Eviternity: The Virgins of Assisi, part II: The Ant, and the Hopi: “His Chosen” Ones

The Barque of the Sufis Baraka emanated at 1917 at Fatima; Portugal

 The Coming of the Last Hour:

…..  Eviternity is the “Dawn of Eternity”;

…….and Eternity is the Kingdom of God: arrival time?

December 25th; 2012: Christmas Day as “Judgment Day”.

Prepare to see the Justice of the Great God; and the Reward of the Hopi.

People now say to me: “what doest thou?”

And I tell them: ‘I am paying the workmen: recognizing the Hopi Indians, as of that tribe of the prophets who were forewarned above and beyond all others’.

And they ask: “How are you paying them now? ? ?

It is not we of established and organized religion who worked with our dedicated followers in the fields of the Cultivation of the spirit of man for thouands of years: who hired these men at the Last Day, at almost the Last Hour we would like to know?”

And then I said:

I did, as I was commanded”. 

And then I let them hear this:

And my husband says they get paid: FIRST.”

“….Is thine eye evil because Mine is Good…?”

“For When the Lamb said

          ‘Is thine eye evil because Mine is Good?’

                        His Father was talking about ME.”

“Blessed are the pure of heart: for they shall SEE GOD.”

Bodhi: the Body of light: the Eye that is Single: no darkness in it…like John’s heart and his great darkness; like Rev. Moon’s mind; and the beam in his eye..  

The Concentration in the Mind of Christ

 that is the Flame of the Holy One of God.

It’s called Justice; and now they who were thought to be last: come first; and thus everyone in the 3 religions descended from Noah is left at the Door: waiting to enter; for the Ist born; as from Ham as the Hamitic race; for Egypt; which ends and became Islam; Shem for the Semites as of the Semetic race who became Israel; and Japeth for Greece’s “Iapeteus” as they who became the Gentiles, as the Japathetic race; they that St. Paul ( as the restored Balaam as the restored figure of the prophet of the Gentiles at the Global Level )  finds at Mars Hill at the altar of the Unknown God.

This discovery is what allows him as “the least of the Apostle’s” to take back the son of Noah that had been led astry, and return him to the fold for Christ and thus returns with him as the “Bride of Christ”; as the “Messenger” or “Prophet of the Gentiles” which replaced John the Baptist as the “Friend of the Bridegroom”; which then becomes his mission as ‘ Is “Saul counted among the prophets” ? ‘  in which he brings the Gentiles as the bride John the Baptist never brought to Christ; and as the restored messenger thus brings the world to embrace: Christianity; which is later seen as the West.

But the Balaam to come at the Global Level in 1917 at Moscow as the False Prophet Karl Marx is a far different figure; as the diametric opposite of St. Paul of the Light of Damascus, as Hisham Kabbani saw describing the Light of Gnosis that is unveiled at the End.

Karl Marx had the “denial of God” in his mouth as Engel’s own materialistically and Darwinian-based ‘scientific atheism’ thus “speaking as a dragon“; and Marx is then further described at Revelation 13:11 as the one having ‘two horns of a lamb’; as having stolen the two principles of the Lamb which were the keys of the Kingdom he gave to Peter; Pure Communism and Pure Socialism, the ‘Collective’ and ‘Distributive’ Principles as of the ‘left’ hand key and ‘right’ hand key of the governing of the Kingdom.

 (( As we may recall; the congregation all sold their goods and PRIVATE PROPERTY and put the money at Peter’s feet; and this was the “holding of all goods in common” as Pure Communism; and then Peter and the Apostle’s set the social priorities of Justice as of 1st; the care of the: Old and Sick; 2nd, the Widows and Orphans; 3rd, the Poor; and lastly; themselves; this being Pure or “God-centered” Socialism. ))

The Darkness and Light are seperated at December 21st, 22nd, 23rd; and then Judgment Day is Christmas Day; 2012

Remember; Saul persecuting the Church before he was converted was as Saul persecuting David when both were anointed kings at the same time. Thus he said: “Saul; Saul; why dost thou persecutest me?” And don’t forget Saul who became Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin; like King Saul before him; as Jesus was of Judah: like King David before him…not a coincidence…

But he spoke as the Church; of course; his Global Body being 7 fold; as Saul became Paul to build the 7 churches that Peter designed and John the Beloved later addressed; and the 7 were constructed so they would represent the Blueprint for the Tower of Salvation: the growth of Christianity for the ages up to when the Lord would return: that is why it is called “The TRUE VINE”; it was to stretch from when the Lamb left as the establishment of the first church at Jerusalem; to when he would RETURN at the 7th church; in our day.

The 7 buildings in Asia Minor were the seeds of these 7 churches, and their 7 Shepherds; Peter; Augustine; Luther, George Fox; Emanuel Swedenborg; Joseph Smith: and Sun Myung Moon. But we know what went wrong at the 7th Shepherd: the same thing that went wrong with John the Baptist: so Rev. Moom has been replaced with my Father’s servant John; my Father Jesus; who sits now on the Great White Throne of Justice as that of his own Glory; in the position of “God in His Righteousness”; as of his Father’s Glory.

The Denial of Christ; and the Embrace of Death,

…… by John the Baptist, and then: Sun Myung Moon.

This is seen in the post “The 3 Great Errors of Rev. Moon” and the reason he will die soon in the position of John the Baptist whose unconscious accusation Moon now consciously proclaims as seen in the book by Unification theologian Mark Biggs “Secrets of the Holy Family”. This accusation of Satan the Devil which destroyed John was that John’s father Zacharias was actually ‘the father of Jesus with Mary in an act of adultery’: which is false, of course; as I explain in the section “The Seal of the Living God” in this post which I was given by Mary herself in the Presence of the Lamb and the Holy Angels; when John brought me to her to hear it from her own lips so in my mind there would be no doubt: at all.

