Rev. Moon and King Saul; a look at Arthur Ford, witch of Endor


by Arthur Ford

(At this point Arthur Ford went into trance.)



 It is not easy for me to get down to the level of Ford.

Great power in the form of light – if you were to see the light that surrounds you – most of you would be blinded by it. I am conscious that there are people here who are spiritually more advanced than some here and certainly more advanced than I am, though I have been here nearly fifty years. Time does not guarantee spirituality, nor does it necessarily suggest growth.

In another setting I would insist that my instrument and the rest of you should take off your shoes. But spiritually you can create the humility that will enable you to know that you are in the presence of Truth – Incarnate and Discarnate.
*…and later in the session:
Col. Pak: Could you ask him in connection with the New Age, more specifically, the mission of Our Leader here today?
Fletcher: He is one of those who will be the human instrument through whom the World Teacher will be able to speak.
And he was chosen because the New Age can be ushered in only through the eastern gate of the City of God – and that gate has been sealed since Jesus was crucified. It cannot be opened until the New Age in which you are now entering and which you are in. When the teacher comes there would be a people ready for him.
The Jesus of Galilee will not return – it is not necessary.
The Christ who manifested through him is the Eternal – he will manifest again.
He has never ceased to speak to men but the time has come when, in the New Age, the veil which has been drawn between your plane and the World of Spirit will be pushed aside and those who have been freed from physical bondage will be able to speak and use and guide and teach the peoples of earth. That is being brought into manifestation everywhere.
But the important thing to remember is that when God wants to make a revelation (he has always done so and always will) he has to choose a human instrument, who, through some circumstances or conditions, has been brought to the point of sensitiveness and spiritual perception so that he can, in his own person, accept this ancient light of wisdom – and through him it will filter down to others, probably no less dedicated, but in truth, less gifted.
It is like a pyramid. At the peak stands the Teacher, the Leader, the Chosen One and under him, gradually there begins to build a foundation. The truth flows, down, and as it flows down it flows outward until it touches every comer of the earth. But it always starts with one man – and others are touched.
The Holy Spirit has not been quiet – and he has not been inactive.
 But there come periodically in the history of the race moments when the Holy Spirit has to individualize almost completely in some person – who becomes the instrument who will enable others to catch the Spirit and see the Spirit, and know the Spirit. And so they go in all directions, never separated from the source, but always individualized….
Sun Myung Moon is the one I have been talking about. I have been speaking for a group of people here.
This group seems to surround him.
 And the power that flows through him, the intelligence, is not just one – it is a great group of people.
And they seem all to draw their inspiration and their knowledge from One Source – and then they seem to pour it symbolically into a pool and in some strange symbolical way that pool becomes Sun Myung Moon

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