My Debt to Reverend Moon: the Other Hand Clapping

Flipping the Box; the Other Hand Clapping
The Three Kings of the North, South and East; but the Fourth was Herod the Great Fool; of the West

The Three Kings of the North, South and East; but the Fourth was Herod the Great Fool; of the West

            “And to him that hath not; then will be taken from him

                  Even that which he seemeth to have……”

 Over the years I have said much that has gone wrong with Rev. Moon as I tried to save his life and rescue his beleaguered Unification Church; but now that his course seems fixed like the Titanic seeking it’s Destroying Mountain to crash against I want to begin to show the debt I do owe to this spiritual giant, the Korean Moses; Sun Myung Moon, who came so far before he started to worship Moses; and began to go astray. And now he is dead…in spite of all my efforts….

           In his published works Rev. Moon does admit to having worshipped Moses to receive the secrets of Sinai and the Providence; but the information he got was exactly where he went astray; because Rev. Moon did not really worship Moses; as he thought; but rather the one who would allow him to worship an angel: and this is where Rev. Moon fell before an angl tempting him from the side of the Lord standing in the position of Satan; although it was a temptatioon Rev. Moon should have overcome as his own portion of responsibility.

             His admonition to the worshipping of  Moses took the form of a saying that to advance the Providence one “must even worship” angels like Moses and Jesus. Not according to the Amen: angels are not to be worshipped; and Jesus is far more than an angel; but not to Rev. Moon; who claims that Lord Jesus “did not arise” in the flesh and bone of his real and highly tangible substantial body: as it says in the Gospel.

      Yet rejecting the Witness of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel itself Rev. Moon says the record of John the Beloved is a lie; and thus the account of the Gospel itself was a fabrication. Rev. Moon claims Jesus is now “an incorporeal spirit” or “ghost”; as having no substance.

  How wrong he is!

                    But of my Father Jesus who sitteth upon the Throne of God: I will speak of later: in it’s place.

           How did this chain of events happen? Rev. Moon had almost reached the Tree of Life; and Satan was able to stop him;

…and how he did this is sadly documented in my book;  “The Lamb’s Book; A City Not Forsaken: My Generation and the Revelation of Salvation”.

        Yet before I reveal this I must show how Rev. Moon helped me to accomplish my mission: for I could not have done it without him; he and the other Unificationists: the Sufis, who Rev. Moon always ignored; although they were  the Elect on earth whose help he was to have sought, and then added his own work to theirs, to establish the Global Foundation of Substance by which he could have Unified Korea.

       I call him the Moses of Korea for this one fact that he was given the mission by the angel of Christ: and could have accomplished the Will; for if he is now to die then let him be for Korea as Moses was to Israel: and King was for America: a Moses who dies in sight of his people entering the Kingdom without him. But de to his mistakes he ends up being my discarnate messenger, and the incarnate messenger of Kim il Sung, the Discarnate Christ of Korea. Thus he is cut asunder: as an angel above the waist, but a devil below the waist…the beast who “…is and is not..” which s the definition of the discarnate itself, half good, and half evil….like that Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil itself….a Dual Nature being inextricably Fallen because it’s essence is opposed to it’s principle, as the nature of conflict is then revealed as that of the Devil: as it is written’ “….for Contention is of the Devil…..”….thus the opposite of Good is not Evil, the diametric opposite of Good is actually “Good and Evil”.

Here are the main problems of Rev. Moon I have elucidated here from my book;

 Thus the First Stumbling Rev. Moon symbolically made on 4-18 1960 is that he did not Marry a Black American Woman, who symbolizes the Soul of America in the Position of the queen of the South or Sheba; thus leaving her as the Widow of Israel.

Thus Elijah at once appeared to me in the form of one red-haired Bradford Kent Bufkin when he left the Unification Church, and gave me his copy of the Black Book on Valentines Day; 1980… as my soul then thus stood surrogate for the Bride, as the Messenger with the Seal of the Living God; as Elijah once did to she who was about to die with her child in Zarepta. 

             To substantially symbolize what mixing the soil of Korea with that of the 50 States of our Nation really could really been have laid as “the Foundation of Salvation” as bringing “Pentecost” if Rev. Moon had “marched” or “walked” with our “spiritual king”of non-violence. Because Rev. Moon never “arrived” as “Joshua” with Rev. King and Prince Aaron is why so many of the children of all the tribes of Israel  died; both Rev. Moon’s and those of My Generation.

              Rev. Moon decided that it was Rev. King and Aaron Presley who were agents unwittingly of Communism by being against the Vietnem War; but the unfortunate truth is that the first born black men and protesting whites were being sent to die in the front lines of this war as a racist policy recalling nothing more than the one by which Pharaoh killed the first born of Israel by drowning them in the Nile. This Rev. Moon missed entirely; branding My Generation as being “pro-Marxist” he helped serve the Scarlet Beast of Red China whose “red book” was what he supported as the one which unltimately killed King and Aaron Presley by the “beast from the Abyss” who is the “son of Perdition” himself.

            My Generation’s internal Exodus was begun at Beth-El; which men call Woodstock; but in reality it was the “3 day Separation” by which My Generation seperated itself from the Racist Egypt which is Americ’as own “shadow”; which Rev. Moon himself suffered from in 1945 when he first came here; and which Hyo Jin says is when he decided he would raise up Korea as the Third Israel and abandon America spiritually.

But Rev. Moon failed to announce he was Elijah come again, as the new body of John the Baptist at Yankee Stadium in 1976, as he had promised the Unification Church ruling Korean elect he would do: standing solemnly before God.

