The Marriage of Fatima Az-Zahra Zulfiqar and the Son of Mary: Last Day and the Resurrection of the Just

 As of the truth and all that it now entails…….

              Part I: The Last Day: and Islam

  Fatima Az-Zahra as the Judge of the Hereafter

The True Lady of Light; Fatima az Zahra Vici of Kuningan

The True Lady of Light; Ratu Fatima az Zahra Vici of Kuningan

The White Kasf of Gabriel and Ratu Fatima az Zahra Vici           


The Bird of Paradise

The Phoenix of New Hope that arose from the ashes of the City of St. Francis: the Beloved City

She may have died when only 18; but it is the Resurrection of Fatima as of “the Judge of the Hereafter” that explains why: she returns as the the Cosmic Mary of Bethany seen in the 144,000 Virgins of God and the Lamb:

…… she is given the Word of Isa; as the Word of the WORD OF ALLAH: for Vengeance is HIS:

 Thus it comes at the Last Day of Islam and Christianity upon all those who oppressed the Daughter of the Seal of the Prophets:

           the VIRGIN OF ISLAM;

and the Black Stone of Maryam al-Kubra

                      Called “The Vulva of Hagar”

A small minority accepts as literally true an allegorical hadith which asserts that…..

…. “the Stone will appear on the Day of Judgement (Qiyamah) with eyes to see and a tongue to speak, and give evidence in favor of all who kissed it in true devotion, but speak out against whoever indulged in gossip or profane conversations during his circumambulation of the Kaaba.” ….”

The Black Stone Speaks,

the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife

……….as the Shia well know; and the enlightened Sufis; she is the Widow of the Second Israel; but now we come to the Third Israel and the Barack of our Baraka; from 1917 to 1967; from Fatima, Portugal to the City of St. Francis; in California, the One that our friend from Korea should have listened to: living now in Las Vegas as Gommorrah; waiting to die in about two or three months; which is all Hyo Jin Moon says his father Moon has left when he spoke to me from Spirit world.

I contacted Bob and Angelika Selle with this startling news; but no response: always the same old story; ‘dumb dogs; they cannot bark; loving their slumber; not even to rise and even bother to warn their master…..

Oh well….I tried once again but to no avail….and my Father Jesus knows it is they who rejected me…..from fear and simmering jealousy apparently; and old Lucifer embodied in this ‘evil servant’ of which Matthew 24:48 documented in the story about the end times, and the bitterness at waiting for the return of his Lord that causes us to end with a fallen Rev. Moon: standing for the entire Yellow Race as of the First Helper; of which the Hopi prophets told me and I then told everyone else with ears to hear of.

Rev. Moon has billions but has chosen to die in the position of  John the Baptist; once again in denial until the very end. Cut asunder; once again; as when John’s head came off in the palace of Herod. But John had lost his head long before it came off his shoulders; he was spiritually lost along with his blind followers…

And seemingly Rev. Moon is a Leopard that cannot change it’s spots….unless it converts; and Rev. Moon never did….


           …..and the Light of Peace:

She who is the Chaste Pearl: as


               “She Who Kneels before her Lord; the Lamb of God on the throne of his glory; 

to Receive the Word of Allah”.

Princess Fatima is raised at the Last Day as the Virgin of Islam given to the Messiah as his Reward; her Submission to the Lamb at his 2nd Advent is thus as her Avenger for the death of her child and later herself due to Ali being held back from helping her.
Ali as her husband is thus as Joseph was with Mary when Mary was given to the Lord before Joseph was allowed to touch her; thus Fatima is given to the Lamb first ; for Vengeance must first be exacted on those who took the Herat and the land Mohammed left to his daughter that was stolen as of “…..those who take the kingdom of heaven by violence…”; and of course the unmanning of Ali when his weapon the Zulfiqar his father-in-law Mohammed gave him was taken from him; and later he and his two sons were killed. 

     Fatima the Dyer


‘That Pearl of Great Price’

         the Gate of the New Heaven itself!


                  Light UPON Light: the Blessed Olive Tree who lit the Lamp of Allah that is the Creation of God: that one Mohammed the Praised One knew as JESUS OF NAZARETH and his Friend; and at his Return it is the New Creation that is the New Lamp; and it is Fatima az-Zahra who is given to the Lamb in place of Ali; just as Mary was given Jehovah in place of Joseph: Praise the Son of Isa in his Return as the Holy Spirit of Allah in the Name of Christ Jesus as the revealed Light of Life!

The Husband of the Eternal Virgin: Fatima Az-Zahra

                “…And the Moon is Cut Asunder….”


The Sword of Ali that Mohammed the Seal gave him; and now Returns as the Son of Mary

                         Mohammed carried out his mission as the Envoy of Moses;
the Seal of the Prophets; the Mantled One;
he who is to be Praised; who gave his cloak to Uwais el Qarni;
even as Elijah gave his Cloak to Elisha

For the Qur’an is the Curse of God on the First Israel; even as it was the Blessing of God on the Second Israel.

But now has come the Third Israel; for the first was of the Jews;
whose Baraka went to Islam; as the Second Israel;
but now from 1917 at Fatima in Portugal we see the Baraka of Mary of Fatima
which came to the City of St. Francis 50 years later in 1967: for “50” is “Pente-cost”; Harvest.

Fatima the Dyer, where “Tie- Dye originated…… 


                           THE LAST DAY


But what is now to come?  It is the Great Day of his Wrath; and all we find is one who calls himself the First Fruit unto God and the Lamb; and this is yet one man who is of the number of the 144,000 who are called the bride: the Lamb’s Wife.

Yet who will listen to my husband: the Lamb even as I am his Messenger: his Wife; the Wrath of the Lamb called the Lake of Fire; as One with Him.

Resist not the Mercy of the Lion called Christ  Jesus the Last; and I am but one his many servants: even as Moses was the servant or wife of Jehovah;

the Holy Spirit of God Almighty Himself.

So am I for the Holy Spirit in the Name of Christ Jesus the Last: which is the Seal of Jesus Christ the First.

For he whose Seal is the Day Light that is the Name of Christ Jesus  who is the One who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ.

For the name of Christ Jesus means “Day Light”: the Light of Life itself for all those who will follow me on the Straight Path of the Just: the one for the Virgins as the one from the Altar ro the Wedding Bed.

That is indeed the Straight Path for those who are Rewarded with the Mercy of Allah: the Most High! But as the Lamb said:       


“…….Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain Mercy” 

For the Lamb is the Mercy of God Itself Incarnate. 

And if this surprises you it should not: for God in His Mercy is the Great God: for his Mercy is Infinite; and what is Greater than that?

For it is a single Child ‘the Candle of God’ who lights the way of the Just at the End:

…..leading they who will also die in Christ: as he did;

rising in the Resurrection unto Life as of the children of the Resurrection at the Last Day.

It is here we Hear of the Wrath of God on those who took the sword from the hand of Ali; yet this is the sword which returns as the Sword: The Miscarriage of Justice and the Curse of Allah comes upon Osama bin Laden: who lived by the Sword: and will be seen as having died by it.

