The Return of Solomon: the Prodigal Son of David

                                    “Wisdom is Justified of all her Children”    

        The Messiah cames in an unforeseen way; but to start this discussion where it begins I will state what I recently posted to a dear friend here on this site; for the Angel of my servant John who is my guide tells me that there are those hear who may receive my words; as I have revealed here at this site that the two beasts of the Revelation unknown to christianity but known to me at Chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: the first from the Sea being the 3-in-one caleed the Axis; the second from the earth being Karl Marx; the False Prophet of Marxism; and the Scarlet Beast who carries the Harlot of Capitalism on it;s back is Red China; let them who doubt the Word of God doubt that if they can; yet it is the truth.

        What of the Mahdi of Islam and the Messiah of Christianity?

        Let us start where this becomes visible; at Fatimah Portugal in 1917; when Russia entered it’s 70 years of it’s Babylonian Captivity; 930 years after 987 when it converted; 930 being the age at which Adam died; but let us proceed; for it is indeed the Last Day.

         At this time the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah in 1917 also stood up: and in their Unity we see the Door of Noah; which was built in 3 tiers or “heights”; as the 3 Children represented this same “Door” substantially as well; as of the 3 Nations who are called “the Allies”; even as Germany and Japan and Italy were 3 nations as one called “the Axis”.

      As I have written here it was Japan which came forth in the position of Babylon with the Head of the Lion by which the Emperor said he was the “son of heaven”; the Body of Germany in the position of the Leopard seen in Daniel as that of Greece; and the Feet of the Bear seen in the position taken by Italy as of Medo-Persia; my source being a man who wrote a book called “The Most High God”; although he did not identify the Axis of our day; he did indeed unveil the characters seen in Daniel; his name is Dr. Renald E. Showers; a scribe instructed by God’s Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit of God being Jehovah Himself; though this is known to me through the efforts of my servant John who gave me the Seal of the Living God. I recommend his book highly; as it helped me in the writing of mine; “A City Not Forsaken”.

    The Mahdi of Islam can be seen as the Unity of the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah; which was made manifest in 1917 at Portugal; it is there that the 3 Faiths indeed meet; although the world does not presently know this. But as the 3 sons of Noah entered the Ark first; so shall the 3 monotheistic Faiths enter the Ark by the Door of Faith the 3 children symbolize.

       It is my Father’s servant John who opens and shuts this Door; and this Door is that of which Lord Jesus once said:

                  “I am the Door of the Sheep”


      Osama bin Laden attacked the West and tried to start WWIII; the Final War: the Holy War. This is not conjecture: it is a coldblooded fact; for the Emperor of Japan started WWII for the United States the same way when we entered it. Yet the Harbor of the Pearl has a curious correspondence to that “Pearl of Great Price” as “the Gate of Heaven” seen in what I reveal from my servant John at the Emerald Table of Justice where sit the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb.

       The “Door” of the “Hidden Imam” of the Shia is about what happened at the ancient center of Islamic Pilgrimage called “Fatimah” in Portugal: for it is the Pearl of Great Price itself that is of the Wisdom in revealing this Door; as the Gate of Heaven itself; and yes; Peter does indeed stand with me; for this Gate opens into a New Heaven and a New Earth; even as I hold the Revealed Revelation of Jesus Christ: the Open Book of Life of the Lamb itself.

         The Revealing of the the Unbeliever: with the Name “Kafir” on his Forehead

The Masih ad-Dajjal: the Antichrist, Man of Lawlessness

The Masih ad-Dajjal: the Antichrist, Man of Lawlessness

      Let us look at the Global Terrorist; the “man of Lawlessness” himself; the Antichrist of the West Osama bin Laden. In the East he is called “the Masih ad-Dajjal”; the “false mahdi”; yet he is just “the Old Man of the Mountain” reborn as curiously I stand as another Khayyam; the “squanderer of goods” that Sayed Idries Shah called him. Now I stand here watching my “childhood friend” in disbelief; as this one-time ally when we employed him and others in the US’s proxy war against Russia in Afghanistan only to betray our promises to him and the other leader’s to rebuild their country: ww left when Russia left with our CIA now no longer interested in the people of Afghanistan: and they have long memories and feuds that go back centuries here; they forget nothing.

