“The Rich Man from Las Vegas Dies”, why my Errant Messenger Mr. Moon was “Cut Asunder”: the Wrath of the Lamb

“Whoso walketh upon the Wings of the Wind..?…”


The Marriage of Mr. Sun with Mrs. Moon

Part I: Looking at the Fall of the 60’s, seen at the Decade of the Sixth Seal on the Lamb’s Book Opened: 1960 to 1969 in the Sixth Divine Name; the Seal of the Old ‘Second’ Heaven; the Divine Name of Divine Purity in the Spiritual World of the 7 Senses…

“The Advent of Maitreya the Holy Virgin; as the Ascending Angel with the Seal of the Living God;

the Olive Branch of Love was the Gospel, the Olive Branch of Truth is the Revelation”

The Angel of His Vengeance: “Mine”

The Qur’an and the Son of Man

It is the Son of Man as Jesus of Nazareth who is the Blessed Olive Tree of Mohammed in the Verse of Light; the two olive branches the Lamb’s Wife now offers as proof of her relationship with the Lamb are then seen as being of the nature of the terms “the Everlasting Arms” of the Lord God of the New Creation.

The Son of Mary comes sitting on the Great White Throne of Mary; which is the Throne of God and the Lamb as “the Throne of his Glory”; Lord Jehovah first having had Mary of Bethlehem as his Consort, who now represents Wisdom Incarnate in the New Heaven; and the Lamb now having Mary of Bethany as his Consort; the Daughter of Wisdom Incarnate.

For Mohammed it is then the Messiah who is called “The Son of Mary”.

This is because, as seen in chapter 12 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine, the woman dressed in the Sun, with the Moon under her feet; with the crown of 12 Stars; is now revealed as “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel”; who is now seen as “the Mother of Jesus”; and has become at this Eviternity (”the Dawn of Eternity”) the figure of Wisdom Incarnate: as Mary of Bethlehem: “The House of Bread”; the City of David.

This is why the Lamb called himself ”The Bread of God”; and why David ate the Shewbread in the Tabernacle of God from the Table to feed himself and his companions, which my Father Jesus also mentioned of himself and his companions; but no one ever saw the reason. Perhaps they shall now…..

Mary of Bethany returns as the bride, the Lamb’s Wife, and thus represents “The Kingdom of Justice“,

as in the question: “who is the fairest of them All?”

It could only be “Justice“: herself.

Where then is his Kingdom? And the answer is then this: “The Kingdom of God is where His Justice reigns“. 

A New Heaven and a New Earth:

Understanding the “Everlasting Arms” of God in the Qur’an of Mohammed, and also now in the Lamb’s Book Opened.

For Mohammed it was his discovery that THE EVERLASTING ARMS  of God are seen in the HOLY QUR’AN as “In the Name of Allah; The Merciful; the Compassionate“; the Arm of Mercy being His Right Arm; and that Compassion His Left Arm.

The Sufis would, of course, agree: although not in public.

But it is the Lamb’s servant John who reveals the Right Hand of God was of His Peace; and the Left Hand of God was of His Justice.

This is seen in Isaiah; where He says these statements: “I wound ( as ‘Azrael’ the negation (-), as the destroying angel of the left hand, for the curse ); and I heal”; ( as ‘Raphael’ with twice the negation (-) + (-) =  + , making a plus, as the restoring angel, for the blessing).

And where he says;  “I Kill, ( as of the Left Hand of Justice), and I Make Alive” ( as of bringing back to life; which is of the Right Hand of Peace ).

The Unicorn of Maitreya Buddha as the Vehicle of Salvation: the Cloud of the Eunuchs, and the Coming of Ishvara to India

The Unicorn of the Holy City whose Four Walls are LOVE, GOOD, WISDOM and TRUTH; the FOUR WALLS of ONE SALVATION

Part II: The Agony of the Three Great Errors of Reverend Moon;

…..and the arrival of the Olive Branch of Truth, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

…… in the “Great New Hope” as the “Time is Now at Hand”

   The revealing of my Servant John,

    as the Shepherd of the New Unification Church

    with the Revelation of Salvation.

