Virgin:

The Child of the Resurrection is the Wall of the Holy City: The 144; multiplied times a thousand: as the entire 144,000 itself: the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

As one flesh with the Lamb is the Lamb’s Wife; what we have is the “Double”; as in the Cup being filled to that Great Whore of the Unification Church…the false holy spirit; the false Mystery of Babylon that hides the True Mystery of God; as what the Veil of Isis covered; ISIS as Eve; and Osiris as Cain; her son….the scarlet colored beast the Great Whore Rides; as that of her own child; the Son of perdition; Red China that Evil Servant; as she is Capitalism: the Lover of Money: as Mammon’s Mistress of the Nations.

For the White Goddess “The Vine of the Earth” is the gold phallus of Osiris, the stone cold killer, the god of Death; her son: her lover, and always; in the end, her dinner.

In this book Nansook Hong tells of when Rev. Moon revealed to her the two children he had had with two other women while married: for “reasons directly concerning the providence” by which Rev. Moon committed adultery but calls it something else..
…..certainly not the Original Sin: of which he said in his book “Divine Principle” that the Fall was for the sin of adultery:
and is
“…..the Root of all sins…..”                  
  …except for him….??
Tell that to my Father Jesus: on the Great White Throne of God as the Judge;
at the Judgment-Seat of Christ Almighty
…. also known as “The KING of Judgment Day”


    1. The Holy Spirit Christ Jesus came to me with my servant John; as the angel of John of Patmos in 1986; that Day I made my Vow of chastity; which took 21 years to fulfill; as I was led out of the city of St. Francis to complete the 21 year course of Jacob and where i finally overcame and restored the fall of Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon. My servant John is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven; John the Revelator is what the prophet of the Mormons Joseph Smith called him, seen at I Nephi 14:17-30….

      This is seen, of course, at the 6th Seal which is of the decade of the 60’s; as each Seal is of a decade; as I opened the Book of life of the Lamb which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ with the help of john of patmos; who originally wrote; and came to “prophesy again”; as it was written of him at the last sentence of chapter 10 of the Revelation itself….and now it hath come to pass,,,,,

      My Father Jesus now sits on the Great White Throne of God and the Lamb; and I am that new Door of the Sheep by which all who want to enter the Kingdom have only to receive me as the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; and thus have the Direct Blood Lineage of being a child of my Father Jesus by believing in me and them Him; the Lord God of the New Creation

      Who believes in me and my Father Jesus shall be written in my husband the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus of Nazareth’s book; and thus erase the 7 stains of the Original Sin; as the 7 vials of Wrath are like “spot remover” to cleanse the garments for all who ascend to my Father Jesus; as the 7 Vials of Wrath hold the 7 Tears of God themselves. Let me assure you; I know whereof i speak,,,,having undergone the “Death in Christ” on October 24th; 2007….when the Blue Star appeared; the Morning Star of the Hopi is my sign…

      Read on; and come to and hear the Song of the Lamb as the new Song of Songs from the 10 up already of the 12 Songs themselves….I am the bride, the Lamb’s Wife…


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