The Prophetic Redoubt: the Prescience of Theodore Roszak, the Proof of Alan Greenspan’s Testimony

         The Mercy of Faustina

The Prophetic Redoubt and the Prescience of

Theodore Roszak.


The Calling of the People: to turn the Battle to the Gate

The Prophetic Redoubt: the Changing of the Guard

In going through my notes as I assemble the last edit for my forthcoming book’s manuscript I came across some rather remarkable observations by the writer Theodore Roszak in the 1995  revamped introduction to his warmly insightful and profoundly thoughtful book “The Making of A Counter Culture”; and as I read and reread the lines I decided to make a little article for my favorite publication to see if perhaps those who were napping might be prodded into suddenly waking up: as I mean this article to be a “call to arms”; and for writers this means their pens: and their inner voice  or  voices; for “the Time is at Hand”; as the prophets used to say.

 And that time is Now; have little doubt of that….

As way of introduction it is our current situation politically which seems to have emerged from nowhere; but the roots of the current war on America being waged by the Upper Class against the disadvantaged lower class show these rich and powerful men have no class whatsoever: or morals or scruples or even a heart: they are simply economic beasts of the most predatory kind; fueling their acrimony by the love of themselves over and above anyone or anything else: but I have a message for them; and this article is my “message”; and the start of a lot more to come; believe me.
 Write off My Generation at your peril, “oh ye rulers of Darkness”: I intend to start a Consummation; even a consumption on the face of the earth; and here is where it starts: with the ‘Prophetic Redoubt’ as of the prophetic regard I have for those who knew far in advance what is to come from those whose influence in the governmental corridors of vested power and pathological desire for ever higher profits would become the greatest present day threat to our democracy it has ever faced; and the enemy here is one that has nursed itself at the breast of Washington’s corporate welfare even as they decry helping those who truly need the help that only the federal government alone can give in the socially protective bulwark it functions as to defend the public from the hidden vested interests and selfserving agenda’s of the powerful but unscrupulous.
Those who take a look into the future with such clear foresight are those once called “visionaries”; as those who see into the future: seers of the times-to-come and plainly thus “farsighted” beyond their peers. But here the testimony is too accurate to ignore; too timely to overlook.

"...Freedom Through Work...'', much like the "Right to Work" for nothing laws passed by right wing reactionaries in every red state; much like the motto high above the Gates of Dachau

                 “…Freedom Through Work…”, …….much like the “Right to Work for Nothing” laws passed by right wing reactionaries in every red state; much like the motto high above the Gates of Dachau


Thus it is for the blind: but with eyes; with the deaf; yet they have ears.

Here we speak of the musicians; as the Song of the Lamb by the band of God; Thee Unicorns; and the Music that is the Destiny of Rock itself; and of the Writer’s, as of the Book of Life of the Lamb; this is indeed where it starts
Alan Greenspan echoes Theodore Roszak word-for-word 40 years later....

Alan Greenspan echoes Theodore Roszak word-for-word 40 years later….