For all who joined the Unification Church and got married, ardently hoping and wholeheartedly believing in the testimony of Rev. Moon we have very sad news. Rev. Moon was an extraordinary individual in the Providence of God, as having been called to the mission of reaching the position of the Messiah by Christ himself if he passed the final test; which was this: after being put in the position of the Messenger “over the house” he was told to “wait for his Lord’s return“.

As all know who read my columns those Chosen of God the Elect and Called have a very difficult time in seeing how to show the world where Rev. Moon is 100% correct, and yet demonstrate exactly where he erred and why.

Most people who call themselves religious or spiritual do not care about Rev. Moon or his mission: but those who do have a part in the Providence of God know exactly why he is important.

First of all, since Rev. Moon says my Father Jesus arose in his resurrection without a body of flesh and bone we have to see that the “Christ” who appeared to Rev. Moon on April 17th, 1935 on that Korean hillside was an angel: not my Father Jesus himself. We do know that Moon accepted the mission on April 18th: 1935 after wrestling with this angel all night, although Rev. Moon has never publically stated this; but my Father’s servant John told me the entire story, as he has about everthing else.

In his book “Divine Principle” Rev. Moon says that because the Lamb appeared in a locked room, in the midst of his disciples: he could not have a ‘body of flesh and bone’, as Rev. Moon says on page 360 of his book, to wit;

“As we well know through the Bible, Jesus after the resurrection was not the same Jesus who had lived with his disciples before his crucifixion. He was no longer a man seen through physical eyes, because he was a being transcendent of time and space. He once suddenly appeared in a closed room where his disciples were gathered (John 20:19), while in another instance he appeared before two disciples going to Emmaus, and accompanied them for a long distance. But their eyes were kept from recognizing Jesus, who appeared, would again disappear suddenly.
Jesus, in order to save mankind, had established the spiritual foundation of faith through the 40-day resurrection period to separate Satan, after giving up his physical body to the cross as (Page 360)a sacrifice. By doing this, he pioneered the way for the redemption of the sins of all men..”

  In other words; as “a being transcendent of space and time” my Father Jesus was now just a “will-o-the-wisp” as just being a commonplace spirit; or what Rev. Moon would kindly call “a ghost”; nothing more.

But my Father said this at Luke 24:39; to wit;

” Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see for a spirit has not flesh and bones, as you see me have..”

These words are telling….

“…for a spirit hath not flesh and bone as ye see me have…”

(…but…the testimony of Christ is not good enough for Rev. Moon ? ? ?)

We even have the testimony of the Gospel of Christ of when he then sat down and then ate some food with the apostles.

But; one must have faith…..as believing what one has not seen; as having seen it…..which is Real Faith….of which, by his own admission, Rev. Moon apparently has zero…far less than even Doubting Thomas”Q
According to the writings of Rev. Moon it was his own private interpretation that my Father gave up his body to the cross” and therefore had no body anymore after his resurrection…just an empty shell by which he could appear in locked rooms.

The Testimony of Nansook Hong; the Providential Affairs of Rev. Moon

A Quote From “Shadow Of The Moons” Book:

Nan Sook Hong (Moon) was married to Hyo Jin Moon and gave him five children. She lived with the Moon family for more than a decade, suffered brutal abuse and finally left and wrote a book of her experiences. In this quote she is speaking of her husband Hyo Jin’s justification for his adultery, because his own father Rev. Moon had committed adultery. The quote below shows that Hyo Jin Moon, Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, all have admitted that the elder Rev. Moon had an adulterous affair, but that it was “God’s Will”………

(“Providential Adultery?”)……….. Nan Sook says, to wit;

“I trusted Hyo Jin who said ‘I know what I’m allowed to do.’

He never even gave me a hint that I would be falling with him,” Annie would write me later. “Madelene told me some story about Father(Sun Myung Moon) having a relationship outside of Mother (Hak Ja Han Moon) and a son being born.

