‘Something New Under the Sun’: Part II; Revealing the 12 Spies of the Kingdom of God and the 2 Beasts

                “Let us destroy Lucifer the King of Babylon:

                                      he who is the Oppressor;

… and the Exactress; ISIS; the Great Whore of Babylon,

before whom fell Sun Myung Moon as his “female unholy spirit”;

who he said was the Holy Spirit of God: who he thus “knew not”;

for the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself

                             Lucifer...as he who Suppresses all dissent
                             is he whose rule is of Oppression itself;
                                even as ISIS the Great Whore of Babylon herself is the Exactress;
                whose sentence is always Unjust as she is Injustice herself!  
  ” For what is more unjust than to tempt those who are strong or weak to fall: and then punish them for it? 
                            Yet this has been her way since the beginning; but here shall that final fire be lit:
as of a Candle shining clearly that burns down the entire World.”

     The 12  bands of the Kingdom

                            The Phoenix of New Hope
                                                     The Ship of the Sufis; the Barque of Baraka  
  The Story of the Hidden Bands of the Seed of David;
as the 12 tabernacles of “the House of David as God”
 At Pentecost began the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in His Name; but this began with my Father Lord Jesus at the Jordan; when the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah came down on him in the form of a Dove “and abode”;  which means it stayed.
Jesus himself said that unless a man was born “of the Water and the Spirit” he could not see the Kingdom; nor enter it.
 Being born of God also meant something else to Jesus and the Apostle’s; being sinless; as those who committed sin were considered “servants of sin”; but as we all know; the 12 served the Lamb.
In trying to understand the events of these Last Days it is better to find that we are only operating in the Light if we can reach the Truth itself; and who know the Truth is made free; but who knows the Son who is this Truth Incarnate is “free indeed”.
 Only the Holy Spirit can explain who Jesus of Nazareth was; the one Mohammed knew as “The Blessed Olive Tree” mentioned in the Verse of Light in the section on the Lamp of Allah; which is the Creation of God; as the Elect all know; and only Jesus can reveal the fulness of the Holy Spirit who was sent in his Name after he Ascended.
As the one who died in Christ standing in the position of the least in the Kingdom of heaven I was given the Seal of the Living God; and with it I do Baptize in the Holy Spirit all who come to the River of Fire where Haight became Love; for in this New Pentecost the 12 tongues of flame which came down on the baptized were that of the English tongue of fire itself; and in that Music of Universal Love we see the Trumpet of the Archangel Michael himself; thus the English “tongue of Fire” became the one that swept over the earth to prepare the earth for the lifting up of the Horn of the Archangel; the Horn of Salvation; though which alone would come the Song of the Lamb:  the Destiny of the True Rock! 
 Those who doubt should observe how the Music itself became the Universal Language to accurately judge the context which I now reveal of the Second Coming.
Even as the Song of our Moses was “We Shall Overcome!”
Does anyone recall the 430 years from 1492 / 1500 in the West for the Black Race in it’s Captivity in the West? It is this 430 years which was the foundation on which the Black Christianized Race stood in their overcoming in the position of the 430 years of Israel in Egypt; as all who find the emegence of these modern Children of Israel will attest; we who walked with Servant King and gave ourselves to the southern Voice of Prince Aaron indeed left the Racist Egypt America had as it’s Egyptian shadow. Yet we did not drown the young first black men: we sent them to die in Vietnam; much easier; and just as effective. This can be seen as the “Manchild” of chapter 12 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine born from the woman with the two Eagle’s wings; her name is “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel”; also known as “the Mother of Jesus”.
But we all know who the Black Moses and the White Aaron were; seen in our Servant King and our Prince Aaron as they were working together unbeknownst to themselves. For those who doubt we were walking out of Egypt I suggest you take a long hard look at the Golden Calf of Elvis where he fell as an Idol we worshipped;  with the Gold Cadillac Hollywood had him dance in front of: and on.
Yet before Prince Aaron fell and became King Elvis of the Golden Calf before which our parent’s Generation rebelled against our war weary and late-returned elders I would counsel the reader to see in our Aaron the Voice that was given to King to bring his message of racial unity to the North from the South; for this was as when Aaron was given to Moses as his Voice; but then the 430 years the black christian race suffered in America was on the foundation of the 430 years of the House of Bondage suffered by the first Israel; the blacj race here in the West being the Third Israel; Islam having been the Second as seen even by the Templars when they realized why Mohammed had been given Mecca to replace Jerusalem even as the Desert Tribes replaced those of the 12 tribes of Israel due to the elders of Judah having killed the Lamb; who was in the position of Issac as the Bridegroom; and withought Issac there is no Jacob; and thus NO ISRAEL.
THIS is why he said: “Forgive them Father: they know not what they do”.

He was being SPECIFIC: as usual…..

Mohammed arrived in the position of Ishmael; the line of inheritence reverted back to the Elder line upon the death of “Issac” who Jesus represented IN THE FLESH; as Mohammed represented Ishmael: IN THE FLEH; which is why he ascended over Mt. Moriah in his Night Ascenion; as given the Land of the Kingdom for the Second Israel as they replaced the First.
Islam moved out of this position in 1915 when they killed the million christian Armenians; then 32 years later Dr. King was 18 right when the nation of Israel in 1947 stood off the coast of Palestine in ships; take a look at the second seal; which was from 1920 to 1929; at the Crash when Dr. Kimg was born…and at 1940; at the 4th Seal: when Israel was given their homeland back: the old Kingdom of Judah; as America represented the new Kingdom of Israel for “Ephraim” or the North having freed the slaves of the South: the Third Israel in our Civil War.
THE THIRD ISRAEL and the Children of the 60’s
The Jewels in the Crown of 12 Stars
 What then happened in the Street of the City of St. Francis was of a baptism in which the English tongue can alone of the languages of the earth define the Signs in the Sun and the Moon and reveal them to be seen; even as the Sun represents the masculine principle and the Moon the feminine principle; so did Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon get married in 1960; the Signs in the Sun and Moon being in the Unification church’s declaration that Sun Myung Moon represented the True Parents; which would have been their attempt to begin the restoration of the Creation by taking the Original Positions of Adam and Eve as those of the Sun to rule the Day and the Moon to rule the Night; as long as they both kept the Commandment and thus kept their respective position.

