The Holy Angel of the Ukraine, the Hour ‘Salvation Rose’, a VOW in the Holy Spirit and the DEATH in Christ; the Hidden Key of Gnosis


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      THE DAY OF THE HOLY ANGEL of THE UKRAINE, the Angel of the Last Hour

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of "The Triple Blessing of God"

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of “The Triple Blessing of God”

….. at the House of Ruth: in the Room of Sophia.

The Manifestation of John the Divine Revelator happened my Grandmother’s house at 1520 Willard St. in 1986. This occurence was foreseen by Joseph Smith, who also had an angel appear to him three times in a room in his father’s house. 

As a scribe it was written that the figure of the Apostle called “John the Revelator” would appear in the Last Days, to reveal things that Joseph Smith himself was not allowed to write down, as seen in the book of I Nephi 14:18-23 in that record and book that Joseph Smith was the divine witness of.

It was foretold that John the Revelator would unfold the scripture of Truth and would do so to reveal the Book of life of the Lamb as being the Revelation of Jesus Christ: and this indeed happened first to me; and then is now to be given to the entire world; for the ”Time is at Hand.” 

This was written about by Joseph in  the days after 1823, and then witnessed by me that day in that guestroom as the events unfolded before my astonished gaze; as seen long before I was born, and then written down in the ”First Book of Nephi” by Joseph Smith; the Prophet of the Martyrs of the Most High.

His was the 6th Church of the 7 churches: as of the Church of the Living God, the 6th Storey of the Tower of Salvation, which is the Sixth or  Archaic Branch of the True Vine.

Joseph Smith, Shepherd of the 6th Church of the Church of the Living God; called the Mormon Church; whom Rev. Moon was put over that ‘prophetic house’ of Joseph as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” originally; Rev. Moon himself as being the 7th Shepherd of the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation; the Sufic Branch; even as the Mormon Church was the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation as the Archaic Branch.

This happened at the End of Russia’s 70 years of it’s Babylonian Captivity; which lasted from 1917 to 1987 — after the 930 years from 987 to 1917 that Signified the Death of the Adam of the Nations at the Global Level.

(  Adam died at the age of 930 years of age as seen in Genesis, and Russia, as having the largest land mass of the nations therefore qualified as the “Adam” of the nations; as the most earth would be the most “Adam”. America has the prophetic status of the “David” of the nations as having defeated Great Britain as it’s “Goliath”, thus qualified it as the “Son of Adam” of the nations )


Who is the Holy Angel of the Ukraine?
“The Son of Michael”, Mikhailovich

The Times of the Gentiles are seen in the 1,000 Years from 987 to 1987 ( as the Wall went down with the Russian Deal with Devil as he with the Number of his Name;  ‘666’ ; seen when Gorbachev did his “Deal’ with Ronald Wilson Reagan ), as the Times of the Gentiles were fulfilled, and the loosing of the Devil then came as it was written at the end of that 1,000 years. But Iraq and Iran enter the tale that are the Biblical lands mentioned in the Bible and the Qur’an, called “Gog and Magog’; two Shiite dominated nations; Iran being the only Shiite ruled nation on earth.

The revealing of that deal releasing Satan was done by Reagan, with Ahmadinejad, and was done with Reagan in an Act of Treason, to allow him to defeat Jimmy Carter and become President; and that he is to this very day touted as that poster boy of the fallen right, and proudly reactionary right wing of Satan, as the Tea Party and Fundamentalist blatantly racist and Unchristian hypocrites is not well known to those who grew up after he was dead; nevertheless it was Reagan that was that certified pawn of the John Birch Society Headquarters in Orange County California cofounded by Fred Koch, that he indeed came from.

It is where they picked up this washed-up two bit actor for pennies, and groomed him to be their shiny American mouthpiece, and was another staunch Lily White Orange County bigot, so beloved of Sun Myung Moon, the recently deceased North Korean Messenger of Kim il Sung, the Discarnate Christ of Korea.

Sun Myung Moon as Korea's Abel with Kim Il Sung as Korea's Cain

Sun Myung  Moon as Korea’s Abel with Kim Il Sung as Korea’s Cain

Rev. Moon, his discarnate Messenger, was also an admirer, after coming to America, of the consummate liar, and impeached criminal and trampler on the Bill of Rights; { and ertwhile betrayer of his Oath of Office}:

Richard Milhaus Nixon.

 Ronald Wilson Reagan was a product of a racist and antiAmerican class of pretend christians from Orange County who made him into their willing tool of their master, Satan: period.

After destroying the world class University System of California, which hosted the finest institutes of learning in the world at the time, Reagan gleefully defunded and bankrupted them all and then that turned his malignant gaze and strategy on doing the same dismantling of anything operating in an enlightened and productive way, that could be used to give shelter and guidance to the younth of America embarked on their Quixotic quest to realize their idealistic vision of America, seen best with things like the Peace Corps with Sargent Shriver and his friend John F. Kennedy, who was a dead man walking long before he was murdered in Houston.