This was later confirmed to me by Hyo Jin and Jin Sung Nim. We discussed if it could be true and what it meant. I never questioned Father’s purity or his course.

But I certainly began to feel that there must be a lot going on providentially within the True Family that I can’t understand or judge.”

~I went directly to Mrs. Moon with Hyo Jin’s claims. She was both furious and tearful. She had hoped that such pain would end with her, that it would not be passed on to the next generation, she told me. No one knows the pain of a straying husband like True Mother, she assured me.
I was stunned. We had all heard rumors for years about Sun Myung Moon’s affairs and the children he sired out of wedlock, but here was True Mother confirming the truth of those stories.

~I told her that Hyo Jin said his sleeping around was “providential”, and inspired by God, just as Father’s affairs were. “No. Father is the Messiah, not Hyo Jin.

What Father did was in God’s plan.” His infidelity was part of her course to suffer to become the True Mother.

“There is no excuse for Hyo Jin to do this.” she said.

~Mrs. Moon told Father what Hyo Jin was claiming and the Reverend Moon summoned me to his room. What happened in his past was “providential” Father reiterated.
It has nothing to do with Hyo Jin. I was embarrassed to be hearing this admission from him directly.
I was also confused. If Hak Ja Han Moon was the True Mother, if he had found the perfect partner on earth, how could he justify his infidelity theologically?
~I did not ask, of course, but I left that room with a new understanding of the relationship between the Reverend and Mrs. Moon.
It was no wonder she wielded so much influence; he was indebted to her for not exposing him all these years. She had made her peace with his faithlessness and betrayal. Perhaps all the money, the world travel, the public adulation, were compensation enough for her.
~They would not be enough for me. For once Hyo Jin Moon was going to see that every action brings a reaction, that for every misdeed there is a consequence to be faced. I received the Reverend and Mrs. Moon’s permission to send Annie away (Hyo Jin’s lover).” 
(end of Nansook Hong’s testimony)
Thus Mrs. Moon’s wife is basically an emanation of the Great Whore of Babylon; for she was in the position; symbolically; of the “Lamb’s Wife”.
But the Wife of the Lamb is not a proponent of adultery: as Mrs. Moon was; and is.
Thus she is fallen; an unhappily fallen woman who compromised all principle; for Fame and Fortune, keeping secret her husbands adultery so he could keep claiming to be the Messiah and have her as his consort; the co-conspirator in their satanic pact of public deception.
But ”Fame and Fortune” are the ”Name and Number” of the Beast…”

THE THREE GREAT ERRORS of Rev. Moon in light of his own words in “Divine Principle”

In fact I do know exactly the places in his book “Divine Principle” where he made the “3 great errors”, and it is these very errors and mistakes which now appear written of in my book;

“A City Not Forsaken: My Generation and the Revelation of Salvation”.

Thus it seems that my book is, in part, a book review; and a long overdue one, since all of christianity has either blindly rejected Rev. Moon without knowing what he has accomplished or joined him without any real knowledge of who he really is.

This is because he was written about possibly failing in his mission quite plainly in the gospels of Luke and Matthew which he has carefully hidden from almost everyone in the Unification Church because of the “dual prophecy” of “the faithful and wise steward/servant”. Of this he has told no one.

“…Thou shalt make no graven image; nor bow down and worship it..”
Thus we have those idealistic and brave souls who then blindly embraced him, without seeing the reason why he had not reached the Seal of the Living God, as John the Baptist also never did, who also never did one miracle while my Father Jesus and his disciples did them by the truckload: and for the same reason; as I show conclusively in my text.

Thus the First Stumbling Rev. Moon made in 1960 is that he did not Marry a Black American Woman who symbolizes the Soul of America in the Position of Sheba as the queen of the South; thus leaving her as the Widow of Israel, Rev. Moon could have done what Elijah once appeared to do for the previous Widow of Israel in Zarepta.

To substantially symbolize what mixing the soil of Korea with that of our Nation really could really been, having laid “the Foundation of Salvation” here in America could of happened if only Re. Moon had “marched” or “walked” with our “spiritual king” of non-violence; Dr Martin Luther King. But he hated Dr. King; from envy.

