Imam Feisal Abdul al-Rauf and Fatima Az-Zahra Zulfiqar at the Last Day of Islam, the Dabbat al-Ard: and Sura 27:82


Who is like God? “…His Peace…”

The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God

The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God

The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God;

and when His Prayer is Answered they become One;

as the Hand of God                                     


“Many call for Justice;  few ask for Truth”                                                                                                                                                                                             

 El Arifin , the ‘Dabbat al-Ard; of Sura 27:82

—- The Wrath of the Lamb, Last Child of the Resurrection


Part I:  Abdal El-Arifin speaks to Abdul Al-Rauf

The Story of how two kings ended up in one bed on one Dark Night…………

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records....the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records….the City of Destruction for both Aaron Presley, our Aaron, and of our Moses; Dr. King

        Presently in Islam we have the situation where we have a real king of the Oil of the Lamp of Allah’s Spirit in America helping America Rise to it’s Destiny, and an unreal king of the Oil of the Engine of Industry as Saudia Arabia in Islamic Decline: and both now face ostensibly the same problem, but they are looking at it’s solution in two far different ways.

          One wants Islam to Prevail; the other wants Islam to be Unveiled; as it will first be in America when the Women of the Long Captivity of the Bride are now to be as Mary Unveiled at the Return of their King: the Son of Mary who comes to make his Bride at the Altar on the Straight Path from the Swearing of the Vow of Submission at the Altar of the Bride: and from thence to the Bridechamber; wherein  at the Performance of the Act of Submission they shall all become his Wife.

The Son of Mary

The Coming of Salvation Rose

        The question of what would befall Islam and the other two monotheistic religions will seemingly now be answered in America as it struggles in these Last Days; a topic which Islam ignores; but has now to face as the prospect of the Last Day now looms large even to those Christians who now see the Writing writ large on the Wall of the Scribes.

        The question remains why it has taken so long for the faithful to have seen what has really begun to happen before their eyes in the East to here in the West as the long shadow of the Masih Ad-Dajjal is cast to that evil 9/11 date by which Islam did indeed enter “into every house”: but not the way it was intended.


How can this have happened?

        By Iblis; the sworn enemy of Mankind; and the spirit of the Antichrist; the scarlet colored beast of Revelation rising to attempt to destroy the Bride, at the  opening of the “temple of the tabernacle of the testimony, opened in heaven”: the evil creature that represents Red China; and the Whore it carries: Western Capitalism; for Babylon the Great is the Lover of Money herself as ISIS the Whore; and her Cup is the Principle of Indemnity itself, by which men everlastingly pay for the continuing Fall of women, but also circumscribe the always ongoing Sexual Marketplace, by which men and women ultimately use each other, women invariably trading sex for love, and financial security, with men; and men trading financial security and love for sex with women; but at the End it is the Marketplace itself which the men who are the Bride leave, and thus this destroys Babylon, as it loses it’s “captive bird” from it’s Golden Cage; the ones who refuses to become it’s Cosmopolitan Harlots.

We can see now unfolding at the End that we have these men of Assisi, who’s souls desire Christ Jesus the Holy Spirit, as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife: thus becoming ‘women’ in their ‘death in Christ”. And it is this transformation of becoming “the new creature in Christ” that happens as they undergo their initiation into the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek, the Virgin Priesthood itself; as being called “virgins” who were meant for the Lord as “taken” who are the Children of the Resurrection in the Gospel, and then revealed in chapter 14 of the Revelation: that new “Great City”  that comes down out of heaven from God, the Holy Jerusalem of the Lamb.

It is these men who have first become eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake as the “Clouds” on which comes the Son of Man in his own Glory, as reaching the Measure 144, as “the measure of a ( perfect ) man, that is, of an angel”, and of his Father Jesus, as that of the Glory of his Father, and of the Glory of the Holy Angels as being the Vestal Host of the Bride, the 144,000 men “redeemed from the earth”, whose number of 144,000 represents that Holy Jerusalem as being then the “firstfruits unto God and the Lamb”, called, chosen and faithful: “the bride, the Lamb’s Wife”