The Bird of Paradise

Why Mohammed the Seal originally built the 7 Mosques: as those of the Bride of Islam to the 7 Churches.

It was Mohammedism at the Global level which smote Egypt and cleansed it of it’s idols; as Mohammed individually did at the Courtyard of the Kaa’ba which he and the Hanifs swept of the House of Mecca as of he of the 7 Companions of the Bench: who the Lamb warned of the 7 Evil Spirits and the 7 last states of the man who falls into the Abyss “so that the last state of that man is worse than his first” at which Mohammed took heed; learning from the Blessed Olive Tree in his Gospel; the man who went out into the Wilderness and cleansed himself yet came back having found “no rest“; thus the one decribed in the Gospel as ‘he who returned to the House’ was Mohammed when he came back and found the House Swept: but it was the House of Mecca the Kaa’ba the Lamb referred to; and the Hanafites as the Broom helped him take out and dispose of all those 360 idols in the Courtyard: at the three hills outside the Shrine that everyone throws stones at in the Pilgrimage is where they buried them all.

But the Lamb thus warned his brother Mohammed by telling him of the “7 Companions of the Bench”; the 7 gods; the 7 planets as the 7 crowns on the 7 heads of the great red dragon that is the Kingdom of Egypt; the Kingdom of Darkness. Tis is why he said …

……”That man taketh to him 7 evil spirits; and that last state of that man is then worse than when first he went out to cleanse himself”…. of the unclean spirit of the beast: which Mohammed did; removing the fallen nature itself. But the spiritual death of Mohammed produced his book: from Gabriel; his judgment; the Qur’an.

By it’s words Mohammed is justified: the Select Few and the Missing  words of the Saying that maketh the Curse of Allah.

The saying is thus this:  “God forbid that He should have a Son…”

But what Mohammed was not allowed to write was these words:

             “……..that he would have been treated as my son Jesus was,

 by those I trusted to “have Mercy and not Sacrifice”.!!!…”!

It was this that was “the Curse” that Malachi spoke of in his last sentence; thus God sometimes does not let his scribes write ALL they hear; Gabriel, of course, explained all this to me with my servant John in my 21 years of instruction.

 Now many would say this is impossible; but if one reads about John the Divine when he heard “the 7 Voices of the 7 Thunders” at Chapter 10 of the Revelation one will find he WAS NOT ALLOWED to write down what they said; and this information was actually given later to the Sufis; and then Rev. Moon who received it from the Druse; who have a relationship with Korea since all the children of a certain number over the fixed number of the Druse are transferred to the East; as the legend goes…this is all written in the incredible book “Adventures in Arabia” by William B. Seabrook; published in 1887 originally; on page 206 which also explains the 7 levels of the Providence that Rev. Moon later expands upon in his book “Divine Principle”. Idries Shah in his book “The Sufis” (published in 1964) has even more of the 7 levels of the Providence on pages 296-297; but not quite in the form Rev. Moon uses.

However; the truth is that Rev. Moon never gave credit to the first Unificationists who were the Sufis in his claim that he and he alone knew these things: which is ridiculous, since the enlightened Sufis were quite well aware of all of this a long time ago; Rev. Moon just “stole their Thunder” by getting the infomation from them as if by theft; and then never telling anyone where he got the information; but I and the Sufis all know; and so will everyone else: quite soon.

Or even right now. 

This is Mohammed the Seal of the “nation who would bring forth the fruits” of the Kingdom who the Lamb spoke of that were given the Holy Land and why Jerusalem was displaced by Mecca: with the Warning that Mohammed heard: and thus became Ishmael (  ‘Ishmael’ means “God Hears” ); who ascends over Mount Moriah: given the Kingdom in the place of his slain brother: Issac the Bridegroom.

Thus to Mohammed in the position of the First Born the kingdom then Returns from his slain brother who is “the Lamb lain from the foundation of the World” as “of Ithe World of Islam”: as having cleansed the Courtyard of the Idols Mohammed stood in the position of a Loyal Cain: obeying Christ  secretly as his brother by referring to him as “the Spirit of Allah” and then Isa as “the Word of Allah” himself.

But to this he is referring to the Comforter: the Holy Spirit in the Name of the Last: to Mohammed it is quite apparent he knew Christ Jesus as the Seal of Jesus Christ: for he has Lord Jesus of Nazareth as the Blessed Olive Tree who lit the Lamp of Allah; in the Verse of Light.

 And the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God; as Mohammed well knew.

Only the Elect of the Table know it; and of course;

……………..whoever reads this now….

Perfection is “the Grail’ and few there are that find it…….

Mohammed heeded the warning: and thus the Sufis were taken into his House to teach him of the Inner Jihad: the True Holy War of the True Holy Warriors: the Enlightened Sufis of the Path: that Flying Carpet one flies on wherever one stands: for one is in a position: as invisible position as of one’s true status in the eyes of God: his angels.: not a mere physical location.

That is why Mohammed as Elijah gave his his cloak to Uwais el Quarni; as Elisha.  And Elisha was given two shares of the Spirit of Elijah: Two Times is Double; the position of the First Born;  given the double portion of the inheritence of the first born.

