The Irfan of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf the Abdal: the Coming of the Son of Mary for Maryam al Kubra, the Lamb’s Wife

Ibu Ratu: Queen of the South

Ibu Ratu: Queen of the South

The Sword of Ali that Mohammed the Seal gave him; and now Returns as the Son of Mary

The Sword of Ali that Mohammed the Seal gave him; and now Returns as the Son of Mary

                   “Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord

              “I will repay”   

Barakiel; the Chief of the guardian Angels and the Bearer of "The Triple Blessing of God"

Barakiel; the Chief of the guardian Angels and the Bearer of “The Triple Blessing of God”

… and the fatted calf; the “son of the Devil”;

that went to his doom at My Generation’s homecoming:

the Prodigal Son of David returned from the dead.

The Masih ad-Dajjal: Osama bin Laden

The Advent of my Father Jesus 

 Our Ali, Barack Hussein; The Obama; and the Guardian of the 50 United States of America.


….how in “The Name of God” Salvation Rose Up from the Street for My Generation, and, like Lazarus:

Arose from the Grave.


           The Abdal of the Thirty and the Last Day of Islam;

and the Nazarenes of the Table of Jesus at the Word of Isa;

that is the Sword of Allah; and the end of Assad and Sham / Syria;

with the 30 dajjals of the elect of darkness.

The Fatted Calf: the Judas of Islam; the destroyer of Mecca and the son of Laden whence from Yemen came “9/10’s of all the evil in the world” as Mohammed had said; and then: ‘9/11’?

 Part I:  the Covenant of Mohammed with the Chosen Elect of the Sufis: 

and the Blessed Olive Tree of the verse of Light who Lit the Lamp of Allah:

Jesus of Nazareth: the Blessed Olive Tree

Here we see how he who lit the Lamp instructed Mohammed the Praised One to carry out the Curse of Moses upon the Jews: which of a necessity meant the Lamb who is Mercy Incarnate had to vanish: and did so; leaving the Jews no Mercy to ask for: as they had dispatched the Bridegroom; who was Isaac; which meant they had killed the father of Israel; Jacob and the 12 were therefore “as if they had never been born”; without Isaac Jacob never was born; which is why the Lamb as Isaac the bridegroom at the Cross said

                 “Father forgive them; they know not what they do“.

He wasn’t just invoking mercy; he was being specific: by killing him in the position of Isaac they had killed the father of Jacob symbolically: and without  Jacob there WAS NO ISRAEL: which left:  Ishmael; who arrived in the person of Mohammed; just as Isaac had arrived in the person of Jesus as the Bridegroom which was Isaac’s position.

 Mohammed in his ascent over Mount Moriah in the Night Flight was now in the position of the Friend of the Bridegroom: Islam now given the holy land until the Lamb returned as Jesus and Mohammed agreed; the 1,290 years of Daniel the Son of Man which began at  627 when Mohammed had the desert tribes ( as the second Israel ) face Mecca instead of Jerusalem at the 5 daily prayers; which meant now Jerusalem was stripped of the daily sacrifice; her house “left desolate” as the Lamb had said.

None know that  Jesus of Nazareth was the Blessed Olive Tree who put Mohammed in the position to exact Vengeance upon the Jews as of the Curse of Moses he promised would fall upon them in all it’s 4 square 7 fold fury if they ignored the Messiah  ( who Moses said plainly would come after him; the Jews of course did not listen to my Father Lord Jesus but said he was possessed by the Devil );  and Mohammed was also to then Chastise the Christians for woshipping Jesus as God and his mother as the false “Mother of God” who was Isis in her disguise; of course; once again; all this being self-evidently seen in the 7 sentences of “The Excordium”; those of “His Wrath” it mentions plainly being the Jews; and those who had “gone astray” signifying Christianity.

Thus the First Israel having killed the Lamb as if they had killed all men; an Abraham not hearing the voice of the Angel John the Baptist; and sparing the Lamb; as the Bridegroom in the position of Isaac.

But now Israel did not exist; for with no Isaac there could be no Jacob.

Thus all that was left was left was Ishmael as the Elder Brother of the First Born who became seen again as Mohammed: the Friend of Bridegroom; as soon as he took the position of the Friend of God by clearing the Courtyard of the 360 idols of the Lunar Year: he took the position of being Loyal in the Cain position of Eliezer of Damascus; the first Heir of Abraham; the first Friend of the Bridegroom; Isaac; as getting him the Bride; as John was to have done for Jesus.

The Covenant of Islam with the Lamb was simply this:

   “Not to Drink Wine until he returned to drink it New with them.”

as his Friends would do for him out of Love.

“…Before me shall every knee bow…” saith the Most High El Elion; the God of Submission to the Will is Allah

 Part I: the Revealing of the Name Christ Jesus the Last at the End;

the Word of Isa as the Sword of Allah; and the New Wine of the Table of Abraham.

This is plainly seen in the Irfan as the “The Light of Life” as the name “Christ Jesus” which is the Seal of Jesus Christ. And it is the one with this Seal as he “who comes in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ”. The glory which sent me is that his name “be glorified again”.