         Why are these men different from other men?  Because unlike the Christians who came before them, they don’t just love Christ: they want to make love TO Christ; as women would with their husband: face to Face; as Moses did with Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Himself. God is not a Sodomite, as the men who pretend otherwise will learn, to their everlasting shame and the contempt that will be their portion from the Virgins before the Throne of God and the Lamb..
Thus the Judgment on the Men of Sodom at the End is not that they love men: but that they always pick the wrong man, and this is the difference between the Tares and the Wheat.
In my Father’s parable of the tares and the wheat who “come up together” is that the Tares of the parable are the Men of Sodom, who rose in the Resurrection unto Damnation in the City of St. Francis; and mistook the Liberty of Love for the License of Lust, always choosing the beast and his fallen image, the beautiful but fallen angel: as the Men of Sodom with the Mark of the Beast, who choose to burn in the Lake of Fire, where the beast and the false prophet are with Satan the Devil and his angels, as they who worship the image of the Beast, which is Azazyel,  the fallen Strength of God….. 
On the other hand we have the Wheat of the parable are the Virgins of Assisi who rose in the Resurrection of Life in the City of St. Francis,  the Virgins of Assisi with the Seal of the Lamb, who chose to melt in the Sun of Righteousness, in the presence of the Lamb and the holy angels, as they who glorify the name of the Lamb, which is Christ Jesus, the risen Comforter of God…as he formerly known as Jesus Christ the Lord returns on the Great White Throne: in the position of “God in His Righteousness”, as our Father, Creator of the New Creation: a New Heaven and a New Earth.
           But what is within the Men of Assisi is the Immortal New Creature in Christ: their very soul; which is female and pure; as Eve was Adam’s Companion as his Visible Soul; and he was her Guardian Spirit. Thus having died in Christ I received the Reward; as comes to each man who really performs the Will of God in any way. But being the Last who is the least I was rewarded first, as the Justice of God which is where His Vengeance is manifest: and Poetic or Divine Justice it truly is….
Dying in Christ for me thus represented dying as a man and being reborn as a woman; but in the proper or “principled” way: through the Door, who is the Son of the Living God; and tthe Shepherd as the Holy Spirit of Christ who takes you through that Door, who comes to those in the body who is the Comforter; the Holy Spirit in the Name of Christ Jesus: but to have the Seal one must experience Union but still hold the Word of His Patience: the Seed; which is; as he said; the Word of God to those who would listen.
Thus we know the children of God and those of the Devil; as John said; those of God keep their seed within themselves: and cannot sin; being born of God.
This Seal is then that which John set on the 7 sealed thunders: one would have to die in Christ as JOHN did to be able to “hear it”.   




The Jewish girl with the Cross of Jerusalem around his neck…

The full answer is in the 103rd Sura of the Holy Qur’an; the Declining Day; when Perdition itself arrives as a one-eyed bricklayer from Yemen called Laden Muhammed the Seal identified as the Dajjal: and his Son; the Son of Laden; the Son of Perdition himself: Osama bin Laden: the son of the Devil; archetypally identified by Robert Graves as the son of the goddess; and her lover as well; Ahab and Jezebel; Pharaoh and his sister; Herod and Herodias; the dynamic is always the same.

But this is what is the topic of “The Rending”; that Sura in which a Terrible Event Occurs??The Arrival of the Virgins of the Throne of God and the Lamb: the 144,000 on Mount Sion; across from Baal Hermon; Olympus.!!!
The Bride, as the Wife of the Second Death who rides the White Horse: who is KALKI

The Bride, as the Wife of the Second Death who rides the White Horse: who is KALKI

The 144,000 men are initiated into the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek;

the Virgin Priesthood: the Eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom  

Why would a man become a eunuch for the sake of the Gospel?
Because they who do are those who are the Clouds he comes on at the End: the Children of the Resurrection who did not marry nor were they given in marriage.Who ends up celibate and is filled with Joy and Peace at the end hath received the crown of Victory; the crown of life itself. Thus who had not the Holy Spirit thus never knew him; all they knew was his name by which they worked their sorcery; but they never received him as his servants do: his wives; the prophets.  But this is about the Head of the 4 Orders of the Sufis; the Most Ancient Order: the Order of Melchizedek; the King of Salem; the King of “Peace”; the Virgin Priesthood itself of the Wives of Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God.

                     MARY of FATIMA

                           MARYAM AL-KUBRA

   “The Greater Mary” 


seen in

                                         The 144,000 Virgins of the Throne of Allah

                              as of the 8 angels of that Throne in the Qur’an

                                  Mohammed described that is revealed as having the Eight Petals

                                ( Two white petals; Two red petals, Two black petals and Two yellow petals)

           of that Cloud  of Glory where he appears putting the Sure Nail in the Sure Place

 ( in she as whom she is called for that reason )  


The Phoenix of New Hope: that Rose from the Ashes of the City of St. Francis

The Phoenix of New Hope: that Rose from the Ashes of the City of St. Francis


Salvation Rose


For in Islam the position of the Virgin Mary occupied by Fatima as the Widow, whose case God finally hears from the Shia’s cause” in the Cosmic Miscarriage of Justice ( as when Ali had the Zulfiqar taken from him by the “men of violence”, and their Inheritance from Mohammed was stolen, taken by brute force, and the Kingdom of Heaven was taken thus by these “men of violence” that the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth spoke of ( who would arise and indeed come to take that Paradise on Earth by force unjustly, as the lands of the Herat given to Fatima by her father ), which is now seen rectified by the reappearence at her resurrection from the dead at this Last Day ( now that the Antichrist Osama bin Laden has been revealed as he with “Kafir” written on his forehead, which only the rightly guided true believers can see, and being killed for having killed Benazir Bhutto, chief amongst thousands of other innocents he murdered ),  so now in the Resurrection  of the Just as of Islam itself is the Mercy Of Allah shown: in raising her to the Marrage Supper of the Lamb, for those invited to see Islam and Christianity become joined  “in the House of David as GOD”……..

