New Hopians of the Pahana and the Gathered Tribes, the Elder Brother as Lucifer: his Fall and his Death

The White Stone of Ephraim; and the Black Stone of Mecca

The White Cloud, and the White Horse of the Second Death 

The Second Helper seen beforehand by the Hopi prophets was sent to me in 1986, and came in case the First Helper permanently fell, he being heaven sent as he who would be my next helper.Thus it was that I as “a little child will lead them”, spiritually is called he who is “the Least in the Kingdom”; from thence the Eagle John helps me finish ‘my Father’s Unfinished Business’..
But for the Hopi to know of the two helpers, seen at the symbol of a lunar sun; and then a red cross in a white cross: and finally the Blue Star of the Hopi; the Morning Star itself.

This did not occur by accident; some ancient score is being settled; starting at the burial of that hachet and the diminishing of the Red Race to almost nothing.

“Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they shall be called the Children of the Most High.”

The planting of the Buried Hatchet; planted by the Red Tribes and their last Chief; then watered by Gandhi, adopted by the Doctor called King; now grown to stop the Earth being destroyed.

The planting of the Buried Hatchet; planted by the Red Tribes and their last Chief; then watered by Gandhi, adopted by the Doctor called King; now grown to stop the Earth being destroyed.

The striking conversion of the Red Race is that exactly of those who become children and enter the Kingdom
Even as their hearts rusted like the Tin Woodsman with the Fire Water of rust: still they had become the Peacemaker as the Red Race itelf makes a new identity; the Children of the Most High as of the Arrow of Lightning;and though fallen there star rises; for what is planted of that ax in the soil of their new hearts of non-violence grows; and then touches Ghandi; and from the works and words of the peacemaker Ghandi we have the peavemaker Martin Luther King; and Martin Luther King has as that voice that erased the Air’s invisable wall as music’s Color barrier on the Radio and then on TV as well: Aaron Presley, and Aaron is half Cherokee: the Circle is finally met; as Presley is then half white.
Rev. Moon for the Yellow race as the First Helper  to My Generation who represent the “True White Brother” is then that of the elder brother helping us as the younger brother; but he then goes astray; as it was written of him he “provides meat” in ‘due season’ as it said he would do as “the faithful and wise steward” in the Gospel of Christ seen in Matthew and Luke: his book “Divine Principle” was given to him of the “7 sealed thunders” of the Revelation of St. John the Divine just for that reason.
John was told not to write them down becaue they were reerved for Rev. Moon as the Messenger; but he stopped at the 6th sealed thunder; never finished the 7th as the Second Coming;  except to point strongly at himself: and stopped.

The 7 Sealed Thunders of John.

We had the Individual level going in at Adam to the 2 sons and then Seth; Familial with Noah; Tribal starting at the 3 sons of Noah all the way to Abrahm and Ishmael’s 12 princes; Racial at Abraham; Issac and Jacob’s 12 sons; National at Moses; Global with Jesus; and then Universal at the 7th level of the Providence of Salvation with the Messenger and the Second Coming. Moon said My Generation were as John the Baptist who were supposed to have followed himOr made straight his way? But John was an ascetic; like Rev. Moon; and also very Judgmental as well; like Rev. Moon. My Generation were like the Lamb; an associate of harlots and publicans; which is why we entered first: with me…But since he was our John the Baptist he soon left that position and claimed to be the Messiah,As given to him for My Generation is that “meat” we were to digest and thus “reason” over; as he is Joseph was put over the House of Egypt is as a “Joseph” as a “feeder of the Third Israel in the famine” for “the Word of God” over “America” itself. .
The Hopi are then “The Elect that HE ( the Great Spirit of the Great God ) hath Chosen”.
And that is all there is to it: they are written; they are the first of his prophets He rewards when He returns; it say so at the 7th trumpet; at the Time of the Dead: which is now; to then “destroy those who destroy the earth:’ the REAL JIHAD: the LAST ONE; carried out by the 7 Reapers of the Second Death. It’s also the Vengeance of God; because He Rewards the last: first; starting with the prophets and the saints; and the Hopi are the first in line as of the prophets; hired last: paid first.
It’s called “Justice”.

The Unicorn of the Holy City
And it’s “Writteness”.
In the Gospel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ: Holy Spirit of my Father.
It’s written……And the Voice out of the earth is  heard most eloquently in Theodore Roszak’s book “The Making of the Counter Culture” on page 245; ending with the words of the earth speaking: it says:

          “Everywhere the White man has touched it: it is sore.” 

Now if environmentalism were all that there was to the matter then Al Gore would be the pahana: but hes not because of two very important things: the two helpers as the Best Part of the Yellow Race: most seen in Korea and the Best Part of the White Race; best seen in California.
Korea does not equal the Scale of America: but it equals that of California: almost exactly. But then the City and County of San Francisco becomes the New Kingdom of Judah which included Benjamin: and Marin across that Golden Gate into Northern California becomes the Kingdom of Israel; on the scale of North and South Korea like Northern and Southern California.
California has all 7 temperate zones: it is therefore the Microcosmic earth itself geographically: that’s a fact.
No single state on earth has all 7; but we do; because of Death Valley.
Also known as the Valley of the Shadow of Death; where Charles Manson used to live: the Shadow of My Generation; our Barrabas; even as I am your “son of man”; he was “man’s son”; the discarnate reflection of My Generation itself; and how we werr largely characterized afterwards by many influential people.
In the Gospel in Luke and Matthew the First Helper of My generation was the “Sun Myung Moon” seen on the Petroglyph: the “Lunar Sun Swastica” with the 13 “rays” of the Arabic “Lunar year’s” 13 month calender; with it’s yearly 3 “leftover days”; a lunar sun; who is “Sun Myung Moon; especially in his “Marriage” and his claim of “True Parents”.
But he and his Korean wife fell as the New Adam and New Eve seen at the 6th Seal of the Book of Life; producing Hyo Jin Moon; and still transmitting Original Sin; which made their wine at the Mass Weddings in which he killed the Children of the Resurrection who were “not to marry: nor be given in marriage”; as the 144,000 virgins were to have come from us picked by Rev. Moon which he would have done had he never married: but he did in 1960: thus everything that happened to us in the 1960’s as seen at the 6th Seal of the Book of Life happened because of him.
 All the way to Beth-El and the Three day eperation from Satan at the national level of My Generation as the 2 Tribes from San Francisco meetin the 10 at Woostock became My Nation; at the House of David; a musical house; as God.
The Houe of David as God means “all the Lord’s people will be prophets”; as we all sang the songs a we “came out of Egypt” in the Internal Restoration of the Fallen Nature at the Inner Exodus from racism and hatred for the brother in the heart and mind where they first must be met and eradicated, permanently. For as the Lamb advised we who heard his voice; first My Generation worried about what was “within us” so we cleaned our hearts and souls and mind as attending to “the inside first” of the cup; then we worried about the “outside”.
 ( ( John was given to me to complete the Providence of Salvation for mankind’s sake after the fall of Sun Myung Moon in 1960 when he left the position of Maitreya being a virgin and got married; not even marrying a black christian woman as Sheba queen of the South; as to many whites he married black women in his interracial marriages at the mass weddings.
Had he himself done the same would have been wise; but instead he went astray even more by marrying, in a hypocritical manner, a Korean of his own race; and then as becoming fallen then going to his unhappy Fate as “that Evil Servant” written of in Matthew 24:48,  ))