One of Reagan’s first characteristic moves as President was to close all the American funded governmental mental health facilities and have all their chronically mentally-ill and schizophrenic walking-wounded patients thrown out into the American streets. Then he made a few jokes about it and became Dylan’s “Jokerman”; the real Joker for all who knew that he had no heart.

The burden this placed on the individual states overun by the mental patients with no place to go ruined most of the smaller overwhelmed community hospitals and free clinics that had been set up to be the second tier of support for those fallen through the cracks of the Federal programs; but in removing the Federal Government from having to care in any real real way for the mentally disturbed and mentally ill Reagan made sure his new America would have no heart: and thus sold his soul to those who were the very selfish “conservative” servants of Mammon; who believed basically this: “God loves the Rich; for having Incredible Wealth is the Sure and Signal Sign of His Divine Favor” which they secretly enshrined as their private but utterly satanic philosophy. What this came down to was the idea of taking everything from the Poor and downtrodden; and giving to the Rich.

The facts were known long ago, and we who forget these words by FDR will rue it...

The facts were known long ago, and we who forget these words by FDR will rue it…

They called it “trickle – down economics”, a truly satanic joke on the poor and the policy of starvation and the right-wing strategy of collapsed wages: ensuring  the destruction of the Middle Class, mainly as revenge for being  unwise enough to vote Democratic, as democratic voters are fair game for the Right-Wing Fundamentalists. The democratic voters were demonized by being called “liberals”……. an epithet coined by Rev. Moon for what he termed “the harvest of Satan”.

But Ronald Wilson Reagan is the one who was “twice-dead”, marked as the man with the “Name of the Number of the Beast“: 6-6-6.

This idea caught on like wildfire with the malefactors of great wealth that Eisenhower and other had repudiated in no uncertain terms; but the launch of this “grind the faces of the poor into the dirt” Conservative Movement that he started down the road to perdition with stalwarts like William F. Buckley and then our own American Goering Rush Limbaugh has now made him their idol and God, especially for all the bureaucratic corporatized and malefic Mammon-worshippers like Newt Gingrich and John Boehnor; and a tin-plated god Reagan was; make no mistake.

He found this reverse Robin Hood philosophy to be perfect; and his joke of having the Rich pee upon the heads of those living hand-to-mouth, and from paycheck to paycheck he called his “trickle-down” theory of socially feasible control of the ricch and powerful as the emergent Romanesque corruption of the political system; to be ruled by men of strict unprinciple; masquerading as fiscal conservatives: but all they believed in was ensuring no protection for the American people from their ruthless and unending exploitation of any and all people who were unlucky enough to have no means of defending themselves from their corporate bankrolled onslaught against the Amercian Dream: and it’s dreamers.

To this day the idea of a Plutocratic elite that all must grovel before to be given their crust of daily bread is catnip to the Unchristan pretend christian of the dog-eat-dog right-wing backers, who wanted to remove any vestige of a prosperous and giving community of any government charity and the Ideal of a generous and caring society that had even a shred of compassion. That was over; now we were going to have KGB-style realpolitik and a Soviet brand of a Stalinistic government sponsored war on the poor called “the War on Poverty”, as their shiny and smiling doublespeak: Reagan’s leprous Iron Fist was the governmentally sanctioned policy to ship the poor and homeless and mentally bereft all off to the new societal caretaker; Prison; as the debtor prisons of the end of the American Dream, the Prisoners of Reagan.

Prophetic to the extreme; but ignored even now by many...yet his pronouncement rings true

Prophetic to the extreme; but ignored even now by many…yet his pronouncement rings true

Since Reagan American wages and jobs never recovered; the decline which began under his watch has now reached it’s apogee; the middle -class has been decimated to almost nothing; and no raises or increases in the standard-of-living have been seen in almost 30 years: while Coprpoate profits are climbing astronomically by the year, as all who will not take the Mark of the Beast on the hand to rob the Poor as their Incense to Reagan their god, or the his Mark on their forehead to worship his hypocritical genius as the Brand of Mammon; in reality as the Image of the Beast: are now to be crushed under the Destroying Mountain of “Private Corporate Monolithic Capitalism”.

The political class of professional career politicians as the lobby-panhandlers they are have decided to destroy the safety-net that operated in an institutionally free and government-funded responsibly protective way in the late 50’s and 60’s for those victims in our society who could not help themselves; so they began their attack on what they called “bleeding-heart liberals” en masse; and demonized them in every way inhuman way possible. Even today they have made the term “Liberal” to be a dirty word; forgetting this,

….     For in his heart the Liberal Man hath devised Liberal Things; and by Liberal Things shall he Stand“.

