“Something New Under the Sun”, Ringolevio and Paul Kelly, aka “Emmett Grogan”, and the Book of Revelations





Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory

                      Entering the Kingdom: the Politics of Paradise
Let us take another look at what happened during a certain time and a season which few remember and fewer understood; but the Biblical precedent was well set; and the culmination of Prophecy is that it is finally fulfilled; else it’s not prophecy: it’s bullshit. 
So what I write about is where the bullshit stops and the Prophecy begins; for the Kingdom in it’s Coming is seen by where “the harlots and the publicans go into the Kingdom” ahead of the scribes and Pharisees; which in our Day were the lawyers and businessmen; all supposedly good christians; all perfectly decent law-abiding citizens: the Day which came like a Thief in the Night; the one in which the Son of Man arrives: unseen.
What was this Day? Even this one; seen at the Apostle Matthew;
   “For I say unto you:
               ‘ That except your righteousness shall exceed
                      “the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees”,
          ……ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.”
These words were spoke to the People before the 12 Apostles; who were also being instructed at the same time; for when the scribes and Pharisees came to the Lamb of God and asked him by what authority he spoke by he answered by asking them a question they would not answer: and so he refused to answer them for the same reason.
And what was that reson? That written here: for  the Lamb asked them then this; to wit; at Matthew 21:28; to wit;
    “But what think ye? A certain man had two sons; and he came to the first, and said, “Son, go work today in my vineyard.”
       He answered and said, “I will not”: but afterward he repented, and went.
      And he came to the second, and said likewise,
                 and the second son answered and said “I go sir”: and went not.
Which of them did the will of his father?”
At this the scribes and Pharisees all said “The first”.
Then the Son of Man said:
           “Verily I say unto you,
         “..That the publicans and harlots go into the Kingdom of God before you.”
And they were shocked; but not as shocked as they’re gonna be!!
Joshua Abraham Norton; as one who was ."...Even as ye have done it unto the least of these: ye have done it unto me..."

Joshua Abraham Norton; as one who was .”…Even as ye have done it unto the least of these: ye have done it unto me…”