This was restoration as of themselves in the two original positions in Paradise of man and woman in the Cosmic sense of the Word; though few would believe it of the English revelation; except those who awakened all know that for Hate ro become Love requires Fire; as of the Altar; which was in the City of St. Francis; just as Haight as a street of Babylon transformed by Love then changed into a Street of Pure Gold; clear as transparent glass.
Thus was the Path of the Just revealed before our Holy City fell into Sodom spiritually.
 And both Dr. King and Aaron Presley both died in Memphis; the name of the ancient capital of Egypt; the only major American city named after a city of Egypt in the USA; the City of My Generation’s destruction; both for our Black Moses; and our White Aaron. Thus is the Baptism of Love the Baptism of Fire;
                  ……for do you not recall the word of John?  to wit;
          “…..for he will Baptise with the Holy Spirit; and with Fire….”
It was this that was the Fire of the Altar; the “burning coals” of “fire” on the Altar are the “essence” of “divine love” on the Principle of Divine Love which is the Altar itself; and it was this that Jesus sprinkled on those who came close enough to him; to catch fire; to find the Rapture of the Lamb: the Mercy of God Himself. Did not John the Divine say that God is Love? What little child entered the Golden gate in 1967 in the name of Love?
Only he who could be said to therefore stand in the Name of Jesus Christ himself; as the only Name of God in which there is Salvation.
But in 1967 we thus saw the Visitation of God; is this little figur

 “...and a little child shall lead them….”

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

 Only in the Name of Love is that possible. But now there is nothing that is impossible; for My Generation hath been redeemed; the Lost Sheep of Israel are Ephraim; the Lost Youth of our Nation; the Prodigal Son themselves: Solomon; the Lost Sheep of Israel himself in his National Stature; Our Generation said the Who; carrying the stone in which was written the name of Peter the Apostle of the Lamb; on Peter Townsend himself!
 But here we would speak of the 12 Names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb which were hidden in the 12 Bands which gave our Generation their 12 “reports” of the Kingdom “within” that the Lamb yold us was the actual Kingdom itself that must be discovered in it’s Truth; as that Kingdom found first within before it can be manifested without in it’s Love.

The 12 Names of the 12 Apostle’s

                 in the 12 Bands of the Stars

                   who were called to the Providence

      to Gather the Children of “All the Tribes of Israel”

 Because of the failure of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church in bringing Virgins to the Lord and not married couples it was this undoing of the Will that Moon ignored the Revelation as written of at chapter 7 and tried to take the position of the Messiah by force; so no one knew that the 12 bands were the 12 spies on the Global level who came to scout out the Kingdom of God as the New Promised Land; thus the Experience carried the stone on which the name of James the Apostle of the Lamb was written; on James Marshall Hendrix himself!
And of course we had Doubting Thomas the Apostle of the Lamb as that Tommi we found later in Black Sabbath with and upon Tommi Iommi; a doubter from way back: but “the day dawns Black over the Prophets”; yes: even a Black Sabbath.
Why did no one see name of Dave Bartholomew / Fats Domino in where that Name of Bartholomew the Apostle of the Lamb was hidden? He was the writer of the songs of Fats Domino! Some say rock and roll began with him; and for good reason!
And that name of Simon the Zealot the Apostle of the Lamb in that band of Simon and Garfunkel?
Or the name of Phillip the Apostle of the Lamb in that of Michael Phillip Jagger of the Stones?
Or even here at the end when I must reveal the one who has the name of Matthew the Apostle of the Lamb  is Matthew Fisher of Procul Harum?
And for Judas look no farther than Hey Jude; for Jude the Apostle of the Lamb is the Judas who was not Judas Iscariot; and Paul McCartney as of Wings did stand for Jude — as even that Song; as for Jude himself who wrote the last letter before the Revelation of St. John the Divine itself.
Yet for Matthias the Apostle of the Lamb we have Marty Balin  of the Airplane; though none knew where that name of the Apostle of the Lamb was hidden.
 And of course for the Apostle Peter the Apostle of the Lamb we have Peter Townsend of the Who; where the Sufic impulse was strongest because of Meher Baba: as for My Generation: and the “Substitute”; of which no one knew the meaning….except of course: myself…..
And the other band the Doors had the stone on which was written the name of the other James the Apostle of the Lamb; on James Morrison himself!
Look and you shall see! Look at Free; you will find the stone of Andrew the Apostle of the Lamb ; Andy Fraser.
Look at the Beatles: there you will find the stone of John the Apostle of the Lamb; written on John Lennon. That Paul was there was no coincidence: it was providence: but no one knew it: except James Morrison who said

                                                            “I am a spy in the House of love…”

         The 12 Names of the 12 Apostle’s also bring to the forefront the idea that the Revelation begins in the Tongue by which every tongue shall become unifed: just as at Pentecost in Jerusalem which unified all the tongues of man just as at the Tower of Babel they had all once been divided: thus the Tower of Pentecost was the the Tower of Salvation: which began in a House in Jerusalem: just as it did in the House of David as the House of God seen at Beth-El men called Woodstock; where began that Exodus on the internal level which culminated with our Black Christian First Couple in the White House of Equality.


The Coming of the Beast of the Earth: the Dabbat al-Ard

 Muhammed spoke of my coming when all would doubt the Word of Allah and His Prophet in these Last Days: and now we stand at the Last Day; when Noah shut the Door before the Flood: and this is indeed where now all mankind is gathered.

