The Judas of America: Joe Lieberman; Betrayer of his Sworn Duty


 “Politics is War by Civil Means; Civil War is Politics by Uncivil Arms”

                     Christopher Witt Diamant

            “The Grail is Perfection”


My Dear Americans;

      Today’s bad news is even worse than when President Nixon destroyed the American economy in the 70’s to halt the inexplicably fast rise of the new culture Theodore Roszak dubbed “the Counter-Culture” in his widely read book that documents it’s arrival.

        Lieberman is now walking in the footsteps ofNixonby betraying his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution by PROTECTING it and US the American People for which he should be IMPEACHED publically as having betrayed all the principles of a Public Servant of the PEOPLE of AMERICA he serves and NOT the Insurance Companies who own him in Conneticut who want to continue their crooked cabal that serves no one but a handful of Corporate thieves who masquerade as benefactors of the Public Interest and yet benefit only themselves.

    Let me give the virgins who don’t know what we are really up against by sharing a little bit of what I have written about in my forthcoming book; which deals in part with this:

      “When Nixon destroyed the sudden and incredible prosperity millions of young idealistic American youth unleashed that began generating in their buying power and gatherings he did so by a series of well-planned and carefully executed and staged moves; the chief among his goals being to wreck the publically funded Universities of California which were the best in the world at the time by making sure the Bircher frontman Ronald Reagan from their stronghold in Orange County came to power as Governor who managed in 8 short years to ruin the public funding of the Universities; and then to scare off all foreign investment and domestic speculation in the new market the Youth had opened up by taking America off the gold standard; wguch scared off all the European money; and any more investment in the American Market.

           He did this to stop the Counterculture from doing in a few short years what no one in the US government had ever thought was even possible: toppling the Establishment and the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower had so eloquently warned the American People about before he left office when Nixon was just their lapdog; and not the pit-bull he had yet to become for them and their interests.

          Nixon then reached out to another nation for advice which had just successfully put down a similar revolt of Enlightenment by killing 60 million of it’s own people: Red China; the “Scarlet Beast” ofthe “Revelation of St. John the Divine”; chapter 17.

        Now that I have unmasked the Scarlet beast of Revelation that carries the Great Whore of Global Capitalism on it’s back as the “owner” of most of the American Government’s National Debt I think it is time to reveal yet a little bit more of what is shortly to be published in my book that is “The Book of Life of the Lamb” in it’s “Opened” form under the title of “A City Not Forsaken: St. Francis and the Revelation of Salvation”; ( sub-title; “The Regeneration of John of Patmos; The ReMaterialization of the Beloved Apostle St. John the Divine” ).

    “It should come as no surprise that the Global Judas of Islam Osama bin Laden who is the “Antichrist” of the West and the “Masih Ad-Dajjal” of the East in the “Two Earthquakes”  ( now seen by those who have ears to hear and eyes to see ) should now be spawning his eveil brood here in America; now that it hath been revealed that Donald “Duck-your-Duty” Rumsfield let Osama bin Laden escape so we would go to Iraq instead so Dick Cheney as the former CEO of Haliburton could now have his company make billions of dollars on a war that if Osama bin Laden had been killed that day after he wrote his will when the American Officers had asked for jst 800 more men; if that had happened we would not have ended up fighting another war with people who had nothing to do with 9-11 at all; thus DONALD RUMSFIELD is GUILTY of an ACT OF TREASON for which he should BE HANGED in the PUBLIC SQUARE; along with his other conspirators Dick Cheney and the rest who let Osama bin Laden escape so we would invade Iraq and make billions for the War Machine that Dick Cheny and the others OWNED.

  Because THAT is EXACTLY what then HAPPENED:

   ………………. as GOD is MY JUDGE:

           and the 12 APOSTLE’S of THE LAMB are MY JURY !!!

        Now we have JOE Lieberman; single handedly having gone from Al Gore’s VP runing mate to being the Republikan Parite’s Hatchet-man; and act of infamy to which the Insurance Companies who own him in Conneticut will long be thankful.

           More is coming; stay posted; like Rev. Moon advising George Bush Senior to invade Iraq as Iraq and Iran are the Biblical nations of “Gog and Magog”; as Rev. Moon knew full well; having recently “anointed” Neil Bush as crown prince of America under his “Messiah” son Hyung Jin Moon; apparently “mortal” messiah’s are the Korean brand; not the Real One: the Wrath of the Lamb.

 For the Lamb on the White Horse is

                                  The Second Death

                and the Name of the Lamb is Christ Jesus;

                                             which means that

                                           the One who comes in the Name of Christ Jesus

               is the Holy One of God on which is written a NAME no one knows but he who WROTE it; and he on whom it is WRITTEN:

                                  “THE SECOND DEATH”

                having died in Christ as Sealed and is A Rose as Written

                 it is I who was given his Reward as the Child of the Resurrection,

                                               and theReReward as the Bride:

                                                   THE LAMB’S WIFE

                                                and I AM the Holy One of God:                             

                                             who comes in the Name of

                                            CHRIST JESUS:




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