The Legacy of Rev. Moon and the Rebirth of Hitler’s Reich, the Fall of the Right into Fascism: an American Tragedy

 The End of the Unification Church and the Rise of the Republican Reich

The New Face of the GOP, their future for Amerika, no doubt....just ask Chris Christie why he had this guard dress up as Hitler...a hint???

The New Face of the GOP, their future for Amerika, no doubt….just ask Chris Christie why he had this guard dress up as Hitler…a hint???

Where the Truth ends; the Golden Calf of the Aaron of Korea

Where the Truth ends; the Golden Calf of the Aaron of Korea

Now we see the orchestrated rise of racists like Glenn Beck; and with neo-Nazis like Rush Limbaugh, the “Goering of the Right Wing”, the Reich that is now arisen has reached the Moment when it comes time to unmask their strategy, in trying to erect their Korporate Kingdom of Economic Darwinisn: the New Feudalism.

A kingdom of darkness? Far darker is it’s influence by it’s ceaseless efforts to divide America as close to regional boundaries as possible; southern as not nothern; the red and the blue of the American landscape; now shrinking in popularity as Democratic Reform takes place: irreversible. Korporate America is fighting back; trying to arise with a manipulated televised backlash against Obama; using the fringe; the rabble, against him. Effective: and cheap; as Carville often says: they are not stupid by the logic of their reason as having an unconsciously racist mentality: only morally; in their imagination.

        What is their motto?

   “…….Am I my Brother’s keeper?…….”

This is the face of Cain; of our Corporate master. This is the Last Dark Ages: the enslavement of Mankind by it’s own Kapital.

         But the Kingdom alone is Freedom; and Mankind will find it nowhere else.

In yet more Orwellian “doublespeak” we have those Neo-Nazis like the hideous gas oven of a man that is Rush Limbaugh, and the writers on many right wing e-zines once again rising up in dark Locust hordes, in their Hitleristic Shadown of Delusionality; with carefully invoiced lies and then the far more sinister paid-for forces by the implacable hatred of the Koch’s, and others even worse; and their organized tactics of civil and social disruption that bring to mind nothing less than the tactics once used so lovingly by Hitler and his Axis bound jackbooted friends who destroyed Germany,  by preying on people’s fears and inflaming anti-Semitic bigotry,  to come to power in a national economic crisis.

This recent crisis brought about by Korporate Facist America in the last government shutdown corresponds easily to the Mussolinic version of the corporate fascism of the Unification Church’s creation of a demonically possessed Frankenstein before the death of Rev. Moon: an ideologically corrupt and anti-Christian Right Wing; for those with short unemployed memories I suggest they look no further than Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz; not the marginalized DC liberals, as some have jeeringly said.

The legacy of Ted Cruz and his satanic father; the rise of the antichrists of Belial and the acolytes of Mammon....

The legacy of Ted Cruz and his satanic father; the rise of the antichrists of Belial and the acolytes of Mammon….

In looking at the Republikan Washington Times, using the terminology of “Euthanasia” and “Death Lists” as bringing to life that discarnate shadow of Nazi Germany in the rise of Ted Cruz as the resurrected Hitler, we now have a nwspaper which is supposed to stand as a Minister of the Free Press in America using what the Supreme Court might define as blatantly Unconstitutional Tactics, in bringing to mummified life the forces in our own political process from those days of Nazi Germany, in which protest was silenced and dissent crushed; as the Free Voice of the People was strangled in it’s own Town Halls by goons and shouters who took over with well funded right-wing backers: like now.

The Fall of the Republican Reich: the End of Washington Times

"What profit a man to gain the whole world.....

“What profit a man to gain the whole world…..

The Hour of America’s Temptation…..

This Last Day may well seemingly prove to be one of  increasing regret for America, as we deal with the fundamentally intolerant remnants of the global empire of deceit left by Rev. Moon and his blind minions, who backed the pale horse of the right-wing conservative Moral Majority with millions of dollars.

