The Legacy of Rev. Moon: My Gratitude and my Sorrow


()  The Bride; The Lamb’s Wife  ()


The Lost Sheep of Israel is Solomon: the Prodigal Son

              A Look at the First Fruit Unto God and the Lamb



     The Man who Came from the East:


    A Modern Guide to Prophecy,

  The Dry Tree and the Green Tree: 


The Pope and The Priest: the Link of the

Two Providential Men born in 1920

—– the Unknown Story of Reverend Moon; and his connection to Pope John Paul II: 
the Two Global Missions of the Priest; and the High Priest ……    and the Angel of Christ.

The Virgins are the Clouds: the Priests of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek as the Eunuchs for his Sake and the Gospel; born of His Blood; the Dead in Christ Rise First

The New Beginning of God’s Providence in the Last Days

The Black Book of 1973: the Book of Rev. Moon “Divine Principle” 

   The Meat in Due Season:


The Fulfimment of the Prophecy of Jesus Christ 

  1. Providential Age for the Foundation of Restoration ( 239 )

Section I   The Providence of Restoration Centering on Adam’s
Family (Page 239)
1. The Foundation of Faith (Page 240)
2. The Foundation of Substance (Page 243)
3. The Foundation to Receive the Messiah in Adam’s
Family (Page 246)
4. The Lessons Learned from Adam’s Family (Page 250)


   Section II  The Providence of Restoration Centering on Noah’s
Family (Page 251)
1. The Foundation of Faith (Page 252)
(1)  The Central Figure to Restore the Foundation of
Faith (Page 252)
(2)  The Conditional Objects to Restore the
Foundation of Faith (Page 252)
2. The Foundation of Substance (Page 257)
3. Lessons Learned from Noah’s Family (Page 260)


   Section III The Providence of Restoration Centering on Abraham’s
Family (Page 261)
1. The Foundation of Faith (Page 262)
(1)  The Central Figure to Restore the Foundation of
Faith (Page 262)
(2)  The Conditional Objects to Restore the
Foundation of Faith (Page 264)
(i)   The Symbolic Offering of Abraham (Page 264)
(ii)  Abraham’s Offering of Isaac (Page 271)
(iii) The Position of Isaac from the Standpoint
of the Will, and His Symbolic Offering
(Page 274)
2. The Foundation of Substance (Page 276)
3. The Foundation to Receive the Messiah (Page 279)
4. Lessons Learned from Abraham’s Course (Page 283)


2. Providence Of Restoration Centering On Moses And Jesus (Page 285)


   Section I   Pattern for the Subjugation of Satan (Page 286)
1. Why God Set Up Jacob’s Course and Moses’ Course as
the Pattern for Jesus’ Course (Page 286)
2. Moses’ Course and Jesus’ Course, After the Pattern
of Jacob’s Course (Page 287)


   Section II  The Providence of Restoration Centering on Moses
(Page 291)
1. The General View of the Providence of Restoration
Centering on Moses (Page 291)
(1)  The Foundation of Faith (Page 292)
(i)   The Central Figure to Restore the
Foundation of Faith (Page 292)
(ii)  Conditional Objects to Restore the
Foundation of Faith (Page 294)
(2)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 295)
(3)  The Foundation to Receive the Messiah (Page 296)
2. The Course of Restoration of Canaan on the National
Level Centering on Moses (Page 297)
(1)  The First Course of Restoration into Canaan on
the National Level (Page 297)
(i)   The Foundation of Faith (Page 297)
(ii)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 298)
(iii) The Failure in the First Course of
Restoration into Canaan on the National
level (Page 300)
(2)  The Second Course of Restoration into Canaan on
the National level (Page 301)
(i)   The Foundation of Faith (Page 301)
(ii)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 302)
(iii) The Providence of Restoration Centering
on the Tabernacle (Page 311)
a) The significance and the purpose of
the tablets, the tabernacle and the
ark of the covenant (Page 312)
b) The foundation for the tabernacle
(Page 317)
(iv)  The Failure in the Second Course of
Restoration into Canaan on the National
Level (Page 322)
(3)  The Third Course of Restoration into Canaan on
the national level (Page 323)
(i)   The Foundation of Faith (Page 323)
(ii)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 323)
(iii) The Foundation to Receive the Messiah
(Page 338)
3. Lessons Learned from Moses’ Course (Page 339)