  My Father Jesus’  

Servant John


               “the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven”,

even as I am “the Least”

……but as we now approach the Last Judgment the books are now to be opened for all, starting at Rev. Moon’s for judging himself as John the Baptist in his own book “Divine Principle”, and this now means between John and I stand:

                  everyone: +++++++++++++ from me, as the Least to John, ++++++++++++++  as the Greatest…

The Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet given to me by SETH; the Son of Man

The Pahana of the Hopi: the True White Brother
               “For where thy Treasure is: there shall thy heart be also”


But now we have the place where the Elder Brother is first written: in the Petroglyph on the Mesa

 Here we see the “backwards swastica; “Sun Myung Moon as of the “Lunar” Sun of the 13 rays which are of the Lunar Year  ruled by the Moon in the position of the Sun


The Lunar  Year :  Sun  Myung  Moon  


Of the two helpers…..

                                                          John & John the Divine

“The Hopi were told that after a time White Men would come and take their land and try to lead the Hopi into evil ways.


But in spite of all the pressures against them, the Hopi were told they must hold to their ancient religion and their land, though always without violence. If they succeeded, they were promised that their people and their land would be a center from which the True Spirit would be reawakened. It is said that after many years the elder brother might change the color of his skin, but his hair will remain black.


 He will have the ability to write, and he will be the only person able to read the Tiponi. When he returns to find his younger brother, the Tiponi will be placed side by side to show all the world that they are true brothers. Then great judgment will take place, for the elder will help the younger brother to obtain real justice for all Indian brothers who have been cruelly mistreated by the white man since he came to Turtle Island.


The transformed elder brother, the True White Brother, will wear a red cloak or a red cap, similar to the pattern on the back of a horned toad.


He will bring no religion but his own and will bring with him the Tiponi tablets.


( The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb; as the Divine Tipponi themselves given to me by the Scribe of the Great God John the Divine of Patmos for the Last Judgment and to reward the Hopi as servants of the great Spirit of the Great God; as it was written he would do at the 7th trumpet. )


((  This figure of whom I have become by reverting to a state of virginity in my Death in Christ is as Adam before Eve was seperated from him;  called a ” Sammā-Sambodhior Samyak Buddha “; s/he who is the Path of the Just on whom stands the Lord Ishvara  on the White Horse who is Kalki; Maitreya as “Faith on Earth” the Vehicle of Salvation”; even as I am he who wears the khata of the Tathagata; Binder of Demons;  Ophiuchus; the Hidden Constellation; whose Face is that of the Second Death beneath the Mask of the Blue Kachina Dancer..


 These are perfect, most developed, most compassionate, most loving, all-knowing beings who fully comprehend the dhamma  by their own efforts and wisdom and teach it skillfully to others, freeing them from samsāra. One that develops sammā-sambodhi is known as samma-sambuddha.


A sammā-sambodhi is the one who gives rise to the path (previously) unarisen, who engenders the path ( previously) unengendered, who points out the path (previously) not pointed out. Knowing the path, is expert in the path, is adept at the path. And (its) disciples now keep following the path and afterwards become endowed with the path, this is the difference between an arahant and a Buddha. ))


  He will be all-powerful; none will be able to stand against him

 He will come swiftly, and in one day gain control of this entire continent.”


For in One Day her Destruction cometh….


The One Day which is the Day of the Lord that comes like a thief in the Night of Space is that one in which, on October 24th 2007, the Comet Holmes expanded one million times from it’s original 3 mile long size: on the very day I underwent my Death in Christ in Newtown : the Irruption into our Solar House by the Blue Sun of Regeneration from the Blue Star: the Mustard Seed that grew in One Day; as for that Day that cometh as a thief to that “evil servant” of the Gospel of Matthew; when his Lord comes;


                    “In a day when he looketh not for him…..

                                  ……. and at an hour in which he is not aware….”


The Hour in which I died in New Town; for it was written;

“You will not have gone through all the Towns of Israel before you see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom…”

 Especially disturbing is that Rev. Moon missed the Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man in not observing the phenomena of that Cosmic Event in which some tiny comet expanded so that in one day it became larger than the Sun; as the largest and newest celestial object in the Solar System.

“Behold; I make all things new..”


The Blue Sun of the Regeneration from the smallest of all herb seeds that “mustard seed”; which signified tiny Comet Holmes which circled the sun every 7 years as the smallest thing in our Solar System; the Cosmic Cycle of Regeneration was what it actually was “in charge of” however; as governing the body’s cellular level at the sub-atomic scale when every cell in the human body is replaced every 7 years; but about the age of 30 the cells are not completely replaced; and we start to die.

 But the Cycle of Regeneration could go on in the human body: for thousands of years; making time itself obsolete as a concept; it wouldn’t have any weight if we had endless duration; because it then wouldn’t measure any decay: which is all time can do; aid corruption in every way; the evil entropy itself which Eternity defeats at the End; of course.

The Solar System or “Atom of Life” of the Firmament  is then the Macrocosmic Adam; and Adam the “living Aton” or “Image of God” is then the Microcosmic Solar System or “Housing of Life” of the Dry Land; thus the planets in the Solar System represents the organs in the Body of Man; the planet Jupiter being over the liver; as the regenerative organ that Azazyel or Zeus took for his own; as all the gods took an organ of the body to have as their own world; this is why the Lamb called them all “thieves and robbers” of course….we know what the lamb did with his Body: he sacrificed it as Isaac sacrificed the ram; but in case he had John stand in his own poition to offer him as the Sacrifice: but since he commanded John to do it; John was really then repreenting Christ offering his own nature as the Lamb as the “Sacrifice”. But this was just as Abraham offered Issac: but he didn’t die.