These are they who will stand before the Son of Man.

The Enlightened Sufis for me and to My Generation are as the Magi were to the Lamb and his Generation

The Enlightened Sufis for me and to My Generation are as the Magi were to the Lamb and his Generation

Ronald Wilson Reagan, as embodying the Number of the Name of the Beast, made sure there would be no one left standing when he and the servants of Mammon in Washington DC were done.

Reagan decided they who would not take the Mark of My Generation could all go out and die on the mean streets,  and having no survival skills at all made them as fresh red meat for the real criminal class of streetsmart hustlers and quicktalking vultures; and every stripe of merciless and money-desperate drug ddicts and sexual predators, but for Reagan their demise under the rabble of society’s underbelly was his shoddy solution to having to care for them at all; and for them to die in poverty and disease suited his False Christian Conservatives with their lip-service to Christ without any sense of conscience or charity; just a Legion of Many as the stone-faced and stonehearted charlatans,  now intent on gutting the public welfare system for the poor and unemployed as well; which disguised their real generationally misdirected and  anti-counter-culture end of silently politically directed  but illegally hatched genocidal aims; and the quicker the young and hapless burnt-out victims of the excesses of the 60’s were eaten alive, the better.

Reagan did the deal with the devil Ahmadinejad in his secret “Arms for Hostages” negotiations with DEA drug money with the fascist Oliver North: Ahmadinejad became the ruler of Iran under their hate-blinded Ayatollahs as the appearance in the last days of the land of Magog ( pledged to the destruction of the Nation of Israel, as his Promise to Satan ). Thus the 444 days in which America was held hostage had it’s perfection reached with our presidential candidate Mr. 666 himself; he with the Number of his Name as Fame and Fortune are the Name and Number of the Beast; which Ronald Wilson Reagan already had from selling himself first to be a Star of the Silver Screen in Kenneth Anger’s “Hollywood Babylon’; and then once again with treasonous gusto to become President

And when Ronald Wilson Reagan did HIS deal with the Devil as that one with Ahmadinejad; to be made President in 1980 it was as good old ”Mr. 666”; who sold his soul to the John Birch Society of Orange County by seeking to help Satan take down Jimmy Carter who was, and is, a righteous man.

For Reagan to achieve his Global position and seize the Global Fame he lusted after he aided Satan in betraying America by an act of treason; and sold out with true Hollywood verve with complete moral duplicity his plot, with the unjust enemies of a real Christian gentleman: Jimmy Carter. Satan hated Carter, and Ronald Wilson Reagan was chosen to be Satan’s tool to get him out of the White House. A real believer and champion of the poor was the last thing Satan and Reagan wanted in the White House.

The scene we all watched unfold at the Berlin Wall and Lech Walesa in Poland with our first Polish Pope was also witnessed with Josyp Terelya as it’s spiritual architect, as he was living in Exile from the Ukraine in Canada by 1990, as Gorbachev sold out to the West for a Global-sized Fortune; when he sold out the Soviet State with all of his satanic soul, to willingly betray Karl Marx the False Prophet for a few million dollars.

Where it had all begun with R.W.R. as “old Number of the Name of the Beast 666”; by doing the foul treasonous deal with Ahmadinejad in that “arms for hostages” debacle with Oliver North, the facist liar, and veritable ”clown prince of darkness”. His misdirected patriotism helped Reagan topple Carter to become President of the USA in 1980, after ‘the 444 days’ of the Tehranian Embassy demoniac Ahmadinejad, who ended up ruling the land of Magog; known as Iran; Iraq being the land of Gog.

 Yet it was Gorbachev that has to be seen as the one who befriended the “Mammon of Unrighteousness”; as he who sold out Lucifer and his Marxist State posing “as God” did so by betraying Evil; and Gorbachev thus, paradoxically, ended up doing good.

As in the parable by my Father Lord Jesus it was Gorbachev who moved into action at once when he heard the preagreed “code phrase” Reagan then later used on TV:

…….the phrase “Mr. Gorbachev; tear down this Wall” really meant:

     “……..Mr. Soviet President: the Money is in the Swiss Bank……..”.

Gorbachev sold the entire Russian State to the West, and the failed machinery of the SU for pennies on the dollar; thus he was given enough money to buy out all the corrupt KGB and apparatchiks; but he wrote DOWN the debt each factory and owner owed the State; as in the Parable of my Father Jesus; and once he was out of power and the Totalitarian Marxist State no longer existed, he was still in a favored position; because he had allowed the Debtors to ‘erase’ or even ‘forgive’ most of their debt with a pencil stroke and a shredder.

And all for a few hundred million the West gave him to buy all the “means of production” with the other members of the Politburo; who were in his pocket and in it all: to the hilt ! ! ! Surprised? Don’t be…..