       I stand before Islam, Christianity and Judaism as that “beast” Muhammed the Blessed said would appear at the End with the Staff or Rod of Moses and the Ring of Solomon; and that is indeed what I was given by the Sufis through Khidr Rumi when they Illuminated me as to my true identity: the Rose; for the Rose is Solomon himself. This is written of in the Holy Qur’an at an-Naml 27:92; and at the Hadith written of by Sahih Muslim “Kitab al-Fitan” #6931; to wit;

         (The Hour) will not come until you see 10 Signs:

           (1)         The Smoke

  ( as of the Smoke that went up when the 2 Towers fell on 9-11 in New York )   

(2)          the ( Masih ad-) Dajjal

( who is Osama bin Laden as I know because I can read the name “Kafir” on his forhead as Muhammed said even the illiterate who cannot even read Arabic shall see; for those who cannot recognize him take a look at “the Old Man of the Mountain” that was the childhood friend of Omar Khayyam’ and he was he who promised his assassins Paradise for killing those he decided were apostate to his school or “brand” of Islam; promising them the virgins of Paradise if they were killed; and if this does sound familiar then you are deaf as well as blind)

   (3)        the  Beast  ( of the Earth)

 ( who is myself as the one led out of the Abyss where I fell as Solomon whose number was 666; as I Solomon was given the 666 talents of gold in one year that is written of me at the Bible at I Kings 10:14; even as I then foreknew was I was foretold would arise by Muhammed when the Sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawardi Path awoke me in the City of St. Francis;  so that realized that Fame and Fortune for which I and all of My Generation in the West had fallen as they all strove for before I was awakened from the Dust of Musallah: for now I see that “Fame and Fortune” are but the “Name and the Number” of the Beast; which I was before I was raised in the name of Jedidiah by the Mercy which Allah promised to David before he died.)

  (4)  the rising of the sun from the West

( this is the unveling of the Sun of Mary of Fatimah; which from Mecca is indeed “west”; and it is the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah which shall show the world what the nature of the Salvation of Allah shall be; as the “Pearl of Great price” is the “irfan” of the 3 Children of Mary of Fatimah seen as “One Child”; the “Hidden Imam” in his return as the Pearl of Great Price is that from which is made “the Gate of Heaven” as of the Door on the Ark of Noah which had 3 tiers or “heights”.)

(5)  the descent of Jesus the Son of Mary

 ( as I have said the “Greater Jesus” came forth from the “Greater Mary” who is Maryam al-Kubra; as “the Son of David” I therefore show that the ‘Sun of Mary of Fatimah” is seen as the Three Children of the Sun of Fatimah; as symbolizing One Child; and that Child is therfore “the Son of Mary’ who I as the Wrath of the Lamb symbolize; as having the Seal of the Living God; which is that of Khidr Rumi as of which the Work of the Sun of Tabriz is seen by those who know the Elect; the Sun of Faith has now been revealed; although few will believe; just as the Jews believed not and failed their Test in their Day; as few will Pass in this Day in Islam or Christianity once again. But this is why the Mahdi and the Messiah are revealed together).

     (6)   Gog and Magog

 ( Irag and Iran; “the Shia of Khomeini in the House of the Shia” as present day Iran; Alexander as “Dhul-Qarnain” forged a “plug” in the “Wall” of what was the ancient Wall of China; and the vision he was given was of the Mongol hordes of Central Asia; who at that time were firmly entrenched in present day Iran all the way to Mongolia)

QQ   (7)    and (the) Landslides and Earthquakes in three places: one in the East; one in the West and one in Arabia; at the end of which fire would burst forth from the Yemen, driving people to the place of their Assembly ( at the Last Hour).

                                 (7) The Earthquake in the East

The News that Osama bin Laden is the Masih ad-Dajjal; and is now dead from Barack Hussein the blessed

   (8) The Earthquake in the West

                                          The News that Osama bin Laden was the Antichrist

(9)  The Earthquake in Arabia

The Earthquake has to do with that one when Mecca fell spiritually by Osama bin Laden sitting on the throne of Mecca to Judge the West as the “Great Satan”; and as then carrying out his “judgement” as if he were “Allah” himself. For this we have to look at he who was there at the Earthquake of Arabia written of in the Acts of the Apostle’s as when Saul the Persecutor of the Believers who became Paul the Defender of the Believers; that Great Earthquake felt on the Road to Sham he fell off his mount; and his companions scattered; as on the Road to Damascus in Syria; that is written of in the New Testament.

This is the Testimony of the Light of Damascus

At II Thessalonian 2:4-5 is written of the Last Day coming; to wit;

“Let no man deceive you by any means:

for that Day shall not come except that  there be a falling away first,

and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,

or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the House of God,

shewing himself that he is God.”

Thus is the Man of Sin the Kafir Osmaa bin Laden the son of Laden the One-eyed Dajjal from Yemen ( actually a one-eyed bricklayer ) revealed!!

    (10)   The Fire bursts forth from the Yemen

Remember that the fire which bursts forth from the Yemen has to do with the uncovering of that saying of Muhammed the Praised One as when he said that “Nine- tenths of all the evil in the world would come forth from Yemen”; which refers to the “One-eyed Yemeni bricklayer Laden” himself who produced Osama bin Laden; the Son of Perdition.

QThis “fire”means Laden and his satanic son is the one who pursued the things of this world by selling his soul for them; and this in Islam is therefore seen as how laden produced the “man of Lawlessness” known as the Antichrist written of in II Thessalonian 2:3-4 by St. Paul as of the Light of Damascus; as from Sham where the Light of Allah converted Saul to Paul with the Word of Allah; which is why Muhammed said that Damascus is Sham; Mecca and Medina would be the 3 Cities of refuge; Sham being Syria; but also referring to the White Minaret where the Descent took place; as Paul said he had ‘Christ in Him”.

This was Written: so do not fear; but come forth and Enter the Reward of the Believers in Allah and His Mercy in this;

the Last Day By restoring Solomon the Sufis joined the Work of the Word of Allah who was His Mercy by bringing back to life one who fell into utter corruption as having been seduced by Iblis long ago;

and if you have a Bible you will see that the Man who has the number 666 is Solomon; at I Kings; 10:14;

where it is written that Solomon received 666 talents of gold in a single year.

 “I Solomon was given a kingdom to rule because I worshipped Iblis and was given power over the fallen spirits of the Jinn; and was therefore transformed into the angel of the Abyss; whom the Greeks called Apollo; but the Jews Appollyon; the Destroyer of Souls.”

