The Grave Error of the GOP: Rejecting our “David”, President Obama the Global Abel; the Black Christian Race: and the Third Israel

Dylan and Barack, touching base.....our Joshua" and our "David"

Dylan and Barack, touching base…..our “Joshua” and our “David”

The Crime of the Grasshoppers: the Korean Steward,

and the Role-Reversal of Jacob and Esau.

1. ) The First Plan of Action; Taking the Blessing from the Black Brother,

as Hyo Jin Moon revealed to me in Bay City in 2009.


The theft of the Blessing through Howie Comis;

Rev. Moon and the 430 years of Dues

Paid for by “The Black Manchild in the Promised Land”.


             “….Thou shalt make unto thee no graven image;                                nor bow down and worship it…”


The Crime of the Grasshoppers: the Korean Steward

and the Role-Reversal of Jacob and Esau

The Taking of the Blessing from the Black Brother by the Healer of Rev. Moon.


The Sorrow of God and the Joy of Rev. Moon:

Spiritual Revisionism and the attempted Supplanting of Barack Obama and the Third Israel

The Unknown Tragedy in America by our Korean friends;

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

….and the Moonshine Empire of Las Vegas:

the Shrine of Mammon and the death of Rev. Moon.

Looking into the Psychological realm of mind control and conditioned repression we see the cause of how and why Rev. Moon added his own peciliar ethocentric and oriental  brand of eastern Korean-style Kim Il-Sung generated racism to the Fall of the House of Moon; and his attitude of total condescension towards the Black Christian Church here in America.


For those who walked with Dr. King as they laid the Foundation of Substance of the Civil Rights Movement on the Foundation of Faith of the Civil War as we made the Constitution stand for the New Covenant of God with the Third Israel one can take this continued insult and Rev. Moon’s further victimization of the black race by overlooking his Nobel Prize and martyr’s death, and also ignoring the unjust deaths of black christian martyrs like Medgar Evers, and the killing of all those who tried to bring racial justice to life in America, like Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, and the Priest Dr. King; and to also nullify the efforts of the fighters for Civil Rights that are so well documented by Taylor Branch in his trilogy of books on the Civil Rights Movement in America.

Taylor Branch has now an upcoming 7 part mini-series on this very subject coming on the Own Network Channel with Oprah Winfrey; and many of us understand that the Foundation to receive the Messiah came about when the Angel of my Father’s servant John brought me to New Hope from the City of St. Francis 210 years after 4-18-1775 when Paul Revere made his famous ride on his horse “Brown Betty”. I came out to New Hope after my birthday in San Francisco on 4-18-1986; my last in the City of St. Francis; the Altar Hearth of the Lion of God Ariel the Hopi Tribe was split over in 4-18-1906 at the Earthquake; when the Angel of the Altar threw the Censer to the Earth written of at Revelation 8:5, and the City was burned to the ground as the condition of Indemnity for the Great Purification to begin for the Gathering of the Tribes.

I then underwent 21 years of instruction in the Kingdom of Heaven, as I completed the 21 year course of Jacob; working for Jerry Haran; and then this was followed after my death in Christ on October 24th, 2007 by the 21 month course of Barack Obama to become President and Leader of the Free World and Commander-in-Chief of the Third Israel.

Rev. Moon; of course, tried to have him destroyed out of his hatred for Dr. King and Malcolm X; the two brothers of Blood as the Two Prophets who died in the Street of that Great City which is Sodom and Egypt; as the Two Brothers who died in that City called Memphis were Aaron Presley and Dr. King as two brothers of the South, the only city in America named after the name of the old capital of Egypt; they exchanged gifts and celebrated when Dr. King and Malcolm X were killed; J.Edgar Hoover, the transvestite known as “Mary” and Elijah Muhammed being the other one: with Loius Farrakhan, the man who carried out the assassination of Malcolm X, and who accompanied rev. Moon to Washington DC on their ill-fated “Million man march”, after Rev. Moon’s failure at Yankee Stadium in 1976 to announce he was John the Baptist: where God rebuked him forcefully with a horrific storm..

