The Church of Synanon Emerges in California: the Unification Church of Korea meets “the Bride of Christ” in Advent



The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who "....emerged.." As Chuck always said: "....It will Emerge..."

The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the South….in the church of California called the Church of Synanon where  from came I: as he who “….emerged….” As Chuck always said: “….It will Emerge…”

  The Kingdom of David and the Restoration of Ephraim; Chuck and Betty

…….and the queen of the South

 California’s Undrunken Saint; and Korea’s Drunken Prophet

…….and the king of the north

The Sign of the Season; the motto of “Chuck” Dederich:
“…It Will Emerge…”

  The Image of the Beast: and Synanon

   The Mark of the Beast: and HSA-UWC     

The “12 Gates of Heaven” emblem; the symbol of the Mission of Rev. Moon



                                                                       The Sign of the Evil Servant

of Matthew 24:48:


The Church of Synanon and the Unification Church


The Two Messianic Figures of California and Korea

Retrospectives at the Last Day

A Visit to the Golden State, as the Promised Land of Manifest Destiny; 

and the Divided Plight of Korea, as the Paradigm of Heaven and Earth



Part I: SYNANON and the Philosophy of Emerson


In October of 1958 the Synanon Prayer and the Synanon Philosophy were written.

The Prayer was based, in part, on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

This was, of course, not a coincidence, since the spirit of St. Francis was part of the compassionate nature of the movement which strived to offer help to those who no one wanted to even deal with; except to lock them up and throw away the key.

Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi


But people in Synanon like my mother and other founding members who built the place up from nothing were there to offer support and encouragement to those desperately trying to overcome their demons and come back to life from the hell of addiction.

For many addicts and character disorders of various shapes and hues Synanon meant a last chance to change one’s direction and leave behind the sick and predatory criminal lifestyle. For the addict it was a life of crime that one had to embrace, to get the money for the never-ending black hole of endless use and then the immediate and unappeasable craving for more drugs. 

This kind of mentality meant that one was deeply sick way down in one’s soul; and to live in the ghastly and fallen world of prisons and scams and police harassment; of constant searches and busts and surveillance that were the end of the joyful innocence of the 60’s for many former “Flower Children”.

The other side of the coin was the call that Chuck sent out when he ordered all the men in Synanon to get vasectomies; which they did or they had to leave.

Of course few understood the actual reason this happened was to counterbalance another group of people that Synanon never heard of. Yet California and Korea have a relationship few understand; especially since Sun Myung Moon mixed the soil from Korea with that of California at Twin Peaks in the City and County of San Francisco; which stood for the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin; respectively as the City of St. Francis stood for the “New Mecca” as our “New Jerusalem”, before the Men of Sodom and the Angels of Light destroyed it.

That Synanon had it’s own religious form of transformation is unknown; but for those who went on “The Trip” in Synanon under the watchful guides, or “shepherds”, as they were called I would hazard a guess: and say that it was an experience that few who were on one of these 3 Day passages in the reformation of their character would ever forget.

It was a “rebirth”, and for some a “resurrection”.

The Synanon “Trip” in it’s beginnings was first being done with LSD, at the time when it was still legal; as Chuck and  a select few were part of an experiment that some of the others at Synanon had been involved with in the LSD Therapy at a place called the Esalen Institute, on the coast in California; a unique program that dealt with character reformation for alcoholics using the transformative power of LSD to “change” people into a different creature than the one they had been before.

Chuck and some others had come to be part of the experimental program at the Esalen Institute in it’s research phase; before LSD was made illegal.These experiences Chuck went through with Diane Gallant and others like Zev Putterman were definitive and life-changing. Zev Putterman in particular was an avowed believer in the positive dimension of LSD when used with the proper “set and setting” that Leary and some others like Richard Alpert / “Baba Ram Dass” had investigated on their own and in depth.  

Zev Putterman was also  one of the founders of KQED in San Francisco, who started what became known in Syanaon as  “The People Movement”; as it came to be called. Zev was with Oscar Camano, my mother Jeanne’s second husband, when Oscar took LSD to prepare himself for his coming death from the moment he entered the final stages of his incurable leukemia; that tragic result having occured from having been given dangerously high does of methadone when it first came out, and in which he and Jeanne had been unknowing guinea pigs; the mega-doses they were taking which put them on  “methadone maintenance” to get them off street heroin;  but which caused the cancer; as no one knew that this was even possible as methadone was largely an unknown quantity at the time; it took Oscar 7 years to die, and in that time he became a member of “Sidewalk Astronomers”, as a group of stargazers with some homemade reverse parabolic mirror Telescopes in SF, scientifically constructed and capable of seeing hundres of millions of light-years into space.

