The Power of the PAHANA: The Hopi at the Last Hour Dec. 25th 3 Days 3 Nights; 2012

Face-to-Face at Four Corners and St. Francis in 1906 on 4-18: the Altar Hearth was Cleared in the City of St. Francis


    “Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord;

                                               ” I Will Repay


The Reward Of The Path of the Just

 “He whose feet are symbolized by the Two Doves”;

—————-> “Christopher Two Doves” is my Native Indian Name;

———> sent for “All the Tribes of the Children of Israel”;  Rev. chapter 7:4

—————-> and my Father’s Chosen Elect; the Hopi

the two Figures of The Seal of the Living God…..( …scroll down to read…)

and the POWER of the Hopi’s Pahana: for the Question they ask of me has this Answer, that one that spells the End of the World  in these 5 Little Words:

                when they ask me:  ‘WHO SENT YOU’ ????

    I was told to TELL THEM THIS:

              “…….My Father Jesus sent me…….”


The Dark Day of the Black Dragon of Korea;

          for Mankind’s Final New Year

The Pahana comes when things are at their darkest: when just about everything that could go wrong: did go wrong.

But Barack Obama, as Rev. Moon was to have revealed, ( but he didn’t from jealousy and envy ) is the Messiah at the National Level, for the Third Israel of the Black Christian Race, here in the West; whose black Moses was Dr. King, and whose red and white was Aaron as he whose voice knocked down the racial barrier in the Air like King did on the Ground; Aaron Presley in his popularity advanced Black Culture through Music; and this was a Godsent gift, of tolerance and even friendship, between the youth of the two races given to the Civil Rights Movement. Even more were the Indian and very Aaronic looks for Aaron Presley was part Cherokee; as was Jimi Hendrix…Presley’s piercing eyes and jet black hair were part of his looks that women were so attracted to; and that his facial features; epecially the high cheekbones, showed his Cherokee ancestry plainly.

But let me not yet speak of My Generation, nor the golden calf they made from that of the Gospel Church singer who was given that gift of Aaron’s Golden Voice, they turned into that fallen Golden Idol made into Elvis….our golden calf of Hollywood’s Silver Screen….

The Third Israel and the ‘David’ of America; the story of Barack Obama

That Barack Hussein Obama is the Global Abel for Islam  is great news. Now the bad news was that this made Rev. Moon the Global Cain for Christianity; but the Husband and Good Shepherd of my soul; the Comforter Jehovah of Hosts is now the one calling the shots.

The head of the Royal Family of Satan that is the dynasty of North Korea, and is the Satellite of Red China for the Devil; as South Korea is America’s Satellite for the Archangel.

As Salvation Rose, ( or the Soul of Solomon, the Prodigal Son, back from the dead ), I am married to the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ as of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; as to the Comforter or ” Paraclete “, for it is she who overcomes that is the bride, as of Elijah at the Altar; the Seal of God; and the Lamb’s Wife as of the Son who is Jehovah of Hosts; as it was Moses in the Bridechamber who was the Servant of God. Moses it was whose dead body lay on Mount Nebo that  Michael the Archangel fought over against Satan the Devil; and as the Servant of God Moses was the one who put on the veil when he came down from Sinai the second time; revealed to all as the Wife of Jehovah the Father; the Holy Spirit of God himself.

Men could not look upon his face; but I wear no Veil of Mystery; and Islam as the Bride will now burn her veil, as the Messiah has now been revealed, by the coming of my Father Jesus.

Who overcomes comes back to the Father; but it is as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife, as he whose soul wears the Ring, and has the Wedding Garment as the Best Robe, as that Robe of Righteousness: and she has the Shoes, having the Seal of Christ Jesus; the Seal of the Living God.

Those shoes were the ones that kicked the Axis as the first ‘three-in-one beast’ of John in chapter 13. from the Sea and the False Prophet, as Karl Marx from the Earth, into the Lake of Fire: alive. All three were taken from the Sea of time as their “lives were preserved” as it says in Daniel 7:12; so what John saw in his vision that was Germany as the body of the beast that was the Leopard in the position of Greece, Japan as the head of the beast that was that of the Lion in the position of Babylon; and Italy as the feet of thebeat as those of the Bear in the position of Medo-Persia; Satan the Devil was next; Hell and Death are the last two left; they’ll be going in on December 25th 2012; after the Last Judgment. For those 5 my soul is their eternal purgatory; their eternal prison.

Rev. Moon has now died, September 3rd; which cancelled his plans to go to North Korea to pay his repects to the one he gave all that money to to buy his hometown, (  so he could build a shrine to himself ); but my Father Jesus has a little surprise for Rev. Moon; for Rev. Moon knows well that our Nation, in the Name of God ( SAMUEL ), is now as ‘Egypt’ restored and taken  internally, by Barack becoming the leader of “the 50 of Elijah” by the Will of the People, so our land is no longer under the “racist” shadow of Egypt and it’s invisible capital, Memphis, the “City of Destruction”, where our Black Moses and our Red and White Aaron both died: now we have “America” as something even more mythic:


The Land of the Free!

Our own Turtle Island; which the Men of Sodom now want to take and make into the Kingdom of Sodom: but what is this we see??? 