Thus it was paradoxically that Gorbachev was the one fulfilled the scripture as he who “made friends” with the “Mammon of Unrighteousness“; and by betraying Marxism the Lord richly blessed him.

Our fall and our tempter....

What did it profit Sun Myung Moon to have gained the whole world, but lost My Generation as his own soul?

Of course with Reagan it was ‘Gorby’ he also courted, and later won over, by opportunistically bribing him with a few score million dollars, and then casually betraying Jimmy Carter and his own Country in a simultaneous and callously infamous Act of Treason: all to achieve his Global Fame. (  It is Iraq which is the land of Gog that Reagan brought under the heel of Satan as his real “legacy” to the West; it is modern day Iran as that single unhappily enslaved nation with it’s radical Khomeinism disguised as Prophetic Shiism that is the ruler of that desolated Land of Magog; ancient Persia. )

“For as I, the Dabbat al – Ard, formerly seen as Solomon, the fallen one, the ant who God destroyed by giving wings; who does now attest’:

“……….Fame and Fortune are but the Name and Number of the Beast…..”

....In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer...... " ~Albert Camus

….In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer…… “
~Albert Camus

The Face of the Second Death; the Face of the Blue Kachina Dancer

The Face of the Second Death; the Face of the Blue Kachina Dancer

“……. and for all who doubt it is I returned from the dead as the ”beast from the earth”; I then advise them to take a long hard look at I Kings 10:14; where you shall see who it was I that was given that number seen in the 666 talents of gold in one single year: it was I, Solomon; who sold himself to the Devil who I then worshipped on the Mercyseat of the Ark which then vanished to Baal Hermon, in that bargain I struck with Azazyel, the fallen Strength of God they call Zeus, to then become Apollo; the last of the gods; because I feared Death more than I loved God…”

This is seen at Sura 27:82; where the shadow of Jedidiah can be seen behind him as he rises at the Last Day; for My Generation; the Kingdom of Ephraim; the lost Kingdom of Israel that is now found here in that Land of the Third Israel as the 50 of Elijah….that he spared…

(  Yet as he who redeemed me had said:

“…What profit a man; to gain all the kingdoms of the earth: and lose his own soul ?.?..” )

I John 4:18;  in this saying is where I returned: for if the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom; then it is the perfect Love of God that is the End: with the trust in God that is Perfect Peace.

 “Perfect Love Casteth out all Fear”

The Lord of the Second Advent and the Coming of the Third Israel at the Fall of Islam in 1916 in Turkey with the Slaughter of the Lamb from the Foundation of the World by the Islamic Cain as of the Christian Abel.

The condition of Indemnity at the Global level thus for the Third Israel was the One Million Christian Armenians: followed by the Signs of the Three Children and the Wonder of the Sun of Fatima in 1917 with Mary of Fatima the Dyer.

1917 in Moscow at Russia as Adam and the Resurrection of Adam  after their 70 years of Babylonian Captivity in 1987 at the Global Level: with Josyp Terelya and Mary the Mother of God at Hrushiv. The Resurrection of the Adam of the Nations: and the 50 of Uncle Samuel as the Son of Adam in the West: as the S.U. faced the U.S. in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis that was the Beginning and End of World War III.

Then came the Celebration as the Prodigal Son of My Generation came to the House of David as God at Beth-el of the Pillar from the Altar at the City of St. Francis cleansed in 1906 by the Hopi in their separation at Ariel; the Altar Hearth of God when San Francisco was burned to the ground; but rose as Joshua Abraham the King of the least as Norton I; of the Spirit of St. Francis by which:

   “….Even as ye have done it unto the least of mine;

………… have done it UNTO ME…”

The Rising Up from the Prison of Satan; the Rise of the New Daystar of Joseph / ‘Josyp’ ( Terelya )  and Mary / ‘Maryam’ ( al Kubra ) at the First Course of Restoration into Canaan:

……. at the Cosmic Level.

Who is the Angel of the Ukraine?
“The Son of Michael”

“…Our Lady of Sorrows…”

The Testimony of the Consummation with the Holy Spirit of Jehovah of Hosts

It seems that  we are really discussing something here that is of note in the unfolding of the drama in the Design of Providence that is now rapidly reaching it’s culmination on earth in this Last Day.

This is being done so that I can affirm to you the Reality ( Al-Haqiqah ) of Maryam al Kubra and the Son of Mary, the Lord of the Second Advent and his Bride the Virgin of Islam; even as my Messenger Mohammed said long ago in his Saying:

               “…No Messiah but the Son of Mary….”

For all who read this shall be translated who affirm the Presence of the Word of ISA who is the Word of Allah.