This happens as with the Resurrection of Fatima az-Zahra;

……who comes back as the Soul of Christ seen in the 144,000 Virgins of God and the Lamb;

as the Chaste Pearl of the Niche of Lights; the ‘Nacre of that Shell’; the Holy Virgin of Islam:

…….the Judge of the hereafter as she who is One with the Judge himself; the King of Judgment Day;

……Formerly Unknown but now Known; the Second Death; 


Lord of lords, King of kings

…….here we see at last the secret of the Marriage of the Lamb; and why Fatima as Mary of Fatima returns as Maryam al-Kubra: the Lamb’s Wife; for she at her Return as seen in the Book of Fatima the White Kasf as the Lord’s Reward:

     As he said:

              “Behold! I come quickly;

           …and my reward is with me!…”


Who is the Fairest of them All?

                 She who is





                The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife ………… .as the Lady of the Lake of Fire

         But here we see it is Fatima az-Zahra; given the Lamb in place of her dead husband Ali; as the original Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World marries the Widow of Justice: just as Ali’s own child was slain from the foundation of the world of Islam as a lamb himself; so did Ali die internally when his two sons were killed later: and then finally he died.

The Vengeance of Allah is thus this: that Fatima be the Consort of the Lord of the New Creation: she is as the New Eve; the New Earth is then the New Body of Fatima seen in the 144,000 Virgins of the Lamb in their Cosmic Form as the throne of his glory; and the New Heaven is seen as the New Soul of Fatima; the Holy City itself; her New Body being the Holy Place; and her New Soul being that of the Holy of Holies itself the Lamb enjoys as a River of His Pleasure.

This have I done in the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus; the end is come; we are at the very gates at this MOMENT: THOUGH ONLY Amanda as our dear Guinevere of the 12 Knights of the Round Table and Christopher as that Arthur of the Grail from the First Resurrection who now hold the keys of the Kingdom.

This is that which is known to those who watch my words so carefully; knowing that when Rev. Moon dies as Mohammed the Seal said:

“The Moon is Cut Asunder”;

thus the  truth will come out of who and and why Immortality is to be bestowed to one and his consort upon this earth.

Curiously this is because Guinevere is the inner voice of the Cosmic Mary of Bethany who is the Bride of the Cosmic Christ at his Return; even as Arthur is the inner voice of Lord Jesus of Nazareth at his Return as that selfsame Cosmic Christ.

   Guinevere and Arthur return in these two names as having earned the Resurrection of the Just at  this:

The Last Day: the Great and Terrible Day of God Almighty: the Advent of the Judas of Islam,

the Masih ad-Dajjal Osama bin Laden .

 “Your Duty is to Warn them”. 

The Name on the Forehead of Osama:

“KAFIR” as



as he who took the Vengeance of Allah into his own hands!!


And died by the Sword he lived by:

  ‘ The Unbelief of the Muslims’ and the Man with “KAFIR” written on his Forehead:

Osama bin Laden,

The Man of Lawlessness


This Last Day

The Two Earthquakes of Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

  In his book about the end and Armageddon Hisham writes eloquently about the End but stays well away from anything which might lead to his immediate demise.

He does sketch in the information about the last 10 Signs from Allah of God; and since the Order to which Hisham belongs is of the Elect the information is of those considered from the Circle of the Elect; which some of it undoubtedly is, although only in part; since the reader is expected to fill in the blanks themselves; as is expected of those on the Path; no one does the work for you; nor can they.

 “The Son of Mary of Fatima at 1917; Messiah of the Envoy of Moses Mohammed;

and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; the advent of the Great and Terrible Day of the Wrath of the Lamb.

 Islam and Christianity; Maryam al-Kubra and the Wrath of the Lamb:
the Scenario of India at the Last Judgment;
Witnessing the Spirit of the Antichrist itself which lived and breathed in the body of Osama bin Laden,
 we have to look at the seat of his invisible power:
the Scarlet Beast carrying the Great Whore; Red China carrying the Global Market of Capitalism;
which is that Nation linked with it’s Hell on earth or “throne of manifestation”:
India; whose Nation is represented as the White Elephant amongst the nations;
symbolizing that Mind that is that of Indra;
and Durga strikes at the End to kill with Lord Ishvara her Lover
“the Beast with a Hand”

Part I: The Return of Fatima

…..and My entrance at this time is seen as when the “fatted calf” is killed at the homeoming party of Solomon raised from the dead as Jedidiah; at whose return as the Dabbat al-ard of Sura 27:82.
Revealing to all that the Antichrist was Osama bin Laden:
the Judas of Islam unknown to the West as the Masih Ad-Dajjal who is killed with Sword by my Father Jesus with Barack Obama as his Left Hand of Justice
“With which He kills”;
even as he killed with the Sword.
                                    His Right Hand is Peace; “that Makes Alive”
Kalki; as the Mahdi of Divine Islam

                                             Kalki; as the Mahdi of Divine Islam

The Marriage Supper of the Comforter

…………. and the Mistress of the Day of Suffering; Returns at the Resurrection of the Just;
the Widow of Islam; Fatima the Dyer

The Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes is the Resurrection and the Life and few there are who find it; the Epiphany of For those who saw the Black Race and their black Moses without the benefit of knowing their Aaron it was the Red and White races represented in Aaron Presley as given that Voice by which the walls came crashing down on the airwaves that were also unseen by Rev. Moon in his rejection of the City of St. Francis and it’s Flower Children.

But what was their role ?

In fact it is the transmission I was given from Sayed Imam Ali Shah through one of his stories by which I learned of the reason why Elijah is called the Cupbearer; as the Saki himself creates causes that may not be seen for centuries: until the Right Time; the Right Place; and the Right People are in position.

And then the Miracle happens; as when the Work of Khidr Rumi and Shams of Tabriz were seen by me at the Whirling of the Sun of Fatimah in 1917 those three times; one for each of the 3 Children of Fatimah; for that is when those 3 Nations appeared as One Creature visibly manifest in the Sun itself; the Allies representing the Messiah at the Global level as the Lamb; the Holy Thing which represents the Kingdom of God. 

 Yet the 3 Day Separation that happened long ago at Goshen and Egypt is clearly seen by what happened at Woodstock and it’s Children as opposed to the racist and Materialistic civilization that was to crumble before the approaching Kingdom of God; even by those Children Rev. Moon rejected and then married by the thousands to destroy the Foundation of Salvation of those who were “not to marry; nor be given in marriage” that were to prepare the ground for the 144,000 Virgins themselves drawn from their number who would be the First Fruits unto God and the Lamb; clearly seen as that Woodstock, which is Beth El “the House of David as God” where Ephraim came back to God.

For Islam the blowing of the First Trumpet of the First Angel happened after the first Seal was loosed; the Decade from 1910 until 1919; for that is when the third of the trees was burned up; which represented that third of the Monotheistic Religions as the Three Brothers themselves of the Ark of Noah that was the Ark of Salvation is his Day. But what now threatens the peace of the World?

             Salman Rushdie as the Abdal of St. Francis; the Owl of Islam

Hisham el Kabbani mentions this in his book “Armageddon?” in quite tragic terms when he tells of what the “goodman” of the House of Mecca did when he let the thief; the Antichrist Osama bin Laden in to his table; the Judas of Islam; who helped to lead Mecca from losing it’s stature as the Holy Jerusalem; and the City of St. Francis now having that designation: A City Not Forsaken….