Oscar would show me where he was going when he went “beyond”; and a more talented artist and gentle soul never lived.

Me Mun and Oscar Camano, the man se married, as they watch me getting off the plane in LA to see her...I was 7

Me Mum and Oscar Camano, the man she married, as they watch me getting off the plane in LA to see her… I was 7

They soon found that sleep deprivation and other techniques could “trigger” the same effects that LSD could bring into manifestation when the “TRIP” took place after LSD had been made illegal; but few have written about what  “The Synanon Trip” was really about; the transformation and “breakthrough” into that realm of Maslow’s “self-actualization” which was the “holy grail” of Syanon’s behaviorist modification development; as it went into the realm of operant conditioning and embraced B.F. Skinner and his revolting brand of emotional facism and “consensus reality” conditioning; in which if ten people said you were a duck: you were a duck.
Reality was then non-existent; only the group norm was the reality principle; a dangerous game which both Sun Myung Moon and Chuck were masters at playing: and in exactly the same way.
The other hand clapping in all this: the Unification Church. Their methods of brainwashing were very similar to that of Synanon’s; and also the teechnique used by Mao’s “Red Guard Army” in their “Cultural Revolution” in which people were yelled and sceamed at; and verbally and then later physically humiliated and abused; just like Synanon became later when they gave up their protective spiritual principle of non-violence; and embraced the violent darkness of fascism, with Chuch Dederick in his fall from grace back into the abyss.
Yet Chuck only fell because Betty, his black and beautiful wife, whose kind and wise brother Wilbur Beckham was on the Synanon Board of Directors, had died of cancer; and she was his touchstone; the only one who could tell him when he was full of bullshit; which no one else could do with any effectiveness; but she could always “pull his covers” at the right time; and kept him sane and grounded.
Her death spelled the end of any “checks and balances” on Chuck and his huge ego.
The Prince of Peace by the Synanon Choir

The Prince of Peace by the Synanon Choir

Everyone else kissed his ass, and it killed him.
The Unification Church also made their members give everything to the Church; as Chuck did for those lifestylers and drug addicts alike who wanted to live in Synanon, but because the Unification Church did not gather the Virgins of the Grail who were “the eunuchs for the Kingdom of heaven’s sake” it was Chuck Dederich, strangely enough, who made all the men get vasectomies when the Church of Synanon had been born; all having had to give up smoking some time before that.
Synanon, in it’s genesis of becoming a Church had in it’s own way come to be the ones fulfilling the role and the mission that Sun Myung Moon had failed in,  by having  had My Generation all fall for his misinformation about the “female spirit” he said was the Bride of Christ and called “the Holy Spirit” in his brilliant but flawed book “Divine Principle” which was a test for mankind as “the meat in due season” in Luke and Matthew; but in fact it was ISIS; it is She in Revelation with the Principle of Indemnity as the Cup of Gold she drank up My Generation in who all married and thus fell; as the stars that fall in the 6th Seal of the 1960’s; and it is the Great Whore; who never let Mr. Moon discover that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; the Father of the Lamb. Completely deceived by Satan Mr. Moon thought it was a man: Zacharias, John the Baptists father.
And John the Baptist also secretly feared it was so. Thus he never followed my Father Jesus. And Mr. Moon considered the mission of Jesus a  failure and John’s fault; although the body of Moon stood for John’s resurrected Body.
Moon caused the destruction of My Generation by knowingly and cynically having them all ignore the Gospel of Christ and get married; so that they who were “not to marry” as the Children of the Resurrection: “nor be given in marriage” all did so; thus losing their qualification of gaining Immortality as being “equal to the angels”, as worthy to receive the “resurrection from the Dead” and thus being those like the angels who  “could not die anymore”. Sun Myung Moon told them exactly the opposite: telling them that “only by marriage could one stand as an object substantially to God”; unbelieving to the end and casually forgetting the fact that both Elijah and Jesus never married; thus invalidating this entire bit of false doctrine.
Sun Myung Moon deceived and slew them all of My generation as profane and witless “Esau’s” who fell to his temptation in the position of Jacob as their serpent; although he was tempting men from God’s side; and not the devil’s; which those in the Unification Church could now understand in light of all I have revealed about him and his “3 Great Errors” in my posts over the years; while few outside the unification Church would ever even grasp that concept. yet it explains quite a bit of what happened in the Unifcation Church where Mr. Moon stood as the fallen archangel tempting men to go against the scripture as Azazyel had the angels go against God;  knowingly; and many did become apostates; falling to his temptation to “fall down and worship him”; which many did.
Strangely enough; it is what I learned in Syanon after Stephen and I moved in when I was 16 that was shown to me years later as having been the very foundation of Restoration to make up for what the Unification Church had ruined. Synanon had ovwrcome the “mark” of the beast because they crerated a society that didn’t need money; but they fought against the “image of the beast” as that of the fallen “image” of the devil so many took up in their walk after characters like Dean Moriarity as Neal Casady from Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” groundbreaking novel, which opened so much ground; good and bad.