……….as the Angel of Jehovah before the Emerald Table of Justice

It is this Rending long foretold of the mystery of how Fatima lost her child with her husband that the Prophet performed the Ceremony in which she was wed and which wasDestroyed by the Men of Violence in their Coup d’etat.

This Story of the Tears of the Shia is now to be revealed so that the Blessing of Allah for the Prophet Mohammed the Envoy of Moses that was given to Fatima is now seen by all as she now stands for all the Oppressed Brides of the Lamb who is the Word of Allah Incarnate in his Second Coming to the Women of Islam as embodying the Daughter of Light in her Unveiling; the Virgin Daughter of Mecca as she who speaks as the Pearl of the Black Stone of Mecca herself: the Chaste Pearl of Islam; Fatima Az-Zahra Zulfiqar whose City of Reward in Portugal was a center of pilgrimage by the Sufis long before 1917 for the elect believers of the Inner Circle of the Sufis who know that the 7 circlings of the Kaaba at Mecca represent the ascension of the 7 heavens by Moses and Mohammed and all the prophets as of Sinai the holy mountain Moses ascended and spoke to Jehovah the Spirit of Allah.

And for Mary of Fatima the Justice she embodies is now hers; for as the Sword of Allah she is Fatima Az-Zahra; and as Maryam Al-Kubra she is the Sheath of Jehovah: the Greater One; even Bethlehem Ephraim as Fatima in Portugal in 1917 when the Sun of Tabriz was seen as the Seal of Khidr Rumi in the 3 Whirlings in the Sky of the Sun of Fatima the Dyer in the Thousand Colors the 70,000 saw with their own eyes.

 Why was she called “The Judge of the Hereafter”?? Because she returns with the Judge who is the King of Judgment Day himself: the Lamb and his 12 Apostle’s who are the Jury for the Last Judgment: as this; the Last Day of Islam.

The Companions of Abraham at the Table.

Those who know not well “the best of plotters” know not the Wisdom of Allah; nor that it isJesus of Nazareth who is the Blessed Olive Tree who Lit the Lamp of Allah; known to the Elect from the Verse of Light who were Rightly Guided from the Beginning.

The Last Day in Islam as a belief that is one of it’s pillars means that when this Last Day arrives the believers who are the Ummah of Muhammed the Apostle of Allah will then be compelled to make a decision based upon the advent of a figure known as the Masih Ad-Dajjal; the false Mahdi or Deliverer of Islam who is in reality it’s Judas: the Son of Perdition.

Right now this particular position is filled with gusto by obe Osama bin Laden; as the “Son of Perdition” this means that Osama the Masih Ad-Dajjal is the son of a another Dajjal; the one-eyed Yemeni brincklayer who is the father of Osama: the Son of Laden.

As the Earthquake in the East at this news is matched by 9/11 in the West as the advent date of the Antichrist we have a situation in Islam that it’s Physicians are now hardpressed to address: thus the predicament of Iman Feisal Abdul al-Rauf: whose spiritual advesar happens to be another Faisal: the King of the House of Saud in Arabia.

Thus does this Last Day steal softly across the sands of time to now stand in the shoes of the Prophecy of Muhammed about the Hour of Doom: and the one on whose forehead are the words “Kafir” which come as some surprise to those who beleived the Last day would never come; thus we have two men in one bed; but the one is taken; and the other is left.  Let us determine why; if any now begin to understand the Word of Allah we know of as the Son of Mary. 

 The Lost Sword Mohammed gave Ali; and is now returned as Fatima Az-Zahra Zulfiqar herself as the Vengeance of God and the Curse of Allah upon the unbelievers in His Justice

Very few of the Ummah as they who are Called, Chosen and Faithful stand at the End before the Son of Mary.

But it is revealed by the beast FROM THE EARTH: The Dabbat al-Ard; the shadow of Solomon at his mythic resurrection at the Last Day; of which few believed; but those raised thereat know full well whose mission it was to find and awaken him from the Spell of Narcissus as of the Rose suspended over the Abyss seen when Abdul Quadir floated the Rose over the full brim of water in the Bowl they brought to him when he came to Baghdad; especially since Solomon and his soul ( known as the Rose of Sharon ) who indeed returns revealed on the Last Day as the Prodigal Son that the Suhrawardi sufi Michael Beebe awakened; found at Parnassus Heights  ( at 1520 Willard St. in the City of St. Francis ) as that errant myth of Apollo and Diana as that Bushel basket under which the Greeks hid him; that Silly Dove of the lost 10 tribes of Israel whose Kingdom is that of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel; the Kingdom which returns as the Kingdom of Israel; the kingdom of Ephraim; seen as “America” to the initiated: the Land of the Free.