The signs of the End: leaving the Position of the Loyal Cain at the First Trumpet of the Revelation:

 the First Third of the Trees.

Islam as the Second Israel was given that position after the Jews killed the Lamb.

Thus it was that the Blessing of Jehovah came to the Desert Tribes who replaced the 12 tribes of Israel.

They received this as in killing the Lamb in the position of Issac they forgot Issac was the father of Jacob; no Issac; then no Jacob;

…..which meant no ISRAEL.

In having been given the Kingdom when Mohammed proved himself to be Loyal in the Cain Position, as had Eliezer of Damascus who Abraham sent to collect the bride for Isaac: but in 1915 – 1916 the blessing left the Second Israel on it’s way to the Third Israel in the West of the Black Christian Race.

As Rev. Moon could have told the leaders of Islam when it killed the million Christian Armenians; and this within sight of Mount Ararat; that they had thus left their position; and the 7 Churches which were in Asia  Minor which is modern day Turkey all became activated: and the True Vine was seen as the 7 Churches that Paul had set in Asia; and no longer the 7 Mosques that Muhammad had built with his own hands; five of whom have fallen; and only two remain; although one is falling to pieces even as we speak.

The final pieces are put in place by the Sufis; the servants of God.

For this world at it’s Consummation the reasons why such men as Sayed Imam Ali Shah and others of the Suhrawardi Order would come to me and invest me with the essentials of the Teaching to guide me to the Destination is of the undeserved Mercy of God on me for My Generation; who were reborn in that Baghbad-by-the-Bay men call the City of St. Francis: for it is indeed his; in fact; it is his reward; though men have little understanding of what that will ultimately mean: I do.

The Three Children of Mary of Fatima and the Sun of Shams-a-Tabriz;

 the Work of Khidr Rumi and the dance of the Sun


Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia; the Three Children as the the Three Heights of the Door of Noah; the Secret Imam as that “One Child of the Resurrection” seen 50 years later in the City of St. Francis; for Francisco….


               The Truth of the Last Day

       and the Daughter of Mohammed;


                                                                                                      The New Church of New Hope


           THE STORY OF THE MAGPIE; and the Grail Maiden of the Kingdom

The Story of the Grail; Fierferiz and the Reconciliation of the Two Houses and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

and the Advent of Fatima az-Zahra: the Lamb’s Wife; and the Son of Mary; the Husband.

The Kingdom has come; it begins now at New Canaan; I suggest those watching our Seeress who is the prophetess Amanda “Dawn” as of the late society known as the “Golden Dawn” is now over; and the Unification Church and it’s Priest now have forfeited their position due to Amanda Dawn’s unusual abilities for “Remote Viewing”, as the governmental agencies ( NSA and CIA) found out quite early, through their use of her abilities to spy clandestinely on foreign agents and places; just by giving her a description or showing her a picture of where they wanted her to go.

Presently they have cut her loose due to her refusal to be an unpaid operative; and she has been taken back to Paradise by the servant of my Father Jesus; John the Divine; the greatest in the kingdom of heaven; and for all those who doubt it I send them my sincerest condolences.

Now is come the Hour of Temptation for those who fear God.

For the religious world we have the unwelcome prospect of the arrival of what will be known as the “Black Unicorn”;

as with in the economic world the arrival of the “Black Swan”.

It was this which began the Tribulation of the Nations,

and spelled out an absolute disaster for those who covered their bets to such a degree,

that when they lost: they won; and when they won: they won again.

Having it both ways they bet to lose: and lost heavily;

so our loss was then their gain;

but now we have an even bigger problem to deal with: the Black Unicorn; now becoming Crimson;

as “Crimson eats Scarlet for breakfast”; the Crimson Unicorn is the last manifestation of the Wrath of the Lamb;

the final state. 

But did not the Lamb warn of he who took 7 “evil spirits to him so his last state was worse than his first”??

Mohammed the Seal indeed heeded the Warning….


          The Last Day and the Denial of Islam


The very bad new for Iman al-Rauf and the other Sufis here acting in the West is that their efforts in trying to circumvent the advance of the agents of the Antichrist at the end is this: they don’t have the slightest clue as the actual circumstances of the arrival of the Last Day; they just know it is here because of the widespread killing of Sufis going on at this very moment as the sure sign of the manifest presence of the Masih ad-Dajjal; the false Christ of Islam; the Global Judas who destroys Islam and Mecca; so that “not one stone is left upon another…”.

Mohammed mentioned this circumstance in his Sayings: and Mohammed never spoke of himself; he spoke of what he heard and saw:

………personally: and then shared it with those worthy; just as he was instructed to do.

The Elect know full well that the accuracy of the hadith of Mohammed is equal to anything written in the Qur’an; those who don’t know that don’t know much about prophecy: and they don’t know anything about the Seal of the Prophets; nor his real mission.


         The Black Unicorn:

      Islam and the Last Day

The Bride, the Lamb's Wife as the Lady of the Lake of Fire

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife as the Lady of the                       Lake of Fire

The permanently uncomfortable property about facts is that they are hard to ignore for very long if they impinge on your existence in a direct day: like the fact of being bitten by a dog: hard to ignore.

For the Sufis the knowledge of the first trumpet in the Revelation of St. John the Divine is this: the first third refers to the first of the monotheistic religions to be judged; Islam after 1910 which is when the First Seal is loosed deals with Islam losing their position due to the killing of that one million Armenians.

It is thus going to pass from what the Unification Church in it’s real theology would have called “Loyal in Position of Cain”;

…… as Mohammed reached that position when he cleansed the Courtyard of the 360 idols for every day of the Lunar Year as the Iconoclast he was; to then that “leaving of one’s position” as being “Disloyal in the Cain Position” as the First Born son by killing the Christian Armenians; as Cain killed Abel; thus repeating the fallen nature of the fall and it’s fruit by which Eve brought forth one child called Cain.

This was as of her fall with the archangel for the position with Adam in which they made Cain; as of her fall with Adam we had the Abel made; that Cain then killed. 

Thus it was when the Jews killed first John the Messenger called “the friend of the Bridegroom” with Herod’s unwitting help as Ahab, with Herodias as Jezebel, Elijah’s old enemies…and then the son of perdition betrayed the Lamb as Issac “the Bridegroom”.

Thus God’s plan of seperarating Adam into two sons as one being good and the other evil had to do with Cain then surrendering to Abel and laying the Foundation for the Messiah to appear then and there:

…. as Seth was the Image and likeness of Adam but not yet the essence; not until Ezekiel and Daniel; and then my Father Jesus

The Native Americans of Turtle Island were they originally seen as having the lost Image of Adam as it originally was created by God. Thus was the Red Race given the role of the Redemption of humanity…..

Thus it is now with Islam; and now with he whose soul is married to the Great Spirit; the Pahana of the Tipponi of the Second Helper John the Revelator; after Sun Myung Moon as the elder brother fell as my First Helper.