This time: Isaac dies; not the Ram. Isaac was the lamb because he went to the Altar  and did not open his mouth; and Jesus did not: for the same reason: the “sign” that he was Issac: the Bridegroom; the One who Wins the Bride.

John was supposed to have represented first Eliezer of Damascus; but when he converted he was to have been as Jonathan to jesus as David in the Resurrection of Life; but John never even knew he was named for Jonathan; and that Jesus at the Baptism unot Death at the Jordan was actually the Resurrection unto life for David in the Euphrates; thus David entered Paradise.

The enlightened Sufis knew this well; for at the foot of Mohammed they heard from his own lips that Jeus of Nazareth was the Blessed Ilive Tree who Lit the Lamp of Allah. The Two were working together. As Jesus died as Issac there was no Isreal: because Issac was the father of Jacob: no Joseph; no Jacob; and no 12 sons of Jacob: thus, no Israel.

This Mohammed was Ishmael: the elder brother the Blesed Olive Tree GAVE the KINGDOM to.

Until he GOT BACK.

THEY are the ones he entrusted the “talents” to; and the Sufis who received the gifts scattered them to the winds: gave them away; transmitted the Light continually; they gradually “Irradiated” all of Mankind: and thus changed them alchemically into a different “race” than the human race before.

The Sufis “added” something; the crystallizing element;  as when the object “turns” into a “crystalline” form.

The Human Race is meant to be this Jewel; through which the Light of God Shines Clearly.

Thus the Sufi is cultivated our humanity itself; by making us attend to our states; and overcome the inner limitations which really “hobble” us from performing any act of God in this world: you really can’t “do” anything: the powers that be control all manifestation: but now they see their Kingdom of Time or the Sea is going to End: because where we are going we don’t breath air: just like the angels; we will breathe the Presence of the Lamb and the Holy Angels.Our Teachers and Guides.


And ALL the Holy Angels are with him.

 The Host of This Jehovah is Matchless: they are the Power of God.

More than a match for they who hid behid the Name of Jehovah that is “Jealous”.

 The fallen third of the Host who “disobeyed God because they Loved Him” broke his Second commndment to worship Adam by keeping His First Commandmant: the Worhip Him alone.

But the Will stands for God Himself: it has to be Obeyed above all: as the Lamb said so eloquently:

   “Not my will be done: but Thine. “

The Lamb worshipped the Image of God by Sacrificing himself before Adam: as the Son of Adam; removing His Sin as Adam’s original Likeness and Image as seen in Seth was then that Serpent: the Son of man.

The Staff of Moses that ate up the other serpents; in Fact.

This the Lamb brought back to God restored; thus God gave him the Will: and as soon a He did: everyone in heaven fell down: because all power in heaven; and thus eventually on earth: was now his: God gave it to him at His Right hand.

Furthermore God had now given him something else: because unsealing that Book was now going to end up reulting in something else: and the Seraphim and Elders knew this: that the Lamb was going to go from the Right Hand of God where he had been slain and thus won the Book: to now travel to the Throne of God itself.

For the Elect the Writing was on the Wall: just like it is now.

The REAL 100th Name of Allah.

With this New Sun: we who enter the Kingdom won’t die.

For those who can walk in the rays of this New Sun will be in the New Heaven on the New Earth.

 The soul and the spirit are the two hands

               of the Great Spirit of the Great God


 By the prophets of the Hopi it  is said,

“If he comes from the East, the destruction will not be so bad.

But if he comes from the West, do not get up on your housetops to see because he will have no mercy.”

((The Red Star of the Hopi; Mira; 418 Lightyears from here;

the one with the 13 lightyear long  tail; for the Wrath of the Lamb ))

The True White Brother will bring with him two great, intelligent and powerful helpers, one of whom will have a sign of a swastika (a masculine symbol of purity), and the sign of the sun. The second great helper will have the sign of a celtic cross with red lines (representing female life blood) between the arms of the cross.”

John the Divine and John “Giovanni” St. Francis of Assisi;

Of the two helpers…..


……..whose angel is the New Daystar

He that stands in the Sun of the Regeneration and invites all to the Supper of the Great God; where I reveal the Revelation of Jesus Christ as the Book of Life of the Lamb: as the Divine Tipponi; the Sign of Seth being the Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet now revealed.

The  left facing or “backwards” sun wheel or swastica in the Sun as the Lunar or “13 rayed” sun of the Lunar Year is due to Rev. Moon’s worship of Isis who is seen as “Al-lat”, or the pre-Islamic desert tribes goddess of the Sun, as his “female holy spirit” also worshipped by the Shinto cult of the Imperial family in Japan as well; bringing down upon them recently the Wrath of the Lamb by the emanation of the Red Star Mira, with the 13 lightyear’s long tail.

The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb; the Lake of Fire Herself: my Soul which burns for my Huband: Ishi….


The date 4-18 in 1960 was True Parents Day when Mr. Sun married Mrs Moon; so the glyph is of “Sun Myung Moon”; and Mira is 418 lightyears away; the Fall of the two lights is of “Adam and Eve” for My Generation; and of the Wrath of the Lamb for Rev. Moon for wrongly marrying all of the Children of the Resurrection who were not “to marry nor be given in marriage”; as I was saved out of his hand and not allowed to be slain by the Jacob of Korea who tried to make America into a disinherited and profane Esua as of “the harvest of Satan” which is how he describes My Generation and thus tried to steal our Blessing from God as the Third Israel.

My Father sent His servant John who saved me; as the last child of My Generation: the only one left after the First Helper fell when Rev. Moon married and left the position of Maitreya as Virgin to fall as the failed “two parents” of the “Sun as Sackcloth” and Moon “Red as Blood” at the Sixth Seal of 1960; both as falling; and Rev. Moon then going forward frowardly in his heart to his fate in the position of John the Baptist losing his “head” and being “cut asunder as “the “evil servant” of the gospel of Matthew.

 But my Father Jesus planned better than the elder brother of the yellow race Rev. Moon of Korea who fell by making the Golden Calf of himself the Image worshipped by his son Hyung Jin Moon inhabited by the spirit of the Antichrist 


Salvation Rose, the Bride, the Lamb's Wife

Salvation Rose, the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife

…………seen as the Godless nation of Red China the Scarlet Colored Beast; revealed in chapter 18 in the Tipponi of the Revelation of St. John the Divine; the beast “that is; and is not; yet is”  : what I reveal as “Socialist Capitalist Communist” ; Red China; the “Scarlet Colored Beast”  as the last beast of revelation: and the worst of the lot….