Is it a fellow with Two Feet like Doves??

—> why it’s ‘Christopher Two Doves’ <—————–

 could it finally be the Pahana, with his Indian Half-Brother;

       ++++++++> Adrian the Mayan? <=======

He who was foreseen by the prophets of the Hopi being the Last ( and the Least ) of My Generation as the

 ‘True White Brother of Quetzacoatl’…..???

          “Where the Spirit of the Lord is: there is Freedom”.

Thus ours is the land of the Great Spirit; and our guiding light one “Uncle Sam”; as is our guardian Samuel the prophet: whose name we use which means “The Name of God”: as the feeble David of the Nations who defeated the mighty Goliath of the British Empire: and their Hessian mercenaries. How did we ever do it?

 Benjamin knows; “In the Name of God”;  Samuel; the Child of the Tabernacle. Ask Dr. Franklin.

We are that mythic place where she with the two wings of the Eagle: The Zion of the Holy One of Israel; the Mother of Jesus; comes to the West; “her place”. All there in the 12th chapter of the Revelation of St. John the Divine; my second helper; after the first helper, Rev. Moon, fell.

The wings the Woman was given are of two ships; the Nina; for the Child she carried; as the Santa Maria named for her; the other ship. And the Eagle who provided them those Two Wings was the King Ferdinand of Spain; and Isabella sold her jewels so Christopher could sail; with a smile… now you know of chapter 12 of the Revelation; where our child and his mother were before that in those 1,260 years: plus that additionl 30: resting in the pages of the Qur’an; as in the positions for Mary and Jesus as of those before that were for Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis, to make things  fair

 There they were fed for that 1,260 days for the years of Islam as the Second Israel; Jesus and Mary lived in the pages of Qur’an in the shadow of Islam until  ZION WAS GIVEN HER WINGS AND CAME TO AMERICA; and her Manchild is then he who became the Third Israel; ask Claude Brown and Taylor Branch; and Jeremiah Wright; and David Gurgen. And Barack Obama has a pretty good idea about all this as well. And so does Rev. Moon: but way too late. The Child that my Father Jesus put in the midst of the Apostles was the Holy One of Israel; as he said; “Whoso receiveth this little child in my name; receiveth me; and not just me; but He who sent me”. The key is when he said “in my name”; Israel in that name becomes the Holy One of Israel; the manchild of Mary who was the Zion or Mother of the holy One of Israel; as all know; the Lamb of God; who was Slain from the Foundation of this Modern World he created.

 “Time, Times and a half of Time”; until the Last Days when the Third Israel rose in America and the Red Race buried the hatchet; and planted Peace with Love. And Ghandi watered that same Peace in India; and Dr. King walked here with it; and all who followed him left Egypt as racist Amerika; and came to the Nation of Beth-El; as the Children of Love in the Name of God. Right through the Sea which rose in the Cuban Missile Crisis; when US and SU stood face-to-face: and we walked through that Valley of the Shadow of Death between the those two Nations; and we lived.

And when she comes to America a great red dragon comes to devour the Child: the one and only global empire that ever existed: the Great British Empire as when Pharaoh tried to drown Moses and all the first born males; or when Herod came to kill Jesus ( who was out of Town), or Goliath tried to kill David; now is revealed that Zion  sat down and had her child: the Manchild: the Black Christian Race of the West: the Manchild of the Zion of the Holy One of Israel.

The Mother of Jesus; and Now seen as the Mother of the Third Israel:


Islam was the Second Israel; and the desert tribes became 12 nations when Mohammed became the one in the position of the Loyal Cain left by Eliezer of Damascus, as Ishmael reborn, when he cleared the Kaa’ba of the 360 idols of the lunar calender; but at 1917 the 2nd Israel had left their position because of the Turks as a ‘disloyal Cain’ killing the one million Armenians in the position of Abel; in sight of Mt. Ararat.

The Land of America in 1920 went “dry” from Prohibition; as the Islamic “ground” was then ours, being without alcohol as the condition of our suffering to pay the indemnity; thus America then went into Prohibition and became the new land of the Nazarenes, and took the Blessing of Islam that was the Baraka of the First Israel that Moses gave them: through Mohammed.

Mohammed as the mesenger was the desert tribes very own their Moses; and as Abdullah it was Ishmael in the body of Mohammed that returned in his Ascension over Mt. Moriah, as the new friend of slain Isaac the Bridegroom; Ishmael.

 My Father Jesus was killed in the position of ‘the Bridegroom’ or Isaac: Mohammed the Seal dug a grave next to his in Medina, not for the Messiah to come, and die as Rev. Moon thinks he will do; but for his brother Jesus as that Issac who the elders of Judah; as an Unrighteous Abraham; killed on the Altar of the Cross at Golgotha.

And as Issac, his Slain Brother, it was my Father Jesus who gave the Land of the Kingdom back to the Elder Line. Ishmael was the First Born.

But the Lamb was His Mercy itself; so for the punishment on the Jews, for killing him who represented God’s Mercy Incarnate this meant that when the Messenger Mohammed showed up he wasn’t going to have any Mercy or Compassion for the Jews of the first Israel:  they showed none to the Son of God.