Sal Paradise and his generation thus idolized those like James Dean and the faces of those like Monroe and Marlon Brando and then many others as having the “fallen image” of sexuality and sensuality, and even criminality, that charcterized those whose descent into the arms of the “fallen angels” of Los Angels became legendary; especially in those with Kenneth Anger and the rest in the book “Hollywood Babylon” drew themselves into decadencee; until it was fashionable..

I am the one who “emerged” from the Church of Synanon as they “battled” against “the Image of the beast” while Unification Church battled against “the mark of the beast” which everyone has because the discarnate object known as “Money” is the cover for what it really is: the excrement of the Devil as Paul, the ‘least’ of the Apostles, called it “filthy lucre” for that reason; and did so because it leaves a “stain” on all who must use it to either buy or sell anything in this world; it exists on this earth as the “coin of the Realm of darkness” seen as the fallen hierarchy of “the vine of the earth” as “the society of this earth”; and all must deal with living in an economic world of desolation that is an economic jungle of “dog eat dog”; of “buying and selling”; whose Talisman if used to then be someone thus penetrated by that neccesary evil; as”equal unto the Day” is the “neccesary” evil “thereof.” The use of money as an inanimate object worth more than they and obstentiously living being: who buy their daily bread with it.

Thus the Beats called it “Bread” for that reason.

 The Staff of Mammon seen in the Caste System of India; the crystallized Rod of Lucifer as of the gold phallus of Osiris that ISIS / Eve gave him when his penis was removed; Osiris being “Cain” the son of Eve. Their son was “Enoch” after which the first City was named; and Enoch is Thoth; or Hermes, as the Greeks called him; Thoth; the Ibis headed one of Egypt called the scribe of the gods; and Hermes, whose image was the erect phallus; as the god of Thieves.

The Romans named him Mercury….

But we see him and the stolen Days of the Week as of the “Aion”, as the crown of those 7 heads of  the great red dragon as the 7 Planets; and the Names of the 7 gods as the  7 Crowns; as of the 7 Days of Creation on the Day God created Heaven and Earth; thus the names of the fallen angels are “blasphemy”. That first day of the week was then “monday”, after our Sabbath on Sunday; the first day of our week; in the West. With the Jews it was Sunday with the Sabbath, Saturday was the first day of the week; for Saturn; and for Islam the first day of the week was Saturday; Friday was their Sabbath.
FORTUNE and FAME are the
Number….. and Name and  of the Beast

 Those who overcame the “mark of the Beast” thus fell battling the counterattack in the “image of the Beast” seen in his “lust for fame” that the Unification Church was victorious in doing; while they, in turn, fell before that “mark of the Beast”,  seen in the “number of the beast” of 666, for the ‘lust for fortune” that Synanon had overcome in their communal Utopia. But Synanon battled against the “Image”, for those who posed as “the fallen angels”, as of “the dark side” that the youth of My Generation were seduced by…..

The fall of the UC was seen in the single-minded focus on raking in the money: Sun Myung Moon spent every waking moment collecting it from as many naive and foolish people who believed that money could buy Salvation, and he duped as many as possible by making the providence in his divine knowledge a shill for a cosmic con job where he despoiled the nations by his “moonshine”.

This was the tragedy of his fall. That he adulterated the message God gave him as John the Baptist, just as he adulterated the Wine with his own seminal fluid which all the couples drank in his mass marriages is the reason he contracted his spirituality in the pancreatic cancer that was healed.