The one that Rev. Moon never walked with; and branded as “pro-communist”; as of the beast from the abyss of Rev. Moon’s envy and ignorance’ and his attempt to steal the Blessing from the Third Israel. Let us not forget that when Dr. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize the Providence of the Internal Restoration in America as Egypt went from the National level to the Global Level…for Canaan restored “from within” as the land of Equality for the Foundation to Receive the Messiah…Barack Hussein Obama is thus “our David”….feeble as he is……

Unfortunately Moon was too busy with J.Edgar Hoover and the others of his ilk in unjustly branding Dr. King as being “pro-Communist”, another accusation of the Devil  that Rev. Moon unwisely propagated; due to his jealousy of the Third Israel as the Black Christian Race in the West, and especially it’s black Moses, Dr. King.

Because Rev. Moon never “arrived” as our “Joshua” is the reason why so many of the children of all the tribes of Israel  died; both in Rev. Moon’s own family and of those of My Generation.


The First Great Mistake of Rev. Moon

The First Great Mistake written in the book “Divine Principle” is that Rev. Moon said that my Father Jesus did not arise in his flesh and bone; as of the Resurrection; as even Doubting Thomas had to admit; thus Rev. Moon lost his “wedding garment” as having “sold” it to buy the double-edged sword his book “”Divine Principle” really became; but it could have been a Scepter of Resurrection had he said he was John the Baptist and so restored John’s denial that he was Elijah! 

Moon has always said that Billy Graham should have testified that Moon was the messiah from the position of being Moon’s messenger; but Rev. Moon also said the Holy Spirit is a “female spirit”; and Billy Graham,  from what is written about at Pentecost in Jerusalem, knows otherwise.

But Rev. Moon did not even rise to the standard of the least of the Apostle’s that Thomas really was: no faith; no progress at all on the Path of the Just.

The Second Great Mistake

The Second Great Mistake Rev. Moon made in turning his book “Divine Principle” into a discarnate object of “good and evil” was in saying that the Holy Spirit is a “female spirit”; when the Seal ( had he reached it )  would have shown him that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; and this cannot be known until one has the Seal as I was given; to Seal the 144,000 that Rev. Moon Married when he was to Seal them instead; which would have been the Baptism of Fire where the Hate seen by the Arabs and the Jews in 1967 at the 144 hours of War and Hatred became seen opposed the the Summer of Love and Peace; yea! Love as Haight Street became our Jordan: he missed this at the Visitation of God, to begin to raise the 144,000 Virgins from My Generation: the Children of the Resurrection who do not marry nor are they to be given in marriage; which Rev. Moon ignored.

Yet these virgins are the Clouds themselves who first rise: dead in Christ, faithful into Death.

It is We who are the Clouds; the Virgins unto God and the Lamb; and I speak for them as the least: for we stand for the Bride my City really is: “A City Not Forsaken”, it shall be called.

The Third Great Mistake

The Third Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in then “Marrying” the Lamb to the Holy Spirit as his “Bride”; being as how the Holy Spirit is that of Jehovah Himself, as all of they called to the Table of Justice know.

Here Rev. Moon allowed Love and Truth as the 2 Witnesses to be invaded by Satan as they symbolized the Bride and the Bridegroom; the Bride being she who was to abide in Love and thus God to “prepare herself” for the Bridegroom; what happened instead is that SODOM arose by Rev. Moon marrying 2 “male entities” of the Son and the Shepherd; which is who the Holy Spirit really is.

This was a complete misidentification that allowed “Isis”; who is “Mystery” as the “queen” of Egypt to invade his life and his book:  a complete disaster. The men of Sodom are now trying to take America: state by state. They already invaded the Catholic Church due to Moon’s blunder where men as “false father’s” rape  their own spiritual “sons” as in the ‘marrying’ of ‘Jesus the Son’ to his ‘Father the Holy Spirit who is Jehovah’ actually produced: the Abomination of Desolation.

