Wantok as ‘White Cloud’ the White Horse, the Pahanan Taiwowa: “Two Footed Dove”, the Squaw of the Great Spirit

The Third Feeding of the lambs; the arrival of Khidr Peter, and Peter Berg

The Cosmic Grail; with the Coming of my Father Jesus

 THE LAST DAY; and Faith on Earth

The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana


 Slain from the Foundation of the World.

The Last Child of the Resurrection presents himself to the Unification Church in its Demise, offering Salvation, as he who never married;

 “…….nor was given in marriage………”

The Ravens of Elijah

   The Ravens of Elijah

It is he who comes “Dead in Christ” wearing the crown of life.

The Hopi, in particular, will have the hardest time understanding why it is 144,000 men who are called “the bride”; in fact why is these men redeemed from the earth called ” virgins” who become the Lamb’s Wife; as “First fruits unto God and the Lamb”.

For the Hopi the Great Supper of the Great God has to do with the Great Spirit; which is of the Mercy that is Infinite; for the great God is “God in His Mercy”; and since this Mercy is Infinite there is nothing and no one that is greater.

It was with this Spirit that the native tribes on Turtle Island buried the Hatchet; the Mustard Seed of their faith in the Pahana who would rise at the End and justify their faith in him as their Saviour; and he does come: as a White Horse called “White Cloud”; but in India they have another name for him: Kalki. The 10th and last avatar of Vishnu as the Vehicle of Salvation, the returned Shepherd of India; the Buddha called “the Tathagatha”; Cosmic Binder of Demons known as Ophiuchus; “the Snake Handler”.

It is he who is the messenger who comes and says “Behold! I come as a Thief”.

It is he who breaks up this world’s fallen “System of Things” that is the neverending Week that is a sheer Hell for the Poor; and a delightful Heaven for the Rich, that Aion of Abraxas, the discarnate god of good and evil. Thus he represents God “discarnate”; just as Dis is the shadow of Jehovah, and ‘Death ruled as King until Moses’, as the Shadow of God Himself.

Abraxas is then the ruler of the Kali Yuga, he that sits in the solar house of the gods on Mt. Meru, the last pantheon of the fallen angels or “devas” of Indra.

 Who is that? The White Horse is the Holy Mount of Jehovah of Hosts: his War Horse, the Virgin Maitreya, as being “Faith on Earth”; the Deliverer of the Cosmic Israel, the 300 million Untouchables in India forced to live like animals as the carcinogenic “shadow” of America itself, yet not even as well as the Sacred Cows of Hathor: the familiar beasts of ISIS by which Egypt has secretly ruled India for hundreds of generations and thousands of years….

 And the Lamb’s Wife is the Great White Throne of his Glory as that Holy Jerusalem….in the Divine Islam she is Maryam al Kubra as the New Heaven of Mary of Fatima the Dyer herself, as of the New Firmament made of the 12 Foundation Stones of the 12 Tribes, on which are inscribed the 12 Names of the new 12 Elders of Eternity: who are the 12 Apostles of the Lamb, the Lamb who sits down upon the Throne of God who returns as Christ Almighty; the Lord God of the New Creation, as it’s Maker…KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS

Ophiuchus and the Destruction of the Temple of the gods..by the Cosmic Israel,
The Hidden God

In the Hindu Cush he is called Lord Ishvara; the returning avatar of Maitreya as the Holy Virgin of Tibet: but is called Ophiuchus; the 13th Constellation as the Thief of the house of the gods; Perseus; the Destroyer.

 But the Street of Pure Gold for the Bride is the Path of the Just in the Holy Jerusalem; and the Resurrection and the Life is the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes who walks there.

This attribute is one that the Hopi should have no trouble understanding at all: yet they will undoubtedly try to ignore the symmetry of this most unheard of justice; something so small and seems so insignificant: which yet somehow becomes “all-powerful” at the End at this Last Day.

 The “least” arrives; but standing in the position of the Most High. Thus are the high brought down; the mountains are now valleys; and they who were once on high are now beneath us; as the new earth beneath our new heaven is their “old heaven and earth”.

 That “old earth” is where the fallen ‘host of the high ones on high” that the Qur’an sees as they called “We”; where they used to roost: but their day is done; along with the end of the old heaven and the old earth where, as in that fallen great city Babylon the Great Whore, they lorded it over those angels trapped beneath them in the three heavens under the firmament, and below that was the wretched earth.

But now the old earth is made new as the New Heaven: and we who stand here are the meek; as Moses was meek “above all the men on the face of the earth”; as being the servant of God, who was in reality the wife of Jehovah. Inheritors of this New Heaven and New Earth.