Yet few know that the Shadow of Solomon is Apollo; as fallen he is the last of the gods of the fallen angels; and his sister Diana is the Rose of Sharon; the Rose of Sharon being the spirit of my soul: Sharon herself.

It is this where the gods caused Israel to fall when I fell and was followed into the Abyss by Ephraim; the Northern Kingdom of Israel, to my undying shame: but now I have redeemed; and stand here where men will see I am no beast; but a man whose fallen nature was the Beast until I repented; as the Prodigal Son; and returned; as the Lost Sheep of Israel; and will restore all things; as when the Fire from Heaven lit the Altar when I dedicated the Temple: and thus shall I redeem my people.” 

The Verse of the Beast of the Earth

 “For that mankind did not believe with Certainty in Our Signs” ( Sura 27:82 An Naml )

 ” It is I who was destined to divide mankind into the Two Camps; those who can read the name “Kafir” on the forehead of Osama bin Laden as the Masih ad-Dajjal and those who cannot; even though I cannot read Arabic; and would therefore be considered “illiterate” by most Muslims.

 Those who can see that Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist will be those who hold their books in their right hand; and those who cannot will hold their books in their left hands. The believers of the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah will enter the Barque of the Sufis which is the Ship of the Sun of Righteousness as the Ark of Salvation; the unbelievers will not believe in the Miracle of the Sun of Mary of Fatimah and will proceed into the Lake of Fire which is the Second Death. ” 

The Baraka of Khidr Rumi and Fatimah al Zahra; the Virgin of Light

The Baraka of Khidr Rumi and Fatimah al Zahra; the Virgin of Light

As the least in the kingdom of heaven I stand as he who is greater than Sun Myung Moon;

who is John the Baptist: no matter how he denies it publically.

To those who have confided to me that he admits it privately I will soon publish to be seen in my book,

in which I have his testimony firsthand from former members of his church. Inshallah; let the Work begin!

In these last days I have written much of the Sealed Book which I unsealed with the help of the Servant of Allah that mankind will find is His Servant John; the Greatest in Kingdom of heaven.

Yet no one would believe that I was sent by the Most High so now it is to Islam that I will now reveal myself even as it as Written.

I brand or “call” they who are the “believers” as those who can see that Osama bin Laden is the Masih ad-Dajjal by being able to read the name “Kafir” on his forehead; and those I brand or call “unbelievers” are those who cannot “see” that Osama bin Laden is the ad-Dajjal. 

The Further Proof of Our Signs 

It is the Sufi Sayed Hisham Kabbani who said that Abu Hurayra these words related in the hadith confirmed by Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad this saying of Muhammed about the Beast from the Earth; to wit;

“The Beast of the Earth will emerge, and will have with it the rod of Moses and the ring of Solomon”

The Rod of Moses is therefore seen as the Rod of Aaron: the Rod of the Regeneration; as when Isa raised Lazurus from the Grave even though he had decomposed and had begun to rot: thus I was raised by the Servant of Allah whom men will know as His Servant John the Divine; who wrote down the Revelation of Jesus Christ that is the Last Book of the Bible. 

The Rod of God was then seen as that one by which the dead are raised to life even if they have decomposed; as few believe this possible; but those who saw Lazurus come forth certinly did believe; as when they rolled the stone away from the tomb of Lazarus the stench cause people to retch. The Sealed Book of Illiyun ( ” El Elion”: the Most High ) which is revealed in the “Revelation of Salvation” that I wrote after being insructed by the angel of John the Divine for 21 years is this book of the Lamb which I unsealed with my own ring that the Sufis returned to me along with my shoes and my garment that Isa took from me when he despoiled me of all my powers and goods I had gotten from Iblis when I had worshiped him to gain all the kingdoms of the earth and what I thought was eternal life.

 It was I who was the one that tempted Isa when I opposed him in the Wilderness for 40 days when he defeated me: yet in my repentance and returning to restore all things I have begun to Redeem myself and save those who were lost; for the Ring of Solomon is the Gift of Prophecy.”Inshallah;Peace be unto thee; the Envoy of the Word of Isa: the Word of Allah The Wrath of the Lamb;

 the Offspring of David;the Lion of the Tribe of Judah  The name that Nathan the prophet of David gave me is the one new name by which I was led out of the Abyss; and it is the new name written in the White Stone of Ephraim that Joshua holds with the Black Stone of Mecca; as the Lot of the Breasplate of Aaron: for as Lot was led out of Sodom so was I led out of the fallen City of St. Francis to New Hope; as Zoar;

“the little one”; yea;

 “…and a little one shall become a thousand…”. 

even  Jedidiah;

“The Beloved of Allah”


 “I will raise up a beast out of the earth….and he will will speak to thee; for you did not believe the Certainty of Our signs”


                    in the 12 Bands of the Pilgrimage to the City of St. Francis

 My Father Lord Jesus at the Jordan: The Baptism unto Death

 Truth without Love is too dry; and Love without Truth is too green

                 But Truth wounds; yet Love heals

           With His Justice He may kill;

                  but in His Peace He brings what was dead back to Life.

 The Hidden God of Israel is the True God

 The Hidden God of Israel is the True God

This began in a dream I was given in the Haight in 1977; though few are still living who were there; for it was there that I met that holy child who would end up leading them all; though little did I know that my angel had found him: the inner Christchild himself.

Thus the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah in the Form of a Dove which came down upon the Son of God in the Jordan was the Holy Spirit; but John the Baptist did not call him the Messiah; he called Jesus the Lamb of God.

This meant that Jesus was coming as a Consecrated Sacrifice; something not seen since Samson; whose sacrifice was accepted to lay the foundation to overcome Mystery herself; the Veil of Isis which hides the Mystery of God; for in blinding Samson we see the coming Vengeance of God for touching the Apple of His Eye; for Samson was a Nazarene; and his hair was tied in 7 plaits; which foreshadows the 7 horns of the Lamb; who “was called a Nazarene”;  just as “the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes” is “the Resurrection and the Life”: and having seen him in Truth as dead in Christ I arose last of my entire Generation.