And where Rev. Moon Fainted completely is where he decided that he would consciously speak the Accusation that John the Baptist dared not even admit to himself: but because he secretly feared it was true Satan invaded him and he died: the Accusation that his father Zacharias had committed an act of Adultery with Mary by which Jesus was conceived: and this is what “killed” the Unification Church: the deadly Error of John that was the “beam” in his “eye”; the “delusion” of his “mind”; and THIS ALONE is the “deadly wound” of our own “John the Baptist”; Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Does Rev. Moon or anyone on the earth really think they can stop what is written in the Revelation of Jesus Christ to not be revealed as what it truly is: The Book of Life of the Lamb. ? ? ?

That is what Rev. Moon was SUPPOSED to have done. But he declared the Revelation to be a “fairytale; whose imagery and language were to awaken men of a much lower standard and understanding”?

Salvation Rose; The Bride; the Lamb’s Wife

Question: How Did Marrying Jesus to the Holy Spirit by Rev. Moon in his book “Divine Principle” cause gay marriages to occur in the Christian Church?

Answer;  Looking at page 216 in his section on “Christology” we have the opinion from Rev. Moon that spiritual rebirth is associated by having Jesus as the True Father and the Holy Spirit as “the true Mother” make love to each other with “give and take action”; thus creating the four position foundation on which men have a “new self” created. Because the Holy Spirit is the male Spirit known to the holy prophets as LORD JEHOVAH this brings a great problem. The Abomination of Desolation, in fact.

The being known as”the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah” is the Father of the Lamb.

It was He in the Form of the Male Divine Celestial Dove that united with Mary; who was also turned into a Female Celestial Dove, in the hills where Gabriel led her, that created that “Holy Thing” known as the Lamb; that Male Divine Celestial Dove being the One that came down on the Lamb in his baptism in the Jordan, as the symbolic Euphrates, which John was told of beforehand.

The Unicorn of the Last Day, for the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82 from the Qur’an

And so we come to the crux of the Crises of Our messenger Rev. Moon

By saying that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the True Parents of mankind after stating that the Holy Spirit was female Rev. Moon and his book were invaded by Satan; first for marrying Jesus to a male spirit being the invasion of Sodom; and calling the Holy Spirit female the invasion of Egypt; as Isis / Eve is the one who calls herself the “female” holy spirit as the “mother of God” / Osiris / Cain; as the Queen of Egypt. 

 This is the Lie which Rev. Moon never realized was where Sodom invaded the Church; the Thief which entered his theology and detroyed his churchq In truth Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany are the True Parents; and I am in a sense their child; the one they never had; standing in the position of the child that David and Michal never had.That Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist is revealed by Solomon himself back from the dead at the Altar, as a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek; as David was; for the Order of Melchizedek is that of the Virgin Priesthood; as all of the eunuchs for the Kingdom of heaven are members of.

By “marrying” Jesus to the male Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah Rev. Moon allowed Satan to invade every marriage in the Unification Church and then all the churches in the True Vine; and the proof of this is that now we have gay marriages being performed in churches all over the place: because Rev. Moon “married” what is in actuality “two men”;Athus effectively killing them both; Father and Son. For the great red dragon in chapter 12 of Revelation represents the Kingdom of Egypt; and Sodom is the Tail of the Great Red Dragon: Egypt itself; the old Serpent. The “great red dragon” thus represents three characteristics; as being “larger -than- life” or “Great”; Red or “Sensual”; Dragon, or “soul of the Devil: Psyche”. The Devil in a blue Dress, one might say. This should be seen as the definition of terms that one is the same as one’s “purpose” or “will” in an ultimate sense.

“Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered…”

How can this Terrible Situation be Dealt with?? Rev. Moon would have to be given the Seal of the Living God which is written of at “An Open Letter to Rev. Moon”  http://www.newunificationchurch.com/ and the perused the information himself, but I doubt this will happen, as Rev. Moon now believes he is more powerful than God Himself.