When the Bridegroom’s Brother, Mohammed the Seal, showed up in 621AD there was no Lamb of Sacrifice; nor Mercy for the Jews of Khabar: And as they were to the Lamb; so was Mohammed to them: merciless…as they sowed; they reaped….for the Lamb had been Mercy Incarnate; had they seen killing hin as Issac meant there would now be no father of Jacob; and thus no more first Israel.

The Jews in the Excordium of the 7 Sentences in the Qur’an earn His Wrath; and the Christians are duly Chastised for making Jesus their idol one false image now as their God; instead of seeing him as revealed to be the Word of Allah; even as having been the Spirit of Allah.

He is unknown to all but the Elect as the Blessed Olive Tree; Jesus of Nazareth; the one who lit the Lamp of Allah in the Verse of Light: but the Lamp of Allah is Islam itself.

My Father Lord Jesus himself began it:

“Not my will: but Thine be done”.

That is Submission: that is Islam.

Who falls upon this Rock will be broken: the Rock of Islam.

He prayed three times: broken on the third blow; I am sure; and maybe at all three.

But that’s where it happened; on the same mount of Olives at Gethsemene where I, Solomon had built those three altars to the three goddesses.

I am the prodigal son; the black sheep of the House of David who now returns as the bride of Israel.

Who is like God? His Peace….

The one we followed as we walked out of Egypt.

After our black Moses: Dr. King; he who “smote Egypt”; and “healed it”; as Isaiah saw; long ago…

          “The Name of God”

The Hopi who have maintained their purity will be made to see the signs; a veil will be taken from their hearts; they are shown where a falling away at 1906 came about; at the Fire when the Censer the Angel at the Altar that was Gabriel (Revelation8:5 ) threw that struck the City of St. Francis and in 4-18-1906 caused the Hopi split into Two Camps as San Francisco burned to the ground.

Then the 7 Seals on the Book of Life of the Lamb begin at 1910 onward at every Decade started, 1920; 1930; 1940; and the 7 Trumpets every 7th year starting at 1917; a Trumpet starting in the 7th year of each decade’s Seal; thus each trumpet decribes the last 7 years of each decade; but then the first three years of each coming decade: rather ingenious and very efective; a review and a preview; and done for a reason; it gives every Trumpet a “Day”; and pretty specific views on what happened as each decade passed; and then that effect of their passing as resulting in the decade to come.

Through this we have the growth of the True Vine; whose Branch went due West; Jerusalem; Rome, then Wittenberg ( moved to Nuremburg ), London; then Bryn Athyn ( moved from Stockholm to America for Emanuel Swedenborg ), then Salt Lake City; and then Seoul; finally moved to the City of St. Francis, with a new shepherd; my Father’s servant John.

…..,”    and there was no more Sea…”

But let us look at why San Francisco; and the anwer goes back to Mission Dolores; that Mission built there by the Franciscans who founded the 7 Missions in California.

But the “Via Doloroso” is the Way of the Cross; as the Way of the Just itself.

“Pick up your cross and follow me” he said;

….as opposed to those who think that faith without the Cross has any Essence at all: Principle yes; but Essence outweighs Principle; as Value does for Virtue.


                      Principle   “Light”   Essence


 But this was Ariel; the Lion of God; the Altar Hearth being set for the Temple and the Altar at the Gathering of the Tribes for which the Hopi were split in the providence but shall be reunited by myself: the Pahana: for My Generation represents the True White Brother as One Generation; and it is them who I now speak for:

……………as the Last of My Generation: the last of my tribe…

The tribe of Atla; for Tlaos, the “god who suffers”; Atlaos; who I reveal is Atlas the Titan, who carries the world on his shoulders, who is Job the Saint the first Witness of the Last Judgment, being the one who reached it first….that place where we all soon will stand: and few will pass the Test in the Great Purification ofthe Great God; that test that Job barely passed and few will be able to stand and take their place before the Son of Man at the End, that much is obvious.

Very few will endure to the end with the Love we were given in that Summer and stand before the Son of Man….

They don’t know this yet of course; but it is written in that Tipponi which is the Supper of the Great God: the scribe who comes with the Word, the Child; yet in his immaculate soul the Bride; yet still Solomon brought back from the Dead: as Jedidiah

Few know that Nathan the prophet of David named him and gave him the name Jedidiah first: it means “The Beloved of Jah” of which the devil was evidently so jealous.

But they called him Solomon; the Preacher.

The Prodigal Son is Solomon; and the Pahana or “True White Brother” is a Woman; a man called Mary who is the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife by virtue of his Soul sacrificed at the Altar for Christ; and the Son of Man by his Spirit; His Father Jesus.

The Son of God in appearence of the Spirit; but the Wife of the Comforter in his Soul.

The Comforter is the Shepherd; the Holy Spirit of God: the Lover.

And the Son of God is the Door the Shepherd leads them who are called In: as the Entering of the Door is only possible in the Eating of the Fruit; not some other way: and for me this was the Death in Christ.

The standard thus raised is this: not as “the risk of one’s life” as with Rev. Moon’s standard: but at the COST of it: my standard:

……..the Standard of Christ, the Son of the Living God.