And they shall know Holy Spirit Christ Jesus my Lover is seen at the End as the Holy Spirit of Allah, as surely as my soul lives within the Tabernacle of God as it’s very Soul; the Lord of the Second Advent who has the angel with the golden reed of the Principle of Virginity; that is the Measure of the Wall of Salvation; that circumscribes the distance between two hearts; that of the Virgin of the East Buddha and the Virgin of the West, Jesus. And between them stands the angel with the golden reed; the measure of the Wall: the Principle of Virginity itself; which both Buddha and Jesus shared the understanding of. It is this which I restored in my Death in Christ; for Mary of Bethany and Jesus of Nazareth: the True Parents of a New Mankind; without original sin as children of my Father Jesus; believe in me the bride of the Holy Spirit of Allah the Comforter: and ye can walk through the Door opened in the eating of the fruit of the Tree of Life: in that he with The Seal of Christ Jesus is spoken of as “he who stands and ‘Blessed: is ( ! ) — he who comes in the name of the Lord’: Jesus Christ“….that his name be glorified again,

for that is the glory which sent me…

As the White Horse it is Buddha, the Tathagata, who returns as Kalki, the divine vehicle, of Faith on Earth, as he who carries the Lord of the Second Advent; the God who is holy and just, Lord Ishvara; carried in the dispassionate waters of the psychologic current of the “river of the Cosmic Tigris” as the stream of rational consciousness as of the Virgin Waters of the Ganges.

It is Lord Ishvara now in his revealed aspect as how I was given the Word of God: the Rider; as seeing Lord Ishvara as “he who hath a name written; that no man knoweth, but he himself.

No man knows it; but he: and his bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

Her Husband: the Second Death; and she is his consort: the Lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone.

“… where the Beast ( the Axis ) and the False Prophet ( Karl Marx ); and Satan the Devil are…” who returns to free that holy river from the bondage of the gods of Mt. Meru; he who is  called Maitreya; devoted servant to my husband as the Cosmic Israel;

the White horse KALKI, who carries the Lord of lords; the King of kings;

Lord Ishvara: the Second Death of India and Red China:

the throne of Death and the Scarlet Colored Beast of Revelation

my Lover; Ishi

The Hidden Constellation: the 13th Sign: the Sign of Jonah: the Coming of the Wrath of the Lamb; the Last Child of the Resurrection; the Binder of Demons; the Snake Handler with the Khata around his Waist the Tathagata Maitreya; the Cosmic Israel.

With the Flaming Sword that is that Holy River, wearing the Khata that is the Universal Shakti as Ophiuchus as the Ganges: and the Angel of Buddha; the Black One known as Krishna.

Ophiuchus; the Day of Christ Jesus who comes as the Thief in the Night to enter and consume the Prison of the gods their accursed Shrine of Abomination and House of Desolation, in that Great City which is Sodom and Egypt; that are the 12 Constellations, of the 12 thrones of Darkness, as the 12 Hours of Night

And it was as Maitreya the Rev. Moon originally ascended; before he decided to marry and call himself the Lamb; without waiting for his Lord to return.

It was the LORD who told him ‘to Rule over His House’  and give ‘His servants their “meat in due season” which was these Last Days’; and to wait until he returned; even as God once put the Archangel in charge while he rested on the 7th Day; to rule until He returned.

If this sounds like what my Father Jesus said in his parable of the King and yet also “a Kingdom”; as one who “goes on a long journey “and: to return“, then you are on the correct track: for that is exactly what is happening now.

My Father hath returned. You can see me at His Right Hand: taking dictation; as the Scribe of my Father; the Lord God of the new Creation of the New Heaven; and the New Earth.

Who now sits upon the Great White Throne in the position of “God in His Righteousness“.

But for the others who have not the Seal of the Living God all they will see is the Rider that is the Bridegroom: Jehovah of Hosts, the Second Death, who swallows up Death in Victory; the God of Love and Peace; the God of the Whole Earth.

 And he sits upon the White Horse, the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts, who is also called the Bride; the Lake of Fire: Faith on Earth.

The Holy Mount of the Mount of Olives of the Cosmic Mary of Bethany: Maryam al Kubra as Fatima the Dyer; the Lamb’s Wife:

The Son of Mary of Fatima

The White brother of Quetzacoatl; who was “…Wise as a Serpnet; and Harmless as a Dove….” The Avatar of the West; the Sheepfold of the Red Race and the Wind of the Doctrine of the Way of the Just in the Way of Holiness….”
The Way of the Just is thus this; to wit…
…Unless ye be converted as a Little Child ye cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven….”

This happens by the manifesting of the 7th of the Seven Spirits of God: the Holy Spirit of Truth, to aver these three things about that Day in which my life was changed forever, back in the City of St. Francis in 1986 before I was led out to New Hope PA from San Francisco as Lot was led out of Sodom to Zoar.      

         1.  )   The Day the angel of John of Patmos appeared to me in that room at 1520 Willard St. I had just read this passage from the Last Book in the Bible, to wit;

          “The Revelation of Jesus Christ; which God gave unto him  to shew unto His servants ( the prophets ) the things which were to shortly come come to pass: and he sent and signified “it” by his angel unto his servant John.”