The Hopi at the 7th Day; the Open Door of the Ark of Salvation

The Pahana of the Hopi; My Generation as the True White Brother

The Coming of the Son of man was given to the Hopi to recognize by a blue star that they were told would appear in the heaven; although they were not told all about how it would come;

One thing they were told is about the Mask of the Blue Star Kachina Dancer called theSaquasohuh“, who would take off his Mask when all Hopi Ceremonialism comes to it’s end: but this is to reveal the face of he “who swallows up Death in Victory” as written by the holy prophet Isaiah.

What is the face of the Blue Sun? 

It is the Face of he who sits upon Kalki;

the White Horse who is Maitreya: Ishi,

 the husband of my soul;

                for it is the Second Death that is the One

                    whose face is Revealed when the

                   Blue Kachina Dancer removes his Mask:

and the face of my husband is then seen, and thus it comes to pass.

 Death on the pale horse which is the “North Wind of Heaven” which is the Spirit of Vengeance that he stole from  the principled Rider, who was of course; Mercy, who normally guides Vengeance ‘correctly’; thus Death as ‘the face of the Sun of Generation’  is Swallowed up by the Second Death which is the ‘face of the Blue Sun of Regeneration’…on that White Horse who is “the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”;  the Son of God as the Rider being Jehovah of Hosts himself…but now at the Last Day that White Horse is called by another name: Kalki; Maitreya when he returns to deliver India from Illusion and Death: Maya and Kali.

 Thus it was written: 

   “Death is swallowed up in Victory”

……..as of the Day when Comet Holmes blew up One Million Times and became a larger Celestial object in our Solar System than the Sun; the Mustard Seed itself which became the largest Tree “of all the Herbs to heal the nations with” and thus the one for the Host of Heavens to Roost in…

Comet Holmes which in One Day became larger than the sun: the Blue Sun of the Regeneration

 That time is not far off.

It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask

He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon.

The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World WarII, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world.

This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.”

 What is the face of the Blue Sun? 

It is the Face of he who sits upon Kalki; the White Horse:

 Ishi,  Jehovah of Hosts;  who is the husband of my soul which is a lake of fire;

                                                His Name is called The Word of God;

               and it is he who has a secret name written by which The Word of God came to me: 

                     “the Second Death”.

It is he who in Righteousness doth Judge and Wage War; the True Jihad: the Inner Jihad of Mohammed the Seal and David the Dancer; the True Holy War against the Old Serpent: the Old Ego of the Self.

They are who India as the throne of Hell and then China as the Land of Death will soon know as the Mighty God of Love and Peace;

 the God of the Whole Earth:

                           The  Lord Ishvara is his New Name by which India shall be delivered; of he whose Soul is the Wrath of the Lamb, as the Lord of lords and King of kings: Christ Jesus the Last.

Of that Name he wrote upon me with his Man’s Pen and engraved it upon my heart….

 The Context of the Script and the Dawn of Eternity



In the Last Hour; the 3 days and 3 Nights of Mankind’s

Universal Resurrection Unto Life: after the 21st on the 22nd; 23rd; and the 24th of December 2012…

or unto Damnation; December 25th 2012 is thus “Judgment Day”

At the final sign in the last days we have to ask ourselves the obvious but hidden question: how did the Hopi tribe known about the Two Helpers who are the two guides of the Messiah at his return?

This is like quite the Dogon tribe in Africa knowing about  Dark Companion Sirius B for over a thousand years; and how was this possible when it was not even seen with a telescope until 1970 by western man?? ( seen in the book “The Sirius Mystery” by Robert K.Temple )

But of course the Star of Sirius represented the Archangel  as the “Day Star“and his dark companion Sirius “B” was the Serpent or “angel of the Devil” who is the “shadow of the Archangel” as the hidden “Evening Star”.

How did the Dogon know of the one they call “the Fox”? No way they could scientifically have known.

So bluntly; and in other words: it was impossible; it can’t even be seen by the naked eye at all; and wasn’t seen until 1970 when we had a telescope powerful enough to view the constellation and the sta Sirius itself; yet the Dogon tribe in Africa knew the Dark Companion was a collapsed star whose concentrated mass was “very heavy” as only a a neutron star can be; which was also impossible for them to have known; thus we now have another impossible anomaly: the Hopi prophets of the Great Spirit of the Great God and their foreknowledge about the Messiah and his “two helpers” or two messengers; one replacing the other when the first one falls.

The Great God is “God in His Mercy”; the Holy Father of Mercy being the Father of the Lamb; who was that Holy Thing: Mercy itself.

The backwards fire wheel as left hand on the Moon represents Sun Myung Moon; the double celtic cross represents John and Giovanni or the “little one”; St. Francis; whose original name was Giovanne; which means John in Italian. And it was John who wrote “The Song of the Sun”

 The Supper of the Great God

 The Hopi are invited to the Supper of the Great God because the White Brother of Quetzacoatl is the Bride of the Great Spirit by the Sun of His Righteousness.

 The Dancer takes off the Mask: and it is the Face of our Redeemer: the Face of the Living Sun whose Rays are those of the Regeneration; who he smiles upon lives forever. But it is the face of the Second Death.

This is the Feast I invite them to: the Wedding Feast at the Return of the Prodigal Son; when the Fatted Calf is killed: and that was the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden: so in the House of the Father the Celebration for the return of his son Solomon from the dead is already begun: that is what the Song of the Lamb is about: the Song of the Wedding Day: and no more Night………

The Revelation of the Second helper John the Divine and his star St. Fancis is the one who reveals the new Tipponi; the one that the Pahana shows the Hopi at the End; side by side with their Scripture; but he is also given something for the Hopi; the Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet: this;

For the Hopi to also know about the Sign in the Heavens at which “all the tribes of the Earth shall mourn”; the first being the Hopi themselves: for I tell them what is coming at the Last Hour with the Tipponi of John: the Scribe. Then they know.