He has said as much in his speeches about how he now rules the world of spirits, and has made even more bizarre statements due to his advanced age.

The “Reversal” of John the Baptist’s Persona by Rev. Moon in his book  

“New Hope: twelve talks by Sun Myung Moon”

Reverend Moon did not suddenly begin with his ministry, it has been a slow process and taken many ups and downs; but in all of this we have the portrait of someone who has done a lot for Korea and started many organizations to appear legitimate; but has, of yet, not reached the goal of unifying Korea.

 Not unifying Korea because of having committed adultery in his marriage ended the hope of severing Moon”s familial blood relationship with Satan that is the 7 fold stain of the Original Sin; seen in the dynasty of Kim Il Sung and with Rev. Moon’s family as well.

Rev. Moon children with other women during his marriage has not gone down well with the many disillusioned Blessed Couples who left the Unification Church when these allegations by Nansook Hong in her book ( “In the Shadow of the Moon’s” ) were found to be true. Many were driven to the point of suicide and other terrible acts of despair.

He has made some very pointed remarks about My Generation in his writings and speeches, yet in making light of their committment to Peace and their universal passion for Love, while also trying to pretend he originated these exact same concepts he has in deadly earnest tried to remove any idea that these gentle Hippies and violent Radicals had any Providentially correspondent and historically Salvific relationship with the peaceful Nazarenes and fiery Zealots of the Lamb who walked on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and preached his message of the Kingdom at another Golden Gate 2,000 years ago.

The problem is that Rev. Moon came up with quite new and unheard of information about John the Baptist: but the “new information” about John torned out to be totally spurious, yet Moon behaved as if he knew what he was talking about…and few have had the courage or the actual knowledge with which to challenge him..

Until now; of course…as my Father’s servant John the Divine, as the ‘beloved Disciple’, was actually there…of course we have those like Elaine Pagesl and others who aver that John of Patmos was not John the Beloved who wrote the fourth Gospel and was closest to the Lamb; but after John was boiled in oil and then exiled to Patmos when it was plain he was no ordinary human being it was apparent to all that John had undergone a complete and total transformation. He was no longer the person he had been before; but something more:

……Much more

Luke 7:33 “For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine,

and you say “He has a demon!”

But according to Rev. Moon John the Baptist was “like a hippie” going door to door and begging for bread: which is totally false; as John was trained by the Essenes; and was a figure of terror to all who knew him; an ascetic whose appearence and words were of a totally uncompromising and judgmental tone: very much like Rev. Moon; and quite unlike any “hippie” who ever lived.
Let us look at what Rev. Moon wrote in his book “New Hope: 12 talks by Sun Myung Moon” on page 4 in chapter one; called “Faith and Reality”.
Here is the excerpt; to wit,

“Let’s look at John’s ( the Baptist’s ) life. At the time of his ministry as recorded in the Gospels, he was 30 years old, a young man eating nuts and honey in the wilderness — just like a hippie. He came out of his home and left his relatives behind, thinking of the will of God. In the Bible we read that John ate locusts and wild honey. But his life must have been painful in the wilderness. Do you think he lived solely on nuts and honey? It can’t be. If you have been to Israel, you know that it isn’t a land which would yield much honey. Therefore he acted like a beggar, going from home to home. Many children followed him, jeering at him.”

Now the problem is this: all of these statements made by Rev. Moon about John the Baptist are 100% false.

Every single one; and let us take them one by one:

The first one:

“At the time of his ministry as recorded in the Gospels, he was 30 years old, a young man eating nuts and honey in the wilderness — just like a hippie”.

 Rev. Moon forgets that John was a fearful sight and a dedicated ascetic; he never went around “like a hippie” as he considered himself a messenger of God from youth; and was prepared by the Essenes to be just that; stern and uncompromising; and searching for the Word of God.

Let us take Rev. Moon’s next statement about John; to wit;

“He came out of his home and left his relatives behind, thinking of the will of God. In the Bible we read that John ate locusts and wild honey. But his life must have been painful in the wilderness. Do you think he lived solely on nuts and honey? It can’t be.”

