Sufism: Unification Church Theology; and the 7 Churches of the Tower of Salvation


The Unification Church, and the Sufis as the Original Unificationists of God..

…and how Rev. Moon stole the Seal of the 7 Sealed Thunders “thunder”;

the Secret of the 7 Levels of the Providence of Israel from they who guarded the Work of the Elect


The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life: to those who walk the Path of the Just in these Last Days

      Sufism, the Sufis: and the Fall of the Unification Church

The Unification Church itself is now largely considered defunct; but the way in which I have proposed to save it from oblivion was told to me by mine angel; and to save the very valuable Unification Theology and it’s terminology in which real insight could be seen as then distinct from those terms and conclusions in which incorrect results or definitions of terms were made.

It was the clear passages in this book which were not corrupted upon the page as where occasionally Rev. Moon made his tragic mistakes about the providence that I was told to correct in my book; showing the places in his written work “Divine Principle” the sometimes glaring errors in judgment he made at some critical points in the Doctrine; thus turning his life work into at best a flawed masterpiece which has yet and still in it’s core information the definite proof of Rev. Moon being providentially placed in the position of Joseph placed by the Angel of Christ as the “faithful and wise steward” himself; which the Lamb spoke of in Matthew and Luke.

   Rev.  Moon took the mission of the Messenger as his body substituted for that of John the Baptist: one with a head on it’s shoulders; unlike John’s.

   Rev. Moon finally surrendered after wrestling with the Angel as Jacob now at the National Level for Korea; and followed him in those years following their initial meeting on 4-18 1936 on that Korean hillside. Yet more was brewing as America came to it’s 430 year Foundation after 1492 / 1500 ( his return when Columbus began the genocide). The 430 years from 1500 to 1929; when Dr. King as born. Please include the year 1500 and simply add 429 years: 1929.

For the third Israel that had “paid it’s dues” it was the “rising” for the Black Christian Race in the West after it’s 430 years of time-indemnity by which the next Israel was now becoming visible on the Internal Level of the providence of Salvation; as James Baldwin so presciently wrote in his groundbreaking novels: and seen by Claude Brown in his book, the epochal  “Manchild in the Promised Land”.

But Rev. Moon ignored Rev. King and never walked with him; instead accusing him of being “pro-communist” due to Dr. King’s opposition to the Vietnam War; thus letting Satan invade the providence and kill Dr. King along with his brother who also died in 1977 in this same city named after a city in Egypt; the old Necropolis itself that was the capital of upper and lower Egypt: Memphis

        Thus died Aaron Presley “the Voice” in Memphis along with his other half as the Black Moses with hsi Red and White Aaron; Presley being also part Cherokee Indian; and due to Rev. Moon’s jealousy of America in God’s providence none ever knew that Prince Aaron Presley it was whose Voice broke down the barriers of Race in the Northern half America during the 50’s at the same time Dr. King was breaking down the walls of racist segregation in the Southern half as well.

     Yet the tragedy of Aaron Presley was also being he whose fall was that of the “golden calf” of a second “Aaron” to a second also dead “Moses” as in the position of a leader of his generation that fell by following his example in which Hollywood made that materialized and desexualized “image” out of him that was the “Elvis” to be “bought and sold”; a false “king” as of those children still trapped in the Abyss which Ephraim was destined to rise from.

         They turned him into a figure whose actual sexuality was taken away and the soft focus made of his features that dulled the agressive liberation of the soul Aaron had learned of about in the music at the black churches where he learned to sing.

          Hollywood took our fledgling “Apollo” and his “sun chariot” or “Gold Cadillac” to be a signpost for an entire generation on stage; but this is shown conclusively in my book that he was not worshipped by those who saw in Dylan the “Joshua” who was to lead the Children with the Message and not just the Movement;  as even Bruce Springsteen said: Dyaln freed the Mind the way Aaron Presley our High Priest of Love Elvis had freed the Body; an analogy seen as pretty much as beyond doubt by the fact that Aaron Presley opened doors all over America between the races in the music that could now sound “black” without causing a moral crisis in the white parents of the teenagers listening to integrated sound: thus did the airwaves also fall along with visible signs of segregation in the South that accompanied those with the ears in the North.