Furthermore: the Morning Star is the Blue Star; which began as Comet Holmes; but in the Gospel it is called  “the mustard seed”; smallest of all the seeds: of all the herbs. The Lamb mentions this mustard seed in many places.

For the Hopi who took the smallest piece of seed this should be instructive in the extreme: for the Lamb Slain says this smallest and most humble of all the seed becomes “greatesst  of all the trees”; just as Comet Holmes blew up in One Day and became larger than the Sun; in fact it is now the largest Celestial  Object in the Solar System.  The Lamb refers to this by saying: “And all the fowls of the air were able to nest in it’s branches”; speaking of those who have wings: His Elect who He hath Chosen; the enlightened ones who “fly in the mid-heavens” .

These are they who are of the good spirits: and who travel in their company.

      The Glyph of Seth: the Son of Man

The Dancer with the Mask

The Secret of the one who takes off the Mask of the Blue Star Kachina is this: the Comet or Star become the New Central Sun of the New Creation; and since the old sun is now merely the face of Death the Blue Sun of the Regeneration is the Face of the Second Death: the one beneath the Mask of the Blue Kachina Dancer. 


 The Three Day Seperation of Cosmic Light and Cosmic Darkness

“At what point did Peter begin to doubt?”,     I asked John

 He turned to me and laughed:

                                          When he began to sink like a Stone!”

” And the Winds Blew; and the Sea Rose; but that House stood; because it was built upon a Rock!

 Who was the Rock?  It was Peter;

The Seal of the Living God

He whose feet are symbolized by the Two Doves; the two Figures of the Seal.

There is only one explanation: and it has to do with why the Hopi were brought to 4 Corners in the first place the Great Spirit of the Great God brought them there: just as he brought me there: for the End;

The Seal of the Living God I was then given was for the Hopi to see; because they would be the only one’s to understand what it means to their mythic structure: in other word; how it would then manifest at the End; for the End at the Churches is the “Cause of the cause of the 7 trumpets”; just as at the Vials at the Result are the “Effect of the effect of the 7 vials”.

When Gabriel came to Mary to tell her she was going to have a Son he didn’t say exactly how it was going to happen when she asked him; and all Gabriel said was this

          “…The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee,

        and the Power of the Most High shall overshadow thee,

……therefore also shall that Holy Thing that is born of thee

       …………, shall be called the Son of God.”

Gabriel then told her that her cousin Elisabeth had recently conceived a child and Mary knew Elisabeth was far past childbearing years; then Gabriel said: “For with God nothing shall be impossible”; a saying that the Lamb learned well; but it was said here first by he whose saying it was.


It is written that the Spirit had Mary rise up; and she went out into the hills near the town of Juda where Elisabeth lived; and what happened was this: the Holy Spirit did come upon her: but it was Jehovah in the form of a Dove; for Jehovah is the Holy Spirit of God Himself; but how He manifest himself; as of a Burning Bush with Moses or a Dove to Mary’ this is just How the Great Spirit of the Great God operates.

The Host then appeared overhead as well; the same Host that later appears to the Shepherds near Bethlehem; and this is what Overshadowed Mary under the Wings of the Holy Spirit in the Form of a Dove: for Mary was also turned into a Dove; a female Dove. It was for this reason later that John was told to watch for he “on whom the Dove would come down on and STAY”; because it was the one that created him.

Mary being turned into the female Dove of Zion then united with the male Dove of Jehovah; who happens to be the Holy Spirit of God Himself; as Moses and Aaron and Miriam all knew; and that Holy Thing the Lamb was created and the Union with the Holy Spirit as of the Seal of the Living God: that Holy Kiss seen where the two sets of wings of the two Cherubs touch over the Mercyseat on the Ark.

Then it was that Mary was turned from a Dove back into a woman; actually she was a girl of about 16; and she was pregnant: and still physically a virgin with an intact hymen.

That is how it happened; becaue that is what she told me herself in the Presence of theHoly Angels and the Lamb with John my Father’s servant who brought me there

When the Dove came down on the Lamb it stayed with him until it lifted off him to await him at the Tomb; the Two Angels in White of the Son of Man being Ezekiel the Son of Man for the House of Israel at the feet and Daniel the Son of Man for the House of Judah at the head as Mary and the women saw in the tomb; but Peter believed them not.

But that the Dove was with him all the way to the Cross; can there be no doubt now it was Jehovah in that Form he saw a yet Invisible to all but John the Messenger? So now ye know how thus he spoke to them; always saying what the Father who was that Dove on his shoulder told him.

Thus have all of you entered into the ranks of the Elect who also believe on my Father Jeus the Lamb who sent me.

But this same Dove which had united with Mary in the hills was the very one of his Father that came down John had been told of which stayed on Jesus at his baptism in the Jordan; thus for those who receive the Seal they also will receive the Dove at the Jordan: for now it is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Thus do I come with the Two Feet of the Two Doves; as only he who is Dead in Christ has the Seal; and is he of whom it was said is the one “equal unto the angels; nor can “he die anymore”..

What is the Grail? It is Perfection. Who holds it? The Vestal Host!

The Days of Noah: the Academics of the College; and those written in the Lamb’s Book; Part Seven: The Days of Noah: the Academics of the College; and those written in the Lamb’s Book.Book.