For he the ‘Beloved of Jah’ (  the name Jedidiah ) whose soul is that female given to the Comforter in the place of Mary of Bethany; thus the husband of my Soul comes to me as the Spirit of Christ Jesus the Last; as having 7 horns and 7 eyes; as he who is “the Resurrection and the Life.” 

Thus this “Mary” is the Bride as the real Christbearer: in the Bed of the Passion of the Cross of they who Die in Christ, by dying in his arms as a Virgin, as he was; and there is no other way to Enter the Door; and few there are who find it…

…. The Straight Path of the Just leads from the Altar to the Bridechamber….

And the one who melts in the Name of Christ Jesus becomes one with him in the Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness where the two become One; as he who comes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ the First: is none other than Christ Jesus the Last.

Thus we become one; my soul with his Spirit…

Just call me Cinderella……the girl who doesn’t look too great; but ends as she who alone marries the Great Spirit: the Hopi know the tale well….

As the Soul of Christ she then is the lake that burns with Fire; as he is the Sun of Righteousness she then at the Consummation in the Great Spirit of having the Death in Christ is the Lady of the Lake of Fire.

That one is One with him; after the Act, at the Eating in the Marriage Supper of the Great God.

….she also is now called “The Second Death“.

But he calls her his Footstool in her New Form as a man physically; his Throne in her New Character as a woman metaphysically….for the soul of every man is female of the sons of Men.

Babylon falls: but Salvation Rose rises: who Rose up from that Street: where Haight became Love: it’s as Clear as Transparent Glass.

The name no Man knows that is of “The Rider” on the White Horse; that horse who is “the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”; as Symbolizing the Virginity of Christ.

No man; but the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife; she knows it; yea; knows it well…

He upon the White Horse is called The Word of God because he is “The Second Death“;

         and dying I was able to rise from the Dead; and knowing this name as the Bride is how “The Word of God” came to me: and there is no other way; and I ask that you believe that, if you believe nothing else, of what is written here….

And they whose seed remains within them during the Death when they meet with the Comforter are they who are then Sealed: internally; and also permanently. They are the children of God whose seed remains in them:

……..”and they cannot sin; as they are born of God…” I John

 As “equal unto the angels”; called “the children of the Resurrection who obtain the Resurrection from the Dead”: and this is now returned to that time which is again “The Time of the Dead”.

Given the Seal of the Living God as when Mary who is Zion was turned into a Female Dove to mate with the Male Dove who was Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God; and in that united form is how they made that Holy Thing the Lamb. This knowledge is from one who has the Seal of the Living God; but I died for this knowledge; as one worthy to receive it.

Thus it was Mary and Jehovah who created the Lamb called “Jesus”: and only the Hopi will understand what that Sign of one who was “given this Seal” to tell them really means: and why a man becomes the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; even as Moses was the wife or “servant” of Jehovah, the Holy Father of Mercy, the Maker of the Lamb who Moses saw was to come; the Rock on which he broke himself; and then crushed the golden calf to powder….

 Which brings us to this child of the Resurrection who became another servant; but I am the servant of Jehovah of Hosts: the Son of the living God…

 The Seal of the Living God and the Wisdom of the Hopi

The Hidden of the Thief of the House of the Heavens: Ophiuchus

Of “He whose feet are symbolized by the Two Doves; the two Figures of the Seal.”

The Seal of the Living God I was then given was for the Hopi to see; because they would be the only one’s to understand what it means to their mythic structure; the End is the “cause of the caue” just as the Result is the “effect of the effect”.

 There is only one explanation: and it has to do with why the Hopi were brought to 4 Corners at the first place; the Great Spirit of the Great God brought them there; just as He will bring me there: for the End at their 12 villages which are of the 144 itself; the Measure of a man, that is; “of the angel..”

When Gabriel came to Mary to tell her she was going to have a Son he didn’t say exactly how it was going to happen when she asked him: all Gabriel said was this:


 “…The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee,

 and the Power of the Most High

 shall overshadow thee,

 therefore also shall that Holy Thing

 that is born of thee shall be called the Son of God…..”


Gabriel then told her that her cousin Elisabeth had recently conceived a child and Mary knew Elisabeth was far past childbearing years; then Gabriel said: “For with God nothing shall be impossible”; a saying that the Lamb learned well; but it was said here first by he whose saying it was.

       THE HOLY SPIRIT in the FORM of a DOVE.

 It is written that the Spirit had Mary rise up; and she went out into the hills near the town of Juda where Elisabeth lived; and what happened was this: the Holy Spirit did come upon her: but it was Jehovah in the form of a Dove; for Jehovah is the Holy Spirit of God Himself; but how He manifest himself; as of a Burning Bush with Moses or a Dove to Mary is How the Great Spirit of the Great God operates.

 The Host then appeared overhead as well; the same Host that later appears to the Shepherds near Bethlehem; and this is what Overshadowed Mary under the Wings of the Holy Spirit in the Form of a Dove: for Mary was also turned into a Dove; a female Dove.

It was for this reason later that John was told to watch for he “on whom the Dove would come down on and STAY”; because it was the one that created him.