In decrying the corporate treason of the Rich and their Superclass patrons who have raised the rabble with their calculated “Tea Party” cloak for the Racist and Fascist Feudalism they intend to make us, as their grovelling cyber-Serfs, to inhabit their “new Amerika”, it is Theodore Roszak who foresaw this as seen in one of his most memorable passages in page xxx of his Introduction to his book “Making of A Counter Culture”, with these startling and prophetic  words: to wit,
                    “It is surely the bleakest measure of political cynicism that corporate elites, many of them Ivy League alumni and cosmopolital lifestylers, have been willing to bed down with throwbacks to the Scopes Trial. They have deliberately bolstered the most benighted and fiercely intolerant forces in our society, enclaves of smoldering resentment that would be burning witches and branding adulteresses if they had free rein.
                 Even more effective than it’s collaboration with Bible Belt  reactionaries, however, has been the corporate community’s systematic repeal of the affluent society. Having seen what dreadful things result from fat paychecks and cultural permissiveness, business leaders have decided to rely on a blunter,  more traditional weapon: economic insecurity.
They have exported the jobs that once promised to make affluence possible for all and busted the unions that defended high wages. This is turning out to be a far more effecient form of social control than corporate largesse.  Within the new global economy, American workers are being forced to compete with peons if they want to hold any jobs at all.
The homeless who have filled our streets and our television screens since the early eighties are a constant reminder of how far one can fall in America.  The deficits that were run up under the supposed fiscal conservative of the Reagan years have shredded every social program that once promised an end to economic dislocation. “
The Face of a New Day that is Dawning
           The War against the Poor: the Crusade of the Corporate Elite,
                                     A New Feudalism for a New Dark Ages?
  Thus far we have a verification of every move the Tea Party forces have put together since we got a black president; we knew there would be a backlash; but we never knew how far back the hatred of Our Generation went by those who still cling to power wherever they can find those who can be broken to their will: take this next passge: to wit,
                “Strand by strand the safety net that once cushioned the workforce against hard times has been picked apart, and a new Social Darwinism now righteously confronts the jobless and the homeless with the peril of actual starvation in the streets. Once almost ( almost??? ) imagines that, at burgeoning right wing think tanks, a zealous (and well-salaried) conservative brain trust sits combing the pages of Andrew Ure, Edwin Cadwick, and the Reverend Malthus ( not to mention Rev. Moon ) seeking “new ideas” for our industrial future: orphanages, work houses, chain gangs,  ( one is reminded of how Cheney and his cohorts cornered the prison privatization industry in Texas and other places down south ), meaans testing  ( no child left behind means no teacher’s job left secure ) corporal punishment, public executions ( the latest down south was condemned by the UN ), company unions, and the iron law of wages.”
                  How could someone writing this in 1995 a full 16 years ago have forecaste so accuratle the present conditions of our present day corporate Robber barons and their newly hired gun – toting Rabble with which they broke up town hall meetings across like the brown shirts of Hitler or with Il Duce’s Mussolinians; and then blamed Barack Obama for a mess George Bush and his anti-regulatory cronies engineered with breath-taking cooperation with the powers-that-be as they handed the Democrats the biggest dung-sandwhich ever left by one administration for another: coincidence? I don’t think so: planned out to a tee I would now have to say: they stole all the pension funds; bankrupted America’s Treasury: and then gleefully began to point fingers as soon as all the jobs were lost in the resultant depression unseen before in such scope since the 30’s: brilliant and tellingly evil beyond any means of even measuring their infamy. 
In my book they are traitors all, to the America that they cry so loundly about while they withold any investment capital the banks they own were given to help the suddenly down-and-out workers with: the banks and their corporate overseas owners have now gobbled up so many American houses that the glut has made them back off before they vomit up the future they stole from all those who found they suddenly had no jobs, no pensions:  and now no credit:  a gift from Bush and those who eroded the salary base of the middle class to almost nothing and enforced a “no raise” policy across the board in every corporate business: except for the CEO’s and those in charge, giving us complete economic stagnation and themselves unlimited incomes way before Barack came to Washington to fight the Republicans tooth and nail in a Protean effort to singlehandedly reverse their decades of abuse and neglect. And the Republicans can only parade their own “Hermann Goering Doll” around larger and larger podiums to hide his expanding girth;  Rush Limbaugh now takes his legal perscription heroin where no one can see him: privately behind closed doors; reminiscent of the Nazi high command: before Nuremberg brought their manifold addictions to light.
    Hear what our newborn “prophet” has to then to say about what the corporate interests will do once they decide to attack the very America they were elected to serve; to wit;
           This opportunistic attack on compassion and common decency advertises itself as “populism”. But it is a populism that has nothing to do with the great battle cry of it’s namesake” “Soak the rich.” Historical populism was clear about the great issue: “The people versus the interests.” And no interest was more virulent than “the money power.” Today,  the anger is there, but not the poitical savvy that once gave anger a sensible moral target. Instead the animosity i deflected away from the corporate heights ( of Wall Street ) and downward : — against the poor. It becomes scapegoating. Beyond that it soars off towards a free-floating hostility against “government.”  Carried far enough such witless enmity threatens to make minimal health, safety, and social security impossible.
           It takes no great imagination to recognize those whose interests will be served by victimizing the powerless and stripping the federal government of regulatory powers that have been the public’s only defense against those who Theodore Roosevelt once called “malefactors of great wealth.”


Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal....just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money....

Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal….just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money….