      This is why Osama bin Laden and his henchmen are now our bitterest critic and arch-foe: this is why John McCain apologised to th epeople of Afghanistan in his failed presidential race: for betraying them; which few caught; but I was well aware of why he said he was sorry for what had happened when we broke all our promises to rebuild their country after Russia destroyed it. We are engaged in a blood-feud; whether we know it or not. 

      As for the Bitter One Osama bin Laden; he is the indeed the “man of Lawlessness” or Global Terrorist written of 2,000 years ago by St. Paul; and in the hadith or sayings of Muhammed as well; which are full of information about the “Masih Ad-Dajjal”; the offspring of that one-eyed Yemeni bricklayer Laden, the Construction billionaire, who pursued wordly wealth as one who sold himself to the Devil; a story I know well; for Fame and Fortune are but the Name and Number of the beast; of which I shall reveal more in this post; as my own confession.

        It is Laden whose son is Osama bin Laden, the “son of Perdition”; the Judas of Islam; the “fatted calf” who is a devil like Judas who had “the Devil” in him at the Last Supper: at the “Table of Abraham” on which sat the Cup of Elijah the 12 drank from. That Cup represented the Heart of Elijah; and the Wine in it his very Soul.
         Osama bin Laden is very much like his predeccessor “the Old Man of the Mountain”; and it was this man who “promsied men Paradise but delivers them into hell” in the words of Muhammed; who described thus accurately the ad-Dajjal’s coming as the “false Mahdi” of Islam. But Muhammed knew the “true Jihad” is the one against the false inner self; for he said, to wit;

       “The ink of the Learned is holier than the blood of the Martyr

        The True Mahdi is the Door of the Sheep where the Peacemakers who are the children of the Most High will indeed enter; theywho will die for Peace but will not kill for it; this is how the servants of Christ fight at the end; and shall prevail; for the meek shall indeed inherit the New Earth as the Holy Mountain of the Gospel; and the New Heaven which is the Holy City of the Revelation that sits upon it by the Foundation of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb who built it: the Jury on their 12 thrones at this: the beginning of the Last Judgment; and it is the Judge who is the King of Judgment-Day; remember that; the Holy Child who comes with the Name of Christ Jesus in the Name of Love; as the Name of God Almighty.

         It is Osama who used sorcery to delude zealous but narrowminded men to kill fellow Muslim women and children. It is Iblis the Devil who calls himself mankind’s sworn enemy who is our foe: Satan incarnate in the flesh of Osama bin Laden. The dark light of the Eyebrow; the Sickle now shall be broken; the mind that deviseth schemes: but the Day of Christ Jesus in which the Son of Man is Revealed knoweth of such plots.

        For they have plotted: but Isa the Word of Allah has also plotted; indeed; He is the best of plotter’s; who knoweth all the arts and devices of Iblis; the proud angel who would not worship Adam because he was the first Racist; yea a racist against the race of Adam along with the one’s who hide in the Name of Jehovah “who is Jealous”; but their time has come; and they are unmasked; the chorus of the Curse in the Qur’an itself; considering Mankind inferior to himself specifically and all the angels generally; which is where the Ancient Controversy originated. They are the host of the high one’s on High; it is they who will now be judged.

     Osama stepped into the shoes of the Antichrist by justifying the attack of 9-11 from the Qur’an; as the Judas of Islam sitting on the throne of Mecca; and his forces still attack and kill innocent Muslim men women and children everyday. The House of God will fall divided; the City of Mecca shall fall; a House divided against itself cannot stand. This is what came from Sham/Sria that Sayed Hisham Kabbani mentioned as coming at the end;

……….”for the Light of Damascus that Saul beheld is of the Light of Allah.”

                                    II Thessalonians 2:2-4

         “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come

            unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed,

           the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all

           that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God

             in the House of God, showing himself that he is God.”