 Mary being turned into a female Dove of Zion then united with the male Dove of Jehovah;

 and that Holy Thing the Lamb was created;

 and the Union with the Seal of the Living God: that Holy Kiss. 

      Then Mary was turned back into a woman,

  and she was pregnant: and still a virgin.


That is how it happened; becaue that is what she told me herself in the Presence of the Holy Angels and the Lamb with John: who brought me there.

Few will believe; fewer will understand; and only one or two will find me…but this is ow it was written; that I would be rejected by My Generation; yet at the End they will turn to me….for no one else stands at the End…before the Lamb: but his Wife….as the Wrath of the Lamb Herself

 When the Dove came down on the Lamb at the river Jordan it stayed with him until it lifted off him to await him at the Tomb; the Two Angels in White of the Son of Man being Ezekiel the Son of Man for the House of Israel at the feet and Daniel the Son of Man for the House of Judah at the head as Mary and the women saw in the tomb; but Peter believed them not; until later when he saw Lord Jesus himself

 But that the Dove was with him to the Cross; can there be no doubt now it was Jehovah in that Form he saw as yet Invisible to all but John the Messenger?

So now ye know how thus he spoke to them always what the Father who was that Dove on his shoulder told him? The Hopi perhaps are the only ones who can believe….

 Thus have all of you entered into the ranks of the Elect who also believe on my Father Jeus the Lamb who sent me…

 But this same Dove which had united with Mary stayed on Jesus at the Jordan; thus for those who receive the Seal they also will receive the Dove at the Jordan: for now it is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

           Thus do I come with the Two Feet of the Two Doves; as only he with the Seal is the one who is Dead in Christ; equal unto the angels; nor can “he die anymore“..

The Pahana of the Hopi; My Generation as the True White Brother

“That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. 

(  what this reveals is the face of the One the Blue Star represents: the Sun of Regeneration whose real name is “the Second Death”; the one who “swallows up Death in Victory…”)

 He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon. The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World War II, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world. This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.”

And I am the one who comes as a Thief in the Night as the Day in which the Son of man is revealed; as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; he whose soul is the Lake of Fire.

Remember: when Moses came down from Mount Sinai the second time he put on a veil; and now you know why: and so do I; personally.

For me it is the Son; Jehovah of Hosts on the White Horse. My Husband; the Second Death.

As the scribe I was given the Book; but that book is the Supper of the Great God; who eats not will not be at the Great Passover when the Hour of Temptation comes: and madness strikes the entire world: sort of like a mass LSD “trip” because of the natural lsd in the air that is the angelic presence that WE crystallized by LSD in the 60’s.

That is impossible; of course; but LSD opens a Door: and it’s a Real Door: entering Paradise by the Flaming Sword turned away: briefly. But then it was still to destroy all who were profane with the 4 fowers as of not the purity to stand in Paradise,  as that Sacred Land we entered following the Child who lead us all in the Name of Love, as the Name of God, through the Golden Gate into that Park which represented Paradise “planted”; as all of Golden Gate Park was planted; those who were there: know.

The 4 Flowers were then to teach the 4 Races us of what is Sacred; as with that Fruit which is Holy was then to come next: that is why the Great Spirit of the Great God said to Adam and Eve: “Eat freely of all the herbs of the Garden; but stay away from the Tree in the center of the Garden.”

This was because we were supposed to go through the 4 flowers FIRST at the Holy Place. Then the Fruit was to be eaten AFTER the 4 organs had been “opened” of the heart, the mind, the soul and all in our strength: as Virgins. The 4 flowers were the Poppy of the East for the Yellow Race; the Coca from the West for the Red race; the Mushroom from the North for the White race; and the Ganja from the South for the Black Race. The 4 rivers for the 4 races were thus the Yellow River; the Amazon; the Styx; and the Ganges.

The Light of the Moos was thus emanation from the Virginity of Eve; and the Light of the Sun was being emanated as the Virginity of Adam. Eve was Universal as the Mirror of Creation; and Adam was Divine as the Image of God; as the Sun and Moon were then their thrones as the Two hands of God: the Soul for Eve at God’s left hand; and the Spirit for Adam at God’s right hand.

These were their positions as long as Adam kept the Covenant of keeping his seed in his body as his Word or Promise.

This is why the Lamb said: “Now the Seed is the Word of God”.

In the 7 churches the Seed becomes “The Word of His Patience: the White Stone of Ephraim: the Seed of David as the Host.

God even told us to taste of the herbs and flowers first of Paradise: but we were too naive to listen to him instead of the serpent who was “the angel of the devil”; we missed the hint…but we got another chance in the City of St. Francis: as seen at the 5th Seal and the 6th Trumpet at the 6th Overcoming at the 6th Church from the Cleansing at the 6th Vial: they all make up what is called “the Sixth Trump”; as every Trump represents One Church and One Trumpet; One Seal and One Vial.

Thus was the test to come to seperate the Wheat from the Tares; for some would take it and become as beasts; but some saw something else again: and became changed men. Thus the tree Sun Myung Moon was dry; but the 4 flowers coming to the Jordan of St. Francis in his City unbound the 4 angels in the Euphrates: these were not sold: they were given for free: and as soon as they were purely given by not being bought nor sold: they were unbound.