THE COMING OF THE WRATH OF THE LAMB; the Last Child of the Resurrection from the Dead

As Rev. Moon apparently decided to try to forget the Holy Spirit of God is a Male Spirit, yet and still Rev. Moon says the Holy Spirit is “female”; ( ISIS in actuality; the old enemy of Jehovah from Egypt ). This he has done despite with the knowledge and then the experience as “knowing and being known” in his congress and physical union with Ms. Pak of the Church of JESUS in Korea who first taught Rev. Moon what later became the tenets of his faith in the Unification church; and from her indeed he was initiated.
He was told in his initiation in the Holy Spirit by his teacher Ms. Pak that Jehovah was her husband, who was called “the wife of Jehovah” by herself standing in her position as “prophetess” to her congregation. But she also confided to Rev. Moon that her husband Jehovah was the Holy Spirit of God; but Rev. Moon decided not to believe her; and so betrayed her AND HER CHURCH. This is why the Catholic Church later ended up being invaded by “men” seducing “boys”; as Rev. Moon in his book “Divine Principle” on page 216 has Jesus “marry” and perform sexual or “give and take” union with the “Holy Spirit” which Moon characterizes as “female”. The problem with saying that the Holy Spirit is “a female spirit” is that this makes Jehovah into a woman. A castrated man; as Jehovah is then “unmanned”.
But since Jehovah as the Holy Spirit in the Form of a Dove was the Father of the Lamb it was Rev. Moon who set up the “Abomination of Desolation”, by having the Son of God interact in this ignorant way with his own Father; effectively “killing” them both…..spiritually; of course; but quite detrimentally for the Catholic Church.

 It was in this Church of Jesus called the “Jesus Church” that is where she started Rev. Moon in his role as a follower of Moses and my Father Jesus as a Sunday School teacher in the Church of Jesus in Korea.

That Jehovah is a Male Spirit should have been obvious to Rev. Moon; and in denying this truth he lost his position in the Jesus Church due to his stubborn insistence on denying the masculine nature of Ms. Pak’s husband who she knew as Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ as Christ Jesus having the knowledge of the Seal, knowing “Jah” who is the Holy Spirit of God; which I also know to be the truth from my death in Christ, having undergone the initiation into the royal bridechamber as I went from being the bride at the Altar given the Ring to that position where I became the wife of Jehovah of Hosts at the Mercyseat where I learned what the Ring symbolizes.

And so: "....carved out himself a tomb..."? As King Saul; cut off from the Third Israel as Faithless and Unbelieving; ask Hyo Jin Moon as the Angel of the New Covenant; between me and the New Unification Church...and him with the Old fallen Church of his father Sun Myung Moon

And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”? As King Saul; cut off from the Third Israel as Faithless and Unbelieving; ask Hyo Jin Moon as the Angel of the New Covenant; between me and the New Unification Church…and him with the Old fallen Church of his father Sun Myung Moon

Jehovah of Hosts on the White Horse

 The White Horse is the Holy Mount that is the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts in His Righteousness; which is where he Judges and Makes War; that Rider who is the Holy Spirit of God in the Name of Jesus Christ. And it is that One with the Seal of the Living God who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ the First; that is Christ Jesus the Last, the Comforter; sent by the God of Amen.

The God of David is the God of Truth; the Rock. 

We shall indeed have Dominion in this Kingdom of David in that ”Peace which passes all understanding”; just as I do enjoy: right now.

The White Horse is the one called “White Cloud” for the Hopi to recognize; but this White Horse that is riden is by he who stands on the Path of the Just; and the Lover is the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus; as the Shepherd of the Sheep.

The Door of the Sheep is then revealed as the Son of God that the Shepherd leads those men redeemed from the earth into; and then we see that the Good Shepherd is the Son in the Holy Spirit of God as Jehovah of Hosts; the Lamb that is the Lord of lords and King of kings riding upon the White Horse that symbolizes the Virginity of Christ.

And he who rides is also called a name no man knows but: his Wife; she who is married to the Second Death ( Revelation 19:17 ) This makes her One Flesh with him; she is thus revealed as the Lake of Fire. But for his enemies she is Purgatory; a Living Hell as the Uncreated Spark igniting the brimstone;  thus the Lake “that burns with fire and brimstone” is of Elijah and Moses as their true aspects in the New creation; as of the new Footstool I am: as the Tabernacle of God; where His Enemies shall be consumed forever.
As the man who appears: they will see the Wrath of the Lamb; but it is as the Lamb’s Wife that Fatima appears:

At the Judgment it is the Lamb who stands for Ali; as her Husband; just as Jehovah with Mary stood for her husband: Joseph.