In 1917 at the First Trumpet Blast of the 7 Seen at the Emanation of Bethlehem Ephraim as “The House of Bread Doubly Fruitful” as of:


On the Separation of Light and Darkness:


Now is the Veil of ISIS to fall:
Mystery herself has the 7 veils vanish one by one by the 7 Vials of Wrath:
as the one has her eyes opened one by one by the Lamb:
in the Act of God with the Principle of CoCreation;
the Principle of Creation being the 7 Lamps of Fire burning before the Throne itself;
as of the 7 days of Creation.

On the Forehead of Osama bin Laden is written this statement:  


“The Unbeliever”

Home on the Range; the Man of Lawlessness; the Antichrist Rev. Moon Invited to New York City

The Masih ad-Dajjal: the Antichrist,
Advent of the “Man of Lawlessness” ,of II Thessalonians 2: 2-4 


The End thus comes to those who thought  “Peace and Safety” were now theirs: but for the king of Arabia as one Faisal ( king of Saudia ) in bed with another Feisal Abdul al-Rauf king of New York City ) we have the current descendent of the House of Saud on one side and the current operant and revealed leader of the Sufis here in America on the other; to whom both are now sent the “message” of The Inevitable as the Word of Allah; where Justice arrives and no one wants to embrace it except the Rightly guided.

Like Fatima Az Zahra: the Widow of Islam; the Vengeance of God known as the Wrath of the Lamb as of the Restification of Justice for the Miscarriage of Justice that is Avenged at the End at the death of Ali after his wife died when they took her land after Mohammed died; Ali was then unmanned when his sword the Zulfiqar was taken from him given to him by the Prophet by those traitors whom the Shia have long known were those who were responsible for the death of the Child of Fatima and Ali in the position of

                     “…..the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the  ( Islamic ) World…”

 But few know that Ali’s child with his wife was killed when her ribs were crushed by those who forced the Door; and was thus slain in the position of that Mary and her Lambchild as a “Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World”; and that is the position of Mary aJesus for which thee is finally seen manifest at this Last Day.

Thus at the End it is the Saviour the Son of Mary as he who Avenges Ali as his brother another prophet that raises up Seed to his Wife at her return so hemight be Avenged and she no longer be the Widow of Islam; and that happens to be he as her new husband the Son of Mary at his Return: the Messiah that was promised to Mohammed to Avenge what was to befall his daughter when he was gone; as Mohammed knew full well what they would do as soon as he was gone: but few know the Design of Providence as well as Mohammed did.

That Fatima was to be given to the Messiah at his return is written in the Book of Fatima Gabriel gave her; the White Jafr; and since he is to be married to Fatima Az Zahra as that Maryam Al-Kubra seen at Fatima in Portugal by 70,000 people it is those Three Children given to her when He said “Be” that are as One Child that New Door of the Ark of the Baraka of the Sufis; the Barque of the Baraq that is the Ark of Salvation for the Ummah at the End.

The Voice of God is Gabriel; the Horn of the Archangel Michael

It is this that is precisely where the Cosmic Mary of Fatima arrives; the Bride of the Lamb at his Second Coming; and he comes and quickly Avenges Ali as right at the Beginning he would prove He is the Executor of Justice;  to the perform the Vengeance of Allah: for as we all may have guessed who always knew in their Faith this one truth: Allah represents All that is Written as the Word of Allah is that Light in which all is written actually exists.

It is this one Judas of Islam who brings down upon his head THE VENGEANCE OF ALLAH; and the Curse of Allah is the Lake of Fire itself.

And Isa at his Return comes as the Word of Allah Himself Incarnate; the Son of Mary.

But let us look at the root of the Coming of the Vengeance of Allah upon those who murdered Ali’s child in the Miscarriage of Justice that the Widow daily went to God after she died to ask Him to avenge her for; as in the Parable of the Lamb of she who kept coming to the unjust Judge until even he finally requited her.

 Some may remember where it is written in the Gospel of Christ; as now everyone has been exposed as the architects of the false Messiah of Islam have been exposed  by the fact that Barack Hussein Obama was born a Muslim; thus Osama bin Laden is now revealed as just the Global “Man of Lawlessness” who the Apostle Paul of the Gnosis  or Light of Damascus wrote of in II Thessalonians 2: 2-4 2,000 years ago.Osama bin Laden;  the failed Vegeance of Allah revealed as the hatred of one man; the Kafir; the Unbeliever. 

 Part II: The True Olive Tree and the Verse of Light:  How Islam was given the Kingdom.