Rev. Moon as found in the Scripture of Truth; the “Faithful and Wise Steward / servant” of Matthew and Luke

The problem for Islam is that Rev. Moon never mentioned the fact he despoiled Islam by not letting them know they were in reality the Second Israel, whose Blessing or “Baraka” had come to them ( as the Desert Tribes replaced the 12 tribes of Jacob: who were also the 12 grandsons of Isaac ); the Baraka of Israel was given to Mohammed as Mecca from the Jews of the First Israel and Jerusalem which was made a desolation when the First Israel left their position by killing the Messenger John as “the friend of the Bridegroom” in the position of Eliezer of Damascus and the Messiah; who was in the position of Isaac as “the Bridegroom”. No Isaac: no Jacob; and no Jacob: no ISRAEL.
THIS is why he said:
“Forgive them Father; they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

   Rev. Moon was put in the position of Joseph; as some might remember Joseph was given by God the role of a savior to sustain his brothers in a severe famine in those days by which they all came down to Egypt which curiously had someone who had put aside a vast store of food beforehand: by Joseph himself; naturally the very man whose advice the Pharaoh took to heart when Joseph interpreted the curious set of dreams the ruler of Egypt had when Joseph had been cast into prison.

   Rev. Moon was to have played this part by giving us “something to chew on” at the End Times that would be for contemporary Christians the Famine of Israel in the Last days not “for bread”; but the “famine for the Word of God” as was said would come in Hosea.

    God had the information Rev. Moon wrote down in his book “Divine Principle” in which Christianity was to “discern and test and contest” the concepts given to arrive at the knowledge contained; but also to discern what was not true; as in “trying” the doctrine now revealed as the “meat in due season”.

Discerning the divine knowledge contained amongst the spiritual errors of Rev. Moon’s own interpretations in no way nullified the real “meat” of the Doctrine first openly revealed in 1973; a new chapter on theology was opened in the pages of that sensational book that the “Divine Principle” certainly was: but no christians here in America would read it; having dismissed Rev. Moon due to their arrogance and more than a little racism; which happened in 1965.

That was where things began to go wrong for America and Rev. Moon as well. America began to turn from the knowledge Rev. Moon had brought; and he began to turn away from trying to show America who he really was as well: thus did we never see he was the prophetic figure my Father Lord Jesus had spoken of as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” with our sustenance in these Last Days: but I was instructed about the Unification Church by one Bradford Kent Bufkin: who gave me his copy of the black book from Rev. Moon’s hand after he decided I knew it as well or better than he did: and he knew his stuff; believe me. 


The Mission of Brad as Elijah

       The Intervention that was required when everything fell apart at the bitterness that ultimately ruined Rev. Moon was what the angel told me the revealing of the 7 levels of the Providence of Restoration IN THE Context of the Lamb’s Book of Life.

   This could have happened if the 7 levels as of the 7 lords of the restoration having been revealed correctly and then were opened correctly, as of “the 7 Sealed Thunders” of John of Patmos who Rev. Moon was to have received the Word of God from in the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus: along with what Rev. Moon was to have been given in San Francisco at the River of Fire that was where Haight Street became the Jordan of Baptism in the waters of Love; the River of Fire itself.

But he never went; he missed the entire opportunity to baptise and find the 4 flowers bound in the Euphrates the Jordan represents symbolically: and Haight Street did as Love’s own Golden Road as that Street of Pure Gold it truly was in the Summer of Love: for that was the Visitation of God Himself in the name of Love: the Child of the Children themselves was he who entered the Golden Gate as the lamb once did in another holy Jerusalem 1967 years before.

   What was to have given in his initiation and revealed to Rev. Moon from the Elect as the enlightened Sufis who are the conscious actors who carry out the Will of God on earth Rev. Moon could have then transmitted the written understanding of the 7 levels of Salvation and the  7 lords of the Providence of Restoration; which can be seen in works by sufis such as Sayed Idries Shah in his book “The Sufis” on page 296 where he documents it; and also in works by authors like William B. Seabrook in his book “Adventures in Arabia’ where he also recounts the 7 levels of the providence known to the Druse.

Rev. Moon was far from the first to know of the levels of overcoming in the 7 heavens from Adam at the individual; to Noah at the familial; Abraham at the tribal; Issac and Ishmael at the Racial; Moses at the National and Jesus at the Global levels of restoration; Islam just ended it with Mohammed; but we know that the 7th level of Restoration as the Divine Celstial World of the 7 Senses we call the Seventh Heaven is ushered in by the dealing with the return of the Son of Man; even as the Lamb said.

Who is Like God?” the Angel of HIS PEACE the 3 Children were fed the Host with at Fatima in Portugal; given to us “as the children themselves for Signs and Wonders in 1917 at the Providence for the Start; and then 50 years later in the City of St. Francis at Pentecost at the Visitation of God in the Summer of Love; when a little child of 12 came in the Name of Love as the Name of GOD; as my servant John wrote long ago: “God is Love”

Rev. Moon merely pointed to himself and got married: but something went terribly wrong: he never reached the Seal of the Living God; just as John the baptist also failed to do: thus the angel of my Father’s servant John was sent to me to have Rev. Moon be saved from his errors before he died; saving him from the fate of a mortal death.