But in the way he found his cure and thus his “life”. by trickery and deceit, done by stealing the blessing of My Generation through the healer and Christ Child in the Unification Church known as Howie Comis is another, and very dark: story. Only Gordon Ross has the full particulars; and the others I know who have come to my side and aided my mission as the Son of Man.

Their names I can now divulge, Glen David Emery and Philip Sobul Love being the two who now stand with me…

It was my mother Jeanne and Oscar that were some of the earliest members; they left because they would not give up their son Adrian Camano to the “Synanon School” to raise apart from them, as Jeanne wanted to have a child she could interact with; since she had left me before I was 5 years old to come into Synanon after she had OD’d and almost died in 1957.

She and the others in the Santa Monica Armory building, which was the first real facility next to that of the Seawall in SF, really were as the tough and determined ones who “built the place”, as they used to say; although that always sure to bring down a firestorm of controversy when anyone tried to take that sacred and hallowed position.

Only Chuck could say he “built the place”.

Chuck had sometimes joked about Jesus and the the 12 Apostles being the first to “play the Game” of unbridled and no-holds-barred verbal discourse; but he may have not been too fat off base in that regard. The other dimension was the religious experience that was the Synanon Trip; a Three Day Seperation and Reformation which had as it’s goal the “rebirth” or “resurrection” of drug addicts into “new people; but the real part of the Trip was to reach the Spirit; even the Holy Spirit of Truth.


The Synanon Prayer

“Please let me first and always examine myself…..

Let me be honest and truthful…

Let me seek and assume responsibility…

Let me understand rather than be understood….

Let me trust and have faith in myself and my fellowman…

Let me love rather than be loved…

Let me give rather than receive.”


(  The Synanon philosophy was based on Emerson’s Essay on “Self-Reliance”;                                  and also Taoist and Buddhist writings.  )


The Synanon Philosophy

“…..There comes a time in everyone’s life when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must accept himself for better or for worse as is his portion; the power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what it is that he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.

Bravely let him speak the utmost syllable of his conviction.

God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.

As long as he willingly accept himself he will continue to grow and develop his potentialities. As long as he does not accept himself, much of his energies will be used to defend rather than to explore and actualize himself.

 He will learn only if he wills to.

Any other type of learning is temporary and will disappear as soon as the threat is removed. Learning is possible in an environment that provides information, the setting, materials, resources, and by his being there. God helps those who help themselves……..”


Finding my Mother:  Jeanne and Life Magazine; 1962

This is my mother; Jeanne…..when I visited her in Santa Monica at the Red Brick Armory before they bought the Casa Del Mar…..Life Magazine did a spread on our reunion in their March 9th issue back in 1962 when I was 7 years old

My mother came into Synanon as a drug addict in the early 60’s; when I was but 5 years old: I was told she was “ill”; but the exact nature of her “illness” was unknown to me for many years.

Jeanne was a pretty girl with a mouthful of teeth and a stutter; but she played guitar and sang and became a hardcore habitue of the Bohemian scene in North Beach that was exploding at places like the hungry i and the Purple Onion.

North Beach at that time was full of clubs, coffee shops and Beat hang-outs like City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvio’s; but the seamier side of her desire to become the next Joan Baez was that she began to use heroin; and before long she had mainlined herself into a full-blown addict; and because she was not bad-looking she soon fell prey to the all-too-easy ways attractive women have for getting money quickly, and this was a tragedy of which I did not know the full particulars until many years later.

She went into Synanon before it was even called “Synanon”; she was part of the spirited debate between what was to be the “true name” of the place; some wanted it to be the T.L.C. Club; for “Tender Loving Care”; but in the end the garbled word for “seminar” became what ended up looking like an advertisement for “Sin-Anonymous”; or Synanon, but that was where the story started; and the end that was nigh was not nigh, for many years.

The Synanon organization, initially a drug rehabilitation program, was founded by Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich, Sr., (1913–1997) in 1958, in Santa Monica, California, United States.