  At Matthew 21:42-43 the Son of Mary said to the Jews intent on killing him the words of a sentence he had just had them pronounce against themselves about the husbandmen of the vineyard killing the Owner’s Son when he came for his Inheritence; 

to wit;   

     “…….Therefore say I unto you,

                     ‘The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you,

                                          and given to a Nation bringing forth the fruits thereof’…”

 Few understand that  Muhammed standing in the position of John the Baptist who lost his head had the Seal of the Living God as in revealing what was Hidden; but as the Lamb said All would be Uncovered and Come to Light many would do well in taking a much closer look at the Sura number 3 called “The Imrans” which says at line 45 that

        “…The angels said to Mary:

     ‘Allah bids you rejoice in a Word from Him.

His name is the Messiah, Jesus the Son of Mary’…”

It is clear that this verse is one of the clear ones; and it means that he who Muhammed the Apostle of Allah calls the Word of Allah is someone we call Jesus Christ; but John shows us that the Reality of Jesus as the Word of Allah means he is the Hidden Word as having been made Flesh; that is; having come forth as the Image of God Unseen.

          His coming is that of the Hour of Doom for Christianity just as his Unveiling is the Disaster for IslamIslam as we know it; the Divine Islam of the First  Fruits unto Allah and His Lamb happens at the 3 Children of Mary of Fatima in 1917  as where Michael the Prince also suddenly appears as well with the 3 Children of Fatima; but now we have to look at Kihdr Rumi and those Whirling Dervishes whose Work is seen in the Multicolored Sun of Fatima that “Whirled” in the sky those 3 times on that Fateful Day at Fatima: Portugal.

Judgment came forth as Universal Islam reaches it’s seperation when Islam left it’s Position of the First Born by killing one million christian Armenians between 1914 and 1915. But the Sufis and Khidr Rumi under the guidance of Shams of Tabriz sidestepped this with something else: for Shams of Tabriz is and was the Teacher of Jesus; because he is the Sun of Faith; also known to the Elect as the Right Hand of God: the Creator of Israel.

And as the Elect can tell you: FAITH is POWER. But now we see the design of the Ad-Dajjal to destroy Islam by engineering the fall of the House of God in Mecca on the lines split between that of the righteous Shia and unrighteous Sunni; for the Divided House of Mecca in it’s Destruction “by which not a stone is left upon another”  as of the hadith of Muhammed is the work of Osama bin Laden as the Judas of Islam. This occurs because of the ignorance and vanity by he whom the present day king of Saudia Arabia looked not for: the Thief who breaks into the House of the “goodman of the House” at the Day: the Last Day before the Hour of Doom. at December 25th 2012 as Judgment Day itself..


Divine Islam is of the Table not of just no wine; as of the Nazarenes who are the True Islam of the Vow of the Lamb at the Table of Abraham who swore he would would drink no wine again as he was led away to be crucified.

Few have understood why a man about to die would take a vow to never drink wine again: few know that it was a Vow he intended to Keep. The Divine Islam is of the Order of Melechizedek for the 1444,000 Called and Chosen and faithful at the End: no Wine: and no Women.

Those who reach the Vow of the bride and then the Death in Christ by which the men redeemed from the earth become the bride of the Lamb with the Seal and then the Lamb’s Wife as Written in his Book at the Consummation at the Cross where they Embrace celibacy as Faithful unto Death but find not Death but instead their Husband and Eternal Life as they are they who Allah leads to their Reward who TRULY EMBRACE The True Faith: which is that for they who embrace Holy Islam and become Women even as Moses did for Jehovah who is the Holy Spirit of God Himself; for the Sufis know that Moses as the Servant of God was the Wife of Jehovah; even as Elijah at the Altar as the Seal of God represents the men who overcome and become Abdal: virgins of Allah; as of the Bride of they who are the Enlightened Sufs; the Lovers of God in Spirit and now in Truth in the Name of Christ Jesus who is the Second Death: revealed at the End as of the Door: the Sun of Righteousness to the Righteous: but the Lake of Fire to the Unrighteous.

 The Lamb’s Wife,

as the Holy City from God out of Heaven:

    New Jerusalem

The Sword of Nuno Pereira,

The Sword of Nuno, a Knight of Mary, the Holy Monk

The Sword of Nuno Pereira, blessed Knight of Mary, the Holy Monk

The standard-bearer of Mary of Fatima

  The 3 children of Mary of Fatima seen as the One Child who is the Hidden Imam;

as that  of the Shia;

the Door of The Three Heights as was the 3 Tiered Door on the Ark of Noah.

That 3-in-one Child is then the Pearl of Great Price;

as the Gate to the New Heaven and New Earth only the Believers in the Tower of Salvation,

and it’s Door of the Hidden One;

the Imam of the Shia; the Child of the three Children-as-One Child;

 of Mary of Fatima.