(( …as Socialist thus is” Marxist; but Capitalist; so it “is not” strictly Marxist: but then governmentally Communist: thus “is” Marxist after.

                    ..the walking and breathing contradiction  Judas of all the Nations: for  All Time…!!! ))


Rev. Moon makes the Image of the beast he calls the “True Parents” as the “beast with two backs”…..

               ……… he then leaves his position as the Messenger John the Baptist becomes the “evil servant”  as when John the Baptist finally disbelieved in the Lamb he was to have gone before to “make his way straight” at the end, written of at Matthew 24:48; as of Kim Jong IL and Korea’s Royal Family of Satan as the Satanic “Day-Star” of the Son of perdition (  Red China ) of the Nations in Perfection; as the Hopi saw of the Pahana destroying in the position of the Great White Throne of Justice as “God in His Righteouness” being  TheJudge as the King of Judgment-Day at the End; when the Blue Star Kachina Dancer removes his mask to reveal: the face of the Second Death as the Lake of Fire burning as at the Footstool of her Husband the Sun of Righteousness: the Blue Morning Star Comet Holmes tranforming into that New Sun of the New Creation as the Sun of the Regeneration; and my Soul as the Lake of Fire; the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife upon which the 7 Rays of His Face Dance …….

Thus as his Day I come disguised as a man in black sackcloth by appearence externally who is really the bride in the white garment of righteousness internally; thus as written: “as a Thief in Night” comes the “Day of the Lord”…and the 12 with me are as of the 12 Stars of that Crown of Glory on the head of the Zion of the Hly One of israel; the Mother of Jesus and I as Mary of Bethany: the bride at the Mount of Olives for the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth; the new Holy Mount itself; a new Mount Sion…

Thus when the Great Spirit of the Great God as the New Creator sent his Servant John to me it was as the Second Helper also mentioned in the Tipponi of Joseph Smith of the Mormons called in his book “The Jew”; who they describe as “John the Revelator”  to help me Open the Book of Life of the Pahana; he with the Seal of the Living God: the two feet as the Two Doves: of Mary and Jehovah.


 The final analysis proves that my two helpers were forecast by the Hopi exactly; Sun Myung Moon and then my Father’s servant John; actually the new daystar as the Angel of Giovanni; St. Francis’ real name: John; and thus of John the Divine: who is the White Maltese Cross holding the Red Maltese Cross as the Virgin Soul who is the bride that comes forth from St. Francis as the new Heart and new Soul of the Bride;  

                St. Francis in the Great Spirit is the New Daystar; as of the Sun of the Regeneration; manifest as the Blue Sun of the Regeneration from the “Morning Star” of the Comet Holmes: the “Sign” being the million times it expanded in One Day.


 But I have a relationship with this as the mustard seed: of my Death in Christ. And what it grew into: as being where the Elect; His Chosen; come to roost. I was foretold by Mary No Eyes in 1980; when Iwent to London to meet Peter Townsend of the Who; to wit:


           “…………..Earth Mother in bad labor.


She gonna give birth to something ;great.


She already in first labor hours… She be in great pain now…


It be great Phoenix that gonna rise up again just like all times ago.


He already here… He been forming for years now.


He all ready to break out of Earth Mother’s womb… She gonna give up great Phoenix soon

 The Double Maltese Cross

                                                                                     Sun Myung Moon                                                      John and John the Divine  


 Now we have our final pieces of the Puzzle coming together


 “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for Righteousness: for they shall be filled”

 "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for Righteousness: for they shall be filled" the Riders of the Sidhe

              The New Hope of the New Hopi

 This light shall guide those who will follow me to where I sat down at the seventh overcoming on the Path of the Just; the revealed Ascension to the Lord in the Air as that Path upwards; lit by the Light of Life, as the Name of Christ Jesus which means and is “Day Light” itself. 

Did he not say that at the end his followers would not walk in darkness but “shall have the Light of Life”; even so: and now ye see he hath made good on this, and on all of his promises;

        for his Word was, and is; GOOD

This is that Path by that Light that I am revealing to all humanity; and bringing to the Earth; at this: the beginning of the Great Purification of the Great God; for now as we approach the Last Judgment comes the fulfillment of the Book of Life of the Lamb.


It is the gathering of the 144,000 virgins of God and the Lamb: 36,000 virgins from the Black Race of the South; 36,000 virgins from the Red Race of the West; 36,000 virgins from the Yellow Race from the East; and 36,000 virgins from the White Race from the North.

It is these men who will take the Vow: and keep it; as I did; it is they who  will die in the Day as I did: and it is they who will rise in the Resurrection from the Dead as I did; for the Dead in Christ rise first as they are the Clouds of his coming…

I am the one on whom the name is writ that no man except he who Rides the White Horse himself knows.

 How the Word of God came to me was on ths wise; as when I found the Rider of the White Horse is he who is called the Second Death, at my Death in Christ.

And it is at his right hand is the Sun of Righteousness; and at his left the Lake of Fire; they are Wrath at his Left and Mercy at his Right; as the goats who are sensual as of they who married in the Unification Church as of the days of Noah those who came in by two’s were the “unclean” and the sheep who are spiritual will soon find that they are those who were the “clean” who came in by seven’s; as they are touched by each respective hand from the Second Death the “clean and the unclean” are seperated at the end; now there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Unification Church at the Wine of Wrath they drank which did NOT cleanse their blood from the Orignial Sin as they were told; by he who brought Hyo Jin Moon into the world; and who even now remains silent as that grave that he himself will soon inhabit; as Shebna who carved out a sepulchre on high for himself once prepared for himself.

It was then that God had the Scribe Eliakim replace him as given the Key of the House of David, the Divine Principle embodied now in the Cross of Christ revealed; as the Key of David itself, for Jesus died for that Divine Principle made visible is of the Cross itself by which he now rules: for what he died for once is now what he lives by, and that forever rules with in his Kingdom..


The Gnosis of OZ


 For in Egypt at the First Passover of Israel the blood on the doors and lintels was of the bood of goats; and the blood of sheep. Thus we have the beginning of the two anointed ones; one for destruction; one for salvation; the son of perdition and the son of man.