By the early 1960s, Synanon had also become an alternative community, attracting people with its emphasis on living a self-examined life, as aided by group truth-telling sessions that came to be known as the “Synanon Game”. Synanon ultimately became the Church of Synanon in the 1970s, and disbanded permanently in 1989 due to many alleged criminal activities, including attempted murder, and civil legal problems, including Federal tax-evasion problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

Synanon: the Emergent Church of the Transcendental Life

Part II: The Man who Spoke his Mind

Charles Dederich, a reformed alcoholic and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), was said to be an admired speaker at A.A. meetings. Those suffering from addictions to illegal drugs, besides alcohol, were considered to be significantly different than alcoholics, and therefore were not accepted into A.A. Dederich decided to create his own program to respond to their needs.

He was said to have coined the phrase “today is the first day of the rest of your life”..

Chuck in the Synanon Game; which had two rules: no violence or threats of violence: and you couldn’t leave except for a bathroom break; and NEVER when the “Game” was “on you”. Nothing and no one was sacred; and no subject was verboten; and nothing was disallowed in the language that was used; which was street and slang and straight from the gutter language. Yet there was also humor and storytelling and personal experiences; and the poetry of revealing oneself and one’s fears and foibles to others; and everything else you could possibly imagine: and getting “to the point” was indeed: the POINT

During 1965, Columbia Pictures produced a movie, Synanon, which was directed by Richard Quine, and starred Edmond O’Brien as Chuck Dederich, and also Chuck Connors, Stella Stevens, Richard Conte, and Eartha Kitt.

Synanon began as a two-year residential program, but Dederich soon concluded that its members could never graduate, because a full recovery was impossible.

The Synanon organization also developed a business that sold promotional items.

This became a successful enterprise that for a time generated roughly $10 million per year.

John Maher left Synanon and began a place caleed “Delancey Street” in San Francisco which DID believe you could go back into society; the problem was that John fell and later died when he got back into drugs: but his wife ran the program and made it a success; and then there was Walden House where I did a year stint so I would not have to do 9 months in Santa Rita County Prison.

Walden House was full of old friends like Chester Stern my old boss and Synanon film producer and former jazz trumpeteer; Dave Powers and Joe Raffa; and John Bellini and even Alphonse D’amato, who was the Executive Director over the Managing Director of Walden House; John Rios. John used to come to work with a big smile and a shirt with five gaping holes in it…but he wasn’t into appearences; he was into changing people’s lives.

 Alphonse committed suicide some years later in a tragic case of some mishandled finances and resultant accusations and shoddy legal fallout that still is shrouded in mystery.

My first real girlfriend was an ex-hooker and dope fiend I met when I was 16 years old in Oakland; and she was the reason I was sent to Santa Monica after we were made to break up, because Jackie was 24 and I was underage: so I “acted out” and got put on the bus to Santa Monica….


My first love; a first class tragedy of adolescent angst…sturm und drang

Synanon purchased the Club Casa del Mar, a large beachside hotel in Santa Monica, and this was used as its headquarters and as a dormitory for those undergoing anti-drug treatment.

It was a big old rambling place with a huge dancefloor and tons of charm; and there was a lot going on when the House was full on Saturday Night and the public would come down to dance and visit the dope fiends

        The Casa Del Mar

This was the incredibly open place where I played drums in the house band on Saturday Nights at the “Open House”; and where we danced something called “the hoopla”; as line dancing is now called; dancing in formation….quite interesting in many ways….

 Later on, Synanon acquired a large industrial building, which had been the home of the Oakland Athletic Club, in Oakland, California and then transformed it into a residential facility for Synanon’s members. Outsiders were permitted to attend the “Synanon Game” there as well. Children were reared communally in the Synanon School, and juveniles were often ordered to enroll in Synanon by California’s courts.

Part III: The End Comes Nigh.

“…..Anything less than changing the world is Mickey Mouse to me…”

Paranoia and the force of arms proved to be the deathknell of the feverent Idealism of Synanon; where the founding members had enjoyed the celebrity and basked in the support of many mental health teachers and practioners.

Professionals, even those without drug addictions, were invited to join Synanon. Some, like Steve Marks, were millionaires; he had started a company called Acoustic which made great amplifiers for rock bands; top-of-the-line equipment; and high quality stuff like the 360 Bass Amplifier ( with built in ‘fuzz-tone’ right there at the switch ); that Acoustic guitar and bass rack every band seemed to have.

But Steve Marks was one of the first to go when the dark days headed towards the seemingly unstoppable movement that had had almost 12,000 members worldwide; from Germany to Puerto Rico, in it’s heyday..