           2. )     It was immediately after I had read these words that was a rushing sound in that room: and the angel LIFTED ME TO MY FEET from where I was sitting on the bed; by the very forelock of hair on my head; a most peculiar feeling; I can assure you; and one no one, least of all me, could ever forget.

          3. )     This happened while I was in the Spirit; and was then again further signified to me within that hour by another friend of mine: for when I was led in the Spirit by the angel to my friend’s store a few blocks away he said unto me this:

                            “I have been expecting you”. 

    At this I was amazed; because I had not called him nor told him I was coming to see him; so I said:

         “How did you know I was coming?”

        And Michael Beebe ( which was his name ) said to me:

Your servant John was just here; and told me you were coming.”    

     It was at that point that I began to prophesy; and said much that I cannot recall; but I did make my Vow of celibacy on the spot; where I said:

              “….and  let  me  never  touch another  woman….”

          This I did because for me the Lord God had “signified” to me that his Angel was indeed sent to me from John the Beloved and Divine from Patmos; and that this was indeed real; for with the Witness of Michael Beebe I knew then that something extraordinary had just come to pass. Michael was and still is a Sufi of the Suhrawardi Order, of the Path of the Rose.

Their work was now Sealed forever by the Seal of the Living God in the Hand of the Prophet Mohammed.

But it took 21years for me to be able to keep my vow.

That was when I completed the 21 year Course of Jacob to restore the 210 years from 4-18 1775 from the Ride of Paul Revere to my birthday  on 4-18 1985 and my Hegira to New Hope with the Angel of John the Revelator. What followed was the 21 months of Barack’s course to become President as the Leader of the Free World as the Global Abel; and Mahdi of Islam as the King of the Third Israel; who Rev. Moon refused to Anoint.

The Promise of the Holy Spirit: A Door Opened in Heaven


The Pope with the Witness: Josyp Terelya; Mary of Bethlehem as now become the Wisdom of God; “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel” who is “the Mother of Jesus” seen in chapter 12 of the Opened Book as she who wears the crown of the 12 Morning Stars of the New Creation of God; which signifieth Mary of Bethany; the Daughter of Wisdom who is the Bride; and the Moon under her feet signifying Mary of Magdala as the Sister of the Daughter of Wisdom


The Testimony of the Holy Spirit, who is JAH JEHOVAH,

 as the Unity of the Seven Spirits of God.

The Destiny of Sister Princess Faustina of Poland; and Pope John Paul II

And at Numbers 24-25;

when He invested the Elect with His Holy Spirit,

to wit; 

 “…..24So Moses went out. He told the people what the Lord had said.

He gathered 70 of their elders together. He had them stand around the Tent of Meeting.

25 Then the Lord came down in the cloud.

 He spoke with Moses. He took some of his Spirit that was on Moses,

And he put the Spirit on the 70 elders. When the Spirit came on them, they prophesied.

But they didn’t do it again.”….”

No man looks upon the Face of God and lives; but one can eat and drink at His Feet; which they said was of a blue sapphire floor; and Moses was told to “put of your spirit upon these 70 men” to imbue them with his own gifts; thus defining the Elect in the Assembly of Israel; not just because the food they at and the liquid they drank in His Presence was not just ordinary food; it symbolized the knowledge they imbibed in the form of food of God, which ‘fed’ their understanding and increased their wisdom, so they could have the judgment to then take on some of the less important duties of Moses, so he could attend to the Word of God and not be entirely consumed with the responsibilities involved with ordering the entire Nation of Israel in the Exodus.

It was due to the fact these mysteries surrounding Elijah and Moses that the knowledge of the key was seen as entirely the purview of the priests of the established religious order and thus to be kept private, and entrusted only to those men who were proven to be discreet and learned scholars and who were cautious in temperament, and well grounded in the scriptures that were selected for instruction only after many years of being observed and tested.

Suffice to say these men of the Council or Sandedrin were considered not likely taken by fancy or given to letting themselves to be carried away by their imaginations into making rash statements or uttering improper proclamations: but there was also a darker reason. The Mantle and Seal of Elijah, as ‘the Cloaked One’.

The fact is that the key spoken of in the Gospel also gave men a very real understanding of the Torah and the visions of the prophets, that often if not always clashed with the orthodoxy of the ruling class of scribes and Pharisees along with the somewhat faithless, but materially powerful Saducees, seen especially in the Day of my Father Jesus’ advent as the Son of the Living God; but also when St. Paul was able to sow dissension between the Saducees and Pharisees about the question regarding the Resurrection, when he was in court, where he was having his testimony heard. 