 The Last Judgment and the Vengeance of the Lord:

His Day is the Thief that sneaks up on Mankind unnoticed: but the vengeance of God falls upon the heads of the guilty; not the innocent victims of Blind Random Circumstance which masquerades as Fate in this world..

Just ask my Father’s servant John: who tells all that he comes as a Thief; as the Messenger of the other Thief; the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance: the SEVENTH; as the DAY when the DOOR was SHUT. That is where the expression “wailing and gnashing of teeth” came from: outside the Door of the Ark.

 The Coming of the Day of the Vengeance of the Lord

The Revealing of the Script; and the Judgment set in the Earth and in Heaven: the Written One of the Last Day of Noah.

And here it is: the borrower is slave to the lender; America and Red China; and this is directly correspondent to chapter 18 of the Revelation; the Scarlet Colored Beast carries the Harlot: that’s Red China carrying Unbridled Capitalism. Herself. 

Fickle; Volatile; Unpredictable and Totally Self-Absorbed: yes; a Woman…..

Red China as this last beast of Revelation ATE Tibet: a tasty tidbit: it’s wants something bigger, how about world domination for starters: and it has the money to do it…

But by our financial profligacy they OWN us in a spiritual sense; we cannot argue with our economic master; Mammon; and the god of Mammon is the god of this world: the beast which is and is not yet is is “Socialist” but now not merely Socialist because”Capitalist“; yet still completely “Communist” thus “still colored scarlet” despite it’s economic “camoulflage”.  This is the beast I show to the world that is “Socialist Capitalist Communist” RED CHINA……though few want to see ot; or look upon me either: but it does not matter a bit: the Truth shall stand and all else shall fall.

How do I know this? Simple:

It’s Written.

So: what we really have is an entire nation as a deceptive hiding place for the spirit of the Antichrist that inhabited Osama bin Laden: the Antichrist: and of the nations it’s revealed beforehand; even as it was to Jesus about Judas himself; our Judas at the Table of the Nations is Red China.

In the terminology of the Unification Church the Situation here is very Bad; just as with the individuals it was Osama bin Laden as the Judas of Islam; the “Kafir” as of he with the “Unbeliever” written on his forehead which only the believers can see; and see plainly; the Man of Lawlessness.

But now we have the “Global Kafir”; Red China; the “Unbeliever Nation” of Lawlessness; Red China showed us it’s true colors long ago when it honored no copywrite, or anything else but itself. It’s first rule seems to have been: “don’t get caught”; I’m not sure if even has a rule number two besides “get the money”; and this nation is a more rapacious and ravenous creature than I or anyone else has ever seen: none of the nations has ever seen anything like what Red China has now made of itself as the Sleeping Giant Awakens.

This Global Goliath has met it’s David however: because with what is written in the Revelation as that Sharp Sword of Christ’s Word I can and must convert the Children of the Scarlet Colored Beast; and thus destroy the spirit of the antichrist which supports the Royal family of Satan: from Kim Jong IL.

For America to establish the Univeral Foundation to then replace it with the New Heaven means that the minute heaven and hell seperate on December 25th 2012: that the New Heaven and New Heaven will then appear.

As the Wrath of the Lamb I will then destroy Red China by revealing it’s true nature in the pages of where it appears in the Revelation itself in chapter 18; then people will HAVE to act.

 Not the people of course; just it’s government; for a billion people cannot be long held enslaved if they rise up: and I shall give them the Truth by which they shall be “Free Indeed”.

That’s the Way God Planned It.

In a Feudalistc Corporate New Dark Ages sense we have a Global Sized Son of Perdition; Osama was just the Individual Judas Iscariot; the son of the Devil. This thing is an economic machine harnessed to an imperial communism bent on subduing the earth and remaking Western Civilization to now conform to it’s own Image: and make no mistake: Image is what it’s all about. Red China intends to put it’s irrevocable stamp upon history for all time; and they are playing for keeps….

The Scarlet Colored Beast is Worse: it already has nuclear weapons: and an army: and one fourth of the world’s population if you throw in the Nation of India as the Throne of Mammon itself. The Final Tableaux. Remember: India and it’s people are not unbelievers in the sense of being atheists like Red China: they are Idolaters; and there is a big difference. They do believe in something: Olympus; and the gods of Olympus. Their Sacred Cow is the Familiar of Isis: the goddess Hathor is the sacred cow of India as her familiar spirit’s sacred vessel; meanwhile it has enslaved 300 Million Untouchables and thus captured the Shadow of America’s 300 Million people: for how can we bring the kingdom of our Dream if the 300 Million Slaves have but the kingdom of their Nightmare.

At the Global level of One world with all the nations equal it doesn’t work: they hold us captive Psychically by enslaving an equal number of people to that of our nation: it’s black magic: but it works.

 We get cancer from it. Sorry to break it to you.

The Riding of Michael of the Archangel at the Last Day

 Idolatry is what the Inner Jihad as the True Holy War against the Self is all about: the FinalBattle to the Gate, as the Mantled One Mohammed knew well, is the Battle Within: the True Battleground.

Our “Red” China is the Scarlet “Colored” Beast: but with 7 heads and 10 horns he’s a dead ringer for the Dragon: which symbolizes Egypt; and the tail of the Dragon symbolizes Sodom.

I am starting to see something here about this final Enemy; the last beast of Revelation. What we are seeing is the Nature of the Beast that is Discarnate Incarnate; as was Judas at the Last Supper; so now have we Red China at the Table of the nations as we approach the Last Judgment.

