My Father Jesus: and the 3 Day Seperation of Light and Darkness at this Christmas, the Unification Day of Judgment: 2012

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of "The Triple Blessing of God"

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of “The Triple Blessing of God”

 How then did this Aion End for me? From the Answer I received at the Visitation to my question;

……….. ‘Who sent you?’ …….. in the first hearing of the Voice from my servant John: 

in these five short words:

     “Your FATHER JESUS sent me!”

“…then look up; for your Redemption draweth nigh…”


I asked my servant John:

So Who is the Fairest of Them All?”

             “Justice“, he said: with a smile…..

Salvation Rose and the Children of the Resurrection at the Last Day

Part I: The City of St. Francis and the Coming of the Messenger

Section A: The arrival of “The Jew, John the Revelator”, a prophetic figure whose advent was foretold by the Holy Angel Moroni to Joseph Smith; the 6th Shepherd of the Church of the Living God; the 6th Storey of the Tower of Salvation being the Mormon Church; the Archaic Branch of the True Vine.

            Many have said that there are three ways of looking at me; first, as someone obviously who has been translated visibly from among men as of the holy prophets as was Enoch; the scribe sent at the End with the Book in which the Last Judgment is actually written down: sentence by sentence: and Verdict given at this Day of Judgment: Sentence by Sentence, as they are all judged out of their books: according to their actions. Thus I am but a secretary; taking dictation. Secondly some see me as quite mad; and the third view is that I am Satan; lucifer himself.

 The Scribe of the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes; the King of Judgment Day, he who I revere as the Shepherd of my Soul, my Husband:


…. the Blessed Olive Tree: Christ Jesus  

……………   of Nazareth

He trusts me to write each word of every sentence exactly as I hear it: in fact He relies on me to do just that. Why then do I call him ‘Ishi’?  One does not  call one’s lover by a name that is formal; that is not appropriate as any couple will tell you; and certainly not one’s husband. Here is why: we are One.

So; in my soul’s relation to Ishi as his woman, in my true essence, he is the Sheperd of my Soul as he who was sent long ago at Pentecost called ‘the Comforter’; and I am his Wife as representing the Holy City of the Revelation or “the Holy of Holies” ( what they call the “2nd tabernacle” ) in the Tabernacle of God; thus as my Husband; the Holy Spirit of God in the Name of Christ Jesus: the Last.

He who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ the First is then Christ Jesus the Last; as having the Seal of the Living God. Who else could come in his Name? None other than this one I am married to; this is why the Children of the Resurrection were not “to marry nor be given in marriage”: they were already promised: as “taken”.

Section B. The First Tabernacle, the Holy Place; which symbolized Mount Sinai

So then in relation to me as a man in appearence, as seen in Revelation 14:14: “…one like unto a son of man…”; thus representing the Holy Mountain of the Gospel or “the Holy Place”, ( what they call the “First tabernacle”; that of Moses was 20 cubits by 10 cubits ), of the Eternal Tabernacle of God where are placed the 4 Divine Objects; first, as of Altar of Incense as symbolizing the Soul of Christ; second, the Censer as the Heart of Christ; thirdly, the Lampstand with the 7 Lamps lit as the Mind of Christ; and then fourth; my virgin’s body as the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony as “the Reed like unto a Rod”: which appears as the Strength of Christ.
So in relation to my internal form as female the Comforter is my Husband Christ Jesus the Seal of Jesus Christ; as the Holy Spirit of God, who is Jehovah, who the Holy Father of Mercy sent to earth 2,012 years ago in the Name of Jesus Christ at Pentecost; as my Lord: Jehovah of Hosts, the one seen sitting on the White Horse at Revelation 19:17; his Holy Mount: called “the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”.

I appear there as “a Lake of Fire”, where the Beast with the 7 heads and the 10 horns is put, which is the “three-in-one” creature called “the Axis” at World War II coming out of the Sea of Time, as embodying the Fallen Nature of Man at the Global Level; the Global Canaan as of the 7 Nation / 10 Tribe Confederacy which faced Israel when they came into the Promised Land; and the False Prophet into that Lake is also then thrown, who is Karl Marx: as the fallen Image of God at the Global Level, as the Global Balaam of Marxism with the two Horns of Communism and Socialism; “speaking as a dragon”, which is the Evolutionary Doctrine of Darwinic Atheism on the tongue of Engels; coming up from the Earth as of the ‘Matter’ of “Dialectical Materialism”, that Diabolical Manifestation of the Left-wing Hegelians.