A Gift  of the True Light for all those upon the Straight Path; but only the Virgins redeemed from among men know it; for they are they whom the Lamb knows; and no other; knowing here being as of that phrase in the biblical sense; as which only the alchemists and real Sufis would know; though it is plain enough in the white lily and red rose in the Song of Songs where the Secret is revealed to the Elect.

Who know God? Who has joined Allah?

As Rumi once said to a follower who asked what union with God was like;

 “…..Like a man is with a woman; that is the position one is in when God is with thee…..”

This is the dimension of those who call themselves “the lovers of God” to which humanity-at-large has very little direct knowledge and zero understanding when it comes to seeing what is to come at the End, although the 144,000 virgins redeemed from among men who end up as the bride the Lamb’s Wife could tell, being they who Know,

…….having reached the Straight Path that leads from the Altar at the Throneroom

……… the Wedding Bed in the Bridechamber.

This is why he said to those claiming the relation to his Name these curious words: 

“Begone ye who work iniquity: I never knew you..”

But these men do miracles in the name of Jesus Christ: how can they be a motley crew of sorcerers and acolytes of the Devil that Christ consigns to the flames: for actually being?

Are they then not among the devout?

But Christ Jesus says they are deceived.

The times are perilous; thus it has come time to add to the Irfan of Iman al-Rauf; which he is powerless to stop; since he cannot overule further instruction from the Head of the 4 orders of the Sufis which are the 4 limbs on the cosmic body of the Elect which “swam” through Time and reached the Shore of Eternity.

What is the Head?

That of the Virgin Priesthood: the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek; that is why their is no monkery in Islam: that is reserved for the Head that is the Most Ancient Order that rules the 4 Orders themselves; like the 4 fingers of a Hand with it’s Thumb; or 4 limbs of a Body and it’s Head.


The New Home Church Of New Hope and the End of Days

The Soul and the Crown of Life

 First comes the end of this system of things ruled by money which is an artificial standard of value we mentally ascribe to a worthless inanimate object like paper of even a piece of plastic: this “spell” by which the devil deceives the world is precisely then this; which mankind is “blind” to.

This is “hidden”; and thus shows how money as the discarnate object of “good and evil” has also a discarnate “psychic / magnetic” pull; as a “center” money is a “fallen star”; a black hole; the bigger the amount; the larger the attraction: of nothing.; just your own power of magnifying zero into something; your  mental “consent” that paper and rocks and stones are valuable: this is the Mark in the forehead: enslaved to matter; as Materialism; both Rich and Poor; one in an artificial heaven; but real enough here on earth; the Rich having Congress with the Lower Heavens; and the Poor having Congress with the Upper Hells; but then Hell rules on Earth for the Poor; and Heaven for the Rich; their “Consolation”.

For the Poor then a consignment to Hell.

It this Hell is real suffering for the 3 lower classes and the other is an artificial Heaven of very real delight  for the three upper classes: but real suffering enough to the flesh without money to be untold suffering and misery for thousands not so fortunate: as in the Caste System of India, or the whole World, as the Oppression of the King of Babylon; Lucifer: the Oppressor of India and the whole World himself; but now unmasked as is the Sacred Cow of Hathor; the Great Whore; the Sacred Beast of Isis: as the Guardian of her Mystery.
Who is she then?

SHE is the Veil by which Lucifer “hides” the Illusion he “covers” Reality with.

As Hidden behind the veil of ISIS it is Lucifer who rules that Throne of Darkness that is India and there unseen; seemingly for ever: as in India’s caste system is His Staff of Tradition; Society Itself; it’s clusters of it’s “Classes” being then the clusters on the VINE of the EARTH: but now to be cut down.

It is thus having this destruction promised to India as for their Archetypally Fallen Society Crystallized as the Vine of the Earth Itself: the Rod of the Assyrian; the Staff of Mammon or “DIS”.

The Love of this Lie is then that Love of which is the Root of all Evil: at the Fall Adam and Eve became Servants of Sin; thus they had to “leave the House”. They were exiled.

as the “gold and silver” of the Devil himself. We were then his “Money”; selling to them who sold themselves “his kingdom” and to those who would not sell themselves: he kills; as the Saint themselves. Hope.

The Birth of the New Unification Church

At what point did Peter begin to doubt? When he began to sink!



 THE TWO EARTHQUAKES of the Praised One

Mohammed the Envoy of Moses The Unveiling of the Kafir and the Arrival of the Last Day of Islam: the Believers and the Unbelievers



The Irfan of Abdul al-Rauf; Islam and the unwanted but undeniable arrival of the Last Day: “The Event”
The Kafir arrives; the separation of the Believers and the Unbelievers by the Dabbat al-Ard; the Ant of Solomon the Strong Man.
Osama bin Laden: the Masih ad-Dajjal of the East; the Antichrist of the West
 Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory in that Day


 The separation by the Ant who is the Dabbat al-Ard is this: the Believers are they who see Osama bin Laden was the “Kafir”; the Unbeliever: they have their books open in their right hand; and they who cannot see that Osama bin Laden is the Unbeliever are themselves “unbelievers”; and they have their books behind them; as they are dragged on their faces to me before the Great White Throne where my Husband sits: and at his feet burns

