The Coming of the Bride: a Retrospective of the Academics of Faith on Earth

“Salvation Rose” is the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself……and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

 “The 7 Reapers of the Second Death” 

 In that Destruction out of the Kingdom of ”all that Offends”; at this Last Day from the Son of Man come those 7 angels sent out from the bride and the bridegroom after their Wedding Feast at the Great Passover known as “The Great Supper of the Great God”, on the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD: Jehovah of Hosts

 The Seven Ministrations of the Administration of the 7 Reapers of the Second Death

The Witness of the Holy Angel of the Ukraine; the Son of Michael of Zion

Part I: The Pentecost of 1987, at Hrushiv in the Ukraine; and Machailovich; the ”Son of Michael” and Josyp Terelya: a saint and a prophet, a scribe and a priest; and those who are part priest, part saint, part scribe, and part prophet are called “Apostles”. Those are the 4 faces of the 4 Seraphim seen in all 4 cherubs; the 4 avatars or “universal men” who were sent out to give the 4 sheepfolds the 4 directions or “winds”; as the 4 doctrines to “bring them Home” to God; and there is more due to the 4 shepherds he also sent out about 430 years before the Advent; and the Avatar at the center who was to unite them: the Avatar of Israel; Elijah.. The Four were Confucious; Socrates; Quetzacoatl; and Buddha. One for each of the 4 Colors or “faces” of human nature; which is angelic; and thus 4 square.

These 4 winds are the Way; the Truth, the Life; and the Resurrection and the Life is the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes Itself. On myself shall they walk in the Holy City; the street of pure gold hath the 144,000 bricks; the Path of the Just.

The 6 Overcomings: and then the 7th; the Sitting Dow; the 7 fold one as seen at the 7th day at Jericho; when they circled the City 7 Times; and then at the 7th; the Wall fell.

Thus it is in the Revelation itself. The first Seal is 1910; to 1919; the second seal is at the second decade; the 20’s; and so forth; for all the seals; and the 7 decades of those 7 seals which span the Captivity of Russia for that 70 years of Babylon the Great. And a lot of other things as well; of course.

 Josyp Terelya was the main factor in the conversion of Russia; standing in the position of Gabriel as the Voice of Michael. It was he whose faith in the face of such suffering for most of his life in the prisons of the Russian State and his persecution by the KGB that finally broke the back of the State of the Terror.

It was his resistance that ended up being the indemnity paid at the National Level which was instrumental in bringing to pass the events which led to Mary the Mother of God appearing in the Ukraine in Hrushiv at the Blessed Church of the Trinity with the Sacred Well of Healing; which happened after the 70 years of the Captivity for Russia of the 70 years time-indemnity of Babylon the Great Whore from 1917 to 1987 were fulfilled.

Zion who is Mary of Bethlehem arrived at Hrushiv after the 70 years of the Captivity of Babylon ( that Rev. Moon overlooked )  which occured for Russia from1917-1987. This happened to Russia 930 years after the year 987 in 1917; which signified the death of Christian Russia for the Global Adam. 

Russia is thus the Global Adam of the Nations; the Unkraine is thus Eve; his Soul; who the Mother of God at Hrushiv in 1987 called “Daughter”; as the Ukraine itself.

The Angel of the Ukraine is the Herald of Mary; the one who starts speaking in chapter 18 of the Revelation of Jesus Christ; embedded in the Ark of the Revelation of John that carries it. The Ark of the Testimony itself the 12 Apostles carried: to me, interestingly enough: it’s the original one.

This happened as Russia was in this position as the largest nation on earth in area or territory, landwise. Thus it’s captivity by the forces of Karl Marx the False Prophet as the Global Balaam happened to it in the position of the ”Adam of the Nations at the Global Level” representing Humanity itself; 930 years of age being the age at which Adam died. America thus stood for the ”Son of Adam” of the Nations at the Global Level representing the Deliverer of Humanity.