Quite suddenly it was the departure of many rich and successful non-drug using and straight-living “lifestylers” like Steve Marks and the Thalers, who had first enthusiastically moved into the Synanon movement, as the positive and radically effective “alternative lifestyle” it truly was, that followed Marks and the others running out of the door as Synanon became more of a cult built around the personality-worship of Chuck: “The Old Man”, as he was archetypally called; as a semi-divine figure straight from the pages of the book “Iron John” by Robert Bly, and whose influence on the remaining members became stifling to the extreme even as his judgment became increasingly flawed and paranoid. But he had saved thousands of lives; which also made him a Saint. Thus he and Dr. King shared more than one might at first see until much later: Chuck’s marriage to Betty was more than a symbol; it was a substantial step towards realizing the coming of the Third Israel itself in it’s bi-racial character as the root by which all the races were to be united in multi-racial perfection.

The New York psychiatrist Daniel Casriel M.D., founder of AREBA (today the oldest surviving private addiction treatment centre in the United States) and cofounder of Daytop Village (one of the world’s largest therapeutic communities) visited in 1962 and lived there in 1963 and wrote a book about his experiences.

The writer Lewis Yablonsky also had written the book “Synanon”; which was widely read in the drug abuse field, with stories about people like jazz musician and alltime sax great Art Pepper, and the world-reknowned jazz guitarist Joe Pass.

But even the history of it’s very real contributions to society could not offset Chuck’s downward spiral, into resurgent and complete alcoholism, and it’s resultant depression: and the ever-present and deadly total paranoia.


Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

The Fall of the Founder; the Final Blows..

Control over members occurred through the “Game”.

 The “Game” could have been considered to be a therapeutic tool, likened to a form of group therapy; or else to a form of a “social control”, in which members humiliated one another and encouraged the exposure of one-another’s innermost weaknesses, or maybe both of these.

As long as there was a way to make Chuck himelf stay grounded in the utter honesty and self-examination that leadership require the Ship stayed on an even keel; but when Betty died of cancer Chuck began to turn down a very dark and paranoid road. 

The problem lay in books like “The Naked Ape” and the B.F. Skinnerisms of emotionally bankrupt and totally errant methods of behavior modification now allied with hiearchical selfserving mind controlling forms of irrational facism centered on what had deteriorated into a personality cult with absolute loyalty to a mistaken ideal of irreverence taken to Olympian Heights of hubris unforeseen: and in all it’s repugnant glory.

With the dispensing of the “Wizards” as the new roles of the Tribe leaders was diminished and the systematic dismantling of the intellectual climate flourishing in the people-friendly and humane geodesic breakthrough of Fulleristic genuis we watched sadly as the deteriorating social climate worsened.

The final blow was when Chuck organized his paramilitary unit “the Imperial Marines” with Lance Kenton and the mentally bereft Joe Musico; and then violence was allowed to blossom into Synanon’s new “Standard Operating Procedure” by the Founder, and with his full blessing….it was that signalled the coming destruction of “the People Business…”.

My mother and her husband Oscar Camano ( the ex-Director of the Puerto Rican House ) had left Synanon with their son Adrian before the worst had occured, with the lawyer and the rattlesnake in the mailbox trick….

In the end it was the death of Betty and Chuck’s grasp of total power with no one left to confront him that finally overcame the Bucky Fuller / Synergistic modality of engaging honesty and utopian metaphysic that Synanon was the real standardbearer of for My Generation in overcoming the Image of the Beast……

Beginning in the mid-1970s, women in Synanon were required to shave their heads, and married couples were made to break up and take new partners. Men were given forced vasectomies, and a few pregnant women were forced to have abortions. That was the Church of Synanon in it’s genesis…from which I “emerged”….



The Apostle of Mercy: Sister Faustina

The Messenger of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The Vision of Wrath; Korea and Poland; Christ Jesus in 1935,

Princess Faustina and the Reverend Moon


The “Seal” as the “12 Gates of heaven Symbol” of the Unification Church

Unification Church members believe that Jesus appeared to Mun Yong-myong (his birth name) when Moon was 15 on April 17, 1935 and asked him to accomplish the work left unfinished after his crucifixion. Moon did not accept his mission but wrestled with the Angel of Christ until April 18th, 1935; at that point taking the mission of the Messenger until his Lord returned and made him the Messiah if he passed the Final Test of watching for the Day and the Hour,

After this period of prayer and consideration, Moon accepted the mission, later changing his name to Mun Son-myong (Sun Myung Moon).