The fact that Korporate America is now trying to install it’s own “Reich” to replace the close Bush-Moon syndicate. shows us how close we are to a “brown shirts” subclass to be cynically funded and employed in this artificially created, and now demonically prolonged Recession, to beat down the middle class with “Mediscare” for the old and sick, and Orwellian Doublespeak to confuse the young and politically naive: it shows we have reached a nadir in American politics: the rise of Corporate Facism and semi-religious “ends justifies the means” Pied Piperism going back to the rise of Hitler.

Don’t forget: Hitler’s enemies were all branded as “Socialists” and “Communists” whenever they dared speak out against his Semetic racism and hatred of those who dared oppose him and his Right Wing backers; all rich industrialists, and those in bed with Cheney-style military and security interests with the profiteers of Haliburton and the war-mongering rest: like the position we are in now.

But those who concentrate on how to govern what they envision as the new growth industry of larger and larger prison populations as the poor and working-class are now denied food stamps, or unemployment insurance, and no jobs to speak of where any one could even hope to earn a living, these people who gloat as the poor and downtrodden lose everything are rarely altruists when it comes to concerns of the immediate worth of American citizens who have voted against the Republican agenda in record numbers: the economic and moral values for the Teas Party acolytes of Mammon is then chillingly ascribed to those who conform to an image of rascist and pro-environmental destruction with climate-change denial in full force: not an ideal state of affairs while our earth burns up.

Never the real concern and help for those of the 99%; always the opposite of concern; harsh morality for they who are to be judged, but never the substance of the true merciful Christ.

A Pack of  Rapacious Wolves, and Washington DC as the Den of Thieves.

Now the enemy of Corporate America ( this entity of “economic facism” so well delineated by C.S. Lewis in the “Screwtape Letters” ) are the Poor souls of our Nation, being attacked for having had the temerity to vote for a Black Christian Champion, and one who knowingly stands for the disenfranchised and left-out; as our President twice elected providentially stands on the 430 year foundation of the suffering or the “dues” that the Black Christian Race paid in their 430 years in the West as the Third Israel..

That they suffered from 1492, or really from 1500, when Columbus returned with his horrific Armada, until Rev. King arose to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 truly defines our Epoch. For as Israel suffered once in Egypt for 430 years as their “indemnity” identifies the 430 years after Columbus for those in the West stoically and heroically enduring Slavery as these  Black Christians suffered horrifically under Jim Crowe in America today; a time returning now from long ago. This spirtitual phenomenon is described prophetically well as can be seen in the work of Taylor Branch in his three monumental books “Parting the Waters” and “Pillar of Fire”; the third being the brilliant summation, “At Jordan’s Edge”, as of Barack now revealed in the prophetically as our “David”.

Rev. Moon and his betrayal of the Black Christian Race

Barack Hussein; .."The Obama"; slayer of Osama bin Laden the Antichrist...who lived by the Sword; and was killed by it...."Vengeance is Mine" saith the Lord..."I will Repay.."

Barack Hussein; ..”The Obama”; slayer of Osama bin Laden the Antichrist…who lived by the Sword; and was killed by it….”Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord…”I will Repay..”

Barack Obama stands as our Messiah on the National level as Sun Myung Moon is well aware of: but yet he has not offered to help the man God chose to have him unify Korea with the Divine support Rev. Moon could have brought to America to bring the Foundation to a new earth to build the Kingdom of God.

This could have easily happened through the wise reading and ensuing freedom granted in the hidden power and promise of our Sacred Constitution itself if Rev. Moon had not set out to destroy the Democratic process and subvert the Second Israel by setting up Korea as the Third Israel to replace us: which I stopped as the least in the Kingdom of Heaven with the help of my Father’s servant John.

As with this “David” Barack Obama represents we now have Rev. Moon as our fallen “Saul” now trying to kill the representative “Black Messiah” who was set up on the foundation of our own Black Moses Servant King; as Aaron Presley was his White Brother whose “Voice” brought together the “white north: and the “black south”; and all in a way the Racist white South and the Free Black North hardly guessed would one day  happen in our own lifetimes.