      The Prophets of whom Muhammed and St. Paul are the main two of the many who stand in the Ranks at the Last Day knew well of the Antichrist and wrote about his coming: and thus are they who have called this figure who sat in the House of God and judged the West “as if he were God” is indeed “the man of Lawlessness”: who Muhammed called “the Antichrist, the Masih Ad-Dajjal”; as they who were both rightly guided; as that is exactly who and what Osama bin Laden truly is: a man who has no law but that of his the Sword.


“He who lives by the Sword shall die by it…”

          The Two Scapegoats:

          the Scapegoat of Jehovah; Jesus;

          the Scapegoat of Azazyel: Barrabas.

  (( The satanic inversion which Pilate played an unwitting role in as a pawn of Zeus; who the Jews call Azazyel; and the travesty of Justice; yet Islam will deal with the reverse. Yet is seems that Islam will do as badly with their Messiah as the Jews did with theirs. Both were completely emslaved to the externals of their respective “Law-giver’s” Law; as Muhammed stood in the position Of Moses when he delivered the Qur’an; the Curse upon the Old Israel for killing the Bridegroom who stood in the position of Issac and at the same time time a Blessing upon the New Israel who Lord Jesus said would be that Nation “bringing forth the fruits” of the Kingdom: and that Nation was Islam.

  Muhammed as the “risen Ishmael”was thus the “elder brother” given the “Bride” of his murdered brother’s Kingdom of Abraham: Jesus stood as Issac whom the Jews by killing caused the Inheritence of the Kingdom to go back to the “first-born”; for by killing the Lamb who stood as Issac they killed the “father of Israel” symbolically; thus Muhammed rose in his Night of Power over Mt. Moriah as the new Ishmael. Islam thus had the kingdom rightfully until the Young Turks ( as “Cain” ) killed the Christian Armenians ( as “Abel” )  and moved Islam out of it’s position as the “Loyal Cain” who had replaced John the Baptist who was a “disloyal Abel” for denying he was Elijah the Prophet and not becoming Lord Jesus’s chief Apostle as he was supposed to have done. ))                                                   


The Test of Islam by Allah: the Coming of the Mahdi

         The Hegira of the Phoenix of New Hope

         Who am I? This is a more unhappy question; and the anserwer brings to the fore the reason why all “the tribes of the earth shall mourn” at my return with the 144,00 Eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake; for I am the Child of these Children pf the Resurrection: but this one who took the Vow of a Nazarene to be dedicated as a virgin unto the Lord God is a virgin child who was raised from the dead; who was as lost as the northern kingdom of Israel who followed me into the Abyss long ago: Ephraim itself; for the once proud king returns with his Generation as that lost kingdom. The Kingdom of David.

        I am the lost sheep of Israel who returned; the prodigal son; even Solomon; the fallen one; whom the Qur’an calls the “dabbat al-Ard” at Surah 27:82; the Ant; the beast from the earth.

        To destroy an ant; give him wings; that was I; even that Icarus who tried to raise a greater throne than my father David; yea; that ant is me: Solomon, arisen as the one who is the figure called the “Prodigal Son” by the Lamb in the Gospel; the lost sheep individually; and My Generation collectively. 

     Yet Solomon is the shadow of my new self back from the dead; as of my former “dead” self; for I was raised in the name of Jedidiah by the Mercy of God at the Last Day, which I now proclaim; as the name in which I was led out of the Abyss; even as Solomon was the name pf my former self; the “number of a man whose number is that of 666”; as seen in the Old Testament at I Kings; 10:14; for the 666 talents of gold I once collected in one year; yea; it was I: Solomon; the fallen one; who built three altars to the goddess on three hills outside the walls of Jerusalem; like of the error of Balaam I had taken into my own bosom.