   Section III The Providence of Restoration Centering on Jesus
(Page 342)
1. The First Worldwide Course of Restoration into
Canaan (Page 343)
(1)  The Foundation of Faith (Page 343)
(2)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 345)
(3)  The Failure in the First Course of Restoration
into Canaan on the Worldwide Level (Page 346)
2. The Second Course of Restoration into Canaan on the
Worldwide Level (Page 347)
(1)  The Foundation of Faith (Page 347)
(i)   Jesus Succeeds the Mission of John the
Baptist (Page 347)
(ii)  Jesus’ Forty-day Fast and Prayer in the
Wilderness and His Three Great
Temptations (Page 348)
(iii) The Result of Separation from Satan by
the Forty-Day Fast and the Three Great
Temptations (Page 354)
(2)  The Foundation of Substance (Page 355)
(3)  The Failure of the Second Course of the
Worldwide Restoration of Canaan (Page 357)
3. The Third Course of the Worldwide Restoration of
Canaan (Page 357)
(1)  The course of the Spiritual Restoration of
Canaan, Centering on Jesus (Page 357)
(i)   The Spiritual Foundation of Faith (Page 359)
(ii)  The Spiritual Foundation of Substance
(Page 361)
(iii) The Spiritual Foundation to Receive the
Messiah (Page 361)
(iv)  The Spiritual Restoration of Canaan
(Page 362)
(2)  The Course of the Substantial Restoration of
Canaan Centering on the Lord of the Second
Advent (Page 363)
4. Lessons Learned from Jesus’ Course (Page 370)



 Beginning at the Start: The Real Story of Sun Myung Moon

 Part I: Korea in 1950 and the Advent of the EASTER CHILD: IN 1935

                                  Beginning AFTER the visit by the angel to Sun Myung Moon when he accepted the mission on 4-18-1935;

after wrestling all night beginning 4-17-1935; like Jacob at the Ford of Jabbok

  in 1965: Korea after the Korean War 

But if and when that evil servant shall say in his heart: “My Lord prolongeth endlessly his Second Coming….”


Here Tis’: The Preparation of Sun Myung Moon for Spirit World: Hyung Jin Nim / Moon and the Last Day; The Weight of the Balances: a Measure Meted.

No Apologies from the Jacob of Korea about his Esau: the small one as “the Strong Nation”; and the little one as “a Thousand” – Isaiah and Korea: and America