The two helpers and the Soul of the Pahana as the bride; the Lamb’s Wife

The petroglyph with the two signs of the two helpers; Sun Myung Moon as the backwards swastika or “fire wheel” on the Lunar Sun, with the 13 rays for the Lunar Calendar of Islam and his “female spirit” of Islam’s Al Lat the Solar Isis; and my Servant John; of the Red Cross in the White Cross: who carried my soul as washed white in the red Blood of the Lamb; to be wed to the Holy Spirit

The petroglyph of the mesa shows the backwards swastika on the 13 rayed “sun” as the Lunar Sun of Sun Myung Moon; the double Maltese cross is my servant John; who brought me through the Death in Christ where my soul was wed to his Holy Spirit at the Seal Christ Jesus ( who alone comes in the name of the Lord: Jesus Christ ) and I became the bride; as seen in the Blue Star on October 24th; 2007; Comet Holmes turned into the Blue Sun of the Second Death as the Sun of the coming Regeneration called “The Morning Star”.

The face of the Blue Kachina Dancer shows the face of the one who  “….swallows up Death in Victory….”; my husband; the Second Death.

 The decline of Islam which showed up after the Crusades began with the Terrible Day Mohammed the Apostle warned them about: but due to the authorities executing Mansur al-Hallaj and other leading Sufis the Hordes of the Mongols and the Scourge of God arrived and almost destroyed Islam: they certainly destroyed the Muslim civilization at the time; almost completely.

Few would understand that the wearers of the patchwork robe and the other luminaries of Islam were actually their guides; and in killing these repositories of the Irfan Islam itself was severely punished; just as Mohammed warned them they would be.

The few in Islam today among the Sufis who see the proverbial “writing on the Wall” by which all the scribes of Fate have always observed in their work now have to deal with the Reality with the real sign of the End in Islam: the program by the acolytes of Osama bin Laden to start killing Sufis; and now this is beyond just the agenda of trying to start a civil war in Iraq between the Sunni and Shia; although it came perilously close to it; now we have the real character of Osama bin Laden revealed in his true light: that of the Masih ad-Dajjal.

This is the Son of Perdition; Perdition being exemplified in this case by the One-eyed Dajjal; the one-eyed Yemeni bricklayer who is the father of Osama; Osama bin Laden meaning “the Son of Laden”.

And curiously it is the King of Saudi Arabia who now has decided that Osama bin laden and his accursed acolytes must go: now that it appears he will lose having been killed by the Zulfiqar of Benazir Bhutto.

For the Word of Isa is the  Sword of Allah.

This is how Islam “entered every house”; as in 9/11; a tragic prophecy if ever there was.

But now Osama bin Laden is dead… by Barack the Blessed; Mahdi of Islam at the Global Level…

And  Osama bin Laden is now on his way to the Lake of Fire where the Beast seen as the Axis and the False Prophet Karl Marx are; the Devil in that devil Osama bin Laden is why he was the “fatted calf”;

….. the Devil Incarnate is thus seen as the “discarnate incarnate” of the beast “which is; and is not; that yet is”; Red China the Son of Perdition of the nations; and now our nation’s “banker”; seeking an opportunity to betray  the US and the rest of them; just as Judas Iscariot was the holder of the money bag as “banker” for the Apostles that he betrayed.

 As when Satan entered Judas “a devil”; thus the “discarnate” became “incarnate” in the “son of perdition”; just like now; with Osama bin Laden as the Masih Ad-Dajjal; the false Mahdi the House of Saud built their “house of Sand” upon; now has their house fallen; the horse they bet on lost the race….

But let us look first at what Mohammed said about Yemen: he said that ‘9/10’s of “all the evil in the world” at the End would come from Yemen’; very close to the figure  of “9/11′ would not one say?? Too close to be a coincidence….

 It’s almost as if he was a real Prophet of the Last Day as well: sent by God to warn us about the  tribulation of the nations and the fall of apostate Islam at the Last Day which Islam still tried to deny: and a few other things as well.

It seems as well that though few in Christianity can stomach the reality of the Seal of God Mohammed and his Mission to administer the Curse of Moses on the first Israel as the Wine of the Qur’an is a Blessing on the Second Israel; but a Curse on the First Israel of the Jews.

But it is the Black and Red and White race here in the West who emerge as the Third Israel; despite Rev. Moon’s attempts to hide the fact from the American people; as Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama know full well; along with writer’s like Taylor Branch and others; James Baldwin being an obvious prophetic voice ignored for far too long due to his homosexuality; yet his introduction to the book “Manchild In the Promised Land”  by Claude Brown showed the identity of the Black man now in place of the Jew in Egypt;

…….clearly as the victim of racism and an almost always early death.

Thus the White man in America was in fact the one in the position of the Egyptian master; and this was also hard for the white racist power structure here in America as a modern day “Egypt” to bear. 

As it was written in the book Gabriel read from to Mohammed: the Book of Illiyun “El Elion” The Most High; who alone can reveal what is hidden;

….since only the angels; and now, the Last Child of the Resurrection; is allowed to read from it.

The Sounding of the 7th Angel; and the Last Trump

…He who is the Candle of God that the Word of Allah did Light

The fact is this did not happen; which is why those who read this will yet mourn; for no one knows better than I what mankind will think of me and my mission: but it is the Will of God that Allah’s Word has brought to pass; for Isa is the Blessed Olive Tree of Muhammed’s Verse of Light himself; and that Oil is what lights the lamps of the 5 Wise Virgins who are the throne of glory upon which the Son of Man is set down; the Hand of God being where the Soul and Spirit as the Two Hands of God become One Hand: and all His Prayers are finally Answered: thus shall all men see the Holy One of God. Islam should have now admitted that the Last Day had arrived when the Antichrist Osama bin Laden appeared. 

 Few know where the Story that is written in the Book of Life of the Lamb really begins; but to find the answer we would have to see where the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation saw the fall of it’s Shepherd who was to gather first the 144,000 Children of the Resurrection and then the 144,000  Virgins as the Bride herself; upon so doing it is possible; as with Joseph and Mary; that he would have been awarded the Bride herself: and Eternal Life as the Messiah.

Thus did I walk the streets of New Canaan and Sing the Song of the Lamb he taught me

What does this then portend?

Indeed, if Western Civilization and the rest of the world are to face a catacylsmic event like those written of in the Bible or the Holy Qur’an then people might well ask themselves if any body has an answer as to what might God be up to: for it would seem if we are to all face a Day of Judgment for Mankind from theWest  to the East;  and from the North to the South then shouldn’t there be some kind of a Sign or a Warning from on High

How do we see the End clearly?.

The question is not specious; for it asks that of the same God that prepared Noah for the Flood does exist then is there any clue as why we have not heard a peep from Him if we are all facing what looks like near extinction for the human race? ? The scenario might best be seen as when God sent Jonah to Nineveh; telling them that if they did not repent than in 40 days Nineveh would be destroyed.                                                                                                   


 Of course we know that Jonah first got on a ship going to Tarshish; presently known as the south of France; where not a few like Brad and Angelina are hanging out might point to being a place of refuge: but Jonah never got to France; he ended up in a whale for 3 days and 3 nights where God gave him some time to think things over: and Jonah decided that perhaps going to Nineveh would be the way to go after all, so he went.