As My Generation which began the internal Exodus from our invisible but racially apparent Egypt it is they who marched with Servant King and crossed the racial line by responding to the black southern Voice of Prince Aaron Presley who are much different than those Koreans who disdained the Rev. Martin King as our Moses with his Aaron: and instead let he who could have stood for the yellow race as our “Joshua” Rev. Moon.

The Koreans Rev. Moon brainwashed in the KCIA simply abandoned God’s own cause in the Internal Providence of America: instead Rev. Moon railed against racism in America that he encountered when he came here in 1945 who yet never walked a step with Rev. King or sent his followers to be “Freedom Riders” to bring racial justice to America as the Second Israel.

Rev. Moon decided our invisible “Tabernacle” as the Manchild of Israel that My Generation really is would be best replaced by Korea’s children of the Korean War that we American’s fought and died for. He forgot us; and exalted himself.

The Rise of Corporate Facism: the Shadow of Hitler and Rev. Moon’s “Bush whack” on My Generation: the untold story of the “Jacob” of Korea.

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence......

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence……

People forget how Jacob once “stole” the Blessing from Esau; but not Sun Myung Moon: he patterened his entire strategy in America to steal this very blessing from the Children of the Resurrection, as Hyo Jin Moon related to me in Bay City in 2009; ministering to me after I defeated Satan and his 3 Temptations, in my 40 days in the Wilderness: and let us see how!

He married all those who were “not to marry: nor be given in marriage” so they could be eligible for the Resurrection from the dead and the inheriting of eternal life. This Rev. Moon decided to destroy by marrying as many of My generation as possible; too bad for them if they did not read their own Bible’s!

The Last Day of Rev. Moon thus now emerges: going from the “Faithful and Wise Steward” written of in Matthew and Luke he was to have been and instead becoming the “Evil Servant” of the Gospel by failing to wait for the Return of the Lord as he was instructed by my Father’s servant John.

It is now that the problem of the fall of Rev. Moon that is bringing to bear the powers that are enshrined in the “Scarlet Colored Beast” of chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: which I have revealed in my soon-to-be published book that is Red China!!

Indeed the Son of Perdition, who was Osama bin Laden the Antichrist; had the spirit of this Scarlet Colored Beast, who is the creature symbolizing the fallen yellow race under the sway of Death himself, in it’s countless “Red Flags” of warning that we in the West have long ignored. The spirit of the Antichrist which lives in the philosophically doctrinaire Marxist and totally enslaved yellow race, toiling under the sway of the antichristian spirit of Death, has now had it’s own messianic and prophetic figure Rev. Moon, revealed to me as “the faithful and wise steward” in Luke and Matthew,  { by the Angel of Patmos showing me exactly where he was written about in the Gospel of Christ, a figure straight from the testimony of my Father Lord Jesus yet totally unknown to anyone on earth but myself!! How did the students of theology in the Unification Church miss this obvious identification with their own Messenger?}, now having died in South Korea,  failing his divine mission in the position of a mortal John the Baptist, leading now to my own advent in the shoes of my Father Jesus: as His Messenger, standing now as the Son of Man.

 In making himself a truly loyal victim of Kim Il Sung Rev. Moon fell to this satanic and utterly demonic power himself, by his unwise covenant with Kim Il Sung and then his son Kim Jong Il as well, in the Royal Dynastic Family of Satan; as the Nation of North Korea truly stands as the symbolic Star of the Devil, as Satan’s visible conduit and physical source of hatred and violence against the Nation of the Lamb: the 50 United States of America, and their Allies of the Free World.

Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon": his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong

Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon”: his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong

Who embodies in the flesh with his armies the one who now fights against Justice and Freedom from Oppression by the Forces behind the Terrorism now being uprooted bloody inch by inch from the people of Gog and Magog: Iraq and Iran; respectively???