            Now that I have begun to finally finish up the final edit at last and altogether for my book “A City Not Forsaken: the Revelation of the Salvation of My Generation” I have had quite a time going over the events since 1987 when I was brought out of my city to New Hope by John and his Angel and then began the 21 years of instruction by my guide on the Path sent to me by my Father Jesus that resulted in the book going to print.
Now that I see clearly why I had to rectify all the mistakes that have been made and elucidate all the factors where no mistake was made that connect Rev. Moon and the events that have swirled around the history of My Generation since the “Flower Children” came to the City of St. Francis the real connection between myself and Rev. Moon must now be seen in it’s true light.
The events of which I speak center around the time that John F. Kennedy was killed; 1963 and then shortly after when Rev. Moon arrived in America in 1965. Since no one with either a clue as to what Rev. Moon was really about and none in his church as well seem to have either the critical understanding to really be objective about Rev. Moon who were not in his church at it’s beginning here in America.
The sad fact has been a catastrophe for faith here in the west.
And for all believers and those who were in it from the start it seems all have clearly been dwarfed in their response to Sun Myung Moon and his mission; along with what they all could see in his book, especially his unmistakably clear genuis in explaining the Bible of which all christians have universally shown themselves to be totally unable to place in any objective field by which they could understand his information.
The tragedy is that what really has been made manifest as they all have left his church and turned on him after the book of his adultery came out by Nansook Hong is now well known. There are some who overlooked this adultery and stayed in the Unification Church and surprised no one by all falling before even the shadow of his legacy to mankind even fallen and the world he was sent to change and restore for the coming of the Messiah; as most were crushed by his almost supernatural inspiration and boundless depth of love and compassion along with rejection of all manner of accepted dogma cherished by millions of christians for the last 2,000 years. Where he was right he was right; but where he was wrong is less easy to show: unless one has more information than he did; as I was given more for that very reason from my servant john who my Father Jesus sent to me for Sun Myung Moon’s final test; which he failed; totally; and is now dead.
            For those who believe I was opposed and hostile to Rev. Moon out of hatred or anger of his being someone who speaks of himself in terms of “the Messiah” and he and his wife as the fallen “True Parents” or other things; they could not be more mistaken; for even though I disagree with Rev. Moon in many general areas and quite a few specific ones I still know from what my Father Jesus’ servant John told me about Rev. Moon that he IS one of the central figures of the Providence of Salvation that mankind has have been blessed to even know in our century; and that he one of the greatest figures who ever walked on this planet; or who ever lived shal be known; when it comes to the story now to be written for all to see and the part he played in the unfolding of Mankind’s divine potential and the cosmic drama involved in mankind reaching it’s original nature; lost since the Fall.

The First Mistake: the Judgment by Appearence in the Last Days


Here is where things began to go terribly terribly wrong for Rev. Moon at the 21,000 “bows” as the Condition of Indemnity for Hyung Jin Moon.

The 21,000 bows for a desolation in “The Last Idol of Kim IL Sung”
           As I have told people from the beginning not to Judge Rev. Moon in any way as they all don’t know what they are talking about; and to read things in newspapers or magazines and then to merely label him as a “false prophet” or “antichrist” or a host of the other names in which people mistake opinion about Rev. Moon instead of any personal experience with him shows that all of these accusations that judgmental people and especially judgmental “unchristians” make about him are based upon nothing but supposition and hearsay.
           Rev. Moon is none of those things they say about him; although when I speak thus I have been attacked for being a Moonie and quite a Unification apologist or a Universalist and quite a few other things as well; but I never joined the Unification Church: I studied it’s theology and the black book I was given by Bradford Bryant ( Kent ) Bufkin in 1980 before I went to London; and learned then of the incredible and earthshaking unveiling of the Providence of God hidden in the Bible in it’s basically 7 spiritually encrafted and designed levels from the individual level with Adam with his disvision as the origin into Cain and Abel; and  to the familial level with Noah; to tribal level with Noah’s 3 sons and their 3 wives and their children and then the racial level as with Abraham Issac, Ishmael and then Esau and Jacob; and then the national level with Moses, and Joshua and then to the global level at Jesus and finally where we stand now: at the universal level at the second coming itself with the return of the Son of Man ( universal being “heaven and earth” itself as the Cosmic level ) and our Last Days in which all this happens to come out and be explained clearly before the Lasy Judgment.
             If any doubt the reality of which I speak I counsel them to remain silent until they know entirely of the darkness out of which and whereof they then speak: former Moonies and disillusioned former members and the entire complex and confusing reports we now have from self-apponted “investigator” and “experts” and “christian handwringers” of every possible stripe about everything concerning the Unification Church and it’s founder: and there is a reason for this as well; of the which I shall go into in full detail here in this post a little later.

  Look Back in Anger: Racism and Ignorance in the Last Days of America: Living in the Shadow of Racismin the Black Race’s Egypt.