The two Anointed ones were Aaron Presley, before his Golden Calf transformation into Hollywood’s Image of the Beast: and then Bob Dylan who was our Joshua; seated now at Beth-El; but Dr. King and his Voice Prince Aaron Presley are unknown as having worked together in the Air and on the Ground to end segregation between the Black and White Races; nor do people understand how Aaron Presley became that “Golden Calf” of the Idol they made of him trying to block the Internal Restoration seen later with Barack Hussein Obama.

What was seen by me but unseen by Rev. Moon was My Generation as “Ephraim”; but we won the Internal Restoration in the Internal Exodus in the Foundation of Receiving the Messiah, with the Black Manchild of Zion; which he earned by taking Egypt-from-within; but Rev. Moon knows; and plotted against it being done successfully at every step; seeking to steal the 3 Great Blessings of God quickly from the Black Christian Church here in the West,  by first mixing and thus “marrying” the soil of Korea with all 50 states here in America in 1965; and then branding Dr. King as a tool of the False Prophet Karl Marx as being “pro-communist” for opposing the Vietnam War.

That War was an illegal war that was never sanctioned either by God nor backed by the Guardian Angel of America: Uncle Samuel; who raised us as the David of the Nations against the Goliath of the British Empire; which Rev. Moon also knew, and told his eldest son Hyo Jin Moon about, and Hyo Jin then told me after my 40 Days of Temptation by the 3 Great Temptresses of Satan I overcame and then converted to God’s side, winning the Victory of my Virginity as the First Fruit unto God restored, after Rev. Moon left that position in 1960 when he got married and erroneously called himself the Lamb.

Had he been the Lamb he would, of course,  opened the Lamb’s Book, Christ’s Revelation,  but he never did; because he never was the Lamb, except as being the Messenger in the Messiah’s position waiting for his LORD’S return.

Their Sacrifices?  for  Rev. Moon they never happened: all those tears for all those who died in the Civil War or fighting for Civil Rights even up to this day: are now forever to be simply forgotten!!

Our courageous and principled President Barack Obama is to be insulted, vilified and then removed from office: simply because Rev. Moon is essentially a unconscious Korean supremacist unconsciously racist  in mentality who believed Newt Gingrich represents what Christianity is all about here in America: racist, facist and adullterous; like Newt himself.

Rev. Moon has kept all real information about the Black Christian Race here in the West completely out of his book “Divine Principle”. He also removed the information about the Second Israel as the religion of Islam that Mohammed began in the poisition of Moses when the first Israel was destroyed; and then decided to fulfill the taking of the Blessing of God by Isaac from Esau by Jacob by doing the same to the Third Israel here in America by branding us all as profane “Esau’s” who deserved not understood Gods providence of Salvation.

How very wrong he was to have pursued such a course in opposition to the Will of God!!!

Our Black Moses; and the Mountain of the Second Trumpet; for 1929; when he was born; and there was a very LOUD CRASH....

Our Black Moses; and the Mountain of the Second Trumpet; for 1929; when he was born; and there was a very LOUD CRASH….

He has demonstrated with satanic zeal with every move he has made

 a very determined streak of hatred against the Black Leadership

of the Black Church here in America.

The problem was that Rev. Moon was not stealing the Blessing from a bunch of free-loving hippies dropping acid in Golden Gate Park and living on panhandling and petty larceny and selling drugs: no. The ones Rev. Moon almost stole the Blessing of here in America were the Black Christian Race who had paid the dues for 430 years and paid dearly for their freedom in the Internal Exodus, and finally in the “taking” of Egypt “from within”: that were what the Civil War, and then the Civil Rights Movement, and finally the Civil Victory, with Barack Hussein Obama as a black man being elected to the highest office: in the Land of the Free. which actually represented our David, and in Truth.