The Antichrist that Rev. Moon never identified, even when I pointed it out to all and sundry, based on II Thessalonians 2:2-6, was the Global Terrorist and revealed “Man of Lawlessness”  Osama bin Laden; the one who Rev. Moon unwittingly had actually sided with, by opposing our Black Messiah Barack Obama as taking “Egypt” from within, standing on the National Level in the 430 Foundation of Salvation that My Generation established by bonding with the Black Christian Race first at the gathering of the Tribes in San Francisco, and then established in the 3 Day Separation from Satan at the Global Level, seen at Beth-El “The House (of David as) of God” which we called “Woodstock”, indeed “as the Angel of Jehovah before them”, being where we set up the conditions to begin the Internal Exodus of the Third Israel itself with the kingdom of God in the position of the Cosmic Promised Land, as the foundation of substance seen as the restored Kingdom of Ephraim; once known as the northern Kingdom of Israel that was “lost”, but now “returned”.

Rev. Moon should have known what the Children of the Resurrection he failed to unite with to join with as My Generation really represented; and I say this in all sorrow; and to the shame of they who were deceived in the Unification Church into believing the rich and the powerful would ever bring about the conditions to erect the foundation for the Kingdom of God on earth here in America: when they serve and worship one thing only: Mammon.

That Adolf Hitler rose in a depression is an historical fact; yet can the racist “stand your ground” killings and browbeating and shouting down of our citizens, as targeted by the Tea Party Koch brown shirts against peaceful town hall liberals, and reform health Obamacare supporters; be ignored any longer?

And why would Sun Myung Moon be setting his newspaper to mouth the racist hatred once heard by the Nazis and their demonic master who served the Beast, as the new weapon against our Nation and our new President, desperately trying to take care of it’s sick and poor citizens?

The Perverted Christianity of Sun Myung Moon

Can the Messiah be Revealed to Save Rev. Moon?

Can the Messiah be Revealed to Save America and the World

Who does ignore the conditions now rampant in the gross economic inequality of our tattered and economically besieged society is not a Christian, as a real Christian in the usual sense sees that the humanity of clothing the naked, or healing the sick, or of feeding the poor, or helping those incarcerated for one tragic reason or another is an issue of having the humane and merciful Faith of Jesus. For real Christians the crime most imprisoned souls are victims of is of being poor and powerless on the Street of Babylon in the richest Nation on Earth, a fate which is worse than Hell, sentenced to an eternal economic slavery because we now also live in the most visibly corrupt Nation on Earth.

For the Martyrs of Tiananmen Square

For the Martyrs of Tiananmen Square

And now: we see the shadow of Hitler rising in the violence and intolerant fundamentalism of the Tea Party, and the advent of their false Christ Ted Cruz from the ghost of Rev. Moon: that factor alone will probably lead to his complete spiritual death, as he stands in naked shame before the Emerald Table of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb who are the Jury of the Last Judgment.

I know that My Generation’s own Righteous Father will step in to defeat the Right Wing of Satan, in their steady rise in the power of the still-living Shadow of Hitler and their gun toting friends of the growing KKKorporate Fascism, in it’s KKKoch funded War on the Poor, and help us escape from the Tyranny of  Scarlet Colored Beast of Red China that ate Tibet; as it carries the Great Whore who is Capitalism’s Unfree and rigged Market on it’s back seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation: a Capitalist Marxism with a new Economic Feudalism never before even dreamed of, when a corrupt Marxist government and it’s State-owned businesses are united in Capitalist Commerce to further enslave their own people: this is but the Shadow and Image of the Scarlet Beast; the Fallen Nature in it’s global and now Cosmically enlarged form; back again from the defeated Image of the beast seen once in the Axis, as now Red China is unmasked as the Scarlet Beast that climbs out of the Abyss, seen in chapter 11 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine culminating in chapter 17.

The Scarlet Colored Beast that John the Divine once saw now lives and moves in the Wilderness of Capitalism; the world of Materialism; both economic and scientific: the spirit of the Antichrist: Red China; with that fourth portion of the earth signified as the Yellow Race, now toiling in their increasingly polluted environment, under the sway of Death, with India as the revealed Hell on Earth as the throne that Death is really cosmically enthroned upon.

