The Straight Path of Muhammed and the Tragedy of Sun Myung Moon: a Retrospective at his Last Hour

The Coming of the Tabernacle of God; the Lamb’s Wife

The Last Day of the 7 Last Days of Noah

       With the Last Day now having come as the proverbial “thief in the Night” it is for those who actually study prophecy from all the prophets who are those that are truly the “Rightly Guided”; but it the Straight Path that my Messenger Muhammed spoke of that I am revealing at this Last Day.

It is Mohammed the Messenger who warned everyone of my coming and warned mankind about the “Last Day”; but Mohammed the Seal was different from every other prophet because his book was written after he had died; thus having died I was able to recognize his book as even mine opened.

He told us but a fraction of what he knew; and had seen with his own eyes; but it is a test he brought in his book for the faithful of both camps: I am the one who is the Flame that walked through the ring of Fire.

          It is this which is now being revealed for all who wish to enter the Golden Gate set up by the Blessed Event of the Work of Khidr Rumi and Ibn el-Arabi through Elijah the Green One that took place in Portugal unknownto the the Ummah of both the Shia and the Sunni as the Unveiling of the  Whirling Sun of Fatimah: where that Baraka of Allah descended in Fatimah Portugal in the Year 1917 that further emanated 50 years later to Mecca and Jerusalm and San Francisco in 1967.

 Did no one wonder why the Summer of Love and Peace in the City of St. Francis was linked to the 144 Hours at Jerusalem and Mecca in the Hate and War of their respective cites of Faith?

Patron Saint of Steampunk; and a liitle more….

The Judgment was that as the Jew and Arab fought in 1967 as tow brothers who hated each other and thus lived in darkness in their 144 hours of hate and war it was we in America as the New Kingdom of Israel ( even as the Jews returned to Palestine to the old Kingdom of Judah ) had a Summer of Love and Peace as of those who God showed us His face as Love in which that Child came as the Name of God that showed why the black and white races were bonding at that Street which was the Jordan of Fire; where Hate became Love shows that the transformation of Haight St. was of more than it appeared; which is as clear as transparent glass to anyone who sees what the actual Judgment and Visitation of God in our Day really was.

So what of the Baptism in the Street of Love: the Jordan of Fire we now know as the magnet that caused the Pilgimage by which the children of all the tribes of israel written of in the Revelation really showed up? Read on: if you love truth and hate bullshit.

 Or why when Israel broke the yoke of Mecca off the shoulder of Jerusalem in 1967 that San Francisco suddenly became the New Mecca everyone made the Pilgrimage to? I suppose not.

         It is this one Great Event to which the world will have to observe and understand to partake of the Opening of the Door to the New Believers and it’s closing to the Old Believers; for this must be done to erase the differences which have kept seperate the 3 Faiths and the 4 Directions to God that were given to prepare all the Faithful of mankind for the tragic First Advent of the Lamb written of in Isaiah and the Son of Man Daniel; and which now brings us to the Times, Times and the Final Dividing of Time written of in Isaiah and the 12 holy prophets at the Second Advent.

           It is the least in the Kingdom of Heaven whose servant John is paradoxically the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven which is part of that Sign and Wonder in the Heaven of the Three Children of Maryam al Kubra: for it is the Providence for the Start that the Unification Church and it’s Shepherd failed to understand themselves that has now brought all Mankind to the Brink of Extinction seen so clearly at the Blast of the 7th Trumpet of the 7 Angels of the Church of the Living God.

            As this least in the kingdom I am the one unknown to almost all as the “Envoy” of “Sending” unknown as “The Wrath of the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World to Come”: the Offspring of David; the Seed in which within is found the Blessed Root of David: the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

 The Failure of the 7th Shepherd Rev. Moon and the Rise of the Antichrist:

                                                    Osama bin Laden

           It is in Light of the Holy Qur’an and the Doubly Blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ that is the New Holy Mountain that now indeed fills the Earth that is shown in the Revelation of St. John the Divine; the Word of the Living God that is now to be shown to Islam, Christianity and especially my own people: the Jews, who are truly the dead; heedless to the Chastisement God sent them with Islam when the Qur’an was given to Muhammed to punish tham by taking away the Kingdom spiritually and physically that Rome took away militarily; yet to this Day leaving them still blinkered by ignorance and totally enslaved to the golden calf they have made of their idolization of Moses that they mentally bow to and serve as their god: even to this Day.