This had been the restoration of the northern kingdom of Ephraim that now was seen as the north when it laid the Formation Stage of the restoration of Ephraim as the kingdom of Israel in the Civil War, and then the Growth Stage in the Civil Rights Movement in which Dr. King was killed in the position of Moses, and Aaron Presley died in 1977 in Memphis as well, and then the Perfection Stage of the Restoration of the Kingdom of Israel as Ephraim in the Civil Victory, as when Barack Hussein Obama was elected: and not just once; but twice.

Prophetic to the extreme; but ignored even now by many...yet his pronouncement rings true

Prophetic to the extreme; but ignored even now by many…yet his pronouncement rings true

Ephraim means “doubly fruitful”..

And especially our President and Joe Biden; a Man of God; as all who know him do know.

Instead of marching with Dr. King and helping the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center we are now looking at how Rev. Moon and his Korea family of rich opportunists helped Jerry Falwell with millions; and then ignored the Black Church for decades; doing so by the artful and incredible “sleight-of-hand” strategy of denial and doubletalk seen written on all the Unification Publications that carefully omit any talk of the 430 years of time-indemnity paid for here in the west by the Black Race and their guidance by the same Spirit of Christ Jesus that inspired and led Gandhi with the Principle of Non-Violence, and then My Generation who joined the Black Manchild of Mary; the Zion of the Holy One of Israel; that being Mary the Mother of Jesus.

All was done and culminated at Beth-El in that 3 day Separation from Satan at the Global level with the 12 Tribes gathered in the City of SSt. Francis who came to the Celebration of Ephraim’s Return to the House of God as the Cosmic Prodigal Son itself: that is OUR NATION: tell Mr. Moon about that, now that he pays dues to the Royal Family of Satan in North Korea with tears and gifts!

He betrayed us all in the 60’s: this was done by Rev. Moon as can be seen in how he places Korea over America in an artificial  exaltation; in trying to giving Koreas oppression by Japan more weight than it really has in comparison of what America has suffered for World peace all these years.

Rev. Moon’s “strategy” as now revealed to me by Hyo Jin Moon after our 21 days when I gained the Crown of Life was then to make a case that it’s own “suffering” thus “outweighed” that of the Third Israel who fought and frequently died for our freedom and the righteous pursuit of happiness; and that of the Whole Earth as well: but our God is someone Rev. Moon does not know a thing about since he rejected me and My Generation in the City of St. Francis after his disastrous “marriage” in 1960 so well documented at the Sixth Seal of the Book of Life of the Lamb.

My God is “the God of Love and Peace”: the True “God of the Whole World”

…….as all who know that “God is Love”,

as His servant John wrote long ago do indeed know.


No mention of how the union saved the Union, and how the slaves were also freed by Abraham Lincoln, who had to win at all costs this Idealistic Crusade for human dignity and equality; and to fight a Civil War for the complete End of Slavery; by a North that restored itself as “Ephraim”; internally.

The Lorraine hotel where dr. king was killed while the FBI watched, not even putting out an APB: why?

The Lorraine Hotel where Dr. King was killed while the FBI watched, not even putting out an APB: why?

With our Korean supplanter we have the Myth of Koreas’ divinity and his Deception about what the Civil War and Civil Rights and then Civil Election really meant to the Black Race. This is the blatant disregard of the truth that characterizes Sun Myung Moon about the Suffering by the Manchild of Zion in the 430 Years of Time Indemnity paid for in America by the Black Christian Race that was enslaved here in the West.

 Let us look first at what Rev. Moon REALLY believes about American Youth and My Generation who altered the course of human history and singlehandedly changed everything about racial inequality at the heart of the American Ideal of Equality.

And then let us examine and uncover the complete arrogance and the following debased and utter gift of invisibility of the 430 years of time-indemnity paid by the black christian race and especially: black christian women here in America: so let us have a “expose” of this racial charlatan in an excerpt from his book “God’s Warning to the World” in the Section of “The Stony Path of Tears“.