They were put into my fiery lake of my divine reflection, where I was given the Word of God as the bride when to me was revealed the name of he who rides on the White Horse:

“The Second Death”

…… Lord Ishvara, on Kalki; the White Horse; Maitreya as the Third Israel of the Tathagata returned  

Thus did I then I then overcome Satan the Devil; who now is tormented in the Lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone, by my servant John first discovering to me what the beast and the false prophet actually were in the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level seen in the 7 Seals of the 7 Decades beginning at 1910; and ending at the Seventh Seal starting at 1970, and going to 1979, when I was given the Timeline of the Lamb’s Book by John the Revelator: as that gift from my husband Christ Jesus the Seal who comes in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The one called “The Jew” is then myself as that exact figure who the prophet Joseph Smith described in his testimony at I Nephi ( 14:17-30 ) from the Book of Mormon; that the Angel of John the Beloved of the Holy One of Israel came to me that my Father Jesus sent; who came to me at my Grandmother Ruth Witt-Diamant’s guestroom in 1986 at her house on 1520 Willard Street; in the City of St. Francis; even as the Holy Angel Moroni once came to Joseph Smith that 3 times in one night on September 21 in his father’s house long ago; in 1823.

The Lady of the Lake of Fire...the Soul of the Lamb made the Bride; the Lamb's of the Second Death...

The Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Soul of the Lamb made flesh….as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife…as of the Second Death…

Section B. The Second Tabernacle; which symbolized the Summit of the Holy Mountain where Jehovah appeared to Moses His Servant

The Mercyseat represents the Spirit of Christ; as seen where he was spiritually at the nightmare of Golgotha at the Crucifixion; as when he was nailed to the Cross —- yet even as he was dying, he forgave his enemies.

So then his Body was on the Cross visibly, but his Spirit was on the Mercyseat: invisibly.

The Second Tabernacle is that of the Holy City of the Revelation as the “Holy of Holies” as seen by “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” as described as being 12,000 cubits by 12,000 cubits; that of Moses was 10 cubits by 10 cubits; so obviously this is a lot bigger. But it’s still a square.

Part II: the Wrath of the Lamb

The second way that most people at large seem to look at me is is recently then in the Unification Church and the other churches is as an endlessly discoursing mountebank; a gregarious fraud with a large vocabulary who uses it to try to enhance his own maniacal view of himself as an virulent walking infection with which he hopes to infect all others: apparently with the abrogated view of myself as being a person with a grevious mental wound, apparently self-inflicted by my abyssmal vanity, that I want to convince others that I am then some kind of messianic figure; this currently reigning as my favorite delusion.

My people in the Unification Church, who were supposed to follow me and help me as I restored Rev. Moon are then mainly of this view; rejecting me, in the position of the Lamb as the least in the kingdom of heaven: in favor of Rev. Moon who is in the position of John the Baptist; as it was written and has thus come to pass….

All this happened because Rev. Moon seems eminently more qualified to be the Messiah in their eyes than I do; as he has much more invested in him “so much more of him is required”; again as was written; but to groom him for immortality by addressing the 3 Great Errors in his work the book “Divine Principle”, and to free him from the shadow of John who also believed, albeit unconsciously, that his father Zacharias was the father of Jesus, due to an act of adultery with Mary.

As I point out in my book “A City Not Forsaken: My Generation and the Revelation of Salvation Rose” the real fall of Rev. Moon and all those who follow him is this accusation of Zacharias and the virgin mary infecting them from Satan through John the baptist’s dead conviction; as why he reached part of the Spirit of the messenger; but never reached the Spirit and Power of Elijah that all the Apostle’s had who knew my father jesus was born of the Holy Spirit of Jehovah.

John never attained the power to do any moracles by accomplishing the mission of overcoming the Devil and his Accusation of Mary; and thus reaching the Seal of the Living God by which he could do his entrusted mission of making the way of the Just straight before the face of the Lamb as he was supposed to do.