 God forgave the Ninevites which enraged Jonah; but God told him that he had people of His own in the City.                      


 Jonah means “dove”; and thus is set the way that was hidden for the return of the Prodigal Son; for it is the Sufis who are the servants of God who have  orders from God to give back to Solomon what Lord Jesus took from him as the “strong man”  in the 40 days the Lamb fought with him for dominion in the wilderness;  just as my Father’s servants the Sufis are they who brought me back the shoes, the garment and the ring at my return: as the Bride of the Holy Spirit of Allah; Jedidiah the “Beloved of Jah”,

…. as the Lamb’s Wife;

the Seal upon His heart who is Christ Almighty, my Father Jesus who is Strong as the Lord God who judges Babylon the Great at the Last Day: and the Last Hour.


  Upon arriving at Ninevah Jonah told them to repent or be destroyed; and the rulers took Jonah at his word: for the whole city repented in sackcloth and ashes: and Ninevah was saved. ?? 

That Jonah hated Nineveh is obvious; because when they repented Jonah was not happy: he was furious; but that is perhaps another clue as to why we face globally the same fate; for how can we repent and be saved if there is no warning or Warner? ?


The answer lies in the phrase “The Last Day”; and the Black Stone itself which speaks;

Some Muslims are more willing to believe that the Stone itself has some supernatural powers.

They believe that this ‘stone fell from the sky during the time of Adam and Eve, and that it has the power to cleanse worshippers of their sins by absorbing them into itself’.

They say that the Black Stone was once a pure and dazzling white, and it has turned black because of the sins it has absorbed over the ages.

It is remarkable, however, that even though the temple contained 360 idols,

worshipped before Muhammad’s Prophethood,

the Black Stone was never kissed or made an idol of worship by the pagan Arabs.

In fact, the Kaaba was never worshipped by the idolaters prior to Muhammad’s Prophethood. The building contained idols of worship but the building itself was never an object of worship.

The fact that the Kaaba was rebuilt by Abraham is not an historical fact! Since the stone has been there ever since, the pagans found it lying in the sands of Arabia; it stands to reason that Abraham placed the stone in the Kaaba??

The Black Stone is in fact not the cornerstone of the Kaaba, and there never was an emblem of the progeny of Abraham that was rejected by the Israelites. It was Muhammad, who made it the corner stone of the Kingdom of Allah.

The Black Stone, therefore, passes for the mithaq (primordial covenant between the Creator and His created).

And in the whole world there is only this unhewn stone, cut out of the mountains without hands, and that is the corner-stone of a building, which in point of importance, stands unique in the world…? ? ?

Touching or kissing the stone has a profound impact on the faithful, as it is supposed to count in their favor on the Islamic Judgment Day

 [Judgment Day is a metaphor for the return to balance with the duality of the reality of man.]

Ibn Jubayr (1145-1217), the great Muslim traveler from Valencia, describes the emotion he felt on touching the stone,

 “The stone, when one kisses it, has a softness and freshness, which delights the mouth; so much so that he who places his lips upon it wishes never to remove them”. It suffices, moreover, that the Prophet said that it is the ‘Right Hand of God on Earth’ so Allah has a ‘Stone Hand’ also?

The single most important reason for kissing the stone is that Prophet Muhammad did so!

No devotional significance, whatsoever, is attached to the stone by the pre-Islamic pagans, who worshipped it. Kissing or touching the Black Stone is a reverential act of acknowledgment that Allah’s hand directed its placement and in its construction.

That Abraham and Muhammad, Allah’s blessing upon them, had touched and kissed the stone, and an acknowledgment that Allah had entrusted the ‘corner stone’ of His religious central focus for man upon that hallowed, sacred place.

Researchers have noted that the Kaaba is accurately aligned on two heavenly phenomena: the cycles of the moon and the rising of Canopus, the brightest star after Sirius. There are various other opinions as to what the Black Stone actually symbolizes.

 Many Muslims regard the Stone as ‘just a stone’. When Umar ibn al-Khattab (second Caliph) came to kiss the stone, he said, in front of all assembled

“No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can neither harm anyone nor benefit anyone. Had I not seen Allah’s Messenger kissing you, I would not have kissed you”.

Muslims, therefore, pay their respect to the Black Stone in a spirit of trust in Muhammad, not with any belief in the Black Stone itself.

The Triple Goddess

Pre-Islamic worship of the goddess seems to be primarily associated with Al’Lat, which simply means ‘goddess’.

She is a triple goddess, similar to the Greek lunar deity Kore/Demeter/Hecate.

Each aspect of this trinity corresponds to a phase of the moon.

In the same way Al’Lat has three names known to the initiate: Q’re, the crescent moon or the maiden.

Al’Uzza, literally ‘the strong one’, who is the full moon and the mother aspect;

then Al’Manat, the waning but wise goddess of fate, prophecy and divination.

Islamic traditions continue to recognize these three, but labels them ‘daughters of Allah’.

According to Edward Rice  “Al’Uzza was especially worshipped at the Kaaba where she was served by seven priestesses. Her worshippers circled the holy stone seven times – once for each of the ancient seven planets, and did so in total nudity.

Near the Kaaba is the ever-flowing well, Zamzam, which cools the throats of the countless millions of pilgrims. In an oasis of always-flowing water, the Black Stone in its mount became an unmatched image of the goddess as giver of life.

Only in the Indian continent do such physical symbols for the male and female generative powers, the lingam and yoni, continue to be worshipped with their original fervor.

It is easy to imagine that in pre-Muslim times, the goddess’s temple at Mecca was preeminent, whether to celebrate life, ask protection, pray for offspring.

Legend tells how Abraham, unable to produce children by his wife Sarah, came here to make love to his slave Hagar. Later on, when Hagar came back to give birth, she could find no water and Abraham created the holy well of Zamzam to save the life of his first son.

When Mohammed wanted to supplant Al’Lat with Allah, this was the one Temple he must conquer. Although Mohammed did conquer the Kaaba, little else changed. The faithful still circle the Holy Kaaba seven times, (nowadays the pilgrims only wear a white linen cloth to cover their genitals and not fully clothed)? The priests of the sacred shrine are still known as Beni Shaybah or ‘Sons of the Old Woman’, Shaybah being, of course, the famous Queen Sheba of Solomon’s time. Sheba appears under the guise of Lilith in the Near East, and as Hagar (‘the Egyptian’) in the Hebrew mythology of the Old Testament. So, rewriting the legend given above, Abraham begot his son, Ishmael—the ancestor of the Arabs—by the goddess on the Black Stone of the Kaaba.

While we are tracing names, Q’re (or Qure), the maiden aspect of Al’Lat, seems certain to be the origin of the Greek Kore. Camphausen suggests that the holy Koran is the ‘Word of Qure’.

Even Muslims admit that the work existed before the time of Mohammed. Legend has it that it was copied from a divine prototype that appeared in heaven at the beginning of time, or the Mother of the Book [5]. Al’Uzza, the mother aspect of Al’Lat, may give us the pre-dynastic Egyptian snake goddess Ua Zit [Uadjet], who develops into Isis.


