Sun Myung Moon and the Star of Laodecia; Unification Church as Laodecian 7th Church


The Descent of the Bride: the Lamb's Wife

The 4 Wings of the Cherubim



        In Dealing with the Last Judgment I found that the facts still unknown about John the Baptist by the Unification Church and Rev. Moon’s subsequent errors in his book “Divine Principle” about him were at the root of most of the problems with the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation; and why it failed in the position of the church of Laodecia; by not listening to me; of course; since I am the “gold tried in the fire” they were instructed to “buy of” as “learn from”; but of course; they never did.

"Even as ye have done it unto the least of mine; so now ye know it was unto me..."

People do not know the 7 churches of Christianity actually represent the growth of the 7 churches originally seen in Asia that foreshadowed their arrival prophetically; but in my book this is made quite clear.

 This is the “True Vine” that goes due west from Jerusalem and went all the way the Seoul Korea: until I had to remove that lampstand and place the 7th lampstand on the seventh City of the Nations: the City of St. Francis that is now to be redeemed in the eyes of the Nations: the New Unification Church of New Hope itself.

     Rev. Moon never mentions the fact that when Jesus commanded John the Baptize him John stood in the position of Issac offering the Ram of Sacrifice; but as Jesus had commended John to do so it was the Body of John that was substituting for Jesus own body; because Jesus commanded him; as the Christ is “the Sacrifice”. Thus John said:

       “behold the Lamb who takes away the Sin of the World”.

Jesus was the “Self-Sacrificial One” John called the Lamb; “Jesus” as “the Christ” meant he was the ” Sacrificial Lamb” of the “Sacrificial One”; thus Christ Jesus literally means “Sacrificial Lamb”; but now also another term: Day-Light; the Light of Life.

Jesus as “the Light” defeated Satan in the wilderness and became “the Day”; by seperating himself from Satan as “the Darkness”; thus “the Day” means “the Christ”.

 Here it is now seen that Name “Christ Jesus” then means “Day Light”; the revealed “Light of Life” for those who will be led to and then walk the “Straight Path of the Just”; as the Blessed Olive Tree Lord Jesus of Nazareth promised his brother Muhammed long ago; for all the prophets are brothers; and are called “the holy brethern” for that reason. But Jesus and Muhammed represented Issac and Ishmael; Muhammed just “arrived” as the “living relative” of Jesus as a “loyal Cain” like Eliezer was when he fetched the bride for Issac at Abraham’s request.

Muhammed when he cleared the Kaa’ba of the Idols thus stood as he given the Land of the Covenant as seen when he ascended over Mt. Moriah as the Dome of the Rock that stands there now attests.

But Muhammed only holds the Kingdom until the Heir returns; for the Kingdom; and his Bride; chastely wearing her veil; as the Virgin of Allah; Maryam al Kubra; the Daughter of the Prophet himself given to the Messiah since her own husband was murdered; Ali; thus is all made to come full circle; seen at Mary of Fatima in 1917; where the Lord himself descended to the earth.

But John was supposed to have been the Sacrifice: the Messenger who was to have gone before him; been killed; and then raised; just as Lord Jesus raised Lazurus; this was to been that Act by which “the heart of the sons would have been turned to the heart of the fathers”; and the “heart of the father’s turned to the heart of the sons”; although in the prophets it says of the children that they were to be turned as the “hearts of the Disobedient” to that of “the Just”.

Yet the children in the countryside followed Jesus and the father’s in Jerusalem crucified him; so something went wrong at a profound level; no doubt.

Rev. Moon says that John stood in the position of Moses to the jewish people; this is wrong; he stood as Abel; and the people; in the position of Cain were to have surrendered to him as the Foundation of Substance on john’s own Foundation of Faith when he told them he was Elijah: but he never did: so there was no Resurrection: because that was to start with Elijah himself: just as Now; when I must reveal that Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist as I stand in the position of the Lamb; albeit as the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

But I was “born of the Spirit”; Rev. Moon was “born of women”.