We are agreed yes?, after all I did prove it before the entire world; we are at the Last Day; the Hopi Prophecy of the 3 Days and 3 Nights is the Great Purification which comes at the end of the Great tribulation of the nations’ then the Supper of the Great God is eaten as the Passover at the Last Hour; December 25th 2012.

Eating the Book is then the only thing that will save you at the 3 days and 3 nights mankind must spend in the heart of the earth; the belly of the Beast; the Great Whore with the Scarlet Colored Beast: the Mother of Harlots with her very last Son of the Devil her husband..Red China the carlet Beast; and she is last vestige of “Lassez-faire Capitalism”; the Unbridaled Capitalism of Babylon the Great; the Illusion of this world that is the Illusion of the Devil. For the Money is all built upon smoke; the smoke that is the unending Vanity of the beautiful but fallen Women of the earth..the Society they uphold is the vertical of the Economic principle; the Vine of the Earth; 3 upper classes and 3 lower classes: and one thin Middle Class: but now high and low all get brough together: in the Winepress.

The last three days are the 22nd; the 23rd: and the 24th; symbolizing all mankind in the Tomb until the Universal resurrection of all those who come outside when the World starts Turning Again.

Who is the Great Spirit? the Holy Spirit of the Great God; and the Great God is God in His Mercy: which happens to be Infinite: so God in His Mercy can do Anything.

The Holy Father of Mercy is now revealed as the Father of Jesus; no doubt.

For those who want to argue: feel free; it won’t change a thing

What is written in the lamb’s Book is the Story: and it is written in “Script”; and Script is new: Script “explains” Scripture.

It basically “opens” the College of the Angels to mankind.

          Who is the Wrath of the Lamb

Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind? The Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World: the bride, the Lamb’s Wife

 It is the Child of the Resurrection at the Time of the Dead; that Child who Vows and Pays.

Who is it that died in Christ and whose soul becomes the bride: the Lamb’s Wife? Ask Elijah; the one who stood in the position of the Bride at the Altar of Christ as the Seal of God; ask Moses; who stands in the position of the Wife at the Bed of Jehovah as the Servant of God.  Then you will know the men who ing the Song of Moses; and the Song of the lamb: about their respective husbands: the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah for Moses; and the Holy Spirit in the Name of Christ Jesus who is the Comforter for the 144,000 Virgin Brides.

They who die in Christ rise first as the Clouds; the Children of the Resurrection who become the 144,000 Eunuchs; as of the Ancient Order of the Virgin Priesthood; called chosen and faithful are they Sealed to undergo the Trail of the Order of Melchizedek; they accounted Worthy to be Written are they who overcomes all things and stand at the End as the Lamb’s Wife. 

The saying was: “The ship of the Sun is carried by the Grateful Dead”, but it now reads “The Ark of the Sun of Righteousness is held Aloft by the Grateful Dead in Christ”; which makes it a little different, so that at that place where He said “Ye are Not my people” before He now stands as the Redeemer who says:

                               “Ye ARE my People…”

The end I recently announced for mankind comes as the Last Judgment on December 25th in 2012 in the Final 3 Day Seperation of the Light and the Darkness at the Annulment of the Marriage of Heaven and Hell; but for the Men of Sodom it comes a little sooner; because for them the end is not of their destruction in a physical sense; but of the judgment that Lord Jesus called down upon them in his Day that is spelled out in the Revelation; and the scale that is given is then also spelled out in the Gospel; the Gospel snd the Revelation of Jeus Christ being then the Olive Branch of Love, and the Olive Branch of Truth of the Son of Man: the Blessed Olive Tree of the Verse of Light in the Qur’an; Jesus of Nazareth as he who lit the Lamp of Allah.

That the soul of man is female has been well documented even by Freud and is known by the fact that Eve was Adam’s visible soul; and this is quite openly to those who have eyes to see what Solomon is referring as himself and plain to those with ears as those who discern the ravishing undergone to the King’s soul seen in the Shulamite of David who is Abishag.

Solomon was given care of her by David for which there was a civil war fought over her with one of Solomon’s relations because she symbolized the possession of and embodiment of the Kingdom as the kept Virgin of David ( who kept him warm: very warm; but unpenetrated; David by that time was a priest “forever” of the ancient Order of Melchizedek; which is the virgin priesthood itself) but Solomon becomes she unseen to all but himself as the subject he calls “our sister” of the allegory in it’s hidden light in “The Song of Songs”.

Why doe this happen? As his father David Overcame and ascended to the Throne of God it meant Solomon was going to have to take his place in the Priesthood “after the order of Melchizedek”; a virgin priest or eunuch for the kingdom of heaven’s sake.

They ARE the clouds; and they Die in Christ as the Reward of the Altar.

The Children of the 60’s thus become the Children of the Resurrection. They are thus “called” who do not marry nor are given in marriage”: those who take the Vow: are chosen “and they keep their seed within them; and cannot sin; being the children of God”: and then they who die in Christ: “and faithful”: the Bride; the lamb’s Wife; and joined to him as the Son of God she is the Lake of Fire; the All-Consumming “New Mirror of Creation”; the Sea of Glass being the Soul of Mary of Bethlehem as the Mirror of Creation; then Mary of Bethany as “the sea of glass mixed with fire” that is the Soul of Mary of Bethany as the Bride: as the Lake of Fire we are seeing the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; the New footstool Herself: in the flesh.

 This is then “after” the ‘Wedding Night’ when they become One.

Thus she is called by his Name from the White Horse: the Second Death; “The Word of God”.

Being the Living Word of the Living God the Lamb is then “Co-Equal” to God horizontally; Impossible; but now Done.