But; as yet; to no avail.

    In the meantime and angel of John who led me out from San Francisco when it fell to New Hope PA; as once Lot was led out of Sodom to have me create the New Unification Church; and of the first things I was told to do in this Church was to finally destroy the Image of the Beast; seen in many Churches as of Jesus upon the Cross; the problem being that Jesus Christ was naked; thus the figure must be shown naked as well or it is a Lie; and no Lie is of the Truth; which Lord Jesus certainly was: the Truth of Jehovah: the Word made Flesh..all of him being divine; as indeed he was: a god among gods; of that there can be no doubt.

      When the Order of the Path of the Rose found me in my portion of the Abyss a Suhruwardi sufi called Michael Beebe along with the Angel of John of Patmos were the two who brought me out of the pit I had fallen into; when 21 years later after the instruction by the angel of the book I copied down in New Hope I was told to establish the New Church of New Hope in New Hope Pennsylvania where the True Christ would be seen upon the Cross: and this I shall do: and the Image of God be seen in Jesus of Nazareth: the Virgin Sacrifice.

           In seeking the ways in which I found I would have to complete a lengthy process to ordain my first minister I founded the Foundation of Salvation as a private non-profit organization, and began to collect the funds for the publication of my book to gather the Sacrifice of the 144,000 Virgins of the Lamb for the Altar.

          In this Tabernacle of the 144,000 it is the Altar which is the Soul of Christ; the Censer as the Heart of Christ; the Lampstand with 7 lamps Lit as the Mind of Christ: and the Reed like unto a Rod who is the Strength of Christ: tried in the Fire; the 144,000 Virgins themselves in the flesh; the Sceptre of the Holy One of Israel.


They are the Gold baptised in the River of Fire; it is they who are the Wheat; tried in the Fire even as was the Lamb after his baptism when he went for 40 days to be proven the Light divided from Darkness; thus did Jesus become the Christ: the Light the Day. This each of us must also do to walk in his Name; and then take the Last 7 Steps that are the Path of the Just; the 7 Ov

Thus is the name of Christ Jesus that which means: “Day Light”.

And that is the Light of Life.

     because Rev. Moon lost the 40 years set up from his birth in 1920 to his marriage in 1960 he never knew these numbers represented the 40 year “Generation Gap” of those born in Egypt who all perished in the Exodus; and their children who were all under 20 on that Day who did enter the Promised Land after the 40 years: it was these children whose hearts were to be returned to their fathers; and these fathers who died in WWI and WWII who were to reconcile when the Children saw that their parents had Saved the World; and were worthy of Honor; not ridicule; of Glory; and not disrespect.

The 144,000 Virgins as those redeemed from amongst men are then those who will die in Christ by first taking the Seal; and then making the Vow.

     But no one can become a member of that Ancient Order of Melchizedek who are the Eunuchs for the Kingdomom of Heaven’s Altar as it’s Living Sacrifice unless they are given to enter by God Himself.

   Thus it was that the Lamb said:

           “Let him who can receive it: receive it…..”

Rev. Moon's son worshpping his golden statues of the True Parents: of Idolatry; not allowed as a "graven image" forbidden by the Law of Moses: "Thou shalt not make for thyselfot bow down to a graven image,,,,"

Rev. Moon’s son worshiping his golden statues of the True Parents: of Idolatry; not allowed as a “graven image” forbidden by the Law of Moses: “Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol of gold, nor bow down to a graven image,,,,”

       It was the Children of the Resurrection who were those to be gathered at the Gathering of the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel in the City of san Francisco; but Rev. Moon was too busy having decided to abandone America and claim the position for Korea and it’s people as the “Third Israel” by stealing America’s blessing; which he tried to do by mixing the soil of Korea with all 50 States of America: but it only would have worked if he had married a black christian American Woman to symbolized the Soul of America; Sheba; as the queen of the South; even as he who marries her represents Ephraim; the Kingdom; king of the North.

Reverend Moon missed this critical piece of the Marriage of the Lamb: the actual symbology of who and what was to be married.

Those who are called and chosen and faithful are the Elect who will be gathered through the publication of my book “A City Not Forsaken: St. Francis and the Revelation of Salvation”.