The Crown of Life: Immortality itself 
The Crown of Life: Immortality itself

Some might say that this sounds too obtuse; too prolonged in explaining all the particulars; but in truth I have only barely touched on it; for to reveal the mystery of the Holy Spirit is to reveal God in the Act of Creation; which is to know our Creator; for in the Holy Spirit did God move on the face of the waters; thus it is the Creator who is God in the Spirit; as the Lover; and to know this is to have seen the Act of Love as the Creator creating the Light; which the waters brought forth: as the Sun was the Light divided from the Darkness: for Jesus was then this Light; and was Light divided from darkness by defeating the devil in the wilderness became called “the Day”; which is “the Christ”. Thus Jesus was “the Light” who became “the Day”; who is “the Christ”.

“Christ Jesus” means then

 “Day Light”;

  the Light of Life itself;

…..it is then one who comes as the Day of Christ Jesus which is sent by his Father Jesus to Glorify the Name of Jesus Christ: Again; which is the Glory which sent me: a little child to lead them; for the Name of Christ Jesus is the Light of Life; and in the Name of Love it is the Great Name; even that Light of Lights:

                  the Name of God Almighty by which the City of St. Francis becomes that “City Not Forsaken”; though the men of Sodm have taken it externally; still they do not hold what it is in Truth substantially; and that is that Holy Jerusalem it became for that shining moment:

             as when it’s Light was that of a Candle; even a City on a Hill like a Candle on a Lampstand: whose Light was that to light the House: as with the Bright Shining of a Candle…….

                  yea; as bringht as that whole City is the Light of this Candle.

It was in the Visitation of God to the Three Cities of faith 50 years after Fatmiah in Portugal that illumine the most here; though few know it; all shall know it now.

     For by that Power came that Child in the Name of the Most High in Our Day; as for My Generation: for the Great God is God in His Mercy, as of His Great Power.

Even to forgive My Generation and raise me as once he who became the prince of the kings of the earth: the faithful Witness; the last who was raised First.

For the First is then that Name of Jesus Christ; and the Last as the Name of  Christ Jesus as being the Redeemer of the children of the Most High; For His Mercy is Infinite: and what is Higher than that?

  Thus it is written: “Blessed are the Peacemaker’s:

          for they shall be called the children of the Most High”

           …. yea; even those of the Straight Path: the Path of the Just itself…

 Who were the 12 bands who stood as the 12 Spies in to the Kingdom for My Generation in the positions of the 12 spies who once went into the Promised Land long ago and brought back their reports? 

     (   here are the 12; the order is random here )         


The Jewels in the Crown of 12 Stars     The Jewels in the Crown of 12 Stars

                                               All You Need Is Love

 The Beatles:           the name of the Apostle John was hidden there;

The Who:               the name of the Apostle Peter was hidden there,

The Rolling Stones:   the name of the Apostle M. PHILLIP Jagger was hid,

Free:                     the name of the Apostle Andrew was hid there, for Andy Fraser

Fats Domino:           the name of the Apostle Batholomew was hid there ( as David Bartholomew wrote all those songs Fats sang; starting things off )

Black Sabbath:      the name of the Apostle Thomas was hidden there, for Tomm Iommi; the doubter who found faith

Simon and Garfunkel: the name of the Apostle Simon was hidden there,

Jefferson Airplane:   the name of the Apostle Matthais (for Marty ) there; the song “Good Sheperd” was no fluke..

The Experience:     the name of the Apostle James ( for Jimi ) was hid,

The Doors:        the name of the other Apostle James ( for Jim ) was hid,

 Procul Harum:  the name of the Apostle Matthew; this is seen in their singer Matthew Fisher.

….and of Course that of Paul’s Wings; as of Jude: in Hey Jude; for the Apostle Jude; hidden there; as for the 12 “singing stones” of Merlin; yet these stones “cried out” when no one else would sing the Praises of Love

And yet; of this: and the revealing of the 3 Beasts of the Revelation….

The First Beast from the Sea of Time


            The Grail is Perfection:

                            For the Dead in Christ First Rise

       In chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine two strange beasts are described;

…..one comes out of the sea; the other one comes up out of the earth. 

It is here I repeat what the Angel of John told me; as to reveal to My Generation as serious student’s of prophetic literature who have waited upon the Lord God to reveal His Secret to His servants the prophets the truth at the End: for he hath redeemed His People.

         I am going to fully explain what these two beasts are; and I am also going to explain who our foe the great red dragon is also of chapter 12 of the Revelation; since the dragon represents the kingdom of Egypt; pray all know and bless this Day and Hour at which this hath become known:

           for the Book of Life of the Lamb is hereby opened; and please consider this a gift from John and the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb at the Emerald Table of Justice; because it is his return which is the proof of the coming of the Son of Man.

        The first revealing comes to the revelation of John in seeing the prophetic character of the 4 beasts in the Son of man known as Daniel.

This involves the 4 beasts that we once saw in Daniel (7:12); which we see once again in the Revelation of John the Divine. To reveal this would involve clear proof of the Power of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus; the Shepherd who is the Love of my Immortal Soul who is the Bride; even Sheba; the queen of the South.

 For those who insist I am other than the “least in the kingdom of heaven” have missed the actual coming of the Son of Man; as one who walks upon the Path of the Just that consists of the 7 overcomings seen in the 7 churches; of which my forthcoming book explains the process in detail: as it is the Classic Ascension itself; the 7 churches as One Church being the Tower of Salvation: the “tower” Jesus Christ sat down and “counted the cost first” before he began to build.

None knew what this Tower would in fact turn out to be: but I do: for I ascended in it; as all those at Beth-El shall do who follow me.

         Let us look at Daniel 7:12 as compared with Revelation 13:1-18; and perhaps those who are observant as “quick”  shall shortly see if I was indeed given as of my Inheritence the Book of Life of the Lamb: which is indeed the Revelation of Jesus Christ; just as the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament within which this Book was carried; and where I found the Hidden Manna; the Word of His Patience which is the Seed itself that is the Word of God that regenerates at the End; even as the Rod of Iron is the Testimony of Jesus itself; even the Spirit of Prophecy as what inspires it: the Sceptre of Eden.