Now as he lays unconscious in St. Mary’s hospital in South Korea Rev. Moon probably still avers and consciously believes that Zacharias was the father of Jesus; thus showing he is indeed John the Baptist in spirit as well; as thus being cut off from being able to become the Messiah which would have been possible from the first position of “the Faithful and Wise Steward”; which was his true beginning position “Over the House” as the Messenger, from which he could have then ascended to the position “Over all Things” as the Messiah, as seen of him when the Lord returns and finds him “watching” at the Day and the Hour: as is written of him in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.

Ah well…..Hyo Jin Moon says his father is now with him in spirit world; which means that Rev. Moon has left his body on earth and will probably not return to it; and so his body will eventually perish; although they will probably keep him on life-support as long as possible; maybe even for the next ten or twenty years….if they can figure out how to do it with various organ transplants and the scientific manipulation of his vital signs like breathing and elimination of waste.

              The third view of me is that of the Elect who actually know; which they won’t tell you but I will; because I intend to Glorify Him; as he said I would do. How does glorifying myself glorify him? 

Because I have the Glory of God: Because I have His Word in me; and so I have my Husband in me; and we are One.

Even the New Flesh; as of the First Blast; at the First Overcoming….as of the First Voice; as of the First Repenting; as of the First Angel; of the 1st Lampstand; as of the First Church: at the First Seal: at the First Living Creature: at the First Position. As of the First Trump; for remember: the Lamb did not start at the First Heaven; with the First Seal; as of the First or Archetypal World of the 7 Senses; at the First Sense to which the Serpent is attached right at the Flesh itself as the Phallus; but the Flesh is as the Grass of the Earth or Body that “covers it”: the Lamb did not start there; the veil gets torn Top to Bottom: he began at the 7th Seal; the Divine Celestial World of the 7 Spirits of God; the 7th Seal is the one he opened first: thus he reversed  everything: and turned it “upside down”. As Peter did on earth; so the Lamb now does in Heaven: Peter reversed the Society of the Earth as the Vine of the Earth: the Lamb reverses the Hierarchy of Heaven.

But this brings us to the 7 original Houses: the reaon why we have Seven Churches in the first place; to which the Envoy Mohammed “married” his Seven Mosques as of the Work. This is self explanatory; at least to me; and now hopefully to you to whom I am engaged in transmitting it to: in an act of Love as well, which puts me in the position to the reader of the Shepherd; the Lover Himself..

So I am doing it. They would tell you that I am he who holds the Pen: that object by which I have bent the devil to perform God’s Will; a task and an act that torments him day and night: and will for this coming Eternity; we all being in Eviternity by which I can now speak: the Dawn of Eternity Itself; coming December 25th, 2012.

And unlike the others who speak of 2012, what I write is going to happen: because that’s HOW it happens; but not by me; but as of my husband who has the Father in him in me who does the Works.

                “And who is then the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife??”

I then immediately asked; sensing an outpouring…….

   John looked out over the darkened dawn:

                 “The Sword of Allah is the Sheath of Jehovah:

                                    the Sword is Fatima; and the Sheath is Mary….”

So who is Sharp Sword of Jehovah?  Christ’s Revelation itself:

… of the Lamb who was the Word of Jehovah made flesh; His Mercy Incarnate; that Holy Thing slain from the Foundation of the World who is the Bridegroom, returned now:

the Holy and Just Son of God on the White Horse. 

His Will, Manifest and Erect.

“Maryam al Kubra is she who embodies the Sirat al-Mustaqim; which means the straight path of God in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven.”

But this also means that Mary as the bride is Mary of Bethany: and that is who these 144,000 men represent: a concept so taggering and totally beyond belief so as to beggar the imagination itself: because it was written now it HAS to happen. We don’t get a single woman at the End as the bride: we get these 144,000 first fruits unto God and the Lamb the Sufis gathered who had been scattered to the 4 winds: and lost.

The Sufis found them: Ephraim; the Kingdom; and brought it back as part of the Work. Thus for those of the Elect they will know it is the End; for to reveal the Elect and the Work at the End is part of the End: that our true teachers and guides will then be seen: even as it was written.