Thus we see at the Last Passover which is the Supper of the Great God that which the Lamb spoke of: the Resurrection unto Death which is Damnation; and the Resurrection unto Life that is Salvation. For at the End the nations of the goats do not enter into the Kingdom which is Eternity. 

In America the Red Race were found on the East coast as yet being of the West; the Yellow Race came to the West coast as being of the East and the White of the North and the Black Race of the South are well known.

The 4 Races as the Original 4 Brothers of the Hopi prophets

The Tree of Life and the Morning Star...and the Thunderbird of John the Divine

The Tree of Life and the Morning Star…and the Thunderbird of John the Divine

The Coming of the White Brother: the White Dove


America is the Land of the New Israel.

 Yet the Red Race is not as the Canaanites who were wiped out when Israel entered Canaan; for they are one of the 4 Primal Races of Man; they final seperation which is now comewere thus given the Prophecy of the Coming of the Son of Man; the Pahana; so they could be gathered into the One Sheepfold of Justice; and find the One Shepherd who is the King: the little child who rose from the Dead.

This is that is found in the Last Book of the Bible at Revelation 7:1 where the Children of all the Tribes are Sealed. The operative word being “all”.

For the 4 Angels standing on the 4 Corners of the Earth are the Avatars or Guardians of the 4 Races; and thus we have the US as standing for the “melting pot” of the 4 petalled flower given to Black Elk by which America is the Microcosm of all the races of the Earth; especially the 4 Primal Races; of which the Hopi know full well.

Each of those petals stood for the flower of each race which is the Fruit of each Color; as the Great Spirit of the Great God designed it long ago.

And of the 4 flowers you now all know quite well were given to each of the 4 Tollans or Progenitors so in the Design originally each Race would give something from itself to the other 3 primordial races that each lacked; making 12 gifts in all; which are the 12 fruits from the Tree of Life; for the Red man was to share the secret of his Strength from the Coca of the Amazon River to the other 3 races; the Yellow Man the secret of his Heart from the Poppy of the Yellow River River to the other 3 races; the Black man the secret of his Mind from the Ganja of the Ganges River to the other 3 races; and the White man the secret of his Soul from the Mushroom of the Styx( seen at Elesius later) to the other 3 races; thus 12 gifts in all; this is seen later at the 12 fruits of the Tree of Life in each of their seasons of the 4 races in their Perfecting; of course. in the Divine Nature; Immortal at the Life ( Sanctity ) and Incorrupt at the Way ( Morality ) and Uncreate at the Path ( Equality ) and Incarnate at the Truth ( Identity )

In the Fall of Adam thus each race lost the Flower which held the secret of each races “color” or Direction to God in which was the spirit of each of the 4 Races 4 Guardian Angels.

At the fall the golden light of Adam was lost; and was just yellow in his skin as he blamed Eve for having tempted him in his weaknes; seeing he had lost his light when he was tricked into losing his seed at this he became very frightened and started to run; and turned white as a ghost; then he hid himselfL; bright red with shame he made an apron to hide his lower member ( which is the origin of religion as “hiding” one’s sin artificially as in the church where Jesus on the Cross is portrayed as having a loincloth: but on the Cross he was naked; thus the “image of the Beast” is this false Christ) ; then he would not answer the angel Gabriel as the Voice of God and his face grew black with holding his breath; so none could find him; but of course God eventually did.

But each of these things happened to the 4 Races he REPRESENTED as “ADAM”; or Mankind itself.



The 4 Creatures of OZ and the 4 Avatars in Restoration: Toto means “ALL” in Latin


As of the  3 creatures  of Dorothy’s travels in OZ; and forget not her dog: Toto means “ALL” in Latin after all !!!!

This is why the White Race was Souless as the Cowardly Lion ; the Red Race heartless as of the Tin Woodsman; the Yellow race strengthless or Weak as of the Flying Monkeys enslaved by the Witch in the flesh; and the Black Race Mindless as seen in the Scarecrow.

Thus only the Child would ee this who I represent; and thus only as a Child did I enter the Kingdom;

to which I now return all who read this as well.

. This was restored by each race recovering it’s respective flower at the 1960′s seen at the 6th Trumpet which explains  the 6th Seal of the Book of Life of the Lamb: for the 4 angels have now been unbound; and have slain many who did not know or care that these 4 Flowers are Sacred. Thus is Paradise are they destroyed as their use is Profane; and they enter not by the Door; but a window; by the marked hand of the beast in that Street of Babylon which is of the Euphrates who sells what is Sacred; and all who buy them which they call “drugs” have the mark as well; as even what is divine as “sex” itself is sold by those who are fallen as is Babylon herself.

 This is the Commerce of the Harlot who sits upon many waters of her slaves; the City that is the false fountain of the River of the Euphrates that is the Street of Babylon in every city of the nations; for those who sell the flowers of the 4 angels that is of the lawful Communion with the 4 spirits of the 4 angels that are Sacred Powersin each flower for money and not freely are her merchants; the great men of the earth; who engage in the sorcery of making what is good and pure to appear evil and wicked by selling unlawfully that which can not be approached correctly for free; and with the Knowledge of  the Holy that the Invitation of God first “to eat freely of the herbs and the flowers”  was given to them right there to teach man of what was to be unlocked through each of them in association with each of the 4 Organs of Comprehension they were made by the 4 angels to unlock; and that is the reason that God told Adam and Eve to partake of these 4 flowers FIRST before the Mystery of God at the Tree of Life and it’s Fruit was to be apprehended.

We did the opposite.

Yet the 4 Flowers of Paradise that the angels created with God were to teach us to open the 4 organs of the Body at the Horizontal 4 rivers; and thus master them to reach the 7 senses of the Body at the Vertical one River of the 7 heavens each held one sense of; thus we would come to the 7 Spirits and learn how they opened the 7 senses by the angel of each heaven thus demonstrating the working of the Principle of Co-creation.

Thus we would enjoy Union at the consummation in His Unity as the Esence or Fruit of the Tree of Life so then we could approach the Fruit of the Tree of Life to make the Child together with God’s Holy 7 fold Spirit; and become Immortal and Incorrupt.


The Coming of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife, and the herald of Mary of Bethany


This is what they were created to do: prepare us for the Divine Union by understanding first the Secred Communion; Regeneration mastered before any act of Generation. Here also we have they who sell the fruit of the Holy Spirit that is of Union with the 7 Spirits of the Holy Spirit for money also on the Street of Babylon the Great; of the lthe dead body of Death-in-life that is Isis: the leprous White Goddess who is Hell herself; the throne of Death.  We saw this once when Miriam was nade a leper for 7 days because of her jealousy of the Black Cushite queen that Moses married; where she was seen briefly as Isis herself.