In my book “A City Not Forsaken: My Generation and the Revelation of Salvation Rose” I show that precisely where the Kingdom began; and with what circle of those who threw off the shackles of quite a lot of struggle in a mental “overcoming” to create a better society: for it began in that place where people imagined a better world: and then created it; or rather; co-created it; for the original angels at the Garden were present at another Garden that was planted; and another Park which also had a Golden Gate; where we entered where once we had been cast out; if we had but known it then; yet the time has come that this now be revealed; for the “Grateful Dead” arise indeed first: but that one child would be one little child who became the last; and this can be seen at the “Grateful Dead in Christ”; nor is well known what the Ship or “Ark of the Sun of Righteousness” is just as hidden: until now; of course. Fot the “Ship of the Sun of Righteousness is held aloft by the Grateful Dead in Christ”; though few would recognize the Prodigal Son at the End: for he represents Israel itself: as Solomon returning from the dead; the Lost Sheep of Israel himself; even as my whole Generation.
       For the one before me said this:
              “For I came not to Condemn the world; but to Save it” .
This time it’s the Opposite for a “little one” is sent not to Save the world; but to collect out of it all the things that offend the Holy Spirit of Christ  Jesus: and destroy them altogether.
But let us attend to where the Standard was lifted by those who dared to step into the shoes of he who provided the loaves and fishes to another group of children; in another City; long ago: for it seems the Nazarenes and Zealots of One Time and a City became the Hippies and Radicals of another Time: and another City: and where one child did at last enter: in the Name of Love; as in the Name of God Almighty.
Here begins the Story behind “The Revelation of Salvation”; and why the Angel came to me: that it would be written.
For Justice herself is the Reward; Fairest of them All         
India has now reached it’s Apotheosis
Let us take another look at what happened during a certain time and a season in the City and County of San Francisco which few remember and fewer understood; yet those who know not the full particulars will discover that much of what was once thought to be forever lost can now be stated with the foreknowledge of one who sees it as written in a book; for as having died I stand where this world has already ended; I look back upon what is to be mankind’s future; but for me it is the past; thus written; and thus: academic.
Let us begin where those thinkers and writer’s began the line of questioning that Peter Berg and Kelly nee “Emmett Grogan” and Billy and the rest all asked themselves and then answered with their actions dealt with the future paradigm of what the Kingdom would really be; and this concept came to life by their backing up their idealistic words as something with actual substance: for they talked it: but they also walked it.
What then was “it”?
Let me answer that question first; for as I believe Ken Babbs said: “It wasn’t a part of the music; the music was part of it…”
But were Adam and Eve to only fall once again; and not rise?  Was the Grail that is Perfection to be glimpsed; and then slip from our grasp?
The Vision of William Butler Yeats: and the Second Coming
When Oswald Sengler wrote “The Decline of the West” he began a line of inquiry which had been mapped out by those who saw that the rise of an Industrial Civilization had demolished the old world view of Culture in it’s pastoral and scenic vision of beauty to a world far more ugly; far more dangerous; and far quicker in pace than anything ever seen upon the face of the eartH; something “new under the sun” was about to be born; where the environment was going to change from a non-mechanical and seemingly “rational” world to one that had no guiding rationale but accumulation and consumption; and where everything was measured as not being “morally right”: but “workably best”; what worked was “right”; and a savage utilitarianism began to ascend to the central position where nothing was considered sacrosanct: everythin was open for review: and also challenge.
With Spengler’s prophetic look into the future where he wrote of seeing a new epoch coming to it’s close, he did so by taking the sudden contractions or “birth-pangs” of a new civilization coming into view as of the time mirroring where Rome reached it’s steady cultural decline after the fall of it’s societal ascendency after taking over from Greece as the dominant cultural paradigm.
Spengler saw that the first valid experiment of the first global Republic in it’s seeming failure after nearly a thousand years to have a far-reaching echo when the West would reach it’s cultural apogee and start to drift downward; yet the circle was farther reaching than a typical rise and fall; something was coming that no one had forseen: the revolt of the Youth; and the breaking away from “history” which had only produced “monumental mass-cultures” which were like Islands: which we called “civilizations”; or Mountains; which we called “cultures”; and sttod upon the earth as representing vast epochs of time and duration in human achievement; yet what was lasting of those civilizations and cultures was seemingly little in determining what direction mankind now faced in it’s expansion from the face of the planet to that inner face we had avoided from the start: the question of what man was finally to confront and overcome: Mortality and the loss of Paradise to which the soul of man still yearned; and the heart of the children of men still mourned.
It was this last question that the Youth answered with their own defining Vision when at last they were able to throw off the Past and begin to challenge the basic assumptions behind human existence itself: and their ultimate direction: the reappearance of the Messiah: and the destruction of Hell and Death; which “ruled as King from Adam to Moses”.

What then: now?

The Second Coming
William Butler Yeats wrote a work from 1917 to 1936 which has a resounding question and so far unanswered statement of what was to come; to wit: what was to finally arise that would replace this world and bring the bases into play from which the Kingdom would come; for some saw mankind’s history as tending to a resolution: or an End; even one which had been written by the prophets and spoken of by that maddening Nazarene: who spoke much but explained little.
Let us begin here with the Poem itself;

   The Second Coming

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
  Let us answer this poem with what was written; but for Kelly who became Kenny; and for the Hun and quite a few others the battle to the Gate was for those who had reached the Garden itself; at Golden Gate Park; a Garden that had been planted in more ways than one: it’s own existence became the Initiator of many voyages of self-discovery; and the true “diggers” were those who “dug it”; who understood what this mysterious “Love: really was; the factor and answer by which mankind could unite: if we could stop killing; exploiting, degrading and destroying everyone and everything around us for at least 10 minutes.
Faced with this impossibility only those who demonstrated that blind faith made the grade; as it was written; to wit; at Isaiah 42:19,
  “Who is blind, but my servant? Or deaf, as my messenger that I sent?
   Who is blind as he that is perfect, and as blind as the servant of the Lord?”
Those who performed the Lord’s will were then not theoreticians of christian doctrine; they were Practioneers of the Way of the Just; in other words: they just Did It.
What exactly was “it”? one may ask?
Well first of all they considered themselves their brother’s keeper; so this was not Cain; furthermore they fed thousands of children on the flesh of a whale that suddenly appeared at the Digger’s kitchen: but there was more to this whale than met the eye.
   It was a sign of the 2 great beasts who were to be the feast of the Righteous that was to be revealed for the failthful to eat at the End: indeed it is in my book as that Opened Book of Life of the Lamb as the Supper of the Great God: the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; a Great Sabbath; as when there was that double sabbath at the Passover of the Lamb; which few know of; as fewer still remembered it.