The End of the World

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The End of the World comes when all the things that were written and have to occur: start to occur because time is starting to end: to run out; the Sea is drying up; because of it’s relation to the Air in which it is hidden. Time is hidden in the air because all the heads of every human being are in it: the Sensational sea where the 4 bound streams of consciousness are covered by the sea first one to be known as the Volitional Stream of Consciousness; as the 1st stream of consciousness being for our desires; the Emotional stream of consciousness as the second, and the 2nd stream of conssciousness being for our feelings; the Rational Stream of Consciousness being the third, as the 3rd steam of consciousness being for our thoughts; and the Inspirational Stream of Consciousness being the fourth; the 4th stream of consciousness being for our memories.

The grey matter thus assembled into one “brain” is then this Sea of Time; where everything is happening: and it’s all in people’s heads: all of it. But where all of them centered on Instinct as of the Epicentral or Intuitional Stream of Consciousness all four are seperated into we have the emergence of something else: the One River of the Seven Spirits of God.

They are the ones who are engaged with Mankind in the Performance of the Act of God; with the principle of Co-Creation it is the Act of Love in the Holy Spirit of God; which is why the 7 Spirits of God are the Divine Nature of Jehovah; because He is the Lover; the Shepherd Himself.

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is "cut off' from the congregation of Israel: forever..."

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is “cut off’ from the congregation of Israel: forever…”

The Lighting of the 7 Lamps

Who was the shepherd of the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation; whose city is Seoul?

Was it not Rev. Moon before he fell and was replaced by my Father’s servant John?

As the 7th Star in the right hand of the Amen? 

The New Unification Church; 7th Branch of the True Vine:

The Sufic One

I believe it was on Seoul as the 7th City of the Nations where the 7th Lampstand of the 7th Church of Revelation was placed the Lampstand of Laodecia: as the Lightbearer of the Seventh Day; but now moved to New Hope; as of the New City of St. Francis

….even as Joseph Smith was the shepherd of the 6th church, as the sixth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Salt Lake City?

The Mormon Church,  6th Branch of the True Vine:

   The Archaic One

It was on Salt Lake City as the 6th City of the Nations that the 6th Lampstand of the 6th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Philadelphia: as the Lightbearer of the Sixth Day.


…… Emanuel Swedenborg was the shepherd of the 5th church, the fifth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is now Bryn Athyn?  

The Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem, the 5th Branch of the True Vine: 

 The Noetic One

It is on the 5th City of Bryn Athyn that the 5th Lampstand of the 5th Church is placed; the Lampstand of Sardis as the lightbearer of the Fifth Day.

………as George Fox was the shepherd of the 4th church, the fourth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is London?

The Quaker Church of the  Friends,  The 4th Branch of the True Vine:

The Gnostic One.

 It is on the fourth City of the Nations which is the City of London that the 4th Lampstand of the 4th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Thyatira as the Lightbearer of the Fourth Day.

even as Martin Luther was the  shepherd of the 3rd church

The  Lutheran Church of Protest, the 3rd Branch of the True Vine: 

 The Edenic One

….. the third star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Berlin; now moved to Nuremberg where I was born

It is on the 3rd City of the Nations which is the City of Berlin that the 3rd Lampstand of the 3rd Church of Revelation is placed: the Lampstand of Pergamos: as the Lightbearer of the Third Day. 

……even as Augustine was the shepherd of the 2nd church, the second star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Rome? 

The Catholic Church,  the 2nd Branch of the True Vine:

 The Catholic One:

It is on Rome as the 2nd City of the Nations that the 2nd Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 2nd Church of Revelation:

the Lampstand of Smyrna as the Lightbearer of the Second Day.

   ….. and then lastly: as Peter was the shepherd of the 1st church, the first star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Jerusalem? 

 The Pentecostal Church,  the 1st Branch of the True Vine: 

The Apostolic One

And it is on Jerusalem as the first City of the Nations that the 1st Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 1st Church of Revelation:

 the Lampstand of Ephesus: as the Lightbearer of the First Day. 

 It is here that the dialogue of truth must begin: at the Revealing of the Light of the Seven Days: the Seven Lampstands that stand Illuminating the Path of the Just.