The church’s official teachings, the Divine Principle, first saw written form as Wolli Wonbon in 1946. (The second, expanded version, Wolli Hesol, or Explanation of the Divine Principle, was not published until 1957.

Sun Myung Moon preached in northern Korea after the end of World War II and was imprisoned by the communist regime in North Korea in 1946. He was released from prison, along with many other North Koreans, by the advance of American and United Nations forces during the Korean War and built his first church from mud and cardboard boxes as a refugee in Pusan.

Rev. Moon has never mentioned Sufism once in any speech; even though they were the first Unificationists; who first taught about the Unity behind all religions

Moon formally founded the church in Seoul on May 1, 1954, calling it “The Holy Spirit(ual) Association for the Unification of World Christianity.”

The name alluded to Moon’s stated intention for his organization to be a unifying force for all Christian denominations. The phrase “Holy Spirit Association” has the sense in the original Korean of “Heavenly Spirits” and not the “Holy Spirit” of Christianity.” Unification” has political as well as religious connotations, in keeping with the church’s teaching that restoration must be complete, both spiritual and physical. The church expanded rapidly in South Korea and by the end of 1955 had 30 church centers throughout the nation.

International Expansion

In 1958 Moon sent missionaries to Japan, and in 1959, to America. Moon himself moved to the United States in 1971, (although he remained a citizen of the Republic of Korea). Missionary work took place in Washington D.C., New York, and California. UC missionaries found success in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the church expanded in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

By 1971 the Unification Church of the United States had about 500 members.

By 1973 the church had some presence in all 50 states and a few thousand members.

Michael Jenkins; President of the Unification Church in America at 88th Birthday Celebration for Mr. Moon

 Michael Jenkins, President of the Unification Church at Sun Myung Moon’s 88th birthday

American sociologist Irving Louis Horowitz compared the attraction of Unification teachings to American young people at this time to the hippie and radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s.Missionaries were also sent to Europe. The church entered Czechoslovakia in 1968 and remained underground until the 1990s.

In 1975, Moon sent out missionaries to 120 countries to spread the Unification Church around the world and also in part, he said, to act as “lightning rods” to receive “persecution.”

  Unification Church activity in South America began in the 1970s with missionary work. Later the church made large investments in civic organizations and business projects, including an international newspaper.

 In the 1970s Moon gave a series of public speeches in the United States including one in Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1974 and two in 1976: In Yankee Stadium in New York City, and on the grounds of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., where Moon spoke on “God’s Hope for America.”

In 1974, Moon took full-page ads in major newspapers defending  President Richard M. Nixon at the height of the Watergate controversy.

In 1970, President Nixon sent a request to the Korean Foreign Ministry to provide information about the Unification Movement but two years later he met with leaders of the movement.


In 1975 Unification Church held an one of theargest peaceful gatherings in history (1.2 mln people) in Yoido, South Korea.

That same year, it held a rally for 300,000 by the Washington Monument in USA.

In 1976 a 40-story Art Deco building, as well as the one of the first skyscrapers in the world, the New Yorker Hotel, became Unification Church’s headquarters

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

 Charles Dederich and Sun Myung Moon

Like his contemporary Charles Dederich of Synanon out in Tomales Bay, in California during the 80’s Rev. Moon also had problems with the IRS; in fact it was in 1982 that Rev. Moon was convicted in United States federal court of willfully filing false Federal income tax returns and conspiracy.

 In 1984 and 1985, while he was serving his sentence in Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, Connecticut, American UC members launched a public-relations campaign claiming that the charges against him were unjust and politically motivated.

Booklets, letters and videotapes were mailed to approximately 300,000 Christian leaders. Many signed petitions protesting the government’s case.

Among the American Christian leaders who spoke out in Moon’s defense were conservative Jerry Falwell, head of Moral Majority, and liberal Joseph Lowery, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.ase 

Michael Tori, a professor at Marist College (Poughkeepsie, New York) suggested that Moon’s conviction helped the Unification Church gain more acceptance in mainstream American society, since it showed that he was financially accountable to the government and the public.

In 1984 Unification Church started a book publishing company in One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan, New York, whose editorial board included prominent scholars associated with some of the nation’s leading universities. The company is called Paragon House and has the $5 million budget.