The Morning Star I was given: in One Day it expanded One Million Times when I underwent my Death in Christ on October 24th, 2007


                                The Mustard Seed of Comet Holmes           and the Morning Star of the   Second Death


This is what was lost at Paradise; for the 4 heads of the 4 rivers of Humanity are the 4 rivers of Eternity of the 4 Progenitors; and it is they who were to have eaten of the Tree of Lfe by which each race would have itself been as a Current in the River of Eternity and lived forever: this is what shall now be restored.

These were the 4 fathers or “Tollan” of the 4 races; all of which were present in Adam; as his own Soul; and Heart; and Mind; and his virgin Strength. This is what was lost in the Fall; this is what is Found in My Generation’s Rise.

 For the Virginity of Adam represented the Light of the Sun; and the Virginity of Eve represented the Light of the Moon.


These are the Two Great Lights who were lost when Adam and Eve left and then lost their positions in each Celestial Body as of each of their respective thrones for the spirit and the soul are the two hands of the Spirit of God; starting as the “feet” in the 2 bodies upon the earth: and rising to that of  His Two Hands themselves: even as the One Hand of God that would have answered the Prayer of God and brought Adam the Eternal Blessing of Eternal Love.

The 4 Angels on the 4 Corners of the Earth are then the 4 avatars or guardians of the 4 Doctrines or Winds which are the Directions to God on the Holy Mountain: for the 4 sheepfolds or Races whose Winds or Doctrines are then known as those seen in the Day of Christ: which was of the Path of the avatar Buddha to the South of Jerusalem; the Way of the avatar Confucious to the East of Jerusalem; the Truth of the avatar Quetzacoatl to the West of Jerusalem; and the Life of the avatar Socrates seen to the North of Jerusalem.

These were the 4 Directions to God as the 4 Doctrines of the 4 Sheepfolds of he who said; to wit;  so that ( one day ) there would be One Shepherd: and One Sheepfold:

 “I am the Way; the Truth and the Life: no man cometh to the Father but by me ( on the Path; which is now revealed at the Resurrection of the Just ) 

And at the Center was the Avatar of Israel: Elijah; at the Resurrection; as of the Green Race; born of the Spirit itself.

This is why Muhammed found the Blessed Olive Tree is Jesus of Nazareth in his Verse of Light; which Gabriel told me as Fatima the Virgin Bride; and now I tell thee now of by my Father’s servant John.

 And Muhammed was as Ishmael in his Ascension over Mt. Zion which is Mt. Moriah where was set the Altar of Abraham; even as Jesus was Issac on the Cross as the Ram of Sacrifice.


Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany; the Blessed Olive Tree and the New Holy Mount: of Olives

 Thus as Jesus was Issac in the position of the Bridegroom so was Muhammed Ishmael after the death of John in the position of the Brother of the Bridegroom given the land of Abraham with the Blessing of the slain heir as the Curse of God upon Jacob; for where Isaac was the father of Jacob who became Israel the Lord gave Ishmael the place of the father ofa new Israel; the Curse of Moses finally fell with all it’s fury on they who had worshipped Moses as their golden calf for centuries.

This is which is why Moses GROUND the GOLDEN CALF to powder and made them drink it; because the golden calf that Aaron made was of Moses himself as their “god” as the God he appeared to be to Pharaoh; yet seen this was the Idol of idols thus is the Cup of the Wrath of God poured out in the Qur’an; the Curse upon “Jacob” as the old chosen nation of Israel; and the Blessing upon the New Israel of ”Muhammed” as the new chosen Nation of God.

Yet this is not where the matter ends; as they who read further shall discover.

For from the year 627 where Muhammed had the 12 desert tribes face Mecca at the daily prayer or “daily sacrifice” instead of Jerusalem to 1917 is the 1,290 days or “years” of Daniel when the “daily sacrifice” wa taken away: until Fatimah; in Portugal; and the killing of the christian Armenians by the Muslim Turks in sight of Ararat by which Islam left it’s position as having been loyal on the Cain position even as John the Baptist had been disloyal in the Abel position. 

The Mark of the “Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48

   This was supposed to be the Seal of Rev. Moon:

     now it is but a Symbol of the Evil Steward  of the Scarlet Colored Beast;

     That Son of Perdition of the  Nations that is Socialist Capitalist Communist: China.


The beast that is; and is not; yet is…a discarnate entity: incarnate; as when the Devil entered Judas t the Last Supper; Judas, who was a devil; thus a devil with the Devil in him…

    It is the beast that “is” Marxist as Socialist but “is not” Marxist because economically  “Capitalist”; yet “is” because stone cold (governmentally); Marxist as “Communist”; to the bone.

Here is how I am judged by even those who believe they are “sent by God”.

This is a perfect example of those judging someone when told by the Divine Understanding of Wisdom not to judge!!!

For Not to Judge is Divine Wisdom itself.


And here it is in a blog I wrote about the “Danger of Judging Rev. Moon” since he is the written and thus predestined and prophetic figure from the Gospel of Christ known as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” by Matthew and Luke.

Due to his rejection of me and those who married in his church who weren’t supposed to as the Children of the 60’s were the Children of the Resurrection who “not to marry nor to be given in marriage” because they are “taken” as being where the 144,000 virgins were to be sealed from the larger generation; and then written for those who passed the final test.

So it is Rev. Moon who gets into a lot of trouble from my Father Jesus as the new Lord God of the New Creation.

It was I who was sent to show up right at the last minute to hopefully bail him out; right at the last trump right before the End at December 25th 2012 after those 3 days and 3 nights of the Final Seperation of Light and Darkness, at the Last Judgment; at December 25th 2012.

Talk about a “close” call at the ending…it could not be closer….if he can heed my message and hear my voice…we shall see….


The Three Days of the Universal Resurrection of Mankind after it’s 3 Nights in the Tomb


 This comment is from self-professed “prophet and guide” from Cavalry Church’s own Pastor; Michelle Freeman!

Hear from one who rejected me!!