This is because Rev. Moon did not seal 144,000 of the Children of the Resurrection as he was to have done; marrying them instead; and secondly he never reached this Seal of the Living God to do so because he was slain by the same accusation that killed John the Baptist; that Zacharias his father was actually the “secret father” of Jesus; resulting from an act of adultery between his father and Mary.

This unconscious fear is what kept John from reaching both the Spirit and the Power of Elijah which is why he could do no miracles; but also it is why Rev. Moon married instead of himself staying a virgin until he accomplioshed his mission and unsealed the Book of Life of the lamb as he was supposed to have done; revealing to all the world the Revelation of Jesus Christ. 


 The problems that Rev . Moon came upon have to do with the fact he ignored the actual foundation to unify all the religions that the Sufis set up for him and the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation.

 Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory

         The Church of the Living God


    the Pillar and the Ground of the Truth   

Mercy and Compassion are the Everlasting Arms of God

Mercy and Compassion are the Everlasting Arms of God

Here it is that we who seek The Truth find it!

        Let us first take a look at what the 7 churches written of in the Revelation of St. John the Divine really are; the hidden “Blueprint” for the coming growth and expansion of Christianity as the True Vine representing the Global Body of Christianity stretching from the time he left until the time of his return.

               It is to sustain itself and to last so as to be there at the  Lord’s return which was the ultimate purpose of those 7 churches that Peter designed; Paul built and John addressed in Asia, that now stand revealed not as 7 buildings that eroded over the course of the ages; but as a Process built from earth to heaven as that “tower” the Lamb first sat down to count of cost of making first. This is the Tower of Salvation: the one that takes us up to God.

       The Design as of Providence was what was to come to the first 6 prophetically; and especially what would face the 7th church in the position of Laodecia standing at the Last Day.

          That Last Day is Now; as of the 7th Branch of the True Vine; that of the Unification Church, as the Last Church of the Tower of Salvation; the Church of the Living God.

         It is this Tower which is the Church of the Living God; which is now to be revealed as those in the Unification Church: which no longer exists.

          Yet I counsel the reader to suspend their disbelief and invoke their faith: for the Time is at Hand; let us observe the 7 Shepherds of the House; the Sheepfold.  

        The strange situation I find myself in at this Last Day is manifold; for on the one hand I defend Rev. Moon as knowing he is the prophetic figure unknown to the world but known to me through the angel of John and the Gospel as “the faithful and wise steward” from all those who call him a charlatan and a false prophet; yet I also know that he is now is the fallen position of the “evil servant” in that very prophecy from the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Luke and Matthew as “the scarlet beast” that is that of the kingdom of Red China; the entire yellow race as now having gone from Japan  with Hirohito at the Formation stage of the spirit of the son of perdition; to China with Mao at the Growth stage of this spirit of the antichrist; and then Korea with Kim Il Sung as the Perfection Stage of the spirit of the Antichrist. This fact is beyond dispute.

       I find myself thus telling people not to “judge” Rev. Moon as I recognize that his “appearence” as one of the prophetic and destined figures of the Gospel is a “living sign” in the “Sun and the Moon” as seen at the 6th Seal; he is “the snare” itself; the one they all “judge” and thus “fall” into the snare with by having to share in his fate: as having himself “judged” John the Baptist in his book “Divine Principle” as being guilty of the Death of Jesus: when I know for a divine fact that Rev. Moon IS “John the Baptist’s” new body: the “new wineskin” itself.

         This is he who was given the chance in one lifetime of going from the position of “John” as the Messenger to that of “Jesus” as the Messiah; as is seen in the Position of Joseph as “Over the House” with his book as “the meat in due season” that it really IS; as also a “divine fact”.

         Had he been watching at the Day and Hour then Rev. Moon would have noticed me as the Sign of the Lord’s return: and thus been himself eligible for the position then of the “Messiah” as made “the ruler over all things” as was written of him “who waited and watched”.

          But Rev. Moon did not watch: nor wait.

           Yet I must defend the book of Rev. Moon on the one hand as containing things that are true; for in his exposition of the 7 domains of the Providence and the 7 lords of Restoration Rev. Moon has indeed restored the knowledge that was lost when John lost the head.

        Yet on the other hand I then also have to part ways with Rev. Moon in what he wrote in his book “Divine Principle” which I characterize as “the Stumbling”; then “The 3 Great Errors”; and finally “The Fainting”;  which I criticize as things that must be seperated from the true things Rev. Moon did correctly interpret; thus in my book I have to alternately show what is “true” in this “meat” from what is proven to me in my experince in the Holy Spirit as then being what I deem as false: on the other hand of the argument of “the meat” that I “digested” over time.