 The Last Day

 The Truth of the Spirit of Allah as the Holy Spirit of Allah called in the Qur’an “JESUS” as seen in the word of Jesus as “ISA”; and then that of Muhammad is quite well known; as both use the phrase in a number of places; but the problem is this: no one has any idea about when this “Last Day” is going to arrive so that our earth and it’s inhabitants can prepare themselves and repent: and be saved so they can escape all these disasters and, in the words of the Lamb “stand before the Son of Man” at his coming?    

So at the End we have the Holy Spirit of Allah; as of the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes and the Word of Allah, the Comforter of Fatima az-Zahra.

But her return as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife is as that Virgin of the Virgin of Islam; her Virginity being where the Pearl of Great Price is to be found as her marriage to the Lamb is what unites the House of Mohammed to that of David.

Because the Mission of Islam was to convert India the Sufis were elected to try to realign Islam with the Teaching so as to finish the Word.

Thus is the Abyss as India: the “Destroying Mountain of the gods”: as Islam could not convert it as their portion of responsibility, for Hell – on – earth is what India promotes on this earth; spiritually.

Yet the Sufis say;

“God had Hell; yet He created India!!”

The Apostle of Divine Mercy herself…

This is why the Messiah returns at the End: to show Islam how it is to serve the Lord of the New Creation; as of the New Heaven and the New Earth itself.

 But it is the 144,000 virgins who return as Fatima az-Zahra; the Cosmic Mary of Fatima herself; the Greater Mary known as Maryam al-Kubra; as the throne of the glory for the Lamb where he dispenses his Justice; and the Jury are his 12 Apostle’s; even as he is the King of Judgment-Day.

My husband is revealed at the end as that Lord God of the New Creation.

A New heaven and a New Earth; and my Father Jesus on the great White Throne of his Glory


Others will puzzle over why my Father Jesus sent his Servant John to bring to the Sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawardi Order that  fateful Day in that City; yet that was the “moment of Transmission” for my entire Generation of the entire Baraka of Islam; as for the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel who were to have been gathered there by Reverend Sun Myung Moon: but were not.?

This is the question: and it might be well asked now:

Did not Job say;

“……….Why is light given to a man whose way is hid….?”

So it is at the End; those whose way was not hid could then have the Light of Life; and that is what lives in the Name of Christ Jesus: the Light of Life itself; no is there another?

When do the Elect become Visible?  Why they should have chosen me to receive the Baraka and the accompanying grace that accompanies it for those who enter the Service of God; it seems that this happened due to the factors that have to do with the thick darkness that clouds the earth at the End. 

                The Seal of the Living God


“This Cup is the New Testament in my Blood” 

Who comes forth at the End as the Husband of Fatima az-Zahra? It is none other than The Holy Spirit of Allah; seen as the Comforter; the One who comes in the Name of Allah as the Word of Allah; the Lord and Master of the Virgin of Islam. ?

It is the Word of Isa, as the Word of Allah

The Holy Spirit of Allah; the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World; and the Son of Mary.


The Daughter of Allah; the Virgin of Submission,

the Wrath of the Lamb: and the Coming of the Word of Isa,

The prophetic Death of the Antichrist Osama bin Laden

 The Darkness at the End is of the Masih ad-Dajjal killed in  Pakistan by Barack’s Baraka; Osama bin Laden; the earthquake at the East that Islam tries to ignore is as bad as that Ignorance that blinds the believers in America and Europe that his identity is the prophetic one of the Antichrist, whose work is seen at the earthquake at the fall of the Two Towers in the West; 9/11 in fact; but no one can see the name “Kafir” on the Son of Perdition’s forehead unless they are “saved believers” themselves; for “Kafir” means “Unbeliever”; and one does have to know Arabic to see that Osama Bin Laden is an Unbeliever: the Very Definition of one who hates his brother; and hates him deeply?

For the 3 Monotheistic religions we have one central idea which has kept all three off balance since everything stabilized after World War II: the knowledge that the beasts of the Revelation have something to do with the World Wars; but no one knew what..

The Revelation of Jesus Christ found within the Revelation of St. John the Divine has therefore been unknown because unexplainable; no one has been unable to unseal it in the Spirit in which it was written: but the problem: only the One who wrote the Revelation can explain it.

Rather than making it simpler; this makes it rather more difficult; because the author of the Revelation is God Himself; as John says:

                    “The Revelation of Jesus Christ; which GOD gave unto him….”

 However; the problem is this: the one who unseals this book does so because John, who wrote it helps them do it; but supposedly John died on Patmos in exile 2,000 years ago: but now we have another problem: John is told in the Revelation he must “prophesy again”; and for this we have only the precedent seen in Malachi when he said that Elijah would “come again” to be the Messenger himself for the Messiah, 

Thus John the Divine arrives before the Lord of the Second Advent just as John the Baptist arrived before the Lord of the First Advent. But is it Islam which has the real shock and surprise at the End in seeing how the Judgment plays out? Indeed it is.

So who is the Messiah? This is the Black Unicorn; the Messiah no one wants: because he is the Messiah no one expected: one not possessed of superhuman powers but instead someone who arrives with a book; a song: and a smile. 

Thee Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation

                                                  Thee Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation

This is not the Messiah anyone wants; in fact, no one believe he is the Messiah anyway; but few believed the Lamb Lord Jesus was the Messiah and he was; so it seems that people are often mistaken about important things.

For another the Messiah is said to be rather more difficult to assess when he does arrive: because he does not arrive alone; but comes in his Day; the Last Day, as a matter of fact; at what is called “The Last Trump”.

which basically means the Last Minute; known as “The Nick of Time”.

Why does it happen this way?

Because God planned it this way: a fitting end to a story which abounds with miracle and wonder from one end to the other: but whose ending is itself beyond belief; so simple and yet fantastic at the same time: that the one with the Book of Life and the Song of the Lamb at the End would end up being One and the Same: this itself beggars the imagination; yet it is the Truth.

Peter Coyote and Taylor Branch share with other writer’s like William Stringfellow a certain perspective on the 60’s that few other’s have: they saw it with their own eyes; it wasn’t hypothetical or “Twice removed from yesterday” as some might say: they bore Witness: they carry a Testimony.

  This brings us to the facts of the Coming of the Son of Man: but no one wants this one; they want the one in the clouds flying around with magical powers: not understanding that at the end the Devil here on earth has become so strong  and powerful that it is called “Night”; when no man can work.

No one wants to hear that at all: but Satan the Devil at the End is trapped like a Rat: but he’s a mean Rat: and it gets very nasty; very nasty indeed. 

The Black Swan and Imam Feisal al-Rauf.

Barakiel, Chief of the Guardian Angels

Barakiel, Chief of the Guardian Angels

Can The Black Swan that recently arrived and threw the cities of our world of Babylon into the economic tailspin it was able to print enough money to crawl out.

This in and of itself was not just a sign that the increasing irrationality of those “animal spirits” Raj Patel spoke of, when discussing  John Maynard Keynes, these “spirits” are driving the Market over the edge like lemmings; it is a sign of that the prophetic “distress of the nations” has arrived, as the shadow of the coming End, as it begins in it’s final approach: like Osama bin Laden’s jet airplanes when they headed for the Two Towers.