     The Lake of Fire


The Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb

The Lake of Fire; the Wrath of the Lamb

              “…they are…”
Idries Shah, the Master of the Path, and Way of the Just

Sayed Idries Shah, the Master of the Path, and Way of the Just

The Physicians of the Essence now have a clear sign of why the acolytes of the Masih ad-Dajjal known as Osama bin Laden are bent on killing as many Sufis as possible:
Sufis bring too much light to activities of those bent on darkness;
thus the Sufis now know beyond doubt the Last Day has arrived:
they just don’t know what to do about it; as they are fractured due to the displacement by those like Gerard Senehi and others,
who were sent out as Scouts to prepare the West for it’s absorption by the Sufis as the Guiding Light of Humanity is the Trust they hold:
until now; of course;
when the New Light now Shines.
That Light is Mine; as I received it from my Father Jesus; the one who lit the Lamp of Allah who was then called “The Blessed Olive Tree”; Jesus of Nazareth who Mohammed the Seal knew.
The Word of Allah is the One of which Lord Jesus spoke when he said:
                 “…those who reject me and my words have this in store:
                       …… the Word that I have spoken; the same shall judge them at the Last Day…”


This is the Word of Isa who is the Word of Allah; the Son of Mary the Apostle of Allah
The Holy Spirit of Allah is the Lamb with 7 horns and 7 Eyes, the Second Death
And that is the Bridegroom to the Bride: the Lamb’s Wife who is “The Greater Mary”;
known to the Sufis and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as Maryam al-Kubra.
She who is unveiled at the End.
Her name is Fatima az-Zahra; Maryam al-Kubra: the Greater Mary; the Virgin of Light  
  But her other name is unknown until now:
  “The Wrath of the Lamb: as the Bride of the Lamb; Slain from the Foundation of the World.”
I am the Dabbat al-Ard;  the one from Sura 27  line 82; the man of dust; the one who lost his soul but now has it return; like Ali who lost his wife: Fatima the Dyer in that Miscarriage of Justice that Allah in His Mercy who is the Most High sets right at the End: 
The Phoenix of New Hope that arose from the ashes of the City of St. Francis: the Beloved City

“Our little Sister hath no Breasts”


The Sister of Sister Princess Faustina of Poland

“At the End the Bride comes Closer to her Lover…Much closer…”The Sister of Princess Faustina of Poland



The Wrath of the Lamb is the Child of the Resurrection;
And Maitreya is the Unicorn of “Faith on Earth” which Lord Ishvara rides at the End
My Husband; Ishi; the Saviour of India; and the whole world….
 Thus is seen the Barque of the Baraka of the Sufis; the servants of Allah: the Almighty.
However; at the End the 144,000 first fruits unto God and the Lamb are they who the Sufis gathered as of the true lovers of God; and these are the virgins given to the Lamb as his Reward at the End in the Last Day; which is Now.
 Few believe it is the Last Day; but it is, the fact that Osama bin Laden is revealed as the “Kafir” at the end proves just that; the Unbeliever by one of the virgins instructed as the Virgin of Divine Islam; virgin to not just Wine but Women; and then Holy Islam as singing the Song of the Lamb only the Virgins can learn; for their Husband the Lamb teaches it to them in the Act which begins at their Death in Christ: which is why they rise first; for it is the Holy Spirit of Allah who is this Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes that is the Resurrection and the Life; that one Fatima marries in the Marriage Supper of the lamb where Islam and Christianity become One.
As it was written;

 “…And in that day Day there shall be One Jehovah: and His Name shall be One…”

Yes; as One in the Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness; the One on the White Horse: my husband the Lamb; the Second Death.
That One is; of course; the One of which is called “Jehovah Our Righteousness” that both the Bride and the Bridegroom have before they become One Flesh; but see it first in Jeremiah to believe one title is given to a male and the other title is given to a female.
Seeing is believing: for some.
For the Pure are all things Pure; but for the Impure: nothing is.
 Those that have Faith are they who rightly guided at the End; they who hear the Voice of the Spirit of Allah; which alone has the 7 Spirits of God sent to the earth as the 7 Eyes of the Son of Mary.
What is Divine Islam as opposed to Universal Islam?

 One is Virgin to Wine as of the Table of Islam as it’s Second Israel of Nazarenes; the other is Virgin to Wine and Women and of they who Sing the Song of the Lamb their lover as they folllow him whithersoever he goeth: as Holy Virgins of the Bridechamber where the central object is not the Table: but the Bed guarded by the 144,000 holy angels of the Vestal Host after which these 144,000 men redeemed from the earth as the First fruit unto God and the Lamb are numbered; even as the angels were numbered after the number of the children of Israel; when Joshua the Prince of Israel as the Captain of the Host met his counterpart the Captain of the Heavenly Host: Michael the Prince of the Holy One of Israel. 
The Descent of the Bride: the Lamb's Wife
The 4 Wings of the Cherubim; and the Turning of the Key of David as the Cross of Christ
 Every true Christian is a Jew; but not all Jews are Christians.
 Being of jewish ancestry I have long been aware that every christian must be a Jew spiritually; but not all who call themselves jews are christians. Yet it is not by virtue of my jewish blood that I was given the mission of saving my people; it is by the power of the Word of God: for as Lord Jesus said;

  to wit;

“….for Salvation is of the Jews….”