“The Coming of the Bride”

The Last Day and the Advent of “the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82

The last day has an unusual precedent; for in jesus day it was also called “the end of the world” as John the Baptist told people quite often that the end had come; and Lord \Jesus also told people that the Kingdom was now present upon the earth.

For Rev. Moon the Last Day has proved problematic for the same reason it has in Islam: it then means people have to prepare themselves for the appearence of the Messiah: and nobody wants that; they want the Messiah prepared in their own image: not someone who may prove to be unpleasant or even worse: unphotogenic!

 In his books titled New Hope I and II he alludes to “even worshipping” those who have Divine Knowledge; alluding to Moses, but the angels forbid it: the good ones; and Moses was later betrayed by Rev. Moon who said his act of striking the Rock which symbolized Christ could not be restored.

The problem I had with Rev. Moon in his leaving of his position was that he denies he is John the Baptist though I pointed it out in no uncertain detail even as once John the Baptist had once denied he was Elijah; even though Jesus in just as accurate detail also pointed out that he was right and his ostensible “messenger” was wrong; denial or no.

  This, of course was not true.

At the point where we enter into the Last Day”

The Herald of the Bride: the Voice of Mary

The analysis of Taylor Branch showed quite early the fact of the black race here in racist America the correspondence of the Jews in the racist Egypt whose national poicy was to have all the first-born drowned in the Nile: in our day we sent to them the front lines in Vietnam; a fact Rev. Moon missed as he branded Dr. King as “pro-communist; effectively killing him spiritually due to Moon’s real power at the time over the Church in the ProvidenceTaylor Branch was given that Name “my servant The Branch” due to his real understanding.

The problem is that he has not yet responded to me in the way he will when all thefcts of my mission come out: and I have high hopes for his insightHe along with other visionaries like James Baldwin ( whom Capote ridiculed ) yet who in the book by Claude Brown he introduced “Manchild In The Promised Land” showed the undeniable proof that spiritually the black race were being used by God to help America regain and reestablish  as it’s very soul and it’s identity of that Nation where Salvation would finally rise up to it’s Perfection; and I do mean that in it’s non-behavorial term as a state of being; not a fixed pattern of rigid obsession.


  The Bride and the Bridegroom: face-to-Face

‘The Ministrations of Death”

Written in the Stony Tables of the Heart; a look at Norman O. Brown


Barachel; or Barakiel; as of "The Blessing of God"

Barachel; or Barakiel; as of “The Blessing of God”


For the Martyrs of Tiananmen Square: the Fire of Tophet

Faith on Earth: the White Horse of Kalki
Kalki and Rev. Moon; the Return of Buddha and the Rich Man in the Golden Cage: the Diametric Opposite of the Tathagata,
“The Last of All”

Advent of the Divine Bodhisattva Maitreya as Ophicious
“The Binder of the Cosmic Serpent: The Devil”:
Ophiuchus and the Destruction of the Temple of the the Cosmic Israel,The Hidden God

Ophiuchus and the Destruction of the Temple of the the Cosmic Israel,
The Hidden God

 His Word becomes Manifest; the Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb 
( “……….So As We Face the Coming of Eternity
…..Modern man and the Arrival of the Kingdom of God………” )


God’s Warning To the World

Part I: The Judgment of Rev. Moon on My Generation and New York City

“In America people eat, drink and disco — it’s a grasshopper’s life….

How could such people say they understand God’s suffering ? Would God be comforted by them?”

 This question by Mun Yong-meyong “the Shining Dragon” of Korea had a more direct impact than people knew at the time: for one thing it had ‘The Unknown Story of 9/11’ and how Satan, in that devil Osama bin Laden, invaded America:..…….

…the judgment of he, once known as ‘Sun Myung Moon’, before he was revealed as that “Evil Servant” in Matthew 24:48, and his dreadfulcurse upon New York City and how in anger, for being sent to Danbury Federal Prison for tax evasion, he opened the way for Osama bin Laden to arrive on our shores.