And so: "....carved out himself a tomb..."?And so: "....carved out himself a tomb..."?  As Shebna had done before being replaced in his position by Eliakim the Scribe

And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”?And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”? As Shebna had done before being replaced in his position by Eliakim the Scribe

People forget the 300 million untouchable’s in India who live a life that is more death than life; thus we have the Heloo on earth India supports as it carves out it;s Korporate share of the Global Market of the Harlot of Capitalism the Kingdom of God will replace with Love where now we have only money; the doomed system of things that will fall even as the Crystalized Caste Cociety India upholds as the Scepter of Mammon will be broken as the Vine of the Earth falls.

India and China supporting spirititually mankind’s last two enemies in the cosmic sense seen in He and Death show we now have their final rise and coming fall as Mankind’s only Hope; now with Rev. Moon dead and gone as having fulfilled the prophetic scenario of my fallen “first helper” that the Hopi prophets pointed out that was supposed to help, but might also betray, when the Pahana or Messiah of the Red Race when he arrives at 4 Corners at his return; the one they called the “first helper” was Rev. Moon, who ignored my return as the Pahana or “White Brother of Quetzalcoatl”. My second helper is revealed as John the Divine, my Cosmic Messenger.

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moos; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moos; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife

Do the Hopi have the last say?

Yes,  for it is they who were considered Last

who are now “His Elect whom He hath Chosen”, as the First

The Antichrist and the Scarlet Beast of Red China as the Spirit of the Antichrist

The Antichrist and the Advent of the Scarlet Beast of Red China: as the Nation  with the Spirit of the Antichrist

This betrayal of the Third Israel as the Christian Black Race My Generation stood united with in our Exodus from a racist “Egypt”, where our Aaron, Aaron Presley, and our Moses, Dr. King, both died in America’s own Shadowy Netherworld, seen in that “City of Destruction”; called Memphis, actually named after Upper and Lower Egypt’s ancient Capital where the Mississippi is seen as our Nile, this was indeed was the cruel fate for these two whose dead bodies lay in the Street while their enemies gave each gifts to celebrate like J. Edgar Hoover and George Wallace; and  whose victory over America Rev. Moon caused to manifest, allowing Satan to invade and kill Dr. King when he demonized Dr. King as being “pro-communist”, and a “tool of Marxism” for opposing the unjust and illegal Vietnam War along with Aaron Presley.

Thus it is that Rev. Moon, in his death on October 2nd, 2012; ended being the failed emissary of the Yellow Race the Hopi call the “Elder Brother” originally sent to help and establish the Pahana. This elder race at the end was said to have had the possibility they might fall completely; giving up their status as guatdians of the Divine.

But My Generation’s “second helper” that the Hopi prophesied would arise just in case this did occur is my Father’s servant John: the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is the emergence of My Generation as the Tabernacle seen as that Child in His Name of Love that has now come in Our Day as in the Name of Christ Jesus.

Rev. Moon missed his chance to become the Messiah, by Shepherding My Nation when the Light of Love was seen as in the Name of “Day Light”, that is the Name of “Christ Jesus”; by which “a little child” in the Name of Love as the name of God Almighty, was to have led them and then the world to the New Heaven and New Earth: this is what Rev. Moon thought he snuffed out in his strategy for global domination. But I still stand in the name of my Father Jesus, and it is he whose light was put out in darkness….

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records....the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records….the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

And of the Global Messiah Rev. Moon abandoned?  That is the King of the Third Israel itself, as rising to the status of the Global Abel Barack Hussein Obama, as “Caught up to God; and to His Throne”. But Scott O’Brien of the defunct Unification Church recently called the man I anointed “an evil man, and an occultist”, by which I imagine he meant Barack is a black magician; like Arthur Ford the Warlock, who Rev. Moon once visited and had a séance with, sitting with Bo Hui Pak, to raise the evil spirit of darkness Ford used called “Fletcher”.