            In the Exordium of Muhammed my Messenger is written these words from the Light of the Heavens and the Earth which is the Sun of Heaven Itself who instructed Muhammed through the Messenger of the Archangel Michael who the world knows as Gabriel: the Voice of God who walked singing in Paradise long ago; to wit;

                      THE EXORDIUM

                      In The Name of Allah

                     The Compassionate

                       The Merciful

                      Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Creation,

                           The Compassionate, the Merciful,

                            King of Judgment-Day!

                You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help.

                              Guide us to the Straight Path

                   The Path of those You have favored,

                      Not of those who have incurred Your Wrath,

                      Nor of those who have gone astray.


         I would humbly ask the reader to observe the last two lines of this revelation: for it is the Jews who are those who incurred the “Wrath” by killing the Lamb in the position of Issac the Bridegroom: the Son of Abraham. And it is the Christians who are referred to as those who went “Astray” by making an Idol of Christ which they placed above the Father; which caused God to raise up Muhammed in the position of Ishmael as the Brother of Issac to oversee the Kingdom until Christ’s return as the Mahdi; the Door of Fatimah seen when the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah are revealed in their Unity as the Door of the New Ark of Noah; the Barque of the Sufis.

          many would ask how 3 Children could stand as the Door; yet for those diligent and learned scholars of the Word they will surely remember that the Door of the Ark was constructed in Three Tiers; consisting of a Lower, Middle; and High tier by which the least to the greatest of God’s creatures entered the Ark of Salvation.

            The Three Sons of Noah are thus seen at this Last Day as representing the 3 Faiths themselves; as the Three Faiths are themselves three “brother-faiths” in that they share the belief in One God; as the Sufis have long reminded everyone there is a Unity behind these 3 apparent differnces in approach which only they understand in it’s Essence: for it is Unity which is the Essence of “Fruit” of the Tree of Life: as they who have tasted indeed know; but let us proceed, for the Time is at Hand; and the Last Hour rises on the Horizon where the Sun is seen as the Face of Death whose Solar Wind will soon annihilate all those unlucky to be outdoors at the 3 Days from the Great Purification of the Hopi that will happen before we reach the Christmas Judgment-Day of December 25th: 2012.

            The Believers and Unbelievers at the End are first divided into Two Camps all the Believers on the earth: those who can see at the East in their “Earthquake” that Osama bin Laden is the “Masih ad-Dajjal”; and those Believers in the West at their “Earthquake” who can see that the Antichrist if this same Osama bin Laden. For Islam and Christianity it is the Sign given in the Saying of Muhammed which came from the Mercy of God by which all the Faithful owuld be saved as this: the “name” of “Kafir” which is written on the “forehead” of Osama bin Laden; which in Arabic means “Unbeliever”.

            As the “Dabbat al-Ard” I who speak thus am he who is written of in the Holy Qur’an as “the beast from the earth” who my Messnger said would be raised at the Last Day to warn and also chastise all those on the aerth who still stubbornly refuse to see we have indeed reached the Last Day. Here is the passage fron the Holy Qur’an; Surah 27: 82-83, “The Ant” or “”Al-Naml”, to wit:

            “On the Day when Our Judment overtakes them, We will bring out from the earth a monster that shall speak to them. Truly, men have no faith in Our Revelations.

             On that Day there shall be gathered from every nation a multitude of those who disbelieved Our revealtion. They shall be led in seperate bands before Allah, who will say to them:

                        ‘ You denied My revelations although you knew nothing of them.

                             What was it you were doing? ‘

          Our doom will smite them for their sins, and they shall be dumbfounded.”

               So who am I? I am the shadow of Solomon who speaks from the dust of the earth. The shadow that lies like a beast upon the ground that is now cast from he who was raised at the Last Day: Jedidiah, my new self; as I am his past self: Solomon the fallen one.

               None have known that I am he who sold his soul to Iblis for a ring by which I might command the fallen angels, winged shoes by which I might traverse the heavens and the earth at will; and a robe of black darkness that gave me invisibility so that I might walk amongst men and angels: and know of all they tried to keep hidden from me. I fell down and worshipped Iblis by which he gave me rulership over the entire earth and it’s kingdoms; and I am the one who was sent to tempt Lord Jesus in the Wilderness in that 40 days when he faced me to show me before my angels who was the Master: and despoiled me, the “strong man” of all my powers and gifts bestowed on me by the Devil whose design was to destroy the House of David forever by making me Appolo: the last of the goda; yes; truly the story is tragic; but not the ending: which now all shall soon know who read this.