      The Unicorn: and the Crown of Glory: the Hidden God                                     

              The Crown of the Altar: and the Children of the Resurrection
                   “Truly; thou art a God who hides Himself……..the Saviour….”
            The Three Cities of Faith we know as Jerusalem, Mecca and then the City of St. Francis have a connection that none have known; but let us first look at those 12 Bands in whom the 12 Name of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb were hidden; for even Rev. Moon in all his wisdom never saw that the 12 would once again accompany another Arthur: and that 4:18 is not just True Parents Day: it is also Easter; when Arthur took the Sword out of the Stone.
      ……and 418 also stands for Parcifal; even as Robert Anton Wilson once wrote of in his book; “Cosmic Trigger”; as Proverbs 4:18; to wit;
         “For the Path of the Just is as a growing light;
                   shining more and more until a
                                 Perfect Day…”
The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the South....in the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who "....emerged.." As Chuck always said: "....It will Emerge..."

The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the South….in the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who “….emerged..” As Chuck always said: “….It will Emerge…”

Even here it is still a matter of conjecture; until, the Proof arrives of which few will welcome; nay; rather: mournWhat occured in the City of St. Francis had more to do with an improbable number of synchronicities that were beyone anyone’s ken: but not above their suspicions: but the enlightened children of the Ash could not put their finger on exactly what had come to pass; and as I stood there at the age of 12 on Haight street before I went down to Golden Gate Park I saw something that had not been seen in the West ever: I saw a New Mecca; I saw the Holy Jerusalem’s first street; where Love burned and Haight as Haight/ nee “Hate” was dead; but the Fire of Love; the River of Fire did flow.   This Street of Pure Gold was then where the Path of the Just was to start: at our Jordan: our own Baptism of Fire in the River of Love, hidden beneath all the deceptive appearences that the Street of Babylon that covered it really hid: the Golden Yellow Brink Road itself: the place where one could substantially that Golden Gate: yea; even Paradise itself.
  The singing stones of Merlin; and the stones of the street….
       “For I tell you if these children did not sing: these very stones under our feet would cry out and tell of my Glory!”
The Bride of the Great Spirit; as she "Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind"

The Bride of the Great Spirit; as she “Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind”


   The 12 Bands each represented one of the 12 Spies of the Promised Land that  Moses originally sent out; but 10 of their reports were false; and only two were of reality.

   Likewise the message that our 12 bands brough back forth abouth the Kingdom; 10 were off and only were closer to the Reality that had been approched by those who had taken the Journey in the Waters as of the Bread of God cast upon it; the Fire which came from the Living Bread of God in it’s entirety: that royal tryian purple mold that grown as ergpt rye on the Wheatstalk of the Wheat: where is garnered LSD.
  The reports that came back differed wildly; but let us recount them in Part II;
                   “Something New Under the Sun; the Entering of the Kingdom”
The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the "Internal Exodus"; as did Peter Townsend of the Who..."...The Exodus is here...." he sang....that Day, join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon

The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third Israel as My Generation, made up of the Prodigl Son of the House of David as God, of the white youth , and the Manchild in the Promised Land of the black youth, that all united at Beth-El: and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the “Internal Exodus”; as did Peter Townsend of the Who…”…The Exodus is here….” he sang….that Day, so; join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon where “It emerged”


 For those who believe not that this is indeed the Last Day I would suggest they peruse Sura 27:82 of the Qur’an  where my arrival is spoken of: as the Ant that I truly was when I believed I was the ruler of the World; when I was but it’s slave; having sold myself to the Devil to become Apollo; the last of the gods….as when I raised those 3 altars on the Mount of Olives.