1917 was the beginning of the Providence for the Start for the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; in 1917 it was the Foundation of Light that was laid at the City of Pilgrimage by the Elect: the City of Fatima in Portugal. This happened by the 3 Children who were themselves the Signs and the Sun of Faith which was the Manifested Wonder of the wonders of Shams-a-Tabriz, as the Guide of the Work of Khidr Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes whose “Dance of the Sun” was seen in the energy of the “3 Whirlings of the Sun of Mary in the Sky” over the heads of the 70,000 onlookers at Fatima.

It was this ”Work of Khidr Rumi” that was then projected by Michael the Archangel; with Fatima az Zahra as ”the Virgin of Islam” in the position of Mary the Zion of the Holy One of Israel; ”the Mother of Jesus” at Fatima as the City in the position of “Bethlehem Ephraim”; here we have the arrival of ”Maryam al Kubra” as being ”the Greater Mary” as ”doubly fruitful” at the Second Advent, in comparison to ‘Bethlehem Ephrathah’ or “the House of Bread that is Fruitful” where the Lamb was born at the First Advent of the Lord.

We saw this at Fatima in Portugal but which Rev. Moon missed, but he then also missed al well that evil manifestation of Karl Marx the False Prophet and whose diametric opposition to God at the City of Moscow to offset the manifestation of the New Door of the Ark of Salvation that the Three Children of Fatima symbolized.

The creture with ”two horns like a lamb” but which ”spoke like a dragon” that was seen established in 1917 at the Foundation of Darkness was Marxism with the two horns of Communism and Sociakism speaking Atheism; the two horns it appears with out of the ”earth” of ‘dialectical materialism’ with the two stolen first principles of the Kingdom.

The Keys of the Kingdom….. which were the left hand key as of ”the Collective Principle”, as ‘Pure Communism’; by which the First Church had all goods in common; and the right hand key of the Distributive Principle seen as Pure Socialism by which all were given an equal share of these goods, in the scale of Liberality which started out with the most needy as the Old and the Sick; next in line being the Widows and Orphans, next the Poor; and lastly the Apostle’s themelves..

The providence of hell-on-earth that was set in Moscow in Russia to counteract the Kingdom of the Lamb was set in motion by Satan the Devil when he helped marx figure out the two keys of the Kingdom that the Lamb gave to Peter; and then Russia was overtaken by the second beast of the dragon; with Isis as that Great City of Lucifer , that ”great city” that is ruled by the King of Babylon, that is ”Sodom and Egypt”; the Veil of the Great Whore of Mystery being the Wall representing the ”Strength of Sin”.

The Wall of Babylon the Great, who is ”the Exactress” was then the representation of that Veil of Lucifer the Oppressor called the”Iron Curtain”.

…. to erase the law of sin from ‘the Stony Tables of the Heart’ …..the Son of Michael….Josyp Terelya and Mary the Zion of the Holy One of Israel; as she who at the Cross reached the position of Wisdom the Mother of both the Messenger the Priest and the Messiah the Prince, as Jesus was the ”low-born” Son of man, and his Messenger the Priest was the ”high-born” John the Baptist.

……….and another look at the Prophetic Rapture of Norman O. Brown; ….

the remaking of ”a new creature in Christ”;….. with:

“……a new heart of flesh…”


The Virginity of Adam represented the Light of the Sun;

 and the Virginity of Eve the Light of the Moon

 The Herald of the Bride: the Voice of Mary

 The Prodigal Son of David; the fallen one.

The Fatted Calf in his revealing as Ephraim returned from the Abyss at the National Level as My Generation, and the homecoming of the Prodigal Son as Solomon returned from the Dead at the Global Level are now two fulfillments of scripture that now face humanity.

Mankind today must finally admit the Last Day has arrived with the resurrection of all those written to rise at the last day; but they arrive in the figure of one figure; the least in the kingdom: but rewarded first; which turns everything ”upside-down”; and rereverses the Dominion; so now they who were last are now first.