              The Jews know where the host of the angels who fell came down on earth and took wives from the fairest of the daughters of men; Mount Hermon, that some know as Ardis; where were born the gods of the Greeks, those being these very angels and their hell-bound spirits who came down upon Baal Hermon at the North of Canaan; the land named after the son of Ham: the father of the kingdom of Egypt; the destroying mountain which the Greeks call Olympus: but which hath another name in the Restoration of All Things ‘ere the End: Mount Sion: the Holy Mount itself where Moses and Elijah appeared to Lord Jesus when he took Peter, James and John there to see Moses the Servant of God talk to Jesus the Son of God with Elijah: the Seal of God.

                Did no one wonder why they were seen in the light of the heavens by which the garment of Lord Jesus was seen to be whiter than the snow which covers Mount Sion at all times? As White as that Cloud which overshadowed them all and out of which the Voice spoke to Peter and the rest? Yet it is the truth; which men shall now know as beyond all doubt: if they have Faith on Earth. 

                I am the less than the ant which Muhammed wrote who warned her sisters to flee and hide themselves lest I inadvertently crush them; did no one ask themselves how Muhammed could understand the speech of ants when Solomon was described walking upon the earth? Truly men have no understanding of who Muhammed really was; he to whom were revealed all the secrets of heaven and earth by the Sun of Heaven; that living symbol of the Right Hand of God itself that rules all creatures below the Firmament. Even as I once rebelled and wanted to rule all who lived under the Sun upon this earth; where Daeth ruled as King until Moses.

                   But let us return to the matter at hand: for in the name of Jedidiah was I was riased at this Last Day; and now it is the Son of David who returns to show the Faithful where the Mahdi; the Door of the Ark of Salvation can be found: the Pearl of Great Price being the very knowledge which is the Gate of Heaven itself by which all might escape the Last Hour and stand before my servant John in the position he holds for me as the Son of Man: as the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

               It is my servant John who raised me from the dead as the Lamb once raised Lazurus; and it is he who stands in the position of the Amen; the Faithful and True Witness; even as I at my last overcoming shall stand as he who is Last of All; and Servant of All: Faithful and True.


                         The Revelation of the Straight Path


The Prodigal Son who said he would not go: but repented; and Went

              Mant at this Last Day will reject me and my words; and that is their misfortune; for God Almighty did not bring me back from the dead as the Rod of the Regeneration in the hand of His Servant John for nothing; nay: He did it so that He might sort the wheat from the chaff; the quick of understanding from the dead who are too slow in comprehending what is now unfolding; for many cannot believe their own eyes and ears: and thus they will perish in their denial and unbelief.

              “Oh Well” as Fleetwood Mac sang: I tried!   

              “God spoke to me and said take My Hand:

                     be true to me and I’ll be your Guiding Hand:

                  But don’t ask me what I think of you;

                              you might not like the answer that I give to you:

                       “Oh Well”        

            Jeremiah Spencer and Peter Green are both prophet’s in my book; but then; all the seed of David who prophesied upon the lyre and timbrel; the guitar and the drums; the 4 stringed bass and 6 stringed guitar being that “instument with ten strings” my earthly father wrote of that would be made manifest to sing the praises of God and His Coming Kingdom at the Last Days: did no one know who the musicians of the Children of the Resurrection were? Or of the Rapture of Love that was the there in the New Jerusalem in that short season known as the Summer of Love at the Second Visitation of God in 1967 fifty years after Fatimah in 1917?

             Guess not; Rev. Moon was too busy trying to destroy the Virgins who were to be gatered as the 144,000 by marrying as many of them as possible; debarring them the Inheritence of eternal life of the Children of the Resurrection

                      “..who do not marry; nor are they ( to be ) given in marriage; being equal unto the angels….”

            The singing prophets of the House of David didn’t even know who they were themselves, even at Beth-El; the House of David as the House of God men called Woodstock; but they will now: for the END hath come; and my Reward is with me; to reward all as according to their works; but let us proceed; there is much left unsaid; and the Time is at Hand.