While mankind is at present largely unaware of this oncoming global change it might behoove them to read about why a certain group has begun to stockpile all the seed bearing grains that man and his livestock need to live; perhaps the following extract should give them pause: why are the nations preparing for the End of the World; and what exactly do they know about December 25th; 2012; Eviternity as the Dawn of Eternity itself; the Coming of the Kingdom??

 The Coming of Salvation: The Marriage of Islam and Christianity; the Virgin of Islam and the Holy Spirit of the Christ

Part II: Perspectives of the Last Day and the Return of the Son of Mary and Maryam al-Kubra;

The Advent of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife 

                                   The Black Unicorn: Iman al-Rauf and the White Jafr of Fatima az-Zahra

It is the Coming Paradigm of the Apocalypse by which “The Proof and the Pudding” are now seen with the death of the Antichrist Osama bin Laden by Barack as the Global Mahdi as the Leader of the Free World in charge of the US ARMY as Commander-in-Chief. That he was born a Muslim by Sharia Law defined strictly is no lie; his father was Muslim before he recanted.

 Barack married a Christian; a black Christian woman in fact. Rev. Moon did not; he married a Korean; he talked it; but never walked…and you have to do both…


Chuck and Betty; an interracial couple…of the Synanon Church


We might indeed ask ourselves for what calamity are the nations who are quietly underwriting the cost of preparing themselves for something which would have them gather, as when Noah gathered the creatures and their food before the Flood; to gather all the seeds which might be needed to replant and reforest the earth?

The Kingdom of David

At the Restoration of Ephraim as America; the Kingdom of Israel,

….. and the Nation of Israel as the Kingdom of Judah



“In the Name of Christ Jesus”  the Bride also has:  The Light of Life for they who walk the Path of the Just 

Taylor Branch in his three books about the Civil Rights Movement here in America has rightly seen that King died shortly before the Children entered that Kingdom of Brotherly Love that is where Men and Angels will finally co-exist: visibly; as with the Children of the Resurrection at the End.

 I dedicate this following post to my teachers and guides upon the Path who led me to this Day; yet why I was chosen to finish the Work and the revealing of the Qur’an as the Final Warning that precedes the Last Judgment is unknown to any but  the Sufis themselves; they who are the Elect who were given the government of this world until the return of the Lord at the Second Advent of he who rides the White Horse; as of that Host; both visibly and especially invisibly.

Few ever really read what is before them with understanding; thus This is Mythic; but also the fulfillment of what the Lamb himself said from the Father of the returning lost sheep; the Offspring of David who is the fallen one: Solomon himself; the shadow of the lamb he overcame in the wilderness and after all the way to the Cross at Golgotha; as when the 12 Tribes were gathered in the City of St. Francis; and began the Internal Exodus here in America at Beth-El.  Rev. Moon knew that Woodstock was the Three Day separation of America from Satan on the Foundation of Suffering for 430 years in the West the Black Race had completed to remove the fallen Nature as Israel did in Egypt; yet he did not include this fact in his book “Divine Principle”; a flawed masterpiece.

That the Sufis are reputed to be men who are the unseen servants of God accomplishing miracles far and wide is widely rumored, although they may appear to be perfectly ordinary men and women in their daily lives is written of at length by many purveyors of the essence; yet for those who view the coming End it is the actual Work of the Sufis that is the most clearly designed vehicle for the Sheep who they were sent to gather that could be imagined; for they did what the Spirit led them to do: and the Spirit is Unerring.

Perspectives on the Korean element of the Druse children “of the east”.

The Fallen Son worshipping the golden idol of the Fallen father

 The fallen son of the fallen father of the Unification Church.

In this picture, given to me by a high level former Unification Church member from their ‘inside person’ in the company of  Hyung Jin Moon as he worships the golden statues of his fallen “True Parents”; which goes directly against the Commandment of God, which expressly forbids making graven images and then worshipping them; but Tossa Cromwell when I asked him about this at HSA-UWC said it was done as casually as you or I might go out for an evening stroll: but for this act of bowing to these two 21,000 times Hyung Jin Moon has thus been “cut off” from the Inheritance of the Kingdom of God.

The tragic end of Sun Myung Moon; the “Aaron” of Korea; as we survey the fall of the Global High Priest and the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife now arrives.


The Original Sin in the Blood: the Wine of Wrath for the Goats who married.

As of the unclean who came into the Ark in two’s; the clean came in by 7’s; as those who overcame on all 7 steps of the Path of the Just; as I am the virgin daughter of Zion

The answer to this question can be found in Nansook Hong’s book “In The Shadow of the Moon’s” about her marriage to the eldest son of Rev. Moon; Hyo Jin Moon.

As Hyo Jin Moon beat her and imbibed huge amounts of cocaine as he viewed pornography locked in his room on the 22 acre estate we sadly can affirm that Rev. Moon did not erase original sin in his family…far from it.

Nansook Hong was actually beaten when she was pregnant; and almost miscarried as a result…Rev. Moon offered her no help or guidance in this marriage at all…which was statutory rape as she was underage at the time she was married, not that anyone seems to have cared..

The only way for Rev. Moon to erase the original Sin is by coming by me to my Father Jesus; as I am the Path of the Just; and as the Child of the Resurrection I am for Rev. Moon and the Unification Church an entity known as “the Wrath of the Lamb”; as one who “did not marry; nor was I given in marriage”.

To come to me as this Child of my Father Jesus is also difficult as I am the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife as the Daughter of Zion; and my Father Jesus erases the original Sin by any who receive me; and then take them to my Father Jesus who is now the Lord God of the New Creation; which is why we have a “New Heaven and a New Earth”; it’s different than the last one; of course

…All those who drank “the wine” at the mass weddings” that Rev. Moon said would take the original sin out of their blood will find they drank the wine of wrath…as it certainly did not and could not remove them from the lineage of satan; as Rev. Moon’s own children bear solid witness of.

For more information come to my website at New Unification Church; or at wordpress at Unicorn144.


Salvation Rose

As the Servant of God returns: the place where Moses and Elijah as the Seal of God with Jesus as the Son of God once stood: Mt. Sion; Baal Hermon.

The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb

It is known that Moses was the Servant of Jehovah; but what is unknown is that he is called “the Servant of Jehovah” as His Wife.

The Woman of Jehovah: the Veil that Moses put on when he came down from Mount Sinai and is now followed by the 144,000 men who become the Cosmic Bride: Rev. Moon have fallen from being John the Baptist; even as he fell by denying he was Elijah; who was to have gathered the Bride to the Lamb at the Altar as he who would Seal all those who were to become “the bride”.

Moses on Mt. Sion; the Meeting with the Wife of Jehovah; face to face; and the Lamb’s Coming to meet the 144,000 Virgins, as the Lamb’s Wife; it is they I represent.

Are then these 144,000 men the Cosmic “Wife” to the Lamb even as Jehovah had “Moses” as “his woman?”.