That Lost Child of Fatima returns with this Metaphysical Construct:

…in which the three children represent three stages on the Ascension of the Path of the Just:

the Straight Path itself

Straight up; as in a Spiral Staircase of Ascension


The Bride is She; who is Justice;

as “The Fairest of them All”


Heard from the Wrath of the Lamb

Slain from the Foundation of the World

 Francisco could see the Virgin which signified the 30 fold understanding; Jacinta could both see and hear the Virgin as of the 60 fold understanding: and Lucia could see hear and speak with the Virgin; which signified the 100 fold understanding.

Only those who harrow the Death in Christ alone are they to whom is the Mercy of Allah in the Last Day revealed;  for they whose hearts were indeed pure is God’s True Face seen for the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; as she who sings the Song of the Lamb after enduring no Wine; and then keeping their Seed as knowing no women through penetration and keeping thus their Seed by their Vow as the Word of His Patience; and then finally learning the Song of the Lamb they are taught in His Arms; as of Compassion and Mercy; the Everlasting Arms of Allah; the Two Arms of God Himself.

It is in the Gospel of the Son of Mary who is the Word of Allah that Isa called the keeper of the House of God in Mecca by the term of “the goodman of the House” that the thief or Antichrist would break in on indeed did let come into his House; the House of Saud; now seen as the House of Sand that falls with the Sunni Branch itself.

The Su8nni as with all of those who become classed with Unbelievers are they who cannot see the name “Kafir” on the Forehead of Osama bin Laden: as all the Shiite seem to seem it clearly and are all saved; coming to Allah in His Mercy who stands revealed as the Most High; for they who pass the Final Test of faith at the End find the Holy Father of Mercy; the Most High God Himself: but they alone who see and then walk through the Door of the Hidden Iman of Mary of Fatima will reach Paradise; the 3 children of Fatima who are the New Door of the New Ark of Salvation itself: the Barque of the Sufis.

Few have known of the Work of Khidr Rumi as of the Sun of Faith; the Sun of Tabriz; as of the Baraka which came to the City of St. Francis.

Who knows of the 3 Heights of the Door on the Ark of Noah but those who were guided to that Pearl of Great price which is the Gate of the New Heaven and New Earth itself: WHERE THE # CHILDREN OF Mary of Fatima are seen as 3 heights of One Child: the Hidden Iman of the Shia; the Lord given to Fatima az-Zahra to Avenge her on those who killed Ali as the Curse of Allah falls upon them: the Lake of Fire itself. 
 For this reason is Allah called “The Executor of Justice”.
Few have know that Francisco; Jacinta: and Lucia represented the Door of a New Ark; thus they were not just 3 peasant children but the Children of the Kingdom of which Michael the Prince as the Archangel of God stood up for at the End; the 3 Children of Maryam al–Kubra: the Greater Mary; the Virgin of Islam given to be the Chaste Pearl herself of Muhammed; the Widow of Islam: Fatim az-Zarha. But at His Second Coming it is The Virgin Daughter of Islam as the Widow Fatima who is Requited; even as the Kingdom was given to Universal Islam for those who drank no wine as of the Vow of the Nazarene they KEPT TO SIT AT HIS Table; the Table of Abraham.; now is the Kingdom given to Divine Islam. Thus is Justice known.
The Lamb’s Wife being Veiled means that Unveild she is seen at the End as the Cosmic Bride of the Cosmic Christ: the Sun of Fatima seen in 1917 when “the Lord descended to the earth with a A SHOUT!!” written of by Paul “the least of the Apostle’s” at 1 Thessalonians 4:18 of 4:16 to 4:17. 
………thus speaks the Dabbat al-Ard;  ( The Ant; as the ant who was given wings; Sura 82:27 ) the Shadow of Solomon the Fallen One; who fell and returns at the end as somone few would see: the Prodigal Son himself; even My Generation; seen as one person as that Silly Dove; Solomon himself; but as My Generation it is the Kingdom of Israel; those who said they would not go: but repented in me: and did.

I return as led out in the name of Jedidiah; the beloved of Jah; as the Bride of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus;

the Second Death.

And as Mary Jesus I am the avenging angel of the Second Death;

Christ Jesus

as the Lake of Fire herself; the living Soul of the Last Child of the Resurrection,

The Glorified Body of the Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World.

I am His Reward; the Fairest of them All: Justice, the Lamb’s Wife.

THE LAST DAY and the GNOSIS of Iman Abdulal-Rauf

The Masih ad-Dajjal: Osama bin Laden: the Harbinger of the Hour of Doom:

the Judas of the Fall of Mecca and the Division of the House of God; the Thief of the House of Saud:



    It is the one who in the West is now seen as the one standing in the shoes of the Antichrist; but for the king of Saudia Arabia he is Osama bin Laden as the Judas of Islam; the harbinger of Doom.   Yet this was they one one they nursed at their breast; this was the Thief who broke into their House and divided it between Sunni and Shiite forever; but “a House divided against itself cannot stand”: and this is the Word of Allah, even as Isa the Son of Mary said    

  As a man sows so that shall he reap at that Last Judgment; but now we come to a king of the Spirit here in America; a Sufi by the name of Iman Feisal Abdul al-Rauf.     