Gordon Ross left the UC because of this, the very same man who drove Rev. Moon to those 55 sites in America where he mixed the soil of Korea with that of America, , in that blue Plymouth Fury in 1965, as familiar with what is termed “Geomancy”, reading the spiritual terrain and “dragon lines”, to counter them….

A Terrible Storm came that Day at Yankee Stadium in 1976, and destroyed all the beautiful displays: but Rev. Moon laughed it off, and called it “..a sprinkle of water…”

 This was where it all began to “go wrongfor Rev. Moon.

Unification Church membership began to plummet….

….and as many who joined, the same amount then left…. 

The Golden Cage of Babylon the Great

The Golden Cage of Babylon the Great

THE THREE GREAT ERRORS of the book “Divine Principle”

               The First Great Mistake is that Rev. Moon said that my Father Jesus did not arise in the flesh; and bone; as of the Resurrection; as even Doubting Thomas had to admit; thus Rev. Moon lost his “wedding garment” as having “sold” it to buy the double-edged sword his book “”Divine Principle” really became; but it could have been a Scepter of Resurrection had he said he was Elijah! But Rev. Moon did not even rise to the standard of the least of the Apostle’s that Thomas really was: no faith; no progress on the Path of the Just. When he goes to spirit world Rev. Moon will find he has “no garment” for just this reason: and if he prays to Jesus my Father will tell him why: if he is sincere.

             The Second Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in saying that the Holy Spirit is a “female spirit”; when the Seal ( had he reached it)  would have shown him that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; and this cannot be known until one has the Seal as I was given it when John came to me; to Seal the 144,000 that Rev. Moon Married when he was to Seal them instead; which would have been the Baptism of Fire where the Hate seen by the Arabs and the Jews in 1967 at the 144 hours of War and Hatred became seen opposed the the Summer of Love and Peace by the Children of all the Tribes of Israel; yea! 

           Love as Haight Street became our Jordan: he missed this at the Visitation of God, to begin to raise the 144,000 Virgins from My Generation: the Children of the Resurrection who do not marry nor are they to be given in marriage; which Rev. Moon ignored. Yet these virgins are the Clouds themselves who first rise: dead in Christ, faithful into Death.

             It is We who are the Clouds; the Virgins who are the First Fruits unto God and the Lamb; and I speak for them as the least: for we stand for the Bride my City really is: a City Not Forsaken it shall be called: the City of St. Francis. 

        The Third Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in then “Marrying” the Lamb to the Holy Spirit as his “Bride”; being as how the Holy Spirit is that of Jehovah Himself. for here Rev. Moon allowed Love and Truth as the 2 Olive Branches held in the 2 Hands of God that are the Spirit and the Soul seen in the Symbols of the Sun and the Moon; the two Olive Branches that fell in the Street of Babylon.

           The Name of Love as God which was the second Witness; and the Word of God as Truth which was invaded in the understanding of Rev. Moon which had been the first Witness as is seen in his book “Divine Principle”.

          These two were thus invaded by Satan as they symbolized the Bride and the Bridegroom; the Bride being she who was to abide in Love and thus from God to “prepare herself” for the Bridegroom; what happened instead is that San Francisco fell as SODOM arose by the act in his book of Rev. Moon marrying 2 “male entities” of  Jesus the Son and the Shepherd which is the Holy Spirit. And as the Holy Spirit represents the Shepherd or Lover of the Bride it was Rev. Moon who taught his followers wrongly; and his misrepresenting of the Holy Spirit of God is what allowed “Isis” as the “queen” of Egypt as this “counterfiet female ‘holy spirit” ‘” whose name is “Mystery” to invade his book: themantically this was a complete literary disaster.

             Why? Because “Mystery” holds “the Golden Cup” seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: the Principle of Indemnity itself; and thus exacts God’s penalty upon all for her Crime; for she is Hell Herself: the throne of Death.

           The men of Sodom are now trying to take America: state by state. Their progress is being fought by all people of faith; but many are wavering due to Rev. Moon’s confusion over this one area to this day. 

                    Why must Rev. Moon die as a Mortal Man?

    Because he is not eligible for the Regeneration; by which alone he can become Incarnate and thus attain Immortality.      

   For this following tragic and unneccesary reason: where Rev. Moon Fainted completely is when and where in his own testimony he decided that he would consciously speak The Accusation of Satan the Devil that John the Baptist dared not even admit to himself. Yet he secretly feared it was true and could not reject and defeat this whispering voice within his own breast, and so Satan invaded him and he died: the Accusation of Satan that his father Zacharias had committed an act of Adultery with Mary by which Jesus was conceived: and this is what “killed” the Unification Church: the Error of John that was the “beam” in his “eye”; the “delusion” of his “mind”; and THIS ALONE is the “deadly wound” of our own “Grail King”; which with the Grail I hold as the Cosmic Parcifal I could now “heal” him of; even as Paul once  “healed” the poisoned waters: for the Grail is Perfection itself; and few there be who will ever hold it.

"And if and when that evil servant shall say in his heart 'My lord delayeth his coming.....

“And if and when that evil servant shall say in his heart ‘My lord delayeth his coming…..

Here is what Rev. Moon had;

The Principle  of his Guidance; the Virtue of his Intellect; the Essence of his Conviction; and the Value of his Resolve.

 And then: the Light of his Energy. 

For mine; the Victory of His Blessing; the Victory of  His Honor; the Victory of his Power: and the “Victory of Victories” of that Value. 

 And then; the Salvation of His Light.

The Cain and Abel of Korea; Kim Il Sung and Sun Myung Moon

   Kim Il Sung and Rev. Moon: the Purchase of the “Holy Birthplace”

Who reaches the Grail hath reached Perfection

Who reaches the Grail hath reached Perfection


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