And why are we now told to disregard what is written in the Bible? Because Rev. Moon is now departing from the Truth of the Word of God; and interpolating his opinion in it’s place: without knowledge. Now the Bible is lying when it says John lived on “nuts and honey”. According to Rev. Moon on his own authority “It can’t be“. Why not? Because then Rev. Moon would then not be able to say the hippies were like John; beggars and bums…..

Why is the Bible now a liar, and Rev. Moon the “teller of Truth”? Let us see what he then says next, to wit;

“If you have been to Israel, you know that it isn’t a land which would yield much honey. Therefore he acted like a beggar, going from home to home. Many children followed him, jeering at him.”

Here again we have the same problem: Rev. Moon “making it up as he goes along”. First we are to believe him and not the Bible; and now doing so we are to COMPL:ETELY discount the truth and swallow this: “Therefore he acted like a beggar, going from home to home.”

This never happened, as John was in the Wilderness “until his showing unto Israel:. Furthermore John was such a feared personage from living in the wildernes with the wild beasts and such that it was said of him “that he had a demon”. Then we have the next sentence;

“Many children followed him, jeering at him”.

Rev. Moon here has now gone into the realm of pure fiction; for John the Baptist was such a fearsome character in person that no one ever “jeered” at him; as he was though to be Elijah; as had been said would come before the Messiah arrived.

And John was said to be possessed: by a demon; as he came “neither eating nor drinking”; a figure of penance and fasting who called on everyone to “repent”; and preached the Gospel of Repentance; as it was called: does this sound like any “hippie” you ever met. Does someone one who fasts continually, calls on everyone to repent; and never drinks one drop of alcohol sound like a “hippie” to you? I don’t think so….So why did Rev. Moon make us this “role reversal” of a lie? What was his purpose?

John’s birth was miraculous from the start; and all expected him to be a prophetic figure as was foretold of him by his father Zacharias. But Rev. Moon makes up the story about John being “like a hippie” so that the “hippies” would believe that they were like a “messenger” to Rev. Moon; but in fact the truth is that the Son of man who came “eating and drinking”; and was much more like the hippies than the stern and uncompromising figure of John the Baptist; and Rev. Moon thus “reversed” the roles of John and Jesus to then suit his own strategy.

It was the Son of Man who was called a “friend of sinners” and a “drunkard” or “winebibber”, who was like “the hippies”; but Rev. Moon reversed this; and no one ever caught on to what he was doing: but I did; as I was shown WHY he did it.

It was not just the idea of making the hippies into his own “Messenger”. That was just a way to confute the Bible and say “It can’t be true!” as he says on page four: look closely; this is one of the many places he flatly denies the Word; and then substitutes his own “opinion” for the Word of God. Very troubling; and completely deceptive.Who was the one the people used to jeer at? Rev. Moon; and they said something that was often said of John: that he was possessed by a demon; which he says in his own words desribing the persecution he underwent.

But the main problem is the covering up of what was said about John the Baptist BECAUSE it was exactly what was said of Rev. Moon in Korea: “Rev. Moon has a demon!” is what was always said about him as he went on his way; a figure like John the Baptist in almost every particlar: possessed by his meeting with the Angel; given to fasting and continual prayer; abject and poverty stricken, looking to bring his mission to fruition, calling on people to repent: yet this was Rev. Moon’s real persona, exactly as that of John the Baptist: but he denied this, even as he tells the stories of people saying he “had a demon” in Korea because of his uncompromising preaching about the Kingdom of God..This is written by him in his book “God’s warning to the World in his chapter called “God’s Judgment by the Word” when he speasks of his childhood; to wit;

“Throughout my life, I have been a pioneer charting a path that never existed before, one which no one had even thought to go before. In order to go that way I had to fight every day a lonely battle in tears and sweat. That path was full of difficulties by itself, but on top of that there was persecution and discrimination. In my village, even though I had never committed a crime, people began to wonder about me and I could not move about freely or live my life freely. Ordinarily, a person becomes a folk hero when he excels at all his activities and does deeds of kindness for other people. But my scale of thinking was far greater than just my village. I was thinking of the nation and the world. Because of that, I was completely misunderstood. People would laugh at me, point their fingers at me. They had no idea what my true motivation was.