If you are sorrowful and someone comes to comfort you, will your sorrow automatically go away? You have heard the fable about the ant and the grasshopper, in which the ant worked hard during the summer while the grasshopper enjoyed idle time. Could the grasshopper understand the ant’s experience? The ant worked so hard that his waist became as thin as a thread, and he was exhausted with fatigue. Could the grasshopper comfort the ant if he never had experienced hardship himself? But the father of the ant could understand how the ant felt because the father had worked even harder than his son.

This analogy applies to man and God. God has worked hard, like the ant, while man has been like the grasshopper. In America people eat, drink, and disco — it’s a grasshopper’s life. How could such people say they understand God’s suffering? Would God be comforted by them?

The only way truly to comfort God is to work hard for God’s will and understand what He has experienced. Then God might be comforted by you.

Did God begin the universe in joy or sorrow? During the process of creation God felt joy and said that His creation was good, but did He feel the same joy at the human fall? God’s joy would have been complete if people had become perfect in the object position, but that never happened.Therefore, human history started in misery, and God’s history was also miserable. There was no sound of joyful laughter, only tears. The echo of those tears has resounded throughout history down to the present day.

The sound of tears began history, continued through the centuries, and will be the future agenda of history unless we bring total change. This is the universal atmosphere surrounding our life, so if you are trying to be happy all by yourself it is futile. You are swimming in waters of unhappiness and it is impossible to get out by yourself. Does God have reason to grieve or not? His grief begins in the realization that if things had been different He would have been embraced in joy, but instead He is surrounded by sorrow. Is God’s situation clear to humanity?

The Religious Life Is to Comfort God’s Grieving Heart

People have restless, unhappy lives, but they don’t know why they struggle so much for so little. God knows that bringing a solution to the situation won’t be easy. His direction is to bring the solution by following a stony path, but religious people today shun the cross and ask God for blessing and money instead. To God’s ears such prayers are worse than seeing the lazy grasshopper-kind of man. Not only do such people not comfort God, but they want to steal something from Him also. Religious people don’t realize that they are driving one more nail into God’s back each time they pray that way. Instead of comforting Him, it causes Him more pain.

On the other hand, if there is a group of people who can say they understand God’s situation and who want to take care of His sorrow, will they be closer to God?

Americans like pets, especially puppies. If one day there is a big fight between a husband and wife and the husband throws his wife out of the house, just by licking her hand and wagging his tail the puppy will give her more comfort than her husband. The relationship between humanity and God is somewhat the same. Humanity and God have been in conflict, with people defying God and demanding to know why they should go a stony path.

God really needs the comfort of even a little puppy. “

A white boy who sang southern; danced black; and had the tinted complexion in his face of a Native American, from the Cherokee ancestry he shared with his twin brother Jesse; who regularly communed with him from spirit world.

A white boy who sang southern; danced black; and had the tinted complexion in his face of a Native American, from the Cherokee ancestry he shared with his twin brother Jesse; who regularly communed with him from spirit world.

The Lie of Rev. Moon;
and the Continued Work of the Men of Belial
The Unification Church
 Taking the Blessing of God from America
and Barack Obama:

The Leader of the Free World

and the Third Israel.


The Mission of Davetta Holder

The shock for me, in what Hyo Jin told me in Bay City after my 40 days of Temptation when I defeated the 3 temptations by Satan, came to me on realizing how the Black Christian Race was robbed by Rev. Moon, by his lying by omission in the concealing of the true status of the Black Christians in having paid the 430 yeas of time-indemnity and standing in the position of the Third Israel, which Rev. Moon said was the position of Korea; can now be seen as an act of one who thought the Black Race was intrinsically inferior to Koreans , and that Koreans inherently superior to all the races on the earth.

For some like Davetta Holder, the ex-Director of the Unification Church’s Theological Seminary,  after I told her about the entire Providence and Dr. King, the shock and dismay were all-too-revealing….