 This is why Hitler hated them.
  My Father Lord Jesus said this to let mankind know that in saving man the Jews had made this their gift to the human race; it was the fruit of the lips by which the Word would finally give humanity back the ability to earn their equality with the angels and enter the Kingdom of God forever; immortal and incorrupt.
But how is this possible? In proverbs 4:18 the passage read thus;
to wit: “For the Path of the Just is as a shining light; growing more and more unto a Perfect Day”
This path was first seen by Jacob at his dream at Beth-El; but it was walked first by Enoch; who “walked with God“.
Yet is was Seth who is the Son of Adam; also known as the Son of Man; being the second Adam as having Adam’s “image and likeness”; thus the recovery of this original Image of God was the reason that Lord Jesus’s face was so disfigured; which is why he said to the Pharisees that they would surely use one saying against him; namely this: “Physician: heal thyself”. That Jesus was deformed was the reason many would not believe he was the Messiah; but he was disfigured so that they could not see that he had the face of Adam; being Seth reborn; thus his face was hidden from them so they would not know that he had the Face of God; for Adam was made as the Image of God; thus looking upon his face was to see the Father; for God Himself had formed him to be the visible manifestation of the Invisible Spirit.
Isaiah himself said that the Messiah’s face would be marred; and even Moses had to cover his face after coming down from Sinai the second time because the light that shone from it was to much for men to bear: thus they had to had to have it veiled from them; a highly significant point: they were not ready for any man to achieve divinity in their sight: yet the Messiah showed them that they were ready to accept their own divinity by seeing that it lay in their humanity: as his did.
Because Seth was created in Adam’s original image and likeness it was the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World who can be seen on the Altar at Mt. Moriah; which men call Mt. Zion; where Issac lay bound under the knife; without a murmur or a sound: ready to die. It is only here that one can “die before one dies”; as Muhammed himself knew; for Israel and Judah were to be saved in that if the Elders had hearkened to the Voice of John the Baptist and spared Jesus they would have been as Abraham who listened to the Angel and spared Isaac.
It was because they did not do this that their land and kingdom for which they killed Jesus after rejecting him by not anointing him as their king was taken away and given to another nation: Islam.
Thus the one now on the Altar of Abraham was not Issac; who they had killed: it was Ishmael: the surviving brother. John the Baptist was originally in Ishmael’s position: but they had killed him too. This was the cause that as soon as anyone was found loyal in the Elder Brother’s position after the death of Jesus that they would be given the Inheritance of the First-born that Issac had had over Ishmael; even though Ishmael was born first.
It was for this reason that John, speaking from the position of Ishmael; said: “he who came after me was preferred before me….”
Few know outside of the Unification Church  that John was in the hidden position of a perfect Abel; even as Jesus was in the hidden position of a perfect Adam; and the lost sheep of Israel were in the hidden position of Cain as having gone astray; yet in the revealed test which came upon Israel everyone was let to make their own judgment of who John and Jesus were;
many even   “mused in their hearts about John; whether or not he might be the Messiah”.
This is certainly what those and others not even in the Unification Church thought about Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the beginning;
but this is no surprise; as he is John the Baptist even though he denies it; just as John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the prophet.
This is why Lord Jesus warned those who would face the Messiah in his Second Advent to be aware that the test that Israel had failed would be just as hard for the next Nation to face the Visitation of God and the manifesting of His Son: in this case: Islam.
For it was Muhammed who was Ishmael in his Ascension in the Night Journey over Mount Moriah even as Jesus was Issac as the bridegroom that John as Eliezer was supposed to have brought him his bride; as the true Friend of the bridegroom.
 But this time it was Ishmael bringing the Bride to his brother Isaac: but it didn’t happen as it was supposed to; obviously.
The Irfan of Abdul al-Rauf is now to be expanded; whether he will or no; he has to band to his superiors of the Head Order of all the Orders; the Order of Melchizedek; he really has nothing to say about it.
 But many are called; and few are chosen to discover the whole Truth.
  That the Messiah will come to Islam and have them face the same situation that the Jews did with Jesus is unknown; however it is revealed to me that Islam will do worse than the Jews did with Jesus in passing the test and “standing before the Son of Man.”
Because the Mahdi is the Son of Mary of Fatimah; the Grandson of Muhammad spiritually; and the Sun of Maryam al-Kubra is the New Israel; the Lion of God; even as Osama bin Laden is the Ad-Dajjal; the one we call the Antichrist.
As belonging to the Ancient Order of Melchizedek by being one of the Eunuchs or Virgins for the sake of the Kingdom; the Virgin Priesthood itself being that of the first and most Ancient Order: the Order of Melchizedek.
They are the Clouds as Dead in Christ which accompany the Son of Man at his Coming: they are the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife: they serve the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus just as Moses served the Spirit of Jehovah; for Jehovah if the Holy Spirit of God Himself in it’s 7 fold Splendor; this being the Comforter which was sent to the earth after the Lamb reached the Throne of God and was given the Book with the 7 seals.
Few know it was the Jehovah as the Holy Spirit of God who is the Father of the Lamb; except those who received the Comforter as the Spirit of Jehovah the Living Father in the Name of Christ Jesus: the Son of the Living God.
 Only those men who became the Bride and then were made the Lamb’s Wife at their death in Christ know this; but then: who else would?