My mother was the only one who was close to understanding me; of course, even she didn’t understand everything. Sometimes I would reveal certain things to her. Most of the time, I would go to the tombs of my forefathers and speak to them, revealing my heart there. I could reveal my secrets there, knowing that all my ancestors in the spirit world were in a better position to understand what I was doing.

Once I undertook my life’s mission, I encountered opposition on every level. My village opposed me, the society opposed me, and the nation opposed me. The most severe opposition came from established Christianity. Ministers and elders of the churches were pointing their fingers at me, accusing me of being a heretic, telling their parishioners, “Don’t even go near Rev. Moon; he has a demon!”

My relatives were mistreated simply because they were related to me. If I went to a village inn or to a restaurant, I was not welcome. I did nothing wrong and I committed no crime. All I was doing was pursuing the highest possible goal, which they could not understand. But I continued to lay the foundation step-by-step, in spite of all the opposition.”

It is in this sense that the real personality of Rev. Moon and his true identity as John the Baptist must be understood; yet Moon always saw himself as the Messiah; and preferred to think that Billy Graham would be his “John the Baptist” or messenger; but no one ever was: becasue Rev. Moon was to have been my messenger; which he would never admit; and now cannot; as he has become paralyzed and is in a coma.

( In truth no one knew about Mary and Jesus but Zacharias and Elisabeth; that had been kept under cover for obvious reasons; as Herod had killed 22,000 children from around Bethlehem after the Magi arrived and told Herod about the Star and the King to come. But none knew about Jesus but the Magi; and they left without telling Herod anything else because Gabriel warned them Herod was evil. In fact it was the gold the Magi gave Joseph and Mary that helped them to escape Herod and his spies and go to Egypt; thus “Out of Egypt I called my Son” now stood for Jesus; as representing Israel himself…)

Rev. Moon does admit people said he was demon possessed in his village; but the reason he doesn’t compare himself to John the Baptist is fairly obvious, as hat is the person he blames for the death of Jesus in his book.

Looking now at this stage when Rev. Moon is now dying it is certain that all these statements are seen for what they were; it was a way to discredit the authority and testimony in the Bible and to put Rev. Moon in the position of someone who had “hidden knowledge” unknown to everyone, where he could make up whatever he wanted.

Moon’s strategy in doing this could then be seen as having his own words become the grounds to then nullify the Word of God written in the Bible: and then which in so doing would reeinforce his claim to be the Messiah: specifically in his own terms; that would then seem reasonable to the common people in light of his “superior understanding” of the Bible; with all the spurious information he substituted for what was the written testimony of the prophets and scribes who wrote the Word, which he thus also descredited and nullified in almost every way: when it suited his purposes.

Let us look at what was REALLY said about John in comparison to my Father Jesus, to wit, in Luke;

Luke 7:33 “For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine,

and you say, ‘He has a demon!’

7:34: “The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say,

Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’

7:35;   “Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her Children”

Is it not obvious that the carefree “hippies” of the City of St. Francis are far closer to the description of what the Son of Man was said to be than the hardbitten and vengeful  figure of John the Baptist? I think this is rather self-evident to anyone with an inkling of the truth.

Let us look at what Rev. Moon himself said; to wit;

“The most severe opposition came from established Christianity. Ministers and elders of the churches were pointing their fingers at me, accusing me of being a heretic, telling their parishioners,

Don’t even go near Rev. Moon; he has a demon!”

It is here that we have the picture of the vengeful and outcast figure Rev. Moon really was; far from the figure of the Son of man; and much like John in almost every way.

Certainly the accusation of Satan that John had against his father Zacharias and the Virgin Mary was that “beam in his eye” by which he never saw my Father Jesus clearly; as Rev. Moon never saw my Father Jesus in the Last Book of the Bible clearly for the same reason.


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