Surely we are now witnessing one of the most grotesque strategies ever engineered for those who insist that the rich must be given more money but find it perfectly acceptable to start talking about doing away with Social Security and making America a Third Word Country, well below the poverty line of Europe, or the emerging economies of India and Red China.
Now we must fight for our America with the love we have for each other as opposed to being ruled by our outrage becoming sour hatred of those whose injustice would then make us brittle and impotent to winning the war with compassion and superior understanding of those enslaved by their own Plutonian wealth.
Overcoming the vested interests of our autocratic technocracy with the truth is the only way to win in the face of such protracted civil warfare by such underhanded and calculated political means we now see being played out in this “zero hour” mentality of perpetual twilight.
This means we must bring to light those pathological moralists who now in the name of their schemes and clandestine weakening’s of oversight or enforcement go against the very foundations of our Government itself; the only socially effective bulwark against the special interests and their overseas owners who have no love for America but only for unlimited Profit at our Country’s continued expense and it’s People’s continuing detriment.

The Coming Dark Ages: or the End of the Elites as the World Unites?

Our continued slide into financial uncertainty is part and parcel of an unflinching Nazi style takeover of our own institutions so they can be dismantled permanently; and for all of those who believe that the Tea Party and it’s visably gunloving membership are an anomaly I suggest they take another close and hard look at who is really behind the incipient hatred against Barack Obama ( remember the ‘birthers? ) and those who say that we are now “Socialist” because we want to end Corporate Welfare and give the Poor jobs and security while the right wing fights to keep their rich patrons tax free and plays with outright extortion to force the middle class to keep footing the bill: incredible; and corrupt beyond belief.
It was once said by a man from Galilee in these singular words;

             Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon”.

        There is little doubt who the Republicans decided to go to bed with; but as Dylan once said: “you got to serve somebody”; the coming election will show who serves who in this final showdown between our country’s future placed against their merciless New Dark Ages Ideology; to bring back a bygone past of Feudalism with the Corporate Masters and their new serfs: ourselves..
          Now we have to watch our administration daily fight to dismantle and deconstruct the continuing Right wing attempts to destabilize our entire government by coercion; extortion at the polical level and any new economic disaster they can come up with: but all such efforts are doomed from the outset; for their very hatred of Democracy is what now drives the Far Right: to their coming Destruction at the hands and United Will of the People, they very ones they pledged to serve in their oaths of office they would now attempt to enslave to keep themselves in power perpetually, and to guarantee our everlasting serfdom and poverty; amid their own enshrined corruption and virulent and thinly veiled malice against My Generation: for having had the temerity to elect a Black President.


  1. I realize we are approaching Roszak’s profound text differently, your concerns seem to more political when I concerned with culture and the arts. I wasn’t sure if I understood Herbert Marcuse until I read The Making of a Counter Culture, Douglas Kellner’s introduction to the Second Edition to the One-Dimension Man I believe did not emphasize enough the great problem of the effects of technocracy. I’m not sure what you mean by the changing of the gaurd? I ways felt that so called “progressive” culture some how had gotten of track, rather than being progressive, it was actually repressive, Roszak’s book provides grounds to deconstruct postmodernism.
    There is a tendancy to impose political agendas upon art, but these agendas actually reflect the needs of technocracy. For example, William A. Ewing in his book The Body, points out feminists question assumptions of the youthful ideal of beauty and women’s “assumed” harmony with nature. This perspective refects the fact that “subjective” cultural values which are not necessary for the functioning of technocracy have been thrown in what Roszak calls the cultural garbage can. Roszak writes,”As the spell of scientific or quasi-scientific thought has spread in our culture from the physical to the so-called behavioral sciences, and finally to scholarship in the arts and letters, the marked tendency has been to consign whatever is not fully and articulately available in the waking consciousnees for empirical or mathematical manipulation, to a purely negative catch-all category (in effect, the cultural garbage can) called the “unconscious” …or the “irrational”… or the “mystical”… or the “purely subjective.” Instead of speaking of political correctness, very often it is a case of technocratic correctness.

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    1. Exactly…..furthermore is is the deconstruction of meaning into meaninglessness, by making truth relative by elevating everyone’s interpretation onto equal ground with everyone else, , which nullifies any truth by reducing it all to “opinion”…no facts then exist,…and none outweighs any other….

      Thus “experts” are the ultimate authority…but their narrative is a market based commodity for broadest acceptance, thus “watered down” to nothing……..which means it is for sale….in many ways….


  2. Matthew Chapter 7

    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
    24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
    25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.


  3. For those Who Care; a continuing look at the Children of the 60’s as the now Prophetically revealed “Children of the Resurrection”; the Digger’s and Peter Coyote; Margo St. James and the rest will soon be here: Peter Berg is now On Notice: this Child of the Resurrection known now as Salvation Rose is she who Rose up from the Street; that Golden Road now seen as the Path of the Just.


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