His Wife is then “the Proof”.

The Living Witness.

The Rose of Sharon is the flower of the sprit of the Bridegroom; the Lily of the Valley is the flower of the soul of the Bride; a true alchemy of the two hands of God that the soul and the spirit reveal themselves as. His Prayer being answered is then precisely when “His Dream Comes True”; the One He had “for us to Have“.

How exactly do I know this? because it’s in the Script; the Story that ties it all together by Untying it all; of course.

The soul and the spirit are the two hands of the Great Spirit of the Hopi; God in His Mercy

It is here where the soul of Solomon is portrayed as Abishag for Jedidiah as his true name; being she who is “beloved of Jah” even as he was originally named by Nathan from God; for by this knowledge and the divine congress with the Holy Spirit the holy prophets were able to entertain Union with God and bring the Word of God to the children of the Nation of Israel.

 It is for this reason that Jehovah frequently calls Israel “his wife” as well; a fact made present to those who only know where it was said “When Israel was a child then I loved him” which refers to Jacob with whom He wrestled as the Angel; “and I called my Son out of Egypt” refers to Moses who He gave the serpent as the Staff; seen at the Denouement during the Sweeping away of the refuge of lies and the Uncovering of the final tableaux at the Emerald Table of Justice. It is this Table where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb sit and upon which the Golden Cup of the Lamb’s Wife also rests when John “who comes as a thief” recovers it.

 As some may have noticed who know their scripture; as a scribe I just write down the Sentence they pronounce line by line that makes up the New Word: which is the Script from the Lamb’s Book; which explains Scripture. 

So those who hear can see that I never interpret; I just copy down the Verdict that I hear from the Table; where all 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb speak with One Voice; one might as well call it the Voice of the Archangel as having that Weight; the Dharma of God is the Duty of Justice; and it of that Duty that is spoken of by the Twelve in my eyes.

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

The fact and the sign of this special relationship is that Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai the second time he put on the Veil’ and we then hear the term whereby he is titled “meek above all the men that were upon the earth”; and thus was called “the servant of God”, Why?

It is because His servants are likened to “His wives” as his “partners”; thus Moses was really the “wife of Jehovah”; having a voice that was strangely high pitched like that of a bird and besides that he is said to have had a painful stammer which is why he asked for someone to “speak for him” Aaron his brother.

That Moses stuttered terribly for some reason beyond a mental block as a fact noted with some understanding by Eilberg Schwartz in his challenging and logomythic book “God’s Pahallus” ( subtitled “And Other Problems For Men And Monotheism” ) in the chapter where he discusses the encounter Moses and his wife have with Jehovah when the Lord comes to kill Moses and a propitiation is made: by Moses wife to Moses’ jealous husband who is Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Almighty: a situation that is far more complicated than it first seems in the long overdue explanation of why Jehovah would suddenly want to kill his prophet. It seems the Holy Spirit was not going to share Moses with another woman; so she had to become His wife then and there as well: which she then accepted so her husband would live; calling Jehovah a “Bridegroom of blood”; a curious phrase of one losing her virginity as well in a sense with the circumcision of the couple’s son.

The subject we have to look at with the revealing of the 144,000 men who are the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife is simply this: the rightful appelation and appropriation of the name of Mary; for it is that blesed name which becomes the battleground which finally is resolved by the appearence of the Lake of Fire; the Lamb’s Wife.

It is she who is married to the Sun of Righteousness; but this Sun is called “The Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness”; where the two are made one flesh: and thus where he upon the Great White Throne is seen as having been with she where the beast and the false Prophet were first discovered; she who knows the name of the Rider on the White Horse given to her by he who sits upon the White Horse: the Second Death; a name that he has that no man knoweth; except for his wife; OF COURSE; for that is how The Word of God came to her in the first place; for it was only in the Act with for the Virgins is the Death in Christ that the Name of the Lover is known: Christ Jesus; “Day Light”; that name which is the Light of Life itself for those given the Light; just as God did for the Deep when first He enlightened her in the Act of God; which is, after all; the Act of Love: the Performance of the Making; the Dance of the Creator.

Part II: Genesis and the Dance of God

It is written of God in Genesis that “He Moved” upon “the face of the waters”; thus it reveals He made Love with the Deep “Face-to-face” and dispelled the darkness which was the Nightmare that had entered into her Great Dream from which He rescued her; the point at which God intervened before her son becomes her lover who she then devours.

In Truth it’s a very old story. And it’s continuation is seen in the revelation that Adam had when God took Eve from the Side of Adam in his Dream; as the creation from the Light of Day.

 As He made the 7 days of Creation; from the Light of the 7 fold Day: as when He made heaven and earth: the Soul and the Body of Eve respectively.

   The  Judgment at the End of the 7 Days of Noah: and of the Days of Lot

             The Men of Sodom in the days of Lot

Homosexuality has then been with us since long before the days of Lord Jesus; whose foresight of what was to come upon the Men of Sodom still looms large for those who wonder what these men who operate in a spiritual reality in a spiritual city that is Sodom: as of an invisible geography of their sexual location in relation to other men; but as with all things where the Lamb is concerned the appearence is misleading; if one wants the truth one has to see what is uncovered at the End.

The Fall was of an angel; then a woman; and then a man; at the second and more universal fall we have the third of the Host of the Angel then with the Daughters of men; and then afterwards the men of Sodom who tried to violate the angels Michael and Gabriel who came to the house of Lot to see him.

As the Lord Jesus did say of his second coming in the guise once again of the unseen Son of Man who Ezekiel and Daniel were also called themselves by that curious term so that “as it ways in the days of Lot; so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man”.