The answer was: yes; at the first pass:

                    ….but at the second pass we did attain it; our Redemption has drawn nigh: now shall the servant of our God; the God of Love and Peace that Paul wrote of; now shall He be known;

                               “…….the God of the Whole Earth shall He be called……”

So let us start this story where it really begins: where a Pilgrimage was made; and 12 bands carried the 12 Names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb: and the Tribes were gathered to where we began our internal Exodus at Beth-El; the House of David as the House of God: that the children of the Resurrection would call “Woodstock”; where we seperated from the racist and dying egypt to go and walk into the Kingdom of God itself; though few knew those 31 bands at Beth-El represented the 31 kings that Joshua defeated in Canaan; but they did indeed.

    When Israel came into the Promised Land with Israel they stopped at the Jordan River which dried up: and the 12 Priests who carried the Ark went and stood in the center of the River.

        At the Jordan 12 Princes were chosen from each tribe of Israel; and then these 12 men came out who each represented a Tribe of Israel and took a Stone from where the feet of the 12 Priests stood; each stone representing the parcel of ground each Tribe of Israel was to claim in the Promised Land.  This might seem strange; but these 12 stones were made into an Altar on the other side of the River; and that Altar was set up to divided the place where Adam had been expelled from Paradise to where he now; as Israel; would be admitted: with the 10 words of the Law in place of the Original Commandment or Word he was given when God placed him in Paradise the first time.

    This is self-evident; for the Jordan represented the Euphrates; just as the Promised Land symbolized Paradise; and Israel represented Adam; his land the wife being returned to him she would then symbilizing: for milk and honey also refer to the milk of the breasts and the honey of the act of love; in other words: a spiritual body of a virginal bride made to embody the fruitful Sarah herself; and the children of the Lord’s return to the Land of Abraham.

In 1967 there was another War that also happened; a 6 days war; but the 144 hours of this 6 Days War represnted something else between the two brothers who could not love each other: it meant that they were in darkness in their Hate and War; whild in another Jerusalem in 1967 there was to be a Season of Love and Peace.

So when Israel broke the yoke of Islam off of Jerusalem then a curious thing happened: the Mecca of Islam became despoiled: and the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca.

The Sign was the Pilgrimage; but few saw the Visitation of God; as had happened when a Nazarene had entered another Golden Gate called the Beautiful Gate in another time: on a Palm Sunday; yet still; another Child entered in the Name of Love in that Holy Jerusalem; and the bygone Nazarenes and fiery Zealots of another day were reborn in a baptism of another fire that came down from God out of heaven: from the stalk of that Wheat which had produced the Living Bread from God: and that was what the dry tree green: LSD.

  As the sufis say: when the wood is green is can be bent; but when it is dry it can only be straightened with fire….

   Thus is was; though few knew that A Generation was going to pass into the Next World: a New Heaven; and a New Earth: but to understand fully the factors involved we have to indeed open that Book of Revelations that Emmett Grogan had said we must enter: and enter it indeed.

       How right he was; in that maddening and unfair way of his; to be a stone idealist who walked it like he talked it: yet who insisted he thought the world was a farce; and an illusion of the first water.

     Yet his acts told a different story; of someone who did everything to make the Kingdom a reality: while saying the Kingdom was a fairytale that had as much substance and reality as all the smoke that was let into the air that darkened the sun when Ephraim and all the rest of the lost sheep of Israel came out of the Abyss in the appearence of the Children of the Resurrection: but there they were: and the LSD made sure that some would arrive at the Resurrection of Life; and some to everlasting shame and contempt in their Resurrection unto Damnation:

             For LSD was how the Tares and the Wheat were seperated by the angels; anfd the Wicked severed from the Just; as it was written; for those who took Freedom for license were destroyed by the Angel of the Abyss by their own mirror of self-destruction; and those who smahed that mirror found that when the ego becomes selfless it turns into an angel; for the old ego is the old serpent; but to subdue it as the champion of Eden meant that it was to be defeated in single combat: and man enter into Earned Equality with the Angels: as was originally planned.

Equality with the Angels has to be earned:

it can’t be arbitrarily awarded to man: even by God…….


Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

Behold! The Tabernacle of God!


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