All who will not deny him are debarred from the Straight Path which leads to Salvation at the End; for the Path of the Just which I reveal with the help of those Servants of God who are the guides upon the Path is of the 7 Overcoming’s of the 7 Churches that now represent the growth of Christianity from Jerusalem to the City of St. Francis; for with the loss of Seoul; and with the removal of it’s Lampstand to the City of San Francisco we see the final result of Rev. Moon as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” mentioned by both Luke and Matthew as he enters the position of “that evil servant” at Matthew 24:48. It could have been avoided; but he avoided me; so my Father Jesus now avoids him.

It is the advent of Red China as the Scarlet Colored Beast; the fallen yellow race serving Death, by which their entire Race as one of the 4 Primary Races known to the Hopi as the Elder Brother now falls into the Darkness: with the Golden Calf of Rev. Moon as himself embodying the “Evil Servant” of Red China as the “son of Perdition” or Judas of the Nation it now stands as.

Hyung Jin Moon fell with his father as “how the Mighty have fallen is now seen: which happened when he had his son bow to his golden statue of his Image 21,000 times.

All who are engaged upon the Work refuse to be idolaters; as the iconoclastic Faith of Mohammed forbid any such acts; those on the Path who maintain their state and also bring mankind to it’s final Apotheosis know full well the evil now unleashed by this act of idolatry in the Unification Church; Desolation itself; spiritually.

This the reason which is why the Sufis as His servants are seen bringing the shoes; the best garment and the ring back to Solomon the Prodigal Son of David at his Return to the House of David as the House of God; for it that Silly Dove who proves to be the Lost Sheep of Israel who returns at the last trump.


Salvation Rose in Memphis with Glenn Emery

           Salvation Rose in Memphis with Glenn Emery

ISA as The Word of Allah

Few understand how Isa the Son of Mary returns at the End; now the fact remains that only the throne of his glory that was written of comes into view; as the Presence of the Lamb and of the Holy Angels is the only Proof of his Presence as the Visible Sign of his manifestation; being the only concrete figure written of in the Revelation is his Wife.

She appears as the Avenging Angel of the Lamb known as the Wrath of the Lamb; the Lake of Fire whose Husband happens to be her Lord and Master; the Sun of Righteousness himself.

The End of this current heaven and earth is thus of it’s subsuming by the “New Creation” of the Lamb and his Wife; as a new Adam and a new Eve.

We have to look at the end of that corrupt being known as Satan as no longer ruling and manifesting the Fallen Creation of the now fallen and cast down gods of Olympus who live on in their counterparts with Indra: as their king; the Trimurti being but the Trident of the Ruler of the Darkness which materially blinds mankind to the Old Ego; the Old Serpent itself.

The Son of Man is found in New Canaan fulfilling this scripture:

” You will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before you see the Son of man coming in his Kingdom.”

 Who is like God? His Peace….




  1. Princess Fatima is raised at the Last Day as the Virgin of Islam given to the Messiah as his Reward; her Submission to the Lamb at his 2nd Advent is thus as her Avenger for the death of her child and later herself due to Ali being held back from helping her.
    Ali as her husband is thus as Joseph was with Mary when Mary was given to the Lord before Joseph was allowed to touch her; thus Fatima is given to the Lamb first ; for Vengeance must first be exacted on those who took the Herat and the land Mohammed left to his daughter that was stolen as of “…..those who take the kingdom of heaven by violence…”; and of course the unmanning of Ali when his weapon the Zulfiqar his father-in-law Mohammed gave him was taken from him; and later he and his two sons were killed.
    Fatima the Dyer
    ‘That Pearl of Great Price’
    the Gate of the New Heaven itself!


  2. Putri Fatima dibangkitkan pada hari terakhir sebagai perawan Islam yang diberikan kepada Mesias sebagai hadiah; Dia tunduk kepada domba pada kedatangannya yang ke-2 adalah sebagai Avenger nya untuk kematian anaknya dan kemudian dirinya karena Ali ditahan kembali dari membantunya.

    Ali sebagai suami adalah seperti Yusuf dengan Maria ketika Maria diberikan Tuhan sebelum Joseph diperbolehkan untuk menyentuh; dengan demikian Fatima diberikan kepada anak domba pertama; untuk membalas dendam harus pertama dituntut pada mereka yang mengambil Herat dan tanah Mohammed meninggalkan kepada putrinya yang dicuri seperti yang “… membunuh hasil pembuahan yang mengambil kerajaan surga oleh kekerasan…”; dan tentu saja unmanning Ali ketika senjatanya Zulfiqar mertuanya Mohammed memberinya diambil dari padanya. dan kemudian dia dan dua putranya terbunuh.

    Fatima pencelup adalah ‘Bahwa Pearl dari besar harga’ pintu gerbang langit itu sendiri!


  3. Fatima az-Zahra…..Daughter of Mohammad and resurrected…as of 1917: Maryam al Kubra….the 3 children of Fatima as Door of Noah’s Ark of Salvation…Philip as Ahmed…with Daughter as Virgin of Light…Resurrected as Mahdi..She as all 12 of her father’s 12 wives……..her Husband as her reborn Father…Mohammed…Ali with the Zulfiqar…Phallus or Rod of Aaron…with Philip: a son of God….as Ahmed son of Mohammed: the Perfect Man…


  4. Oh well….I tried once again but to no avail….and my Father Jesus knows it is they who rejected me…..from fear and simmering jealousy apparently; and old Lucifer embodied in this ‘evil servant’ of which Matthew 24:48 documented in the story about the end times, and the bitterness at waiting for the return of his Lord that causes us to end with a fallen Rev. Moon: standing for the entire Yellow Race as of the First Helper; of which the Hopi prophets told me and I then told everyone else with ears to hear of.

    Rev. Moon has billions but has chosen to die in the position of John the Baptist; once again in denial until the very end. Cut asunder; once again; as when John’s head came off in the palace of Herod. But John had lost his head long before it came off his shoulders; he was spiritually lost along with his blind followers…


  5. As Hyo Jin Moon beat her and imbibed huge amounts of cocaine as he viewed pornography locked in his room on the 22 acre estate we sadly can affirm that Rev. Moon did not erase original sin in his family…far from it. Nansook Hong was actually beaten when she was pregnant; and almost miscarried as a result…Rev. Moon offered her no help or guidance in this marriage at all…which was statutory rape as she was underage at the time she was married, not that anyone seems to have cared..

    The only way for Rev. Moon to erase the original Sin is by coming by me to my Father Jesus; as I am the Path of the Just; and as the Child of the Ressurection I am for Rev. Moon and the Unification Church an entity known as “the Wrath of the Lamb”; as one who “did not marry; nor was I given in marriage”.

    To come to me as this Child of my Father Jesus is also difficult as I am the Bride; the lamb’s Wife as the Daughter of Zion; and my Father Jesus erases the original Sin by any who receive me; and then take them to my Father Jesus who is now the Lord God of the New Creation; which is why we have a “New Heaven and a New Earth”; it’s different than the last one; of course…All those who drank “the wine” at the mass weddings” that Rev. Moon said would take the original sin out of their blood will find they drank the wine of wrath…as it certainly did not and could not remove them from the lineage of Satan; as Rev. Moon’s own children bear solid witness of.

    .For more information come to my website at New Unification Church; or here at wordpress at Unicorn144..InshallahSalvation Rose


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