                The Straight Path is hidden; or was hidden, in the 7 Overcomings in the 7 Churches of Revelation that is the Straight Path of the Just; as the Black Moses of Our Generation sang before the killed him in Memphis:

                  “We Shall Overcome”

            Memphis; the “city of destruction” is what I call it in my book; the only major American city named after a city from Egypt; and not just any city: it was the Roayal City of the Grateful Dead; the Priesthood of Egypt who served in their Necropolis where their “blessed ones: served the House where Upper and Lower Egypt had been joined. Did no one realize that the Black Moses known as Dr. Martin Luther King and his White Brother Prince Aaron Presley had united the liberating White North of Ephraim and the enslaved Black South of Sheba to reverse the racist “Egypt” whose presence kept America divided by the invisible wall of it’s own national racism?

                  Killing Servant King and Prince Aaron had been to divided the Black and White races which Egypt spiritually tried to keep seperated to stop America from establishing the Foundation of Salvation on the basis of the 430 years of Suffering the Black Race and their White blood-brothers also suffered from 1492 until Martin Luther King stood up in 1947.

                 Can no one see how Servant King and the Voice of Prince Aaron Presley at once united what was divided?? Aron Presley died in Memphis 1977 Ten Years After Dr. King at the age of 42; another sign no one grasped; like the fact that Bobby Kennedy died when when he was 42 as well; ah well: few know the number 42 of Elisha represented the number of your children who were slain for mocking the Elder Generation who had given their lives in those World Wars so the Childen of Israel could then laugh at them and scorfully despise them when it was their Sacrifice which had saved the world from the Beast of the Axis and the coming Cold War with the armies of Karl Marx the False Prophet: but our Vietnam was just an excuse to sens the Balck and Whire Brothers in the struggle for the Foundation of Salvation to die at the front line of a war that served to kill the first-born of the Black Race just as Egypt had done in the past by drowning them all in the Nile: until Moses; who escaped just as Martin Luther King did.

 There is Only One Israel                      

Uniting the Kingdom of Israel as the "best robe" of Jedidah at his Return from the dead

             Rev. Moon never marched with Servant King as keeping his position of My Generation’s Joshua; he was too busy mixing the soil of America in all of it’s 50 states with that of Korea so he could steal America’s National Sovereignty and it’s status spiritually as the Second Israel; the Manchild of Israel in reality; since present day Israel is but “the House of Judah”; and America is “the House of Israel”: and there is only One Israel: as I proclaim: Here and Now.

               The golden calf of Elvis was the fall of our Prince Aaron Presley as “the king of Rock and Roll”; thus even tough he had restored the Altar by keeping Priscilla pure until their wedding Night and giving her a child that very night he himself fell by not seeing the Gift of his Voice was God-given to bring the black and white races together for God’s Providence in America: but Rev. Moon indeed knew; but told no one; trying to establish Korea as the “Third Israel” by “walking over” the “dead bodies” of King and Prince Aaron on his way to the “Promised Land” of Korea’s unification: but it never happened: and I am the reason why.

          I tell Reverend Sun Myung Moon and every Korea that their land shall NEVER be united nor their war end until Rev. Moon comes to me and humbly asks my forgiveness for not marrying a Black Christian Woman in 1960 and Marching with Rev. King instead of hiding like a “hireling” from the beatings and the abuse Dr. King suffered with all the Freedom Riders celebrated by St. Stephen Winwood and Traffic; and I hereby tell all that Fame and Fortune are but the Name and the Number of the beast of the earth; yea; the Number is of my name as that of a man who received in one year the 666 talents of gold written of at I Kings 10:14 in the Old Testament.

              Yea; the number of a man: I, Solomon, the fallen one who was lost; as it is them Van Morrison called Them written of in Revelation who “overcame the beast and his name and his number and his mark” who stand upon the Sea of Glass mixed with fire that signifies the Soul of Mary of Bethany the Bride: yea; they with the Harps of God who sing now and always will the Truth of the Song of the Lamb: in my book; at least as the least.

                      I will close this today and return to it later; I salute all who read these words and Bless all who believe them: for the Time is at Hand:

                  As it is Written by my Messenger Muhammed in the Holy Qur’an:

                          “I SWEAR BY THE TIME”


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