It is these sentiments by the good people of the Church who were used and deceived by Rev. Moon, that show exactly what we are looking at when we wonder why Rev. Moon decided to steal the Blessing of God given to the Black Christian Race as the Third Israel: according to Rev. Mon they hadn’t suffered enough. Having been beaten and robbed and forced to work in plantations under whips and shotguns, deprived of all human rights and treated like animals wasn’t good enough for Rev. Moon: now we know why he never marched with Dr. King; he was too busy trying to supplant him.

As the Black Christian Race here in the West from 1492 until 1929 when Dr. King was born it’s been a picnic. Thus for Rev. Moon this was a vacation and no one here in America paid any dues at all; it was “a grasshppers life” of danicng and disco and parties!!!!

Not repression; or starvation; or the KKK; or white and black people jooning together by the thousands o bring the kingdom of God into existence: NO!!

For Rev. Moon Dr. King died for nothing; it was a body in the street with Malcolm X’s who returned as a real prophet from Mecca to die soon after: and have Rev. Moon and his Korea KCIA henchmen walk over their dead bodies into the Washington DC building where they Crowned Rev. Moon as a King: but the REAL king was Dr. King; not Rev. Moon; and I don’t care how many children he tricked into selling flowers on freeway onramps so he could be a billionaire: he’s done; he is finished. 


According to Rev. Moon the Black race here in the shadow world of a patently racist ‘Egypt’ here in the West spiritually had a wonderful time as slaves: a true oversight unparalleled in history; as those who deny there was a holocaust; or that millions died under Stalin when he simply let millions starve to death he did not like racially.

For Rev. Moon we don’t deserve the hard won Blessing of God: the black race never suffered as slaves; and we have merely danced and played and had lives of ease and plenty with no sorrow or misery whatsoever.


What an INSULT!!!

What a complete LIE and falsification of everything the Freedom Riders and those who were beaten and killed for trying to register black and minority voters; and let us not even look at what Dr. King and all of us who marched and protested suffered as were were shot and killed; and were fortunate if we only were beaten and imprisoned by the thousands fighting for humanity and suffrage and for Civil Rights and Social Justice: according to Rev. Moon: Dr. King was a pro-communist stooge working for Moscow!!

A Marxist who knew nothing about Ghandi or truth or the principle of Non-Violence that my Father Lord Jesus taught us all about!!! This is how Dr. King was killed; because Rev. Moon set up the condition for him to be invaded by Satan and “removed” from the path of Rev. Moon’s own drive to rule over the Third Israel; not of Americans, but by Koreans…….

The fallen parents in the position of fallen Adam and fallen Eve

A life of ease and charity; not slavery and barbaric suffering unseen since the Jews were slaves in Egypt: for Rev. Moon there was no Third Israel in America because to him the Black Christian Race never existed. But they existed; and God knows what they suffered. Rev. Moon never marched with Dr. King nor ever acknowledged what it took for him to break the back of Segregation here in America; the period from 1492 onward until 1920 when Moon and Pope John Paul II were born; as then the Foundation of Faith with the 430 years of Time-Indemnity was paid: the Indemnity as the condition of Pain and Sorrow that were met many times over for America to become the next Israel: but for Rev. Moon the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement never existed: only his sorrow and pain counted: and no one else’s.

Global Providence of what America, Great Britian and France accomplished against the Global Ganaan of the Axis and the Global Balaam of the False Prophet Karl Marx.

The two Beasts of Revelation in the lLke of Fire.

We were then leaving “Racist Egypt” and entering the “Real Land of the Free”

1.)  The Facist Totalitarianism of Italy that was Tribalist;

        as of a “Superior Culture”.

2.)  The Socialist Totalitarianism of Germany that was Nationalist;

         as of a “Superior Nation”.

3.)  The Imperialist Totalitarianism of Japan that was Racist;

        as of a “Superior People”.