           That Rev. Moon came to America in 1965 with such a detailed and unmistakably revolutionary exposition about the Bible and the levels of the Providence in such clear and easily understood concepts with so much sheer “gnosis” or Understanding being demonstrated in word and deed is undoubtably what terrified the conventional christians in the 60’s who demonized him in a racist manner and accused his followers ( and his Korean followers ) in particular and then ignored them all completely’ this being their entire reaction to something they should have examined under a real microscope of analization and argument based on the obvious truth of what was being discussed and revealed instead of rejection across-the-board without any real understanding being demonstrated at all is one of the most disheartening things that I ever witnessed: period; and the christians here in America should have been watching: but they weren’t; they were sleeping and deaf; blind to what they saw before them and unresponsive to any new ideas or concepts being delivered to them even to cause a reformation in their outmoded thinking and thus spark the lively debate about just what WAS going on here in America with the hippies and radicals and Jesus freaks and so on: no; the so-called christian leadership in the 60’s and 70’s and put it’s collective head in the sand and showed their ignorance in it’s place by waving the white flag of surrender to the status quo up in the air: and thus showed a total and complete lack of any kind of “christianity” in their behavior in almost every way imaginable.


              The standoff given to Rev. Moon as the gratitude to someone who came here with a message; and who had almost died being worked to death in a North Korean Prison Camp while courageously resisting and fighting the demonic and indescribably cruel communist puppet regime of Kim Jong Il with all of his might FOR US and all we hold near and dear in AMERICA: for this I apologize to Rev. Moon with all of my heart on behalf of all those who never understood what he really accomplished in all that he personally overcame for our sakes: for that I ask his forgiveness on behalf of the American people for how shabby they were and even how they locked him up for stuff every church leader in America does everyday; for that I humbly beg his forgiveness in our stupidity and arrogance.

             He lived because he was rescued one day before he was to be killed : and yet he was viewed with suspicion for this same period in the time of his harsh imprisonment for this very reason and treated as if he had been somehow “brainwashed” with the brand of Christianity he now brought to America as the real gift from Korea and it’s people to America that it so plainly was in so many ways; yet he was condemned as if the North Koreans had developed the ideas we see in the book “Divine Principle” in some sinister plot as a satanic ploy to destroy contemporary christianity by infiltrating it from within or some other nonsense.
               A bigger mistake could never have been perpetuated than the one that made Rev. Moon appear as if he had come up with all his numerical and completelely rational analysis of what was in the Old and New Testaments out of his own head without any guidance from above as seen by his life of prayer and all the evidence in his writings of much plain soulsearching about God and his covenant with mankind and sending of the Christ is frankly and totally impossible for anybody with half a brain who can read: Rev. Moon is without doubt one of the most towering figures of the Providence of God who ever lived: and his impact is world-shattering in it’s breathtaking scope; underlying grasp; definite passion and totally unshakable committment to uncovering the Will of God throughout history behind all of mankind’s groping toward any real attaining of His Word and the Will concealed within it and thus of the revealed Purpose and Goal by God for and of the Creation itself: and only those who ever read in entirety his book “Divine Principle” and studied the key concepts and far-reaching ideas and correpondences shown there in it’s pages would even have a clue of where to start any informed discussion of what Rev. Moon’s actual mission or final end might even be.
               Anyone who doubts the veracity of what I say should study the book “Divine Principle” inside and out for about five years and read ever bit of the commentary given to the senior members in the church that are never published or given to anyone outside the Church that I did have acces to:  and then we shall have a real informed chat about Rev. Moon and his Divine \Principle: until then they are just ignorant and uniformed on any real balanced decisions on who Rev. Moon is or even exactly what is being promulagated in the pages of the book and where it could even be said to be right; wrong or anything else that could be said about the material.