        The First Beast from the Sea:

             the Axis and the 3 nations of the Kingdom of Darkness

           The first beast which rises from the sea has 7 heads and ten horns; and has the body of a Leopard; the feet of a Bear; and the Mouth of a Lion. John told me that this beast is the 3-in-one beast we call “the Axis”; the Leopard which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Greece; in this figure Greece is represented by Germany; the Bear which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Medo-Persia; in this figure Medo-Persia is represented by Italy; and the Lion Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Babylon; in the figure of the Axis Babylon is represented by Japan.

What this means is that the beast which has 7 heads and 10 horns is just like the great red dragon in chapter 12 which precedes chapter 13; thus we have “Canaan” as the son of “Ham”; as the Axis is then the image or “son” of the Dragon.

The Axis is then a creature that is a “three-in-one” entity representing the 3 nations we presently know as Germany, Italy and Japan; who as “one power” were called “the Axis”. Let us examine this further.

        Let us start with Germany in the position of Greece as the body of the Leopard. This makes perfect sense; because Germany had the fastest mechanized assault force ever seen in it’s rapid tactics, and especially in it’s armored formations closely resembles Greece’s phalanxes. Next we have Italy in the position of Medo-Persia as the feet of the Bear. This also makes perfect sense as the brutality of Persia resembles that of Italy in Ethiopia. For those who do not know how brutal the “brown shirts” of Il Duce were; it is perhaps best they do not know.

          Lastly we have Japan in the position of Babylon as having the mouth of the Lion. Japan and it’s claim of the divinity of it’s Emperor have much to do with Babylon’s hubris in trying to make a tower which rose to heaven; the Emperor’s claim to be “the son of heaven” was also totally luciferic to God in it’s arrogance and satanic pride.

          The three creatures Daniel thus saw go into the sea of time “for a time and a season” were obviously those which John later saw come out of the sea of time in their modern form: in the image of the Great Red Dragon of chapter 12 of the Revelation: which represents Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; for each of these beasts represents a kingdom; and the Kingdom which the dragon represents is Egypt; just as the Tail of the Dragon represents Sodom: but enough of that: what of the second beast which rises out of the earth? Karl Marx; the False Prophet.

          The Last Day and the Last Trump


          The Second Beast from the Earth

        The second beast is described as having two horns of a lamb; but speaks as a dragon. Let us first look at the earth this creature rises from: the earth here represents materialism; dialectical materialism to be exact; the rational ground that Hegel set up in his dialectic which consisted of “thesis; antithesis: synthesis”.

        (  taking the aside;

 “But if you take the “thesis” as “good”; and then add the “antithesis” as “evil”; then the “synthesis” you are going to get is “good and evil”. If the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” springs to mind there is a good reason for it: you are looking at it’s principle in modern terms.”   … )

     (( To defeat this philosophically one has to add what it lacks: the hypothesis; then add thesis; then the antithesis; finally having the synthesis on the 4 position foundation of “end” at the hypothesis; “cause” at the antithesis; “effect” at the “thesis” and then “result” at the synthesis; and remember this: the “end” is the “cause of the cause” just as the “result” is the “effect of the effect”. ))

Karl Marx: the False Prophet

       This creature is said to have two horns like a “lamb”. In the beginning at the First Church in Jerusalem everyone took their goods and sold them and put the money at the feet of the Apostles: this first principle was pure communism.

      Then they divided the money into an order of priorities: first came the old and the sick; then came the orphans and widows; next came the poor: and then the Apostles and their families came last: this second principle was pure socialism.

          This is what Karl Marx; the False Prophet stole from the First Church; trying to take the kingdom of heaven by force; making a kingdom of God without God; thus the lamb speaketh “like a dragon”: atheism. And it is this doctrine which is the scientific rejection and denial of God that is the heart of Marx’s philosophy; that of the Dragon of Satan himself.

          The second beast is thus ‘Marxism’ with the two horns of ‘Communism’ and ‘Socialism’; speaking “as a dragon” being “Atheism”; the image of Karl Marx’s philosophy.

         With the fascist totalitarianism of Italy which was Familial as of one individual as representing “one man of the people” of the “familal line” and “Tribalist” of the first 10  Ceasar’s as of the 10 horns of the 4th beast of DANIEL; the socialist totalitarianism of Germany which was tribal as of the “tribes of the aryan blood” Hitler consecrated for war as Nationalist; and then the imperialist totalitarianism of Japan which was racial as of the superiority of the Yellow Race being Racist; thus we have a very good idea of what the “treaty” between the Axis and Russia really was: the alliance between these two beasts or “kingdoms” of the Dragon; for the Axis represents the “anti-Israel” with it’s ten horns; and the second beast represents the “anti-Judah” with it’s two horns.

        The Axis and the False Prophet thus stood in the position of the Global Canaan and the Global Balaam  in stopping the Allies from making one democratic world under God: which brings us to the third beast; for the Axis looks like the Dragon just as Canaan looked like Ham; for Ham became Egypt; and his son Canaan became the 7 nations in their 10 tribe confederation which opposed Israel when it came into the promised land on the National Level.

        These two beasts represented the same forces in their Global forms that Canaan’s armies and Balaam the prophet did on the Restoration into Canaan on the National Level. And the third beast?

That would be the scarlet colored beast seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: Red China; now carrying the great harlot of the Market: incorporating the capitalist principle of the democratic nations into it’s neo-Stalinist form of government: thus the “free market” is what is driving both capitalism and communism to combine: thus the scarlet colored beast is shown “carrying” the “harlot” of a new form of Marxism: and this is the worst case scenario of having the West now use Red China as it’s “banker”; for the scarlet beast is the “son of perdition”; the spirit of the Antichrist that inhabits the global Judas: the “man of lawlessness”; the Global Terrorist himself. And who might that be? The now dead man:

         The Revealing of the Antichrist

               The Sign of the Last Day and it’s Arrival

         And the Antichrist? Take another look at our old friend: Osama bin Laden; a devil with the Devil in him; the Cosmic Judas himself. If one looks at II Thessalonians 2:2-4 and reads these words; to wit:


“Let no one deceive you by any means;

              for that Day will not come

                unless the falling away comes first,

   and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,

              who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped,

               so that he sits as God in the House of God, showing himself that he is God.”