This is the difference; for the “unicorns” come down as those virgins who take the Comforter who is the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus as their husband; those men whose souls become virgin unto the Lord as the Bride. It is these eunuchs of the Ancient Order of the Virgin Priesthood known as the Order of Melchizedek who come forth at the end; the Clouds  the Son of Man comes with at the End being those “dead in Christ” as the Children of the Resurrection themselves who end “dead in Christ”: they “rise first” because they are “the Clouds” of his Glory.

In this we find these men want only one man: the Lord; and they receive his Holy Spirit as the Lover of their souls; and this is their Reward; thus we find the Comforter does indeed stand at the end as the Bridegroom; with the 144,000 men who receive the Holy Spirit while hlding onto their seed as the burning coals of fire of the Altar; the “essence of divine love” itself.

It is the “White Stone” as the “Word of His Patience” as of those who Seal their Seed within themselves as their Crown of Life; it is they as the Sacrificial Lamb who pay the final indemntity at the Cosmic Level; the “two times” in the Gold Cup” which is the “Principle of Indemnity” itself spoken of by Rev. Moon; but seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John in the hand of the Great Whore of Capitalism carried by the Scarlet Beast of Red China.

Here we must pay for her sins; but to restore a women who continually falls finally leads to her being replaced by the 144,000 men who as virgins are the Bride: the Lamb’s Wife.

This is what the men of Sodom and the women ofBabylon now face: the Advent of the Bride; for in my Ascension in New Canaan is her Descension from God out of Heaven.


The Star of Laodecia: part I

     Few understand the scope nor the mission of Rev. Moon, the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” mentioned in Luke and Matthew; because none have had the benefit of being instructed by the angel of John of Patmos; an angel whose prescence on this earth now about to be felt by all; for in meeting this angel  I realized he had simply waited to meet the one who would open the Door to John on the “other side”; and, with the cooperation of the Sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawardi Order this became a reality; breaking the spell of the Name and the Number of the Beast by which I discovered that they are but Fame and Fortune themselves for which so many of My Generation sold themselves; and from whose spell I was rescued; as I was then one-by-one from all the others; until I discovered the Reality of Eternity to which mankind itself was kept from encountering; the Kingdom itself: and how I was given that Key of David which I found to be the Divine Principle embodied in the Cross of Christ by which the dominion of Satan was finally to be destroyed forever; even as it had been designed to do from the beginning.

         If one believes in the Gospel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ the following information will have an especial resonance for you; because having found that Perfection which is the Grail itself I was given the oppurtunity to reddem myself and my City; and it is the events which transpired since I took that fateful vow in the City of St. Francis on that DAY that have led to the unveiling of the series of events which will shortly turn this world upside-down; even as it was written of, long ago.

     Vow and pay; I took a vow which took me 21 years to keep; but when my sacrifice was accepted at the Altar of God I then knew the full Mercy of God to which He had brought me and My Generation to receive; even that Mercy which was Incarnate as that Holy Thing: the Lamb Itself.  

       The Wrath of God now unleashed upon this earth due to the Unification Church under the instruction of Rev. Moon now has brought things to the current pass; Rev. Moon’s words to my friend Bradford Kent Bufkin many years ago in 1977 having produced their final manifestation; as Moon’s final fruit has now come to light as the book by Mark Gibbs on Vineyard Press called “Secrets of the Holy Family”; which seeks to prove that John the Baptist’s father Zacharias was the actual “father” of Jesus Christ; this being the unconscious accusation itself which destroyed John the Baptist himself: and has now brought down the Judgment upon Sun Myung Moon’s own head: the printed “Accusation of Satan” that Mark Gibbs in his book portrays as “doctrine” due to the lack of any knowledge of the Seal of the Living God has now caused the end for the Unification Church; a telling and final unfolding of the fate of that “evil servant” spoke of in Matthew which spells out the Fate of Sun Myung Moon. People are not aware that Rev. Moon was the seventh shepherd of the 7 churches of the True Vine; whose 7 Branches werethe growth of the first church at Jerualem to the 7th church which was established at Seoul Korea; but now will be uprooted and placed in the last city of the Nations: the City of St. Francis; due to the failure of Rev. Moon.Yet the story is not quite as simple as many would like to believe.