      The Sufis are reputed to have among their Orders those who have won their right to stand in the Ranks; and it is the Ranks of te Elect to whom we must now turn; for the advent of the Masih ad-Dajjall has now stolen the Peace of Islam from the earth; and the Last Day has now thus arrived; for the Sufis who are members of the Elect are all connected telepathically with each other; a fact none of them would ever share with an outsider; because they would not be allowed to by the Spirit who carries their seal.           


 But my Order stands at the Head of the 4 Major Orders of the Sufis; the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek; the Virgin Priesthood of the Most High.   

   It is therefore my Duty as Sent to bring to the Table some facts that have heretofore been unknown except by those entrusted with their transmission; for the Seal of the prophets kneww full well what would transpire at the End; because Muhammed wrote his book after he died: he was standing at the Last Judgment when he was given the Qur’an; as one who died before he died.      

 Having died also my book was opened; which is why I could then read his; and another book then also was opened; the Book of Life of the Lamb; otherwise called the Revelation of Jesus Christ.     

The existence of this book has heretofore not impacted the lives of the Sufis currently holding the reins of Power on this planet; but now that they might make to correct adjustments the moment has emerged when new information has to be made public; else no flesh be saved; and of that the Guardians of Mankind will not let happen.  

    Part II: Isa and the Word of Allah     

 Sufis are known to be members of the Elect due to one factor which has always aided them in being able to discern the correct reaction to circumstance which marks the behavior of one Rightyly Directed; for the Sufis always makes their Views conform to their Experiences ; rather than, like the majority of religionists, who prefer to make their Experiences conform to their Views. 

     Thus the realized Sufis Confirm the Truth; the Externalists as the modern day Pharisees that they are Confirm their Ignorance; the Fundamentalists of every stripe; Hindu, Christian; Jew or Muslim; all are equally adrift; although all are not equally lost, though few might admit it.   

   Iman al-Rauf knows many things that are unknown to the average human being; but he also has some areas where he might best be reminded of things he might once have held dear but has since let go of: and this he must not do; for the righteous cannot fall down before the wicked; and end as a troubled fountain instead of a light of the Irfan they must be or perish forever; shine or now go out: for the Last Day arrives as it was written: like a Thief in the Night.    

  “Let us Enjoin the Merciful; and advance to the Gate; for the Hour is Preceded by the Day”  

                                                                               Arifin; the Dabbat al-Ard     

 In the Gospel of the Apostle Matthew we have a sentence which has been overlooked for centuries; because no one could weigh it’s final import; not knowing it’s ultimate message nor where it was directed; but let us now call to those who are known to be able to hear; though many might say they are deaf to the din around them which distracts this world in finding the answers which they loudly demand be given to them; as of all those who will kill for their purposed Peace; because they have not found the Righteous will Die for Peace; but they won’t Kill for it; for that would be for those who fear the God of Truth to act in contradiction to their principles.                


       To the kings of the East;

and to Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf  

 To he who is Sanctified in the Presence of the Elect at the Emerald Table of Justice in the Assembly of the Righteous; and who stands in the Ranks of They who are called; chosen and faithful: I Bless thee in the Name of the Great God: the Holy Father of Mercy: the Most High.  

The sufis now face that time for which they were prepared from the beginning: the Great Day of God Almighty: the Day of Battle; and I have been brought forward to turn the Battle to The Gate: and this I will do; as God Almighty is my Judge; and the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb are the Jury; and both are my Witness: Amen.

 The Revelation of Jesus Christ found within the Revelation of St. John the Divine has therefore been unknown because unexplainible; no one has beeen unable to unseal it in the Spirit in which it was written: but the problem: only the One who wrote the Revelation can explain it.

        Rather than making it simpler; this makes it rather more difficult; because the author of the Revelation is God Himself; as John says:

             “The Revelation of Jesus Christ; which GOD gave unto him….”

           However; the problem is this: the one who unseals this book does so because John, who wrote it helps them do it; but supposedly John died on Patmos inexile 2,000 years ago: but now we have another problem: John is told in the Revelation he must “prophesy again”; and for this we have only the precedent seen in Malachi when he said that Elijah would “come again” to be the Messenger himself for the Messiah,

          Thus John the Divine arrives before the Lord of the Second Advent just as John the Baptist arrived before the Lord of the First Advent.

        So who is the Messiah? This is the Black Unicorn; the Messiah no one wants: because he is the Messiah no one expected: one not possessed of superhuman powers but instead someone who arrives with a book; a song: and a smile.