So now we see the parameters of the His Justice; at the Resurrection of the Just.

 The Day which comes as a Thief in the Night: who looks like: Night.

So no one sees him.

 Thus I come “as no man”.

So who is it exactly who returns? The Messiah is revealed at the End as the mysterious figure known as Solomon: the Prodigal Son of David; but reformed; and for His Generation he represents Ephraim: the Lost Kingdom itself embodied in the one who caused it to fall: which was the black sheep of the House of David; as being  Solomon when he fell then led the Kingdom of Israel into the Abyss.
But he arrives; to make it right; and he does. That Fame and Fortune are the Name and Number of the Beast: none knew; until I; Solomon; returned from the dead.,
But I rose arose risen; Jedidiah means  “Beloved of Jah”. Yet at the Marriage Supper it is Mohammed who gives the Wedding Cake; the White Kashf; the Testimony of Gabriel; she is the Last Mary; Maryam al Kubra: the Greater Mary: the “two times”; the Double; once again: as Ephraim; which means “Double”.

Where the Hatchet was buried by the Red Race; that was then watered by Ghandi as the principle of passive or ”non-violent” resistance we see a man who came forward who also had the Principle of the Just: that we would indeed die for Peace; but we would not kill for it; thus the Spirit of God was with us in our struggle. Thoreau called for acts of Civil Disobedience; the same as Michael Moore now does…

The Resurrection and the Life is  the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes; and the Path of the Just is the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife as the lady of the lake which burns with Fire and brimstone where the Beast ( the Axis ) and the False Prophet ( Karl Marx) are; and Lucifer as Satan the Devil; soon to be joined by Hell and Death. Thus shall all the Lamb’s foes be bound in the Footstool that the Tabernacle of God is then seen as: being the New Earth then revealed to be the Virgin Daughter of Zion, Mary of Bethany, at the End.
Maryam al Kubra; Fatima the Dyer as she who made all that Tie-Dye we used to wear; but for me it is the Wedding Garment; “White and Clean”.
SALVATION ROSE: the Bride of the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus; “Day Light” is “Christ Jesus”: the Light of Life on the Path of the Just
 The “Death in Christ”; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard Seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in ” One Day “. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: as ”the Morning Star” I was given by my Father Jesus.

Angel of the Apocalypse

Part One: why No One really wants “the Messiah”
The people of the earth in the Islamic and Christian and Judaic camps do not like what they see as the Son of Man; that one whose arrival in the form of his coming as the bride; the Lamb’s Wife as being “One Flesh” with Him, now seen on the Great White Throne of his Glory; who is my Father Jesus.
 What they want is a substitute for the object of their own imagination that conforms to their own version of what “the Messiah” should be. My Father Lord Jesus similarly disappointed those in Jerusalam 2012 years ago because he hung out with the poor, and consorted with harlots and sinners. Plus he visited taverns and was known to drink wine even though he was a Nazarene; and Nazarenes are fobidden to drink alcohol.
Thus we see at the End the resolution has to do with explaining without words that instead of getting what they wanted they get just what they nobody wanted: but it’s not what they are going to be happy they finally got: that much appears to be certain.
The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The Resurrection of the Just

“Islamic Sirat al-Mustaqim means the Straight Path of God in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven. In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into a white horse they can ride to the end.”

The curious thing about the White Horse is that it represents the Virginity of Christ; and thoe 144,000 who fgollow him all ride on white horses also; this is what the “good deeds’ really allude to; these eunuchs for the Kingdom’s sake are the Clouds; the Virgins of the Altar; the reassembled Most Ancient Order: the Order of the Melchidekean Virgin Priesthood by the 144,000.

This is the Beginning of the Twinkling in the Eye of the Bride.

These who “died in Christ” and have become virgins; and they are called virgins for that reason in the Revelation itself; chapter 15; as “those who follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth”.

Part I:   ” The Sounding of the 7th Angel and Kalki;

 the Lord of the Second Advent: the White Horse of the Lamb “

The Last Trump: The White Horse: Faith On Earth”;

the Lost White Brother is the Prodigal Son; Ephraim

The Manchild of Zion; the Black Christian Race

The Truth of the Last Day, and the Advent of the Daughter of Mohammed

 So at the End we have the Holy Spirit of Allah; as of the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes and the Word of Allah; the Comforter of Fatima az-Zahra.