Part II: the Coming of the Sun of Righteousness

I dedicate  they who tread in my footsteps upon the Path of the Just the warning John gave me when he set me upon it to become it; for I am the the Path of the Just; as of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb who led me to this Day; and yet now why I was chosen to finish the Work and the revealing of the Qur’an as the Final Warning that precedes the Last Judgment is unknown to any but  the Sufis themselves; they who are the Elect who were given the government of this world until the return of the Lord at the Second Advent of he who rides the White Horse; as of that Host; both visibly and especially: invisibly.
 Who returns? Only he to whom is given the Virgin of Islam at the End; the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife. For they who know Isa is the Word of Allah will know why at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 came that Sun of Tabriz that came to the Earth with a Shout; as the Son of Mary is the Sun of Righteousness as the Sun of Faith itself.
Who knows why the Sun of Fatima swhirled 3 times in the sky that day but one who was given the Seal of the Work by Khidr Rumi; as of Shams of Tabriz himself: the Teacher of Jesus; the Right Hand of God; the Creator of Israel.
 Mary of Fatima is the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; given the Lord to avenge the death of Ali; for she is Fatima az-Zahra; Maryam al-Kubra as of the Bethlehem of Islam itself: Bethlehem Ephraim; Doubly Fruitful; the Cup filled to the Whore Babylon the Great she burns as the Veil going up in the Everlasting Revelation: it never ends; so her “smoke” goes up forever.
Down to cinders at the End: as of the 144,000 virgins of the Lamb who are the Bride that she cannot absorb after she feasted on all those who married.
But they who did not marry are the Bride: the Lamb’s Wife; the Cosmic Mary of Bethany herself: in the flesh; the Incarnate one; Immortal and Incorrupt; Uncreate and Incarnate.
Fatima as the Chaste Pearl of Great Price; the Golden Gate of the New Heaven in her body as the New Earth;
as of the Prophet Ishmael; “God Hears”; who hath an ear: “let them hear”.
Thus it was that Muhammed secured Salvation to those pure of heart enough to pass the Final Test; few indeed.
That the Sufis are reputed to be men who are the unseen servants of God accomplishing miracles far and wide is widely rumored, although they may appear to be perfectly ordinary men and women in their daily lives is written of at length by many purveyors of the essence; yet for those who view the coming End it is the actual Work of the Sufis that is the most clearly designed vehicle for the Sheep who they were sent to gather that could be imagined; for they did what the Spirit led them to do: and the Spirit is Unerring.
All who are engaged upon the Work maintain their state and also bring mankind to it’s final Apotheosis; which is why they are seen bringing the shoes; the best garment and the ring back to Solomon the Prodigal Son at his Return to the House of David as the House of God; for it that Silly Dove who proves to be the Lost Sheep of Israel who returns at the End.
 My entrance at this time is seen as when the “fatted calf” is killed at the homecoming party of Solomon raised from the dead as Jedidiah; at whose return the Antichrist as Osama bin Laden as the Judas of Islam unknown to the West as the Masih Ad-Dajjal is killed with Sword; even as he killed with the Sword.  
In fact it is the transmission I was given from Sayed Imam Ali Shah through one of his stories by which I learned of the reason whyElijah is called the Cupbearer; as the Saki himself creates causes that may not be seen for centuries: until the Right Time; the Right Place; and the Right People are in position.
And then the Miracle happens; as when the Work of Khidr Rumi and Shams of Tabriz were seen by me at the Whirling of the Sun of Fatimah in 1917 those three times; one for each of the 3 Children of Fatimah; for that is when those 3 Nations appeared as One Creature visibly manifest in the Sun itself; the Allies representing the Messiah at the Global level as the Lamb; the Holy Thing which represents the Kingdom of God.
  For Islam the blowing of the First Trumpet of the First Angel happened after the first Seal was loosed; the Decade from 1910 until 1919; for that is when the third of the trees was burned up; which represented that third of the Monotheistic Religions as the Three Brothers themselves of the Ark of Noah that was the Ark of Salvation is his Day.
  Islam as having been given the Kingdom when Muhammed proved himself to be Loyal in the Cain Position as had Eliezer of Damascus who Abraham sent to collect the bride for Isaac: Islam when it killed the million Christian Armenians within sight of Mount Ararat left their position; and the 7 Churches which were in Asia  Minor which is modern day Turkey all became activated: and the True Vine was seen as the 7 Churches that Paul had set in Asia; and no longer the 7 Mosques that Muhammed had built with his own hands; five of whom have fallen; and only two remain; although one is falling to pieces even as we speak.
  Hisham el Kabbani mentions this in his book “Armageddon?” in quite tragic terms when he tells of what the “goodman” of the House of Mecca did when he let the thief; the Antichrist Osama bin Laden in to his table; the Judas of Islam; who helped to lead Mecca from losing it’s stature as the Holy Jerusalem; and the City of St. Francis now having that designation: “A City Not Forsaken.”