[Moderator’s warning – this comment below comes from a cult leader and false teacher and a false prophet. I have allowed it to be posted here for the sake of having a possible future discussion with Christopher about his beliefs, but not because I in any way endorse his beliefs. Rev. Moon, leader of the dangerous blasphemous deceptive Unification church aka ‘Moonies’ cult is a false prophet, false Christ and blasphemer. Christopher Diamant, the leader of the ‘New’ Unification church is also false. Both ‘churches’, old and new, are not of God]


The Snare of Judging Rev. Moon

The deeper problem face those who rush in to judge those whose fall makes people feel superior: but with Rev. Moon there is one more factor involved which makes quite a difference: he actually is a prophectic figure called by the Lamb “the faithful and wise shepherd” who would be there at the famine at the end; not for bread; but for the Word of God.

In his book “Divine Principle” Rev. Moon gave christianity something to chew on; yet he was rejected out of hand; and this is in spite of the fact that no one even read what he wrote; thus they judged him wrongly in that they had no idea what he had revealed: which was the hidden nature of the Providence itself and it’s numerical periods of indemnity.

Judge not: lest ye be Judged!

The 21,000 bows for the desolation of abomination in “The Last Idol of Kim IL Sung”

To all who have now decided to judge Rev. Sun Myung Moon as a charlatan, a false prophet, a false christ or anything else I come to bring you all this warning: judge not; lest you earn what Moon himself earned with the hypocrites who call themselves christians but continue to judge others; with or without understanding: it mattereth not.

The “snare” is tht Rev. Moon is John the Baptist even though he denies it and even condemns John in his book as responsible for the death of Jesus; yet Rev. Moon denies he is John just as John before denied he was Elijah; nor is this the end of the matter; for in condemning Rev. Moon we are drawn into his Judgement by God at the Coming of the Son of Man; for this is the “snare” that accompanies his Coming; for in reality Rev. Moon is the prophetic figure known as the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; whose Fate and Destiny are spelled out by the Lamb: and which all are now called upon to witness; at this: the Last Day.

This Day; the last of the 7 last days of Noah.

To all reading of these things I offer you some counsel; for I did not bring up these aspects of Rev. Moon without knowing what a reception these remarks would receive.

And a warm one it will be! Yet I love all of you; Bless you all!!

When the Lamb told his flock that anyone who taught the precepts of the Law incorrectly and also what he himself was revealing he said that those who did so would be considered as “the least in the Kingdom “; but he also said that as great as John the Baptist was, even one who was “least in the Kingdom” was greater than he. But there are 2 who the Lamb characterized as “least”.

I speak here of the left side one; not “the least” of the right side who the Lamb said “as you have done it unto the least of them you have also done to me”; thus putting the “least” in this case as equal with himself; and indeed it is the one who represents the “least” who stands in the position of the Son of Man at the end; thus I call myself “the least in the kingdom of heaven”; even as my servant John is the greatest.

No; I speak of that “least” who teaches men incorrectly about the Word; as when Rev. Moon said the Holy Spirit is a “female spirit”; but this is Isis invading him; thus he stumbled.

Then Rev. Moon declares Christ Jesus did not arise in the flesh: this is where he outright fainted.

And lastly he says that the “true parents” are the Messiah; but the True Parents are Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany; not Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon.

John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet; and taught things contrary to what the Lamb and his followers were preaching.

This stopped the Resurrection which was to have started with the Resurrection of Elijah himself beginning with John the Baptist’s baptism at the Jordan by the Son of God; but it didn’t happen; even though John said to Jesus; 

         “I have need to be baptized by thee”.

…..and THIS was why everything was “Terrible” ;

                   in and of the Great and Terrible Day of Jehovah: as in “Terribly wrong”;

          no Elijah mean sNO RESURRECTION; and no Resurrection meant no one ele would rise from they who all perished when they came out of Egypt originally who died as “over 20” and thus from Egypt as born there before the Exodus; they were to have risen a of “the fathers” even as of they who were to then be “the sonss” who were under 20 who all entered having them within them internally as their new bodies “externally”; but it didn’t happen..

But this explains why Elijah was to have turned

            “the heart of the father’s to the sons; and the heart of the sons to the father’s …”

John the Baptist ended up doubting Christ Jesus; and was cut asunder, losing his head.

The loss of the one who was to have been his messenger caused the Lord to then announce he was going to Jerusalem: which was certain death. In fact it was suicide; and Peter said so.

You remember what happened then; he called Peter “Satan” and told him to get behind him; a rebuke of cosmic magnitude. Yet we have a consecrated death; the only other one being that of Samson; whose hair was plaited into 7 plaits: the Nazarene with 7 horns; the Lamb with the 7 horns and 7 eyes being the Resurrection and the Life itself; yet called a Nazarene for just this reason.

Saul is an example of one who chose an unconsecrated death.

What I am bringing to your attention is that Sun Myung Moon denying he is John the Baptist is exactly the same as when John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet??

Because even if I indeed know all of Rev. Moon’s failings and shortcomings: as my Father sent his Servant John to me to restore what Rev. Moon failed to do; this brings us to what I am actually revealing to you and others: Rev. Moon WAS given a mission; a real mission; and is, in fact, the personage called “the Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” mentioned in Matthew and Luke.


This might seem impossible in light of all you have heard about our Korean friend; the small one who became the representative of his divided nation; but as many of you have never sat down and read his book “Divine Principle” from beginning to end as I have done I beg you in the Name of Christ Jesus, the Name of Love itself to not judge Rev. Moon as you will deliver yourselves into perdition: for his fall as that “evil servant” is written of; but the fact that he failed in his mission brings Christianity to the actual cause and then his awful fate instead of his sublime destiny that was written as the 2 possible outcomes of our Korean friend.

This identity spoken of by Christ Jesus was that of the “faithful and wise steward”; and it is this terrible fulfillment of the “cutting asunder” of this “evil servant” which is that “time of trouble” that is the worst humanity has even seen; and this prophecy was written for a specific reason: which now confronts you. As the world markets fail and the tribulation comes upon the nations as money fails we are coming quickly to the Last Judgment of December 25 th 2012; of which the Hopi prophets know more than people think of that preceding 3 days: the Last 3 Day Seperation of Good and Evil: the Cosmic or Universal one.

In Rev. Moon’s decision to marry in 1960 instead of gathering the 144,000 Virgins who are the Children of the Resurrection “who do not marry: nor are they given in marriage” it is quite clear that he was the one “who knew the Lord’s will; but prepared not himself”; he married in defiance of the Will that he remain celibate until the Day and Hour of his Master’s return: and this is what happened: I have had to reveal it and it’s solution; and a harder mission was never given; for the Second Fall of our fledging “Adam” and his Korean “Eve” is even worse than you think. The Children of the Resurrection are the Clouds of his Coming: and that is the gospel truth: the dead in Christ rise first: and I am one of them.