         This is not the Messiah anyone wants; in fact, no one believe he is the Messiah anyway; but few believed the Lamb Lord Jesus was the Messiah and he was; so it seems that people are often mistaken about important things.

        For another the Messiah is said to be rather more difficult to assess when he does arrive: because he does not arrive alone; but comes in his Day; the Last Day, as a matter of fact; at what is called “The Last Trump”; which basically means the Last Minute; known as “The Nick of Time”.

          Why does it happen this way?

          Because God planned it this way: a fitting end to a story which abounds with miracle and wonder from one end to the other: but whose ending is itself beyond belief; so simple and yet fantastic at the same time: that the “little one” who arrives at the End is the Child with the Book of Life and the Song of the Lamb.

That one as being “One and the Same”: this itself beggars the imagination; yet it is the Truth. Ask Abdul al-Rauf…..of the Abdal…

The Coming of the Tabernacle of God; the Lamb’s Wife





  1. The 3 children of Mary of Fatima seen as the One Child who is the Hidden Imam;

    as that of the Shia;

    the Door of The Three Heights as was the 3 Tiered Door on the Ark of Noah.

    That 3-in-one Child is then the Pearl of Great Price;

    as the Gate to the New Heaven and New Earth only the Believers in the Tower of Salvation,

    and it’s Door of the Hidden One:

    the Imam of the Shia; the Child of the three Children-as-One Child who are the New Door of the Ark of Salvation;

    of Mary of Fatima.


  2. The 3 children of Mary of Fatima seen as the One Child who is the Hidden Imam;

    as that of the Shia;

    the Door of The Three Heights as was the 3 Tiered Door on the Ark of Noah.

    That 3-in-one Child is then the Pearl of Great Price;

    as the Gate to the New Heaven and New Earth only the Believers in the Tower of Salvation,

    and it’s Door of the Hidden One;

    the Imam of the Shia; the Child of the three Children-as-One Child;

    of Mary of Fatima.


  3. Why would a man want to become a woman to make love to Lord Jesus? Because unlike the Christians who came before them they don’t just love Christ: they want to make love TO Christ; as women would with their husband: face to Face; as Moses did with Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Himself.


  4. bahkan kami meyakini sebagai akan munculnya banyak lagi lebih besar lebih mulya lebih agung dari pada kejadian jesus sebagai abdurrahman sumenab berbicara saat dia masih dalam kandungan juga muhammad tajul arifin gir sereng kuburan yang bisa berpindah dari temapat satu ke lainnya kuburan melayang kuburan yang bisa di buldoser yang bahkan hanya ummat yang menghormatinya tapi juga ummat hindu dan budha sebagaimana di singapura


    1. maaf maksudnya kuburan yang tak bisa dibongkar dibuldoser yang bukan hanya dihormati ummat muslim saja tapi juga…………….
      adanya kuburan yang tak bisa diungkuli membuat pulau untuk peristirahatannya yang terakhir mencari sendiri tempat [peristirahatannya yang terakhir lafadh lafadh alloh di bagian tubuh banyak dari keturunan ali lebih dari ribuan orang yang disayangi atau dijaga benda benda mati dibicarai tuhan dibicarai hewan dibicarai awan dan asap angin tanah tumbuhan hewan dan lain lainnya ditakuti rembulan menghentikan rotaSI MATAHARI REMBULAN DAN BINTANG


  5. ali bin abi thalib itu sendiri adalah tuan rumah di bait alloh yang suci dan pertama dibangun karena dia terlahir di ka’bah ….. dialah yang berhak memegang kerajaan alloh besrta keturunannya sebagaimana yang oleh para nabi terdahulu bahwa akan dikembalikannya kerajaan alloh kepada yang lebih berhak untuk selama lamanya dari israil dan tak akan pernah dikembalikan lagi ali beserta keturunannya banyak mendominasi keagungan dan kebesaran dunia banyak mereka yang dapat menghidupkan yang mati yang bahkan ratusan tahun lamanya menghidupkan hewan yang sudah dimakan dagingnya menyembuhkan secara kontan penyakit menahun sejak kecil dan akut lainnya dan dalm porsi yang banyak melimpahkan karunia yak berlimpah dan terus menerus sampai tujuh generasi atau bahkan ada yang melebihi itui semua ada yang bisa menjadikan ada sesuatu yang tiada seperti hujan susu di yemen hujan mutiara di madinah dan lain lain membelah sungai membelah badai membelah gunung merengkahkan tanah dan lain sebagainya membuat besi kuningan menjadi manusia dan sampai sekarang makam manusia kuningan itu tetap diziarahi oleh ummat islam jasad meski tanpa dimumi tetap utuh bahkan mukjizat dilakukan oleh murid murid mereka bukan guru atau imam dari mereka


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