      But it is not so much a denial of the actual Holy Spirit of God as the Father of Jesus but the repeating of John the Baptist’s secret doubt and finally accusation of his own father and Mary that shows Rev. Moon’s distance from the crown of Christ Jesus by his former messenger Rev. Moon.

          Not having the Seal of the Living God nor knowing that Christ Jesus is the Secnd Death is more the sign of his coming mortal death that comes from turning away from the Truth I brought to the Unfication Church and the ignoring of the information from God given to me from my Father’s servant John that made come to nought all of my efforts to restore Rev. Moon these last 21 years that now brings us to the unhappy fact that Rev. Moon will not achieve immortality in this lifetime; he will not become the Messiah; and I will have to finish all that he did not attend to; because the Providence is Absolute: God’s Will shall be Done.


Adulery and a few extra children by different women while married? This is not the Standard of Christ


The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life: to those who walk the Path of the Just in these Last Days 

         Taking the Kingdom: “Occupy and Take Dominion”

         The Fruit of Joseph and the Resurrection of Ephraim.


The position of Rev. Moon over the “House of the Global Pharaoh” in the ending of Secular and Racist Egypt of KKK  America by Dr. King; who “smote Egypt” of it’s Racism; and “healed it”. Of course Dr. King was killed by “the red scarlet beast” which came from the Abyss of Rev. Moon’s jealousy when he branded Dr. Martin Luther King “pro-Communist as “pro-Marxist”; Karl Marx being the “False Prophet”.


 Thus Rev. Moon in his accusation of Rev. King from envy this satanic recrimination which Rev. Moon shared with J. Edgar Hoover set up the condition for him to be invaded by Satan as the FBI had Dr. King wiretapped and monitored extensively; and after he was invaded he was then killed. This is quite well documented by Taylor Branch in his trilogy about the Civil Rights Movement here in America; I highly recommend it as it contravenes what Rev. Moon said and then explains why Rev. Moon never marched with Dr. King to prove “All Men are Equal”; it would have made the Constitution “God’ Words”; and Rev. Moon said they were not.

 But they are NOW!!!!

Barack Hussein Obama is in the position of the Leader of the Restored Ephraim as the Black and White races having been United; to be the Foundation to Receive the Messiah; Barack representing our “David” in the Internal Restoration of the Kingdom centered on the Internal Cannan where all men would be free; and all women als; the condition of Indemnity being paid by Prohibition in 1920 when Rev. Moon was born and Women also then gained the Right To Vote, and America as having the “racist shadow” of Egypt when they killed all the first born of Israel as their national policy was then reversed; and America has now a black and white President; the Global Abel as leader of the Free World. Rev. Moon is now the Global cain; having rejected Barack and the Black Christian Race as the Third Israel which Rev. Moon says is Korea: but it isn’t. And we “took Egypt” from within in the 430 years from 1492 to 1920; or 1517 to 1947; when Dr. King was 18 rose to become the “spiritual King” or “Black Moses” in America of the Kingdom of Israel as “Ephraim” or the Northern  Kingdom restored; and the Nation of Israel was created from the the old Kingdom of Judah.

But as Judah and Israel show in the relationship of Israel and the US; there is really only One Israel; half Christian in North America with a few other faiths; and half the apostate Judaea in the Middle East, who now wait for the Lord of the Second Advent. My grandmother Sophia Ruth Witt was a little jewish lady from Germantown in Philadelphia; I am sure the Nation of Israel would love to hear.

This seems to be why I am partly Jewish; yet born in Nuremberg; the Mecca of the Nazis “10 Years After” – “the Judgment at Nuremberg” and partly Irish on me mother’s side.

 My Father Jesus: I Trust in You


And the Return of the North as the “Restoration of Ephraim” as the Kingdom of Israel in freeing the black christian slaves of the Third Israel from the “racist” South and “Their Oppression in the Land of Egypt”; as the South was internally Egypt for the slaves. They reached the Internal Cannan in the Civil Rights movement as the Foundation of Substance


…as it was written, in the Famine, ‘not for bread’; but ‘for the Word of God’ in the Last Days; as of the House of the 6th Shepherd Joseph Smith, of the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation; the Archaic Branch of the True Vine; and what becomes of our “evil servant” as written in Matthew 24:48. 