“He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory:

but he that seeketh the glory that sent him, the same is true,

and no unrighteousness is in him.”



James Marshall Hendrix then played “The Star Spangled Banner”


The Martyr,Joseph Smith and my Father’s servant John; the words of the Testimony of my coming with my Father’s servant: an independent verification of my mission, from the Church of Latter Day Saints….

The Prophet of Moroni; Joseph Smith; the Martyr

This figure Joseph Smith saw was my Father’s Servant John; the Messenger of my Father Jesus….

17: And when the day cometh that the wrath of God is poured

out upon the mother of harlots,

which is the great and abominable church of all the earth,

whose founder is the devil, then, at that day,

the work of the Father shall commence,

 in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants,

which he hath made to his people who are of the house of Israel.

 18: And it came to pass that the angel spake unto me, saying: Look!

19: And I looked and beheld a man, and he was dressed in a white robe.

20 And the angel said unto me: “Behold one of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.”

 21 Behold, he shall see and write the remainder of these things; yea,

and also many things which have been….

22    And he shall also write concerning the end of the world.

23 Wherefore, the things which he shall write are just and true;

and behold they are written in the book which thou beheld

proceeding out of the mouth of the Jew;

and at the time they proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew,

 or, at the time the book proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew,

 the things which were written were plain and pure,

and most precious and easy to the understanding of all men.”

The Jewish girl with the Cross of Jerusalem around his neck…

 24 And behold, the things which this apostle 

of the Lamb shall write are many things which thou hast seen; and behold,

the remainder shalt thou see.

25 But the things which thou shalt see hereafter thou shalt not write; for the Lord God hath ordained

the apostle of the Lamb of God that he should write them.

 26 And also others who have been, to them hath he shown all things, and they have written them; and they are sealed up to come forth in their purity, according to the truth which is in the Lamb, in the own due time of the Lord, unto the house of Israel.

My Father’s Servant John: the Messenger of my Father Jesus

27 And I, Nephi, heard and bear record, that the name of the apostle of the Lamb was John, according to the word of the angel.

 Thus did Joseph Smith relate what was to come.

Later John showed me what was written of his coming when John had me write down the things that Joseph was not allowed to then; as this was what he was commanded in his mission as a scribe of God. “

For is is the Child of Fatimah by God in the place of Ali that brings Salvation from God to mankind: but this Mystic Pearl of the Light of Allah as that in which these 3 children of Mary of fatima in 1917 at Portugal who appear as One Gate: and thus is seen the Door of the Ark of Salvation; as of the 3 Tiered Door of the Ark of Noah which they represent as the Hidden Imam; the Messiah of the Shia.

For the Pearl of Great Price is the Gate of Allah; the Golden Gate Heaven in the City of St. Francis that was opened in 1967; 50 years after 1917 and the Sun of Maryam al-Kubra; the Greater Son of the Greater Mary.

The Sufis are well aware of this; but what mankind has not been aware of is this: the host of the “high ones on high” of the angels that get judged at the end are they who suffered exile and disgrace in being cast out of their positions as that third of the host which would not worship the Image of God are they which are that host who actively sustain that Name of God that is


Hallaj al-Mansur knew of this when he wrote of Iblis on Mt. Sinai; a well-known work.

“for the Light of Damascus that St. Paul saw is of the Light of Allah.”

The Child of the Resurrection is the Cloud he Comes Upon

The problem for Islam is that Rev. Moon never mentioned the fact he despoiled Islam by not letting them know they were in reality the Second Israel, whose Blessing or “Baraka” had come to them ( as the Desert Tribes replaced the 12 tribes of Jacob: who were also the 12 grandsons of Isaac ); the Baraka of Israel was given to Mohammed as Mecca from the Jews of the First Israel and Jerusalem which was made a desolation when the First Israel left their position by killing the Messenger John as “the friend of the Bridegroom” in the position of Eliezer of Damascus and the Messiah; who was in the position of Isaac as “the Bridegroom”. No Isaac: no Jacob; and no Jacob: no ISRAEL.
THIS is why he said:
“Forgive them Father; they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

II Thessalonians 2:2-4

Ignoring the Antichrist: Rev. Moon and Islam

“Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the House of God, showing himself that he is God.”