In 1988 the Blessing Ceremony of the Unification Church was held for 6,516 couples, all personally matched by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In 1990, Unification Church founded its $8m Universal Ballet project, with Soviet-born Oleg Vinogradov as its art director and Julia Moon as its prima ballerina.

At the opening ceremony, letters of congratulation from President Bush and John Frohnmayer, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, were read.


Neil Bush; anointed by Sun Myung Moon:

as a “prince” of the Royal Bush Dynasty; Unification Style

Neil Bush at the opening of an event of the Unification Church

In 1991 Moon announced that church members should return to their hometowns and undertake apostolic work there. Massimo Introvigne, who studied the Unification Church and other new religious movements, said that this confirmed that full-time membership is no longer considered crucial to church members.

In 1992 the Unification Church opened the New Eden Academy International on the campus of the University of Bridgeport, a boarding school for children of Unification Church members.

As of December 1994, Unification Church had invested $150 million in Uruguay. Members own the country’s largest hotel, one of its leading banks, the second-largest newspaper and two of the largest printing plants.

Starting in the 1990s the Unification Church expanded its operations into Russia and other formerly communist nations. Han made a radio broadcast to the nation from the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

 As of 1994, the church had about 5,000 members in Russia and the Russian Education Ministry was giving the Unification Church privileged access to thousands of state schools with their captive audiences of impressionable pupils.

About 500 Russian students had been sent to USA to participate in 40-day workshops of and by the Unification Church.

Starting in 1992 the church established business ties with communist North Korea and owned an automobile manufacturer (Pyeonghwa Motors), a hotel, and other properties there. In 2007 it founded a “World Peace Center” in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital city.

Salvation Rose "...For it is the Rose of His Love -- whence came the Thorns of his Crown"

Salvation Rose “…For it is the Rose of His Love — whence came the Thorns of his Crown”

In 1995, the U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, spoke at a Unification Church event in the sold-out 50,000-seat Tokyo Dome. Tickets ranged from $80 to $120.

“If as president I could have done one thing to have helped the country more,” Mr. Bush told the gathering, “it would have been to do a better job in finding a way, either through speaking out or through raising a moral standard, to strengthen the American family.”

Han, the main speaker, credited her husband with bringing about Communism‘s fall and declared that he must save America from “the destruction of the family and moral decay.”

In 1996, Unification Church started a $10-million project called Tiempos Del Mundo, a newspaper in Spanish language circulating in 16 countries of Latin America, “a newspaper for half a Hemisphere”, as The New York Times called it.

In 1997, Al Sharpton, a Christian minister and a candidate for the 2004 presidential election, took part in the Unification Church’s official events and holidays, including the Blessing Ceremony at RFK Stadium.

That year, 3.6 million couples were married simultaneously in the ceremony.

In 1998, Unification Movement forgave a $90 million loan to the University of Bridgeport and donated an additional $15 million.

In 1998, the Unification Movement launched its operations in North Korea with the approval of the Government of South Korea, which had prohibited business relationships between North and South before; and built a church there.

The Internal Exodus; Dr. King our “Moses”; and Barack Hussein; the Obama; our “David”

The Internal Exodus beginning at Beth-El; as with the 650,000 who left Egypt with Moses; so it was with My Generation, as ”the True White Brother of the Hopi called the Pahana”; and ”the Manchild in the Promised Land” as the Black Christian Race in the USA here in the West; and when the Pahana and the Manchild bonded we had what is now “The Third Israel”; as Ephraim Restored; the Kingdom of Israel; the Return of the Prodigal Son.

The Divine Image of Sister Faustina; the New Image of God in Christl

He gave them to St. Francis from the Eagle with 6 Wings

 The New Heaven and New Earth

The Omniprescience of God as His Own Ear:

the Witness

Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany”

“Which of your Lord’s Blessings

would ye deny?”

The End of this World…and the Beginning of the Next:

…….. Eviternity, the Dawn of Eternity



  1. experience is the most noble teacher … the beautiful end is the bridge of the rainbow to the eternal light house … the divine light will be on your hands … bringing light in the dark … good fight … unyielding spirit .. The truth must prevail


  2. experience is the most noble teacher … the beautiful end is the bridge of the rainbow to the eternal light house … the divine light will be on your hands … bringing light in the dark … good fight … unyielding spirit .. The truth must prevail


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