The Ted Kennedy Plan: 120 Million Strong, the Answer?


                                Universal Health Care: the Real Plan of Ted Kenndey


His Brother's Keeper: are we Abel?

His Brother's Keeper: are we Abel?

                 The answer to our current impasse is that no real depth of vision has been articulated which could shut down the Republikan strategy of scaring the old and confusing the young; and denying Health Care to all who currently have none.

                The Korporate plan to keep a broad base of Americans uninsured so that they will provide a continuing drain on the Obama Administration in all the exspense a huge number of poverty sticken people really has on the current state health care system is what now keeps the Hospital Business as an investor haven to keep doubling and trilpling costs and charges at will.

             The Ted Kennedy Plan is to have 120 million Americans pay a Flat Rate of $125.00 a month each per entire Family or Individual if unmarried would thus provide Universal Health Care to All with about a Trillion dollars to provide the Top Care on the Planet; easily the best in the world with such a paying and fair base to fund the Helth Care Plan.

         To free our unprotected and thus easily vulnerable and exploitable poverty stricken populace from those Korporate Powers who would try to destroy the Obama Admisinstration I advise all who love our Nation and our President to support this Plan; which I call the true Ted Kennedy Plan: as it is the only one which could work; as it pays for itself.

              This will stop the immoral and unethical means by which the Republikans and their facist allies in the business sector in the Pharmceutical Companies oppress and openly lobby against the real prices of drugs eing instituted that we see in Canada whose governments are not owned by the Dow’s and Merck’s  and all the other companies who rob us blind with the government’s permission.

            Universal health Care that pays for itself will put to an end the control by the rich and powerful vested interests in Washington DC bed with the Health Care providers; finally stopping the shell game by which only those who don’t use their Health Care can have it! This will now end!

          As Victor Hugo said:

              “Nothing can stop an Idea whose Time Has Come”.

                y having them at the mercy of Korporate Amerika


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