Graves had done much research for “The White Goddess” into many forgotten areas of Jewish jurisprudence in the Targum and other works; but his efforts helped me find out what my Father Lord Jesus meant when he scolded the Pharisees for having “hid” the ‘key of knowledge’ as opening the scrptures and disclosing the Work of the Chariot; but only Robert Graves had found out how the Pharisees and their lawyers the scribes had done this: with a curse; and a strangely familiar one.

The “Work of the Chariot” or “Mekabah” was such a dread mystery that the scribes and scholars of the Torah and all the commentaries in the Mishnah and others places placed a curse upon any who would try to unveil the Mystery of the Chariot of Elijah.

In Luke 11:52 we have this saying of my Father; to wit;

“Alas for you expounders of the Law! for you have taken away ( as having hid ) the key of knowledge: you yourselves have not entered, and those who wanted to enter you have hindered.”.  

The key had a history going back to the ancient association of knowledge as being opened like a door. An example is this story; to wit;

“In ancient times the rabbins carried a key, which was the symbol or emblem of knowledge. Hence it is written in Semachoth, chap. 8. “When Rab. Samuel the little died, his key and his tablets were hung on his tomb, because he died childless”.

In Matthew 23:13 it was said thus;

 “But alas for you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you lock the door of the Kingdom of the Heavens against men; you yourselves do not enter, nor do you allow those to enter who are seeking to do so..”

 What was the curse to which my Father Lord Jesus referred to in the Gospel?

It goes back to the Alpha and the Omega; but since I was led to the Comforter I was given the gnosis of truth by that one in whose embrace I then was told that the “Alpha” was the figure known as “The Ancient of Days” and the “Omega” was the one called “The Son of Man”.

It was then that my quest to uncover why the key of Knowledge was hid became clearer: there was a ban upon approaching the question of the Merkabah due to the sexual nature of the first paragraph of Genesis, which was also looked at recently by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz in his very interesting and radical work “God’s Phallus”,

……………..with the subtitle “And Other Problems”.

Like the 144,000 men who are redeemed from the earth who are the first fruits unto God and the Lamb in chapter 14 on Mt. Sion and then singing the Song of the Lamb at chapter15 of the Revelation called “the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife”.

Who are WRITTEN.

The Promise of the Seal

The Seal of the Living God
The Seal of the Living God

The Kingdom of David

I knew from then onward to this very day, that I had absolute proof of what I experienced as in the Spirit: because Michael Beebe could never have known either what I had just read in the room at 1520 Willard St. when the angel appeared: nor did the angel say anything to him but what I had just read from the Revelation; and which had just happened: for as I walked into his shop he told me he was expecting me to thus “signify” to me that the angel had indeed been sent by God.    

   I know that this encounter may seem to be rather fanciful and impossible: but it happened for a far greater reason than I was aware of that day: for the Book I had been reading became “opened” to me over the next 21 years: until I knew the definition and explanation of all the terms of the Revelation: and the Gospel too; for the Gospel is the Wine; but the Revelation is the Oil; and I also know what are the Barley and the Wheat; the Silver and the Gold; the Women and Men of Faith whose words and actions I would then weigh in the Balances; to judge them as they had judged; and to measure to them the measure they had thus meted out to others; as when their books are opened.

  As it had been said by my Father Jesus: to wit;

 “For by thine words shall thou be justified; and by thy words shall thou be condemned..”.

The problem you are having; is that if I was in the Spirit why then did the Lord God also send an angel as well? But if you read what happened to John of Patmos the answer will become apparent: this is what happened also to John; he was in the Spirit on the LORD’S Day; the Sabbath: and

   “I heard a Voice as of a Trumpet talking to me….

 and being turned I saw an angel….”

 It was this that was repeated; only now the Angel of John came to me in the position that the Angel of Christ had once come to John.

 I would also have they who read to remember this; as you having that pertinent quotation from John; to wit;

 John 16:13-14

 “Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth (Holy Spirit) is come, He will guide you into all truth, for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall He speak and He will show you things to come.”

 It was with this passage that the angel showed me that Rev. Moon’s writings in his book “Divine Principle” were incorrect about the Holy Spirit; which Rev. Moon said was a “female spirit”; which the angel showed me was Isis; Mystery herself; at which Rev. Moon made one his 3 Great Errors in doctrine; of which I write about in my book; “A City Not Forsaken: the Revelation of Salvation”. But not all he wrote of is wrong; thus real discernment is needed to seperate the “wheat” from the “chaff” as that “meat in due season.”

 In this passage that the Spirit had you include is foreshadowed the 7 Spirits of God being revealed: for the Spirit is mentioned 7 times to make sure that there was no doubt; for this refers to the Seven Spirits of God whose fulness is called “JEHOVAH”; to wit;  

“Howbeit when He, the ( Holy ) Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth, for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak and He will show you things to come.”