But her return as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife is as that Daughter of Light who is the Virgin of Islam; her Virginity being where the Pearl of Great Price is to be found as her Marriage with  the Lamb is what unites the House of Muhammed to that of David.

Thus the Pearl of Great Price represents the Gate of Heaven; but with this Mary of Fatima as the Bethlehem of Islam seen in 1917 at Portugal and the 3 children representing the 3 heights of the Door of Noah’s Ark.

Thus as One Child they are the Secret Imam of the Shia; the One who appears 50 years later in 1967 as the Child who enters the Golden Gate in the Name of Love.

 For Fatima in her Regeneration as the Lamb’s Wife we see a Holy Jerusalem;  it is the New Heaven as her very Soul; and the New Earth as her very Body; described as a mountain “great and high” in the Revelation.

The Three Children of Mary of Fatima the Dyer; Maryam al Kubra seen at the New Mecca in the City of St. Francis of Assisi 50 years later….


From the God of Truth in His Coming at the Last Judgment; Great is he; Terrible is she; and Great and Terrible are they as the Great and Terrible day of the Lord God.

The Judgment is the most unpopular thing one could imagine: for the God of Amen confounds the World with she who glorifies the Son of Man at the End; aman who calls himself the Bride: the Lamb’s Wife.

 But this is what shows the world who and what the real Mary looks like.

 This Moses or “Servant of God” wears no Veil: indeed this is why Fatima is Unveiled at the End: when the Lord comes the Veil is burned up: and the Virgins of Islam as the Believers come forth to serve him; along with the 144,000 Consecrated Priests of the Altar of the Lamb who are seen as the Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake at the End: the Virgins who are the Called Chosen and Faithful First Fruits unto God and the Lamb. It is they who are the Clouds on which he comes that are the reconstituted and Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek restored at the Regeneration; the Head order of the 4 Orders of the Sufis themselves; as the 4 limbs of the Body of the Providence itself that comprise the Divine Form of they in the ranks who are the Assembly of the Elect.

In this final analysis we now stand at the the moment when the Time for Humanity is now “at hand”; but to reveal what is shortly to come to pass I must first give the blessed reader the opportunity to understand the scope and the cale of what is to be written on these pages; a secret made public; yet hidden in the midst of the world; like a thief in the night; verily.

 For most who read this the tribe of the Hopi Indians means almost nothing; but a the inheritors of a prophetic tradition the Hopi have a unique part to play at the end; but which they themselves must also pass the final test which all must endure; even the Elect “whom He hath Chosen”.

Let us take a look at the 7 Trumps of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

 This is the Way of the Just

March 17th; St. Patricks Day

Dear Tossa Cromwell, Doug Burton, and all my friends of the Unification Church; Let us not forget the Indemnity at which the payment is set HIGHER than the priginal indemnity; as with the case with Abraham when he was made to then offer Issac after failing in the symbolic offering.

Thus it is with me; the Standard of the Word is that we do not do the Will at the Risk of our lives: but at the Cost of them: the Standard raised requires the ‘death in Christ’ as of men who become eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heavens sake.

This means they become ‘women’. Substantially women; who then know the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, called ‘the Comforter’ then ‘face to Face’ as did Moses; as God is not a Sodomite.

Because the ‘eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake’ are the ‘Clouds’ on which the Son of Man comes I suggest you read the New Testament and discover where Rev. Moon erred in judgment regarding us: those of the Virgin Priesthood; as one who was made ‘a priest forever; after the Order of Melchizedek’; the Bride being those who reach the position of the Seal of God; Elijah; as was John the Baptist; whose own soul stood surrogate for the Bride until he delivered the Nation to my Father Lord Jesus; which he, unfortunately, did not do. The Wife; as of the Servant of God is that of Moses; the Wife of Jehovah; Jehovah being not ‘a female spirit’ as Rev. Moon believes because of having been invaded by ISIS as the ‘Mystery’ who is the ‘Veil of Mystery’ over the Mystery of God that she hides; even as she was hidden.

But the problem with the theology of Rev. Moon and those of his followers who swallowed his point of view without due refelction and investigation is that we have the fact still unknown to them that the Holy Spirit of God is Lord Jehovah himself; the Father of the Lamb: not the Lamb’s Bride; not his Wife; as Rev. Moon claims and demonstrates in blasphemous detail on page 216 of his book ‘Divine Principle’.

It is there that we have the “Abomination that makes Desolate” as he has my Father Jesus ‘make love’ to his own Father; Lord Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Himself.

It is this in the pages of the book ‘Divine Principle’ which make it a ‘discarnate object’. For your information that ‘which is; and is not’ is the definition of ‘the discarnate’; in other words; that which is both ‘good and evil together.’