It’s called “Justice”.

Now we have the Lat Day coming as ”that Day of the Lord” written to arrive as “a thief in the Night” with the advancing of written and verifiable prophetic events from the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ; culminating in the Last Judgment here on earth at December 25th 2012 ( yes by all means, feel free to quote me ) we are also face-to-face with the spectacle of Rev. Moon furiously backpedaling on the conventional idea of the Messiah with a explanation that seems to include being the Messiah but somehow dying and letting people go on exactly as before only with no Kingdom of heaven or the Eternal Christ; no written or promised Messiah or even any Saviour at all “that’s all folks!!”.

What Moon leaves us is just a litany of failure; endless marrying and being given in marriage and his writings on being married as the Lamb of God: yet shortly to die; and that’s it, finito.

Faith on Earth: the White Horse of Kalki

 However the actual scenario will be a bit more dramatic with the appearence of the one St. Paul warned us about so long ago.

       …the advent of the ‘evil servant’ of the Gospel


       Eliakim the Scribe; and Shebna the Steward 


His Word becomes Manifest; the Wrath of the Lamb is the Child of the Resurrection; the Lake of Fire, where ”the beast and the false prophet are” with ”Satan the Devil” is the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife. 

The Second Death is the Rider of the White Horse; the Lamb, her husband…

            ( “……….So As We Face the Coming of Eternity

                                        and the Arrival of the Kingdom of God………” )

God’s Warning to The World: part I

“In America people eat, drink and disco — it’s a grasshopper’s life.

How could such people say they understand God’s suffering? Would God be comforted by them?”

 The Unknown Story of 9/11 and how Satan in that devil Osama bin Laden invaded America:

…………the judgment of Sun Myung Moon upon New York City and how he opened the way for Osama bin Laden to arrive on our shores.


The Real Story of the Advent of Sun Myung Moon 


 But if and when that evil servant shall say in his heart:


                 “My Lord prolongeth endlessly his Second Coming….”

Death and the Balances: A Life Lived and a Mission Wasted??

The rejection of the Scribe of God; and the Mission of Jedidiah; back from the Dead; with the son of Joseph: Ephraim and the Return of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel as My Generation who stood at Beth-El; Woodstock as my Servant the Branch; who returns as the Lost Ten Tribes of the Kingdom of Ephraim.

  The Third Israel and the Names of the12 Children of All the Tribes of Israel;

the 12 tabernacles of David.

The Son of Mary of Fatima

The Preparation of Sun Myung Moon for Spirit World: Hyung Jin Nim / Hyo Jin Moon; and the Last Day;

The Lord of the Second Advent and the Minister of Moses

The Grail is Perfection

At my website I go into detail about this particular information I was given by the angel concerning Rev. Moon; it can be read in the section called “An Open Letter to Sun Myung Moon”; but suffice to say Rev. Moon is currently fallen in the position John the Baptist; and in his judging of John as the party unltimately guilty for the death of Jesus Rev. Moon unwittingly judged himself.

 Rev. Moon as John the Baptist denies this contention of mine; just as John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet when the Lamb revealed this originally; but this brings us to the fact that I stand in the position of the Lamb in revealing who Rev. Moon really is; a figure of such stature that Lord Jesus once said said something which I will paraphrase slightly; to wit


“Of men born of women in My Generation there has not arisen a greater prophet than Sun Myung Moon; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he…”

As one “born of the Spirit” who restored My generation; my sacrifice at the Altar before the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony was accepted.