For this world at it’s Consummation the reasons why such men as Sayed Imam Ali Shah and others of the Suhrawardi Order would come to me and invest me with the essentials of the Teaching to guide me to the Destination is of the undeserved Mercy of God on me for My Generation; who were reborn in that Baghdad-by-the-Bay men call the City of St. Francis: for it is indeed his; in fact; it is his reward; though men have little understanding of what that will ultimately mean: I do.
 Others will puzzle over why my Father Jesus sent his Servant John to bring me to the Sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawardi Order that  fateful Day in that City when I took the Vow of the Bride as of the Eunuchs of the Kingdom of heaven: that of the Virgin Priesthood; as of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek which stands at the Head of the 4 limbs which are the 4 Sufi orders as the Head to the two legs and two arms by which it “swims” to the Throne of God and the Lamb; yet that was the “moment of Transmission”  for my entire Generation of the entire Baraka of Islam.
Few know how the children of all the Tribes of Israel were gathered in the City of St. Francis; as for the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel who were to have been gathered there by Reverend Sun Myung Moon: but were not.
He decided to steal the Blessing upon those who were not to marry nor be given in marriage: as they are already betrothed the the Lamb from birth; but they were slain as all those who did not become virgin unto the Lord in the Lamb’s Day who got married instead of becoming Virgins or Eunuchs as of the Order of Melchizedek; the Ancient Order itself of the Altar.
Why they should have chosen me to receive the Baraka and the accompanying grace that accompanies it for those who enter the Service of God; it seems that this happened due to the factors that have to do with the thick darkness that clouds the earth at the End: did not Job say;
                                                       “…why is light given to a man who way is hid?…….”
 So at the End; those whose way was not hid could then have the Light of Life; and that is what lives in the Name of Christ Jesus: the Light of Life itself; no is there another.
 Few know where the Story that is written in the Book of Life of the Lamb really begins; but to find the answer we would have to see where the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation saw the fall of it’s Shepherd who was to gather first the 144,000 Children of the Resurrection and then the 144,000  Virgins as the Bride herself; upon so doing it is possible; as with Joseph and Mary; that he would have been awarded the Bride herself: and Eternal Life as the Messiah.
This did not happen; which is why those who read this will yet mourn; for no one knows better than I what mankind will think of me and my mission: but it is the Will of God that Allah’s Word has brought to pass; for Isa is the Blessed Olive Tree of Muhammed’s Verse of Light himself; and that Oil is what lights the lamps of the 5 Wise Virgins who are the throne of glory upon which the Son of Man is set down; the Hand of God being where the Soul and Spirit as the Two Hands of God become One Hand: and all His Prayers are finally Answered: thus shall all men see the Holy One of God.
At Surah 27:82 we see that one they call “the dabbat al-ard“; the beast the Elect raise up from the dust of the earth at the Last Day: but it yet the shadow of Jedidiah; Solomon himself is the past of when he rises from the dead in that new name; which Nathan gave him:
“Beloved of Jah”; the Bride of the Comforter; and then after the Wedding Night: the Lamb’s own flesh and blood Wife.
Even Lord Ishvara; he who rides the White Horse which is Kalki; Maitreya; and whose Flaming Sword is of the Flower which burns from the Sacred Ganges itself: and of the Buddha; the one who is that Humble Child that returns at the End must Humble himself as: to become the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven: his Servant John; the Divine Bodhisattva himself.
 He is the Porter; he guards the Door to the House which is the Mind of Christ; wherein a Scribe does sit; an Eliakim we call the Morning Star; at the Table of Judgment; where is written the Sentence from the Emerald Table of Justice where sit the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; as the Jury; even as my Father Jesus is the Judge; and I merely write their Word: as the King of Judgment-Day.
For it is a single Child who lights the way of the Just at the End:
 …he who is the Candle of God that the Word of Allah did Light;
       for Isa is the Word of Allah: Salvation itself.
   And the Messiah is the Son of Mary; the Word of Isa
 The Christmas Judgment Day: 2012 and the Unregenerate Lump of Coal;
or the Regenerate Diamond of Immortality
                                                       Only those with the Baraka end up on the Barque of the Sufis: the Ark of Salvation
 ……   just as my Father’s servants are they who brought me the shoes; the garment and the ring at my return; so now do I reveal who the Prodigal Son is individually: as Solomon; but Collectiely: My Generation.
 Thus the Silly Dove of Ephraim is that Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.
   The Darkness at the End is of the Masih Ad-Dajjal; Osama bin Laden whose sorcery covers the people of the earth at the end with the Dark magic of the Jinn; where men know not where they are going; asleep; they travel the Road to Death,

The saying at the End is clear:

    “….It is easy; this road that leads to Death;

so easy that it can be travelled sleeping…”