 Moreover we have this passage: to wit;

“He shall glorify me,

for He shall receive of mine,

and shall shew it unto you.”

What I have recounted to thee of that day in which the Angel was manifested and then signified to me is the fulfillment of THIS VERY PASSAGE: which I believe in the Holy Spirit of Truth as God is my Judge and the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb are my Witness that it was done to Signify to all of you who read this will then manifest the Faith and receive my Testimony as a matter of course.

     These are the Last Days; and this is the 7th; the Last Day itself; and the Holy Spirit of Truth is the 7th of the 7 Spirits of God which arises at the Last Trump; for the Spirit of Jehovah is the “Unity” of these 7 Spirits we call “The Holy Spirit”; for the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself: and no one could reveal this to another person but one who had the Seal of the Living God: for to lead the Faithful into all Truth I was given this Seal.

 I was delivered from the desire for heroin and the other drugs by the actual experience in the Holy Spirit; for after that all earthly things and those of drugs paled in comparison in the Power and the Glory; the Honor and the Blessing which are where the 4 Seraphim themselves stand on each side of the Throne in the 4 Position Foundation of Salvation; for that it certainly is; although Rev. Moon and the Unification Church; and the rest of the earth seemingly, know nothing of.

If anyone here on earth does accept my testimony then their fate will be transcended; and they shall indeed reach their destiny.

 And if anyone here does accept my Testimony then I shall also share with them what this angel later gave me: the Seal of the Living God; but this can only be done if you accept what I have revealed to you here first in my Testimony: for this was written of in my book; but I have not shared this information with a soul; as it is in the Gospel of Peace in my book; which consists of two Gospels; the Gospel of Peacel and the Gospel of Salvation. 

The Seal has to do with what John the Baptist did not attain; nor Rev. Moon; who is that new body John the Baptist was given to complete his Mission; although few at this point understand how Rev. Moon was put in the position of the one written of in the Gospel as “the Faithful and Wise Steward”; but I explain that in other places: although I have endured a firestorm of criticism to do so: yet his fall to the status of “that evil servant” from the heights he once traversed is another sign to me how mine angel has told me true in this as in all things: but this may be hard for you to near: as it was for me at the beginning. 

In leaving this post I ask you again: if you receive my Testimony I will reveal to you the Seal of the Living God that I was given; if you do not accept my Testimony then I shall not.

 But I shall leave you all  with this: the first two vials of Wrath from the 7 angels in white: the First Vial is that plague known to men and women as “Herpes Simplex”; and the Second Vial is that of “AIDS”.

 None know this; yet it was in Paradise that Adam and Eve were told the “Day that thou eatest” that they would “die”. Never before did “sex” equal “death” since Paradise.

 AIDS is then that plague which has made “free Sex” and “IV drug use” seen as “sins against the Temple” by which those who violate the Temple are then themselves destroyed; but then the innocent also suffer as well; as can be seen where virgins in Africa are used by men with AIDS because they were told that sex with a virgin “cures” AIDS; which only has caused the deaths of countless virgin women.

Thus is the time of trouble never seen before and the great tribulation that has come upon us on earth. And I do say that Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist; as the Last Day could not come until the “man of lawlessness” be revealed: and lo! it is him; the “fatted calf” himself who will perish!! For he who “lives by the sword shall perish by it.”

“Bless thee in this Last Day which comes as a thief in the Night; that the Name of Jesus Christ be Glorified again in this Day of Christ Jesus; for that is the Glory which sent me; Amen.”

 For this was written of me; that you might take comfort in my words at my coming as seen at John 7:18, to wit;

“He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory;

but he that seeketh the glory that sent him,

the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him.”

The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God

     The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God

 Blessings in the Name of my Father Jesus; for the Glory which sent me was that the Name of Jesus Christ be Glorified again.                            

Yet is is here that we now must weigh the actions of the Angel and God as to their ultimate purpose at the End; for God does not interfere with the course of human affairs; nor does He change the course of Human History without revealing the reasons for having done so: but from the Day that I vowed to the Time of my Death when I died in Christ on October 24th 2007, and was given to Power to bestow the Seal was 21 years; as when Jacob went to Harran to win a Bride. The Bride I won here was that of my own soul for the Lamb; but this required that the Prodigal Son of David return; and he was Solomon; from the Abyss where he had fallen. Thus began my journey back to my Father’s House; leading the lost sheep of the House of Israel; Ephraim; as My Generation.

And we stood up at Beth-El; the House of David “as God” in our 3 Day Seperartion from Satan at the Global level; as the Third Israel. It was at Beth-El where the Black Manchild, as the Black Christian Race, bonded irrevocably with the White Race; and all the races in the 50 United States of America: and James Marshall Hendrix played what was our now OUR ANTHEM: made new.

 The coming of the Wrath of the Lamb; and the rise of the Child of the Resurrection.




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