And who can now Stand? It even seems that God Himself will have to stop the Right Wing from selling America down the drain to punish it for electing a REAL President: one with a Heart and a Mind: something Korporate Republican Neo-Nazism now growing in God’s Country like Cancer on the Body Politic itself, but whose President it fears greatly; and for good reason: thus they are siding with the departed shade of Rev. Moon, seen in the deceived acolytes of Ted Cruz and his satanic father Rafael like Scott O’Brien, as unwitting pawns in their own destruction in this Last Day.

The fall of the Right Wing began when Rev. Moon gave millions to Pat Robertson and other hate-mongers, and saw the destruction of the Constitutionally established separation of “Church and State” when they crowned Moon and his wife as “king and queen of the Universe” has now decided their own coming fate, in that they would play the “dog in the manger” for all the uninsured and unemployed in America, as a way of sticking their finger in the eye of Barack Obama.

Have they come up with anything to help the poor and uninsured in America? Then let me hear differently: let me see what the Republican “alternative” is: ah, here it is: nada!!! Nothing, let them go and quietly die by the thousands in the street! What a surprise!

The Republican alternative is zero; so it is now a forgone conclusion that nothing can protect our new Health Care System except another popular uprising of my Idealistic and generous generation, that fell once, but will now rise: to bring the Kingdom of God to it’s fruition, starting here in God’s Country.

The Rich have decided that nothing is to be done for the Poor and Downtrodden in this Richest Nation on Earth that is America under Attack; but seemingly have planned plenty more and Never-ending Corporate welfare for themselves.

Spite and Revenge against America for electing someone they seemingly hate with every fibre of their being: polite smiles notwithstanding. Under attack is the US: the US being “US” or our Nation itself; if that is not too grammatically awkward.
Yet we see in the political fray the dynamic shift to one where the Upper Class and their Rulers would now sell the poor for a “pair of shoes”. Red Shoes for the Great Whore of the Stock Market carried on the back of the Scarlet Colored Beast; it seems, a dance of Death until Red China “makes it’s global domination move”; and it will; never fear.

  Final Scenario: Death and Hell; Red China and India

The Voice of God: Gabriel as the Messenger of Michael the Archangel

The Voice of God: Gabriel as the Messenger of Michael the Archangel

I have only one thing, it is the Word of God that is what Pilate asked to know of when he asked “what is Truth”: and my Second Helper John the Divine: but unknown to the power of  darkness is that my Father’s servant John is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, even as I stand as the least.

Yet it seems I stand as little more than a feeble Quixote; feeble; but then, as David; against a Goliath known as the Corporate Malefactors of Great Wealth;  the Mighty who have now completely and utterly fallen.

I fear the worst has yet to come to pass: but I know that the Word of God itself will prevail; even for our fallen “Faithful and Wise Steward” who now stands with the Yellow Race as that Scarlet Colored Beast of Revelation: Red China; carrying the “Harlot” of “free market” of Capitalism on it’s back: just as it was written by my Father’s servant John 2,000 years ago: and has indeed come to pass; the Capitalist form of Marxism in it’s last and most destructive form: carrying the entire World Market almost singlehandedly: yet only Hell is it’s goal and end.

That America is the Third Israel can be seen by the fact that in Israel the king was also the head of the army; which is why we have “Camp David” in the first place: and “Uncle Sam” refers to the prophet “Samuel” whose name means “the Name of God”; as Samuel the Prophet of the Nazarenes was he who anointed David as the King and Light of Israel. Should we not be in arms!???

It was a Black Christian Woman Rev. Moon should have married in 1960, as she who so truly symbolized Sheba; the Mythic “queen of the South”, who symbolizes the “SOUL” of America; and a lot of the “backbone” as well; truth be known.

The Name of the beast then is as a lying “Hypocrite”; to appear as what one isn’t; the discarnate beast which “is and is not” as it were; by the saying and insistence upon one thing and the doing of another; as Rochefoucauld once said:

“Hypocrisy is the Homage that Vice pays to Virtue”.

 Let us pray to my Father Jesus to save our Nation

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