It is in this sense of the Word of God that the ‘Tree of the Knowldege of Good and Evil’ is the ‘Nature of the Principle of Light and Darkness’. The ‘fruit’ on ‘essence’ of this Tree is then ‘Duality’.

It can then be seen that ‘Duality’ is the ‘Essence’ or ‘Fruit’ of ‘the Nature of the Principle of Light and Darkness’ that is ‘the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. For verification I can suggest you study this phrase in Genesis; ‘And God saw the Light; and it was Good; and He divided the Light from the Darkness’.

This means He separated ‘Good’ from ‘Evil’.

The ‘Fruit’ or ‘Essence’ of ‘the Tree of Life’ that is the ‘Nature of the Principle of Good’ is ‘Unity’; perhaps you can study what the real Elect the Unificationists known as the Magi of My Generation: the Sufis, mean by that phrase UNITY to understand the concept further.you will claim that matters at home were more pressing than my need to talk to you; but you forget that my Father Jesus sent His Servant John to me for a reason: to see if Rev. Moon, and those who were to be his lookouts; were able to spot the Lord at his return at ‘the Day and the Hour’; those being hidden in chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

The Revelation of St. John the Divine is the ‘Ark of the Testament’ in which ‘the Revelation of Jesus Christ’ which is ‘the Book of Life of the Lamb’ was actually placed; and by the efforts of all 12 Apostles of the Lamb working together was brought to me at the time the angel of John showed me the ‘Key of David’ was the governing principle of the Kingdom or ‘Divine Principle’ embodied in the ‘Cross of Christ’; which I was then given; dying for My Generation in New Hope I was led out to as Lot was from Sodom.

 No one at in the Unification Church except Bradford Kent Bufkin aka ‘Brad Bryant Bufkin’ knows about the Baptism of Fire at the Jordan of Fire for My Generation: Haight St. in the City of St. Francis is where ‘hate’ turned to ‘Love’.

 It’s as clear as ‘Transparent Crystal’; as Clear as Glass; as of the Light of a Jasper Stone: a Diamond; really. Christopher Witt Diamant; in fact. Born 4-18; 1955. 4-18 is when there was a Fire and an earthquake in 1906; that what happened when the angel Gabriel threw the Censer of Fire to the Earth before the 7 angels were given the 7 trumpets.

The 7 Seals of the Book are then the 7 Decades from 1910 at the First Seal ( 1920; 2nd Seal; 1930; thrid Seal; 1940; 4th Seal; 1950; fifth Seal; 1960; 6th Seal ); to the 7th Seal in 1970.Q

The Trumpets went off every 10 years as well; they started in 1917; and then every 10 years until 1979; the Last Trumpet Blast; for my Last Overcoming on the Path of the Just.

You may have heard of it; there was a Pilgrimage there when the 12 Tribes of the Third Israel were Gathered there: it was called ‘The Gathering of the Tribes’. If you think that Rev. Moon and Korea is going to take the Blessing given to the Manchild of Zion who is the Black Christian Race here in the West and on the Land of the Free you are quite mistaken

Korea is not equal to the 50 states of America of which he mixed the soil of Korea: his equal here is California; my State.

I can assure you: the Great Whore is not Lord Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Himself.

Since my sacrifice as being a eunuch for the Kingdom’s sake was accepted on the Altar of Meeting at the entrance of the Tabernacle everything has indeed changed. It is this Tabernacle of God which I then entered and became as I suggest you re-evaluate your claim about the Holy Spirit; as it is now revealed that Lord Jehovah is the Holy Spirit of God Himself; and is not a ‘female spirit’; perhaps you will then discover the nature of the information of ‘the Day and the Hour’ which have now come to Rev. Moon and the membership of the Unification Church at this LAST DAY; as of the 7 Days of Noah; 7 months until the arrival of my Father Jesus; December 25th; 2012.

And it is ISIS who herself claims to be ‘the Holy Spirit’.

Even if I am the only one to fight for the Truth and the Word of God I will defeat all of you: but I am not alone; and I have gathered my followers; and they know the Truth about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church.

Hope to hear from you Unificationists who understand the principle that is enshrined in the Cross of Christ as the key of David; the Iron Rod being the Divine Principle itself that is embodied in he who stretched himself upon that Cross; and thus what he died for he was raised with. Please look at www.NewUnificationChurch.com  for “Further Information”.


The Church of Synanon that EMERGED with the Mustard Seed of the Hopi


The Last Trump and the Voice of the Archangel

Synanon; the Emergent Church of the Transcendental Life




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