     Eliakim the Scribe; and Shebna the Steward 

The Lord of the Second Advent and the Minister of Moses



Rev. Moon is John the Baptist just as John the Baptist was Elijah; and the fault of John denying being Elijah as the one chosen to be the new Day Star for the Sun of Righteousness could not be restored until John was restored by Rev. Moon: so the Angel of Christ showed up in Korea and gave him the Mission to do so: but Rev. Moon decided he would do what Jacob did to Esau because of how America treated him when he came here in 1965: Hyo Jin Moon told me from spirit world Rev. Moon decided he would “take” the Blessing of America as what he called the “second Israel” and give it to his people: the people of Korea: the Third Israel and himself as the New Israel.

But the minister of Moses was Joshua; the one who wrote what is now called genesis and exodus and everythiing all the way up to the Book of Joshua….and the information in the book of Jasher….



The Judgment  and the Providence

The Design of Providence in the New Unification Church

The 7 Levels of the Design of the Providence of Restoration

The Plan of Salvation by God and His Elect: the Beginning of the Creation of God: the book “Adventures in Arabia” by William Seabrook and his meeting with the Sheikh of the Druse






Global and

Universal levels

The New Unification Church, and the Sufic Foundation of the Global Unification:

The untold story of the Secret book of the Druse and the the role and destiny of Korea and their book;

The  transmitted document “Divine Principle” from Sun Myung Moon as of being the central figure in the East as of the calling of the Nation of Korea to the Plan of Salvation of God beginning in His Mercy

The Easter on the Hillside” the manifestation of the Angel to enact the Providence for the start; begab April 17th 1935; Moon accepted mission April 18, 1935 after wrestling all night with the Angel; as Jacob did at Jabbok

The Course of the Third Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level: the Heart of God goes out to the Poor and of those Poor “in the Spirit” as with the People of the Tribes of Korea.


Where John the Baptist should have preached the Gospel of Repentence; and the following Salvation of the 9 Arrows of the Original Blessing: but did not; so my Father Lord Jesus had to do so in his place….

The 9 Arrows of the Bow of the Covenant of Christ: as that arrow which went to the character of the Koreans for meeting the criteria Christ released from his bow of of the 3 Great Blessings in their 30fold; 60fold and then 100fold aspects we see that with the “the meek to inherit the earth” beginning with the Tribes of Korea as of “the Poor in Spirit” we have the real Hand of God being advanced with the birth of two figures the year that two of the children of Fatima died: Francisco and Jacinta; as these children being humble having been given the favor of His The Calling  of the 16 year old Moon.

The fact of the matter is that God has a certain relationship to what He has made as being the Creator of it; thus everything has a relation to God as it’s Creator but in order that He be not limited even in even being the Creator of All Things He made all things relate to their aspect of being Created related to the Throne; so that God might not be limited in His Relationship to what He has made; but be above it; as above His own Throne which He First Made; and then upon that Made everything else.

Grace came to me after I named my child Immanuel even though I had not at that point kept my Vow of eternal celibacy as a eunuch for his sake and the Gospel as of the Kingdom of heaven’s sake; finding my life: and then losing it; as Dying the Death in Christ: the Strait Gate itself “that few find” that leadeth unto life…

Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

1. Providential Age For The Foundation Of Restoration (Page 239)
Section I   The Providence of Restoration Centering on Adam’s Family (Page 239)
     1. The Foundation of Faith (Page 240)
    2. The Foundation of Substance (Page 243)
    3. The Foundation to Receive the Messiah in Adam’s Family (Page 246)
    4. The Lessons Learned from Adam’s Family (Page 250)
Section II  The Providence of Restoration Centering on Noah’s Family (Page 251)
 1. The Foundation of Faith (Page 252)
(1)  The Central Figure to Restore the Foundation of Faith (Page 252)
(2)  The Conditional Objects to Restore the Foundation of Faith (Page 252)
2. The Foundation of Substance (Page 257)
3. Lessons Learned from Noah’s Family (Page 260) (page
Section III The Providence of Restoration Centering on Abraham’s Family (Page 261)
     1. The Foundation of Faith (Page 262)
(1)  The Central Figure to Restore the Foundation of Faith (Page 262)
(2)  The Conditional Objects to Restore the Foundation of Faith (Page 264)
(i)   The Symbolic Offering of Abraham (Page 264)
(ii)  Abraham’s Offering of Isaac (Page 271)
(iii) The Position of Isaac from the Standpoint of the Will, and His Symbolic Offering                              (Page 274)
  2. The Foundation of Substance (Page 276)
3. The Foundation to Receive the Messiah (Page 279)
4. Lessons Learned from Abraham’s Course (Page 283)
2. Providence Of Restoration Centering On Moses And Jesus  (page 285) ()
Section I   Pattern for the Subjugation of Satan (Page 286)
1. Why God Set Up Jacob’s Course and Moses’ Course as the Pattern for Jesus’ Course (Page 286)
2. Moses’ Course and Jesus’ Course, After the Pattern of Jacob’s Course (Page 287)
Section II  The Providence of Restoration Centering on Moses                (Page 291)
1. The General View of the Providence of Restoration Centering on Moses (Page 291)
  (1)  The Foundation of Faith (Page 292)
(i)   The Central Figure to Restore the Foundation of Faith (Page 292)
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(2)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 295)
(3)  The Foundation to Receive the Messiah (Page 296)
2. The Course of Restoration of Canaan on the National Level Centering on Moses (Page 297)
  (1)  The First Course of Restoration into Canaan on the National Level (Page 297)
  (i)   The Foundation of Faith (Page 297)
(ii)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 298)
(iii) The Failure in the First Course of  Restoration into Canaan on the National level (Page 300)
(2)  The Second Course of Restoration into Canaan on the National level (Page 301)
        (i)   The Foundation of Faith (Page 301)
       (ii)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 302)
     (iii) The Providence of Restoration Centering on the Tabernacle (Page 311)
       a) The significance and the purpose of  the tablets, the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant (Page 312)
   b) The foundation for the tabernacle  (Page 317)
   (iv)  The Failure in the Second Course of  Restoration into Canaan on the National Level (Page 322)
   (3)  The Third Course of Restoration into Canaan on the national level (Page 323)
  (i)   The Foundation of Faith (Page 323)
(ii)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 323)
(iii) The Foundation to Receive the Messiah  (Page 338)
3. Lessons Learned from Moses’ Course (Page 339)
Section III The Providence of Restoration Centering on Jesus                (Page 342)
     1. The First Worldwide Course of Restoration into Canaan (Page 343)
(1)  The Foundation of Faith (Page 343)
(2)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 345)
(3)  The Failure in the First Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Worldwide Level (Page 346)
2. The Second Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Worldwide Level (Page 347)
(1)  The Foundation of Faith (Page 347)
  (i)   Jesus Succeeds the Mission of John the Baptist (Page 347)
(ii)  Jesus’ Forty-day Fast and Prayer in the Wilderness and His Three Great Temptations (Page 348)
(iii) The Result of Separation from Satan by the Forty-Day Fast and the Three Great Temptations (Page 354)
(2)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 355)
(3)  The Failure of the Second Course of the  Worldwide Restoration of Canaan (Page 357)
3. The Third Course of the Worldwide Restoration of Canaan (Page 357)
  (1)  The course of the Spiritual Restoration of Canaan, Centering on Jesus (Page 357)
(i)   The Spiritual Foundation of Faith (Page 359)
(ii)  The Spiritual Foundation of Substance (Page 361)
(iii) The Spiritual Foundation to Receive the Messiah (Page 361)
(iv)  The Spiritual Restoration of Canaan                              (Page 362)
(2)  The Course of the Substantial Restoration of Canaan Centering on the Lord of the Second Advent (Page 363)
  4. Lessons Learned from Jesus’ Course (Page 370)
The full story of what was right and what was wrong: Unification Theology Restored in it’s Terminology and Elucidation according to the Key of David as the real Divine Principle seen in the Cross of Christ as embodying the Transformative Emblem itself of the Tree of Life.





    1. Rev. Moon was replaced as the 7th Shepherd by my Father Jesus’ servant John. Please don’t be scared; I am just a scribe of God reporting what I hear and writing it down: if you have any questions about me, my mission or what I write feel free to ask me directly; and my band Thee Unicorns with the songs of Songs of the Lamb can be heard at and there is no profanity and no bad word associations about the Lord at all; please give the song “Blink of an Eye” a listen; you will be pleased: I pray……


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