In present day society we have the Men of Sodom represented in four rather broad categories

A Virgin to men; but not to women; married and even with families: but secretly desiring men. For men where thus is unconscious they are “latent” homosexuals; where it is conscious but unfulfilled they are “extant” homosexuals. These men are Supressed in either case; the latter being deferential as aware of their desire; the former sufferantial as unaware of it.

With some of these “self-suppressed” men they end up leaving these families and become strictly engaged with men; usually after their children are older and on their own.

B.  Not virgin to men nor virgin to women; but married to women with children; but secretly having relationships outside their marriage with men. These men are self-Repressed; and usually find in their marriages they are Oppressed.

C. Not virgin to men; but virgin to women; having relationships only with men; and never married. These men are pretty rare however; as most gay men have had some female contact of some kind, which they often blame on unfortunate occasions that happened to them against their wills; as being taken advantage of under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

D. Virgin to men and virgin to women; but secretly desiring men.

 This curious category of men who have had no sexual contact with either sex but who do have a hidden preference had they the opportunity to have the one of their desire also happens to include one apostle whom the Lord Jeus called “a devil”; the one who appeared to everyone as an “angel of light” even rebuking Jesus and striking the Shepherd with the Sword of God; which the Sufis themselves say that the Sword is “the hungry stomach’s of the Poor”.

 Judas angrily criticized Jesus and even condemned him in self-righteous anger for wasting 300 pence of ointment on himself; this expensive ointment called spikenard that Mary of Bethany poured over him at the house of Judas Iscariot’s father: Simon the Leper. But in reality Judas was insanely jealous of Mary because he was in love with Jesus himself; and not in a good way; but as a Sodomite; which means he didn’t imagine himself satisfying Jesus in the form of a woman: but in the form of a man; and this man happened to be Judas himself in the flesh: the son of Perdition; the discarnate image of God; which happened to be the Son of Man himself; who symbolized Seth; as always.

Few know that Judas’ father Simon and Judas himself were both from Bethany also; Judas knew Lazurus and his two sister’s quite well; Martha and Mary of Bethany. The two women are also the prototypes of the Kingdom as the 10 virgins that both secretly represent the Divided Kingdom who Lord Jesus called later on two distinct hands; the 5 wise virgins, as of Mary of Bethany who listened at his feet and gathered the “oil of gladness”; and the 5 foolish virgins, as of Martha who made a show of being responsible but who ignored Lord Jesus and his message entirely; and gathered no “oil”; except the “oil of sadness” when Mary went in and she was left outside. So one is a “false” left hand; and one is a “true” left hand. For just as soul and spirit are the two hands of God the male and female repreent the two feet of God.

Judas then also appears as “an angel” or “minister of righteousness”; the devil whom Jesus called one of his closest companions and who had the position of the treasurer; although John calls Judas a thief. This same Judas Iscariot; who secretly desired Jesus himself.

Thus we have a strange question answered: when Jesus says to Judas these words; to wit;

       “Betrayest thou the Son of Man with a Kiss?”

Vengeance of God;

The Birth of the New Unification Church: The Coming of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

” Thou art Mine” said the Lord when He took me at my death in Christ.

                   “You are to be the Weapon of my Vengeance” 


        Sun Myung Moon who as the Steward then apears at the famine in the Last Days for the Word of God; not for bread but for “the Word of God” revealing the book “Divine Principle: can he then be deny that  what is Written in the “Divine Principle” really exists as the new Word of God?

The test of Rev. Moon at the LAST DAY;

                             and what follows after his Last Hour?

            The advent of the 2 men in the position of a “green tree” as was Ezekiel and one as a “dry tree” as was Daniel;  for the green tree we have the married man Rev. Moon after 40 years being married in 1960; 40 years from his birth in 1920; and then another who would also change world history: Karl Wojytla; who became Pope John Paul II; being in the position of a “dry tree” as unmarried; and both men having global missions; the Pope erasing the barrier between the East and West at the Fall of the Berlin Wall; and Rev. Moon supposed to have done the same at Korea; at the barrier between the North and the South by removing the DMZ of the Truce by which the Korean War is not over: but is only stopped for a “short season”.

    This is my Cross; and I reveal here today; for only half has been done: and now Korea has shifted from Global Nation in the perfection of the Evil of Kim IL Sung to Cosmic World in the perfection of the Evil of Kim Jong IL: North Korea and it’s Wall is actually the battleground and the Gate; the Satanic barrier between Heaven and Earth itself: the Gates of Hell; for with Rev. Moon gaving fallen as that “evil servant” the whole Yellow Race as the “Elder Brother” is fallen all over again as in the days of Adam; one fouth of the earth under the sway of Death; an entire race of the original four “men” that made up the original Adam of Universal Man.

             This is “hidden”; and thus discarnate “psychic / magnetic” pull; as a “center” money is a “fallen and wandering star”; a black hole; the bigger the amount; the larrger the attraction: of nothing.; just your own mental consent that paper and rocks and stones are valuable: this is the Mark in the forehead: enslaved to matter; as Materialism; both Rich and Poor; one in an artificial heaven; but real enough; and the other is an artificial hell: but real enough to be untold suffering and misery for thousands for ever: as in India’s caste system: thus having for their society the Vine of the Earth Itself: the Rod of the Assyrian; the Love of which is the Root of all Evil: Adam and Eve as the “gold and silver” of the Devil himself

The Cross of Christ Jesus the Last.

Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind? The Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World: the bride, the Lamb’s Wife



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