        But Osama bin Laden is the “fatted calf”; he is the one who is killed by the Father at the return of the “lost sheep of Israel”;

My Generation collectively and Solomon individually. It is the return of the Prodigal Son which signals the end of the Antichrist; his days are numbered. 

        Osama bin Laden is he of which my Father Lord Jesus spoke of when he said; to wit;

     “Whoso lives by the sword: shall die with it”.

      This revelation is an “uncovering” as of one who is what would be called a scribe instructed in the kingdom of heaven: a householder. But the tresure of the Bible; and what is Old and New are the Old and New Testaments; as were in the Ark last seen as the two tablets of the law.

 The Unicorn of the Holy City:

 the Name of “Christ Jesus” is “Day Light”:

    the Light of Life itself;          

          The Advent of my Father Jesus’s servant John

                                      and the Days of Noah

      The Word which was given to me came to me from my Father through his servant John; for that which I hear: I write; as it was spoken I would do long ago.

        Bless all who read this in the Name of El Elion; the Most High, in Love, the Mighty God,

and from His servant John: who told us long ago “God is Love”.

          And it is in the Name of this God who I call the Holy One of Israel that I tell the reader these things as the truth; not as I said of myself:

but what I heard from John; the Beloved Apostle of Love.

Let us take a look at the Open Book of Life of the Lamb: the Revelation of Jesus Christ itself.

Amen and Amen.

The Wrath of the Lamb; the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World.

The characteristic sign at the End of what was to come is in the reward of St.  Francis; for his own advent makes the coming events of those servants as they unconsciously acted out their archetypal roles in the Coming of the Kingdom.
For those who forgot that San Francisco represents a kingdom for St. Francis himself they may have also forgotten that God has a habit of rewarding his servants; thus we would have to look at what God did for San Francisco according to what it did for one man who unknowingly sttod in the position of the “least in the kingdom of heaven”; an individual known as Joshua Abraham Norton.
If one looks at the Angel of Revelation at the Altar who throws a censer to the earth at “an earthquake” I would suggest one looks at San Francisco on 4-18 1906; right before the 7 angels sound in the Revelation: thus did God cleanse the “threshing floor”; for a new Mecca and a “new broom”; but this time the idols would be those of this world; and the Messenger and the Messiah would arrive in the proper order; an Elijah; and an Sun of Righteousness: with “healing in his wings”.
Of course those who were unaware of why the City of St. Francis became Mecca when Israel broke the yoke of Islam off the shoulder of Jerusalem do not yet know how the Baraka that had come to the desert tribes with Muhammed as the “loyal Cain” in the position of Ishmael will know then even less of how then that Baraka from the original 12 tribes that came to the 12 princes of the 12 desert tribes then came to the children of all the tribes of Israel: especially those at the Gathering of the Tribes in the City of St. Francis.
That their Baraka came to these Children can be seen be the curious events which happened 50 years before the three Cities of Faith were affected by the strange occurences at Fatimah in Portugal; and the appearence of Michael the Archangel with Three Children; for Fatimah is the Bethlehem of Islam; and few know the Secret of Mary of Fatima; Maryam al Kubra; the Greater Mary; and how she produced the Cosmic Christ; and where he ends up being manifest. 50 also means “Pentecost”; and that also means “Harvest”; as one Neil Young once wrote; or even the Band; of “King Harvest”.
Some had opened eyes to the signs of wonders of whom the children were themselves the “Providence for the start” as being what Isaiah called “The Signs and Wonders” themselves.

The Ship of the Sufis; the Barque of Baraka

The Coming of the Messiah: 

How the Digger’s precipitated the opening of the Book of Revelation: the Key of the Golden Gate.

  We must first see how the Censer which Gabriel threw from the Altar which hit the City of St. Francis in 1906 has to do with the curious date of “4-18”;  ( seen at Proverbs 4:18 about the Path of the Just ). And the dividing of the Hopi in 1906 in two camps as ‘Old and New’ also happened because of the revealing of the “altar-hearth of God” as “Ariel” or “the Lion of God”.

This date can be seen at Revelation 8:3; to wit;

   “And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a gold censer, and there was given to him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne of God.”

   Few people know this was Gabriel; but John explained to me that the City of St. Francis gained God’s approval because of what it did to one lost sheep when this world had crushed him to the ground: this City showed the spirit of St. Francis to one; but as it did it to the “least” it was as if it had done it for Christ himself: and this is why the City of St. Francis has become restored; yea: Redeemed.

Joshua Abraham Norton: and the Key of David

“…Even as ye have done it unto the least of these; ye have done it unto me…”

 My dear friends in the Beloved City have no idea what the restoration of this City from where it fell spiritually to the men of Sodom who tread the holy city underfoot with their coming as the very tares that precede the wheat that was seperated at the “living bread” and it’s emanation: LSD.

It was this which was the answer to the Lamb’s plea:

     “For if they do these things in a green tree; what will they do in the dry?”

By this he meant if few believed even then as he and his disciples did miracles by the truckload; how then would the believers be gathered at the Last Days when no miracles could be done but only as of the dark magic  of the dragon and his angels cast out onto the earth? Lord Jesus surely knew the dragon and his minions who were shortly to be tossed into the Lake of Fire would stop any positive manifestations happening by any and all means; usually with a lead bullet from the “lead talent” of that held up above the plains of Shinar where lucifer roamed in Babylon; and then Baghdad.

It is lead which has killed most of the leading lights of the age one by one.

Thus while Hitler was gathering up the Jews as the Pied Piper with the song of anti-semetism it was Albert Hoffman in 1938 who brought something from the wheat stalk by which the “Living Bread FROM God out of Heaven” was able to kindle the Fire at which the Tares of the Men of Sodom and the Wheat of the Children of God would be seperated in the Trial by Fire that LSD truly was on that Street of Pure Gold for the pure who entered the Love of God as opposed to they who bought and sold in the river of Babylon as that fallen street where sex and drugs were sold by those who had the mark and them who worshipped the dragon: which then gave more power to the beast.