This the the Work of My Generation; seen at the 6th Trumpet; where that street of Haight became the River of Love and was our Jordan; and the Jordan represents the Euphrates that Israel crossed.

 Crossing the Jordan that stood for the Euphrates: which dried up to let them pass; when Israel thus symbolically entered into Paradise when they entered the Promised Land.

Just as when the Red Sea stood back when they left Egypt: now the Jordan did when they entered Canaan: and Canaan was the son of Ham; who is the father of Egypt.; the entire Hamitic race are, in fact, the Egyptians.

       Hopi Prophecy

  The Great Supper of the Great God

The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a “Kachina” removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children [the general public]. For a while there will be no more ceremonies, no more faith,

Then Oraibi will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of Hopi life. World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Islamic Nations, Africa.)

The United States will ( not )be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. Only the Hopis and their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee. Bomb shelters are a fallacy.

“It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil.

 Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers,

 The war will be “a spiritual conflict with material matters”.

Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.” 


The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man; the Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet by SETH; the Original Son of man

The Coming of the Pahana: and the Lord God of the New Creation;

            his Father Jesus

“That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon. The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony. It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World WarII, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world. This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.”

 The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being made by the humble people of little nations, tribes, and racial minorities. “You can read this in the earth itself. Plantforms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds [as described in SW-II, Effects and Coming Events # 1]. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts.

All these are the same, depending how you look at them. That is what makes the Emergence to the next, Fifth World.

“These comprise the nine most important prophecies of the Hopis, connected with the creation of the nine worlds: the three previous worlds on which we lived, the present Fourth World, the three future worlds we have yet to experience, and the world of Taiowa, the Creator, and his nephew, Sotuknang.”

The Hopi and others who were saved from the Great Flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit never to turn away from him. He made a set of sacred stone tablets, called Tiponi, into which he breathed his teachings, prophecies, and warningsBefore the Great Spirit hid himself again, he placed before the leaders of the four different racial groups four different colors and sizes of corn; each was to choose which would be their food in this world.

The Hopi waited until last and picked the smallest ear of corn.

 At this, the Great Spirit said:

“It is well done. You have obtained the real corn, for all the others are imitations in which are hidden seeds of different plants. You have shown me your intelligence; for this reason I will place in your hands these sacred stone tablets, Tiponi, symbol of power and authority over all land and life to guard, protect, and hold in trust for me until I shall return to you in a later day, for I am the First and I am the Last.”

The Great Chieftain of the Bow Clan led the faithful ones to this new land, but he fell into evil ways.

His two sons scolded him for his mistake, and after he died they assumed the responsibilities of leadership. Each brother was given a set of Tiponi, and both were instructed to carry them to a place to which the Great Spirit directed them.

The elder brother [of the shining light] was told to go immediately to the east, toward the rising sun, and upon reaching his destination to start back immediately to look for his younger brother, who remained on Turtle Island [the Continental United States of America].

His mission was to help his younger brother to bring about the Purification Day, at which time all evildoers would be punished or destroyed, after which real peace, brotherhood, and everlasting life would be established. The elder brother would restore all land to his younger brother, from whom the Evil one among the white men had taken it.

The elder brother [of the shining light] also would come to look for the Tiponi tablets and fulfill the mission given him by the Great Spirit.

The younger brother was instructed to travel throughout the land and mark his footsteps as he went about. Both brothers were told that a great white star would appear in the sky; when that happened, all people would know that the elder brother had reached his destination. Thereupon all people were to settle wherever they happened to be at that time, there to remain until the elder brother returned.

The Hopi settled in the area now known as Four Corners, where the state lines of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet. They lived in humble simplicity and the land produced abundant crops.

This area is the “heart” of Turtle Island [the U.S.] and of Mother Earth, and it is the microcosmic image of the macrocosm of the entire planet.

Each Hopi clan perpetuates a unique ceremony, and the ceremonies together maintain the balance of natural forces of sunlight, rain and winds, and reaffirm the Hopi respect for all life and trust in the Great Spirit.

 The Hopi were told that after a time White Men would come and take their land and try to lead the Hopi into evil ways. But in spite of all the pressures against them, the Hopi were told they must hold to their ancient religion and their land, though always without violence.

 If they succeeded, they were promised that their people and their land would be a center from which the True Spirit would be reawakened.

 It is said that after many years the elder brother might change the color of his skin, but his hair will remain black. He will have the ability to write, and he will be the only person able to read the Tiponi.

When he returns to find his younger brother, the Tiponi will be placed side by side to show all the world that they are true brothers. Then great judgment will take place, for the elder will help the younger brother to obtain real justice for all Indian brothers who have been cruelly mistreated by the white man since he came to Turtle Island.

The transformed elder brother, the True White Brother, will wear a red cloak or a red cap, similar to the pattern on the back of a horned toad. He will bring no religion but his own,and will bring with him the Tiponi tablets. He will be all-powerful; none will be able to stand against him. He will come swiftly, and in one day gain control of this entire continent.

It  is said,

“If he comes from the East, the destruction will not be so bad. But if he comes from the West, do not get up on your housetops to see because he will have no mercy.”