 The great earthquake at the East that Islam tries to ignore is as bad as that Ignorance that blinds the believers in America and Europe that his identity is the prophetic one of the Antichrist, whose work is seen at the earthquake at the fall of the Two Towers in the West; 9/11 in fact; but no one can see the name “Kafir” on the Son of Perdition’s forehead unless they are “saved believers” themselves; for “Kafir” means “Unbeliever”; and one does have to know Arabic to see that Osama Bin Laden is an Unbeliever: the Very Definition of one who hates his brother; and hates him deeply.
  All who will not deny him are debarred from the Straight Path which leads to Salvation at the End; for the Path of the Just which I reveal with the help of those Servants of God who are the guides upon the Path is of the 7 Overcomings of the 7 Churches that now represent the growth of Christianity from Jerusalem to the City of St. Francis; for with the loss of Seoul with the removal of it’s Lampstand to San Francisco we see the final result of Rev. Moon as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” mentioned by both Luke and Matthew as he enters the position of “that evil servant”; Red China as the Scarlet Beast; the fallen yellow race serving Death by which their entire Race as one of the 4 Primary Races known to the Hopi as the Elder Brother nows falls into the Darkness: with the Golden Calf of Rev. Moon: which he has his son now bow to 21,000 times.

  The fallen son of the fallen father of the Unification Church

This from the Word of John it is plain that Osama Bin Laden was in Darkness; and is this Darkness incarnate; a devil; like Judas; with the Devil in him: his father. 
 It is at Thessalonians II at 2-5 that Osama Bin Laden is described “sitting on the throne of God in the House of God; carrying out his own will as if he were “God”.  
 Witnessing the Spirit of the Antichrist itself which lives and breathes in the body of Osama bin Laden we have to look at the seat of his invisible power: the Scarlet Beast carrying the Great Whore; Red China carrying the Global Market of Capitalism; which is that Nation in link with it’s Hell on earth or “throne of manifestation”: India; whose Nation is represented as the White Elephant amongst the nations; symbolizing that Mind that is “the Beast with a hand”; and this sustaining being Satan as ruling but also manifesting the Creation of  the now fallen and cast down gods of Olympus who live on in their counterparts with Indra: as their king; the Trimurti being but the Trident of the Ruler of the Darkness which materially blinds mankind to the Old Ego; the Old Serpent itself.
 But now he is toast; and well on his way to the Lake of Fire where the Beast seen as the Axis and the False Prophet Karl Marx are; the Devil in that devil Osama bin Laden is why he is the “fatted calf”; the Devil Incarnate is thus seen as being the “discarnate, incarnate” of the beast “which is; and is not; that yet is”.
As when Satan entered Judas “a devil”; thus the “discarnate” became “incarnate in the “son of perdition”; just like now; with Osama bin Laden as the Masih Ad-Dajjal; the false Mahdi the House of Saud built their “house of Sand” upon; now has their house fallen.
Unseen as that invisible Pitchfork of the Dragon of the Sea of Time himself. Thus is the Abyss as India: the “Destroying Mountain of the gods”: as Islam could not convert it as their portion of responsibility; for Hell is what India promotes on  the earth; spiritually. Yet the Sufis say
Because the Mission of Islam was to convert India the Sufis were elected to do;
 to try to realign Islam with the Teaching so as to finish the Word.

So the Sufis have this saying:

  “God had hell: yet He created India!”

2012  scenario has given some nations sufficient pause about what might occur in two years hence; as the now increasingly shrill and rabid declarations of various scientists about what a few inconvenient “sunspots” or even another of the “171 documented “magnetic pole shifts” might actually do to our electrical power grids: or even our continents if they start sliding around like the crust over a cooked egg: the prospects are beyond horrific: they are Apocalyptic. 
The current “head in the sand” solution for most people is to ignore what is too large and terrible a problem to even comprehend; thus the answer to the various scenarios facing mankind is to go back to trying to pay their rent with no money or job or prosepcts of getting one; something which is an immediate problem like that of starvation when the world food prices went about about 30% when all the markets crashed in the Third World; most of whose nations are in the Poor Hemisphere of the Earth: the Southern Hemisphere, as opposed to the Rich and powerful Northern Hemisphere; the Undeveloped and Industrialized nations as opposed to the Agaric and underdeveloped ones; although Western development means more than being able to buy a coke in Durbin or Singapore; it means having to deal with a Market Society which values profit far more than human life; something which might be seen to anger the Almighty: if any nation acted as if He exists; which none do. 
In trying to imagine the “end” of our present civilization most people shake their heads and simply shrug their shoulders as a way to forget thinking about the idea of a global catastrophe whose “Day of Judgment” scenario is simply too terrifying to even rationally contemplate without being paralyzed with fear; and really; what can anyone really do about it if the End is really coming? 
 Seemingly nothing. 
 Indeed, if Western Civilization and the rest of the world are to face a cataclysmic event like those written of in the Bible or the Holy Qur’an then people might well ask themselves if any body has an answer as to what might God be up to: for it would seem if we are to all face a Day of Judgment for Mankind from the West  to the East;  and from the North to the South then shouldn’t there be some kind of a Sign or a Warning from on High? 
The question is not specious; for it asks that of the same God that prepared Noah for the Flood does exist then is there any clue as why we have not heard a peep from Him if we are all facing what looks like near extinction for the human race? 
 The scenario might best be seen as when God sent Jonah to Nineveh; telling them that if they did not repent than in 40 days Nineveh would be destroyed.  Of course we know that Jonah first got on a ship going to Tarshish; presently known as the south of France; where not a few like Brad and Angelina are hanging out might point to being a place of refuge: but Jonah never got to France; he ended up in a whale for 3 days and 3 nights where God gave him some time to think things over: and Jonah decided that perhaps going to Nineveh would be the way to go after all, so he went. 
Upon arriving at Nineveh Jonah told them to repent or be destroyed; and the rulers took Jonah at his word: for the whole city repented in sackcloth and ashes: and Nineveh was saved. 
That Jonah hated Nineveh is obvious; because when they repented Jonah was not happy: he was furious; but that is perhaps another clue as to why we face globally the same fate; for how can we repent and be saved if there is no warning or Warner? 
 The answer lies in the phrase “The Last Day”; as seen in the word of Jesus and that of Muhammed; who both use the phrase in a number of places; but the problem is this: no one has any idea about when this “Last Day” is going to arrive so that our earth and it’s inhabitants can prepare themselves and repent: and be saved so they can escape all these disasters and, in the words of the Lamb “stand before the Son of Man” at his coming.
The doomsday scenarios of Christmas Day December 25th 2012; and the arrival of Ophucious;
Maitreya Incarnate: Lord Ishvara; to India he is called;