      Rev. Moon is then the “snare” at the Last Hour of Temptation by which christianity is destroyed; as having judged Rev. Moon they are then “judged”; and are all wrong as to what he has REALLY done and in what way that he failed in his portion of responsibility.

      And as I have written elsewhere; Osama bin Laden is the “Man of Lawlessness” as the “Global Terrorist” in the position of the Antichrist to the West and Christianity and the Masih ad-Dajjal of the East to Islam.

          Let us take a quick look at the progression of the “True Vine” which is central to this exposition; following we have:

                       The Lighting of the 7 Lamps on the Path

                Who was the shepherd of the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation; whose city is Seoul?  
             Was it not Rev. Moon? As the 7th Star in the right hand of the Amen? 
   The Unification Church; 7th Branch of the True Vine:
                                The Sufic One
I believe it was on Seoul as the 7th City of the Nations where the 7th Lampstand of the 7th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia: as the Lightbearer of the Seventh Day. I moved it to San Franciso after Rev. Moon left his position. My servant John became the Messenger at that point.
.….even as Joseph Smith was the shepherd of the 6th church, as the sixth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Salt Lake City?
       The Mormon Church,  6th Branch of the True Vine:                              
The Archaic One 
It was on Salt Lake City as the 6th City of the Nations that the 6th Lampstand of the 6th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Philadelphia: as the Lightbearer of the Sixth Day.

 ………as Emanuel Swedenborg was the shepherd of the 5th church, the fifth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is now Bryn Athyn?  
         The Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem, the 5th Branch of the True Vine:
                          The Noetic One
It is on the 5th City of Bryn Athyn that the 5th Lampstand of the 5th Church is placed; the Lampstand of Sardis as the Lightbearer of the Fifth Day.
   ……….as George Fox was the shepherd of the 4th church, the fourth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is London?    
                The Quaker Church of the  Friends,  The 4th Branch of the True Vine: 
                      The Gnostic One.

It is on the fourth City which is the City of London that the 4th Lampstand of the 4th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia as the Lightbearer of the Fourth Day.


…..even as Martin Luther was the  shepherd of the 3rd church, the third star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Berlin?

             The  Lutheran Church of Protest, the 3rd Branch of the True Vine:
                     The Edenic One

It is on the 3rd City of the Nations which is the City of Berlin that the 3rd Lampstand of the 3rd Church of Revelation is placed: the Lampstand of Pergamos: as the Lightbearer of the Third Day.

……even as Augustine was the shepherd of the 2nd church, the second star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Rome?
      The Catholic Church,  the 2nd Branch of the True Vine:
                    The Catholic One
It is on Rome as the 2nd City of the Nations that the 2nd Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 2nd Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Smyrna: as the Lightbearer of the Second Day.
 ….. and then lastly: as Peter was the shepherd of the 1st church, the first star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Jerusalem?    
        The Pentecostal Church,  the 1st Branch of the True Vine:
                  The Apostolic One
And it is on Jerusalem as the first City of the Nations that the 1st Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 1st Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Ephesus: as the Lightbearer of the First Day.
    It is here that the dialogue of truth must begin: at the Revealing of the Light of the Seven Days: the Seven Lampstands that stand Illuminating the Path of the Just.

    To my Brother it is the Straight Path: that I know my Father promised before: that he would save the true Muslims with at the Last Day: Yea:

                   The Path of the Just: the Child of the Resurrection; but to the Jews I have another name: Jedidiah; the name that the lost sheep of Israel returns with: who repented and returned: and then was given his Father’s help to restore all things: and thus redeem himself and then his whole Generation a Thousandfold.

         Saved then is of they who attend Salvation in the Revelation of Salvation.


            …….from the shadow of Solomon that is the fallen one as the beast from the earth ( seen at Sura 27:82 in the Qur’an ); the Shadow of Jedidiah as he faces God; his own past; the Night: as that of the prodigal son of David who fell. It is this that tells the story of how he who rose follows the Path his Father took: who went and Overcame: and sat down on the Throne of God.

The Malediction of Rev. Moon and the Invasion of Satan in the Dajjals’ son; Osama, the Son of Laden; the One-eyed Dajjal from Yemen; the poor bricklayer Laden with the “Evil Eye” who became a billionaire….and had 12 sons…

           But let us examine the ramifications of the True Vine; and how he who comes walks first and then wrote down those 7 Footsteps in the footprints of John showed that he who overcomes is he who becomes a Son of man; and thus it is the Overcoming: that is the Coming of the Son of man; by those who follow his example in the 7 Churches at the 7 Overcomings.


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