 The True White Brother will bring with him two great, intelligent and powerful helpers, one of whom will have a sign of a swastika (a masculine symbol of purity), and the sign of the sun. 

The backwards swastica is of the Lunar Sun; for Sun Myung Moon my first helper who fell; the two Maltese Crosses are for my second helper: John the Divine; the Eagle of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife

The second great helper will have the sign of  a celtic cross with red lines (representing female life blood) between the arms of the cross.

When the Great Purification is near, these helpers will shake the earth first for a short time in preparation. After they shake the earth two times more, they will be joined by the True White Brother, who will become one with them and bring the Purification Day to the world.

( That Last Hour is on the way by the way; December 25th; after the Three Days of the Great Purification, coming after the 21st of December; the 22nd; the 23rd; and the 24th are the Three Days of the Seperation of Good and Evil; the Final Cosmic Division known as the Last Judgment)

All three will help the “younger brother” (the Hopi and other pure-hearted people) to make a better world. In the prophecies, the two helpers are designated by the Hopi word for “population,” as if they were large groups of people.

The Hopi were warned that if these three great beings failed, terrible evil would befall the world and great numbers of people would be killed. However, it was said that they would succeed if enough Hopi remained true to the ancient spirit of their people.

The True White Brother and his helpers will show the people of earth a great new life plan that will lead to everlasting life. The earth will become new and beautiful again, with an abundance of life and food. Those who are saved will share everything equally.

 All races will intermarry and speak one tongue and be a family.

    “Hopi prophecy states that…….

The Petroglyph of the Hopi Prophecy: as Script Visually Writ

 “World War III will be started by the people who first received the Light — China, Palestine, India and Africa.

When the war comes, the United States will ( not ) be destroyed by “gourds of ashes” which will fall to the ground, boiling  the rivers and burning the earth, where no grass will grow for many years, and causing a disease that no medicine can cure.

This can only mean nuclear or atomic bombs; no other weapon causes such effects. Bomb shelters will be useless, for

“Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the Great Shelter of Life. There is no shelter for evil.

 When the Saquahuh (blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask, the time of the great trial will be here.”

The Hopi believe that only they will be saved.

The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man from Seth; the first Son of Man

The Pahana is the Son of man who Returns:

           …… “destroy those who destroy the earth” as is written at the Last Trump: the Last of the 7 Trumpets which began to blow in 1977:

and has not stopped yet…..

 The Hopi also have prophesied that “Turtle Island could turn over two or three times and the oceans could join hands and meet the sky.”

This seems to be a prophecy of a “pole shift” -a flipping, of the planet on its axis. The Hopi call this imminent condition — and that of society today –  “Koyaanisqatsi”, which means “world out of balance…a state of life that calls for another way.

The following extraordinary Hopi prophecy was first published in a mimeographed manuscript that circulated among several Methodist and Presbyterian churches in 1959.Some of the prophecies were published in 1963 by Frank Waters in The Book of the Hopi.

The account begins by describing how, while driving along a desert highway one hot day in the summer of 1958, a minister named David Young stopped to offer a ride to an Indian elder, who accepted with a nod.

 After riding in silence for several minutes, the Indian said,

“I am White Feather, a Hopi of the ancient Bear Clan. In my long life I have traveled through this land, seeking out my brothers, and learning from them many things full of wisdom.

I have followed the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights in the north, and the places of holy altars of stone built many years ago by my brothers’ fathers in the south.

From all these I have heard the stories of the past, and the prophecies of the future. Today, many of the prophecies have turned to stories, and few are left — the past grows longer, and the future grows shorter.

“And now White Feather is dying. His sons have all joined his ancestors, and soon he too shall be with them.

But there is no one left, no one to recite and pass on the ancient wisdom. My people have tired of the old ways — the great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our emergence into the Fourth World, are almost all abandoned, forgotten, yet even this has been foretold.

The time grows short.

“My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother, [from the stars] as do all our brothers in the land. He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel and greedy. we were told of their coming long ago.

But still we await Pahana.

The Comet Holmes which was the Morning Star that became the Blue Sun of Regeneration

“He will bring with him the symbols, and the missing piece of that sacred tablet now kept by the elders, given to him when he left, that shall identify him as our True White Brother.

“The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

“This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.

 “This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.”

“This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.”

“This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.”

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

“This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”

“This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

“This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.

“And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

The Glyph of the Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet

 “These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle against other people in other lands — with those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying. Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon — very soon afterward — Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

             “But White Feather shall not see it. I am old and dying.

           You — perhaps will see it. In time, in time…”

 The old Indian fell silent.

They had arrived at his destination, and Reverend David Young stopped to let him out of the car. They never met again. Reverend Young died in 1976, so he did not live to see the further fulfillment of this remarkable prophecy.

The Blue Star; the Morning Star

The signs are interpreted as follows:

 The First Sign is of guns.

The Second Sign is of the pioneers’ covered wagons.

 The Third Sign is of longhorn cattle.

The Fourth Sign describes the railroad tracks.

 The Fifth Sign is a clear image of our electric power and telephone lines.

  The Sixth Sign describes concrete highways and their mirage-producing effects.