     It was I who strove against Lord Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days; yet he defeated me and took all my powers and the angels who served me; they who served me at my master’s behest when I sold myself to the Devil to rule all the kingdoms of the earth and became the last of the gods; even Apollo; which I admit to my undying regret, yea: it was I who was “the strong man”. But I was but an ant given wings; even as David was he whom the Greeks called Orpheus; and Dionysis; when he danced naked before the Ark when it was brought into Zion.

         Look again: who was Prometheus? It was Moses; as he who knew whom would destroy the gods; Moses who foretold of the Coming of Christ; yea; they are one and the same. It was Moses chained to the Rock of him he struck; which was why the face of Jesus was so marred; and he appeared deformed; else why did he say; to wit;

          “You will certainly use this saying against me: “Physician, heal thyself!”


                                                The Last Trump

      Now by this sign you should know I speak to thee all the truth; and a sadder wiser child stands here today; yea; even Ephraim; the silly dove himself; who sold himself for what was actually his by right; fool that I was!

       This I confess to you in my undying and everlasting shame; yet I have repented; returned; restored all things: and shall thus redeem myself and My Generation; the lost sheep of the House of Israel; even Ephraim.

           Even you; my friends of the True Faith who believe in the Work of Khidr Rumi seen in the Sun of Fatimah; the Sun of Shams of Tabriz: the Sun of Righteousness.

      And this is the Last Day; as my Father’s servant John raised me from the dead; as the Lamb once raised Lazurus. But this is the Regeneration; of which none know. I shall never die; nor will those who hear my voice; heed it well; for it is thy life.      

   I am the Word of Isa; whom my messenger Muhammed calleth The Word of Allah; yea; the Son of Mary.

     For Muhammed’s Heir and the Messiah who stands for him arrive together at the Last Day to prepare mankind for the Last Hour: for all the believer’s together; for now shall the Ancient Controversy be settled: Once and for All.

      Here is the Faith and Patience of the Saints.         

The Children of Salvation are the Peacemaker’s

Is Osama bin Laden now dead? I sincerely hope so but I doubt it; for the Angel of my Father’s servant John says he still lives: but he is dead wherever he is spiritually: as he has earned himself eternal shame and disgrace; and those who seek to make Islam a Curse rather than a Blessing will find their fate to stand with him for his.

       The real Sufis will show those who can see their handiwork in the Sun of Fatimah in 1917; for the 3 Children of Fatimah in their Unity are in Reality the Door of the Ark; the Barque of the Sufis is then of Khidr Rumi: who brought to the world the Hidden Imam of Maryam al-Kubra; the Greater Son of the Greater Mary: where the 3 children are seen as One Child: the Pearl of Great Price being this Pearl of Wisdom itself: the Knowledge of the Gate of Heaven itself. Here only the Sealed can see it and the Written can enter.

       Only those who believe in the Son of Mary will see the 3 children as One; only those who believe in the Signs of the 3 Children and the Wonder of the Whirling Sun of Shams a Tabriz where it came down upon the Earth that Day will enter the Ark of Salvation.

       Remember: the Door to the Ark of Noah was of three heights: and that is why there were 3 Children at Fatimah.

        Islam lost the Blessing of the Blessed Olive Tree written of in the Verse of Light in the Qur’an;  who was Jesus of Nazareth at the slaughter of the christian Armenians in sight of Mt. Ararat; this is seen at the First Trumpet Blast of 1917-1927 after the First Seal of the Book is loosed at 1910-1919 that is revealed in my Book: “A City Not Forsaken: The Revelation of Salvation; the Regeneration of John the Divine”.

         Yet even so for the Ummah the Blessing of Allah came to Fatimah and the Flock from Muhammed that reaches back to the Word of Christ himself; and Jesus is the Word of Allah.

            For all believer’s at the End in the Cataclysm: observe well that Muhammed’s Daughter is she who brought forth the Messiah; for Fatimah is the Bethlehem of Islam: even Bethlehem Ephraim: Doubly Fruitful.

        “Bless thee all in the Name of Christ Jesus;
              in the Name of Love; the Name of God Almighty.”

The Barque of the Sufis; the Baraka of Muhammed

The Wrath of the Lamb: the Offspring of David

    The Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World


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