The Contribution to Humanity of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Seperation of Light and Darkness: 3 Days before December 25th 2012
         Just like another realm where people seem to also have made similar mistakes and formuch of the same reasons: that is with the Philosophy of the Unity behind all formal religious systems and with that Unification towards which mankind slowly evolves that is Sufism itself; of which there is more than just a passing identification of with in the terminology about the Providence and the Principle of Indemnity by Rev. Moon ( although he never mentions Sufism)  and then further information about the “dues” on pays on the Path and then ultimately in the idea of “Unfication” itself for the Human Race.
Both Hands Clapping: a Little Closer to the Actuality and  Truth About Rev. Moon and the Divine principle
                 And if I do point out the 3 Great Errors in Rev. Moon’s book “Divine Principle” on the pages where he has said what I know to be things that are plainly wrong I still insist on the roughly 75% of what is written in that book as being about 100% correct as being on target and true in every sense of the Word: thus I defend Rev. Moon on the one hand as knowing who is really is while also trying to get him to finally come to me so that the REAL Foundation for the Unification of World Christianity can be set up: and then the Unification of Humanity itself as well; yet I also tell him in no uncertain terms what my Father Jesus has shown me by sending me his servant John ( who is his best friend and personal messenger ) and why he revealed to me everything about Rev. Moon and his relationship to the Black race here in America as the Third Israel and it’s union with the White Race and then on this Foundation of Salvation then all the rest of mankind in the uncovering of still another Book: this one being the Revelation of Jesus Christ that John showed me is the Book of Life of the Lamb ITSELF: the Word of God that Rev. Moon keeps talking about as being where the Providence must at some point really begin with: and yet when I have now shown Unification Church theologians and professors that the Revelation has been given to me to reveal it to the world for just that reason starting at the Unification Church I have been as ignored by these figure in the Unification Church utterly regardless of the fact that I know exactly what I am talking about; just as; I suppose, Rev. Moon feels he was ignored even when he showed his grasp of the Old and New Testaments that was for his time of a veritableJohn the Baptist: of whom

           “….Of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist……”

                   ……….. in and of itself a statement that certainly sums up what could and shall certainly be said of Rev. Moon by me in my book in THIS DAY: and no one outside of Rev. Moon’s church even nowmore than 3 decades later even sees it!  They wrote him off here in the USA at the start because he was Korean: and way before they even gave him a chance; out-of-hand discrimination and head-in-sand ignorance at it’s finest. What one might call a crying shame; and truly we live in dark times here at these Last Days; no further proof even being needed other than evn the small evidence of just what I have shown here.
Answers about the Coming of the Messiah and the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts called “the Priest”.

               As we now are faced with the advance of events culminating in the Last Judgment here at December 25th 2012 ( yes by all means quote me ) we are also face with the spectacle of Rev. Moon furiously backpedaling on the conventional idea of the Messiah with a explanation that seems to include being the Messiah but somehow dying and letting people go on exactly as before only with no Immortal Messiah or even any at all “at all”: just endless marrying and being gven in marriage and his writings on being married and that’s it: finito.

The Antichrist: the Fatted Calf killed by the Zulfiqar of Benazir Bhutto;
Barack Hussein Obama


The Antichrist of the West: the Masih Ad-Dajjal of the East

 However the actual scenario will be a bit more dramatic with the appearence of the one St. Paul warned us about.

 As some acute students of II Thessalonians are quick to point out it is II Thessalonians 2:2-4 that is the indentification of Osama bin Laden as the “Man of Lawlessnes” who sat in Mecca spiritually as the “House of God ” and judged the West “as if he were God” and then carried out his judgment “showing all he is (as ) “God”.

It was his enacting of the part of the “Avenging Angel” as of “The Curse of Allah” and “The Vengeance of Jehovah” that Osama bin Laden overstepped his bounds: for it is written:

                  “Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord “I will repay”.

As some have noticed: Osama bin Laden is not God.

And who lives by the sword shall perish by it: The Zulfiqar of Fatima Az-Zahra, Justice as the Bride

Who is the Fairest of Them All? She is Justice herself.

The Apostle of Mercy is Sister Princess Faustina; whose husband is the Messiah the Prince

Salvation Rose up from The Street of Babylon to The Path of the Just


The Kingdom of Justice; and the Lamb’s Wife


Who are the 144,000 Virgins of the Throne of God and the Lamb?

They who are WRITTEN….


In his books titled ”New Hope I” and “New Hope II” he alludes to “even worshipping” those who have Divine Knowledge; alluding to Moses, but the angels forbid it: the good ones; and Moses was later betrayed by Rev. Moon who said his act of striking the Rock which symbolized Christ ”could not be restored”.

This, of course was not true…


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