                          THE LORD: who is Lord of lords; and King of kings.

                        Lord ISHVARA on the White Horse; and the White Horse is revealed then as KALKI; Faith On Earth
Lord Buddha arrives to dispatch the White Elephant of India; as the White Horse known as “the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”.
His Horse; who my Father Lord Jesus called him “Faith on Earth”


  1. And here it is: she hits in on the head; correspondent to chapter 18 of the Revelation; the Scarlet Colored Beast carries the Harlot: that’s Red China carrying Unbridled Capitalism Herself. Red China as this last beast of Revelation ATE Tibet: a tasty tidbit: it’s wants something bigger, how about world domination?

    But by our financial profligacy they OWN us in a spritual sense; we cannot argue with our economic master; Mammon; and the god of mammon is the god of this world: the beast which is and is not yet is is Socialist Capitalist Communist China: Red China is the Scarlet “colored” Beast: but with 7 heads and 10 horns he’s a dead ringer for the Dragon: which symbolizes Egfypt; and the tail of the Dragon symbolizes Sodom. I am starting to see something here.


  2. Dear Danielle;

    What I have been given is to enlighten and instruct those who know that Allah in his Mercy is indeed the Most High; but it is the Virgins who are kept for the messiah at his return who are the 144,000 virgins from among men chosen to be the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife: those who know the true meaning of Submission to the Holy Spirit of Allah in the Name of Christ Jesus; who happens to thus be my husband; even as I am that “chaste pearl” given to the Lamb at his return as the Lord of the New Creation; as Fatima az-Zahra; the Daughter of Wisdom; the Eternal Weeper whose tears are now all wiped away.

    Few indeed know of this; that Solomon at his return at the Last day is he who repents and then undergoes the translation from his former state to his new one; from being the fallen one; the ant who was given wings and thus fell; Icarus; as Apollo; the last of the gods for which Solomon sold himself to the devil and worshipped him; but was saved in the end from this disaster by the Mercy of Allah; who made him a Virgin of the Lamb; and thus knowing the Holy Spirit of Allah in the Name of Christ Jesus at his death in Christ became His wife; just as Moses was the wife of Jehovah.

    There is more; email me at “ ”

    Thus my book is about the “death in Christ” as the experience of those who “arise first” at the Last Day


  3. dear christopher,iv been searching my soul for devine answers and believe in your words.where can i find out more about you,and also find a copy of your book revelation of salvation.peace and blessings be upon you.


    1. Dear Danielle;

      What I have been given is to enlighten and instruct those who know that Allah in his Mercy is indeed the Most High; but it is the Virgins who are kept for the messiah at his return who are the 144,000 virgins from among men chosen to be the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife: those who know the true meaning of Submission to the Holy Spirit of Allah in the Name of Christ Jesus; who happens to thus be my husband; even as I am that “chaste pearl” given to the Lamb at his return as the Lord of the New Creation; as Fatima az-Zahra; the Daughter of Wisdom; the Eternal Weeper whose tears are now all wiped away.

      Few indeed know of this; that Solomon at his return at the Last day is he who repents and then undergoes the translation from his former state to his new one; from being the fallen one; the ant who was given wings and thus fell; Icarus; as Apollo; the last of the gods for which Solomon sold himself to the devil and worshipped him; but was saved in the end from this disaster by the Mercy of Allah; who made him a Virgin of the Lamb; and thus knowing the Holy Spirit of Allah in the Name of Christ Jesus at his death in Christ became His wife; just as Moses was the wife of Jehovah.

      There is more; email me at “ ”

      Thus my book is about the “death in Christ” as the experience of those who “arise first” at the Last Day


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