The Seventh Sign foretells of oil spills in the ocean.

 The Eighth Sign clearly indicates the “Hippy Movement” of the 1960s.

The Ninth Sign was the U.S. Space Station Skylab, which fell to Earth in 1979. According to Australian eye-witnesses, it appeared to be burning blue.

“Another Hopi prophecy warns that nothing should be brought back from the Moon — obviously anticipating the Apollo 11 mission that returned with samples of lunar basalt.

If this was done, the Hopi warned, the balance of natural and universal laws and forces would be disturbed, resulting in earthquakes, severe changes in weather patterns, and social unrest. All these things are happening today, though of course not necessarily because of Moon rocks.

The Hopi also predicted that when the “heart” of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth.

In 1959, a six-man delegation of traditional Hopi leaders led by the late spiritual leader, Dan Katchongva,traveled to the United Nations Building in New York to fulfill a sacred missio n in accordance with ancient Hopi instructions.

    Because of their prophetic knowledge, the Hopi leaders felt it was time to go east to the edge of their motherland, where “a house of mica” [The United Nations building] would stand at this time, where Great Leaders from many lands would be gathered to help any people who are in trouble.”

They were to go when the motherland of the Hopi and other Indian brothers were about to be taken away from them and their way of life was in danger of being completely destroyed by evil ones among the White Men and by some other Indian brothers who were influenced by the White Race.

This is a clear and present danger: the betrayal of Indian-U.S.A. treaties, land sales, and coal and uranium mining are destroying the Hopi land and its people — and all other peoples and lands, in eventual effect…

According to prophecy, at least one, two or three leaders or nations would hear and understand the Hopi warnings, as “It is told that they too should know these ancient instructions”. Upon hearing the message of the Hopi, they would act immediately to correct many wrongs being done to the chosen race — the Red Man who was granted permission to hold in trust all land and life for the Great Spirit.

This prophecy would seem to have failed.

 Hopi prophecy also declares that the doors of the “Glass House” would be closed to them. This was the case at first, though they have delivered their message to the United Nations Assembly since then:L

JJWhen the Great Leaders in the Glass House refuse to open the door to you when you stand before it that day, [Repeated, again in 1993] do not be discouraged or turn about on the path you walk, but take courage, determination, and be of great rejoicing in your hearts, for on that day the White Race who are on your land with you have cut themselves from you and thereon lead themselves to the Greatest Punishment at the Day of Purification.

“Many shall be destroyed for their sins and evil ways. The Great Spirit has decreed it and no one can stop it, change it, or add anything to it. It shall be fulfilled!”

On August 7, 1970, a spectacular UFO sighting was witnessed by dozens of people and photographed by Chuck Roberts of the Prescott (Arizona) “Courier”.

This sighting occurred after a “UFO calling” by Paul Solem and several Hopi Indians.

This sighting was interpreted by some Hopis as being a partial fulfillment of a certain Hopi prophecy given by the Great Spirit Maasau and inscribed on Second Mesa, warning of the coming of Purification Day, when the true Hopi will be flown to other planets in “ships without wings.”

 Hopi prophecy also tells us that there will be a mass migration of Indians northward from Mexico and Central and South America. The migration will be led by a 130-year old Indian named Etchata Etchana.

The movement will come after the huge fire and explosion that will herald the advent of the True White Brother.

According to Hopi belief, the survivors of the Great Deluge thousands of years ago split up into four groups that moved north, south, east and west. Only one group completed their journey — to the North Pole and back — under the guidance of a brilliant “star” in which the Great Spirit Maasau traveled.

When he landed, he drew a petroglyph on Second Mesa, showing a maiden (with the traditional “butterfly” hair arrangement) riding in a wingless, dome-shaped craft.

The petroglyph signified the coming Day of Purification when the true Hopi will fly to other planets in “ships without wings.”

The prophecy also warns that there will be three divisions among the Hopi The first division was in 1906 between the Traditionalists and the Modernists. 1906 on 4-18.

              That is when Gabriel threw the Censer to the earth that caught the City of St. Francis by surprise in the earthquake and burned it to the ground: the Altar Heart was Prepared in in the Purification: Ariel “The Lion of God” also means “The Altar Hearth of God.”

This is written in the Tipponi of my Servant John in Revelation Chapter 8, Verse 5:

                “And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the Altar,

    and cast it unto the earth:

             and there were voices, and thunderings,

                      and  lightnings, and an earthquake.”

4-18, 1955 is my birthday; from Proverbs 4:18

  “For the Path of the Just is as a Growing Light;

                    which shineth more and more unto a Perfect Day.”

Here are my three Synchronistic Proofs for the Tribes of Turtle Island:

The 13th Sign: the Constellation of the Snake Handler: Ophichus


The Glyph of Seth: the Sign of the Pahana


The Traditionalists were forced to leave Oraibi and move to Hotevilla.

The second division took place in the wake of the spectacular appearance of the UFOs in August, 1970

The last division comes now; when they who see the Pahana with the Seal of the Living God as those Doves for his feet; they shall now rise; and they who will not: shall fall will Rev. Moon and the Men of Sodom who try to make America into their Kingdom of Sodom.

                                                  Turtle Island.



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