As the least in the kingdom of heaven it is the fact that it is my Father’s servant John who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven; but he did not come to me for no reason; he came to redress the problems coming from Rev. Moon leaving his position; and then falling from it entirely.
 What Rev. Moon concealed about John’s failure was that Elijah was to be the first figure Resurrected as John the Baptist himself; thus in denying who he was John stopped the resurrection from happening as it was written.
Rev. Moon also stopped the Resurrection from happening again;  as in the position of a restored or of a
“loyal” Cain, in the pattern of Eliezer, the original friend of the bridegroom; for fetching Issac his bride; which John was to have done for Jesus by bringing Israel to him as his Bride; thus Eliezer was in truth the first heir of Abraham, as setting the pattern of a “loyal Cain” seen much later at Mohammed; thus as a “Godgiven” or “restored” Abel in the position of Ishmael so that all things could indeed be restored; which was John the Baptist’s position: not Moses; as Jesus was in the position of Adam as Issac; and the elders of Judah in the position of God as Abraham; having the power of life and death over Jesus just as Abraham did over the bound form of Issac. John was then in the position of the Archangel.
That the Elders of Judah were to have spared Jesus by listening to the Voice of John the Messenger was analagous to Abraham sparing Issac from hearing the Voice of the Angel; thus the Elders did not see the “Day” nor the “Hour” in which they stood; and Israel was destroyed.;

                        The Weight of the Balances: a Measure Meted.

No Apologies from the Jacob of Korea about his Esau: the small one as “the Strong Nation”; and the little one as “a Thousand” – Isaiah and Korea: and America.

Rev. Moon aften said there was a “dual prophecy” in Isaiah about the coming of the Christ; sort of like the “good news” and the “bad news” scenario; but he left out what Daniel said about the Messiah: that he would be “cut off”.

That’s the end of the “dual scenario” of Rev. Moon.

However: what is written in Isaiah as the dark and unhappy news is certainly what happened when Lord Jesus was crucified: and the fact that John the Baptist denied he was Elijah certainly was one of the factors that caused my Father Lord Jesus to go the way of the Cross: but it seems that the Son of Man Daniel foresaw this as well: the failure of the Messenger.

Rev. Moon is thus a prophet: but in the mold of John the Baptist: a great prophet: but flawed and seemingly cut out for a tragic death apart from the Messiah he was chosen to prepare the way for: but Rev. Moon decided early on that he was the only one suited for the job of Messiah: just as John always felt he should have been the Messiah after he realized that his cousin Jesus was the one the Dove stayed on: and didn’t fly away: the Holy Spirit had a New Host: and John was devastated: and did not follow Lord Jesus; in fact he doubted him due to an unconscious accusation in the back of his mind that his own father Zacharias was actually the father of Jesus since Jesus was born 9 months almost to the day from Mary having come to the house to see Elisabeth after Gabriel gave Mary the news about the miracle.

This was, of course, the Test for John to pass and gain the Seal so he could gain not just the spirit but the power of Elijah: and he never did; so he performed not one miracle; while Lord Jesus and his followers did them by the bushel.

Rev. Moon is John the Baptist;  just as John the Baptist was Elijah; and the fault of John denying being Elijah as the one chosen to be the new Day Star for the Sun of Righteousness could not be restored until John was restored by Rev. Moon: so the Angel of Christ showed up in Korea and gave him the Mission to do so: but Rev. Moon decided he would do what Jacob did to Esau because of how America treated him when he came here in 1965: Hyo Jin Moon told me from spirit world Rev. Moon decided he would “take” the Blessing of America as what he called the “second Israel” and give it to his people: the people of Korea: the Third Israel and himself as the New Israel.

 This post is about what happened to this “plan” of Sun Myung Moon: what is to be known as the “untold story” of our Korean Jacob and his view of America and it’s youth as a profane and undeserving “Esau” in comparison to: himself and his people.


The Contribution to Humanity


The Judgment upon Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the One he gave upon John the Baptist – as if that were not himself.

The Body of the Priest and the Easter on the Hillside; 4-18-1935; Rev. moon accepted the misson; on Easter at the Feast of Mercy; Sister Faustina.

 At the age of 16 Sun Myung Moon had an experience that ended up with him wrestling the angel of Christ to take the Mission of restoring all things as restoring first; now; John the Baptist: who had the original mission of restoring all things as Elijah.



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