Rev. Moon decided all should marry: but the Children of the Resurrection are the Children of the 60′s who “did not marry; nor were they given in marriage”; not by Rev. Moon or anyone else.

The 144,000 Virgins are the eunuchs for the kingdom of heavens sake: they are the Clouds on which Christ Jesus comes; they are thus the Children of the Resurrection!

It is they who are of the Order of Melchizedek; the Ancient Order being that of the Virgin Priesthood of the Altar; as Jude says: “Behold; he comes with 10,000 of his saints” they of the Order of Melchizedek; the Dead in Christ who rise first: even as I; least indeed; but First to Rise to my Reward; this is what is called Justice; many gave more than I did in a material way: but I gave ALL; thus my sacrifice outweighed all of theirs: including Rev. Moon’s; it’s the story of the widow and the two mites; Lord Jesus said she gave the most cause she gave all: and thus he taught me how to win over all his advesaries: those who had the likeness of saints: but not the essence; and he requires the essence to enter his Kingdom: being Just.

 Furthermore it is the fact that His Servant John had me go out and point out to the world that Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist; just as my Father once had to point out that John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet: and thus a mere scribe in the position of Eliakim as a David must now despoil the fsllen messenger in the position of Shebna as another Saul.

It is this exactly that is happening here; for I was raised from the dead for this reason: the prodigal son; the lost sheep of Israel; Solomon himself at this: the Last Day of the 7 last days of Noah.

I am the Offspring of David; brought back from the dead by His servant John; like Lazurus; and thus I will leave you with this; Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist; the “fatted calf” my Father kills with the Sword; and Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist; who blamed John for the death of Jesus and thus condemned himself; who you are all joining in your ignorance by judging him; for the Day dawns black over the prophets.

I call you “prophets” because the Revelation of St. John the Divine is The Word of God; the One on the White Horse: and it is this His servant John had me reveal in the book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”; of which I am now writing the final edit.

All the Lord’s people will be peophets because all will be given the Understanding of the Word of God itself; for like Moses we must all ascend the Holy Mountain of the Gospel and enter the Revelation that is the Holy City which rests on it’s summit; as these 2 are in the positions of the first tabernacle of the Holy Place with the Gospel and the second tabernacle of the Holy of Holies with the Revelation it is these two as single that are the Tabernacle of God; for as the 12 gates are open of the Holy City there is no “veil” in this Tabernacle; and we all know who removed the Veil of Mystery which hid the Mystery of God; the Lord God Himself.

Ask not about me; rather concern yourselves with the appearence of John; last of all; and servant of all: for he is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven: it is his coming which is the Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man.

“Behold; I come as a thief”

Even that thief who defended the Lamb at his right hand at the Cross; who was in the position of Michael the Archangel; even as the evil thief at the left hand was in the position of Satan the Devil attacking Christ Jesus to the end.

In the Name of Christ Jesus; the Name of Love; the Name of God; I now stand;

Salvation Rose”

…….I am of old the prodigal son who was Solomon the Preacher before he fell and became Apollo as……

        …………….the   “LAST”  of the god’s………..

It was he who the Lamb defeated in the 40 days in the Wilderness…and whose angels came to minister to him after they left Solomon when he was defeated…the “strong man” whose goods in which he trusted were all lost; his winged shoes by which he traversed the heavens; his garment of invisibility by which no one could see him; and his ring by which he commanded the fallen angels of the devil….

That is why they could not lay their hands on Lord Jesus all those times the Pharisees tried to grab him and kill him: he vanished before their eyes….because he had the garment he took from Solomon.

……… WHO SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL to have all the kingdoms of the earth; as Apollyon to whom Solomon “threw himself down” in his “self-destruction” like so many of My Generation did later who rose so high only to ruin and even kill themselves who had everything..and when Solomon fell his false father the Devil then “caught him”. make Solomon become his favorite; even become his most trusted slave…

          ……………and Solomon gave Azazyel who is Zeus the Ark of the Testament: the Mercyseat itself; and built three altars to the goddess on the Mount of Olives; where Lord Jesus then prayed three times to God that this Cup Solomon filled to him might pass from him: but it was not to be; and so the three treasures of the Shoes; the Garment and the Ring were laid down there to be recovered when Solomon rose in the name of Jedidiah Nathan David’s prophet gave him; knowing Solomon was he whose own life was the one encapsulating and therefore mirroring the Kingdom of Ephraim; and finally Israel itself.

Nathan knew Solomon  would finally “go” even after he said he “would not”; and thus rise and repent and thus finally redeem himself at the end in the very Last Day; those three Great Gifts given back to him by his Father Jesus when the Prodigal Son returns to “the House of David as God”; those 3 treasures of Dominion which Solomon lost and the Sufis later received and then guarded when Gabriel entrusted them to; as His Elect from the line of Uwais el-Qarni given the Mantle of the prophet from Mohammed;  even as Elijah gave the mantle to Elisha: for the return of the ANT Solomon the Silly Dove who is ICARUS whose wings melted by the sun; the prodigal son of David as “the throne of David as the sun” or “masculine principle”. David who is and always was hidden by the gods under the myths of he who they call ” Daedalaus” who flew from captivity; as David said;

                    “By my God I have jumped over a Wall”;  that of Time itself…reaching immortality as Christ…

And the moon repreents the ‘feminine principle”; as even seen by seeing  Solomon as Apollo and Diana his “sister” as of “the Rose of Sharon” …as then being his very soul….who he found; and lost; even as he was lost gazing as he the gods called then Narcissus;  who fell in love with his own reflection staring into the Soul he found and then went after falling into “self-destruction” which is APOLLYON as “himself” in the Abyss; the Rose suspended over the Abyss; even as Abdul Qadir showed at Baghdad when he entered by producing a full blown rose in the dead of winter and placing it atop the bowl of water they brought out to show him that Baghdad was “too full” for him to come in…but when they saw that Rose they brought him in on their shoulders….

I am now the Offspring of David: the Star is the Child who existed before his parents the Sun and Moon were created to bring him into existence: the Child is neither female nor male; fatherless and motherless in a sense: thus I tell you these things of my Father Jesus: Lord God of the New Creation; where he sits on the Great White Throne of Justice.

The Coming of the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts: the Priest

New Unification Church is at



  1. GREAT REVIEW! I agree with all you said in your article, especially at the end of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.


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