The problem for Islam is that Rev. Moon never mentioned the fact he despoiled Islam by not letting them know they were in reality the Second Israel, whose Blessing or "Baraka" had come to them ( as the Desert Tribes replaced the 12 tribes of Jacob: who were also the 12 grandsons of Issac ); the Baraka of Israel was given to Mohammed as Mecca from the Jews of the First Israel and Jerusalem which was made a desolation when the First Israel left their position by killing the Messenger John as "the friend of the Bridegroom" in the position of Eliezer of Damascus and the Messiah; who was in the position of Issac as "the Bridegroom". No Issac: no Jacob; and no Jacob: no ISRAEL.
THIS is why he said:
"Forgive them Father; they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO"

 Let us look at the True Vine in it’s undisclosed character where it now stands; for as written in my book we have the phenomenon of what the 7 churches actually represent as the Ascension of the Holy Mountain as that of the 7 Heavens themselves; making of every man a Moses at the End who must ascend and finally stand before the Son of Man.










                  The Lighting of the 7 Lamps

Who was the shepherd of the 7th Church of the House of God whose city is Seoul? Was it not Rev. Moon? As the 7th Star in the right hand of the Amen?

I believe it was on Seoul as the 7th City of the Nations where the 7th Lampstand of the 7th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia: as the Lightbearer of the Seventh Day.

But this was removed when Rev. Moon left his position and my Father’s servant John the Beloved became the 7th Shepherd of the New Unification Cghurch; placed on the city of New Hope as the “New City of St. Francis” in the 21 years course of Jacob I restored as the Bride of the Holy One of the Third Israel

     The Unification Church; 7th Branch of the True Vine:

                         The Sufic One

…..even as Joseph Smith was the shepherd of the 6th church, as the sixth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Salt Lake City?
       The Mormon Church,  6th Branch of the True Vine:    
                           The Archaic One 
It was on Salt Lake City as the 6th City of the Nations that the 6th Lampstand of the 6th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Philadelphia: as the Lightbearer of the Sixth Day.
 ………as Emanuel Swedenborg was the shepherd of the 5th church, the fifth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is now Bryn Athyn?  
         The Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem, the 5th Branch of the True Vine: 
                          The Noetic One
It is on the 5th City of Bryn Athyn that the 5th Lampstand of the 5th Church is placed; the Lampstand of Sardis as the Lightbearer of the Fifth Day.
   ……….as George Fox was the shepherd of the 4th church, the fourth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is London?    
                The Quaker Church of the  Friends,  The 4th Branch of the True Vine:  
                      The Gnostic One.

It is on the fourth City which is the City of London that the 4th Lampstand of the 4th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia as the Lightbearer of the Fourth Day.  

…..even as Martin Luther was the  shepherd of the 3rd church, the third star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Berlin?       

             The  Lutheran Church of Protest, the 3rd Branch of the True Vine: 
                     The Edenic One

It is on the 3rd City of the Nations which is the City of Berlin that the 3rd Lampstand of the 3rd Church of Revelation is placed: the Lampstand of Pergamos: as the Lightbearer of the Third Day.  

……even as Augustine was the shepherd of the 2nd church, the second star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Rome?  
      The Catholic Church,  the 2nd Branch of the True Vine: 
                    The Catholic One
It is on Rome as the 2nd City of the Nations that the 2nd Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 2nd Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Smyrna: as the Lightbearer of the Second Day.
 ….. and then lastly: as Peter was the shepherd of the 1st church, the first star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Jerusalem?    
        The Pentecostal Church,  the 1st Branch of the True Vine: 
                  The Apostolic One
And it is on Jerusalem as the first City of the Nations that the 1st Lampstand is placed;
the Lampstand of the 1st Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Ephesus: as the Lightbearer of the First Day. 
    It is here that the dialogue of truth must begin: at the Revealing of the Light of the Seven Days:
 the Seven Lampstands that stand Illuminating the Path of the Just.

The Pope with the Witness: Josyp Terelya; Mary of Bethlehem as Wisdom of God; "The Zion of the Holy One of Israel";
"the Mother of Jesus"

But to walk this Path following the Lamb in his last 7 footsteps one must overcome;
 and he who comes “Overcoming” is the Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man.



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