The Prophets of Sufism

For the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God in His Wisdom; and as the Light of the heavens and the earth it is Allah who is the Book in which everything in the creation is inscribed: or it would not exist; because for something to exist it must be written; and this is Allah: the Light in which all was written so that it would then


As in the Day in which God

created the heavens and the earth.

 “…the horses of the Egyptians are flesh; and not spirit…”

The Book of Illyium; and the Secret of the Most High

“A City Not Forsaken” which is called “The Gospel of Salvation”.


The Crown of the Altar is the Seal of the Commandment

“He who lives by the Sword shall die by it…”

“Whoso liveth by the Sword shall Die by the Sword: here is the faith and patience of the saints”



  1. If we but dare to look at page 93 in chapter four of the book “God’s Warning to the World” by Rev. Moon which he wrote from Danbury prison in his 18 months ( seen as embodying the Number of the name of the beast as of the number 6+6+6 ) we see in his chapter 4 under the chapter heading “Christianity in Crisis” more than just a veiled threat; we see a sure promise by someone who decided that he would show America just how powerful he really was in setting up a condition for Satan to invade us in a very negative and unforgettable way. And the Antichrist Osama bin Laden did just that; but of course; you don’t know he WAS the Antichrist……
    The City of Sin

    Thus we have one ” calling down fired from heaven” by which his accomplice, the Antichrist Osama bin Laden had his “marching orders”.

    Rev. Moon begins on page 93; to wit;
    “When I first came to America, I went to New York and stood on Fifth Avenue during th rush hour. Suddenly tears began pouring down my face. I looked at the wonder of the Empire State Building and the magnificence of the New Trade Center–the tallest buildings in the world.

    But I asked myself,
    “Does God dwell in those buildings?”
    Then he goes on;
    “New York is becoming more and more a city without God.”
    “It is a city of crime. Such a beautiful city is now crumbling. I can see so much immorality and so many signs of godlessness in that city.
    It was shocking to my eyes as I stood watching during that rush hour. I could see so many things at once that are all intolerable in the sight of God.”
    It seems that Rev. Moon had already “passed his judgment” on that city; as Moon began to put New York City in the position of Babylon the Great. Perhaps the fallen city of Hollywood Babylon we know as LA, but New York City???

    But he did it anyway; and he picked out the Two Towers as symbolizing the spirit: and the pride, of that City. “Tallest buildings in the World” he said.

    Then he finishes with this:

    “I can really see that God is leaving the great city of New York.
    New York is instead becoming the city of evil”
    Wow; looks like he decided early that NYC was going to suffer the fate of those of which Rev. Moon disapproves: and that is why he never attained to the crown of life.

    Now let us examine II Thessalonians and the act of Judgment Osama bin Laden passed on New York City sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually by comparison.
    St. Paul writes this at II Thess. 2;2-5
    2:2: “That ye not be shaken in mind; nor troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the Day of Christ is at hand.
    2:3 “Let no Man deceive you by any Means:
    except a falling away first,
    and that Man of Sin be revealed; the Son of Perdition.”
    That “man of lawlessness” or “man of sin” was Osama Bin Laden: but now at his death we have the proof of thwo things: the Prodigal Son has come back and received the shows, the garment and the ring; the fatted calf who was the Antichrist, a devil with the Devil “in him” is the “fatted” one; and that was the Judas of Islam; Osama bin Laden; son the Laden the One-eyed Dajjal: from Yemen, let us not forget what the Seal Mohammed said about Yemen at the End.

    ” 9/10’s of all the evil in the world shall come from Yemen”. Pretty close to “…9/11…”; would not all agree??


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