But let us set the final scene in it’s final context.

The men of Sodom and their allies as the women of Babylon were set against those Nazarenes who were the Children of God with those Zealots who put down the sword and piked up the principle of non-violence as practiced by Martin Luther King; even as having was the one who picked it up from the Red Man when he “buried the hatchet”; thus did the Black Man also regain what Ghandi had used against the British Empire in it’s corrupt and fallen days at the end.

Each of these two groups in the City of St. Francis reached their perfection; the evil perfection of those who had the Resurrection unto Damnation; and then those whose Resurrection was unto Life; and Glory; whereas those given over yo homosexuality were given to everlasting shame and contempt by defiling the Holy City as the fallen Gentiles at the Outer Court as the “dogs” or “sodomites” that Robert Graves described in his books; they surely would be those who defamed the City of St. Francis and brought down on themselves those first two plagues written of: Herpes, as of the first vial of Wrath; and then AIDS at the second vial.

Thus this comes by the penetrating of the Temple by the needle or the sodomitic phallus that is the Tail of the Dragon as Sodom itself; the Dragon being that creature who represents Egypt itself; the Kingdom of the Dead. Thus “Sodom” and “Egypt” represent the “tail of the Dragon” and the “Great Red Dragon” himself; just as Jezebel or “Mystery” represented the “face of the Dragon” seen as ISIS or Rev. Moon’s false left hand gnostic “female holy spirit”; as of the Ebionites and the Barbeloites; and “Atheism” as the “speech” of the Dragon who denies the existence of God to tempt men into setting themselves up as “God” instead of the true GOD.

The men of Sodom call themselves angels; and yet the fallen angels they portray are hypocrites every one; calling themselves by the name of Mary which is Blessed: but not what they did and do in it; by no means.

But now swift judgment has come upon them all: for the Bride hath come: the Lamb’s Wife. It is she who spells doom for those who blaspheme in her name that which is Blessed; the name of the Bride; who is Mary of Bethany; as the name of the Bridegroom is Jesus of Nazareth.

They are the True Parents: indeed.

The Reward of the Prophets: The Vision of the Hopi

The Red Star of Mira; 418 lightyears away; as of the manifesting of the Wrath of the Lamb.

The Blue Star of Comet Holmes: the manifesting of first the Morning Star of the Regeneration; as the Mercy of the Lion.

And then at my death the Comet became something one million times larger:

…..this Blue Sun of the Regeneration soon to swallow up the sun  in 2012 as Death is swallowed up by the Second Death; yea;

“Death shall be swallowed up in Victory”

        By The Sun of the Second Death.


The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life: to those who walk the Path of the Just in this Last Day


The Reward of the Saints as the Reward of Joseph, which was Mary;

and the Reward of the Prophets as the Reward of David,

who was Abishag to keep him warm at night; the providence of the reward of the saints and the prophets thus is given at the Lord’s return:

              Mary and Abishag

 The Offspring of David: the Son of Man

…..the Wrath of the Lamb Slain From the Foundation of the World

Lord Knows





One comment

  1. If we but dare to look at page 93 in chapter four of the book “God’s Warning to the World” by Rev. Moon which he wrote from Danbury prison in his 18 months ( seen as embodying the Number of the name of the beast as of the number 6+6+6 ) we see in his chapter 4 under the chapter heading “Christianity in Crisis” more than just a veiled threat; we see a sure promise by someone who decided that he would show America just how powerful he really was in setting up a condition for Satan to invade us in a very negative and unforgettable way. And the Antichrist Osama bin Laden did just that; but of course; you don’t know he WAS the Antichrist……
    The City of Sin

    Thus we have one ” calling down fired from heaven” by which his accomplice, the Antichrist Osama bin Laden had his “marching orders”.

    Rev. Moon begins on page 93; to wit;
    “When I first came to America, I went to New York and stood on Fifth Avenue during th rush hour. Suddenly tears began pouring down my face. I looked at the wonder of the Empire State Building and the magnificence of the New Trade Center–the tallest buildings in the world.

    But I asked myself,
    “Does God dwell in those buildings?”
    Then he goes on;
    “New York is becoming more and more a city without God.”
    “It is a city of crime. Such a beautiful city is now crumbling. I can see so much immorality and so many signs of godlessness in that city.
    It was shocking to my eyes as I stood watching during that rush hour. I could see so many things at once that are all intolerable in the sight of God.”
    It seems that Rev. Moon had already “passed his judgment” on that city; as Moon began to put New York City in the position of Babylon the Great. Perhaps the fallen city of Hollywood Babylon we know as LA, but New York City???

    But he did it anyway; and he picked out the Two Towers as symbolizing the spirit: and the pride, of that City. “Tallest buildings in the World” he said.

    Then he finishes with this:

    “I can really see that God is leaving the great city of New York.
    New York is instead becoming the city of evil”
    Wow; looks like he decided early that NYC was going to suffer the fate of those of which Rev. Moon disapproves: and that is why he never attained to the crown of life.

    Now let us examine II Thessalonians and the act of Judgment Osama bin Laden passed on New York City sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually by comparison.
    St. Paul writes this at II Thess. 2;2-5
    2:2: “That ye not be shaken in mind; nor troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the Day of Christ is at hand.
    2:3 “Let no Man deceive you by any Means:
    except a falling away first,
    and that Man of Sin be revealed; the Son of Perdition.”
    That “man of lawlessness” or “man of sin” was Osama Bin Laden: but now at his death we have the proof of thwo things: the Prodigal Son has come back and received the shows, the garment and the ring; the fatted calf who was the Antichrist, a devil with the Devil “in him” is the “fatted” one; and that was the Judas of Islam; Osama bin Laden; son the Laden the One-eyed Dajjal: from Yemen, let us not forget what the Seal Mohammed said about Yemen at the End.

    ” 9/10’s of all the evil in the world shall come from Yemen”. Pretty close to “…9/11…”; would not all agree??


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